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Harvey ‘Jack’ McGeorge.


In context, McGeorge was one of the UN Weapons Inspectors attacked by the
neo-cons of the Bush administration in their effort to drive UN Weapons
inspectors out of Iraq because they knew that Saddam Hussein had no “Weapons of
Mass Destruction.” The UN Weapons inspectors were a thorn in the side of the
neo-cons of the Bush administration because they provided some resistance to the
WMD fraud. Presumably, McGeorge’s sex life was made an issue to discredit the UN
weapons inspectors.

It may be more complex than that, but, in context, the Washington Post article
about McGeorge was part of a series of articles attacking the UN in order to justify the neo-conservative/Bush war against Iraq using the fake “WMD” pretext.

The New York Times had a series of articles at the same time also pushing the
fake “WMD” narrative, exemplified by Judith Miller, who funneled false stories from a never-named “contact” among the neo-cons/Israeli 5th Column in the Bush administration.

Presumably, what you call the “lifer” faction of CIA opposed the “outsourced”
faction – which at the time were Israeli assets/partisans – and McGeorge’s
(McGeorge, as part of the UN faction, presumably able and willing to admit the
truth about the non-existent WMDs) sex life was exposed in a slapdash effort to
derail the UN Weapons inspectors, which would have found no “WMDs” and the fact that the Saddam Hussein government was cooperating fully with the USA and the UN.

(The “lack of qualification” arguments were similar; McGeorge did not lack qualifications and was endorsed by the highest levels of the UN; the fact his PhD was not in the three specializations mentioned in the hit piece was frankly irrelevant. The scientific evidence of the non-existent “WMDs in Iraq” was never seriously in doubt by anyone – this was an exercise in propaganda.)

Red Herring: The Classified 28 Pages of the 9/11 Report

Kudos to the DailyStormer for tackling this topic.


There is a lot of hay being made about 28 pages in the 9/11 Commission report being declassified. This is a known red herring. The 28 pages refer to the connection between the Saudi Arabian government and the supposed hijackers. This has been known forever, unofficially, and now rogue former CIA agent Michael Scheuer (I think it’s him) has already said that this is “insurance” in case they need to put pressure on the Saudis.

But consider this: Saudi Arabia is America’s number one ally in the Middle East. The Bush family was unusually close to Saudi Arabia, and one of the Saudi Royal is nicknamed “Bandar Bush” because of his close ties to the Bushes.

Why would Saudi Arabia want to hurt their relationship with the World’s Only Superpower? Why would the Saudi ruling class want to hurt their number one American partners, the Bush family?

Now, who *would* want to harm the relationship between America and Saudi Arabia? Let’s see, which former President was considered an “Arabist” and hostile to Israel? That’s right, George H. W. Bush. Look at how he lost his re-election – a three way race and for the first time a third party candidate given massive media coverage and even included in the debates.

So when Bush Jr. gets into office, Dick Cheney is put in charge of picking VP. He picks himself, then picks a bunch of neo-cons dual citizen Israeli Jews.

Now, look at who was in charge in NYC on 9/11. Who was Guiliani’s right hand man, in fact, whispering in his ear the whole time? Police Chief Bernanrd Kerick.

Who was entertaining the 19 hijackers on his casino boats in Florida? Jack Abramoff.

Notice that both of these men wound up doing time in prison on various corruption charges.

Now, remember the “Office of Special Plans?” It was a special group set up in the CIA that faked intelligence about Iraqi WMDs. The CIA at the time was leaking heavily that there were no actual WMDs. Remember Valerie Plame, the CIA agent that had her identity outed by the neo-cons? The neo-cons had a war against the CIA, and the neo-cons had the media on their side.

In many ways, it appears the Bush family and a faction of the Republican party fought a hard internal battle against the neo-cons, but lost.

Now, all this fuss is being made about the 28 pages – but it’s just a big fat red herring, yet another way to drive a wedge between the US and Saudi Arabia. Who benefits from dividing the US from its number one ally in the Middle East?

Why, the other number one ally in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is the capital of Islam, while Israel is the capital of Judaism. Two perfectly opposed nations.

In many ways, the cover up is more interesting than the crime. About 2004, rumors of Israel’s involvement and foreknowledge had gotten so widespread that a Jew had to make an anti-9/11 Truth movie, “Elders of Zion” which is where we get a number of clips – the Mossaud agents interviewed on Israeli TV for one.

It’s a complicated story, but it is not that complicated. 13 years later, the 9/11 myth is one of Israel’s strongest pieces of propaganda to keep America on its side. People look the other way at AIPAC openly bribing the entire Congress and the media totally owned by Israel sympathizers because so many American still believe the myth of “radical Islamic terror.”

But since the 1980s, when the US armed and funded the Mujadeen, the radical Islamic terrorists have always been on our side. Hell, in 2001, right after 9/11, at Tora Bora, the Bush administration told the military to stand down and allow an airlift out of Afghanistan, into Pakistan, of supposedly Osama Bin Laden himself and his major Al Qaeda fighters. They actually showed clips of the airlift on American TV and openly speculated some sort of deal had been made. John Kerry actually brought up Tora Bora in the 2004 Presidential debates.

No one remembers anything.

Now, if you watch this damage control video, you will see they interview black and brown street people who repeat exaggerated rumors. This was meant, of course, to associate fringe characters with the 9/11 truth movement and preemptively make anyone talking about Israeli involvement look like a kook. It also associated 9/11 Truth with various things like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, neo-Nazis, and Holocaust revisionism.

I remember at the time thinking – why is it that Jews were the most anti-9/11 truth? I didn’t think there was any particular role that Israel had in the 9/11 plot. At first, I assumed it was Bush and the CIA, something similar to the JFK assassination, something to do with Iran-Contra. I figured it was just Israel taking advantage of 9/11. But the more I looked, at the more time went on, the more obvious it was that Israel – and their Jewish Zionist assets in America – were the prime culprits.

Of course, lots of Jewish people died in 9/11, and not all Jews were warned. I know of a half dozen Jews that I worked with that ran out of the building with their hair on fire (figuratively.)

But an astonishing number of people – Jews and non-Jews – were in fact warned. The Odigo scandal is one that was openly discussed in the media at the time. The “Dancing Israelis” were another.

Now, just watch the two films. One, a piece of damage control that throws in all sorts of irrelevant and nonsensical bits of information. It was lavishly praised in the mainstream media. The other, a relatively well done film including all sorts of facts downplayed or ignored by the media. If it wasn’t for the internet, you would have almost certainly never even heard of it.

“There are certainly real questions that remain, but there are also real dangers into jumping to conclusions.”

And with that little piece of rhetoric, the makers of the film dismiss the fact that Israeli citizens were filming the destruction of the towers and seemingly had prior knowledge. Don’t jump to conclusions – about Jews that is. Now, jumping to conclusions about Muslim Arabs – hey, that’s exactly what the Jewish media did after 9/11.

Then there were the Naudet Brothers, that just happened to be filming a documentary about FDNY and just got lucky – they were set up in the ONE place in Manhattan that had the perfect view of the first plane hitting. The Naudet Brothers show up just in time to make this film – perhaps the greatest 9/11 Propaganda film ever – then just disappeared.

Israel did 9/11. Not Saudi Arabia, and certainly whoever the supposed 19 hijackers were – some of them still alive after 9/11 remember – another forgotten piece of information heavily covered in the press at the time – they certainly had no part in rigging the towers and building 7 for demolition.

Who owned the buildings? Who had access to the buildings? A bunch of dual citizen Israeli Zionists.

It’s ain’t rocket science folks. It just takes a little bit of courage to see things for how they are, now how you might wish they were.

Notice in the DailyStormer tread the poster “Hans” (German name, get it?) He spends the entire thread trying to discount the idea that Israelis were involved. Funny that, huh?

Wag The Dog 8

So if you’re an imperialist military that needs soldiers and votes from a democratic population, wouldn’t your first order of business be:

a) denying the enemy the ability to propagandize your population

b) propagandizing your own population about the enemy

Would you want the opposing force to get on TV and have a fair opportunity at making their case to your population? Of course not. Whoever the enemy is, you would appoint people to represent the opposition leaders for public consumption. You want your population to perceive the enemy the way you want them to, not the way the enemy wants them too.

Hence, the “War on Terror,” Osama Bin-Laden, Al Qaeda. USA invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, and intervened in a dozen other countries in the last 13 years. If you are a conservative, patriotic white Republican and actually believed there was a world wide radical Muslim terrorist group called “Al Qaeda” that we were fighting, I have two pieces of news for you.

1) Professional wrestling is “worked.”

2) US military propagandists are far, far smarter than you are.

Reading Right

If you want serious White Nationalism, sometimes tinged with a bit of humor, you want AryanSkyNet (Once Aryan Skynet goes live, it doesn’t matter who pulled the switch.)

If you want dirty stories and unbelievably perverse narratives of life in the fast lane, 9/11 Revisionism, and the reality behind the “War on Terror” and Peace Prize Obama’s continuation of it, read Hipster Racist.

See, everyone’s happy!

The Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS Caliphate)

They say ISIS is the most capable military force in the Middle East outside of Zionist Occupied Palestine. ISIS supposedly began as the Muslim resistance to the USA invasion and occupation of Iraq. In case anyone forgot, a decade ago, the Bush administration made up a fairy tale about “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and the US, still believing that other fairy tale about the demolition of World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, and 7, mostly went along with it. Contractors like Dick Cheney’s Halliburton and mercenary groups like Blackwater made billions off of the US military and taxpayers.

Years ago, an outraged soldier testified about how Halliburton, since it was paid per truck delivery, would run empty trucks on a dangerous road through insurgent forces. Ripping off the taxpayer wasn’t the outrage, that was expected. That was just money. But US soldiers would have to guard the empty trucks, and they were getting killed in insurgent attacks. Of course, talking about Halliburton back in those days just made you a liberal Democrat, and every conservative white man had decided he was an expert on Islam and how the terrorists blah blah blah and now we have to take our shoes off at the airport.

Well, Bush lost the war, then Obama lost it again, and now a bunch of radical Sunnis are declaring their own radical Sunni state in Iraq and Syria, and entertaining the West with the sort of enrichment diversity will be bring us just as soon as we bring in more hard working immigrant families to cure us of our White Privilege.

You know, beheadings, stonings, stuff like that.

The Hipster Jihadi
The Hipster Jihadi
So at one time ISIS was known as “Al-Qaeda in Iraq” but when it stopped working in US interests, the Official Al-Qaeda Franchise authorization was withdrawn. If all this is confusing for you, you’re not the only one. You see, the Muslims are on top of our oil, so we have to remove them one way or another. So the plan apparently is to bomb their countries, turn them into refugees, and then bring them to Europe and America. You know, like the Weather Underground used to say during Vietnam, we’re “bringing the war home.”

Still, the conservatives and Republicans bought the 9/11 fairy tale hook, line, and sinker, a plot line so moronic it wouldn’t have gotten a green light at a B-movie film festival, that improbable tale of exploding buildings and highjacked airliners. And the only reason that the CIA, the DIA, the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, FAA, FBI and the NRO couldn’t stop 9/11 because of … and this is the official reason given by the 9/11 Commission as well as former Bush administration official Condaleeza Rice … “a failure of imagination.” You see, “no one could have imagined they would use planes as missiles.” Plus, never mind the third building that wasn’t hit by a plane, it just collapsed on itself out of sympathy for its Twin brothers, you see.

But however gullible the public is, our officials are good at starting fires but not nearly as good as controlling them, much less putting them out. Now we have military brass telling us they wouldn’t be surprised if some ISIS radical showed up in DC on the mall with an AK-47. When the Washington Monument then collapses on itself, they can say no one expected they were going to use bullets, or something.

What’s your limit? How ridiculous do their stories have to get before even you won’t buy it?

Cobra Command

Some great comments over at OD about the wars.


Afterthought says:
June 14, 2014 at 6:48 pm

A couple of absolute centering facts before I go into my two cents:

1. Our enemies in Washington, New York, and London worked with the Saudis and their satellite Arab Monarchies to

A: Topple Gaddafi
B: Fund an uprising in Syria
C: Launch a genocidal campaign against Shiites in order to divide the “Shia Crescent” (Western and Northern Afghanistan, Iran, Southern Iraq, Syria, Lebanon)
D: Topple the Muslim Brotherhood and install General Sisi as overlord of Egypt

2. Our enemies directly funded “moderates” and covertly funded Sunni Jihadists. Recall John McCain posing with the ISIL while calling for Assad’s head

3. The Embassy in Benghazi was the African starting point of a “rat line” that was funneling weapons to jihadis in Syria


test2 says:
June 14, 2014 at 8:09 am

neocons being neocons

They still want to attack Syria so they instigated this to get US warplanes in place in Iraq which, once they’re in place and bombing Isis, could be switched from attacking Isis to attacking Assad.

If Obama says no then the current crisis will fizzle out and Iraq will split in two which is what should have happened years ago.

Basically, storm in a teacup unless Obama is pushed into Iraq 2.0.

Standard operating procedure applies: promote the opposite of whatever neocons want.

As much as I dislike Fareed Zacharia and the CFR, in their publication “Foreign Policy”, just prior to the 2003 neocon-led (essentially Jewish) invasion of Iraq, that author posited that the upcoming invasion would indeed be folly and result in disaster. He essentially and quite correctly argued that Arabic-Muslim governments have historically been run by “Strong men” and that if we did invade the result would be replacing Hussein with ourselves, and that we were far less capable of governing Iraq than the then current (and relatively popular) “dictator.”

It is instructive to note that uber-Zionist Theodore Hertzel’s long-term plan (penned in the 1930′s) for the Middle East included the dismemberment of the larger states into small, ineffectual entities rife and ridden with sectarian conflict (Google “The Zionist Plan for the Middle East”). What we are being witness to is the execution of that long-term plan in motion, we being manipulated and deceived into believing that this general insanity is the result of recent history and current politics which it certainly is not. This murderous chaos is being given to us by the same Tribal bastards who penned the Hart-Cuellar Act (1965 Immigration Act), the stated intent of the legislation being (paraphrased) “a permanent demographic change in the U.S. so that white Christianity is never again a threat to Judaism.” If you question the veracity of this statement, I suggest you read Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s book, “The Culture of Critique.”


Afterthought says:
June 14, 2014 at 7:01 pm

What does this all mean for those who want to get out from under the government of their Enemies in D.C., New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Detroit?

1. Because of the sickening waste and mess that our enemies have put us in, there is a chance that a post-WW1 style demoralization will sweep through whites especially those who are too young to remember Nixon and Reagan “taking back America”.

2. An alternative vision is desperately needed, and I believe is spreading in the form of isolationism, anti-redistributionist, and territorialist feeling. We need to continue to promote partition of the country as THE solution to white woes.

3. The GOP is a prime target for take over, as with the election of Eric Cantor, the last Jew in the GOP Congressional Caucus. Catholics, like William F Buckley who purged the John Birchers and their fellow travelers from the party, must become a prime target of propaganda, because the Red-Blue divide is synonymous with the areas that are majority Baptist and majority Catholic. I don’t know how, but white Catholics must be convinced that their interests lie with pan white unity, rather than old dividing lines of religion and class. This becomes easier with a Marxist Pope.

I could go on and on, but something big is happening; call it peak Empire or Peak Jew, or both. The hegemonic position that the US had at the end of the Cold War is over. The bills are coming due, we can either pay them like good little slaves or default in a historic way and move in a brand new discretion. I prefer the latter.

Wayne says:
June 14, 2014 at 7:02 pm

Saddam was the leader Iraq deserved, the overall best given the state of that people.
Assad is is leader the Syrians deserve and need.
Khafaffi was the leaders the Libyans needed, same for Egypt.
Freedom and democracy given to those unready for them are the cause of much bloodshed.
These men are being/were toppled so that their populatuons would be defenceless against western banksters.

Hipster Racist Is A Fictional Character

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All stories are fiction, all essays are satirical parody, and all comments are advertisement and promotional material.

So what does this mean? The novel, “The Life And Times of Hipster Racist” is 100% fiction. Here’s an example of how the author writes fiction. Let’s take “The Slut Power” series. It’s based on a few real life events. For instance, the author really did get paid ($500) to create a “modeling website” that was an obvious cover for some sort of prostitution ring. The other parts of the story are taken from a newspaper article from about 2005, there was some sort of “brothel” that was busted that was right around the corner from the author’s apartment, and they had pictures of the guy they arrested – “The Jew” – and some of the girls. “Miss Baltimore” is based on a real life woman the author met briefly who was totally cute and almost certainly some sort of call girl. The author had no sexual contact with her.

The author probably has not had sex with 100 women. It’s probably half that. Mostly in his teens and 20s.

The author started using the handle “Hipster Racist” on the MWIR blog a few years ago, to make jokes about this new racist trend – “hipster racism.” Most of the comments from this handle are sarcasm, snarky, jokes, or purposefully offensive ideas just to see how people react. For instance, the author couldn’t care less about the “issue” of women’s suffrage. But it’s interesting to posit something like “women shouldn’t vote.” The reaction is what’s interesting, the breaking of the taboo is what’s interesting.

The author is white, pro-white, and a 9/11 truther. The author is not Jewish but may have had sex with a few Jewish women now and again. The author is not a member of any organization, political party, an atheist, nor in any way related to any “hate” something or other. The author knows next to nothing about Hitler or the Nazis, but he did read about half of “Mein Kampf” in college but really couldn’t tell you much about it. The author is a big fan of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm. The author has read most of Kevin MacDonald’s work and agrees that mainstream Jewish culture in America tends to be virulently anti-white.

The author mostly has a sort of “southern” attitude about blacks. As Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent said, we don’t hate blacks, we just recognize that they are different than us.

The author thinks Bob Whitaker’s “Mantra” sums up the White Question best, supports the 14 Words but not the actions of David Lane, and believes MWIR/Aryan Skynet is the “WN 2.0 Espionage Model” that is an effective, long term, logistical plan.

The author is a big fan of Roissy and thinks he’s much funnier than people give him credit for.

The author is in no way connected to the “BDSM community” but may have tied up and spanked a few women in his time.

But seriously, 9/11 was an inside job. They planted some sort of thermite or explosives in World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, and 7. It’s so obvious I have the question the motives of anyone who says otherwise.

If You Were NSA What Would You Do?

NSA is recording every phone call around the world, and they have long been spying on the top leaders of the military, the State Department, Wall Street, and the Supreme Court. Every phone call, every email, every contact, location data, purchase records. They are able to review all the data at will, at any time from the beginning of the spying to the current time.

The current director of the NSA is Army Four Star General Keith b. Alexander and the NSA answers directly the Secretary of Defense who in turn is appointed by the President. NSA has a half-military, half-civilian structure and is exempt from federal employment guidelines, able to fire any employee for any reason or no reason.


If you were Deputy Director of the NSA, and had real time access to any information about anyone in the world, including other government officials, how would you use such information for your personal and political goals?

The Life and Times of Hipster Racist

Comments, criticism, and hush money welcome.


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