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Internet Tough Guys Are Just Another Kind Of LARPer

There are a handful of serious people who have serious things to say about violence, war, conflict, civil war, etc. Few and far in between, they are often current or former military officers that have put serious thought into the realities of violence and war.

But of course 99% of people talking tough online are just LARPers.

I first became aware of this on TheOccidentalObserver many years ago, when a poster named “Mark” actually wrote – quite seriously – that what Whites should be doing is “starting forest fires to bring down the government.”

Now, it’s true that the FBI and Jewish groups like the $PLC pay people to post advocacy for illegal violence online. It’s also true that some people are just trolls, and stupid LARPers. But posting about violence online is 99% of the time just stupid.

If you will notice most of the faux-pro-Whites that like to talk about violence have nothing serious to say about it – it’s pure LARPing and often subversive. If one was really planning some sort of violent, IRA type action – of course, the very LAST thing you would do is post about it on a public forum.

We can be assured that 99.999% of the time someone claiming to be pro-White posts something advocating violence, it’s either a shill, or more likely, just a borer LARPer, perhaps a teenager, that finished jerking off to his Japanese Anime Kiddie Porn and wants to lash out online because he feels bad for being such a loser.

The people pretending to be pro-White that always talk about “taking it to the street” and somehow mimicking the “anti-fa” are of course shills and trolls. One particularly odious individual, who shall remain nameless this time, constantly posts stupid calls for “street violence.” This individual of course used to be a pro-Jewish, pro-Israeli Zionists who got angry if you posted anything negative about Jews or Israel.

That didn’t work, so he moved on to “manosphere” type stuff, now spends his time trying to promote the worst LARPers in order to discredit the serious pro-White movement. He’s created an elaborate fantasy image of himself as an upper class banker who nevertheless pretends he’s going to trade in his wingtips for Doc Martens and “bash” some anti-fa.

Of course it’s stupid – OF COURSE he’s a LARPer and full of shit. His entire gimmick is to rile up the lower IQ teenagers that are attracted to faux-“edgy” LARPing.

Violence may very well come to America. But it is not going to be announced on pro-White blogs. You can be 100% assured that anyone LARPing about violence on a public pro-White blog is either a stupid LARPing troll, or a Jewish/SITE Intel subversive.

100%, take it to the bank.

You can tell because the real people that understand violence and warfare will be discussing logistics and strategy and military doctrines like 4th gen warfare.

The LARPers and the Feds will be talking about “muh streets.”

Don’t believe the hype. Because the pro-White movement is becoming mainstream, we should EXPECT to be attacked by more subversives trying to distract and discredit us.

Eyes on the Prize.

Dear (((DailyStormer))) Clowns – the Audience is NOT the Media

Radio Aryan Roundtable with Sven Longhshanks had a podcast about the (((Daily Stormer’s))) New “Nazi Pokeman for Kids” flyers and addresses some of the criticism they have received.

As usual, the Clown Show just doesn’t get any of it at all.

They complained that the the NPI conference tried to present a moderate image – they didn’t use racial slurs, they dressed nicely, the didn’t discuss Hitler and the Nazis, yet it “didn’t work” because the media still called them “white supremacists” that “hated Jews.”

The Costume Clowns are creating a strawman – the strawman being that the “moderates” at NPI are being moderate ***in order to get positive media coverage*** but it doesn’t work.

Of course, the Costume Clowns miss the point entirely – the “moderates” are not being moderate for the media – the “moderates” are being moderate ***for their audience*** – the audience, being normal white people.

The (((Daily Stormer’s))) long time “strategy” was spelled out by whoever plays the “Andrew Anglin” character, that strategy being “they are going to call us Nazis anyway, so we may as well be Nazis.”

I hope I don’t have to explain to my readers why that’s not just a bad strategy, it’s so mind-numbingly stupid it’s hard to even come up with an analogy. The only one I can think of is, “hey they are going to say we’re so stupid we’d jump off of a cliff anyway – so we may as well go ahead and jump off of a cliff!”

At least they admitted their “Nazi Pokemon Flyers for Kids” strategy was all about getting media coverage and getting “da yoof.” Supposedly, there are young white boys all around the country that are just dying to join a fake neo-Nazi group based around Pokemon and cartoon frogs that use lots of racial slurs.

This is simply mistaking online trolling for real life. Lots of young boys enjoy letting off steam telling nigger jokes on a pseudo-anonymous internet site, but then they are going back to hanging out with their black and mestizo friends. Remember, when the (((Daily Stormer))) and related groups actually “take it to the streets” their victories include getting 56 votes for Robert “With Jews You Lose” Randsdell and media coverage of Matt Heimbach shoving a black woman.

That’s it. And when they brag about their hit count online what they are doing is not at all different than the high school nerd bragging that when he shit hit pants during gym class ***everyone looked at him*** so therefore he’s getting more popular.

The real Alt-Right is not trying to get nice media coverage – they expect the media coverage to be hostile. But when people hear about these “white power Jew haters” and go online and find funny comedians like RamZPaul, reasonable spokesmen like Richard Spencer, and even articulate gentlemen like Jared Taylor, they realize that the media was lying.

On the other hand, when someone sees media coverage of the (((Daily Stormer))) and the media says “they are a bunch of kids in their mom’s basements talking about Hitler and masturbating to anime porn and talking about how much they hate black people and Jews” – well, people go online, find the (((Daily Stormer))) and say, “yep, the media is correct.”

The (((Daily Stormer))) is doing the anti-white’s job for them – dressing up in the costumes they were assigned by the ADL and dancing to the tune of the media. What is their reward? Lots of attention, just like the high school nerd shitting his pants in the gym.

William Pierce on the (((Daily Stormer)))

It took me a few years to learn the hard way to shun and have zero tolerance for people who like to dress up in uniforms and shout “14/88″ and give Roman salutes for the TV cameras. I suspect there are still a few Alliance people who have yet to develop zero tolerance for these freaks. That’s why I harp on the subject so often.

We need winners, not losers. If we tolerate the losers now, we’ll never get the winners, and we ourselves will become losers. People who talk about fighting the enemy in the streets aren’t really interested in winning, they just get a buzz from talking about fighting the enemy in the streets. Their talk is pure self-indulgence. Pure hobbyism.”

— William Pierce

h/t Percival


The (((Neo-Nazi))) Clown Act

A while back I was trolling twitter. I list my location as “Tel Aviv” and sometimes use the ((())) to impersonate a Jew online. It’s a long running gimmick that goes back to the old “Rabbi Mindweapon” thing from three or so years ago.

If Jews like Tim Wise can pretend to be “White” and attack Whites, then we can pretend to be Jews and say, “as a Jew, something or other.” It’s all in good fun. It confuses (((them))) because they aren’t sure how to respond.

So, TANSTAAFL got confused and asked me why I had echos around my name. I quipped, “don’t blow my cover” and he responded by insinuating I was a Jew posing as White in order to … something or other. I just rolled my eyes and moved on.

Then, he trolled me again, insinuating the same thing. I tried to make nice, and we ganged up on that odious nRX Israel shill, but then he was triggered by my criticism of the fake “neo-Nazi” bullshit.

TANSTAAFL has such an overinflated opinion of himself he’s even criticized Kevin MacDonald for being “soft on the Jews” because MacDonald has pointed to certain psychological traits in Whites that make us susceptible to universalism and how Jews have taken advantage of this.

But TANSTAAFL is outraged by this suggestion. For him, Jews – and ONLY Jews – aer the Single Source of All White Problems and any discussion of any other factor is just a Jew Trick to defend Jews.

It’s odd.

It’s even more odd when you realize that a few years ago, after he announced he just had a child, he “discovered” that his wife is Jewish, thus making his child Jewish. He felt the need to tell everyone this – then doubled down on his “Jews are the cause of all White problems.”

You can’t even criticize Nazi clowns for making us look bad, because that is taking the focus off of the One True Issue – Jews.

Now this is a guy that has also praised the terrorists Brevik and even the mentally unstable Dylann Roof. This, of course, is exactly what the SPLC/ADL wants us to do. They want anything pro-White to be associated with terrorism, violence, and of course Nazism.

For whatever odd reason, TANSTAAFL seems to want this as well. And he’ll attack quite Jew savvy pro-Whites, like MacDonald and Johnson, for being insufficently “anti-semitic.” (Which is of course stupid.)

But it’s hard to see how he’s just a typical Jew posing as a “Naaazi” – because why would he bother to publically announce his wife and children are Jewish? As far as I can tell, no one would have known. If he was in to just subvert the movement, like most Jews posing as Nazis are, why make a big annoucement?

So either he’s playing some four dimensional chess – or he’s just some sort of weirdo.

Neo-Nazi bullshit is WHY the pro-White movement has been failing for 70 years. George Lincoln Rockwell may have meant well, but he almost single handedly gave the anti-whites one of their most potent weapons. At a time when racial segregation in the south was supported by most people – George Lincoln Rockwell’s idiot “hate” act and his costume clowning associated good old fashioned segregation with Nazis – the enemy the US had just fought a world war with.

It would be like me dressing up like Osama Bin Laden in 2002 and parading around New York City saying “join Al Qaeda and fight the Jews!”

Interestingly too George Lincoln Rockwell gave J. Edgar Hoover regular updates on his campaign. Apparently, Rockwell was so simple minded he actually thought Hoove was on his side. Hoover, of course, thought of Rockwell as an enemy.

What about William Pierce? He also seemed to be sincere and meant well. But his toxic personality and his idiotic notions of some sort of violent conflict also kept the pro-white movement spinning its wheels. The Turner Diaries were awful – a stupid fantasy that played right into (((their))) hands. Pierce took the McVeigh bait hook line and sinker (duh – McVeigh was not pro-White, probably a patsy ala Oswald) and openly supported terrorism – just in time to demonize the growing militian movement. The anti-whites couldn’t have ASKED for a better Official Enemy. Pierce died a complete failure, his organization never amounting to anything other than a cult-of-personality still stuck in the Costumes and Shouting ghetto.

Now the internet has given us the (((Daily Stormer))) who just plays Costume Clowns online. We know exactly what they are good for – Rita Katz’s agent provacateur Joshua Goldberg had no problems joining up with the (((Daily Stormer))) and playing the “neo-Nazi” that so many Jews are fond of doing.

And if you dare to criticize white people who are fucking up, TANSTAAFL will accuse you of being “soft on the Jews” or “blaming whites” or whatever.

These people are why the pro-White movement has always failed.

Even David Lane was a failure. The 14 Words are a nice slogan, but that idiot accomplished nothing but demonizing the pro-White movement and spent the rest of his life writing lesbian spanking porn in Supermax prison.

Why can’t whites get their act together? Jews are like Lucy, and Whites are like Charlie Brown – it doesn’t matter how many times Lucy snatches the ball away, Whites will keep telling themselves “this time our Hitler mustache act will work!”

It almost makes you wonder if the entire “neo-Nazi” movement has been funded by Jews since the beginning …

RamZPaul: Of Course TheDailyStormer is ADL-Funded

There’s a few things I disagree with RamZPaul on, but his instincts are nearly always right-on. In this great video, he says that he does think that TheDailyStormer is “fake” and “ADL-funded” without going into details. He also mentions that even if they weren’t, they purposefully play into the stereotype that the ADL has for pro-Whites.

I hope that one day some serious scholarship is done on the 4Chan culture in general. A few years back there were some mainstream media pieces about 4Chan itself. Apparently, the guy who started it was horrifically abused, sexually and physically, by his family, and his internet trolling and “hardcore” rhetoric was, basically, acting out.

It’s the internet. It’s best to assume everything is “fake.” Certainly, I hope no one takes my fiction all that seriously. From the day I registered this website, I made it clear that all I do is write fiction and parodies.

TLDR; TheDailyStormer is ADL funded, Andrew Anglin is a non-white octaroon with a fetish for third-world Asian prostitutes, and the Chan culture is really, really faggy for being into My Little Pony and cartoon Japanese girls, i.e., “anime.”

P.S., I wrote my last two posts before I saw this RamZPaul video.

Why White Nationalism Always Fails

I started reading the WN blogs almost a decade ago. I was impressed with people like Kevin MacDonald and Gregory Hood. I was less impressed with the “LARPers” like Harold Covington or Alex Linder. I was really annoyed by the idiots that would post comments about “taking over the government” or “guerrilla war” and other such fantasy tripe.

I’m too old for the Chan culture. I’ve never watched an anime in my life and posting Hitler memes just doesn’t do anything for me. I do think that the Chan culture has done an ok job of making Holocaust Hitler Hysteria a joke, but AFAICT that’s about the end of their usefullness.

Whenever I read a website like the Daily Stormer, I admit that sometimes it can be funny, but only sometimes, and it’s funny like “Ow My Balls” is funny. But then I read the comments. One particularly odious individual, Fr. John+, pretends to be an orthodox priest and knows all sorts of esoteric religious things, but his insincerity comes through loud and clear. He’s so religious he has declared Donald Trump to be the next Constantine – if I have to explain why that is cringe-inducing LARPing, I don’t know what else to tell you.

The Donald Trump campaign has really put these people in the WN movement in perspective. Mostly, they are sort-of dim people who live their lives vicariously, through media. Sure, there’s all sorts of reason to vote for Trump, but most WNs can’t actually make a decent argument. Instead, it’s pure wish-fulfillment and fantansy. They come up with these complex conspiracy theories about what Trump “really” thinks, and how he’s got some complicated “master plan” to do this or that. It’s so mind-numbingly idiotic, especially considering that Trump is one of the most famous people in America, and he’s been a celebrity for my entire life. It’s perfectly obvious what Trump is, and the only nationalism he’s clearly committed to is Zionism – Israel nationalism. That’s what Trump has spent his life doing.

Reading interviews from Trump insiders show exactly what you would expect – Trump chooses his “issues” based on what he thinks will be popular, not based on any sort of conviction. Trump couldn’t care less about illegal immigration, but his assistant that listened to talk radio told him that was popular. Trump couldn’t care less about Obamacare or Common Core, but those were the hot topics on talk radio at the time, so he took up those causes.

But now the entire White Nationalist movement has become little more than a cheerleading section for the Trump campaign, and truth and evidence has gone out the window as WNs try to police each other. No criticism of Trump, any one not on board with the Trump campaign must be purged or attacked, and anyone not sufficiently enthusiastic is suspected of being a Jew or a fag (or a Ted Cruz supporter.)

The White Nationalism movement was basically started by George Lincoln Rockwell. Rockwell himself may have meant well, but his idiotic “hate” shtick turned was was a popular issue – segregation – and paired it with a very unpopular issue – “Nazism.” Rockwell was the first Costume Clown and he basically single-handedly discredited any pro-White movement due to his stupid clown act.

We now know that a significant part of the so-called “neo-Nazi” movement has been literally ADL employees playing dress-up, and the ones that aren’t being paid by the ADL and instead being paid by the FBI. We have 50 years of this, all documented and on the record.

We know that much of the “WN” chan culture is, in fact, Jews playing dress up. Joshua Goldberg, for instance. Is it a surprise that the same chan culture is so in the bag for Trump now?

Humor has its place, certainly, but sometimes you have to face reality.

The latest idiotic conspiracy theory is that Trump’s six national security analysts are not Jewish. This is supposed to be significant, and the WNs have come up with all sorts of idiotic theories that this is a “signal” or that is shows Trump is “against the Jews” or anything. I understand there are a lot of WNs that are simply young and don’t have a clue about politics and less of a clue about the National Security establishment. But there’s no excuse for a simple lack of rigor when it comes to getting basic facts right.

The Trump cult has gotten so bad that Mormons are being attacked because Utah didn’t vote for Trump. Now, Mormons have become the “enemy” of whites, and WNs are having a contest to see who can insult Mormons the most. These same assholes were all in the bag for Mitt Romney last time and used to praise Mormons to high heavens. Now? Because they are perceived as being anti-Trump, they are attacked in the most childish of ways.

WN isn’t serious, it’s a clown show. You have really great guys like RamZPaul doing more for nationalism than anyone has in a decade, and he’s routinely attacked by the channers for insufficient ideological purity. Then, these same idiots will turn around and accuse anyone of not being for Trump of having TOO MUCH ideological purity.

It really, really sucks that the loudest voices in White Nationalism are Costume Clowns and single, childless men who masturabte to anime porn.

Bob Whitaker – perhaps the most valuable pro-White voice of the last decade, has stepped down from the American Freedom Party, because the rest of the board has lost interest in actually promoting the interests of White people, instead, they want to act as unpaid propaganda for Donald Trump. Mind you, these people are not actually using the Trump campaign to get more people on board with being pro-White – on the contrary – they are throwing white people overboard and ignoring pro-White issues in order to help Trump.

Of course, the Trump campaign neither needs nor wants their help, so not only are they being ineffective, they are being counter-productive.

Whatever happens with Trump, win or lose, he has done nothing to advance the cause of White people and even as President, there’s no reason to believe he will lift a finger to advance the cause of white people. Sure, The Wall is a great talking point, and Trump’s adoption of Jeff Sessions immigration plan has substance to it.

But the demographic problem of America has literally nothing to do with Mexicans sneaking across the border. The Wall idea is good optics for a campaign, but it’s not a serious proposal.

Pro-White people have a great opportunity to use the Trump campaign in our interests. Jared Taylor has done just that, or least, he did. He did robo-calls for Trump and actually used the word “white.” That’s awesome. But most of the WN movement has been doing the opposite – stopping talking about White interests because it may hurt the Trump campaign.

Frankly, the better sorts of Whites don’t need the White Nationalist movement. Smart, intelligent, and educated Whites are doing just fine – they control the world. Biggest military, nice all-white neighborhoods, plenty of money, good schools. It the regular White that are getting screwed.

I’m starting to think that the NRx people are right. The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter. I can send a link to Radix Journal to my upper class white liberal friends, no problem – but I’d have to tell them to not read the comments. And of course I wouldn’t want to be associated with the idiotic clown show that is the Daily Stormer. Sure, I get it, trolling is funny, but these people take it seriously.

Anime sucks, by the way. It is literally the gayest thing in the world for white men to post anime pictures on line.

Matt Heimbach is Purely a Media Creation and Matt Parrott Thinks a Gay Ku Klux Klan Conspiracy Is Out To Purge Traditional Youth Network

This week the Traditional Youth Network attempted to disrupt and discredit the National Policy Institute’s annual conference, apparently in coordination with the Southern Poverty Law Center. Using the same four or five “extras” off line, and a dozens or so online personas, TYN have accused NPI of conspiring with a shadowy group of wealthy homosexuals to purge “Christians” and “traditional” people from the “White Nationalist movement.”

Matt Heimbach was a college student that started a campus “White Student union” and recruited all of two students. He was immediately given national media coverage and spent the next five years traveling around the country, doing photo-ops with neo-Nazi and Ku Klux Klan groups – groups that are also heavily publicized in the media despite having essentially no membership. During this time Heimbach starred in dozens of TV news reports and at least two feature length “hate exposes.” Apparently, he spent three weeks performing for ABC News cameramen who followed him around as he donned costumes and uniforms, held “protests and demonstrations,” and quoted lots of “edgy” lines about violence, murder, and “race war.”

Heimbach never actually did anything.

His “White Student union” was in no way successful and did nothing but bring media attention to Matt Heimbach. It received no support from students anywhere in the country. Heimbach never “converted” anyone to “the movement,” but instead has appeared before existing “White Nationalist” groups, like Stormfront, and even they kicked him out after his first appearance.

Heimbach never built an organization. Heimbach never wrote anything or contributed anything intellectually. All Heimbach has ever done is appear on the TV news, posing for cameras, doing street theater, and “demonstrating” and “protesting.” His audience has been strictly the existing “White Nationalist movement,” such as it is.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has publicized him since the beginning and declare that he is “media-savvy” which Heimbach’s (six or so) followers also repeat constantly. Heimbach is apparently “media-saavy” because he gets his face on the TV news a lot. He gets on the TV news a lot because he is “media-saavy.”

Like Kim Kardashian, another Reality TV actor, Heimbach is only famous for being famous.

First – why is anyone buying Matt Heimbach’s and Matt Parrott’s “Christian” act?

How do we know that Matt Heimbach is a Christian? Easy – he appears on the TV news “praying.” Sometimes he even “interprets” Bible verses for the cameras. He even had lunch with a radical Black Separatist where they both bowed their head and prayed before their meal.

Yes, of course, the media was invited to film Matt Heimbach and this “radical Black racist separatist” having lunch together. That’s how you know that Matt Heimbach is a “real activist” – because he has TV cameras follow him around – even when he has lunch with black radicals!

Heimbach did join an orthodox Christian church, and we can tell it was a serious conversion because he immediately announced it to the TV news, and grew his beard real long and started waving around crosses at Slutwalks – you know, like that Brother Nathaniel guy. For whatever reason, the actual orthodox Church decided he wasn’t a real convert at all, but merely using them for his media show, so they ex-communicated him. Does Heimbach go to church now? Who knows.

But if you think that Matt Heimbach is just some idiot play acting for the media, that means you are a secret homosexual in a conspiracy to purge all Christians.

You see, being against the Traditional Youth Network, Matt Heimbach, and Matt Parrott means you are against Christianity as a whole, all Christians, and Jesus Christ himself.

I mean, really, just go read the Traditional Youth Network’s comments on that thread. There’s about six handles posting dozens of comments. They claim that opposition to Traditional Youth Network is opposition to Christianity, religion, tradition, and all part of a “homosexual purge.”


In fact, suggesting that Matt Heimbach isn’t really “media saavy,” but rather a very non-photogenic clown that gets TV coverage precisely because his appearance and TV persona are so off-putting to the average white person is enough to set off Matt Parrott’s gaydar:

It seems to me that anybody even moderately observant could discern the homosexual undertones in the egregious and repeated emphasis on Heimbach’s lack of physical attractiveness and on the anti-Christian and anti-Traditionalist filibustering.

The Traditional Youth Network: they are not really traditional and they aren’t really youth. They no more believe in orthodox Christianity than they do their Avalonian King Arthur role-playing. Their “activism” – meaning their street theater – is similarly facile.

Second, why is anyone buying Matt Heimbach’s and Matt Parrott’s “working class” act?

Heimbach is middle class with a college degree in history. No, after college he didn’t start digging ditches or become a plumber – he became the media’s “go-to” White Nationalist, traveling around the country doing media stunts and news interviews. Parrott is an Info Tech computer guy, not exactly a welder or a factory worker. Apparently he has the travel-and-TV bug too.

But you can tell Heimbach is a representative of the “working class” because he’s fat and dresses like a slob and goes on TV – you know, just like Michael Moore. They even wear the same hat.

It’s all so obvious and it’s all right in front of your face, but you know, I read that they are nice guys in person and fun to have a beer with.

P.S. in that thread Matt Parrott is comparing Matt Heimbach to Winston Churchill …

How do we know Matt Heimbach is a Christian? He says so on TV …

… while wearing a cross necklace.



“With Jews We Lose”

Watch this video. Tell me if you really believe this guy is “serious.” Please ask yourself if you think this video helps the cause of White people.

The “Jooo-dicial system!” Get it?

“Robert Ransdell Presents The White Guard”

Get it? “The White Guard” – just like Matt Heimbach’s “safety patrol” – protecting White women from Blacks. (No actual White women are involved of course.)

This is nothing but play-acting for the media.

Ask yourself as well – do these people have any connections to their OWN local communities? They travel around the country holding these “protests” and “demonstrations.”

Not in their own community either. They have no connections to local communities, local people, local churches, local schools. Nope. They travel around state to state getting their faces on TV.

You know, the Black Lives Matter groups are literally paid and George Soros funds them.

Who do you think is funding these guys?

Traditional Youth Network Harasses Waitress

Notice this guy Robert Ransdell. He was the target of a RamZPaul video “With Clowns We Go Down.” Robert Ransdell ran a fake political campaign and printed up a bunch of signs that said “With Jews You Lose.” He stuck these signs around his neighborhood and got a 30 second clip on the local news.

Troll websites like DailyStormer went nuts praising him for “spreading the message” about how … “with jews you lose.”

Now, to internet trolls this is very funny. I admit it, I laughed. But of course every single actual person who saw a sign that said “with jews you lose” now is less receptive to a real political analysis about Jewish power. The next time a thoughtful commentator, like Steven Walt, starts talking about the Israel lobby on TV the people who saw the “with jews you lose” sign is going to associate reasonable discussion of Jewish power with trolling.

Go look up Robert Ransdell on youtube and you’ll find videos of him play-acting. He, in fact, yells and screams like Alex Jones. He talks about how “the white man” needs to “stand up” and uses all sorts of harsh rhetoric.

Of course this is play-acting. He sounds like he’s an actor reading a script. Anyone with the slightest amount of emotional intelligence understands this guy is an attention-seeker. He loves it when people look at him, and it doesn’t matter if they “agree” or “disagree” – as long as their eyes are on him.

This isn’t a political thing, it’s a personality thing. It’s a psychological thing.

Now look at tubby, unattractive Matt Heimbach pathetically attempt to flirt with this waitress. The woman is on the clock. She’s wearing her uniform. She HAS to be polite. So she sits there listening as Robert Randsdell explains to her what a “dindu” is.

He even thinks he’s funny, explaining the internet trolling joke “dindu.”

Again – please look at this situation objectively. Is Robert Randsdell doing *anything* help to the cause of White people? Is Matt Heimbach doing *ANYTHING* to advance the cause of White people?

Of course not. If anything, quite the opposite. This poor waitress is going to go home and – at best – complain to her boyfriend about a couple of ugly fat geeks harassing her at work about racism or something.

The best thing that Traditional Youth Network, Matt Parrot, Matt Heimbach and Robert Ransdell could do for the White movement is SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Shutting the fuck up, going home, and stop making asses of themselves in public would HELP the White cause. It is literally the very best thing this clown act could do.

But they will NEVER do that, because the cause of White people isn’t what they care about. These are “theatrical” people. That is their personality. They enjoy getting attention in public. They are not particularly dissimilar to the exhibitionists who waggle their weenies in front of unsuspecting women on a bus – it’s the same instinct.

“Look at me! Give me attention!”

Notice that Heimbach even wears unusual outfits. Sometimes he wears armbands and skinhead boots – that’s his “tough” look. Othertimes he looks like some sort of wanna-be biker, complete with a leather vest and a cross necklace. Other time he dresses like an Orthodox Christian priest and carries around a big wooden cross – that’s called a “prop.”

If you happen to believe White people should be allowed to have their own nation – good. But that is no reason you have to accept these clowns as legitimate spokespeople for the cause.

Do you think any of these people have the introspection to even ASK themselves the question: “do my public performances help or hurt my cause?” Do you think Matt Heimbach has the character to even CONSIDER the question, “am I really the best person to be the public face of this movement?”

He can’t even get his fat ass down to the gym. Just consider the look on his FACE when a camera is pointed at him. Look at how pleased he is with himself. Look at the pleasure he gets from the TV camera and the attention he receives. Even when his fans aren’t around, even when the attention is negative.


Anyone who has ever worked in media (raises hand) knows how to find these people. They are narcissists. Set up the situation correctly and they would get on all fours and bark like a dog – they will do anything for attention.

And we know just how to manipulate these people. It’s like stealing candy from a baby.

When criticized these people will say “but at least we are doing something! We are getting our message out there!”

That is exactly the problem. They are so lacking in self-awareness they don’t even realize the actual message the media is getting across: “look at these clowns, you don’t want to be associated with them now do you?”

In any case, my guess is that Robert Ransdell is the “handler.” He’s the fully conscious one that knows what he’s doing. Parrott, Heimbach, and the little blonde midget guy are the suckers. They are driven by oversized egos and extreme narcissism which makes it EASY AS PIE for Ransdell to manipulate them.

Please, run the thought experiment yourself. Ask yourself who in Traditional Youth Network came up with the idea of taking old lynching comics and turning them into signs to parade around on campus. Lynching comics. Parrott acts like that was some sort of “mistake” and that they just need a little bit more “message discipline.” Giving Parrott the benefit of the doubt that just shows how completely CLUELESS the man is, that he thinks that was some sort of “mistake.”

Then again, I’ve been observing these people for over five years now and since I wasn’t born yesterday it’s perfectly obvious to me what is going on.

No one should take this as a “friendly-fire attack” on Parrott or the youth network. I have nothing to do with those people. I am not in any sort of “movement” with those people. They are not in any way “on my side.” They are just another TV show that I criticize, no different than Bruce Jenner or Kim Kardashian or other people into posting videos of themselves on line.

Right In Front Of Your Face

Before ANolen shut her site down, she wrote a very interesting article about an early form of “personality assessment” used by the intelligence community. It was psuedo-scientific and likely not particularly accurate, but it apparently had some utility and was able to point out a cluster of personality traits common among a certain faction of people.

In Nolen’s opinion, these were “narcissists” that were often the targets of the intelligence community because these people were easy to influence. In her article on Orwell, she said these “narcissists” often displayed “power worship” and that sometimes “power worship” was expressed sexually through various kinds of “S&M.” One early personality assessment noted that the members of the Young Communist League had a “theatrical” personality.

Often in the “White Nationalist movement” you hear certain people saying “we” need to “take it to the streets.” By this, they mean to engage in a bit of street theater called “protesting.” In this form of theater, you go out in public with a big sign and wave it around, hoping that people will look at you and your sign. The people who like to do this will tell you what they want is for people to read their sign, and agree with their “message” but if you are over the age of, say, 30, you realize that what these people really want is for people to look at *them*.

Quite often, when people engage in this kind of “street theater” they will also wear costumes. Tea Partiers famously dressed up in period gear from the late 1700s and wore tricorner hats, associating themselves with the American War for Independence and the Founding Fathers.

There exists an unusual Christian group that likes to wear chains around their necks and wear t-shirts with the slogan “so sorry for slavery.” Well I say “group” I mean there is one guy, his young children, and occasionally a few extras. They wear bondage props and do a public exhibitionism to “atone” for whites putting black people into slavery. Their public appearance with their necks all chained together is supposed to “remind us of the horrors of slavery” but it’s completely unhistorical and has absolutely nothing at all to do with the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade nor African slavery in North America.

It’s just some guy expressing his sexual kink in public under the guise of a “protest” or a “demonstration” or “outreach.”

Back in the 1970s through about the 1990s, there were “street preachers” in many towns and college campuses in America. Often these “street preachers” would hold up up signs that would list “sexual sins” that they were “warning” the students they must not engage in, otherwise they were risking the “wrath of God.” The signs were generally a catalog of Bible verses about various sorts of sex. Usually, the list went somthing like this: no fornicating, no adultery, no abortion, no sodomy, no pornography.

Sometimes the “street preacher” would engage with the students about forbidden sex and whether the student had “accepted Jesus” or was “going to hell.”

Maybe a decade ago a locally well known “pro-life protestor” killed his wife or something. He had spent years “protesting” at abortion clinics, sometimes yelling at women going inside. His son did a quick interview with the press and said his dad didn’t care about saving babies, nor did his dad care about women’s health, but his dad loved nothing more than to “verbally abuse” women. If he could say something cruel enough to make then cry, he would get a deep sense of satisfaction from this. The “pro-life” thing was merely play-acting, a cover for what he was engaged in.

I’m sure many people who are reading this have witnessed the “anti-fa” – “anti-fascists” – leading some “protest.” These are the lowest dredges of the left-wing, often “anarchists” wearing hooded sweatshirts or Che t-shirts. They may have multiple piercings and frankly need a bath.

Now, ask yourself – what kind of person would want to “counter-protest” the anti-fa? I believe the “anti-fa” “protested” outside of Amren last year, and it was two weird looking dudes holding up some sign about “nazis” and “fighting racism” or somesuch. The conference ignored them, and in fact really everyone ignored them. They seemed pretty damn bored themselves. I mean, unless the $PLC paid them I can’t even see why they bothered.

Now, imagine if some “White Nationalist” or “traditionalist” person came up to you and said:

Hey, join our traditionalist society. We’re going to go on to college campuses and counter-protests the leftists. We’re going to counter-protest the Slutwalks. We’re going to counter-protest the communists, the Zionists, and lead the fight against “modernity.” We’re going to hold up protest signs about how we’re going to “lynch modernity” complete with a picture of a lynching.

What would you think? Come on, be objective. Forget that this is “your cause” for a moment.

How many kinds of loser is that? First, the whole idea of “counter-protesting” the pathetic remnants of the “anti-fa” is, itself, pathetic.

Second of all, who is the audience? How would the typical college student in America react to this sort of clown show? It’s already bad enough to be called a “racist” but to be associated with people “protesting” on campus against “modernity” with pictures of people getting lynched?

Third, what is the mesasage? “Lynch modernity” – what the fuck does that even mean?

Now, if I was, say, the editor in some magazine like the New Yorker. Say, I’m a Jew that hates White people. I especially hate “racists.” What am I going to do?

Am I going to interview an honest and slightly boring college professor, like, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, to give a fair and reasonable argument for the natural interests of White people?

Am I going to interview a polished, attractive, well spoken spokesman like Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, or Lana Lokteff?

Would I interview a talented comedian, like a RamZPaul type, that makes the White cause seem harmless and obvious?

Of course not. Instead I’d find a group of narcissists doing “street theater” with off-brand messages and lynching signs. I’d find a group of religious fanatics (sincere or insincere, who can tell?) talking about “sodomites” and “fornicators” yelling Bible verses.

I’m going to find unattractive and angry looking men and cover them harassing normal looking women.

Notice there is no need for any “conspiracy” because “narcissists” who want people to look at them are everywhere. While the average pretty girl wants people to look at her and think she’s pretty, or an average guy might want people looking at him in awe of his athletic prowess, some people enjoy it when others look at them with hostility. These are the types of people attracted to “public protests” of “controversial” and unpopular causes.

Anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows that this sort of thing turns people *off* to the message. So you either believe the people engaged in this are so dumb they don’t understand that pictures of lynching will turn people against their supposed message or you believe that they are smart enough to know and they are doing it on purpose.

There’s no need for any “conspiracy theory” at all because “theatrical” narcissists who get off on negative attention are everywhere. The local news loves nothing more than some jerk-off who likes to see his face on TV and is willing to make an offensive fool of himself if that’s what it takes.

“The Traditionalist Youth Network at Indiana State University prepares to take to the streets to publicly lynch Communism.”