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The Mistake Of Identifying As “Right” Instead Of “Pro-White”

Whether “right wing” or “alt right” or “conservative” or even such right-associated terms as “libertarian,” all the label does is create a ready made excuse to:

a) Exclude Whites from the ingroup.

b) Include non-Whites in the ingroup.

c) Argue over whether an otherwise pro-White person or policy is truly “right wing” or “alt-right” or “conservative” or “libertarian.”

Fortunately, this dynamic helps to clarify things quickly. A Jew like Ben Shapiro can be “conservative” and “anti-left” and “anti-progressive” – he can even be a nationalist (which he is, he’s an Israeli nationalist, a Zionist.)

But Ben Shapiro will never be “White” and he’ll never be a “White Nationalist.” A figure like Ben Shapiro will always, 100% of the time, support Jewish nationalism while attacking White nationalism – any nationalism for Whites. Shapiro will attack immigration restriction in Ireland, Poland, Canada, Italy, and Hungary, but will always support immigration restriction in Israel.

This double standard makes it easy to see exactly what Ben Shapiro is. In theory, there could be an Ashkenazi White Nationalist, there could even be a Zionist Jew that supports White Nationalism, but what’s the point of chasing unicorns?

There are many Blacks and Asians and Arabs that are conservative, right wing, and even nationalist, but they will never be citizens – one of the in-group – in a White nation.

So all being a “conservative” or “right winger” does is to offer up ready made excuses for not being pro-White. To put “conservative principles” or “right wing ideology” above the survival of your race, your people, your family is autism in the extreme, an anti-adaptive trait.

You can’t hug a child with nuclear arms, and you can’t hug a White child with conservative ideology. Ideologies are merely words, a construct of language. People are living beings, flesh and blood. Why should words and ideals take precedence over your own flesh and blood, your own family, your own children?

Commenter Curmudgeon at TOO makes a related point:


On another note, I have long thought the term Alt-Right was a recipe for disaster. The old Left/Right paradigm is long dead, and the sooner nationalists own that label, the better. The majority of people know someone who has a family member or friend that is struggling with economic issues. It is much easier to answer the nonsensical globalist gibberish directly, by answering every statement in terms of ‘why do you care more about the well-being of someone living in a foreign country, whom you have never met, than the well-being of family, friends and neighbours’, and ‘How does immigration make your unemployed neighbour’s life better?’ The truth is, the globalists have no logical answers to these hard questions. Exposing them to folly of their own shallow answers will not turn all of them, I personally have made several unsure of the globalist rant, and turned a few.

“Alt Right” simply became a way to add “right wing” baggage into a promising pro-White movement and led to its destruction. “Neo-reaction” seems to have been created precisely to keep Whites arguing over an ideology and never make racial distinctions – especially, to prevent any mention of the anti-Whiteness of Ashkenazi Jews. In fact, NRx goes to hysterical extremes to include anti-White Ashkenazi Jews as “neo-reactionaries” while anathematizing pro-Whites who object to anti-White Jews or won’t subscribe to various hypothetical intellectual obsessions.

It’s putting the cart before the horse. Without Whites, there aren’t going to be any conservative Whites, nor libertarian Whites. So like a tree falling in the forest with no one around to hear it, no Whites are going to hear you signalling how principled you are about private property rights and the non-aggression principle.

Do you think any non-Whites will care what some conservative, “right wing” libertarian ideologue White thinks about anything?

I’m not White supremacist enough to think they would, or should.

Conservative Lies About Tradition, Example 526


President Barack Obama, Trump’s predecessor, had made a point of his anationalism. For a time, by way of illustration, he refused to wear the traditional flag lapel pin worn by politicians in office.

You see how they lie? They flat out make up lies suggesting that wearing a flag lapel pin is a “tradition,” some long standing habit that US Presidents and Representatives have done. Ask the typical conservative moron and they will probably tell you that George Washington first wore a flag lapel pin until Barack Hussein Obama stopped doing it, probably because the Egyptian Brotherhood told him not to.

Wearing a flag lapel pin is not a “tradition.” It was started by Zionist neo-conservatives in the Bush administration, after 9/11, to make a claim on patriotism.

The same people who let 9/11 happen, on purpose, and in fact were almost certainly directly involved in the plot. They were the opposite of “patriots” – they were traitors. Which is of course why they had to wear a flag pin, to give the appearance of being patriotic while they were committing treason.

The “tradition” dates to October, 2001.

All the military-worship dates to the end of the draft. When American men had to actually join the military and go fight they were quite cynical about the military bureaucracy. But when the draft was ended, all of a sudden these same American men spent a lot of time publically announcing how much they “supported the troops” precisely because they were not about to actually sign up and go die in some third world mudhole because some corporation, headquartered in an off-shore tax haven, wasn’t meeting quarterly revenue goals because some government decided to raise taxes.

So if you aren’t actually going to put your own ass on the line “defending” a corporation you don’t own stock in, the easiest solution is to blabber in public about how much you “support our troops.” It’s easier to wear a two dollar flag pin – made in China – than actually inconvenience yourself joining the military.

And if you are a traitor working for a foreign government, the best way to hide is to wear a flag pin on your suit coat. After all, that is how stupid conservatives are. Literally. They think, “well, that politician is wearing a flag pin, he must support the troops!”

I’d feel a deep sense of shame if anyone were to ever confuse me with a conservative.

Walter Oleg On The Right & The Left

The globalist elites have a “home game” and an “away game.” The home game (in the West) is political correctness, White genocide, and degeneracy of all sorts. The away game (in the non-West) is war, neo-liberal privatization, and coup d’etats. The main job of the left in America is to carry out the home game while the right pretends to oppose them. The main job of the right is to carry out the away game while the left pretends to oppose them.

Now the overall game is getting screwed up for them. And we’re seeing tantrums by the globalist rightwing (at the behest for their big globalist bosses).

— Walter Oleg


The Jenny Erikson Charity Spank-Off

So, the manosphere, especially the Christian and traditional blogs, have been closely following the very public divorce of Leif and Jenny Erikson. A conspiracy theory has already been suggested: Jenny Erikson is a creation of dalrock, a fake personality intended to show the absolute worst of modern American white women. Jenny was a paid Republican party hack, suckering conservative Christians into voting for the plutocrats, gangsters, cultists, and hucksters that are the modern GOP. Leif was some sort of honest working engineer, with a stable white collar job, providing for his wife and their two children.

Then Jenny goes all “eat, pray, love” and said she was unhaaaaaapy so she decided to break the vows she took before God, her family, and her community and got a divorce.

Now I’m no expert on women, and am obviously a complete failure at maintaining a long term relationship with a woman, so this is probably a terrible solution, but it’s the only one I can think of. Jenny Erikson needs a good spanking. From Leif, her husband.

Now convincing Jenny to submit to a much deserved and obviously well needed spanking is likely not as hard as it may seem. She’s clearly a narcissist and an attention whore, and other than whatever alimony and child support she is stealing from Leif using the power of the police state, she makes her money on publicity and blog hits. So I figure appealing to this side of her might very well work.

So, I propose a Jenny Erikson Charity Spank-Off. Everyone chips in some amount of dollars per spank, so the more times Leif spanks Jenny, the more money raised. We will donate it to the charity of Jenny’s choice, minus whatever fee she wants. The actual spanking will be posted on youtube, with Jenny keeping whatever ad revenue it generates.

It sounds like a win-win, for Leif, for Jenny, and all the rubberneckers online watching this particular car crash in real time.

So, what do you say, Jenny? It’s for a good cause! It’s for charity!