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If It Feels Bad Do It

Libertarianism and Liberalism are both fundamentally based on the ‘do whatever makes you feel good’ so long as it isn’t ‘violent’ rot that has eaten the country’s morale from within. Liberalism paints it up like a whore and Libertarianism drugs it and commodifies it.

MidwestWerewolf – http://www.radixjournal.com/blog/2014/9/11/i-am-an-american

I’ve said it over and over again. If the New Right, the Alt-Right, the White Nationalists and related tendencies were actually serious about reversing the massive decline of white fertility, they would focus, laser-like, on the demographic that births white children: young, fertile white women.

But these people never – not one time – ever, ever, ever do that, and it’s sort of obvious why. Young, fertile white women are doing just fine, catered to by the media, the economy, the education system, both political conservatives and liberals, the Democrats and the Republicans, and have plenty of men – white or not – lined up to entertain them, one way or another.

The New Right, Alt-Right, White Nationalists and their fellow travellers have nothing to offer young, fertile white women but still need to pose as somehow serious in the struggle for white fertility.

So what do they do? Do just what establishment conservatives do about race, talk around the issue. Discuss anything and everything but that issue.

So, you’ll see the Angry Young Betas screaming “slut” if these young, fertile white women have sex with someone other than them, but the Angry Young Betas will not shame these women if they postpone motherhood. In fact, they give every indication they would be quite fine with sex, even marriage – but hold the babies as long as possible – from these young, fertile white women.

Married family men of the White Right, if they have daughters, will castigate the young whites for being nasty perverts only interested in raping their Pretty White Angels, and dress so slovenly and are so far from gentlemen they just honk the horn when they show up to take Princess out. The married fathers, of course, realize that no white man is worthy of their White Princess, so it’s off to college and later the cubicle. The last thing any decent White Right married father wants is their daughter marrying too young and missing out on the College Cock Carousel being at the financial mercy of a young white husband.

Older women (the only ones) in the White Nationalist/White Right/Alt-Right movement all agree: the problem is that White men are too interested in young, fertile white women instead of catering to over-the-hill divorcees, eldersluts, feminists second-guessing all that bra-burning nonsense, and other women like them.

That, and Jew Porn, of course.

My favorite, though, has to be the cranky old curmugeons that don’t seem to care at all about white fertility or even the family, per se. The problem is that white people might feel good. They might actually feel pleasure or even worse, be happy.

Real white men are like coal miners – dirty, covered in toxic coal dust, and dying of lung cancer. So unlike the Urban Elves of today, with their healthy diets and clean fingernails. Some of these hipsters even wear fashionable clothing! Bah, back in our day, when it snowed our mums would wrap our shoes in the plastic bags bread loaves would come in, so we didn’t have to spend money on rubber boots.

That’s the way it was and we liked it! We liked it fine!

So, White Nationalists, Alt-Righters, White Righters, and New Rightists, just remember:

1. If it feels good, don’t do it.

2. If it feels bad, complain how other people don’t want to do it.

3. Every sperm is sacred and in limited supply.

4. Don’t touch my little Princess, she’s waiting until she’s 35!

How To Do Heteronormativity And Natalism The Right Way

Queer-bashing just makes you look mean and obsessed with gays. Just as there is a difference between pro-white and anti-black, there is a difference between promoting marriage and attacking gays.

I’m on the fence when it comes to “Commander” Rockwell, perhaps the first costume clown. I listened to his famous speech at GWU and it made a lot of sense, but associating segregation with Nazis just handed the forced-integrationists an image they would use for the next 50 years to bash white people with, not to mention disgusted Southerners who had just defeated Germany in the World Wars. Even if he was completely sincere, he did harm to the cause of white people.

A “hate bus?” Really?

“Gay” “marriage” is legal in 30 states and public support for “gay” “marriage” is at an all-time high. Thanks to, in no small part, the Westboro Baptist Church. You remember them, the folks that went to funerals with signs that said “God hates fags?” They even admitted that they knew they were helping the cause of “gay” “marriage” and said they hoped it would pass, because then God would destroy America with hurricanes and earthquakes.

Well, they certainly helped the cause of the LGBT movement. In fact, in the famous planning document from the 1980s, LGBT activists proposed an ad campaign showing “homophobic fundamentalist preachers” screaming and yelling. As if by magic, a few years later the Westboro Baptist Church appears and is given wall to wall media coverage for nearly a decade. Then, as anyone could have predicted, the LGBT movement gained massive sympathy. The fact the WBC attacked soldiers as well as gays likely even greased the wheels for gays in the military – another development the WBC said they encouraged.

In France, the opposition to “gay” “marriage” did not run lurid pictures of gay pride parades and fat guys in leather. Instead, they promoted images of healthy, normal French families, and said that children needed both a father and a mother.

White Nationalists and cultural conservatives could learn something from The Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys. Apparently, the Irish have also figured this out.

Both the French and the Irish have made this about *children* not love, or sex. But I don’t think conservatives in America are able to do that, because promoting natalism requires acknowledging a woman’s duty to bear children. But that will be met with loud complaints from the shriekosphere, and conservatives are too cowardly to stand up to their women. Thus, conservatives are in abject denial of the anti-natalism present in society, so they try to make what is really about family into something about sex.

As I mentioned in an exchange with tteclod, these days, a father would rather his 16 year old daughter have sex on birth control than to actually marry and bear a child. Let that reality sink in, consider the anti-natalist assumptions that underline that attitude. It’s coming from the men as much as the women. Daddy doesn’t want his little girl growing up and becoming a wife and mother, but he’ll look the other way when she becomes an amateur prostitute.

What a queer attitude.

How To Fulfill the 14 Words By Impregnating Women Ten Years Younger Than You

In an ideal world, young white women would marry young white men, have many white children, stay together, and spend their golden years enjoying their children and grandchildren.

That world no longer exists, and mostly it’s because of scientific birth control and feminism. The new reality is, young women postpone marrige and child birth as long as possible, so they can get “alpha fucks” from good looking guys that won’t commit to them. Then, when they start to lose their youth, beauty, and fertility, and can no longer get the attention of these hot guys, they start looking around for “beta bucks” to settle with.

This is great for younger women – who get lots of sex from sexy guys – and it’s great for good looking men.

Who are the losers? Regular looking guys and women as they get older. It would be nice if older – and presumably wiser women – would counsel the younger women to be realistic, and find a guy who maybe isn’t Brad Pitt, but otherwise great, and settle early. But in a feminist culture, it’s “Tingles Uber Alles” – and the older women would never deny their younger selves the opportunity to slut it up with the hot guys – they’d rather just bitch as they get older.

This not-ideal state of affairs nevertheless opens some opportunities for young white men to grab the bull by the horns, so to speak, and think outside the box.

If a young man is good looking, he’ll have no problem getting sex, or whatever else he wants, from women his age. But young men that aren’t particularly good looking – and compared to most women, most men aren’t particularly good looking – can still have children, sex, a wife/partner by just waiting a few years and then getting a woman a decade younger.

I did it. I found a very hot 21 year old that I based the character “Dancer” on, had awesome hot sex with her for a few months, and now she has my son, a cute little two year old tyke we’ll call Hipster Jr.

Now, it is not an ideal arrangement. I’m not with her anymore, she went back to her boyfriend, and she is likely passing the kid off as his. But nevertheless, I did successfully pass on my genetics and created a white child. I now have as many children as a certain former prominent blogger we all know and love.

Unfortunately, completely against my will, my college girlfriend murdered my first child because she wasn’t “ready” to be a mother. The most common murder is that of a mother murdering her own child, thanks to feminism, a offshoot of the bloodthirsty, anti-white Marxist ideology. There was nothing I could do about it, thanks to feminism and the anti-white male government we live under.

So anyway, when my girlfriend decided she was bored and walked out on me after seven years, I was pretty bummed about it. I sort of moped for almost a year, then decided to get back in the game. And boy, had it gotten easier.

I didn’t waste a single minute with any woman over 30, and in fact, spent all of my time trying to pick up women as close to 21 as possible. Over the course of two years, I had two 21 year olds, one 22 year old, and then had the 22 year old again when she turned 24. It was easy. Listen, young white men, here’s how you do it.

First, never fall in love with a woman, at least, not right away. It’s a bitch move. Never call yourself her “boyfriend” or in any way commit to anything. Women with options – the only kind that matter – are turned off if they know you are interested in them for anything more than sex. The game is, she has to use her sexuality to capture you, to take you off the market. And she doesn’t want it to be easy, she wants to work for it.

So, the main thing is, don’t take them seriously. This is not particularly hard as most young women (the only ones that matter) are pretty silly. If you strike out – move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Young women LOVE the idea of snagging an older, more experienced man. What you do is, you flatter her intelligence. Tell her how mature she is, how you can talk to her unlike most women. Find some interest she has an compliment her on it (but never pretend to like something she does, they see right through that and it’s really beta.)

How to deal with the age issue – it’s just a shit test. The best answer, when she asks you how old you are, just say “old enough to be your father now what are you doing out so late, young lady?” and smile. Don’t use that line verbatim, just use a variation on it.

Now, make sure you have a lot of female friends your age. This is actually pretty easy, because of feminism, there are more and more spinsters, divorcees, and cougars than ever just dying for attention. Socialize with them, but only bring your young lady friend around sparingly. You want your young lady friend to feel she has to compete with older women for your attention. Don’t push for sex – wait for her to push for sex. Trust me, she will, because she thinks that’s the only thing she has to offer you (and it is, really.) It might even be good to turn her down. Act all conflicted, but then give in one night.

Fuck the hell out of her – gals like it rough and raunchy. Push her limits, just assume she wants whatever it is that you want. Always lead, and she will follow. We think of women’s sexuality as some complicated and mysterious thing, but it’s not.

So, in the throws of passion, just don’t put on a condom. If she’s on the pill – don’t bother. If a woman is on the pill and is attracted to you, it’s because you are Beta to her, and as soon as she gets off the pill, she’ll realize it and go find an Alpha. But if she says something about it, just say you assumed she was on the pill.

Now, you have to figure out how to keep her from murdering the baby, but if you all of a sudden get too beta, too ready to commit, she’ll think you are subpar and will abort. But if you just drop her cold, she might as well. As with most things with women, it’s sort of a push-pull game. Maybe offer to pay, but say you’ll do the right thing and support her while she has it and help her find adoptive parents. You’ll have nine months to play push/pull with her.

Remember, white women are the prize, and really all they have to offer a man is sex and babies. Other than that, women are pretty much redundant. Men can do anything women can do – and better – with that exception: sex and babies.

Now, whatever you do – NEVER offer to marry her. Weddings are for virgins, that’s why they wear the white dress. It’s acceptable to marry her IF – and ONLY IF – she gave her virginity to you. It’s spitting in the face of the few decent women left to go along with the charade of putting a white dress on a slut. No rings for sluts. But we still need sex and babies, so you have to compromise. If she wasn’t a virgin – and chances are, if she is over 16, she isn’t – then she is damaged goods and does not deserve a wedding. Legal marriage just makes you her slave and the Government her Alpha. Women are people, they respond to incentives, and the government wants nothing more than to drag you through court for child support, alimony, or trumped up domestic violence charges – and remember, raising your voice, or making her “feel scared” is enough to have you dragged away in handcuffs. If she sees you dragged away in handcuffs by a big tall cop, she’ll be tingling for the cop, and feel nothing but contempt for you. Very similar to how women fuck their divorce lawyers, since her divorce lawyer had all that power of you, and in fact, beat you in court, he’s the new alpha and she wants him, not you.

Now, you will have to pay child support, but what you want to do is get her to agree to skip the court system. Make sure you support her, give her an allowance, pay for everything for the baby. It’s quite possible to do this – more than one man in my family has done it.

Then, repeat. There are new women turning 21 every day, and if you get good at this, you can have two, three, even four children, by different women even. Mix it up. Impregnate a blonde, a brunette, a redhead. Always trade in for younger women. Once she turns 30, retire her. She can find a beta to take care of her. It’s really quite easy for a 40 year old man to date women in their 20s, happens all the time. Young women LOVE an older man.

If all this sounds rather cynical – blame feminism. Blame women for wanting no fault divorce. Blame women for being sluts on birth control. Blame older women especially for ruining a once great culture because they couldn’t keep it in their panties. Blame the Garbage Generation – the women who came of age between 1970 and 2000. Most of them are trash.

That’s what feminism has brought to us, and this is how you adapt. It’s actually easier than it looks!

Then, if you have a daughter, the day she gets her period, YOU go out and find appropriate husbands for her. Never trust her judgement. And if you have a son, teach him the “red pill” and how to do this.

White people will survive feminism, just like we survived everything else.

As for me, I will continue fucking younger women until I can’t – OR – until the day young women abandon feminism and go back to marrying young. And I will get off on the tears of aging feminists crying about reaping what they themselves sowed.

Alpha Fucks & Beta Bucks 2

As long as women do this, men have no choice but to try to be the “alpha fucks” and not the “beta bucks.” Notice that this women dumped her husband, had a one month affair with a “blue eyed blonde haired” man – without birth control – that she described as good in bed, and had his kid. She admits to lying to her husband saying the child was his, even though he knew it wasn’t, but she got back together with her husband because the other guy had “nothing” (but good genetics) while her husband was a solid beta provider with “insurance.” Notice that she asks for sympathy by mentioning that she “lives with this every day.”

The woman doesn’t seem the slightest bit guilty about what she is doing either. Your humble correspondent is shocked – shocked! – I tell you, unable to imagine such a thing. Ah well, it is what it is. More white babies, at all costs.

Btw, my offer to WN women everywhere still stands – if VB can get away with it, so can I.

I was told, by both a male and female commenter, it’s better to just let sleeping dogs lie.

This is why I have written some extremely controversial articles about men and women and even veer towards “manospherish” type sentiments at times. Feminism posits – falsely – that men have oppressed women throughout history until Jewish women saved the goyim women from slavery at the hands of the Evil White Patriarchy. It’s flattering to women, and gives them a built in excuse for any bad behavior at all. Men tend to have a “white knight” attitude towards women in general. Believe it or not, we really like it when women are happy and don’t like it when they are sad.

But women are people – just people – and they can be as selfish and evil as men. It’s just that no one coddles men when they act badly. No one is afraid to call out a man when he abandons his wife and children to take up with his 24 year old secretary. But when women do it, everyone makes excuses for them.

This is why, when we play White Nationalist Sim City, I’m always harping on the Mannerbund. Since feminism destroyed regular monogamous marriage – i.e., women married young, as virgins, and didn’t divorce – we have to come up with some other solution. Since men are genetically expendable, sex integration hurts men the most.

One thing I will disagree with much of the manosphere is that being a male slut isn’t really all it’s cracked up to be. Many man-whores would have gladly settled down with a nice young virgin in a traditional marriage. But when 60% of girls lose their virginity before high school – to sleazy hipsters, no less, horrible men who make them do degrading kinky things in bed – well, what’s the average man to do? Do you want to wife up the sloppy seconds of a sleazy hipster? Likely not.

The men of the Mannerbund should just take multiple wives/women anyway. Once you have one, it’s easier to get more. As for the betas desperately hoping to get a few minutes in the warm hole, well, learn game. Read Heartiste. All that stuff is true, and it “works” – but chances are when one of the bad boys comes sniffing around “your” lady – well – the blacks have dealt with this situation longer than whites have. So in the immortal words of rapper Ice Cube – “you better check your kid for your DNA.”

Just for the record, I only deflowered one, possibly up to three, virgins. The rest of the women were sluts, like me. So I didn’t really ruin all your daughters single-handedly, just a few. They were all more than willing, by the way. They lined up, in fact. It is what it is.


White Patriarchy Not White Nationalism

WN feminists are the worst. The WN movement seems to attract a certain type of white woman: divorcees, single mothers, independent wimminz that don’t need no man, and childless by choice. Rather ironic for a movement whose slogan is the 14 Words:

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.

The question is: whose white children? Which white man’s white children?

Men need women to actually make the babies. And women need men for basically everything else, especially, protection and provision for herself and those white children. But WN women seem to have this idea that white men should collectively provide for their children, regardless of who the fathers are. This is Hypergamy 101 – alpha fucks and beta bucks. Women want to actually have the children of the top men, but since those top men can get many women, they won’t “settle” for those white women. Women, of course, are just fine with this. Women would rather share an “alpha” man than “settle” for a man who will be faithful and monogamous with them. This is a woman’s choice. They would rather be the sister wife of an alpha then settle for a lowly beta.

Feminists love to complain about the double standard: if a woman is promiscuous, she’s a “slut” but if a man is promiscuous, he’s a “stud.” Feminists should ask themselves: why are they so enamored of promiscuous men? Why don’t women go for virgin men? Why are women so turned on by slutty men? The answer is simple biology, it’s been explained over and over and over again, but women seem to have a hard time accepting this basic reality.

WN women seem to have this notion that they can all share a Brad Pitt, and the regular white guys – the “betas” – the ones who they won’t have sex/babies with – should just deal with it, and act as substitute protectors and providers for them anyway. What are these “beta” white men getting out of this? Nothing but empty words from WN feminists; some flattery, some glittering generalities about white solidarity, empty praise. So much blowing smoke up their asses.

It’s basic biology: men are expendable. If you expect white men to show some loyalty to you, the best way to do that is by having his children and remaining faithful to him – especially, when you are young, pretty and fertile. A white man who has no children has zero incentive to have any solidarity with the larger white community, except in the most superficial way.

White “nationalism” seems to be yet another way for hypergamous women to get the “beta bucks” after they get the “alpha fucks.” But what self-respecting white man would want to be essentially be a slave of another man’s woman? He’s supposed to give his blood, sweat, and tears – and maybe his life – for white women that won’t have sex with him, won’t bear his children, won’t be his faithful wife, and for another man’s children?

Maybe the White Nationalist movement should be honest and rename itself the White Cuckold movement.

No solidarity with white women. White Patriarchy, not White Nationalism (another form of socialism.) White women should be loyal to their white husbands and barring that, their white fathers. White men should show no solidarity with white women in general, only, their white wives and white mothers of their own white children. White men should show solidarity only with other white men (white men that will honor other white men’s relationships and not go after another white man’s wife.)

Of course, there are always exceptions. Some women, through no fault of their own, can’t have children. It’s a tragedy but one that we can make exceptions for. I’m not hung up on the gays either, gays and lesbians can be loyal to the white tribe and contribute in their own way, for instance, helping with their extended family. There are always honest white widows and orphans that should be taken care of by the larger white tribe.

But in general, white women that chose to chase alphas and ignore the beta men in their own league, because they didn’t want to “settle” – too bad, so sad. Try to rope in some other suckers for the beta bucks. 50 years of feminism has allowed white women to get away with the alpha fucks, beta bucks strategy. That era is now over, the beta men are no longer playing ball. It’s going to be a very rough road ahead for white feminists. White women had the best situation of any group of human beings in the history of humanity, and it still wasn’t enough; they showed zero appreciation for it.

Actions have consequences.