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Some Early Morning 9th Grade Physics #DonaldTrump #Trump2016 #MakeAmericaGreat

It really only takes 9th grade physics. You don’t need more than the basics. So ask yourself – why all the mystification? Why all the denials?

Why do we have obviously intelligent people lying?

Watch the body language of the NIST spokesman reporting about WTC7 in 2007 – notice the positions of his hands, his eye movements – the man looks like he’s being held hostage or something.

Now sure I agree that it doesn’t matter in a lot of contexts. But you have to ask yourself why we have supposed dissidents constantly attacking the truth – even going so far as to pretend they don’t understand basic high school physics, or they don’t believe their lying eyes?

Has anyone noticed that Donald Trump is now being attacked as a “truther” – he isn’t backing down either. I’m not really buying what Donald Trump is selling, but I have to admit, he’s the most entertaining politicians we’ve had in years.

Hipster Racist Teaches 9/11 History Class @icareviews @donloganfos #nrx #zrx #911

CIA Torture Was Done To Get False Confessions About 911 #911 #CIA #Torture #RichardBlee

Shit like this is why Republicans are worthless:


ZeroHedge has a great artciel that summarizes this, but it has next to nothing new in it; this has all been known for years and years and years and years. For instance, it was reported that they reverse engineered SERE in order to use the same tactics that the Communist Chinese had used to get false confessions. We know now that virtually the entire 9/11 Commission Report was based on false confessions generated through Communist torture tactics.

Did everyone forget that the CIA brought the hijackers to the US, gave them visas, and trained them on CIA affiliated air fields? Maybe it’s time to anally force feed certain high level CIA officials that were involved in this?

Richard Blee anyone?


Now, why would they need to get false confessions about 9/11? It pretty much answers itself, doesn’t it?

I’ve said it for years, 9/11 makes a really good litmus test. It’s something anyone with half a brain could figure out, so just realize that the majority of people pushing the (completely false) Official 9/11 Conspiracy Theory are not confused, or suffer from a lack of knowledge.

They are knowingly and purposefully lying.

“But Hipster, someone would have talked!”

They did talk, you moron, you just didn’t listen.

Ninth Grade Physics: A Thought Experiment

Which falls first, and how fast?

It ain’t rocket science, folks. This is ninth grade physics, you don’t need a PhD, or any fancy sort of education. This only requires high school level physics.

All the rest of the bullshit is just that – bullshit.

So, look around. Ask yourself, who is pulling your leg? Who is trying to get you to believe bullshit?

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” — Voltaire.




Christopher Bollyn 2014: Plata O Plomo 2

They only attack you when you are on to something. Christopher Bollyn gets attacked by the FBI and the police after he writes about the thermite discovered in the dust. When Steve Jones discovered thermetic material in WTC dust, a campaign against him began, eventually leading to his forced retirement.

Richard Gage becomes the main face of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and immediately he is attacked by various shills like Gordon Duff, James Fetzer, and Judith Woods – all people claiming to be “truthers” while ignoring the evidence and coming up with crazy theories.

Susan Lindauer spent a year in military prison, only escaping a forced drugging by a last minute judicial decision.

Ellen Mariani and her lawyer were declared “anti-semitic” by a Jewish judge whose son was working for the same company they were suing – a clear conflict of interest.

If there was nothing to the evidence uncovered by Jones, Harrit, Gage, and Bollyn, why the attacks? Why the police harassment?

Notice too how many people were given money – the newspaper in Shanksville, the PA coroner.

If there was nothing there, they would just ignore it. But all the evidence shows that Towers 1, 2 and 7 were destroyed in a controlled demolition and that Israeli hands were all over the attack.

Who had access to the buildings? Larry Silverstein.

Now tell me, Christopher Bollyn is just some journalist writing articles for the public. He just calls people on the phone, talks to them, and writes down what they say.

Why is the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and local police attacking him and his family just when Steven Jones discovers thermite in the WTC dust and Bollyn publishes about it? The question answers itself. If there was nothing there, there would be no reason to attack him.

Why did Steven Jones get threatened by someone with security clearances just after he wrote his paper about thermite in the dust? If it was just some bizarre conspiracy theory, why did he need to be threatened? If he didn’t discover anything of importance, why was he offered money – the proverbial silver or lead – either take a payoff, or face possible physical harm?

If there is nothing there – why all this drama, folks? Why the censorship? You would think that crazy “conspiracy theories” would just be ignored.

Yet they don’t ignore us – quite the contrary, they have spent massive resources attacking us, for 13 years now.


It has the be one of the funniest things put to film. The opening scene in Monty Python’s Life of Brian has a group of Hebrews in the very back at Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, having trouble hearing.

Hebrew One: “Blessed are the cheesemakers? What’s so special about them?”

Hebrew Two: “It’s not meant to be taken literally, he means all manufacturers of dairy products.”

The best humor has an element of truth, and that particular gag has it in spades. Fancy interpretations are all so much hand-wavery when you get the details wrong. It is simply an accident of history that a religion didn’t develop around such an absurd mistake. It is hardly a stretch to imagine Christian bookstores full of best selling self-help books titled “Finding Your Inner Milkman.”

We have our own modern version. The ludicrous mistake is the idea that 9/11 was an act of “Islamic terror” and the cult that has developed around it is as absurd and stupefyingly idiotic as a Church of the Cheese. Any interpretation of the conflict with the Muslim world is acceptable, as long as the original lie is maintained as the truth: that 19 Arabs, motivated by radical Islam and a hatred for the Great Satan, hijacked four airplanes, flew one into the Pentagon and defeated the defenses of the World’s Only Superpower, and flew two more into New York City’s World Trade Center, causing them to collapse on themselves an hour later.

Then another building just randomly demolished itself later that day.

Gregory Hood’s latest “A God To Damn Us” is yet another in this long tradition of ridiculous “interpretations” of modern history and the 9/11 Wars bitterly clinging to an absurd falsehood. You mis-hear “peacemakers” as “cheesemakers” and you are helpfully given some truly moronic “interpretations” that make something stupid seem profound, just as you take the planned New Pearl Harbor, completely miss the significance, and continue an absurd fairy tale about a World Wide Muslim Terrorist Conspiracy.

This is likely why Hood almost certainly misunderstands the significance of the “conversions” of Peter Kassig and James Foley and comes up with a fanciful, if obviously false, idea that these two assets “defined their lives by their efforts to help Muslims thousands of miles away from home.” For the same reason, he misunderstands why politicians like Tony Blair sided with the “real Islam” not the “false Islam” of the so-called hijackers.

Rational and informed adults understand that US Aid is a cover for intelligence work. While the evangelical Christian Zionists of WorldNetDaily fret over the CIA director’s conversion to Islam and Obama secretly working for the Muslim Brotherhood, rational and informed adults understand that “when it Rome, do as the Romans do” and that if you are going to infiltrate Muslim societies, it makes sense to convert to Islam.

While Hood simply takes the beheading videos – most of them seemingly from the same source, Ritz Katz at SITE Intelligence – at face value, others can recognize war propaganda.

Believing the absurd fiction about 9/11 and the relatively transparent war propaganda about the Islamic State gives Hood an excuse to engage in some old fashioned cultural masochism. The pointless emptiness of post-Enlightenment Western culture is compared, unfavorably, to the bad yet manly culture of Islam. In fact, Western culture is so debased that otherwise good White men like Foley and Kassig convert, their White Man’s Burden impulses hijacked by a foreign culture.

Hood bemoans “sinking into mysticism” but he’s already there, fully – the quasi-religious narrative of 9/11 serves as the starting point for a rant on the decadence of White men. Here, he presents Muslims as the Noble Savage whose allure outshines the modern liberalism of the West.

He was told “peacemakers,” but he heard “cheesemakers” and since that can’t be right, he must explore the “larger significance” of dairy products in general.

The old saying has it, “great minds talk of ideas, mediocre minds talk of events, small minds talk of people.” I always found that slogan far too complimentary toward those who ignore facts – “events” – and instead pride themselves on “ideas” – however nebulous and unconnected from actual reality those “ideas” are.

The reality is, physicists like Dr. Steve Jones of Brigham Young University and Dr. Neils Harrit of the University of Copenhagen, architects like Richard Gage, and intellectuals like David Ray Griffin have been trying to tell everyone – for years now, under some of the most ruthless state-sponsored oppression in modern America – that it was “peacemakers” all along.

Not “cheesemakers,” so that means all the brilliant “ideas” from the “great minds” post-9/11 were just so much hot air. If you can’t get the basic facts correct, no matter how clever your rhetoric, it’s just sour milk.


The Legend of 9/11

I take back anything bad I ever said about DailyStormer.

This is some funny shit.


But this is serious shit. “This Is An Orange” was a ground-breaking video that put 9/11 Truth in perspective. Here’s another of his videos putting the Zionazi lies in perspective. Israel, the shitty little country, is a terrorist state engaged in war crimes.

Free Palestine!


I sympathize with the Palestinians because I live under Zionist occupation too.

The Legend of 9/11

America, land of the dim and home of the cowardly.


This democratic uprising brought to you by FireChat.


See, when I told you in the Flogging Miley series that Illuminati Overlord Jay-Z’s new “album” was actually a cell phone app that might as well have been some sort of NSA trojan, you thought it was a “conspiracy theory” huh? You paid too much attention to Miley’s ass – not to mention Corporate Media Superstar Edward Snowden’s girlfriend’s even hotter ass – and totally missed the context. Just like the novel, you perverts just read the sex and don’t even notice the background.

Hey, I know that sex gets the blog hits, baby. But there is more to life than a hot ass.


If one was asked to name a global-spanning military and intelligence operation opposed to Syria, Iran, Russia, and China, they might say the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the US Government – and they would be right. But they could also easily answer by saying the “Islamic State” or ISIS/ISIL as it is also known.

So ISIS – the Islamic State. “IS” for short. They have tried a few different names, but I think “Islamic State of Arabia” works. ISA. USA vs. ISA. Except from the looks of things, ISA and USA just happen to share the same list of enemies: Syria, Iran, Russia, and China. In fact, hasn’t the US generally supported Muslim Chechnyan rebels fighting Russia too?

Just like its opening act “Al Qaeda,” IS appears to be largely a CIA creation. Interesting too, so far the backgrounds of all the “journalists” supposedly beheaded by ISIS read pretty much like standard issue intel cover. What do you know, all these jihadi videos are being “discovered” by Rita Katz and her “SITE Intelligence Group” – the same outfit that has been “discovering” radical Muslim videos on secret jihadi websites for, oh, about 13 years now. Katz works out of suburban Maryland – i.e., Washington DC. Her father was Israeli intelligence executed by Saddam Hussein.

It’s a great show, isn’t it? It’s believable, for a Hollywood movie.

Chinese militants from the western region of Xinjiang have fled from the country to get “terrorist training” from Islamic State group fighters for attacks at home, state media reported on Monday.

The same Chinese militants officially supported by the US.


You see, it’s actually not that complicated. You are simply suffering from a “failure of imagination.”

So, again, you bought the perfectly idiotic notion that fundamentalist radical Muslims hijacked four planes and blew up three – count ’em – THREE – skyscrapers in Manhattan and hit the Pentagon – the headquarters of the military of the World’s Only Superpower. So it’s not implausible that you’re buying this latest round. For some reason, dim witted Americans actually believe that we’re in some sort of war with “radical Islam” even though the capital of Islam – Saudi Arabia – is the US’s best ally in the Middle East, next to the shitty little country of course. Conservative, Republican Murkin dimwits – but I repeat myself – scratch their heads wondering why we are letting the terrorists immigrate to America and Europe, so they busy themselves banning burkas and sharia law – but not actual Muslims. Because that would be racist.

Still following this?

Oh yes, and Obama is a Secret Muslim and the Muslim Brotherhood is infiltrating the CIA. Did you know that the new CIA director is a Muslim himself? He converted around 2004, at the height of the 9/11 Wars.

Still buying it? Good, now let me interest you in investment properties in inland Florida.

Interesting too, that this analysis of Islamic State matches up precisely with what FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds says, as well as Susan Lindauer’s testimony.

To all the White Nationalists confused about why are eltes are replacing us with foreigners, you simply misunderstand the nature of Empire. Whites (and Jews) run the Empire, and us regular Whites are merely one population that is ruled by that Empire. The Empire bombs Iraqis in Fallujah and Basra, and sometimes they bomb Americans in Manhattan and Oklahoma City. Empires are, by nature, multi-racial and multi-cultural because they rule over different populations.

Sibel Edmonds points to NATO as the “top dog” in this affair, and that makes perfect sense. She mentioned that the FBI could not wiretap four nations: the UK (understandable) Turkey (?) Belgium (??) and … Azerbaijan (???)

Turkey is NATO’s front flank, and Belgium is the headquarters of NATO. As for Azerbaijan, well, it was revealed way back in 2005 that the Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce was staffed with a bunch of Americans whose names you know. I mean, just look at a map.

So far, General Wes Clark’s warnings of the neo-con’s plans in 2004 have all turned out correct.

Anyway, let me tell you a joke. A CIA agent walks into a bar. No, wait.

At some point this loud mouthed hipster starts a blog about 9/11. What do you know, one day this new guy shows up at his favorite bar. No one knows this guy. He sits down next to this hipster, starts up a conversation. Oh yes, he grew up in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam war. Now this guy, as white as can be. So the hipster ask him, what did your dad work for US Aid or something? You see, this hipster knows that US Aid is a CIA front, and that white men traveling throughout Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma and that whole area at the time screams “spook!”

And what do you know, the guy sort of laughs and says, yeah, my dad was in the CIA.

Well no shit. And you just happened to show up within weeks of me publishing encrypted parts of the novel.

And you people wonder why I left?