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Andrew Anglin Goes Full Conspiratard

When many of us pointed out that Anglin’s (((Daily Stormer))) is an extremely shady operation, Anglin himself went apeshit complaining about the “conspiracy theorists.”

But now that Anglin is under attack from an astroturf campaign exactly like the astro-turf campaigns he himself, and his partner Andrew “Weev” Aurenheimer, have been using against pro-Whites – even just last month against pro-White women like Brittnay Pettibone and Lauren Southern, Anglin cries foul and screams like a paranoid nutjob about “Feds” out to get him:


After YEARS of playing “more hardcore than thou” and attacking anyone who wouldn’t play (((Hollywood Nazi))) as a “cuck” – well, what do you know. Now ever more “hardcore” types are calling Anglin the “cuck.”

Poor Anglin is worried that some Feds in “Atomwaffen” might commit terrorism – false flag terrorism – and he’ll be blamed.

Well, Anglin, welcome to the real world. Welcome to the reality that people like ME have been trying to explain for a decade.

Hope you lawyered up, dumbass.

Chris Cantwell, the retarded moron LARPer that literally invited the anti-White media to his hotel room, posed with his guns and swastikas, before being arrested for – what else? – inciting violence at the Charlottesville rally, now cries (again) because his “sacrifice” was all in vain.

Well, no shit your drooling idiot. What did you think was going to happen?


Looks like RamZPaul was right all along. Looks like Hipster Racist was right all along. After YEARS of playing “neo-nazi” on the internet, the second shit got real Anglin realizes he fucked it all up and he’s desperate to rebrand as an “American Nationalist.”

But then he’ll lose his fan base and then who is going to buy bitcoins on their mommy’s credit card to send to Anglin and Weev?

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of LARPers. You lay down with (((Hollywood Nazi))) dogs, you wake up with LARPer fleas.

All The Best Anti-Semites Are Jewish

“Jews are so smart they are better than non-Jews at leading movements that hate them. It’s like they are so annoyed at non-Jews for being incompetent at anti-Semitism so they just do it themselves and then proceed to make the best anti-Jew memes.” — RooshV

“Damn, and I was gambling on the Daily Stormer being the first alt-right outlet to be revealed to be controlled opposition.

I still predict that pipe bomb will drop sometime in the future.” — Larsen Halleck

“It’s like “rape culture”. To prove it, you need a steady supply of rapists. If you can’t find rapists, just accuse random men of rape. To prove “anti-Semitism”, you need anti-Semites. If there are none around, become the anti-Semites yourself.” — RooshV

“While listening to Enoch’s podcast once a while back, I heard him defend Andrew Anglin vehemently enough (against those exact allegations, I believe) that I have no doubt that you are right.” — D. Loomis

“HA! This is fantastic. What’s next? Anti-Semetic Podcaster and inventor of the (((meme))) is married to a jew and might be a jew himself. What’s next? Are we going to find out that billionaire playboy real estate moguls from new York city couldn’t fucking care less about middle class or making anything great again?” — lolknee



Anglin Is Defending Enoch because Anglin Is Running The Same Scam

No, I doubt Anglin is married to a Jewess – Anglin doesn’t seem the type that has sex with women.

But Anglin’s (((Daily Stormer))) is of course run by Jews – it’s run by “Weev” who is Jewish.

And Anglin’s major financier “Colonel Grub” something or other – the one that raped a white woman…

Well, his white rape victim described him as “not really white.”

If he was black, she would have said “black.”

So “not really white” likely means he’s Middle Eastern.

Putting that in context – that means Israeli.

So the guy who runs the technical side of (((Daily Stormer))) – weev – is a Jew.

And the guy who pays for the entire operation, “Colonel Grub” or whatever, is an Israeli.

It’s a nice scam they are running there.

I’m going to start running the same scam myself. I’m going to start a blog, something like “The Real Fash.”

I’m going to post the most over-the-top hilarious (((Hollywood Nazi))) gimmickry, you know, REAL HARD CORE shit. Plenty of faggoty anime shit (I’ll need to find someone to help me learn about that anime shit as I’m not a faggot who actually watches that garbage.)

I’ll get an NYC Jewess social media expert – like Enoch’s wife – to help me publicize it. I’ve dated a few NYC Jewesses in my time (way better looking than Enoch’s wife – woof!) Maybe just call up an ex-girlfriend, tell her I’m really an “anti-racist” trying to undermine the Evil Trump Alt-Right.

Then, start raking in the shekels from the NEETs that love to circle-jerk to Anime Hitler Cats and Japanese Cartoon Kiddie Porn.

Watch out (((Daily Stormer))) – I already have a few handles on your site. I already troll you as the most “hard core fash” on your own forums, because – hey – it’s easy.

The (((Daily Stormer))) audience are literally the biggest suckers on the internet. I mean, these are the people that fall for Amway scams and pyramid schemes.

Let’s face it – these are NOT the cream of the crop of the Aryan race.

I’ve long wanted to pull such a scam, but I never thought it would be worthwhile.

But considering how EASY it is to pull scams like Anglin and Enoch do – there’s no reason to NOT do it.

Anyone want to help – email me at hipsterracist@yahoo.com – I’ll cut you in on some shekels.

But mostly for Lulz.

It’s so easy to scam the (((Daily Stormer))) kids – like stealing candy from babies.

Dude I'm Like Totally A Real Aryan Nazi - Trust Me. Hail Anglin!
Dude I’m Like Totally A Real Aryan Nazi – Trust Me. Hail Anglin!

Yes, Andrew “Weev” Aurenheimer Is a Self-Admitted Jew

Any attempt to brand me an anti-Semite is idiotic. I have no problem with any person solely because of their Semitic descent. Take a look at my last name, “Auernheimer”. Think about the likely origins of this name for a second. Even a quick Google reveals its origins. The most famous Auernheimer of history, journalist and author Raoul Auernheimer, had his way bought from the fires of Dachau by his uncle, Theodore Herzl himself. Come on, I have curly hair and brown eyes here. The claim many “journalists” are making that I am some sort of Nazi is preposterous, but I suppose you have to resort to ad hominem when the public overwhelmingly supported me on the basis of the facts of the case. — Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer


When I asked Auernheimer, who says he’s got Jewish ancestors, if he actually means all of the bigoted stuff he says, he replied: “I do think Jews have power in this country and I fight powerful people. Jews in general have power over media and banking. Ergo, I will make fun of them on the internet.”


“Weev” was released from prison early and became not only one of the internet’s most famous “neo-Nazis” – but is the technical manager of the (((Daily Stormer.)))

Weev was one of the most notorious “anti-Semite hunters” of the early to middle 2000’s.

He and his gang of Internet stalking an cyber-harassing trash were one of the more effective trolling gangs who collaborated or worked within large media websites for the express purpose to shut down political discussion of Jewish involvement in 9-11 and political power structures in general.

Now, some 10 years later, and a short but well deserved prison sentence, Weev has been seeking to “rebrand” himself as a “White Nationalist”.

What few know is that “The Fetch” was Weev and his gang of Internet stalking and harassing “rapists” “Public Enemy #1” due to my stance on Jewish involvement in 9-11 and my determination to out this coordinated (conspiratorial) criminal stalking gang into the light.


Figure it out, folks, it ain’t difficult. What do you think “Weev” does with all those email and IP addresses he collects from the (((Daily Stormer))) and other honeypot fake “neo-Nazi” sites?

Do you think “Weev” wants to go back to prison? I bet he doesn’t.

So he cooperates.

Wouldn’t you?

I just feel bad for all the dumb kids being suckered by the (((Daily Stormer))) – I’m just putting the facts on the record so they can at least be warned.


RamZPaul Was Right Again! #TheRightStuff #OpNSAJewWife


RamZPaul was targeted by the fake “neo-Nazis” at the (((Daily Stormer))) for two years. They have openly admitted to trying to get him banned from youtube. They have spent two years spreading lies about him and trying to undercut his worthwhile and effective pro-white work.

RamZPaul has done numerous videos and articles explaining how the entire “neo-Nazi” movement is FAKE and it’s run by Jews.

And what do you know – the second biggest “neo-Nazi” on the internet “just happens” to be married to a Jew. When he was making all those jokes about “Gas The Kikes – Race War Now” – the butt of those jokes wasn’t his Jewish wife and Jewish children.

The butt of those jokes was YOU – you stupid kiddies that think posting Anime Hitler cartoons make you “edgy.”

Mike Enoch and his Jewess wife were yukking it up – while YOU were being exposed to the media, while YOU were losing your jobs, while YOU were getting slandered because you stupidly play-acted as the Clown the Jews wanted you to be.

(((Daily Stormer))) and TheRightStuff.biz – they are BOTH run by Jews, as are ALL the “neo-Nazi” groups.

Just hope you used a VPN when you posted all that “Edgy Nazi” shit on (((Daily Stormer))) – because “Weev” the Jew that runs the site has your IP addresses.

Why do you think they let him out of jail early?


Hope he doesn’t tell your parents what you do online!


(((Daily Stormer))) and the ADL/SPLC Attack NPI Again

Anglin is just the clown out in front – remember, just a few years ago Anglin was railing against “racists” and “anti-semites” and talking about how Jews are just so smart which is why Evil Whitey is so “Nazi.”

Then, Anglin turned on a dime, and started the well-funded (((Daily Stormer))) website, to co-opt the growing Alt Right movement and smear it by association with (((Hollywood Nazi.))) That’s their job, and there are obviously professionals behind the clowns like Anglin. The (((Daily Stormer))) used to publish (((Joshua Goldberg))) a Jewish propagandist working the (((Rita Katz))) of SITE, a well known Israeli Mossad front group in Washington DC.

So, a few Jews went to the NPI conference and “Sieg Heiled” for the camera along with the Asian porn star Tila Tequila, and now Andrew Anglin, the (((Daily Stormer))) the ADL and the SPLC – along with the Jewish media – is making up a completely fake story about Richard Spencer and NPI somehow being involved in … “naaaaaazis!” Of course, Anglin and the (((Daily Stormer))) are working hand in hand with Jews to associate the Alt Right in general, and Spencer/NPI in particular, with (((Hollywood Nazism.)))

Anyone who wasn’t born yesterday has seen this gimmick over and over again. If you bring it up, like the Alt Right’s Colin Lidell does, you’ll be trolled and spammed by Anglin’s little troll army of JDL operatives.

The were successful, now Trump and Brietbart have the excuse they needed to “denounce” the Alt Right, and anytime Spencer or NPI does anything, the ADL, the JDL, the $PLC – and Andrew Anglin and the (((Daily Stormer))) – will be there to draw a Hitler mustache on them.

That’s how the game is played, time for people to wise up.

Dear (((DailyStormer))) Clowns – the Audience is NOT the Media

Radio Aryan Roundtable with Sven Longhshanks had a podcast about the (((Daily Stormer’s))) New “Nazi Pokeman for Kids” flyers and addresses some of the criticism they have received.

As usual, the Clown Show just doesn’t get any of it at all.

They complained that the the NPI conference tried to present a moderate image – they didn’t use racial slurs, they dressed nicely, the didn’t discuss Hitler and the Nazis, yet it “didn’t work” because the media still called them “white supremacists” that “hated Jews.”

The Costume Clowns are creating a strawman – the strawman being that the “moderates” at NPI are being moderate ***in order to get positive media coverage*** but it doesn’t work.

Of course, the Costume Clowns miss the point entirely – the “moderates” are not being moderate for the media – the “moderates” are being moderate ***for their audience*** – the audience, being normal white people.

The (((Daily Stormer’s))) long time “strategy” was spelled out by whoever plays the “Andrew Anglin” character, that strategy being “they are going to call us Nazis anyway, so we may as well be Nazis.”

I hope I don’t have to explain to my readers why that’s not just a bad strategy, it’s so mind-numbingly stupid it’s hard to even come up with an analogy. The only one I can think of is, “hey they are going to say we’re so stupid we’d jump off of a cliff anyway – so we may as well go ahead and jump off of a cliff!”

At least they admitted their “Nazi Pokemon Flyers for Kids” strategy was all about getting media coverage and getting “da yoof.” Supposedly, there are young white boys all around the country that are just dying to join a fake neo-Nazi group based around Pokemon and cartoon frogs that use lots of racial slurs.

This is simply mistaking online trolling for real life. Lots of young boys enjoy letting off steam telling nigger jokes on a pseudo-anonymous internet site, but then they are going back to hanging out with their black and mestizo friends. Remember, when the (((Daily Stormer))) and related groups actually “take it to the streets” their victories include getting 56 votes for Robert “With Jews You Lose” Randsdell and media coverage of Matt Heimbach shoving a black woman.

That’s it. And when they brag about their hit count online what they are doing is not at all different than the high school nerd bragging that when he shit hit pants during gym class ***everyone looked at him*** so therefore he’s getting more popular.

The real Alt-Right is not trying to get nice media coverage – they expect the media coverage to be hostile. But when people hear about these “white power Jew haters” and go online and find funny comedians like RamZPaul, reasonable spokesmen like Richard Spencer, and even articulate gentlemen like Jared Taylor, they realize that the media was lying.

On the other hand, when someone sees media coverage of the (((Daily Stormer))) and the media says “they are a bunch of kids in their mom’s basements talking about Hitler and masturbating to anime porn and talking about how much they hate black people and Jews” – well, people go online, find the (((Daily Stormer))) and say, “yep, the media is correct.”

The (((Daily Stormer))) is doing the anti-white’s job for them – dressing up in the costumes they were assigned by the ADL and dancing to the tune of the media. What is their reward? Lots of attention, just like the high school nerd shitting his pants in the gym.

Another Reason To Hate the (((Daily Stormer))) and the Clown Brigade: Misogyny

I think the Church and the family is the place to teach sexual morality.

I also think that various socially conservative blogs like SocialMatter.net do a good job of explaining the importance of sexual morality without necessarily resorting to religion.

I keep on being told that sites like the (((Daily Stormer))) are bringing in the “young people.” Which a quick perusal seems true, because they certain read like immature young boys.

And if you’re honest, you may remember that younger men tend to have some issues with being prematurely judgemental; being judgemental about things that they don’t really understand. It’s that old saying, when you were 16 you knew way more than you Dad, but once you hit 30 you realize that your Dad may have actually known a bit more than you ever gave him credit for.


So here’s a funny post. The set-up is some Jewess dating a “Christian” boy is having some domination and humiliation fantasies. It doesn’t read particularly authentic, phrases such as “I’m a dirty girl who needs your Christian dick in my Jewish pussy” seems a bit off, frankly. Oh, no doubt, there are Jewesses that really do get on off a forbidden goy boy toy. And domination and humiliation fantasies are not at all uncommon. Just recall in 50 Shades when Christian tells Anastasia, “I could expect high ideals, or I could debase you completely.”

Anastasia says, “well, I’ll take debasement.”


Boys don’t understand it because they don’t understand girls. Most men don’t understand it either because most men don’t understand women. Most women don’t understand it either because women don’t understand their own sexuality.

The only actually decent manosphere writer, Rollo Thomassi of Rational Male, explains two dynamics:

First, the war brides dynamic. Women have been the prizes in war for so long it’s impacted their evolutionary psychology. They expect the men to fight each other and whichever man wins gets them as the prize. It’s a powerful fantasy for them. A friend explained one of her earliest and most powerful sexual fantasies: two men were haggling over her. She was being auctioned off – a sex slave, a prostitute, kidnapping, whatever. Each man is upping the price, and when one finally says, “ten thousand dollars” – that’s when she comes. (A lot of money for a gal from her class background.)

Second, men are romantics pretending to be cynical realists.

Women are cynical realists pretending to be romantics.

Want to kill a romance with a woman? Buy her flowers.

Want to get a woman in the mood? Spank her.


The reason women freak the hell out about the concept of “game” and instead tell men to “just be yourself” is simply because they want to game men. They want men to “be themselves” so they can figure out the true alphas from the disgusting betas. If men learn to “game” women, it reverses the sexual roles and that is the least sexy thing ever.

Watch a Taylor Swift video some time. The hunky men in her videos never smile. They have dour, sometimes mean looks on their faces – when they aren’t arrogantly smirking.

Women aren’t men.

So it’s amusing to see Stormerfags – likely virgins – explaining why these sorts of BDSM fantasies that women tend to have are either some sort of Jew degeneracy, or the product of bad fathering.

Now read the idiot “Leon29” – not coincidentally, he’s using Crusader imagery and his tagline is “Kebab Removalist.”

This kind of spiritual sickness is what happens when your father doesn’t care one bit about you as a child.

This can also affect boys, and turn them into sub fags.

Remember this all of you who would be fathers.

And let’s make sure that 100 years form now sick white girls aren’t having European Caliphate fantasies.

Um – bad news, son. They already are.

He recognizes the pattern but can’t help but pathologize it:

A few days ago someone linked a post on an imageboard on /pol/ where black girls were fantasizing about being colonized by white men and having to offer themselves to save their tribe.

I’m dead serious.

At this point I’m not surprised. Woman are starved for true strength. Strong cultures naturally impose themselves. Cruelty doesn’t have to come into it (although it often does).

However, some good news. Some of the youngsters seem to get it:


For more fun and hilarity, find a pic of an attractive White guy on Google. Needs to be obscure, though. Just in case the slut is smart enough to run a Google image search. After that, you make a dating profile that makes it clear that you’re kind of a racist who only wants White women for 14/88 purposes. However, don’t be overtly 14/88, be very subtle.

Then marvel at the amount of nonwhite women who hit on you. Nothing women, especially jewish women, love more than that forbidden fruit.


If only she was a none-joo pure white, the things me and her would accomplish in the bedroom…….so creative some would call it art lol

The ones that are giggling over the idea of humiliating the Jewess are the ones in the most danger, of course. They don’t get it. You cannot humiliate a woman sexually There is no “gross” or “humiliating” act that you can do that will break her – it’s you that will be broken. Her submitting to you sexually is her way of catching you.

YOU are the romantic that will have feelings – maybe guilty ones, maybe not so guilty ones – about what you are doing to her. For her? It’s just a hot fantasy come to life.

You are the romantic, she’s the realist.

No – even the girls with the most loving fathers still have rape fantasies, humiliation fantasies, fantasies of being kidnapped and held down.

It is true, however, that the feminist types that are the most against “rape culture” and the like also “just happen” to be the most hardcore into it. Just like the men that see gayness everywhere are the ones that, well, see gayness everywhere (for obvious reasons.)

The woman who can’t stop talking about “rape culture” and how “humiliating” and “objectifying” culture is to women is the analogue of the men that are hyper-sensitive to anything that might be “gay.”

I was 17 the first time my girlfriend asked me to read her favorite erotica story. It was pretty basic “tied up and ravished” types fantasy. That was no big deal, I could see it.

But the girl that asked me to hold her neck so she couldn’t breathe – yeah, that was a bit disconcerting.

A little bit of spanking? Oh come up, that’s as funny as it is sexy. Although it’s crazy how turned on some women are by it.

It’s the ones that like to look at their bruises in the mirror, those are the crazy ones. Proceed with caution.

And never underestimate how vicious and manipulative a sub can be. Just because a woman is sexually submissive does NOT mean she’s a good person. Just because she wants to be held down and raped doesn’t mean she loves you. Never forget how conflicted a woman – especially, a feminist – can be about their own “politically incorrect” sexuality. That’s why the BDSM “scene” has all those complicated rules and why its so politically correct.

Really, telling young men lies about women’s nature is what really causes misogyny – the real kind. Actual hatred of women, not benevolent sexism or objectifying women’s bodies. When you are told all your life that girls are “sugar and spice and everything nice” – then realize women can actually be vindictive, jealous, petty, and quite often rather ditzy – it doesn’t lead to a healthy attitude towards women.

After all, a cynic is just a disappointed idealist.

In any case, I’ve always been consistent about this. The best way to keep a healthy relationship going is regular maintenance spankings. That’s the only way they know you truly love them – when you are willing to spank them even if they haven’t done anything specifically to deserve it.

It shows them that you care, no matter what.


William Pierce on the (((Daily Stormer)))

It took me a few years to learn the hard way to shun and have zero tolerance for people who like to dress up in uniforms and shout “14/88″ and give Roman salutes for the TV cameras. I suspect there are still a few Alliance people who have yet to develop zero tolerance for these freaks. That’s why I harp on the subject so often.

We need winners, not losers. If we tolerate the losers now, we’ll never get the winners, and we ourselves will become losers. People who talk about fighting the enemy in the streets aren’t really interested in winning, they just get a buzz from talking about fighting the enemy in the streets. Their talk is pure self-indulgence. Pure hobbyism.”

— William Pierce

h/t Percival


Marginalizing the Alt-Right

Colin’s excellent essay hit the nail on the head. Here’s some more random follow up.

(((Daily Stormer))) has created a fake “History” of the alt-right that follows the script:


Who does he credit as the originator of the “alt right?” 4Chan. Not the people who actually started the political movement that is an alternative to the establishment conservative movement. Anglin is forced to include people like Richard Spencer (the actual founder of the alt-right) but only to dismiss him as being insufficiently anti-homo.

Notice who they leave out completely? Perhaps the most effective and important online pro-white propaganda of the last decade: Bob Whitaker and the BUGsters/Mantra people.

What does Anglin list as the first tenant on the alt right? Preservation of the white race? No, of course not. “Anti-Jew.” Anglin’s “anlt right” isn’t a pro-white movement, it’s a “neo-Nazi” “anti-Jew” movement.

That is of course the point. The point is to keep Jews and Jewish interests front and center.

And for all the pose as anti-homoism, just notice the outright homoeroticism. There’s a Frog meme literally showing Andrew Anglin, in his tight t-shirt and 1970s Village People sunglasses, as a “reason to live.”

Notice also the cult like figure they make out Anglin to be. Kevin MacDonald describes this as the “guru effect” and it’s a very Jewish thing. Jews have tended to forms cults around charismatic rabbis, and secular versions of Judaism do the same around secular rabbis like Freud and Noam Chomsky. Anglin is a secular rabbi, the Troll King.

Of course it’s all tongue in cheek. Of course it’s “humor.” Of course it’s “satire.” But that is the point. They want to hijack the “alternative right” label, stamp a Hitler Moustache on it, and turn it into a joke. That’s why they are so active right now, after the Clinton speech, to intercept the traffic.

This has been at least a year in the making as well. When the “alt right” first started to get mainstream media coverage last year, the media interviewed people like Ram Z Paul and the first thing they did was try to get him to talk about the (((Daily Stormer))).

The GOP wants to put Jewish gay Milo and the neo-conservative Breitbart.com as the “face” of the alt-right, in order to turn the “alt right” into Tea Party II and vote for Republicans.

The Democrats, Clinton, the ADL and the SPLC, want to turn the “alt right” into “anti-seemites” “neo-Nazis,” and Holocaust jokes.

So the normies who hear about the “alt right” have two choices:

Basic bitch “anti-jihad” “anti-BLM” “liberals are the real racists” “we’re not racists we’re just against Muslim because they are anti-semitic and anti-LGBT” Milo and Breitbart.

Or, Hitler moustaches, internet trolling, Holocaust jokes, 4chan humor, and homoerotic gurus like Anglin.

This is nothing new, this sort of thing is Black Propaganda 101. Of course, 99% of the (((Daily Stormer))) fans are just internet trolls, teenage boys with after school time and weekends. Anglin himself is likely not particularly different than Heimbach – an easily manipulated narcissist who likes attention and is willing to do whatever it takes to get some.

But as we see with Joshua Goldberg and the Rita Katz/SITE Intel group, these sorts of things are very useful for (((them.)))

Gregory Hood once suggested that the “4chan” kids were natural allies, maybe just let them grow up a bit. The nRX types though the “Gamergaters” were natural allies, they just needed to be educated.

Both were wrong. There is no “there” there. Both Gamergate and (((Daily Stormer) are internet chimeras, artificial communities – astro-turf.

As Greg Johnson said, whatever the deal is – they aren’t going away. So really the only thing you can do is distance yourself from them and/or ignore them. When the Washington Post calls you up to do a story on the “alt right” and they ask you, “do you think Heimbach/Anglin represents the future of the Alt Right” the only response you can give is, “who? You mean those internet trolls? I don’t know anything about that.”

Don’t believe the hype.