A THOT Experiment For Neo-Reactionaries

You’ve been working late a lot and your wife has been really busy with the baby. Your 15 year old daughter has been doing ok in school but you haven’t really checked her grades this semester and you’ve given her some space because you know how teenage girls are.

So one day you get home late, mom is at her mother’s with the baby, and when you walk upstairs you hear noises coming from your daughter’s room. You open the door and find:

A brown immigrant male on top of your daughter, half undressed, and his hands are around her throat.

What do you do?

1. Damn women, because they are all THOTs and shouldn’t be allowed to vote anyway. In fact, democracy itself is at fault, and progressivism promoted egalitarianism.

2. Immediately go to your study, open the laptop and write out a detailed plan about how you are going to install an alarm system and locks on the windows so this sort of thing doesn’t happen again.

3. Realize that neo-liberal capitalism promotes mass immigration and multi-culturalism doesn’t work.

4. Beat that sand-nigger to death and deal with your daughter later.

Second scenario:

Billy and Chaim are having a political debate on the quad at the local college. Billy says that Zionism = racism and that Palestinians have human rights. All of a sudden, Chaim screams that Billy is a nazi and stabs him in the chest and runs away.

What do you do?

1. Realize that Billy is a liberal progressive SWPL who is the real racist and it’s his fault for triggering Chaim, whose grandfather was a Holocaust survivor.

2. Rush to the campus library, check out some medical books and start researching a blood coagulant to thicken Billy’s blood so he won’t bleed to death.

3. Use a magic marker to paint a Hitler mustache on your face and do a “Sieg Heil” salute and give a speech about The Eternal Jew.

4. Grab a first aid kit, use a sterile gauze to stop Billy’s bleeding, call 911 and get Billy to the hospital and then give a description of Chaim to the police so he can be arrested and charged with attempted murder.


The Right Wing Holiness Spiralers

Spandrell at Bloody Shovel is one of the better NRx bloggers, and he makes some good points about The Andrew Yang #YangGang phenomenon.

His Bioleninism idea is just a reworking of cultural Marxism, but this time adding in the queerest of the LGBTQ+ stuff that’s popped up in the last decade.

As usual, though, reactionaries just react and most of them are spiritually, if not physically, old men yelling at clouds. They are always black pilled and expect a collapse at every turn, because they can’t cope with their own mortality. In that sense they are eerily similar to the Global Warming Cult, which is eerily similar to the old American Rapture cults, in turn eerily similar to the (((Austrian))) Goldbug Economic Hyperinflationary Collapse cults. For these reactionaries, everything is always getting worse and the End of the World is at Hand.

The reality is they are getting worse because they are getting older and their own death is at hand. But since misery loves company, they like to pretend the World Is Ending so everyone ages and dies with them.

I wonder if you looked at these neo-reactionaries, if few of them have children and even fewer have grandchildren, which if as true as I half-suspect, makes them a very selected group indeed.

So Spandrell sprinkles in Tranny-Hysteria at least a half a dozen times in his article. It’s understandable because modern Tranny-ism is a horror-show mix of the pedophile hysteria of the 1980s with modern medical horror of Dr. Frankenstein hormone therapy.

But no one would really care if it didn’t have the sex angle, the “degeneracy” angle, because the purpose of neo-reaction (aside from obscuring the Ashkenazi role in the 20th century electronic mass media anti-white propaganda) is to allow conservatives to engage in right-wing holiness spiraling.

The absolute best of the best right-wing holiness spiraler is Jim Donald. Take a “reactionary” idea, say, something like Pauline marriage. The man is the head of the household.

Jim Donald can holiness spiral so long and so fast within a week he’s gone from “wives should honor and obey their husbands” and “women aren’t particularly monogamous either” … to … “men should be ready to beat their wives and all women are biastophiles” and “nine year old girls crawl into my bed while I’m drunk and try to have sex with me.”

Seriously, read it: Blog.Jim.com – it’s astonishing. Don’t forget the comments which are ten or so guys trying to out-do each other in their reactionary anti-liberalism. It’s the Gen X/Gen Z version of what the boomers used to do, “I’m to the right of Attila the Hun – end direct election of Senators!”

Anyway I just wanted to note that there’s nothing new under the sun. Transing kids is a crime and should be punished as such, but tranny-ism – including biological transitioning and hormonal disruption – isn’t new at all.

The Catholic Church did it for years. It isn’t unique to the West either as eunuchs were an important class in imperial China.


If these reactionaries actually cared, they would be going all Ted Kaczynski and forcing an end to artificial estrogen pollution due to plastic grocery bags.

But that sort of environmentalism sounds too “liberal” – even “progressive” – and it wouldn’t allow them to holiness spiral to the right and signal to each other about who’s the most retrograde.

P.S. One of the funniest ones I can remember is one guy seriously going on about how much he loved the petty tyranny of county traffic courts. He loved it that the defendants had to call the judge “your honor” because it teaches these arrogant citizens to respect their betters, or something. It didn’t matter that the tyranny was small, it just mattered that he got to enjoy seeing people scrape and bow to power. He liked the humiliation. It’s sort of a civics version of getting whipped by a dominatrix.

These guys will LOVE Islam.

Scratch a Neo-Reactionary, Find a Zionist

Colin Liddell has been on a crusade to purge the worst of anti-semitism from the “Affirmative Right.” I can sympathize with him and I especially encourage him to continue his attacks on the (((Hollywood Nazi))) faction of the Alt-Retard.


But he will run into the same problem that Jared Taylor did.

Jared Taylor said Jews “look white to me” and that “Jews can be men of the West.” The problem that Taylor – and Liddell – has is that Jews disagree. Jews don’t want to be “white” nor do they want to be men of the West.

There’s another Jew problem that can be understood by simply looking at a map. The “Jewish homeland” is not in Europe and it’s not in the West. If you want someone to blame for that – blame Yahwey, who apparently promised the Jews real estate that is not in Europe and not in the West. I believe the accepted term for the area is “the Middle East.”

So far, none of this should be particularly controversial.

Am I the only one that noticed Anders Breivik, the Norwegian terrorist, included a map in his manifesto that promoted the idea of Europeans conquering the entire southern coast of Turkey, and all of Syria, and Lebanon, all so Palestine could be included in “the West” and even Europe itself? (Another obvious problem: the original name for Turkey is “Asia Minor.” It’s also not part of Europe.)

Why are we expected to engage in World War III and annex, in whole or part, three Middle Eastern/Asian countries, all so the Jew’s headquarters can be included in “the West?” All so we can placate “the Jews” who don’t want to be white, don’t want to be Westerners and have nothing but hostility for Europeans, European cultures, the European diaspora, and especially Christendom?

Spilling White blood in World War III all so Jews can keep their shitty little country? No thanks, Breivik, NRx

Why are we always bending over backwards to cater to this one particularly troublesome tribe?

Liddell published my article on Yockey on Affirmative Right, and wow, the NRx-ers came out in full force. Even “Utter Contempt,” a particularly odious Israeli, showed up.

SocialMatter, the former flagship site of the remnants of Curtis Yarvin’s (nom-de-guerre: Mencius Moldbug)) “Neo-Reaction” movement, had to run an article explaining that, not, NRx totally isn’t Jewish, it’s really Catholic, despite it’s constant counter-signaling “anti-semitism” and non-stop twisting itself into knots to include Zionist-occupied Palestine into “the West.”

A few months ago when I wrote a handful of rants against NRx, who showed up in the comment section? Well, one aptly named “JewishPedophile” a constant commenter on the second-most popular NRx blog, Blog.Jim.com, and three “neo-reactionaries” who didn’t sound particularly Catholic to me, all seemingly very concerned with “anti-semitism” and how True NRx realizes that the problem is White Protestants – Puritans – not Jews.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Cotton Mather!

This week is the AIPAC conference, yet the online NRx blogosphere wants us to believe that there is no “Jewish problem” and the “Israel Lobby” is really a bunch of Evangelical Christians! Astonishing, isn’t it, that “far right” Curtis Yarvin and “far left” Noam Chomsky have the exact same excuse for the Israel lobby – it’s not the Jews, it’s somebody else!

Mention that AIPAC has a lot of power – as I just posted on AryanSkynet, dozens of quotes from US politicians saying the same thing – and these “right wing traditionalist Catholics” start complaining about … “anti-semitism?” And how it’s really the Puritans and the liberals we should be worried about, not a Fifth Column of Jews?

How come there aren’t more reactionary Catholics like Mel Gibson?

I’m sure there are plenty of sincere Catholics that are pro-European and have “NRx-y” views. But it’s time to realize that Jews are just not that into you. It doesn’t matter how much you suck up to them, they aren’t going to love you back. In fact, they hate you. They hate you more than they hate Muslims – FAR more than they hate Muslims.

One would think that traditional Catholics would know that!

22 Arab countries, 500 million Arabs in the world, and they have half of the oil.

One and a half billion Muslims.

Six and a half million Jews, half in the US, half in Palestine. One Jewish country, if you can even call it a real country, with no oil and 100% dependent on welfare from the hard working White taxpayers in the USA.

That shitty little country has been the cause of most of America’s recent wars, and the Zionist movement, started by the very wealthy Rothschilds family, was heavily involved in the World Wars. The US wars in the Middle East are a major factor in mass Muslim migration to Europe. And while there are a tiny, tiny handful of “conservative Jews” in Europe and American warning about the threat of Muslims, even Jew-loving uber-Zionist Donald Trump gets tagged teamed by Jews for suggesting limiting Muslim immigration from a handful of Muslim countries.

Jews hate us, they always have, they always will, and sucking up to them has never worked. They just have even more “Utter Contempt” for you.

So – just stop. No, of course, we shouldn’t engage in the superstitious anti-semitism of medieval Catholicism or, even worse, the NSDAP movement. But Jews have nothing we need, they bring nothing but problems. So, just stop.

Let them “go their own way” and we’ll go ours.

Post Protestantism 2: Stop Reacting, start Acting

Post-9/11 I set out to figure out how it happened and the historical currents that led to it, what set the ground for it. How it was so easy to deceive Americans and how it was so easy to, only 30 years after the disaster of the Vietnam war, to mobilize Americans to fight wars literally half way around the world, against goat-herders in Afghanistan and a former second-tier post-Soviet secular regime in Muslim Iraq.

I was young and I had to start somewhere, so I started with what I knew: George W. Bush and his “Evangelical” base. I was quite familiar with this culture, having grown up, if not exactly “in” it, certainly “next to” it. It only took a few years to gain a deep understanding of “Christian” Zionism and its relationship to American capitalism, the Scofield Bible and the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago and the fall of mainline American Protestantism to a “New Age” form of “Evangelicalism.”

It didn’t take long to follow this trail to find Zionism proper. This new “Christian” Zionist movement appeared immediately after the official founding of Zionism at the First Zionist congress in Basel, Switzerland in 1896. The links between Zionism and the British Empire (and figures like Disraeli) shed a lot of light on the World Wars and the role of “the international community” that developed with Woodrow Wilson and especially the Roosevelt family.

The role that “Jews” played was quite mystified, even what a “Jew” was was almost impossible to define. Thankfully, I discovered the work of Kevin MacDonald who was able to explain the role of Jews in the 20th century. If I had not discovered MacDonald I would have never escaped the religious superstitions of Catholic “anti-semitism” and would have been waylaid into the trite idiocy of Maurice Pinay and Francis Parker Yockey – fortunately, having discovered MacDonald first I wasn’t as easily caught into the mystification about Jews by 20th century reactionary, right-wing Catholicism.

Another fortunate development was reading about the Taxil Hoax early on, which meant whenever I read some Papal Bull from the 1700s to Vatican II, I realized that I was dealing with mid-wit, anti-scientific superstitious types, at the highest levels of the Catholic church. The nearly two decades between 9/11 and the present, helpfully for my purposes, exposed that the Vatican and the Catholic religious caste, essentially a big homosexual closet, was being blackmailed by the modern mass media. The homosexuality of Catholicism also explained their tendency towards elaborate conspiracy theories, their projection of their own sexual degeneracy onto outside groups, and their obsession with “secret societies.” It was no wonder that Pope Leo XIII believed – and officially sanctioned – the most ridiculous of Leo Taxil’s nonsense. Pope Leo could believe that the Freemasons were this world-spanning secret society based on sexual degeneracy, with esoteric and exoteric connections to Organized Jewry, because Pope Leo was himself the leader of a world-spanning secret society based on sexual degeneracy, with esoteric and exoteric connections to Organized Jewry.

Pope Leo was simply looking at his own self and projecting the “evil” that he saw outwardly – this is what all narcissists do, especially, homosexual narcissists. Pope Leo assumed that his enemies were organized exactly as he and his “team” were organized, because that is what mid-wit reactionaries do.

Thank Odin I discovered Kevin MacDonald before I was lured into the idiotic mystirication and conspiracy-theorizing of right-wing reactionary Catholicism.

Unfortunately, when White Americans try to form a “movement” or an intellectual current that defends our interests, we’re immediately infiltrated by right-wing, reactionary entryists. They are typically based around a) Catholic superstition and especially the “anti-Enlightenment” strain b) NSDAP fetishists, and not, say, a serious movement influenced by the modernism and quasi-“pagan” elements of the NSDAP, no, mostly superstitious anti-semitism and homosexual obsession with Hugo Boss uniforms, and c) dumb, right-wing reaction. (“If the lib-ruls like it, I’m against it!”)

Traditionalism is useful as a heuristic. Complicated social problems can often be solved – or avoided – by simple heuristic. For instance, “don’t hit a woman.” This is a simple, traditional heuristic that solves or avoids a lot of social problems. It’s not a hard-and-fast rule – if a woman has a knife and she’s about to stab your wife, it’s not just ok to hit her, it’s your duty to hit her. But as a heuristic it works surprisingly well in many situations.

However, the heuristic “don’t hit a woman” is not an axiom you then deduce philosophy from. There is no category “those you do not hit” from which you deduce universal theories or laws. “Because woman has the property do-not-hit, therefore, the category ‘woman’ is defined …” etc.

But a lot of traditional heuristic are outdated. Much – MOST – of Western religion is based on heuristics that do not translate well from agricultural society to industrial society – much less the “information age.” Go ahead – try to use traditional Western Christian Bible aphorisms about “sheep” and apply it to the information age. You get – at best – a Far Side Cartoon. Clever, but not profound.

Clever But Not Profound

White people can’t solve modern problems, we can’t even stop those trying to genocide us, when we are bogged down by bronze age superstitions, reactionary cranks and the right-wing parasites that have lost their traditional hosts thus need to survive on us. That goes for Catholics, conservatives, and traditionalists just as much as it goes for Jews. In fact, Jews are themselves a product of Catholicism.

Every modern problem the traditionalists, Catholics, and reactionaries attempt to address, they make worse: politics, philosophy, economics, sexual reproduction, hostile, parasitic ethnic mafias like Ashkenazis. Everything.

These are people that are against “materialism” – meaning, they are against looking at facts, reality, and deducing truth from that observed reality, but instead inducing reality from both abstract notions, and even worse, “received religious truth” (meaning, bronze age superstition.)


Whiggery and liberalism were attempt at social coordination among a population that was increasingly literate and scientifically and technologically sophisticated. Just because the Enlightenment got some things wrong doesn’t mean that the counter-Enlightenment got anything right. Just as Protestantism gave way to liberalism, so we live in a post-liberal age, and we will need methods of social coordination that are adaptive to our contemporary ecology – including our technology.

Reactionaries always project. They think because liberalism is no longer working – because the environment changed, because material conditions changed therefore we need to “go back” to pre-liberal institutions – even though the pre-liberal institutions failed, and were replaced by liberalism, precisely because material conditions changed.

It’s obviously true that human nature changes on an evolutionary time scale, therefore a good heuristic for practical purposes is “human nature doesn’t change.” Lysenkoism was wrong. But Lysenkoism was an anti-liberal ideology; Communism and Sovietism was anti-liberal. As Antifa tells us, “liberals get the bullet too.”

Here’s a great example of what liberalism got wrong; the notion of “individualism.” It’s biologically incorrect, because human beings are social creatures. Human beings do not exist as individuals they exist as families, clans, and tribes. It is impossible for a human being to live as an individual, Robinson Crusoe would have died in a week if he didn’t have the scientific knowledge and technology of his English civilization.

But liberalism never actually taught a strict notion of “individualism.” The concept of “individualism” had a scale: it was on the scale of a “gentleman” – emphasis on the “gentle” – which meant educated and employer of staff, and not at all incidental, “man.” Reactionaries will say that the logic of “individualism” necessarily led to post-liberalism – but then one can simply react to the reactionaries and point out that the traditional Christian notion of individual “souls” necessarily led to liberalism. So, you’re back to square one now aren’t you?

I posit that some of the thorniest problems: specifically, the problems of race and sex, can be solved without “going back” to pre-liberalism and pre-Enlightenment ideology – in fact, CANNOT be solved by “going back” to pre-liberalism and pre-Enlightenment.

A good example (a heuristic, you might say) is the silly valorization of the Amish. Sure, the Amish have a lot of children and keep a majority of them “on the farm” even after they have seen Paris (Rumspringa.) But of course that is only because the Amish are parasitic on the liberal, and now neo-liberal, order. If everyone adopted Amishism, the Chinese would just come in and take over in a week. Maybe they would let the Amish live as peasants – maybe not – but the idea of the Amish as “sovereign” is fantasy.

The Mormons are a more credible model but the Mormons are, in fact, liberal. VERY liberal. Literally post-Protestant, in fact, progressive. How do the Mormons keep a workable system? They use a) liberal freedom of religion to exist outside of the mainstream b) the social technology of the mannerbund (note that the Mormon priest class is the opposite of celibate, they are expected to be married with children, i.e., it’s a PROTESTANT priest caste) and c) basic and obvious social incentive for young women to marry and have children.

It isn’t rocket science. The actual religious content of Mormonism is absurd, but the structure of Mormonism is workable in the modern society.

Of course, Mormonism won’t scale much further. If it did it would simply become Catholic – in fact, it already is, as all other bronze-age religions, it needs non-white, non-literate primitive peoples for future growth.

When the new mass communication technologies of radio, cinema, and later television spread, the first thing that Christianity did was to parasite on these new mediums to spread, virus like, their bronze-age memes. In fact, the Moody Bible Institute even parasitized modern capitalism, adopting door-to-door sales tactics from catalog companies.

So we see the reactionaries parasiting the internet age – you have Catholic reactionaries attacking the Protestant liberals who invented and constructed these new means of communication (Ashkenazi Jews did as well, but in a more effective way – they simply bought the companies that owned the radio networks.) You have ultra-modernist communication platforms like the internet being hijacked to spread 500 year old Catholic conspiracy theories, an ostensibly pro-White network like TRS promoting brown Latin peasant’s vision of the Virgin Mary and calling everyone to convert to Catholicism, and White American organizing being hijacked by mystification and superstition of Yocket and “esoteric Hitlerism” – now we aren’t even in the White Western world anymore, now we’re slumming it in the brown ghettos of Bangalore trying to “rediscover our Indo-European Hindu roots.)

Meanwhile, Whites have real problems with very practical – and somewhat obvious – solutions right now and the “movement” is doing anything and everything but helping Whites solve those problems.

One good example is thot-patrolling. All of a sudden, a quite organic (but misnamed) “traditional femininity” movement appeared, with social media being used by older White women to mentor younger White women to marry and have White children. A wonderful development. What happened? They were immediately attacked by the reactionaries because they were showing more skin than a Catholic peasant woman in 1399. A promising website which had literally led to at least three White marriages was destroyed by a jealous “reactionary” troll – still prominent in the “movement” – by doxing the owner and her children – because it was “false traditionalism.”

Stop reacting – start ACTING.

Jeff Bezos & Bill Gates: 2 Richest Men on Earth, Only Centibillionaires

Neither has done jack shit to help White people. If they were Jews, they would be giving to pro-Jewish charities and lobbying to keep Israel Jewish.

Gates and Bezos give to anti-white charities and lobby to make America, and all European countries, less White.

Why? WTF is wrong with these people?


So I just saw the terrorist video …

Some thoughts …

Nothing indicates to me that it isn’t authentic.

Far less bloody than I expected – horrific and terrorizing, but not bloody or gory.

One guy nearly got the shooter, ran at him and jumped him, if he had had maybe one more second he probably could have overpowered him and beat him to death.

Everyone’s reaction to a shooting is just wrong. Everyone runs and huddles, which just meant the terrorist could kill more people more easily and even take his time.

He seemed to kill most people in the first minute because he took everyone by complete surprise, people heard shooting, ran to the corner or to a window and huddled. They are censoring the video so you won’t watch it and the next time this happens you will do the wrong thing and DIE. They don’t want witnesses.

The guy went back and shot bodies to make sure everyone was dead.

I concur with others, he seemed kind of amateurish, not precision like you see with trained soldiers.

Anyone who says that First Person Shooter video games are not “training” for this sort of thing is lying – even Breivik admits to it. It’s not about teaching tactics, it’s about psychology, it’s about operant conditioning. You spend hours training your brain to remain calm while you shoot hundreds of people at close range. You learn to supress your natural reactions and revulsion.

First Person Shooter video games = operant conditioning for mass shooting.

I realize the reddit young white male “libertarian” crowd will freak out because they love their video games more than anything. Of course I’m not saying that “banning” FPS will change anything, but there’s no question FPS are operant conditioning.

Which brings me to another point the reddit types will hate. If FPS are operant conditioning for mass shooting … what is pornography? The feminists said, “pornography is the theory, rape is the practice.”

Which do redditors like more, their video games or their porn? Hard to say – is there a difference?

A recent poll asked young women what sexual acts their boyfriends were trying to get them to engage in, two were at the top of the list: anal and “facials.”

You’ve got a living, breathing, naked young woman in your bed. You can do anything you want to her. And you want to … stick it in her butt and ejaculate on her face?

That comes from PORNOGRAPHY. Those are not physically pleasurable activities, those are the result of psychological operant conditioning.

As for the shooter, it appears to be what it appears to be. It’s mostly “Counter-Jihad” which is a Zionist movement. It’s clearly inspired by Anders Breivik, who is a ZIONIST and supported Israel – as the Australian terrorist supported Israel.

It is the Zionists who are promoting World War III between Europeans and Muslims, and it’s a one-two punch. First, they get Europeans to invade Muslim lands, then they bring millions of Muslims – mostly, military aged men – into Europe and the West and provoke them to commit terrorism againts Europeans.

When Europeans kill Muslims in Muslim nations, the natural revenge reaction by Muslims against Europeans is suppressed. When Muslims kill Europeans in European nations, they say we need “more” Muslims.

Why? Because they want more terrorism. What is going to happen in New Zealand? They are going to disarm New Zealanders, then import more Muslims and hope for more terrorism

How did this start? Well, it started in 1948 when Western Zionists invaded and occupied Palestine, a Muslim nation. But it really took off on September 11th, 2001, a “false flag” terrorist attack done by the American “Deep State,” the Israeli Fifth Column, and Saudi Arabian mercenaries.

Americans – and especially the odious and fake “White Nationalist movement” – were too cowardly to call that false flag what it was, and enthusiastically cheered for war. Nearly 20 years later the war goes on, any time there’s even a possibility of it slowing down you have a “true flag” – or a “false flag” – attack to keep the hate going.

The solution is obvious: don’t hate, separate. Western Lands for Westerners. Muslim lands for Muslims. Yankee go home, and Achmed go home too.

Arrest maybe 10,000 Anglo-Zionists – not all of them Jews – living in New York, Washington DC, London, UK, and Tel Aviv, Occupied Palestine, put them on trial for crimes against humanity, and everyone go back to their own homelands …

… and PEACE would break out. Can’t have that now can we?