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CIA Agents to Troll Alternative Media Sites in Huge Propaganda Program

The CIA are expanding an existing program that influences mainstream media outlets to promote fake propaganda stories, by having agents troll internet forums, social media, and website comment sections – in an effort to disrupt alternative media sites.


In an expansion of Operation Mockingbird, the agency are now creating fake user accounts on various internet forums and social media channels, arguing politics with real users in an attempt to stifle and subvert genuine communications between users.

Americanintelligencereport.com reports:

According to RT news, agents have up to “10 fake shill accounts” used to troll and create the illusion of having a genuine network of friends.

“They will defend current administration decisions with relentless irrational stubbornness that one can only be paid to do.”

Are you chatting with a CIA Agent on-line? It’s possible you may already have.

Crisis Acting is a Growing Field

Anytime there’s some sort of mass shooting or event people immediately go to youtube to point out flaws in the media narration. Considering how the media literally just makes shit up all the time, you really have to give the conspiracy theorists credit for at least questioning what they see on the TV.

At the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, there were all sorts of theories. One interesting thing about the shooting is that the supposed perp is the not only the son of an obvious CIA asset – his father actually runs a TV show on Afghanistan (i.e., Voice of America) ran for President of Afghanistan, and was even invited to the Hillary Clinton nomination, to sit behind the candidate, mere months after his son supposedly shot up a bunch of Latino LGBTs in the name of ISIS and Allah.

Not only was the TV News coverage of the event outright weird, and in some cases staged – including green screens and hilariously bad acting – it’s just come out that the hospital has decided to “forgive” the medical bills of everyone treated there due to the alleged shootings.

Uh-huh. One assumes actually billing all those hundreds of victims might have just created too much paperwork that might have been subject to a court review. So – no big deal just cancel the bills – not like hospitals are starving for money or anything.

So this crazy guy, Miles W. Mathis, has a lot of weird pseudo-scientific nonsense about math and physics and also some truly bizarre historical conspiracy theories. I can’t buy into 80%, maybe 90% of his stuff.

But here’s an interesting one. It’s been discussed before. It’s historical. But really – what the hell was the whole Manson Family thing? The story never really made sense and the entire thing was literally staged by actors – on an actual movie set – people that had produced, directed, and acted in film after film about Satanic Ritual Sex Murders – until it happened “for real.”

Just like that “radical mosque” that was preaching jihad just spitting distance from the headquarters of the CIA (don’t worry, we were told, the CIA was keeping an eye on them. It didn’t stop a few congregants from showing up fighting ISIS Al Qaeda back in the early 2000s.)

So the Manson thing was the “end of the hippie movement” and the Manson trials were the most famous, most expensive trial in history – complete with photogenic hippie chicks covered on TV every day.

As evidence for that, we find that in April of 1969, one of the lesser and younger (age 15) Manson girls, RuthAnn Morehouse, was arrested and placed in juvenile hall. She was released into the custody of George Spahn, who acted as a foster parent in the eyes of the court. What? RuthAnn’s father Dean was not dead, and Spahn was no relation. Nor was he fit to be a foster parent, being in his 80’s and legally blind. He was not fit to be a foster parent, but he was fit (we suppose) to be her handler. Someone simply arranged for her to be returned to the set, since she was one of the props. Ed Sanders implies that this was a measure of the power Manson had, but Manson had no power in juvenile courts.

and …

For more proof this was all a movie, we can ask, Where did the “Manson family” live? The SPAHN’S MOVIE
RANCH! Wikipedia tells us it was “used for filming generally Western-themed movies and
television programs. With mountainous terrain, boulder-strewn scenery, and an ‘old Western town’ set, Spahn Ranch was a versatile filming site for many scripts.” Hmmm. That’s curious, wouldn’t you say?
The perpetrators were living on a movie set.

We are told that Mr. Spahn allowed the Manson family to move in rent-free in 1968. So nice of
him. Then as now, old ranchers just love young hippies to hang around, smoking dope, shagging each other, and creating big piles of trash. Also convenient for the government is that all the buildings and sets were destroyed by a fire in 1970, preventing anyone from doing any forensic work there.


By this time, the ranch had turned into a huge magnet for runaways and juvenile delinquents from all over the state, and the mainstream story admits that the LA police were well aware of it. And yet we are supposed to believe nothing was done? Reagan sends in the National Guard to bust up college students making speeches and planting trees, but he and the LA police and the state police leave a huge hippie commune in the LA suburbs alone, even while it is allegedly making porn films, acting as a nudist retreat, harboring underage girls, selling drugs, kidnapping schoolgirls, stealing cars, running motorcycle and dune buggy races, threatening neighbors, storing weapons, giving loud all-night parties, fraternizing with biker gangs and Satanists, and so on? We are expected to believe that all these local agencies are going to not only turn a blind eye to the Spahn Ranch, but return an arrested 15-year-old girl to the premises, in the care of Mr. Magoo, I mean George Spahn?

So, Hollywood you a half dozen Satanic Murder Movies, then it happens “for real” on the TV news – starring the same actors, directors, and producers – and plots – as in the half dozen Satanic Baby Murder movies you watched in the 1960s. It’s widely covered in the culture as the “end of the hippie dream” and “discredits” all those supposedly anti-war people.

The whole thing happens under the noses of the LAPD, down the road from the Defense Department’s own Hollywood movie studio, Lookout Mountain.


Really, the question has to be asked – how ridiculous do the stories have to be until even YOU won’t believe it? Why in the world did you ever assume the TV News was “real” anyway?

Remember the Trayvon thing? They admitted to editing the 911 phone calls. Does the TV news always have such a tenuous relationship to the facts?

I swear, if the Project Bluebeam stuff is real – if, let’s say, the TV news one day said that Little Green Men from Mars were invading earth and the UN was sending a delegation or something. You know holographic technology does exist – so you even see something in the sky.

Face it – you wouldn’t question a thing. You’d line up at the processing centers or whatever. You’d get really, really angry at anyone who suggested it was a hoax.

The Other Reds

I learned it all from ANolen.com


Once, he mentioned he was reading a book about the foreign spy network that had seized considerable control of the American political system just prior to our entry into WWII. “Oh,” I said, “you mean the Soviet Communist spy network?” I had recently become better aware of the volume of evidence revealed by Venona decrypts. “No,” he answered with a smile, “the other foreign spy network, the one run by Britain.”

He explained that British spies had played a massive hidden role in getting America involved in the Second World War despite the overwhelming opposition of the citizenry, and very possibly had murdered a top Republican Party official as they secretly gained political control of the GOP and its presidential nominating process. Being himself from a family of British Communist Party members, he found it quite amusing that rival networks of British spies and Communist spies had quietly competed or cooperated for control of our own national government during that era, even while the totally ignorant and oblivious American sheep grazed contently, emitting an occasional “Baa!” now and again, and never noticed that the direction of their flock periodically changed in seemingly inexplicable ways.


Criticize CIA on Reddit.com, Get Banned

CIA is less of an “intelligence agency” and more of a “political lobby.”

If you want “intelligence” – in the operational sense – you go to NSA or DIA.

If you want to influence the political process, you go to CIA.

It has been that way since the beginning, since OSS days.


Kinky Sex Fetish: A Manhattan Murder Mystery 13

Before Tinder, it was Craigslist.

Look – young people from all over the country move to New York to work at prestigious companies for a lot of money. Everyone is working all the time. The gals are not interested in settling down and having babies. The men are focused, lazer like, on making money.

So what do you think horny young 20 somethings do?

They “hook up.”

And back in 2001, it was Craigslist. Craigslist was still virtually unknown outside of a few cities like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. The only people that used Craigslist were 20 something hipsters from the city. So back then, women would still put up personal ads and sometimes even post a picture. It wasn’t “private” exactly but the audience was small and exclusive.

Her ad said “No Time To Date” and it was a litany of “small town gal in the big city.” Works all the time, never gets to meet guys. Looking for this and that, something. Loves this. Whatever.

Reading between the lines it means “busy career gal, haven’t been laid in months, looking for a man to fuck me silly all weekend then leave me alone.”

For me, this was my bread and butter pretty much, because, hey, I was in the same situation. I did have a girlfriend, but she lived all the way across the country in California and it’s not cheating if you’re in a different state.

Whatever, I never claimed to be a “good person.”

So this was like textbook. We had met for drinks on Wednesday at the dive bar near the towers. Aisha would flirt with me when I had some girl there, to help me out. She was a sweetheart. Aisha wasn’t interested in me at all but she liked me hanging around so she’d help out when she could. So this girl – I don’t remember her name – she’s about 27, a few years older than me. Cute, slender, long hair, dressed real nice. I forgot what she did. We have three drinks, I tell her I’ll walk her to the subway around the corner. She turns to say goodbye so I kiss her, we make plans to meet on Monday, after she gets back from whatever she’s doing on the weekend.

On Monday, god, I could barely concentrate at work. I had half a hard on all day thinking about fucking this girl tonight. At lunch, my bosses, Jimmy and Richie, took me and a few of the guys out to some fancy Thai place at the World Financial Center a few blocks away. Jimmy is bitching and bitching about the power downs. It didn’t make any damn sense. Why would both buildings have all of their power – including emergency power – shut off over the weekend? Everyone had been working late backing up all of the systems, making sure we could bring them back up without any problems. This did not make Jimmy happy at all.

Jimmy was probably 40 something, blonde hair, blue eyes, looked like a grown up boy scout but cursed like a sailor. He actually came across as rather relaxed and informal but the man was responsible for billions of dollars flowing through the company on a daily basis, yet he never broke a sweat. And the power down thing did not please him at all. He had been working on some roll out for months then, all a sudden, without any warning, the building management told everyone they had to prepare for two weekends of power downs, in both towers. “Upgrading the internet” or “fixing the electricity” or something, and that was why Jimmy was bitching about it so much.

Anyway he was a cool guy and it was nice of him to take us peons out for lunch with the big bosses. You know, older guys, they love to show off to the younger men. As I was like 24, just out of college working my first job, I never paid for lunch, or drinks after work. Guys like Jimmy and Richie, they loved to pull out hundred dollar bills and give outrageous tips to the bartenders and waitresses. I suspect both of them were loaded far beyond the kind of money I could imagine.

Of course, for me, 24 year old kid from the suburbs, I was making fucking bank. I’d pull out twenty dollar bills to tip the girls at the bar but it came from the same place honestly.

So we’re all chomping away on $40 entrees while Jimmy and Richie are having a cussing contest talking about the power downs. I’m pretending to pay attention but all I can think about is this chick I’m meeting later that night.


You know, thinking back on it, I figured it was just a regular job. I had pulled my one string to get this job, some kid I knew in college worked for one of the banks and knew Richie and had gotten me an interview. I wasn’t an employee, I was a consultant, working on a small team with a contract. Now I figured, sure, some of these guys had probably worked at NSA and the like, and I knew some of the guys from the DC office worked down in Maryland and had security clearances, but how was I to know, some kid, how connected finance is to the spook industry?

So I’m guessing, and it’s just a guess, that one of the guys on our team was assigned to this company for reasons a bit more complex than just a salary. LOL, I was surrounded by these people but I didn’t have a fucking clue.

But whatever – all I can think about is meeting Hot Chick uptown later than night, around nine. Meeting for drinks at nine basically means you’ve already scored, as long as you don’t fuck it up.

So that’s why I was uptown. We meet over at a bar close to her place, lubricate ourselves with a shot of whiskey each and two glasses of wine, then hop in a cab back to her place. I was basically raping her in the back of the cab. The driver says, “no please don’t touch her. Not here, no please.”

I swear, if I was the conspiracy theory type, I’d say the cab driver was Osama Bin Laden himself. Full bushy beard, some kind of tablecloth on his head, the whole nine yards. Of course Osama Bin Laden was on the news every once in a while but you know, we had no idea of what was coming.

So all night long I’m fucking this girl. We just walk into her apartment, she starts to get a bottle of wine by I’m just kissing all over her and just drag her into the bedroom. Two horny strangers just needing some attention and to get off. Well she wakes me up around seven and I’m hustling to get to work. No time to go back to my place but I have a change of clothes at the office for just this sort of thing. So I shower and put on last night’s clothes, which smell like smoke and whiskey. Frankly I look like shit, unshaven, but hell it was worth it.

So I walk blocks to the subway and get onto the train. This train is always fucking crowded. Miraculously, I get a seat and start reading my Wall Street Journal (best newspaper in America, at least back in those days.) Hey, I work in finance so it’s what you’re supposed to read.

I’m almost at my stop, but then, the train stops and all the lights go out. “Shit,” I’m thinking, “I’m going to be late. Jimmy is going to chew my ass out.” We sit there for five minutes – it seems like forever. The light comes on for like two seconds, then go back off. You could hear everyone on the train groaning, cursing under their breath and sighing. The announcer comes on and says, “there’s a delay.” Well, no shit, I thought. Five more minutes.

Finally, the train starts moving, but it’s going backwards. Now people are whining real loud, but it keeps going backwards. We go all the way back to the previous stop, and the announcer says, “there’s been an accident at the World Trade Center. Everyone must exit the train here. Everyone must exit.” People are mumbling, but the lights come on at the station, the doors open, and we all get off the train. The announcer says everyone must exit the station too. This sucks, but we all line up and start walking up the stairs.

I look at my watch, it’s already nine o’clock. I’m thinking, “shit I’m going to be so late.” Well I finally make it up the stairs to ground level and there’s a huge crowd standing in front of one of the buildings. Everyone is pointing and staring, some people even have video cameras out. I’m thinking what the hell is going on? So I look over to where everyone is looking and – let me tell you – I couldn’t fucking believe what I saw.


I can’t stand it I know you planned it
I’m gonna set it straight, this watergate
I can’t stand rocking when I’m in here
Because your crystal ball ain’t so crystal clear
So while you sit back and wonder why
I got this fucking thorn in my side
Oh my God, it’s a mirage
I’m tellin’ y’all it’s sabotage

Weaponizing Anthropology

Following up on this:


This is the money quote from the research of Gregory Bateson:

The most significant experiment which has yet been conducted in the adjustment of relations between “superior” and “inferior” peoples is the Russian handling of their Asiatic tribes in Siberia. The findings of this experiment support very strongly the conclusion that it is very important to foster spectatorship among the superiors and exhibitionism among the inferiors. In outline, what the Russians have done is to stimulate the native peoples to undertake a native revival while they themselves admire the resulting dance festivals and other exhibitions of native culture, literature, poetry, music and so on. And the same attitude of spectatorship is then naturally extended to native achievements in production or organization. In contrast to this, where the white man thinks of himself as a model and encourages the native people to watch him in order to find out how things should be done, we find that in the end nativistic cults spring up among the native people. The system gets overweighed until some compensatory machinery is developed and then the revival of native arts, literature, etc., becomes a weapon for use against the white man (Phenomena, comparable to Ghandi’s spinning wheel may be observed in Ireland and elsewhere). If, on the other hand, the dominant people themselves stimulate native revivalism, then the system as a whole is much more stable, and the nativism cannot be used against the dominant people.

OSS can and should do nothing in the direction of stimulating native revivals but we might move gently towards making the British and the Dutch more aware of the importance of processes of this kind (Bateson 1944:6-7).

The "Archaic Revival" in action. "Hippie" David Crosby with his Navy Intelligence father. Can you recognize a costume when you see one?
The “Archaic Revival” in action. “Hippie” David Crosby with his Navy Intelligence father. Can you recognize a costume when you see one?


Did you know that the Edward Snowden leaks showed that the NSA actually hires internet trolls to “infiltrate” online groups, pose as “victims” of various people, and has a very efficient system to starts fights among bloggers and commenters?

ANolen was right, the “intelligence community” is full of “sons and lovers” now and are completely ineffective.

Google is eating the lunch of the NSA. No one wants to work for NSA because Google pays more and is way more prestigious.

James Bond maybe have been cool in the 1960s, but Austin Powers destroyed the mystique of promiscuous alcoholics (and I say this as a promiscuous alcoholic.) So who wants to work for the CIA now? The best people at CIA get smeared as “anti-semite Nazis” if they dare suggest the US shouldn’t roll over and do whatever Israel wants.

I’m telling you, as I get older, I realize there really is no “genius cabal” that is running things “at the top.” It’s a bunch of privileged rich people who would not impress anybody if they didn’t have all that money. There is no one at the top but a bunch of clock-punchers hoping the dollar doesn’t crash and the plebes won’t figure out the scam.

Stick a fork in ‘Merka, she’s done for.

Mind Control Notes 1

I’ve been reading ANolen’s “Systems of Control” articles.

So one time I’m hanging out with this dude Kurt and his girlfriend and I’m like, is there anything to this “magic” stuff? Or, like, “the occult?” Because I’ve never believed any of it, nor its nice “New Agey” happiness and rainbows version either.

So Kurt says, “yeah.” He takes this strap/handle from a bike bag or something, you know a flat piece of cloth, and he says “hold out your hands.” So I do. He wraps the strap around my hands, gives the other end to his woman, and says, “now you’re her slave.”

Immediately, I became enlightened.

Anyway, I had read a tiny bit of Crowley and the like early on and simply dismissed it as a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, but I always knew or suspected that there was something under the surface to it. A while back I read that Crowley was MI6 and I though maybe his “ceremonial magic” had something to do with his intelligence work. I had also read that John Dee was British intel and the origin of the “007” moniker, so I figured his “Angelic language” was essentially early forms of codes and encryption and “contacting your guardian angel” meant “getting in touch with your handler” in some way. I’m guessing there is both more and less than meets the eye, depending on how you look at it.

got_one_that_can_seeApparently a lot of people have read E. Michael Jones and have been discussing his various concepts but I was utterly surprised he discusses things like the Illuminati.

My working hypothesis, especially since I discovered ANolen, roughly sketches the history like this: you have the Jesuits, Masons, Illuminatis etc., who develop psychological profiles of the people that confess to them, and share those profiles up the hierarchy. “Mind control” has been somewhat of a folk art based on various tactics to manipulate people based on both the information in their profile and their “type” of personality.

There’s always been an instinct to systematize the “types” of people, you see it in astrology and fortune telling, and in folk sayings like “Tuesday’s Child.” Then there are the pseudo-scientific versions like Freud and Meyers-Briggs. Hubbard’s early “Dianetics” stuff was a particularly low-rent version of pseudo-psychology he used to build his cult, but an “e-meter” probably wowed a lot of people back then.

Don’t make fun of the Scientologists for putting too much stock in their e-meter. I would like to point out that virtually all Americans spend hours staring into an electric box with blinking lights and believe it’s “real” – that’s “mind control” folks.

You see this sort of thing developing from a folk art to more scientific rigor with Bernays. With broadcasting, the amount of data they could get in and out scaled up considerably.

The “systems of control” developed into … some online ad network asking me if I want to meet foreign ladies.

It’s a handler’s advertiser’s wet dream – you’ll be a profiled consumer since birth. The ultimate “system of control” is global capitalism, money, the international network of central banks and the militaries backing them up, giving the consumer what they want which is what you told them to want.

But back in the days of Crowley and L. Ron, and before the computer revolution made mass SIGINT and data-crunching trivial both for the NSA and the private sector, the IC did it the old fashioned way. Befriending rich and important people, and usable disposable people, and manipulating them into doing what they wanted.

There’s another Hubbard that has long been overlooked in this history, Alfred Matthew Hubbard.

Hubbard introduced more than 6,000 people to LSD, including scientists, politicians, intelligence officials, diplomats, and church figures.

I wondered if “Alfred Matthew Hubbard” is simply a character meant to distance the more famous L. Ron Hubbard from an early part of his career, or perhaps a relative, but I never looked up the dates.

Hubbard used to sell a Christian themed version that later demphasized Christianity for a more general Utopia-like cult. He was going to bring world peace and the like. I’m guessing that back during the Space Race some crackpot had the idea of staging a “UFO invasion.” There were various UFO cults that functioned as a more “scientific” religion.

Here’s how I would have done it back in the 1950s. You find some dupe, dose him with LSD, then he interacts with various people in costumes – “the aliens.” Imagine how powerful of a “mind control” effect that would have had on an average person back in 1950s, back when USA and Russia are in a race to build a Moon Base and goofy alien movies were all the rage.


There are potions which can turn people into monsters. There are ‘magic words’; there are golem and succubae. These things don’t work through Harry-Potter-like bolts of lighting, they seem to have a psychological basis

Sex and drugs make a potent mix! Add in some role playing and, let me tell you, you can program a beta sex kitten. She’ll be crawling around on all fours on a leash and loving every minute of it. I recall that Jack McGeorge used to advertise for a “service-oriented submissive.” You see, it’s only cuckolding if you love her and get off on watching her. Otherwise it’s just pimping, or “handling” as the case may be.

In the Eyes Wide Shut orgy scene, the Red Priest sends the women out to particular men.

Every magician knows that props are just that – props. When we tame animals, we use physical restraints, collars and leashes. When we tame women, we sometimes use restraints, collars and leashes but mostly that’s just costumes and role playing to get her off.

The best restraint is, of course, being her source of money. If she’s a party girl you can send her to seduce chumps. This will actually enhance your status to her, you are the Big Daddy and the guys she’s seducing are the chumps.

You can do amazing things with a party gal from 18-28.

For low ranking dudes, you just need some hot thing that likes to drink and party to spend a month or so hanging out. For high ranking men, you strategically send in your daughters to, quite literally, steal the precious bodily fluid of their sons.

Now when you want to do handling that is above an individual level, that’s when you are building a cult.

Wilhelm Reich wrote quite a bit about sex. When some of the old fashioned Communists would write to him complaining that the gals in the Young Communist League were “going from boy to boy” he said, “so what? Let her go from boy to boy.” She’s in control of her own body, she has scientific birth control, and she wants to try out a few different men before she settles down.

Of course, women are just as easy to manipulate as men. She’s hypergamous, which means the higher ranking boys in the mixed-gender Young Communist League are going to get a lot of female attention while the lower ranking dudes won’t, “rank” of course being a bit more subtle than just whatever you’re wearing on your collar.

So, you see, you don’t manipulate people one at a time and you don’t micro-manage people. It’s more like herding animals. You simply put groups of young men and young women together in an environment you control and let nature take its course. In some sense, they are “making their own choices” but of course it’s like choosing option A or option B. That is one reason why people are so picky about where their daughter goes to high school and college – and should probably be a lot more concerned with where their son goes to high school and college too.

At the end of the day, the best form of “mind control” is simply controlling the culture. You can give people plenty of liberty and they will still do what you want. The trick is giving someone the goal and letting them figure out how to attain the goal himself.

… I N C E P T I O N …