In Defense Of Teenage Girls

Nothing triggers me personally harder than certain kinds of “sexual liberation” rhetoric.

A couple of years ago I found this comment on reddit. It was a thread about some sort of “sugar daddy” website and how supposedly “college girls” were turning to this form of prostitution “to pay for college” etc., and some dork – no doubt a doctrinaire social liberal said something like, “there is nothing wrong with choosing prostitution, consenting adults, don’t shame women” blah blah blah.

Then some guy responded. He said, I’m paraphrasing, “I’ve used these kinds of services, I’ve had a few “sugar babies” and yes, of course, consenting adults, your body your choice, but let’s not kid ourselves, we are exploiting our wealth. I got to have sex with a dozen young women, way out of my league, just because I’m richer than their fathers! And the funny thing is, I didn’t even do anything to earn my wealth! I just inherited a bunch of properties from my parents.”

“So I imagine, there you are, sitting around with your friends, probably smoking pot, telling the gals you know, hey there is nothing wrong with prostitution. And so she thinks, yeah, no big deal, an easy way to make money, and you are just creating the supply of prostitutes for me and guys like me, and chances are, by the time you get a wife, she will have already whored for us. Keep it up, idiot.”

I figured out how power differences relate to sex when I was about 17. It’s all basically social proof. I’m also a highly empathetic person and I’m pretty good at reading body language. I don’t in any way pretend to be an “alpha male” or a pick up artist, but the fact is I’ve been extremely, highly promiscuous since I was a teenager. I have always been pretty good at seducing women I guess and I’m certainly not an “incel.”

It is precisely because I understand my own aggressive, predatory male sexuality, and the relation of power differences to sex, that makes me strongly, highly, absolutely intolerant of prostitution and “sexual liberation.”

I’ve never raped anyone but I have absolutely seduced, in a predatory way, more than one young woman. I have absolutely used power differences to get casual sex from women.

It’s so easy to seduce a young woman from the social classes below you. Don’t dare blame this fact on the women – it is not because they are “slutty” – it is in their nature to be aroused by male power. That is why we have laws to protect young women. In many ways, no, they don’t really have much agency.

We cannot allow the daughters of the working classes in America to be the prostitutes for the men in power. This is how a people die. It is an outrage, something to go to war over, that wealthy non-white men come to America, or invite our daughters overseas, to be used as concubines and prostitutes.

We get more outraged when they are under 18, we get more outraged when they are humiliated in bizarre and abusive ways, but even IF they are paid well and treated well, it cannot be tolerated, at all. It is something to go to war over. We men have to protect our women from other tribe’s men. It is imperative. It is the core social responsibility.

It is even an outrage when wealthy white men use working class white women as prostitutes.

When I hit 30, I had a great job making a lot of money. Because of this I had a super-high sex drive because making money increases your testosterone. I was living in New York City where women outnumber men, casual sex is a given, and there are tourists from all over the world visiting. Let’s just say I took advantage of it.

I was also quite titillated by the idea of sex tourism, although I never engaged in it. At some point I came to realize that I could afford a “sugar baby” myself. I could literally find some girl from a poor background, who had already been, essentially, “groomed” to be a quasi-prostitute by sexual liberation and the mass media culture, and just use her as essentially a sex toy.

Since I would be far more intelligent than she was, older, more self-aware, more understanding of social dynamics, it would be easy. I pondered it quite a bit; I sought out young women that I thought would be “easy marks” for such a relationship. I thought to myself, hey, I really could find some 18 year old girl just out of high school, give her a bit of excitement, invite her to a party she’d never get into otherwise, flash around some money, drive her around in an expensive car, and I could literally psychologically manipulate her into being my sex toy.

I also realized how easy it would be to just pay some girl a few hundreds dollars to come over twice a week and give me a blowjob or something. Just the idea of this sort of objectification is hot – way, way hot. The power difference makes it super-hot – for both the man and the woman, frankly.

I – like all men – am a sexual predator, it is my nature.

This is why the Epstein case doesn’t surprise me in the least bit, and why it is so fucking triggering when Jews justify this behavior. It’s bad enough when it is done to women of your outgroup, it is intolerable when done to women and girls of the ingroup – it is war, a war crime.

This is why it is so stupid to “allow” young women and girls to “control their own bodies.” Women are hypergamous and they will naturally gravitate towards the top, most powerful men. Polygamy is the natural state of things, but it is a highly unstable system and it requires extreme violence to maintain it.

The leftists are just frankly stupid about this, thinking that “women controlling their own bodies” will lead to some sort of happy polyamorous sexual liberation. Only the radical feminists realize how absolutely exploitative and dangerous this is for women, although the radical feminists don’t have the answer because they deny biological reality.

Basically, only the socially conservative Christians and their patriarchal family values get it right, that is the only way.

It is precisely because I understand my own aggressive, sexually predatory nature that I need rules and laws and customs to prevent me from doing what comes naturally. Sure, self-control and all, but we are social creatures and we exist in a social context.

I really do consider myself a “nice guy” yet I understand exactly my own capacity – my own drive – for violence and sex, because bloodlust and sexual lust come from the same place.

I was once in a position where I could use my money, power and prestige to, essentially, acquire sex slaves. The temptation was overwhelming – merely the thought of it gave me a rush, a high, as strong as any drug. There isn’t an 18 year old girl on the planet that could have resisted me or even understand what I was capable of.

And I’m just a regular guy, a nice guy, not even upper middle class, not even close to a millionaire or a billionaire.

We cannot blame women and girls for being what they are and we cannot blame young women for being naive and foolish. We cannot “let them make their own decisions.” We have to protect them from themselves – and from us.

And we sure as hell have to protect them from outgroups and foreigners, and from men of the upper classes.

Derrick Jensen Endgame: Part 1

I’m going to go through what I assume is Derrick Jensen’s magnum opus, “Endgame.” No, I’m not going to buy and read the book – to save the forests – but his speech about it. It appears to be from 2008 or so because he mentions George W. Bush a lot.

I find Jensen’s voice to be very soothing and easy to nap to. He’s very, very funny with a wicked sense of humor. He’s totally “woke” on liberalism. He has quite a bit right about the “war on nature” and the damage industrial society is doing to nature and the environment.

But on some levels he is utterly un-self-aware.

Hey Jensen, you are supposed to be this big radical. You are totally edgy because you make a moral case for bombing dams and cutting down cell phone towers. Your joke at the open about the Feds is pretty funny.

But come on dude. You travel around the country giving speeches to Ivy League schools. Despite the fact that you openly call for illegal and violent actions – what is officially considered terrorism – you aren’t censored on platforms like Youtube.

I get banned on Twitter for pointing out the program of White Genocide.

You aren’t a threat to the powers-that-be. You *ARE* a footsoldier for neo-liberalism. You aren’t edgy at all because your ideas are absolutely in line with the interests of neo-liberal capitalism.

You almost got it, when you said you would support a wall on the southern border to keep out Mexicans, if only they would close the border to resources as well.

Dude, being against “Hitler” and whining about the “Holocaust” isn’t edgy – you sound like Mitt Romney.

He mentions that he lives on land owned by some savage Indian tribe, like a good self-hating white. He says these tribes were sustainable because they lived at a Stone Age level, which is the only level of civilization that is sustainable.

But he engages in some stereotypical nonsense, all because he has to signal anti-white.

First of all, the stupid lie that these Indian women had hundreds of herbs they used as contraception and aboritfacents – that is such nonsense. There is not the slightest bit of evidence of that at all. All he is doing is using the naturalist fallacy and the myth of the Noble Savage to justify middle class white sexual promiscuity.

He actually tells a ridiculous fable that these primitive women had herbs they took to keep them non-fertile from 14-20, at which time they took another herb when it was time to have babies.

This is utter crap and he has to know it. He is simply projecting white middle class sexual morality on the past. He wants us to believe that these Indian women slept around from 14-20, but that is complete bullshit. Of course, it’s actually middle class white women who sleep around from 14-20 on birth control, since the 1960s.

The reality? The “birth control” they engaged in is called “infanticide.” But endorsing infanticide won’t get you any points with the white hippie lefty chicks that buy your books and attend your speeches. Calling for population control via infanticide won’t get your invited to the elite, establishment Ivy League colleges where the children of the oligarchs attend your speeches to be “edgy” before they take positions in corporate America. Calling for infanticide gets too close to the reality of contemporary casual sex and birth-control abortion culture.

It makes the slutty girls cry. So you make up this absolute horseshit lie that they all had these magical “herbs” and women were sexually liberated until mean bad Christianity (but not Judaism, because Hitler) came along and set up a “patriarchy.”

Bzzt. He can’t be stupid enough to believe that. He’s just lying, pandering to his audience of elite quasi-lefties.

Those Indian tribes were absolute patriarchies, too. They engaged in constant warfare. They also polluted their environment, they overshot their ecological niches all the time. They over-fished. They destroyed entire species of mega-fauna by overhunting. They stole other tribe’s lands.

They kidnapped other tribe’s women and rape was constant and common. They were “rape cultures.”

The Star Wars story was funny as hell though.

Leftism: Zionism, Jewish Supremacy, Neuroticism and Sheep-Shagging

Noam Chomsky’s Radical Zionism and Jewish Supremacism

One personal benefit to me of the death of the Alt Right is that after spending the last five or so years reading right-wing stuff I have some space in my head for more reading of left-wing stuff. The “left” per-se is basically dead; it’s all Trump Derangement Syndrome and the only alternative is the hard left or the far left.

In my college days I did what everyone did and read a lot of Noam Chomsky, until I figured out his gimmick. He’s completely right that the media is simply the PR department for corporate power; they are powerful corporations. Chomsky’s also right that US foreign policy is realpolitik based on economic interests and that US imperialism is as brutal as anything the Soviets or historical empires have done.

But Chomsky is a Jewish Supremacist, full stop, and a Zionist disinformationist. His goal, which shines through every single word he’s written or spoken, is to distract from Jewish power in the American Empire. It’s never powerful Jews doing things in the interests of Jews, it’s always “white” men. Chomsky, laughably, wants us to believe that the Israel lobby has no power and even if they did it’s not run by Jews, it’s really Evangelical Christians – as if working class, high school educated Bible-thumpers have any effect on US foreign policy. Chomsky goes into absolute hysterics whenever Jewish power is noticed.

You can see Jewish power by its distortion of US imperial policy, when the US does something that is not in its own interests but instead in the interest of the Zionist entity. You can also disern what Jews are scared about by noticing when Chomsky goes off script. When the Israel Lobby book came out, Chomsky went into hysterical damage control. He goes into full attack mode, complete with bald faced lies and smears when 9/11 is questioned.

An unusual book of his, the Camelot Myth, also makes sense in light of the context. He wrote this in anticipation of the release of a large number of files being declassified about the JFK assassination. Many leftists and liberals believe that JFK was assassinated because of his supposed opposition to the Vietnam war. Chomsky quickly wrote a book attacking this idea and painting JFK as a war hawk. And, of course, Chomsky was terrified that the Jewish and Zionist connections to the JFK assassination might have come out, so he had to put the left off of JFK, going so far as saying “who cares, people get shot all the time.”

What is good in Chomsky isn’t unique to him – the good work on the media was actually from someone else – and what is unique to Chomsky is simply Jewish and Zionist disinformation. He’ll be dead soon and when the left and the mainstream media start their hagiographies immediately upon his death, it will be a good time to demonstrate just what a liar and disinformation artist he is.

Taking Kaczynski’s Name In Vain

So I was researching Ted Kaczynski and came across this group Deep Green Resistance. I’m wondering why in the world this supposedly radical environmental group spends most of their time discussing feminism. Derrick Jensen is a nutcase, a fruit-loop, with utterly wrong ideas and willful blindness to reality, but I have to admit he has a soothing voice and an engaging speaking style.

I posit that a lot of left-wing activism is driven by child abuse. Jensen says his father raped and beat him and his entire family and it’s obvious that he is very much influenced by therapy culture.

So when he says that at the root of “the war against nature” is the “patriarchal need to dominate” it’s clear he’s based his worldview on his father’s abusive nature. When Paglia pointed out that virtually all of the celebrity feminists had sexually and physically abusive fathers, it puts the whole thing in context.

Jordan Peterson points out that these people have likely never experienced good masculinity, good male authority, good male expressions of power. They cannot distinguish between positive masulinity and negative masculinity and they are not mature enough people to think outside of their own experience. He also notices that women with personality disorders are highly overrepresented in feminism.

Kaczynski had these people nailed in Industrial Society and it’s awful that these people claim inspiration from him when he opposed everything they say.

The “need to dominate” is not at the root of environmental destruction. It’s not an emotional thing. It is literally short term rational self-interest leading to long term disaster. These people claim to be Marxist yet Marx totally opposed this kind of thinking; he was a materialist.

I guess at the end of the day the left is just not serious. They are either liars or emotional cripples.

The emotional cripples don’t get it: it is the lack of patriarchy that caused their abuse. A stronger patriarchy would discipline these abusive men. Family values of the kind Christianity teaches helps women and children and moderates male violence.

These people would get thrown out of the left if they were pro-white, which is too bad, because we really need a pro-white leftist perspective, if the term “left” even means anything anymore, and I’m not sure it does.

The real valuable concept that Marx gave was the concept of class struggle. Class was defined by your relationship to the means of production and property. This is still an incredibly useful concept and it drives a lot.

But the left gained power and dropped Marx and instead followed Trotsky. Trotsky was simply a Jew. He was a Jewish supremacist – literally – a hater of Slavic people which he openly derided as racially inferior. He was exactly like Hitler on this. Trotsky simply wanted to destroy European society and White people and to establish a Jewish dictatorship. He wanted to recruit the non-white world to destroy the white world – he was very clear on this.

Trotsky was, essentially, a Zionist, just not particularly concerned about real estate as far as we know.

And these white leftists – and face it, there are no non-white leftists – these white leftists have internalized Jewish hatred of “gentiles” and loudly advocate Trotsky’s strategy of recruiting non-whites to genocide white people. They are driven by hate.

The Feminization of the Left

There is a sterotype that Ashkenazis have of themselves, and there is data to support it, that they tend to be high on neuroticism.

Individuals who score high on neuroticism are more likely than average to be moody and to experience such feelings as anxiety, worry, fear, anger, frustration, envy, jealousy, guilt, depressed mood, and loneliness.

Women tend to be more neurotic than men, and feminist women tend to be more neurotic than non-feminist women.

So you see where this is going. The contemporary left threw out the masculine blue-collar White men that populated the labor movement. This happened because Ashkenazis had taken over the ruling class of the United States and no longer had common interests with blue-collar white men and their entire culture is based around a hatred of those very men. So, enter “cultural Marxism.” No longer would class – and class struggle – be defined by one’s relationship to property and the means of production. Now it was “social classes.”

Ashkenazis – one of the richest, most educated, and most elite ethnicities in America – were now on the other side of class struggle in the Marxist sense. They were no longer a proletariat fighting against capitalists, they were the new rulers. They had no interest at all in sharing power with the masculine, blue collar white “gentiles” that they hated; they had won.

As Peterson points out, feminists cannot distinguish between “good” masculinity and “bad” masculinity. So, all masculinity is suspect. At the root of this is their trauma from their abusive upbringing. They cannot distinguish negative male “need to dominate” with the “positive” male need to master – as in mastery, competence.

Hence, this frankly stupid notion that environmental destruction is caused by the “patriarchal need to dominate.” What we see is the feminization of the left due to the absence of masculine thinking styles. A real man – like Ted Kaczynski – looked at environmental destruction like an engineer; he understood the materialist causes. He understood these things systematically.

Women don’t have that thinking style. So the abused women – and men like Jensen who, despite being a materials engineer, likely due to his physical and sexual abuse at the hands of his father – abandond Kaczynski’s systematic, materialist understanding of the War Against Nature and came up with an emotional cause.

It’s because bad men need to “dominate” nature. Bad White men – but not Jews, because Hitler.

You see this absurdity with Jensen’s special pleading for homosexuality. He lists four sexual paraphilias: homosexuality, pedophilia, beastiality, and BDSM, and says homosexuality doesn’t belong on the list because it’s not based on the “need to dominate.”

Oh, really, Jensen? Considering the central place of pederasty in homosexuality, both contemporary and ancient, are you sure about that?

Also, beastiality: is this really based on the “need to dominate” an animal? I don’t think so. There are long standing jokes about “sheep-shagging.” It was more common than one might think in pastoral times. I was told by a woman farmer that, supposedly, it is believed that a sheep’s vagina feels the closest to a human woman’s. There is no need to dominate the sheep, it’s literally the desire to feel wet friction on your penis. There is a hilarious and/or disturbing viral video showing a Chinese family at the zoo freaking out because a monkey is putting its penis in the mouth of a frog. Did the monkey have a “need to dominate” the frog? Or was the monkey desiring wet friction on his penis?

Jensen rails against “the myth of human supremacism” but he still believes that humans aren’t animals, apparently.

Next time: what these leftists are missing is called psycopathy and its relation to narcissisism. Not all narcissists are psycopaths, but all psycopaths are narcissists.

Jensen and Deep Green Resistance are radical feminists, thus oppose Queer Theory. Well guess what social subgroup scores off-the-charts on narcissism?


That’s your connection to Queer Theory, Jensen. It’s not the patriarchal “need to dominate” behind this. It’s off the charts narcissism.

Guess what other groups tend to score high on narcissism?

Radical feminists are right that there is a difference between sex and gender. They are wrong that gender roles are entirely “socially constructed” but are, in fact, “socially reinforced.” The fact that some girls are tomboys does not negate the clustering, nor does the fact that some boys are “artistic.”

Jensen and the rest of the Deep Green Resistance should try actually reading Kaczynski.

And they should get over their childhood trauma, distance themselves from “gentile” hating Jews, and actually do the work to understand – and halt – the material conditions that are driving environmental destruction.

If that is, in fact, their goal. Which it probably isn’t. Their “activism” serves their emotional need to hate.

Eventually This Will Get Back To 9/11

“I invented myths and fairy tales to entertain people.” — Peter Listerman

“Perhaps certain political-puppeteers who had spent decades controlling that late Arizona senator sought to ensure that their political puppet-strings remained invisible even after his death.” — Ron Unz

Go read “The Life And Times Of Hipster Racist” and put everything that has been revealed since Epstein’s arrest in that context, and the context of the attacks of 9/11. Think about my story “The Slut Power” and my Aryan Skynet series “Eyes Wide Shut” about the “Russian models” in New York City.

Read Ron Unz’s excellent new piece about how our elites are blackmailed and how the media is controlled. Most of “Pizzagate” was wrong, but it certainly pointed in the right direction. The nexus of people around the Podestas, Media Matters, Alephantis, and the rest are horrible and involved in gross crimes. Of course they are pedophiles.

Who would have believed the Catholic church was moving around child molesters from one place to another to avoid the law? That was a “conspiracy theory” until they decided to report on it.

They got away with 9/11 because they are blackmailing everybody. So, so many people who witnessed 9/11 were paid off, compromised in some way, threatened, and sometimes just killed. Go read what happened to Susan Lindauer – the first American locked up under the Patriot Act, and it’s not a Muslim, it’s a blonde-haired, blue eyed liberal Republican related to George W. Bush’s Chief of Staff. Go read what Jason Baer said. Look at who Richard Fuisz is. “Buzzy” Krongard, CIA director, was the one that made a fortune shorting the airline stocks the day before 9/11. This came out, this was reported in the media.

Go read my “Heartbreaker” series.

The New York Times reported about “pools of molten steel” at ground zero hot for three months – that’s thermite. You can see the demolition with your own eyes, yet some people still pretend otherwise, spewing crap about “softened steel” – there wasn’t enough jet fuel in those airplanes to “soften steel” and it all blew up in the fireball upon impact. That’s not even the “official story” anymore, it’s just left over “debunking” talking points that were tried.

It works just like the mafia movies. What did they say in Godfather? The Church forbids these things, gambling, girls, so we (the mafia) provide them to the people.

Go look at the horrific violence by the drug cartels in Mexico. Realize that these drug cartels are run by Americans like Jeb Bush. Look at Abu Ghraib. Look at the history of the CIA working with the mafia, look at the history of CIA importing heroin and cocaine. Look at the US military.

Back in the day when homosexuality was taboo, they were all engaged in, essentially, a mutual blackmail ring.

As a teenager, I looked the other way at hard drugs because I was smoking weed.

Epstein’s residence in Manhattan and Palm Beach, both of which I visited, were stocked with young female ‘masseuses.’ All were working class girls making big money in their spare time.

Go back and read my stuff about sex, power, BDSM, “The Concubine Class” and relate it to what is coming out now.

Understand class and how that related to sex, and power. Understand that the powerful always use the daughters of the powerless as, essentially, sex slaves.

Remember the Opium Wars? That’s in the history textbooks. China tried to outlaw opium, so the British went to war with them to keep selling opium to the Chinese.

When did governments STOP selling drugs? What year did they stop? They didn’t, of course. They never stopped.

What does it say in the Bible? “Kill all the men and the women who have known men. But the virgins you can keep for yourself.”

When did armies STOP sex-enslaving the daughters of their defeated foes? What year did they stop? Of course, they never stopped. That is the entire fucking point of war.

What do lions do? One pride of lions kills the males of the opposing pride, then kill the cubs, which puts the females in heat – then the lions re-breed the lionesses. It’s basic biology.

It goes down to a cellular level, sperm competition. Mother Nature is a bitch, it’s the law of the jungle.

QAnon is bullshit Trump spam, but there is a sort of “great awakening” happening right now. It’s because America, for the last 100 years, has had reality mediated to them by the mass electronic media. The internet has changed the game. The spergs at 4chan really do crowd-source intelligence. It’s great, it’s a good thing.

Pedophilia isn’t normal, but teen-fucking most certainly is. I’m sure there are real, actual pedophiles in positions of power, engaged in a sort of mutual blackmail ring. Men fucking sexually mature but technically underage women? Pfft, happens everywhere, all the time. That’s how you blackmail the small timers, the cops on the beat, the lawyer and the local judge. Read “The Slut Power” then read between the lines.

What do teenage whores do when they grow up? They become madams, running the other girls. Why do you think they call it “the oldest profession?”

Right now, it’s announced by the NYPD. They have Epstein’s blackmail tapes. Young [name] + [name]. Everybody involved is saying it’s a huge, huge number of powerful and prominent men – and some women too.

Here’s a fun exercise for Americans. Go do a internet search for your local strip club. See if you can find the name of the owner. Do a little research on that person’s associates. You can map the underground structure of your own town and your own county that way. It’s often an amazingly revealing experience.

The media is Wag the Dog. The media draws you attention to the subjects they want you to know about, and away from the subjects they don’t want you to know about. They have a narrative – don’t buy into their narrative. What they say is important is not important, and it’s not relevant.

There is no statute of limitations on murder, and there is no statue of limitations on war crimes and crimes against humanity and terrorism.

We – our group, our ingroup, our genetically connected people – we can stop the predation and the parasitism. We have to step our of Plato’s Cave – which is what the “mainstream media” – including the TV shows and movies – is.

Trump is right, they are “fake news.” They are the PR department for organized crime. They know it, they are self-consciously aware of their role.

We also know that the Mishpucka – who have tribal morality, not like our morality – are in league with, if not directly in control of, a sociopathic elite.

But we know who they are, especially in the era of the internet. We can look in our towns and put a check mark after their names in the phonebook. So we can literally list every potential member of the Mishpucka.

Then we can find who they work with.

Think Globally, Act Locally!

Use the Espionage Model. We need a federated network of people, who gather and publish this open-source intelligence, then act on it. We can identify who the Sith are – and who the Jedis are. We can recruit the Jedis to take down the Sith.

The Great Awakening is possible.