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White Supremacists Plot To Infiltrate The Rotary Club


Almost all of these groups are 99% White, all of them have suffered a massive drop in membership starting with the advent of Television, which makes them ripe for takeover. Most of them have significant infrastructure, everything from real estate to insurance companies to credit unions to financial capital. Most have recognized brand names that are extremely well integrated into existing communities and are impervious to smears by the likes of $PLC and ADL.

Spencer attempted to bootstrap such a group with his Phalanx project – I applaud him, it was a great idea and one I’ve been suggesting for nearly a decade. However it may be easier to simply infiltrate the existing groups and not start from scratch, that way you have the benefit of existing infrastructure.

Golden Dawn and Hezbollah have a lot of support from their respective communities because they are not simply political groups, they also serve social and welfare functions. It’s easy to get support from a community when you provide tangible benefits to that community; American service organizations are already set up to do this. All you have to is show up and start working.

Patrick Le Brun of Counter Currents, Kievsky of MindWeaponsInRagnarok and myself at AryanSkynet have covered this strategy extensively.


Private clubs who do not offer public accommodations are generally not bound by the Civil Rights Act.


Title II: Outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion or national origin in hotels, motels, restaurants, theaters, and all other public accommodations engaged in interstate commerce; exempted private clubs without defining the term “private”.

There are grey areas to this particular aspect of law and there have been some conflicting rulings but as of right now it’s perfectly legal to start a private club in most states and only allow who you want to allow. You are probably setting yourself up for trouble if you start the “No Negroes and Jews Allowed Social Club” and advertise it in the local paper, but you can certainly start a Germanic Club, a Sons of Confederate Veterans Club, and even the Heritage America Club and get along just fine.

In fact I’d love to declare myself a Descendant of the Lost Tribes of Israel and start the “True Jews Club” and force the ADL to sue me over it, I bet that would make for some very interesting legal precedents. You have even more legal room if you start a religious group, there is a very wide latitude in the case of churches.

There are Mason lodges all around the country that are 100% white and explicitly Christian (i.e., no Jews) despite the fact that it’s “officially” supposed to be open to all races and all religions. In the link I gave above there is an example of a white California Mason being excluded from another Masonic lodge because his lodge was integrated, therefore classified as “Prince Hall” (i.e., black) therefore “not regular.”

I would suggest however to at least start these things outside of the glare of the public. But I doubt seriously that under a GOP DOJ there will be Civil Rights lawsuits against non-high-profile community groups for being “too white.”

Clearly, if you were to start a powerful pro-white national organization you are going to get some pushback. Nevertheless, white private clubs are legal, they exist now, they have some legal protection, and there is no reason for people who are interested in building white institutions to NOT go and do just that.

My Favorite Zionist

No doubt, my favorite Zionist Jew writer is Barry Chamish. He is the Jew Israeli equivalent of an American Christian Identity Militia Truther.

Of course he’s a “conspiracy theorist” and his conspiracy theories are just like ours, but reversed because it’s Jew centric. Chamish’s enemies are Israel’s Labor party – the secular establishment which are always selling out the good religious Jews and the regular old fashioned patriotic Zionists. In fact, Rabin was likely assassinated by Shin Bet because he made a secret deal with the Vatican to turn over the Holy Sites of Jerusalem to a neutral third party. Chamish even mentions the Israeli Supreme Court building, with Freemasonic influences everywhere, created by none other than the Rothschilds Family themselves. “Labor Zionism” isn’t Judaism at all, they are a bunch of Freemason devil worshipers in league with the Vatican and the Muslims, all out to get the Jews.

Chamish agrees that, of course, Larry Silverstein and the Mossad blew up the WTC, but he figures Labor Zionist Jews and their Freemason New Vatican Order bosses do the same things to Israel. Chamish’s claim to fame is writing about the conspiracy behind Rabin’s death, but you get the feeling he might think it was necessary to stop the “peace” process – “peace” always in quotes, of course.

He is pro-Brievik and said he wasn’t shedding any tears for the Norway teenagers because they were pro-Palestinian. In fact, it’s pretty amazing that the teenagers that got killed on Utoya were the forefront of Palestinian statehood, the Norway Labor party was just about to introduce Palestinian statehood at the UN, and some weird guy in a Freemason outfit murders nearly 100 of them, point blank range, while the cops stand by and do nothing. Then he puts out a manifesto about invading the Middle East to save Israel.

Now, here, this: A Jew in Sweden gives a great speech attacking multiculturalism and immigration, then a Christian jew-baits him, telling him as a member of the Swedish Christian Church he doesn’t see any Christian love for immigrants. The Christian is also seemingly the only member of the Communist party in the legislature.

No, totally a coincidence folks. Now the video is being promoted by the “counter-jihad” types. In America, they are called “neo-cons” and it’s pretty much the same old globalist anti-white pro-everyone else campaign – including, and I kid you not, if David Frum has anything to say about it, Gay Satanic Pedophiles for Israel – except for the Muslims. The Muslims, in fact, are even worse than the KKK and Hitler. In fact, David Frum back in 2005 or so actually compared the KKK, Hitler, and “traditional conservatives” like Pat Buchanan and complained that they were all anti-war, and critical of Israel. In fact, they took the side of the Muslims and didn’t even want to bomb Mecca or wrap American bullets in pig fat so the Muslims would go to hell.

So, it’s the Evil Racists, the KKK and Hitler, plus the Secret Racists, like traditional conservatives or anti-war libertarians, plus the Axis of Evil Muslims. Those are all the bad guys.

The good guys? Jews. Israel. Evangelical Christians that support Israel. Gay Satanic Pedophiles that support Israel. The military, apple pie, Jewish grandmothers, and all good people fighting for the good and true against the anti-semites, anti-Zionists, racists and homophobes.

I don’t know about you, but I’m buying it.