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Which Way, White Man?


The Kallikak Family: A Study in the Heredity of Feeble-Mindedness was a 1912 book by the American psychologist and eugenicist Henry H. Goddard. The work was an extended case study of Goddard’s for the inheritance of “feeble-mindedness,” a general category referring to a variety of mental disabilities including mental retardation, learning disabilities, and mental illness. Goddard concluded that a variety of mental traits were hereditary and society should limit reproduction by people possessing these traits.

Beta Of The Year: Roy Moore

James Edwards of Political Cesspool is a good and solid pro-White advocate who is also a conservative Christian. Heartiste is the hilariously funny “game” blogger who has human sexual nature down to a science. Both of them have suggested that Roy Moore is an “alpha” – and both of them are comically wrong.

First, let’s get the feminist stuff out of the way. Roy Moore, at 30, courting for marriage women ten or twelve years younger than him is no big deal. In the secular world, if Roy More were say, Leonardo DiCaprio “dating” a succession of young starlets just this side of the legal limit, he’d be the envy of every red blooded man alive. Despite what over the hill cat ladies may say about power imbalances, those are the types of power imbalances that women LOVE. Those are the types of power imbalances that girls and women seek out.

Heartiste himself points out that a White father’s goals for his daughter, from acceptable to soul-thrilling, are either:


3. Date a well-heeled man 10+ years her senior
2. Marry a well-heeled man 10+ years her senior
1. Briefly court then marry an Epic Chad with a square jawline and family money

Moore was described as “handsome” – ok, that’s an alpha trait. But of all the teenage girls he “dated,” the only one that had anything positive to say about him said that he was “sweet” and “played guitar” for her and that her mom approved. That’s not exactly a swooning endorsement for a “handsome” and up-and coming power alpha, the home town boy made good.

That’s the way women describe “beta bucks.”

It hardly matters if the press coverage is slanted against Moore, the basic facts scream “insecure beta.” At 30 years old, he’s prowling the malls and diners flirting with teenage girls who are a captive audience. They have to be nice to him, especially in a culture like Alabama in the 1970s, they can’t say “leave me alone, creep.” At least some of these girls say they complained to their boss to try to get him kicked out of the mall.

Again, handsome 30 year old, more money than average, a powerful political position, and he can’t ATTRACT women, even young women, but instead is forced to prowl around and harass teenage girls who mostly want nothing to do with him. The most he’s getting is polite rejection, “I have a boyfriend.” He even called up one of them at school, talking to her teacher, pulling her out of class, and asking her for a date. She says “no.”

From a Christian standpoint, Moore would have been ready for marriage by, say, 25 at the latest. But Moore didn’t actually “court” these young girls for marriage, apparently. In fact, it apparently took Moore something like 15 years to even find a wife.

And what sort of woman did Moore eventually marry? Surely, a beautiful, blushing Christian virgin a decade younger than him?



Moore eventually, at 38, married a divorced single mom of 24 and adopted her kid. He “manned up and married the slut.” OK, in traditional Baptist churches, divorce and remarriage is called “adultery” and would have both Mr. and Mrs. Moore ex-communicated. From a secular, game perspective?

Roy Moore is a literal cuck.

Who married a mid 20s divorced single mom after spending 15 years hitting on jailbait that did nothing but blow him off for being a “creep.”

It doesn’t get any more “beta” than that.
Roy Moore fails on both counts. From a secular perspective, as far as “game” goes, he’s an insecure and creepy beta with no game who couldn’t get either the hot women his age nor the “younger hotter tighter” gals a decade younger than him.

From a Christian perspective, instead of doing the Christian thing, courting a marriageable woman, he (supposedly) goes without female companionship … until THIRTY-EIGHT … then marries a divorced single mom, thus cucking himself and engaging in decades long adultery.

A loser on both sides of the social fence.

All that aside, if the allegations of sexual assault of minors are true, this does of course make Roy Moore even MORE qualified to serve in the US Congress, as a conservative Republican, in the grand tradition of Dennis Hastert, et al.

(The interview with Becky Gray, a conservative Christian Alabama native saying she got Moore kicked out of the mall, and that he was “creepy” “not Christian” and “not what he claims to be” puts it all in perspective. Not that it matters, of course. Moore’s defenders are like Scientologists, creepy brainwashed fanatics of low IQ and even lower EQ. It is what it is.)

Why Women Love Me But Hate You

So Little Miss Fuck and Run – 24 years old, by the way – well she tells me she’s reading 50 Shades of Grey. So, of course, she wants to try it. Ten minutes later, I had her hands tied to her bedposts, she’s blindfolded and I’m smacking her ass really, really hard.

Good lord is was *so fucking hot* for both of us.

A year later, rinse and repeat with a new one – Yoga Ass. She liked me so much she had my baby.

See, you beta boys don’t get it. You think it’s weird and kinky – you think it’s some porn thing, that if you watch a bunch of porn, you’ll start to like flogging women.

But don’t worry, that will never happen. You are either born with it, or you are not. The fact you are “betas” and women despise you – it is precisely because you don’t have a taste for controlling women and being rough with them. Women *love it* – most of them. All of them, I’m convinced. Blindfolds, restraints, spanking, hair pulling – they love it. To them, it’s just a good night. But you betas – you boys that are shy around women or whatever – eh, well, somebody has to do all the work while us “alphas” fuck your women.

Now, I’m older, I’m not the young slutty stud I used to be, but the story of one year of my life is far more interesting than the story of your entire life.

They call it “power exchange” and it is when you have all the power, and the woman has no power. She’s literally hog tied, unable to move. You can do anything you want to her. Women, see, they love the suspense, they tie themselves in knots (!) thinking, anticipating what awful, horrible things her Alpha Sadist is going to do to her. Will it hurt? Probably. Will it be humiliating? Certainly. And it will make her come harder than she ever has, and when she is in bed with her Beta, it will give her something to fantasize about.

So their little yelps of pain, the involuntary jerks, the way their little butt muscles tense up, the way they twist around on their toes – fuck fuck fuck it makes me fucking hard. Can’t help it. I don’t know why, it just is.

See, guys like us, we’re really just doing a public service. You should like, pay us.

See, it used to be a secret. “Our little secret” we called it. You could tell the gals that were into it, because they would usually signal it someway. Those were the ones that knew what they were. Many gals need to be introduced to it, and sure they are scared at first, but that just adds to the hotness.

Now, the dim-witted Church Ladies will scream about “jew porn” but the reality is, they like it too, they just like to keep up appearances.

So 50 Shades brought it all out of the closet. You’ll notice that virtually every woman read it. Even though it is supposedly terribly written, they still bought it. It’s a massive bestseller.

I have to laugh at the Nazitards at places like Daily Stormer, full of betas whining about how women are sluts – that’s just jealousy. Women are sluts – for guys like me – and they are chaste virgins for guys like you. See how that works? The Nazitards actually wrote an anti-50 Shades article, a bunch of betas posing as “family values” types wanking it to stories of white sluts they wish they could have. Lulz.

I’ve never even had a “third date” – in fact, I’ve barely had a second date. Because I’m the “bad boy.” Frankly, it’s s burden, but someone has to do it. You certainly aren’t giving your woman what she wants.

So, I will.

You’re welcome.

The Manosphere, Feminists, And Their Discontents

The internet selects for certain types of people. Introverts, firstly, and also people that like to read and write. Those with somewhat of an analytical bent. In the third generation of the Sexual Revolution, it was really only a matter of time until the “manosphere” happened.

Men bitching about women.

But as usual, yours truly – the White Henry Kissinger – will take the interests of my constituents and turn those interests into an agenda that can be acted upon. If you will notice, the manosphere has a few common complaints, some quite legitimate and others merely bitching.

First, let’s look at the legitimate complaints of the Men’s Rights Activist types: family and divorce court.

Men get shafted in family and divorce court. Collectively, as a culture, in a child custody dispute, we generally side with the mother. For very young children, this makes perfect sense. Certainly, if it’s a baby, still breast feeding, it must be with the mother, excepting some extremely negative situations. We generally leave boys in the custody of women until somewhere between the ages of seven and puberty. Alimony – a leftover from the days when women did not do wage work – just now gives women a financial incentive to divorce for “cash and prizes.” Women – being people – *just* people – respond to incentives like everyone else. The number one predictor of a woman divorcing is whether or not she will gain financially from it. If she will gain financially from a divorce, she might justify it with all sorts of reasons (unhaaaapiness, he looked at porn, “abuse,” etc.) but at the end of the day, she is divorcing because she has a financial incentive to do so.

However, other than that, there really are no “men’s rights” under fire in the modern world, as it relates to women. Domestic “abuse” is mostly bullshit. Here’s a fun experiment. Look at the campaign posters and images for “domestic abuse” and you’ll find it looks a hell of a lot like BDSM porn, doesn’t it? So for men to hop on this bandwagon of “domestic abuse” is honestly a pitiful thing. Sure, of course, women hit men, but if you are really cowering in fear from your woman, the problem is you being a pussy. Also true, if she’s the hitter, you’re still going to be blamed by the cops. So, you simply dump her cold. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

Men bitch about hypergamy. Women’s hypergamy can seem a bit unintuitive at first, but once you understand it it makes perfect sense. In a man, women want the best. The top dog. The “Alpha.” A woman will be perfectly happy if she has the top ranking man, the best looking, the richest, the tallest, the strongest. The man that dominates other men, that’s the man a woman wants.

Now, certainly, men want the best looking, the sexiest woman. But men have a built in need for variety in sex. There’s even an old saying, “look at the hottest woman and realize there is a man tired of putting up with her shit.” It’s called “The Coolidge Effect” and it has been scientifically studied. So, they hooked a bunch of college men to one of those machines that measures their erections. They showed them a porn movie, and the men got erections. While you hardly need an experiment to figure that out, what happened was the more the men watched that same film, the less erect they got. After watching the same film a few dozen times, the men barely got hard.

Yet the first time they were shown a *new* porn film, they all got just as erect as the first time. Men are programmed for variety, it’s nature.

Women are not polygamous like men, instead, they are hypergamous. A woman will be perfectly happy with her husband, but once her husband’s boss – or a hunky handyman – enters the picture, she will find all sorts of reasons to not be satisfied with her husband anymore. But she isn’t going to collect a bunch of boy toys the way men will collect hot yuong things – she just wants the one – the best one. If she has to share the best one with a few other women – so be it, that will just make him even more “alpha.” Hence, women really don’t have a problem being the member of a harem, as long as she is the harem slave of a top man, an “alpha.”

The other main complaint of the manosphere is “alpha fucks, beta bucks.” This is the supposed “strategy” of women, that when they are are young, sexy, and beautiful, they will ride the “cock carousel” – lots of sex with lots of sexy men, but “out of her league” relationship wise. They will fuck her, but won’t settle for a relationship with her. Then, after being rode hard and put away wet by the sexy hipster boys, when she starts to age and lose her looks, she’ll start looking for a “beta” – a “nice guy” – who will provide that stability, at the cost of not being the sexy assholes she used to service.

The manosphere types, especially the younger ones, have this revenge fantasy. When a woman is 30 and hits “the wall” she will come running to these “beta nice guys” and the manosphere types will say, “oh you want me now that I’m 30, making lots of money, and have a convertible? But in high school you gang banged the hockey team? No thanks, I won’t be your beta bucks!”

Again, this is a revenge fantasy, the reality is all those “betas” will, in fact, “wife up” an old whore the first chance they get. The manosphere is lots of big talk but that’s all that it is.

Of course, women go nuts when they see men figuring out their behavior. Women have all sorts of “legitimate” reasons why they engage in this behavior, but it is all so much “hamstering” – just post-hoc justifications for perfectly self-interested behavior.

What the feminists and the manosphere types – and especially the Christians and the church ladies – totally, utterly miss is the central thing that changed an age old mating culture for the Hookup Culture we have now – birth control.

Notice that billions and billions of pages are written about sex and no one ever mentions the technological advance that started it all – reliable, scientific birth control, from latext condoms to the pill to abortion. What did birth control change more than anything?

Again, it’s so simple it surprises me that everyone is so dim they never figured it out. Before birth control, men and women hit puberty, their sex drives ramped up, they would pair off, have sex, and have children. Birth control meant men and women could get sexual satisfaction without “worrying” about pregnancy. Since men don’t want to be cuckolds, generally speaking, once a woman has a child, she’s done. No other men really want her. The father of her children has her, she is his responsibility, along with his kids.

But thanks to birth control, women can gang bang all sorts of sexy guys without having to settle down with just one and have his family. Like the paradox of choice, now she can postpone the family formation for a long time – from 15 – 30 – and then pop out 1.5 kids – then divorce and shack up with a hunky handyman millionaire. Women want to “stay on the market” as long as possible because once she actually has a man’s kids, she is pretty much done and other men generally speaking don’t want her anymore.

Everything the manosphere bitches about is caused first and foremost by the reality of reliable, scientific birth control. Virginity? The age that women mate? The “alpha fucks, beta bucks” strategy? It’s all due to birth control.

Women, of course, will never admit this, and will continue to whine and bitch about porn, older men with younger women, “abuse,” sexism, “misogyny” and all the rest. But men themselves want to take advantage of this as well. Yours truly certainly had my fill of the Bad Girls on birth control – girls that were the type you bang, but most certainly not the type you impregnate.

So for all the fake “traditionalists” – men and women, the betas and the church ladies – if you really wanted to go back to the old ways, what would happen if there was no birth control?

Simple. Your 15 year old daughter would get “hot pants” and you’d marry her off before she got knocked up by the farm hand. She would have a lot of children and hopefully everyone would live happily ever after.

But be honest – neither men nor women really want that, family formation at a young age. Everyone wants to have fun in Slut Club first.

So, we will continue to have to listen to the whining of the “Betas” who never get laid, and the whining old Eldersluts who aged out of Slut Club and can’t find any decent “beta bucks” because these aging bitter “betas” will probably be into porn and sex dolls at that point anyway.

As for the “alphas” – no problem. As for the young hotties – no problem. As said in the film “Dazed and Confused:”

“That’s what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, and they stay the same age!”

Feminists and White Knights

Feminists and White Knights both share a certain assumption; that is that women are morally superior to men. I would posit it is exactly the opposite, by anyone’s usual understanding of morality, men are morally superior to women. The most obvious case is in the example of truth – men tend to want the truth and want to tell the truth. Women lie automatically, women are deceptive by nature. Because men tend to be physically stronger than women, women have evolved to do things indirectly; they manipulate men indirectly because they generally can’t bash men over the head with a club and make them do what they want.

Why is it women get so furious at the idea of an older man with a younger woman? Isn’t it obvious? They are jealous of younger women. They used to be young, fertile, and sexy. Then, they age, and are no longer young, fertile, and attractive, so they lash out.

You will notice, however, it’s only OLD women that have a problem with younger women and older men. Younger women LOVE the attention of older men.

Since women – through feminism – liberated themselves from patriarchy, they have come up with a new system of morality that they expect men to follow. According to this logic: it’s ok when women are promiscuous, no slut shaming. It’s ok when older women go with younger men – cougars are liberated. But it’s bad when older men go with younger women. Why? It’s simply because that’s when men have more power.

When women come up with a system of morality, it’s hilariously self-serving. In whatever situation women have the upper hand, that’s good, and in whatever way men have the upper hand, that’s bad.

Mrs. Duggar - a Christian, not a White Nationalist - that fulfilled the 14 Words better than any WN woman.
Mrs. Duggar – a Christian, not a White Nationalist – that fulfilled the 14 Words better than any WN woman.

Did you know that in the beginning of feminism, in the earliest days, feminists did NOT pose as victims? In the book that started it, The Feminine Mystique, the Jewish Communist author shamed women for wanting domestic life. There was no assumption that women were victims of men. But that sort of feminism didn’t last, becuase by pretending men were “oppressing” women with patriarchy, anything a woman did was ok, anything a woman did was justified, because it was a “strike against patriarchy.” Sort of like how a shoplifter justifies his theft because “the big companies rip off people anyway” women justified any selfish and immoral thing they did because “well, men are oppressing us.”

Since women revolted against monogamy, they had to come up with a new system of morality to serve their interests. Hence, the absolute rage at older men dating younger women. That’s their new rule. “It’s ok for women to be promiscuous, it’s ok for women to use birth control, have abortions, but when we are ready, at 30, men must then marry us, settle down, and not go with younger women.”

It’s just that – self-serving, and nothing else. Women, generally speaking, aren’t even smart enough to hide their self-interest in this case. I mean, just get a load of this article – this is “alpha fucks, beta bucks” spelled out openly and in detail. And the bimbo who wrote it just can’t understand why men are disgusted with her attitude.


Monogamy was good for women, and it was especially good for OLDER women. Monogamy meant that a man wasn’t allowed to toss aside an aging wife for a hot young thing. But women rebelled against monogamy – they just wanted to get rid of the part that reigned in THEIR behavior, while keeping the parts that reigned in MEN’S behavior.

Monogamy was good for FAMILIES. When women had children YOUNG – as in late teens and early 20s – they lived long enough to see their grandchildren, and sometimes their great grandchildren. When women had many children, not just one or two, you had tight knit clans. A woman would AGE GRACEFULLY – she would become a well respected Matriarch of a family, adored by her children, grand children, and great grandchildren.

Mostly, what women accuse men of doing is what they themselves are doing. Women say that men aren’t “aging gracefully” – that’s just a projection. It’s women that have stopped aging gracefully. I mean, Botox? Hair dye? It’s laughable.

Now, young men, look around you. Read the women’s blogs. Is there a SINGLE example of a White Nationalist woman mentoring younger women? Is there a SINGLE example of old WN women warning younger women to avoid the mistakes that they themselves made?

Not on your life. It’s the exact opposite. The WN movement is FULL of old divorcees whining about men. That is why I said to younger men, on MWIR a while back – go for Christian women. Christian women are the ONLY ones that still at least pay lip service to traditional morality. There are lots and lots of Christian women blogs (like SunshineMary’s old blog) mentoring younger women to avoid the Slut Club.

White Nationalist women? Not a one. The type of women that are attracted to controversial social movements like White Nationalism are outliers – they tend to be more masculine, less feminine, and more “feisty” – meaning, bitchy.

These WN women are doing no one any favors. Most of them – with a few notable exceptions – do nothing but chant “nigger kike spic” – which makes US look bad and makes our enemies look good by comparison. They are an embarrassment to the movement. They are the female equivalent of the Costume Clowns, fat dudes with swastikas on their arms chanting about how much they hate people. There’s a reason people often get suspicious that these people are being paid by the enemy, because they do the enemy’s work for them.

Here’s a fun experiment – go to some moron Nazi site like DailyStormer – read the WN women that post there. Long, obscene screeds, weird homoerotic rants about anal sex, and superstitions about Jews. Compare and contrast a fact-based deconstruction of Jewish anti-Whiteness from someone like Kevin MacDonald to the faux-Catholic White Nationalist women. There’s just no comparison.

It’s so ironic that, as far as I can tell, most of the women that troll the WN sites are DIVORCED, OLD, and in many cases, CHILDLESS. These are the women that many WN men “white knight” for. These are the women that screech the loudest about the “manosphere” too.

Here’s another eye-opening thing to see: go to the DailyStormer thread about 50 Shades of Grey. Read an article there posted by some woman saying that 50 Shades of Grey is “pedophilia hiding in plain sight.” How is 50 Shades of Grey really about pedophilia?

*Because the character was a virgin.*

You hear that men? If you want to marry a virgin bride, you’re actually a pedophile, according to old feminist faux-traditionalists. You can see the Feminine Imperative in action. If you don’t want to marry an old whore, you’re a pedophile.

Mrs. Romney - a Mormon, not a White Nationalist - that fulfilled the 14 Words better than any WN woman.
Mrs. Romney – a Mormon, not a White Nationalist – that fulfilled the 14 Words better than any WN woman.

At the end of the day, however, women are just women looking out for their own interests. They evolved to be the way they are, and there is nothing wrong with the way they are. The real question is – why do men “white knight” for these feminists?

I can guess. These “white knight” men are submissive men. They are looking for a Mommy Figure and probably get off on a Dominatrix type. Hey, different strokes for different folks, but I, like most men, tend to want to wear the pants in a relationship.

Here’s the deal, religion aside: sexual morality is a JOKE when young, fertile women are having promiscuous sex on birth control. Complaining about “PUAs” is idiotic when young fertile women – the people who create the race – are “pick up artists” themselves. Complaining about men is a JOKE when white women are aborting nearly as many white babies as they are bearing. Bitching about men fucking younger women is laughable when women divorce their husbands and split up their families nearly half the time. Talking about the 14 Words is one big pile of steaming nonsense when not a one White Nationalist woman is even promoting the idea of women marrying and having children young.

As is usual, this battle will be fought and won by white men, and white women will be dragged along, kicking and screaming. For the most part, it’s best to just ignore them – ESPECIALLY the old ones.

Now, a quick parting shot AGAINST the “Christian manosphere.” There are thousands of “Christian manosphere” blogs complaining about Christian women, saying that Christian women are just as slutty as their secular counterparts and that Christian women aren’t interested in Christian men.

YET – however – one of the most prominent Christian manosphere bloggers has a young, virgin Christian woman – who is quite pretty – that is perfectly willing to marry him – but he won’t marry her. He continues to blog about how there are no good Christian women, yet he has one who all but offered herself to him, and he still wouldn’t marry her.

He really has no right to complain. I know both of them read this blog at least occasionally.

Uh – MAN UP, dude. You know who you are.

My Kind Of Guy!

In this story you’ll read about the sordid doings of one Thomas “Woody” Price, a man with a taste for drugs and young females.


I have to laugh at the “outrage” of the White Knights, that men like to have sex with young, hot women. For whatever reason, we’re supposed to be “shamed” by this. For some reason, we’re supposed to feel bad that we actually physically get off on sex, and sex with young, FERTILE, women. As opposed to, say, “challenging” middle aged women lawyers, or some such.

Your Jealousy Gets Me Off, Beta Boys
Your Jealousy Gets Me Off, Beta Boys

Well, count me in the “fan of drug fueled orgies with hot young women” club.

The fact of the matter is, the only reason these people post these stories – and pretend to be “outraged” – is because they themselves are titillated by the idea.

But since these “betas” can never have that – drug fueled orgies with hot young women – they pretend they are looking down on us – “morally.”

What it is is slave morality – they want to believe they are morally superior for not doing these things, when in reality, they just CAN’T do these things.

Sacramento County police said they tracked the pair to the hotel after Hall’s boyfriend dimed them out.

So, let’s see – jealous boyfriend upset that his girlfriend would rather be fucking an older man than him, so in a jealous rage he rats them out.

Hey, it happened to me. Some loser 24 year old tried to start a fight with me – even took a swing at me – because his 21 year old girlfriend was ignoring him to fuck my much older brains out. He was kicked out of the bar, and I took his girlfriend home for the next several weeks and taught her a few things. Later, he tried to be friends with me lol.

Life’s a bitch for a beta. Too bad, so sad!

— Sincerely,

A Horny Old Goat

(Although I will say, meth sucks – never do it. But cocaine? Eh … “just remember this fact, you can’t get it back – cocaine!”)

Free, white and 21!
Free, white and 21!

88 Lines About 44 Women

Once on MWIR I said I’ve had sex with “a hundred” women but that wasn’t really an accurate number. So a while back I’m hanging out with my friend and bitching about my ex-girlfriend and this girl I used to hook up with and my friend asks me how many women I’ve had sex with. I started counting and quickly realized I’d have to take off my shoes just to get through the college years. So over the course of a week or so my friend and I start actually writing it down and it’s around 50. That’s a fairly accurate count.

Yep, I’m a huge, huge slut. Or at least I used to be.

Now, if you believe the manosphere types, this is some sort of great feat, some sort of “accomplishment,” something that only 20% of men have the ability to do. Frankly, I don’t believe it. I’m a handsome fellow, but I’m no Brad Pitt. I have “game” – meaning, I know how to flirt – but most of my sluttiness was long before the “manosphere” and “PUA” and the like.

So what’s the secret? I’d say living in the big city helps, as well as moving around a lot. You are always meeting new people and being introduced to new social scenes so you meet a lot of women. If you meet a lot of women, you have more opportunity to have sex with them. There really is no trick or anything.

I’m no slut shamer and I don’t have any sort of bad feelings about the girls I hooked up with, on the contrary, I have quite fond memories of most of them and think they had excellent taste in men. While I have most certainly had my heart broken more than once – and broken a few hearts myself – the flings and hookups just felt good. I do not think of the women I’ve had sex with as “sluts” or in some way bad. They were just girls that wanted to have sex with me. Sometimes we were “boyfriend and girlfriend” and other times just some random woman I met at a bar.

Well, after thinking about it and doing some research, I found out that 50 is a lot. Most men and women do not have anything close to that number of sexual partners. In fact, it’s like less than 10%. That level of promiscuity is often associated with borderline personality disorder and men who have trouble keeping long term relationships going. My longest relationship was nearly 7 years, three others were 2-3 years. The 7 year one may as well have been an “open relationship” – I was fucking all sorts of girls and I know she fucked at least a few guys during that time too. Sex was never our problem, we both very much liked having sex with each other, but we were both hotheads and it was pretty much an emotional roller coaster. One day she just walked out on me, she just got bored. I was ready to settle down and she wasn’t.

Sex isn’t necessarily some great emotional thing for me. I’m perfectly comfortable with having “no strings attached” sex with a women I met that night. I know there are some women that are the same way. But I have a feeling that for most women, sex is a lot bigger of a deal than it is for many men. You only have to think of the reproductive systems themselves to understand the difference. A man makes a billion sperm a day, he could impregnate a new woman every day. A woman makes one ovum a month for 30 years and that’s it. Women get pregnant for 9 months. In the era of reliable scientific birth control, women have been “liberated” but I still guess that sex is more “intimate” for a woman than it is for a man.

So the manosphere says that women have an “alpha fucks and beta bucks” strategy. What this means is that gals have sex with the best looking men – the “alphas” – when they are young and hot, then when they approach “the wall,” they settle down with some beta schlub they aren’t really that into because the hot alphas are not longer answering their texts. They rationalize this by saying they are now “ready” for a “nice guy.”

Of course, it’s a horribly insulting thing to say to a man. I don’t think women realize how insulting it really is. I don’t think the women mean to be insulting, but they just don’t get it. The point of my parody article “slutty flings and virginal rings” was just reversing the sexes – and how awful it sounds. Men like me get accused of “pumping and dumping” women, while women like me are just “finding themselves” or “weren’t ready for a relationship” and the like. It’s sort of ridiculous.

So as long as women have this strategy, men really have no choice but to be the “alpha fucks” and not the “beta bucks.” It’s sort of a prisoner’s dilemma.

I don’t really have any regrets, per se, at least not about the casual sex. When I was in high school they basically handed out free condoms and said “have fun kids!” So, we did. Thankfully, I was always pretty rigorous about using condoms so I never got any STDs – and I’ve been tested numerous times. But if I had to do it all over again, I’d be a lot less slutty.

I would have stayed with my college girlfriend, but the problem was I wasn’t established enough to be a husband and a father. I was still in college, I was making virtually no money, and I simply couldn’t afford to have a wife. If there was community support for young married couples, we could have worked things out and we would probably still be together. But I never had the authority that a husband has, and birth control meant no kids, so difficulties in the relationship were harder to work out. Either one of us could just walk away at any time and that had a psychological impact on the commitment.

I’m a big fan of courtshippledge.com because if there was a culture of courting, as opposed to “dating” I’d almost certainly be married to my college sweetheart and have two kids by now. Instead, I’m trying to figure out if an ex-girlfriend had my baby. It’s impossible to really know, she’s blocked me on all social media and basically won’t talk to me. It’s sort of driving me nuts but I really don’t know if I should push the issue or not. She was this super hot 22 year old yoga chick and I just went nuts over her. Then she wound up dumping me to get back together with her high school boyfriend. What can you do? These are the new rules.

Women want to postpone childbearing as long as possible. I really do not understand this weird anti-natalist attitude among a lot of white women, I had always assumed that women had this drive to get pregnant, but clearly there are many that do not. You’re never going to stop teenagers and young adults from having sex, so you either have early marriage and early childbearing – or you have this, the hook up culture, “dating” and serial monogamy. This is what women want, it’s Sexual Utopia in Power. It’s women, not men, that drive this.

As for all the spanking stuff, honestly that’s mostly me hopping on the 50 Shades bandwagon to get people to read the 9/11 story. So far it’s working great. Although I can assure you, there are lots – *lots* – of women that like being tied up and spanked. It never fails to surprise me the kind of stuff women are into.

Are Christians Fucking Stupid?

I just discovered this. A big argument against early marriage is “well you want your daughter to go to college, right? How can she go to college if she’s married with children?”

Are Christians so literally – measurably – dim that they bought this “argument?”

I’m sorry, please point out the statute forbidding married women from attending college? Please point out the statute forbidding mothers from attending college?

What – there is no such law?

Then why are Christians and other supposed “traditionalists” wetting their pants anytime a leftist whines about early marriage preventing women from going to college?

What you will find, quick like, is that your own women – the so-called “traditional” women – are against early marriage too. They want girls to be able to postpone marriage and child bearing as long as possible. Also, no hang ups about girls losing their virginity to their husbands – that’s so 1950s – even for conservatives.

The a) age that women lose their virginity b) to whom, and c) whether they have children or use birth control – is the main issue in the so called “manosphere” – and “feminism” – and all the handwaving over “PUA” and “game” and “men’s right” and all that rot just prove it.

But everyone is afraid of discussing the obvious issue.

I blame the fathers, personally. They married sluts and are afraid to “man up” in front of their slut wives and reign in their daughters. All it would take is telling little Johnny he can only get the pussy if he “mans up” and marries her first.

But wives will NOT allow their fathers to do that – and the fathers, evidently either too cowed by Divorce Inc., or otherwise just beta schlubs, are too chicken to stand up to their wives.

So, their daughters slut it up with sleazy hipsters then expect to marry a “nice guy” someday.

Give them two options – a) kill all the sleazy hipsters and “PUAs” that “seduced” your innocent daughters who were raped, they totally didn’t want it …

or b) marry your daughter off before she starts spreading her legs for whichever mildly handsome guy happens to flirt with her that day…

and Christians and conservatives clearly prefer option a).

And they will whine all day long about boys who “ruined” their daughters and who should have just kept it in their pants – and out of their daughter’s mouth – then complain when Nice Guy won’t marry her at 30/99 dicks later?

Good job, guys. No, don’t shake my hand – you don’t want to know where it’s been.

Cue the wailing from the Elder Sluts – especially the Racist Feminists – who would rather Western society die a slow death than ever restrict a young woman’s sluttiness. That might imply they weren’t perfect and it was all the men’s fault.

Yes, I’m looking at you, aging Second Wavers … what about Playboy now?

White Patriarchy Not White Nationalism

WN feminists are the worst. The WN movement seems to attract a certain type of white woman: divorcees, single mothers, independent wimminz that don’t need no man, and childless by choice. Rather ironic for a movement whose slogan is the 14 Words:

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.

The question is: whose white children? Which white man’s white children?

Men need women to actually make the babies. And women need men for basically everything else, especially, protection and provision for herself and those white children. But WN women seem to have this idea that white men should collectively provide for their children, regardless of who the fathers are. This is Hypergamy 101 – alpha fucks and beta bucks. Women want to actually have the children of the top men, but since those top men can get many women, they won’t “settle” for those white women. Women, of course, are just fine with this. Women would rather share an “alpha” man than “settle” for a man who will be faithful and monogamous with them. This is a woman’s choice. They would rather be the sister wife of an alpha then settle for a lowly beta.

Feminists love to complain about the double standard: if a woman is promiscuous, she’s a “slut” but if a man is promiscuous, he’s a “stud.” Feminists should ask themselves: why are they so enamored of promiscuous men? Why don’t women go for virgin men? Why are women so turned on by slutty men? The answer is simple biology, it’s been explained over and over and over again, but women seem to have a hard time accepting this basic reality.

WN women seem to have this notion that they can all share a Brad Pitt, and the regular white guys – the “betas” – the ones who they won’t have sex/babies with – should just deal with it, and act as substitute protectors and providers for them anyway. What are these “beta” white men getting out of this? Nothing but empty words from WN feminists; some flattery, some glittering generalities about white solidarity, empty praise. So much blowing smoke up their asses.

It’s basic biology: men are expendable. If you expect white men to show some loyalty to you, the best way to do that is by having his children and remaining faithful to him – especially, when you are young, pretty and fertile. A white man who has no children has zero incentive to have any solidarity with the larger white community, except in the most superficial way.

White “nationalism” seems to be yet another way for hypergamous women to get the “beta bucks” after they get the “alpha fucks.” But what self-respecting white man would want to be essentially be a slave of another man’s woman? He’s supposed to give his blood, sweat, and tears – and maybe his life – for white women that won’t have sex with him, won’t bear his children, won’t be his faithful wife, and for another man’s children?

Maybe the White Nationalist movement should be honest and rename itself the White Cuckold movement.

No solidarity with white women. White Patriarchy, not White Nationalism (another form of socialism.) White women should be loyal to their white husbands and barring that, their white fathers. White men should show no solidarity with white women in general, only, their white wives and white mothers of their own white children. White men should show solidarity only with other white men (white men that will honor other white men’s relationships and not go after another white man’s wife.)

Of course, there are always exceptions. Some women, through no fault of their own, can’t have children. It’s a tragedy but one that we can make exceptions for. I’m not hung up on the gays either, gays and lesbians can be loyal to the white tribe and contribute in their own way, for instance, helping with their extended family. There are always honest white widows and orphans that should be taken care of by the larger white tribe.

But in general, white women that chose to chase alphas and ignore the beta men in their own league, because they didn’t want to “settle” – too bad, so sad. Try to rope in some other suckers for the beta bucks. 50 years of feminism has allowed white women to get away with the alpha fucks, beta bucks strategy. That era is now over, the beta men are no longer playing ball. It’s going to be a very rough road ahead for white feminists. White women had the best situation of any group of human beings in the history of humanity, and it still wasn’t enough; they showed zero appreciation for it.

Actions have consequences.