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Patrick Little is the new Matt Heimbach

He’s not as fat and ugly, but just as clownish.

Microsoft has threatened to shut down the entire Gab.ai service due to “unsafe speech.” Two specific posts, both by “Patrick Little” the (((Hollwood Nazi))) that is now holding up signs in New York City about Jews. (He’s literally the White version of the “Black Hebrew Israelites” and his entire schtick is meant to make opposition to Jews look crazy and hateful.)

Supposedly on Gab.ai he called for the ‘ritual death by torture’ and the ‘complete eradication’ of all Jews.

Remember, his online troll army was telling us, just six months ago, that Patrick Little was possibly going to win the GOP Senate primary in California and that he was going to “unite” all races against “the Jews.”

JUST like Matt Heimbach before him, but if you can believe it even more obviously, Little started off with low-key rhetoric, got on all the podcasts and got interviews with various figures – in other words, to leave a trail of assocation – then as soon as he was known, immediately started playing (((Hollywood Nazi)))

Goyims are stupid because they fall for this trick over and over again. In Gab.ai, there’s the typical crowd of 1488 spam accounts praising Little *because* his rhetoric is off-putting to White people and *because* it plays into stereotypes of “anti-semites.” They are talking about how “brave” he is to stand on a streetcorner in Manhattan screaming about “Jews” – even though the dumbest and crazies Blacks do that all the time – New Yorkers typically find it amusing and Jews are so happy to have these nuts as the “face of anti-semitism” they literally pay people to do it.

I called it the first time I listened to an interview of him, and even though he was relatively calm and didn’t call for violence, I could tell it was a set up and that he would eventually go the (((Hollywood Nazi))) route.

I guess since Matt Heimbach self-destructed they needed another “activist” for hire to go around acting like a clown to discredit any opposition to Zionism/Jew-ism.


White Supremacists Plot To Infiltrate The Rotary Club


Almost all of these groups are 99% White, all of them have suffered a massive drop in membership starting with the advent of Television, which makes them ripe for takeover. Most of them have significant infrastructure, everything from real estate to insurance companies to credit unions to financial capital. Most have recognized brand names that are extremely well integrated into existing communities and are impervious to smears by the likes of $PLC and ADL.

Spencer attempted to bootstrap such a group with his Phalanx project – I applaud him, it was a great idea and one I’ve been suggesting for nearly a decade. However it may be easier to simply infiltrate the existing groups and not start from scratch, that way you have the benefit of existing infrastructure.

Golden Dawn and Hezbollah have a lot of support from their respective communities because they are not simply political groups, they also serve social and welfare functions. It’s easy to get support from a community when you provide tangible benefits to that community; American service organizations are already set up to do this. All you have to is show up and start working.

Patrick Le Brun of Counter Currents, Kievsky of MindWeaponsInRagnarok and myself at AryanSkynet have covered this strategy extensively.


Private clubs who do not offer public accommodations are generally not bound by the Civil Rights Act.


Title II: Outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion or national origin in hotels, motels, restaurants, theaters, and all other public accommodations engaged in interstate commerce; exempted private clubs without defining the term “private”.

There are grey areas to this particular aspect of law and there have been some conflicting rulings but as of right now it’s perfectly legal to start a private club in most states and only allow who you want to allow. You are probably setting yourself up for trouble if you start the “No Negroes and Jews Allowed Social Club” and advertise it in the local paper, but you can certainly start a Germanic Club, a Sons of Confederate Veterans Club, and even the Heritage America Club and get along just fine.

In fact I’d love to declare myself a Descendant of the Lost Tribes of Israel and start the “True Jews Club” and force the ADL to sue me over it, I bet that would make for some very interesting legal precedents. You have even more legal room if you start a religious group, there is a very wide latitude in the case of churches.

There are Mason lodges all around the country that are 100% white and explicitly Christian (i.e., no Jews) despite the fact that it’s “officially” supposed to be open to all races and all religions. In the link I gave above there is an example of a white California Mason being excluded from another Masonic lodge because his lodge was integrated, therefore classified as “Prince Hall” (i.e., black) therefore “not regular.”

I would suggest however to at least start these things outside of the glare of the public. But I doubt seriously that under a GOP DOJ there will be Civil Rights lawsuits against non-high-profile community groups for being “too white.”

Clearly, if you were to start a powerful pro-white national organization you are going to get some pushback. Nevertheless, white private clubs are legal, they exist now, they have some legal protection, and there is no reason for people who are interested in building white institutions to NOT go and do just that.

Internet Tough Guys Are Just Another Kind Of LARPer

There are a handful of serious people who have serious things to say about violence, war, conflict, civil war, etc. Few and far in between, they are often current or former military officers that have put serious thought into the realities of violence and war.

But of course 99% of people talking tough online are just LARPers.

I first became aware of this on TheOccidentalObserver many years ago, when a poster named “Mark” actually wrote – quite seriously – that what Whites should be doing is “starting forest fires to bring down the government.”

Now, it’s true that the FBI and Jewish groups like the $PLC pay people to post advocacy for illegal violence online. It’s also true that some people are just trolls, and stupid LARPers. But posting about violence online is 99% of the time just stupid.

If you will notice most of the faux-pro-Whites that like to talk about violence have nothing serious to say about it – it’s pure LARPing and often subversive. If one was really planning some sort of violent, IRA type action – of course, the very LAST thing you would do is post about it on a public forum.

We can be assured that 99.999% of the time someone claiming to be pro-White posts something advocating violence, it’s either a shill, or more likely, just a borer LARPer, perhaps a teenager, that finished jerking off to his Japanese Anime Kiddie Porn and wants to lash out online because he feels bad for being such a loser.

The people pretending to be pro-White that always talk about “taking it to the street” and somehow mimicking the “anti-fa” are of course shills and trolls. One particularly odious individual, who shall remain nameless this time, constantly posts stupid calls for “street violence.” This individual of course used to be a pro-Jewish, pro-Israeli Zionists who got angry if you posted anything negative about Jews or Israel.

That didn’t work, so he moved on to “manosphere” type stuff, now spends his time trying to promote the worst LARPers in order to discredit the serious pro-White movement. He’s created an elaborate fantasy image of himself as an upper class banker who nevertheless pretends he’s going to trade in his wingtips for Doc Martens and “bash” some anti-fa.

Of course it’s stupid – OF COURSE he’s a LARPer and full of shit. His entire gimmick is to rile up the lower IQ teenagers that are attracted to faux-“edgy” LARPing.

Violence may very well come to America. But it is not going to be announced on pro-White blogs. You can be 100% assured that anyone LARPing about violence on a public pro-White blog is either a stupid LARPing troll, or a Jewish/SITE Intel subversive.

100%, take it to the bank.

You can tell because the real people that understand violence and warfare will be discussing logistics and strategy and military doctrines like 4th gen warfare.

The LARPers and the Feds will be talking about “muh streets.”

Don’t believe the hype. Because the pro-White movement is becoming mainstream, we should EXPECT to be attacked by more subversives trying to distract and discredit us.

Eyes on the Prize.

(((Daily Stormer))) and the ADL/SPLC Attack NPI Again

Anglin is just the clown out in front – remember, just a few years ago Anglin was railing against “racists” and “anti-semites” and talking about how Jews are just so smart which is why Evil Whitey is so “Nazi.”

Then, Anglin turned on a dime, and started the well-funded (((Daily Stormer))) website, to co-opt the growing Alt Right movement and smear it by association with (((Hollywood Nazi.))) That’s their job, and there are obviously professionals behind the clowns like Anglin. The (((Daily Stormer))) used to publish (((Joshua Goldberg))) a Jewish propagandist working the (((Rita Katz))) of SITE, a well known Israeli Mossad front group in Washington DC.

So, a few Jews went to the NPI conference and “Sieg Heiled” for the camera along with the Asian porn star Tila Tequila, and now Andrew Anglin, the (((Daily Stormer))) the ADL and the SPLC – along with the Jewish media – is making up a completely fake story about Richard Spencer and NPI somehow being involved in … “naaaaaazis!” Of course, Anglin and the (((Daily Stormer))) are working hand in hand with Jews to associate the Alt Right in general, and Spencer/NPI in particular, with (((Hollywood Nazism.)))

Anyone who wasn’t born yesterday has seen this gimmick over and over again. If you bring it up, like the Alt Right’s Colin Lidell does, you’ll be trolled and spammed by Anglin’s little troll army of JDL operatives.

The were successful, now Trump and Brietbart have the excuse they needed to “denounce” the Alt Right, and anytime Spencer or NPI does anything, the ADL, the JDL, the $PLC – and Andrew Anglin and the (((Daily Stormer))) – will be there to draw a Hitler mustache on them.

That’s how the game is played, time for people to wise up.

William Pierce on the (((Daily Stormer)))

It took me a few years to learn the hard way to shun and have zero tolerance for people who like to dress up in uniforms and shout “14/88″ and give Roman salutes for the TV cameras. I suspect there are still a few Alliance people who have yet to develop zero tolerance for these freaks. That’s why I harp on the subject so often.

We need winners, not losers. If we tolerate the losers now, we’ll never get the winners, and we ourselves will become losers. People who talk about fighting the enemy in the streets aren’t really interested in winning, they just get a buzz from talking about fighting the enemy in the streets. Their talk is pure self-indulgence. Pure hobbyism.”

— William Pierce

h/t Percival


Restating the Obvious


Can we not forget that (((Daily Stormer))) published Joshua Goldberg, the Jew who also actually attempted to organize ISIS terrorists attacks – all the while having a regular column on (((DailyStormer))) as a “neo-Nazi?” He was given publicity by Rita Katz’ SITE Intelligence.

Now, who does the Southern Poverty Law Center make sure to put front and center on every “expose” on White Nationalism and “neo-naaaazis?” Why, that’s right, the “WN” celebrity they invented, Matt Heimbach. The guy that goes around dressing up in costumes, screaming slogans about how he “hates freedom” and wants “death to America” and “stands with Putin” etc. The guy who parades around on college campuses with lynching signs, who “protests” liberal women at “Slut Walks” and changes his “sincerely held religious beliefs” more often than he changes his grungy t-shirts.

No one would have ever heard of this guy except that he was given Prime Time National Media Coverage by ABC – and an entire feature length publicity campaign in fact. He had literally ONE follower, yet became an immediate celebrity. How do you think that works?

When the (((media))) wants to slander the alt-right, White Nationalists, and Identitarians, what do they do? They make sure to associate Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, and Ram Z Paul with Matt Heimbach (who is always down to get into fights with black women at Trump rallies) and (((Daily Stormer))) who is always prepared to be quoted as saying “Gas The Kikes Race War Now.”

How much more obvious can it be?

I just wish people would have the courage to not only call out these fakes, but also the “Al Qaeda sympathizers” of the last decade and a half. Joseph Cohen (fake name: “Youseph Al Katab” of “Revolution Muslim”) or even Adam Pearlman, grandson of an ADL director who pretended to be “Adam Gadan the Media Coordinator for Al Qaeda.”

Really, how fucking stupid do you have to be?