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Crisis Acting is a Growing Field

Anytime there’s some sort of mass shooting or event people immediately go to youtube to point out flaws in the media narration. Considering how the media literally just makes shit up all the time, you really have to give the conspiracy theorists credit for at least questioning what they see on the TV.

At the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, there were all sorts of theories. One interesting thing about the shooting is that the supposed perp is the not only the son of an obvious CIA asset – his father actually runs a TV show on Afghanistan (i.e., Voice of America) ran for President of Afghanistan, and was even invited to the Hillary Clinton nomination, to sit behind the candidate, mere months after his son supposedly shot up a bunch of Latino LGBTs in the name of ISIS and Allah.

Not only was the TV News coverage of the event outright weird, and in some cases staged – including green screens and hilariously bad acting – it’s just come out that the hospital has decided to “forgive” the medical bills of everyone treated there due to the alleged shootings.

Uh-huh. One assumes actually billing all those hundreds of victims might have just created too much paperwork that might have been subject to a court review. So – no big deal just cancel the bills – not like hospitals are starving for money or anything.

So this crazy guy, Miles W. Mathis, has a lot of weird pseudo-scientific nonsense about math and physics and also some truly bizarre historical conspiracy theories. I can’t buy into 80%, maybe 90% of his stuff.

But here’s an interesting one. It’s been discussed before. It’s historical. But really – what the hell was the whole Manson Family thing? The story never really made sense and the entire thing was literally staged by actors – on an actual movie set – people that had produced, directed, and acted in film after film about Satanic Ritual Sex Murders – until it happened “for real.”

Just like that “radical mosque” that was preaching jihad just spitting distance from the headquarters of the CIA (don’t worry, we were told, the CIA was keeping an eye on them. It didn’t stop a few congregants from showing up fighting ISIS Al Qaeda back in the early 2000s.)

So the Manson thing was the “end of the hippie movement” and the Manson trials were the most famous, most expensive trial in history – complete with photogenic hippie chicks covered on TV every day.

As evidence for that, we find that in April of 1969, one of the lesser and younger (age 15) Manson girls, RuthAnn Morehouse, was arrested and placed in juvenile hall. She was released into the custody of George Spahn, who acted as a foster parent in the eyes of the court. What? RuthAnn’s father Dean was not dead, and Spahn was no relation. Nor was he fit to be a foster parent, being in his 80’s and legally blind. He was not fit to be a foster parent, but he was fit (we suppose) to be her handler. Someone simply arranged for her to be returned to the set, since she was one of the props. Ed Sanders implies that this was a measure of the power Manson had, but Manson had no power in juvenile courts.

and …

For more proof this was all a movie, we can ask, Where did the “Manson family” live? The SPAHN’S MOVIE
RANCH! Wikipedia tells us it was “used for filming generally Western-themed movies and
television programs. With mountainous terrain, boulder-strewn scenery, and an ‘old Western town’ set, Spahn Ranch was a versatile filming site for many scripts.” Hmmm. That’s curious, wouldn’t you say?
The perpetrators were living on a movie set.

We are told that Mr. Spahn allowed the Manson family to move in rent-free in 1968. So nice of
him. Then as now, old ranchers just love young hippies to hang around, smoking dope, shagging each other, and creating big piles of trash. Also convenient for the government is that all the buildings and sets were destroyed by a fire in 1970, preventing anyone from doing any forensic work there.


By this time, the ranch had turned into a huge magnet for runaways and juvenile delinquents from all over the state, and the mainstream story admits that the LA police were well aware of it. And yet we are supposed to believe nothing was done? Reagan sends in the National Guard to bust up college students making speeches and planting trees, but he and the LA police and the state police leave a huge hippie commune in the LA suburbs alone, even while it is allegedly making porn films, acting as a nudist retreat, harboring underage girls, selling drugs, kidnapping schoolgirls, stealing cars, running motorcycle and dune buggy races, threatening neighbors, storing weapons, giving loud all-night parties, fraternizing with biker gangs and Satanists, and so on? We are expected to believe that all these local agencies are going to not only turn a blind eye to the Spahn Ranch, but return an arrested 15-year-old girl to the premises, in the care of Mr. Magoo, I mean George Spahn?

So, Hollywood you a half dozen Satanic Murder Movies, then it happens “for real” on the TV news – starring the same actors, directors, and producers – and plots – as in the half dozen Satanic Baby Murder movies you watched in the 1960s. It’s widely covered in the culture as the “end of the hippie dream” and “discredits” all those supposedly anti-war people.

The whole thing happens under the noses of the LAPD, down the road from the Defense Department’s own Hollywood movie studio, Lookout Mountain.


Really, the question has to be asked – how ridiculous do the stories have to be until even YOU won’t believe it? Why in the world did you ever assume the TV News was “real” anyway?

Remember the Trayvon thing? They admitted to editing the 911 phone calls. Does the TV news always have such a tenuous relationship to the facts?

I swear, if the Project Bluebeam stuff is real – if, let’s say, the TV news one day said that Little Green Men from Mars were invading earth and the UN was sending a delegation or something. You know holographic technology does exist – so you even see something in the sky.

Face it – you wouldn’t question a thing. You’d line up at the processing centers or whatever. You’d get really, really angry at anyone who suggested it was a hoax.

TV Isn’t Real You Fucking Morons

Grow the hell up.

I’m reading the comments over at Radix Journal about the TV shooting. A poster, Ed Edgerton suggests maybe it’s a “false flag” and one commenter in particular, SL Cain, goes fucking nuts.


He starts name-calling, demanding that “conspiracy theorists” be banned, making up all sorts of bizarre strawmen and otherwise makes an ass of himself.

I do think he’s serious – he’s scared. Literally terrified – this man has almost certainly been watching TV for his entire life and even the thought that the TV might be “fake” not “real” would suggest he’s been nothing but an ignorant dupe for his entire life.

It’s terrifying for him – it’s scary.

Interestingly too is when he says that Edgerton should go to the purported victim’s father and tell him it was fake. I remember this tactic from the 9/11 days. Any time we suggested it was a “false flag” or that the government was lying, someone would say, “oh yeah go tell that to the victim’s families, they will kick you ass!”

I was like, hey buddy we ARE THE VICTIM’S FAMILIES. The 9/11 Truth movement was *started* by the survivors and the victim’s families. The only reason there was even an investigation is because the “Jersey Girls” – the four famous widows – spent two years campaigning for it. The Bush administration didn’t even want an investigation.

Now it’s funny, you have people on the comment thread calling for terrorism, murder and violence – posing as tough guys on the internet. But suggesting the TV isn’t real, that it’s fiction, that TV is full of actors – that’s when they start to lose their shit.

They have been sitting on their fat asses staring into a box with blinking lights and believing it’s “real” since they were CHILDREN – and any interruption from the brainwashing drives them into fits of rage.

Can these people even distinguish reality from Reality TV?


It doesn’t matter the event, it doesn’t matter the situation, it doesn’t matter the specifics, it doesn’t matter the evidence. If it’s on TV – IT MUST BE TRUE. They are living in a sort of virtual reality in which their actual cognition is mediated by technology.

Here’s the thing – it’s THEIR story. They don’t know any of the people involved. They didn’t witness the event. Even the video itself doesn’t actually show what people think it shows. We don’t have to prove anything – they have to prove that the TV show is real. Everyone is sitting in front of their computers and TV watching a fucking video with people they don’t know showing events they didn’t witness, yet they believe everything. It’s like a religion – they have “faith” that the TV news would never lie to them.

It’s frankly childish. People say “is everything a conspiracy?” My question is, “do you really believe everything on TV is real?”

This is the battle of the 21st Century, whether human beings will still be able to maintain a sense of reality in the face of the online world. When everyone is going around wearing Google Glass, having internet videos beamed into their retina, will they even be able to tell reality from virtual reality?

As you can see we’ve already lost a few generations to fucking TV shows. These are the idiots that complain because the TV shows aren’t wholesome Andy Griffith Leave it to Beaver shows. To them, the problem is they don’t like what’s on the TV anymore.

They can’t even begin to comprehend the problem is THEM staring at the electronic box all day long and thinking it’s real.

Now I wasn’t around or watching the news when the Sandy Hook thing happened, so I don’t know much about it either way. However, I do remember reading that the survivors of Sandy Hook formed a little children’s chorus and sang for the Superbowl.

Ok folks, please – think rationally. Your child has just survived a mass murder where they watched their classmates get gunned down by a psychopath. So you, as a parent, do what … tour with them around the country doing media stunts? Is that how a normal parent acts? Really?

It is legal for the government to stage events. They passed legislation a few years ago spelling this out explicitly. Why would they actually make legislation to allow the government to stage fake events if the government wasn’t going to do it?

The fact of the matter is people like SL Cain are idiots living in a fantasy world. People like that are so freaking gullible they would probably literally believe Little Green Men from Mars were invading earth if they saw it on the TV news. It’s been nearly a hundred years since the infamous War of the World radio show that had average White Americans driving to the hill to hide out from Martian invaders – and that was an admitted fictional broadcast. Imagine if they played it as if it was news?

Is there any doubt that SL Cain – and people like him – would be packing up the family and running for the hills before the Aliens got him?

I can tell you this, the media people in New York City I used to know – their contempt for the rubes in flyover country knew no bounds – and they were right to have such contempt.


The description from the CNN video above:

Just like the movie Wag the Dog, CNN is caught here faking news coverage of the Persian Gulf War during the early 1990’s. I’m sure they’ve gotten much better at it over the years. Charles Jaco was the CNN reporter in this video. The first part shows the stage set he was on, and he was clowning around with fellow CNN staff. The Saudi Arabian “hotel” in the background were fake palm trees and a blue wall in a studio. This clip was leaked by CNN staff. The second part of this video was a live CNN satellite feed recorded onto VHS showing the final cut. Charles Jaco was wearing a different jacket, but he had the same act. The acting was terrible as Charles Jaco wore a gas mask, and his fellow correspondent Carl Rochelle wore a helmet. The sirens and missile sound effects are part of the stage set. The camera never pans out or shows the sky. These clips are the highest quality of this newscast and behind the scenes.

Now here’s something else interesting. Reddit’s conspiracy forum is a very mixed bag, some very good information and some down right hokey nonsense. But the amount of trolls – angry, sputtering, cursing attacks on anyone questioning the latest TV news show – I mean, why would anyone bother?

There are two whole sections of reddit created specifically to attack the conspiracy section, both of them obviously from a pro-Israel position attacking the conspiracy denizens as “anti-semites.”

But aside from that obvious hasbara – why would anyone care? A few nut jobs posting crazy conspiracy theories on the internet – who cares? What in the world would possess someone to spend time and energy attacking them?

Some of it is what I suspect to be actual black ops, the exact kind detailed in the Snowden documents. But I’m guessing that is but a minority of it.

What is really happening is that people get ANGRY – downright HOSTILE – when anyone suggests that their TV News shows are fake and that they are being systematically deceived.

This triggers something psychological in people.

Islamic State Furious About Conspiracy Theories and 9/11 Truthers!

Especially to my WN readers: look back a few years at the WN leaders who promoted hysteria about Muslim terrorism, who promoted government and Zionist propaganda about “Islamic State” or “Al Qaeda” and ask yourself, why?

Simply go back as far as the Charlie Hebdo attacks, or even the Norway Utoya attacks: which WN were siding with the terrorists, promoting the government line, and attacking dissidents?

James Corbett of the excellent Corbett report quotes the Islamic State’s glossy magazine complaining about “conspiracy theorists” who don’t really believe that Islamic State is what it says it is and dismisses their propaganda – especially the propaganda “discovered” by Israeli outfits like Ritz Katz and her “SITE Intelligence Group” which is where most of the “jihadist” videos are “discovered” online.

Corbett also quotes DIA documents from a few years ago calling for an Islamic State-like entity to attack Syria specifically and the Shia Crescent generally. A year later, Islamic State is born.

Ask yourself this: do you think your favorite writers at, say, some of the more famous high brow WN sites actually ever go into things like declassified DIA documents? Or do you think they just sort of “wing it” when it comes to current events? There are not a few WN leaders – the ones that speak at conferences and go from country to country – that have admitted they have a rather pragmatic view of “truth.”

Just think people – conservatives and anti-feminists get banned from Twitter daily – YET – Twitter can do nothing about “Islamic State” and other terrorist groups using their platform to spread “terrorist propaganda?”

Remember when “ISIS hackers” hacked the Twitter account of the US military? Did you really believe that particular stunt?

Just remember that there are ostensibly “serious” WN outfits that play along with neo-con propaganda all the time.

Manipulating Taboos For Fun And Profit

http://anolen.wordpress.com is my new favorite site. The series of articles about Benny Johnson of Buzzfeed caught my eye. Johnson is apparently an asset of the “intelligence community” and possibly, accidentally, stepped on a few toes by pointing out the similarities between the Ed Snowden “NSA humble-bragging” op and a similar “NSA humble-bragging” op back in the 1970s. Every once in a while, the NSA will send out someone to say, “man, the NSA are the best intelligence agency on the planet, they have all your phones tapped.”

The audience is the NSA’s opponents (like the Russian KGB/FSB, “suck it FSB we run the internet!”) as well as their domestic constituency (Congressman: “I better vote for more money for NSA as they probably have all my emails with my mistress, or maybe even video of that weekend in Vegas!”)

Johnson also poses as a “conservative.” He follows the leftist script of what a conservative is:

1) a rabid homophobe that comes across as a closeted gay.
2) a race-baiter that comes across as a dorky “uncool” white guy who secretly envies cool, hip minorities
3) a xenophobe that has low-status attitudes towards immigration.

He worked for a left-wing “intelligence community” propaganda organ, buzzfeed, and now works for Jeb Bush at IJReview, mocking Jeb Bush’s conservative, grassroots, Buchananite opponents.

Once you see the pattern it is all very obvious. In fact, clicking over to IJReview, I came across one of the most blatant, effective – and sheer awesome on a trolling level – “false flag psyops campaign” I ever knew about.

Come on, think back, five years ago? Some crazy cult group of Kansas fundamentalists who hated gays all of a sudden become an international sensation, with publicity stunts at military funerals, awesome, click bait social media videos and songs parodying pop tunes, and semi-political videos saying that Obama was the anti-christ?

So apparently on Jeb Bush’s IJReview they are still getting publicity. Jeb Bush’s IJReview has a story about the WBC with a picture of an attractive young white woman holding up a sign attacking Ireland for passing gay marriage. The article is supposed to be that the idiot fundamentalists turned the Irish flag upside down which is actually the flag of some African hellhole where they eat gays. One suspects that Jeb Bush’s team needs to discipline the grassroots religious right if he’s going to win.

So, you see, how it happened is this. Fred Phelps was likely a truly crazy nut who really hated gays and was a cynical lawyer making money off of suing for “racism” even though he himself was as racist as anyone. Phelps was likely a sociopath and was obviously sadistic – his family would have been the first victims.

So these people have been around for 20 years and have been in the press before but they are tiny cranks completely focused on gays and no one really pays attention to them.

Then, a man appears out of nowhere – actually, Steve Drain comes from Florida, interestingly. Drain “converts” to WBC and turns their media operation into something professional enough for prime time. Drain turns the WBC church into a full time online media company. The Phelps family – especially the young attractive girls – will become the new face of the WBC, preaching, dancing, and singing pop songs with the lyrics changed to the most comically anti-military and anti-homosexual slogans ever:

“God hates fags” “God hates America” “America’s Troops are in Hell.”

This is 4chan-worthy stuff, yet it was taken all very, very seriously by the very, very serious left who intoned seriously about “homophobia caused by religion.” But everyone knew that these people were cranks and it put actual anti-gay religious groups on the defensive. They had to constantly say, “no we don’t hate gays, we’re not like those crazy nuts.”

So – in what should have been obvious to the dimmest among us – WBC was able to unite two seemingly opposed groups – the military with its don’t ask don’t tell policy and the LGBT “community” – and hushed up the major opposition to repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and allowing “open” LGBT people in the military – the religious right.

Now, guess if the people who were helping them get all that online publicity were getting paid to do so.

Think real hard. I realize that “conspiracies” tend to give the smartest among us a big headache.

Well, the scam became even more obvious when the WBC were rolled out to help the US military propaganda in the middle east. So one day at Gitmo some US soldiers are “interrogating” “terrorists” by “accidentally leaking human urine and feces on a Koran.” Either, in Gitmo, one of the toilets had accidentally leaked on a Koran we had given to the inmates, or, you know, they use ritual humiliation and religious taboo-breaking as part of “enhanced interrogation techniques.”

Well, the WBC did what they do, and went to the Iraqi embassy in DC and burned a Koran.

But all of a sudden, the WBC online sales team dropped the ball. There were no angry crowds like there were everywhere else, and no cameramen showed up, and few articles were written about it. The TV completely ignored it.

Right before this event, WBC was daily news. Then, during this event, radio silence. Then, after they did something else, they were back on weekly.

Why that one event – perhaps their first event specifically dealing with Muslims – didn’t make the news is an interesting question. My guess is that it was sort of a trial run. But at some point, DOD needs anti-Muslim sentiment otherwise people won’t want to bomb them. So you need a bunch of audience members who will say, “yeah fuck those Mussie scum I hope you do bomb them and piss on the Koran.” You see, that audience reaction is still important.

But religious yokels screaming about “fags” – that is as passe as Moral Re-Armament was in the 1950s.

Bikers Can Be Both Vets and Gays - the perfect foil to WBC.
Bikers Can Be Both Vets and Gays – the perfect foil to WBC.

(Hey, Nolen, check out what Moral Re-Armament is doing today, and compare and constrast them with the “Family/Fellowship” group of today – same language is used, same background in industrialists using religion against union organizing!)

So what happened eventually is that a new fundie church was found, Terry Jones and the Dove Worldwide Outreach Center. They, interestingly enough, also came from Florida – just like Steve Drain and Jeb Bush. Anyway, these people were against gay marriage too, but they were really all about burning Korans. They actually staged a “cross-over” appearance, where it was announced on TV that this new Florida church would hold a protest with the Westboros about something or other. The WBC were unimpressed – these people were not nearly as radical and they cared more about hating Muslim than hating US soldiers. So this new church was denounced by the WBC – and this was announced in the mainstream media who took a break from selling toothpaste with soft porn to tell us this important news!

Then, this new Florida church decided to burn a Koran. No one had ever heard of these people before, of course, but one day they were on every channel. “Live breaking news, some unheard of religious cranks in Florida are going to burn a Koran in their backyard. CNN is live at the scene.”

“Thanks Charlie, now we’ve just called up the top level Pentagon brass who have decided to tell us their opinion about this non-story by non-people somewhere in Florida that no one ever heard of or can tell us why we are even discussing it.”

“Bill, as a three-star General heading up our liberation forces in Afghanistan, I just want to say that I’m disgusted with what these people are doing and I and our armed forces hold the Koran with utmost respect. In fact, I’ve read it and I’d just like to say “Allah Allah jibar rimshalla.”

After WBC had served it purpose – the majority of Americans now supported gay marriage and LGBTs serving openly in the US military – they were shunted around for a while. The ADL/$PLC types publicized them doing some “anti-semitic” stunts attacking Jews and Isreal and did some fundraisers to “oppose them” until Fred Phelps died. Drain had long ago sent his daughter to “defect” and she did a media appearance about how she loves gays now and just wants a “normal life.”

Anonlen talks about E. Michael Jones’ Libido Dominati about how sex in general, and pornography specifically, can be used to manipulate people. But the reverse is also true; religions tend to use a kind of sexual repression and that can be just as easy to manipulate as a “liberated sexuality” – in fact, it’s all about playing that line between allowed and forbidden – the stronger you inculcate a taboo, the easier it is to “tweak” that taboo.

So, teenage horniness vs. the “shame of teenage motherhood.” Strong feminist women who would never submit to a man often fantasize about the worst kinds of sexist rape and violence – BDSMers have known this for a long, long time.

Now, dear readers, knowing what you know now, take a look back in time, say, to
the “abortion wars” of the 1970s and 1980s – and how the pro-life, religious side never
won a single battle, did they?

At the height of their popularity there was a string of “pro-life terrorist attacks” on abortion clinics.

In fact, there was a nation-wide conspiracy of anti-choice religious fanatics that “weren’t afraid to use violence” to save babies. Remember? They were called Al Qaeda Islamic State Westboro Baptist Church Dove World Outreach Center the Army of God.

It’s like stealing candy from a baby – they never, ever, ever figure it out.

9/11 was not altogether different – they even had a feature film made the day of 9/11 that has all but gone down the memory hole, as it’s just too obvious – even for dimwitted conservatives. Let me tell you about the Naudet Brothers and the Islamic Thinkers Society …

Talk about trauma based mind control!

Like Stealing Candy From a Baby: Altogether Now for the Two Minute Hate! WBC sucks!
Like Stealing Candy From a Baby: Altogether Now for the Two Minute Hate! WBC sucks!

Clerics Are Cheaper Than Call Girls

Former Air Force Gets Leaked FBI Docs Showing CIA Complicity in 2002 Anthrax Attacks. He’s Arrested, Tortured, Drugged, Accused Of Spying For Russia And Child Porn


Nothing to see here, folks!

Forced injection of drugs – just like they tried to do to Susan Lindauer. Even if he is a homosexual pedophile, the child porn charges are obviously not the main point here

According to the FBI’s own report, Matt was detained because he was “wanted for questioning in an espionage matter.”

But 9/11 was 14 years ago! It clearly has no more relevance – until you have copies of classified documents that were part of the cover-up.

We’ve known for years – it is acknowledged by everyone now, that the Anthrax Attacks – right after the 9/11 attacks, were an “inside job” and came from a strain of anthrax from a US military lab in Ft. Meade, Maryland. An “insider” was arrested – and later committed suicide – for doing this acknowledged “inside job.”

It was not particularly subtle either – “DEATH TO AMERICA DEATH TO ISRAEL PRAISE ALLAH!” – and the letters were sent to the opposition party politicians that were blocking the PATRIOT Act.

Think back, Dear Reader. Did you actually think that it came from some dusky A-Rabs in Al Qaeda?

The FBI has acknowledged that there was further questioning of Matt during his time in jail, but it will not reveal specifics, saying the reports are “classified.” On one occasion, Matt says, he was restrained naked, with a black pillowcase over his head, and tased. He says that agents interrogated him over and over about WikiLeaks, Anonymous, the Shell, and the Air National Guard. According to Matt, one agent said that he knew the charges of child pornography were bogus, and that he could help get them dropped if Matt chose to cooperate.

Matt also claims that the FBI tried to use his allegiance to his father against him. He says agents produced surveillance photos that showed him sitting in the car with his father outside the Russian Embassy. The agents somehow even had audio recordings of their conversation and knew what he and his father had been discussing.

Leann was another story: She wanted to hear whatever Matt wanted to tell her. If Paul didn’t want to know, so be it — she’d assume the risk. “If anything ever happens to me,” she recalls Matt telling her, “I want you to know what I know.”

But she believes that what she saw was true: the agrochemical company’s culpability in 13,000 deaths, the CIA’s role in the anthrax attacks. She tells more than Matt had recalled, stories that sound too incredible to be true: a report that says the CIA explored plans to put anthrax in a New Jersey bay in order to drum up support for the war. “That’s what they were going to do,” she recalls, “And I remember reading that and saying [to Matt], ‘OK, all right, I know you’re not crazy.’”

But, invariably, many hearing this story now will not be so understanding. “This is real,” she tells me one afternoon as we talk in a Chinese restaurant near her and Paul’s apartment in Ontario. “I saw it,” she goes on, as her voice falters and eyes redden, “and that’s when the lights start going on, and I’m thinking to myself, Now that’s something you’d torture somebody for.”

Now what I’d like to know is what exactly makes a “conspiracy theory.” Thanks to a new clickbait “conspiracy theory” website, http://www.conspiracyclub.co/2015/01/30/cia-admitted-staging-fake-isisbeheading-video/ – one very interesting article was saved from the memory hole.

Washington Post – 2010

(As far as I know, the Washington Post is not considered to be a “conspiracy theory website.”)


Notice how the CIA is desribed as “wacky” – like “wacky” spy Maxwell Smart! These guys are just bumbling fools, comedians – and hilarious!

The agency actually did make a video purporting to show Osama bin Laden and his cronies sitting around a campfire swigging bottles of liquor and savoring their conquests with boys, one of the former CIA officers recalled, chuckling at the memory. The actors were drawn from “some of us darker-skinned employees,” he said.

Now – nobody tell Greg Johnson of Counter Currents or Gregory Hood and Richard Spencer of National Policy Institute, but the Washington Post just reported that all the way back in 2003 the CIA was making fake videos of Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.

When we said “the videos are fake” – back in 2003, as well as currently with all the ISIS atrocity videos – we got labeled as “conspiracy theorists” and the serious, responsible dissidents – like Greg Johnson and Richard Spencer and Gregory Hood – along with other “alternative dissident” writers like Noam Chomsky and Amy Goodman – all distanced themselves.

In fact, many on the “alt right” denounced the “conspiracy theorists” and instead said, “hey, it’s just Muslims being Muslim!”

I guess they didn’t read the Washington Post.

You know, back in the 50s and 60s – when the current “liberal” regime came into power – the conservatives, the right-wing, the reactionaries….

They were obsessed with foreign Communists. These Communists were “Russians” not the original Bolsheviks of the early days of the USSR. To the conservatives, the right-wingers, the reactionaries – these Russian “Communists” – “Ruskies” – were engaged in a massive world wide conspiracy and responsible for floridation in drinking water. (Hilariously, no one pretends that floride in drinking water has a noticeable impact on dental health these days.)

These conservatives, right-wingers, and reactionaries never seemed to notice that the actual “Communist Conspiracy” attacking their culture and even biological integrity was headquartered in New York, not Moscow.

These days, we have “right wingers,” “conservatives” “alt-righters” and “White Nationalists” thinking that the Muslim Conspiracy – “DEATH TO AMERICA! DEATH TO ISRAEL! PRAISE ALLAH!” – is headquartered in Basra as opposed to at the office of Rita Katz’ SITE Intelligence Group in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

The thing is, White people that have actually heard of SITE Intelligence Group are probably “conspiracy theorists” and are almost certainly critical of Zionism and certain aspects of globalism – whether they are “right wing Whites” or “left wing Whites.”

Yet the “White Nationalist” movement – the most professional blogs, the most educated and best-written of them – want to write off this actual, grassroots “conspiracy theorist,” implicitly – sometimes explicitly – white group.

Because the National Policy Institute and Counter Currents don’t want to “get involved in any conspiracy theories.”

Oh, but that doesn’t mean they actually get to be “respectable” though – Counter Currents was just relieved of their clickbait money at Amazon.com.

So pretending to believe in ISIS … “DEATH TO AMERICA! DEATH TO ISRAEL! PRAISE ALLAH!” …

it’s not buying them anything – is it?

Let’s say one day the Empire decided to invade the rural South. Then, all of a sudden, some Westboro Baptist Church-cum-Kevin Smith’s Red State “Christian” group shows up. Now, it does a perfect job “interpreting the Bible” just like a true Primitive Baptist Church does. Think that Florida church that used to burn the Koran every once in a while. They get massive media exposure, and they are “terrorists” – they even make “terrorist” videos of their crimes.

It all happens far away from your Madison, Wisconsin townhouse, mind you. But you can certainly believe those Crazy Right Wing Religious Racist Nutjob Christians in Dixie would totally be Lynching Negroes and holding secret, Satanic, KKK rallies. Plus, they are probably gay and fuck boys.

Come on, admit it. You’d totally believe it. And there would be plenty of Nice White Liberal bloggers who would get click-bait from these stories.

It’s like outrage porn, right? Arrogant political speeches from Radical Anti-Choice Clinic Bombers.

Now, how easy would it be to find some “real” Christian-Zionist from Texas and have him deliver youtube sermons about nuking Iran for Israel. Or, how about some “real” Muslim from Iran talking about nuking Israel for Islam?

Here’s a handy Hipster Racist fact:

Clerics are cheaper than call girls.

(P.S. – just in case I’m not clear, “Clerics Are Cheaper Than Call Girls” is not some profound statement on religion or sex. It’s more like a statement of basic economic fact. Call girls are like hundreds of dollars an hour. Clerics – rabbis, imams, priests, preachers, and the like – can often be had for something close to minimum wage.)

NPI Gets A Clue

The National Policy Institute is “real” – it has a budget. Richard Spencer is a professional. In theory, it’s a pro-White think tank. It could be lobbying officials to restrict immigration or just put out policy papers in the interests of White people.

RadixJournal.com usually has some interesting articles. Gregory Hood, who I’ve been reading for years since he used to post on OccidentalDissent, blogs there.

But I was shocked when I read Louis Jahn’s Major National Security Threats article. In it, he:

1. Refers to Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 as a “false flag.”

2. Acknowledges that NATO has been arming our “enemy” ISIS/ISIL.

For a White Nationalist blog, this shows a huge amount of courage. Gregory Johnson of Counter Currents, for example, attacks “conspiracy theorists.” But of course, if you read the comments on the Radix thread, the usual suspects are trying to shove everything back into the militia/counter-jihad box.

But it is like watching a light bulb go off over someone’s head. For once. Maybe there is some hope for this “White Nationalist” movement after all.


The story of Dr. Steven Jones of Brigham Young University is quite telling. He’s just some work-a-day chemist and studies the dust from the World Trade Center demolition on 9/11.

Immediately, someone in the “nuclear industry” contacts him, demanding his retract his paper. Jones is offered money for co-operation, or losing his job if he does not.

Why would anyone bother to attack some work-a-day chemist for publishing a “conspiracy theory?”

In Hypothesis, they interview the guy that threatened and attempted to bribe Dr. Jones (he lost his job anyway. 9/11 Truth is not quite illegal, but it’s pretty close. You can be fired. It’s just like “racism” or “anti-semitism” in that way.)

Anyway, watch the shill as he explains why he threatened/bribed Dr. Jones. Listen to him explain that Dr. Jones might be “helping terrorists” if he publishes about the thermetic material found in the dust.

He obviously doesn’t do a convincing job, but it doesn’t matter.

This is how the system works. Dissident are threatened or bought off.

Da White Man’s Science

So, remember, the US and Turkey are major allies. The Turks had been genociding the Kurds for 20 years, and with the US invading Iraq, they wanted to go ahead and openly take over. But the Israelis wanted to work with the Kurds, against Iraq and Iran. Two months before 9/11 – when the neo-cons were planning the war against Iraq, they told Turkey – no, they couldn’t take over Kurdistan, because the Israelis were working with the Kurds, against Iran. Turkey was pissed, so the would not officially let the US launch planes from NATO bases in Turkey.

Do even of your morons even remember this major international event covered all over the news? Probably not. I bet now you think it’s a “conspiracy theory.”

So, one interesting thing – when the Turks were genociding the Kurds, the most famous “human rights activist” and “dissident American intellectual” – Noam Chomsky – was telling the story of how the Kurds were being massacred by Turkey, and how Turkey was NATO, and isn’t it horrible what all you White Privilege Americans and your allies Turkey are doing to these innocent people.

Of course, Noam Chomsky – a Jew, of course – went around the country telling White Americans how “racist” they were, but for some reason just forgot to mention how Israel – his people, Jews – were involved in the same thing, they just wanted to work with Kurdish terrorists to massacre Persians and Turks.

Noam Chomsky was “the” left wing intellectual during the 1980s and 1990s, he sold millions of books and had a very famous hagiography about him, Manufacture of Consent.

Of course, Noam Chomsky spent the rest of his career, after 9/11, attacking the 9/11 Truth movement. He said “who care who did it, people get killed all the time” and called 9/11 Truthers “conspiracy theorists.”

During that time, Dr. Steven Jones of Brigham Young University – the guy who studied multiple samples of the World Trade Center dust and discovered evidence of the now almost certain method of demolition – thermetic material, a modified form of thermite – that had apparently just been patented by the Army a few years before – was getting his life threatened, his family threaten, and was eventually fired for his job for performing 10th Grade Physics.

I just read Greg Johnson’s Counter Currents 10 Year Anniversary threads – more than half a dozen articles about 9/11 – and what is really funny, there’s not a single actual piece of EVIDENCE – nor any sort of PHYSICS analysis – you know, PHYSICS – that discovery of the White Man that allows us to build skyscrapers in the first place? – nope, the Big Brains over at Counter Currents – including Matt Parrott – for whatever reason don’t like to discuss EVIDENCE, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, nor any of that “White Man’s Magic” – the Counter Currents crowd would rather discuss ancient religions, the Old Testament, Jews, Christians, and Matt Parrot making sure we all knows he doesn’t believe in any of that “weird archaeology” but never the less is still a Mormon and his religion is really important….but he sure as hell doesn’t believe in any “crazy conspiracy theory” like that there were bombs in the WTC and that the buildings were demolished.


That’s why Greg Johnson lets him write on Counter Current apparently, because he doesn’t believe in any of those “conspiracy theories” like the controlled demolition of World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, and 7.

You see, the way Noam Chomsky kept his “credibility” was by never breathing a world about Dr. Steven Jones of Brigham Young University nor Dr. Neils Harrit of the University of Copenhagen nor architect Richard Gage of Architects and Engineer for 9/11 Truth – you know, White men, scientists, physicists, and people that had actually looked at the physical evidence.

The way you know that guys like Noam Chomsky, Greg Johnson, and Matt Parrot have the Big Brains is because they want to talk about Magic, not Science. Science, apparently, is a “conspiracy theory” and people who believe in science and evidence are “crazy.”

You know, the White Man’s Science. It’s probably racist anyway.

Truthers And Liars And “Conspiracy Theories”

“They call it the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.” — George Carlin

It’s my new mantra: “I don’t believe it.” I find it works with a lot of things.

Whenever I’m in the mood for some high brow White Nationalism, I head over to Greg Johnson’s “Counter Currents” which publishes a huge number of various authors loosely associated with the “New Right.” I’ve been reading Greg Johnson for years, and I find my own ideas pretty much match with his, but one thing about him annoys me to no end – his pathetic lashing out at “conspiracy theorists” and even using that all-purpose political slur, “tinfoil hatters.” This makes Johnson not only an asshole, and a tool, it also calls his credibility and character into question.

From what I can tell, the term “conspiracy theorist” orginiated after the JFK assassination. People who did not buy the official story were said to believe in a “wider conspiracy.” We now actually have declassified CIA documents suggesting purposeful use of the term to discredit various political dissident.

Well, I’m a “conspiracy theorist” because I don’t believe any of it – nothing of the post WWII American story is true, it’s all lies, all sleight of hand. If you believe it – fine, but I just don’t buy it.

Did a handful of Freemasons really play golf on the moon during the Nixon administration? I don’t believe it. Oh sure, I can’t prove it to you, but you can’t prove it to me either. I’ve seen the video – looks fake as hell to me. Got anything better?

But I tell you what, it doesn’t matter if you believe it, and I don’t believe it, because no one even talks about putting men on the moon anymore. NASA has said they can’t do it. NASA says they can’t make a space suit that will protect an astronaut from micro-meteors and radiation. One supposes they just lost the technology along with the original tapes. So, it’s been over 50 years, no more moon landings. No one has been out of earth’s orbit.

So, if you want me to believe in your Moon Landing theory, show me some evidence. I’m perfectly aware of what is passed off as evidence, but “I don’t believe it.” You can’t prove it, and either way, no more moon landings. Remember – when you are on your deathbed – reading this article, and remember these words as you die without ever seeing another Moon Landing, and think of me when you get that feeling of being an idiot who bought a silly little fairy tale story. Because you and I will be dead before there is ever “another” Moon Landing.

I find it interesting that no less of a person than former President Bill Clinton, in his autobiography, mentions the Moon Landing only once, in an anecdote where he talks to a skeptic and admits that, now that he’s seen how Washington works, the skeptic was onto something. Bill Clinton made sure that history records his doubts about the Nixon-era publicity stunt.

I also don’t buy that JFK was killed by a Magic Bullet from that blatant patsy Lee Harvey Oswald, who acted alone. You can whine and whine about “conspiracy theories” and “tinfoil hats” and the like, but none of that changes the reality, and the evidence that we have – very good circumstantial evidence that it was the CIA, and likely George W. Bush himself, working for the CIA and Johnson. So, if you want me to believe the story about Lee Harvey Oswald, come up with a theory that explains the evidence. You can’t. I don’t believe your theory, your explanation doesn’t make sense.

Of course, 9/11 is exactly the same way. We have a video that clearly shows three buildings being blown up, we have thousands of eye-witness accounts of the buildings being blown up, with have hundreds of people who witnesses bombs going off in the buildings before and after the plane hits. We can, in fact, see the demolition charges exploding and destroying the tower. Thanks to the heroic efforts of scientists like Neils Harrit of the University of Copenhaged and Dr. Steve Jones of Brigham Young Unversity, we actually have the proof – thermitic material in the dust of the World Trade Center – the same themetic material patented by the Army a few years prior for the purposes of “building demolition.”

It’s an open and shut case. The Truth have the evidence, and the liars have name-calling. But, if we come up with a theory that actually accounts for all that evidence, we just get smeared with the same moronic slur: “conspiracy theorist” or “tinfoil hat.”

I don’t know anything about that recent beheading, but quite a number of people think the video is fake. Johnson, being an asshole, talks about how he’s so “tired” of the “tinfoil hat” brigade. Johnson has now, more than once, admitted he simply prefers simple explanations of these things that don’t require him to look at the evidence – it’s a very pragmatic understanding of “truth” – that. In other words, he’s fine with a lie as long as it’s an easy lie.

9/11 Truth is one of the most forbidden subjects of the modern era. It’s impossible to understand Obama’s recent war against ISIS without the context of 9/11 Truth. So the counter currents crowd is in the middle of a fight – is Obama attacking ISIS for Israel, or for generic American imperialist policy? None of it makes sense if you actually believe the official story about 9/11.

But in the context of 9/11 Truth, the actions of American policy makers make perfect sense. The war on ISIS is just a continuation of the 9/11 wars. In fact, General Wes Clark 10 years ago explained to us what was going to happen, and everything he predicted has, in fact, happened. Clark, interestingly, is a “crypto-truther” and has actually called 9/11 a “coup” – although he calls it a “policy coup” to keep away from that most terrible of slurs, “conspiracy theorist.”

(Just for fun, FYI: I have personally met Wes Clark several times, implored him to help with 9/11 Truth, and donated a shit ton of money to his campaign.)

It amazes me that White Nationalists – who are routinely accused of promoting a “conspiracy theory” that white countries are being targeted for mass immigration – are so quick to distance themselves from the truth about something as important as 9/11. If the ruling class is going to replace its population by bringing in masses of often violent and hostile immigrants, why would the idea that that same ruling class would kill a few thousand of its own citizens?

About this time, 13 years ago, we had the Anthrax Attacks. The anthrax was tested, and it was traced to Ft. Deitrick, Maryland. Some patsy, Bruce Ivins I think, was set up to take the fall and wound up “committing suicide” apparently. A new revelation in that case – there was already a plan to fake an anthrax attack and blame it on … Russia! Almost certainly, military plans for a false flag anthrax attack had been around forever, and who would get blamed depended on whatever the political needs were at the time. Once, it was Russia, but when the plan was actually carried out, it was blamed on radical Muslims.

“Death to America, Death to Israel. Praise Allah.”

If you actually believed that was written by a radical Muslim – congrats – you’re a fucking moron. Do we need to spell it out?

The 9/11 Truth movement has actually done quite a bit of research into why people have a hard time accepting the obvious truth. Even smart people can have a cognitive bias against certain truths they feel uncomfortable with. Another quite straight-forward explanation is simple cowardice, and Americans are a cowardly group of people.

It really does reveal the nature of the ruling class – and the nature of the military – that they openly plan for false flag attacks against their own citizens. It was unofficial NSA historian James Bamford that published the declassified Operation Northwoods paper – and he published it just before 9/11.

I remember, because I bought his book when it came out, from a bookstore in the mall on the first floor the World Trade Center.

There’s also good reason to think that virtually all of the terrorist events of the Obama administration – from the Batman shooting to the Boston Bombing to the mass shootings at Sandy Hook were all, in fact, false flags, inside jobs, and set ups. It’s interesting that when comfronted with this information, quite a number of people react with something like, “what do you think *everything* is a conspiracy?”

Pretty much, yeah. The preponderance of the evidence, circumstantial and otherwise, says yes. Why would this surprise you? Government have always ruled by deception, false flags have been known since classical antiquity. What other explanation is there?

We have many, many declassified documents and accounts that CIA used to torture/brainwash people to become assasins. So, why is it a surprise?

I used to be a very close reader of the mainstream press post-9/11. It’s actually surprising how openly 9/11 Truth, and the truth about other such false flags, were printed, if you knew how to read the code, so to speak. The technique is, you lay out the facts, but never draw the obvious conclusion, or dismiss the obvious conclusion with a sleight of hand. That “Al Qaeda” is essentially a fake organization make up of CIA assets was pretty openly discussed by the BBC way the hell back in 2004. Did you miss it? That Iraq didn’t have any “weapons of mass destruction” was openly announced all over the place. That the CIA had been co-opted by the “Office of Special Plans” who was “sexing up the intelligence” was admitted *while it happened.*

Apparently, you people, and assholes like Greg Johnson, just didn’t bother to read.

How dim are you people? Adam Pearlman – a fucking Jew from California – was all over TV as the “media coordinator for Al Qaeda.” Again, are you people dim? They don’t even try that hard to make the story believable – and that’s on purpose. The story is supposed to smell like bullshit, so you can find out exactly who the suckers are, the people who “want to believe.”

The Bali bombings, the London bombings, the Madrid bombings – all almost certainly carried out by the CIA front group “Al Qaeda.”

Now, no one can accuse me of being philo-semitic or in any way, shape, or form sympathetic to the Apartheid Regime of Jew Bigotry in Zionist Occupied Palestine. I’m a huge fan of Kevin MacDonald and think his analysis of Jewish hostility to whites, the West, and Christianity is 100% correct. But the morons who blame everything on the Jews are quite often Jews themselves. It’s part of the schtick. Let me be blunt, when I read an internet handle that uses “1488” – mixing David Lane’s 14 Words with “Heil Hitler” – my very first assumption is that it’s a Jew. I know for a fact, personally, that there are lots of Jews that love nothing more than pretending to be Cartoon Nazis for both the sheer fun of it as well as attempting to discredit any pro-white cause. I mean, remember “Frank Colin” – aka Frances Cohen, the Jew who pretended to be a Nazi and talked about how he wanted to kill all the Jews? Yeah, he was Jewish himself and getting paid by the ADL. A false flag. Same with likely half of the White Nationalist 1.0 movement.

WNs seem to get this wrong quite a bit. While there is no question that Organized Jewry is very powerful, and very anti-white, we have a very white ruling class in America that is just as hostile as the Jews. Clans like the Bushes, titans like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet – these people are as against our interests as Jews are – for different reasons, perhaps. You don’t have to be a philo-semite to notice that Exxon, Halliburton, and much of the military industrial complex is, in fact, very, very White.

You know, in many ways, the non-whites – even the anti-whites – are right about certain things. Frankly, I’ve always been rather sympathetic to the Black Nationalists. Their “conspiracy theories” are very often correct. Yes, white people are racist against blacks, yes, even “nice white liberals” are racist against blacks. Yes, the CIA was the main group importing all that cocaine in the 1980s, and yes, the CIA was supplying the crack dealers that destroyed all those black neighborhoods. Yep. Yep, the Jim Jones cult was a CIA conspiracy to target black people, and yes, all those blacks in Jamestown didn’t commit suicide, they were murdered by the CIA. Yep, the CIA did all sorts of experiments on blacks. Yep – even AIDS likely has it’s origins in various biological weapons programs. Malcom X was right, dude. I’m as racist as they come, and even I admit it.

You tell people, “politicians lie” and they will nod their heads, but when you say, “this politician lied about this particular thing” all of a sudden they turn cowardly, afraid to acknowledge the truth.

Deception is constant; it’s the null case. The way to tell when someone is lying is when they open their mouths. Why is there this assumption that most human communication is true, as opposed to false?

I used to grill my younger relatives about whether or not they believed various “reality shows.” To me, it’s quite obvious all those reality shows are more or less “improvisational acting” – I was in the drama club one semester. It’s not rocket science. It’s interesting, my young relative “know” – “intellectually” – that the reality shows are “fake” – it’s “acting” – but at the same time, they really do “suspend their disbelief” and sort of “believe” that it’s “real.” It’s professional wrestling.

Lying – the creation of false narratives – is the most effective way to control people. And it’s amazing how otherwise very intelligent people will believe bullshit because they either want to believe, or are simply to cowardly not to.