Tyrone Hitler & @FrameGames – How To Actually Move The Overton Window

We live in a capitalist system. One of the things we learned from Al Martin’s “Confessions of an Iran Contra Insider” – which was a long tirade against Jeb Bush (long before Jeb was running for President) – was that all of the CIA/Deep State projects are for-profit. They always have two agendas: one, to push the propaganda or promote whatever agenda they are promoting, and two, to make a profit.

The CIA’s “Cuban Twitter” spent 90% of its time just making money from advertisers by posting stuff about celebrities – only 10% of its time was trying to stage “color revolutions” against Castro’s brother.

As Nolen described, Playboy magazine was an important platform for various CIA writers and “leaks” that the CIA wanted out in the public – but it was also for-profit, it had to make money. Which is why Hefner was always having meetings with the companies that would advertise in Playboy to keep them from pulling out when things got a little too hot and a little too controversial.

We also see another strategy – the “good cop, bad cop” routine. Playboy was the “good cop,” their fellow CIA publication, Penthouse, was the “bad cop.” The Beatles were the “good cop” while their “bad boy” twin, the Rolling Stones, was the “bad cop.” That’s the way they actually push the Overton window. You stake out a place on the axis, then a “competitor” shows up that is just a little bit further along the axis. When things get too controversial, you lean back a little on the “good cop” side. This is also similar to the “motte and bailey” argument style.

If the pro-whites were smart and organized, we’d have AmRen acting as the “good cop” and NPI acting as the “bad cop” – just a little more radical, not just race but also the JQ, etc.

I think it’s proof that the AltRight isn’t serious in that it has no sense of this dynamic at all. It does nothing but “punch to the moderate” – thus moving the Overton window LEFT, instead of RIGHT.

Instead, it should be punching the anti-whites – it should be attacking the “moderate” anti-whites and driving anti-whites farther to the anti-white side. We want Pussy Hatters to find there is no space between hardcore anti-white BLM/Antifa and “nice white liberal.” We should be making moderately anti-white “not a thing.” This forces “moderates” to either go full anti-white, or to drop anti-whiteness and become moderate (which is where the majority will wind up.

Two people I’ve seen that understand this dynamic: https://tyronehitler.wordpress.com and twitter.com/FrameGames

The DailyStormer strategy is to “punch right” – Daily Stormer attacks “moderate pro-whites” who are on the right – it takes people who are pro-white, but closer to the center, and makes them “not a thing” – you are either (((Hollywood Nazi))) or you are anti-white. So most people become moderately anti-white, the middle gets emptied out – and most people move to the left.

(((Daily Stormer))) has always punched people on the RIGHT side of the center line, never punches people who are on the LEFT side of the center line. This makes “moderate pro-white” “not a thing.” It’s the exact opposite of moving the Overton window “to the right” – it moves the Overton window “to the left” by cutting off the “far right” from the “moderate right” – forcing the moderates – thus the center of the Overton window – to the left.

Dissident Internet Being Shut Down To Prepare For The Coming False Flag: Internet Kill Switch Flipped

NOTE: Don’t get your (((Hollywood Nazi))) panties in a bunch because of the Third Reich analogy.

The week before the September 11, 2001 attacks, the entire American Muslim internet – their websites, their email, etc. – was taken down via a raid in Texas.

A 9/11 sized attack would immediately be deconstructed/destroyed via social media, youtube videos, blogs, etc. The internet “kill switch” which has been discussed for a few years HAS BEEN FLIPPED. “Right wing” and pro-white websites are the RED HERRING (NAAAZI!) Meanwhile youtube censorship is now under the complete control of the ADL/$PLC. Criticizing the Zionist occupation of Palestinian has been declared “Nazi” “anti-semitic” and “hate speech.” Suggesting that Mossad is behind the next false flag terrorist attack will simply not be allowed on any major internet platform, Youtube.com, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

They have seized the domain names of the most popular sites, to prevent one of the larger independent web platforms from becoming a central hub of information analysis and propagation. Internet search like google will hide any new sites and independent information about the coming false flag terrorist attack.

Judge Dredd @ Unz.com


1. In 1930s Germany, the old order collapses. The Nazi party is on the verge of splitting apart…then one faction purges the other, leaving only one left.


Alt-right purged = SA purged by SS.

2. The other day, Secretary of Defense Mattis was in Silicon Valley – traveling to Google. His excuse was something like “not wanting soldiers to be disadvantaged by technologies on the battlefield.” Does anyone buy that? Does that even make sense?


3. Youtube “adpocalypse” happens. Google uses this as an excuse to curb dissenting political opinions. They announce that they will be shadow-banning content they disapprove of even if it does not violate their terms of service. Many videos, and entire channels, are mysteriously demonitized without explanation. Notoriously left-wing anti-free speech organizations including the SPLC and the ADL, alonalong with several foreign government NGO fronts, are providing the information to Youtube on what channels/videos to ban.

Other Social Media follow suite: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

4. Then a potential false flag happens (Charlottesville = Reichstag fire).


Dissenters purged from government (Steve Bannon = Hitler’s enemies within the government).


5. Then an enabling act happens in the wake (Internet Purge by Corporations = Enabling Act).


Website potentially purged due to a long essay with videos alleging that the police colluded with antifa to attack protesters: http://www.occidentaldissent.com/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi

Alternate media outlets allowing for dissenting opinion are shut down or come under attack: Hatreon, Gab, etc.

6. Hysteria sweeps the nation.

“White Supremacists everywhere.” http://www.unz.com/forum/censor-white-supremacy/

Tearing down confederate symbols, desecrating confederate graves = “Jews have betrayed the nation” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kristallnacht

6. Trump under constant attack by leakers and traitors. Paving the way?


7. Wars and rumors of war on the horizon: North Korea, Russia, Iran = Poland, Austria, Czechoslovakia.

Bang Gang: The Second Sexual Revolution: No Coloreds, No Fags, No Rape, No Jealousy

Revolution Next

By the 1990s, the AIDS scare was over and everyone realized that the plague was confined to male homosexuals, needle drugs, and Africans. The sexual chill of the 1980s was over: the popular culture of film and music had continued to get more and more explicit – some would say “degenerate” – even while people’s actual behavior had become puritanical. The social shift was centered around the mainstreaming of condoms. The official story was that teenagers were going to have sex anyway so they should use condoms to avoid AIDS and pregnancy.

While the first sexual revolution of the 1960s still had double standards and jealousy, the second sexual revolution had shifted. If everyone was promiscuous, then no one was a “slut.” Since no one was getting married or having children any time soon, teenage relationships were by nature temporary and among peers partners were swapped: Jane dated Billy for a while, then Jane hooked up with Billy’s friend Mike while Jane’s friend Sally started dating Billy. The timeline simply got shorter and the number of partners increased.

So it was only a matter of time until the timeline of the relationships got shorter and the partner swapping more immediate. High school parties where couples would disappear into a bedroom simply evolved into high school parties where more than one couple would be in the bedroom, or on the same bed. Or where there weren’t couples as much as groups.

The Rules

Still, there were some lines that were simply not crossed, at least in the 1990s middle to upper middle class Washington DC suburbs of the 1990s. The rules were essentially non-negotiable:

1. No coloreds. Maybe a half Korean girl would be in the mix occasionally, but like an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog, this was a very White affair. Washington DC, even in the 1990s, was most certainly a racially diverse area, but integrated schools had not led to integrated social circles, and rarely intimacy. All throughout the 1980s Black and White couples were lauded by the media (OJ & Nicole) and the United Colors of Bennetton had spent a decade trying to push a slightly less sexual version of the Abercrombie and Fitch orgy aesthetic, but to no avail.

2. No fags. Male homosexuality was simply not tolerated. This was an era when gays were “coming out of the closet” and TV shows like Friends made it clear that “homophobia” was uncool. Nevertheless, teenage boys, even if they talked the talk, were simply not going to walk the walk. They may not have been going around queer bashing but neither were they going to invited suspected gays, much less out gays, to their parties. And the occasional friend, suspected or known to be gay, that was invited to a social party were simply never invited to the after parties.

Of course “bi-curious” girls were not even considered “lesbian,” merely a form of exhibitionist foreplay.

3. No rape. This was the era of third wave feminism. It was not cool to do something to a girl who was passed out – that passed out girl was your friend. It simply was not considered manly and a rough form of “consent” was expected. Of course “peer pressure” wasn’t considered “coercion” and it would be another decade before concepts like “rape culture” would be popularized – quite possibly precisely because a decade or so of these attitudes created a backlash, and the teenage girls who organized these parties had to regain some plausible deniability.

4. No jealousy. Of course people did get jealous, but no one owned anyone and when people did pair off and form serious couples, they simply didn’t go to the parties anymore. This was in a sense, “sexual utopia in power” and F. Roger Devlin might say. Women – really, girls – were the organizers here. They decided which boys to invite and it was their consent that powered the whole culture.

The Style

The style was rave, baby doll dresses and neo-bohemian. The soundtrack was electronic dance music and alternative rock. The drugs were alcohol, marijuana, and MDMA. (LSD and mushrooms were quite often the initiation into the scene, but those aren’t party drugs.)

No one knew anything about “BDSM” or even what it meant, the blindfolds and bondage were simply party favors, a natural development. There was always a certain “switch” dynamic – both boys and girls could be the one being blindfolded and “worked,” but the few times when an actual male submissive would want some sort of humiliation play, it would skeeve the girls out; he would be labeled a “creep” and no longer invited to the parties.

The age to play? 16.

The Hangover

Of course, as always, standards began to slip after the first generation. LGBT became more militant. Consent became blurry. Jealousy, always present, became more pronounced as “experimentation” morphed into “lifestyle” and the window of opportunity to leave it all behind got smaller. It you’re in the scene from 16-26, you’ve had a decade of experience at temporary “relationships” and zero experience with keeping anything permanent. The color line started to blur, which ruined the entire concept of consent, as consent is a cultural norm, shared among those with the same race and culture. Little sisters were not rebelling against the sexual chill of the 1980s as their older sisters had done, thus had a “starting point” that was much further along than their older siblings.

The impact of internet pornography started to be felt. Before, the parties, the social scene, WAS the initiation – it WAS the porn. Once hard core internet pornography went mainstream, boys – and girls – already had expectations, and the expectations were no longer set by peers in their own social circles, but by professional pornographers and pimps from Los Angeles, always eager to “segment” a market in order to micro-market to fetishes with pin point accuracy.

There’s all the difference in the world between BEING the product, and watching a product being advertised.

The End

What finally killed it off was camera phones and social media. Rumors can be denied, video evidence broadcast instantly to thousands could not.

Toronto Film Review: ‘Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story)’

The Future

As the Unabomber Ted Kazinsky might say, technology affects everything and society gets further and further away from the natural order. Only an industrial society would postpone marriage and family formation long past a biologically appropriate age in order to spend the youth’s most productive years learning to run the machines and push the paperwork. Feeding the machine becomes more important that reproducing the race; the machines become more important than the biology. So society will go back and forth between repression and degeneracy as long as it suppresses biology.

The Onion: Teen Wastes Prime Childbearing Years Going To High School


TFW Your Boss Asks You To Hook Him Up

First job, huge opportunity, you’re trying to be all respectable and white collar but the class differences are just too apparent. Then your boss tells you, you know, he likes to party, and asks you to hook him up with some coke. Gets the lingo wrong, just like you get the white collar lingo wrong. Awkward.

I’m sure we’ve all been through it.

Right? Anyone? Bueller?