Antifa is like ISIS – They Just Never Seem to Get Around to Attacking Zionism

“Lord of Wombats”

If Trump makes war with Iran and China, Petras will be right.

But I’m not sure we should confuse rhetoric with reality with Trump.

Trump like to talk big and act tough. It’s part of his act.

It’s been his style since the beginning of his campaign. The bluster.

But in the end, he will be judged by what he does, not what he says.

I don’t think he personally wants trouble with Iran, but some powerful Jews behind him supported him for that reason, and he owes them.

I think he is using China as scapegoat for all the US’s problems, and yellow peril talk will be useful for the time being. Everyone bashed China as safe outlet.

As for the protests, I think the elites are not exactly happy with them… but they find them useful because they fear the rise of Alt Right. So, if Antifa types wanna go around punching Trump supporters, the elites see that keeping things under control, at least in power centers like cities and college towns.

As for stuff like pussy hat movement, how is that a threat to the elites? It’s so silly and hollywood-like? 500,000 women getting together with cutesy hats holding signs about pussy? That is no threat to the power elites.

Anyway, the fact that the moron ‘protesters’ think ‘nazis’ are the real threat to America should be reassuring to the Wall Street elites.
Antifa is like ISIS. Notice ISIS never attacked Israel.
Likewise, Antifa may attack a starbucks here and there, but they do nothing about banks or Wall Street. They are bottomfeeders in search of ‘nazis’. So dumb.

The Drones Descend Like Flies; or, MOAS, Schiebel, Unique, Avaaz: Parasitic Profiteers of European Putrefaction

“More than 1,750 migrants have been rescued in the Mediterranean within 24 hours, Italy’s coast guard said Thursday, as EU leaders prepared for a summit on stemming the flow of boats from North Afr…

Source: The Drones Descend Like Flies; or, MOAS, Schiebel, Unique, Avaaz: Parasitic Profiteers of European Putrefaction

@RamZPaul The Right And Mass Protest #FakeNews #MiloAtBerkeley

I love supporting RamZPaul because he pisses off all the right people. Not only is he hated by the $PLC and the ADL and the anti-whites – RamZPaul is also hated by the fake “Nazis” – the Jews posing as “Nazis” (like the (((Daily Stormer))) and (((Mike Enoch))) and his (((wife))) at, virtually all of the “14/88” LARPers, the fake “WN Christians” and all the other liars, fakers, and poseurs.

With enemies like that, you know you are doing something right.

Some good perspectives on public protests and the media.