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RamZPaul is Braver Than 90% of the #AltRight Apparently #NoWarForIsrael

I keep on reading that Ramzpaul is a “cuck” or is somehow secretly “controlled by the Jews” or something.

Yet at least half if not more of RamZPaul’s videos deal with Jewish power, Jewish double standards, and Israeli control of US foreign policy. He is FAR more consistent on this issue than virtually anyone else in the “Alt Right.”

Here RamZPaul yet again points out who is really in control, who is behind the attacks on Syria, who both the Republicans and Democrats are afraid to call out. Lots of people on the Alt Right are saying that Trump is giving in to the “neo-cons” or “John McCain” or “the globalists” or “the Deep State” but for some reason most are avoiding that word: ISRAEL.

You know, Israel, the shitty little country half way around the world? Jared Kushner is an Israeli, son of an Israeli, who works in the interests of Israel. The PM of Israel, Netanyahu, demanded that Trump attack Assad in Syria – and Trump followed orders.

So why won’t the rest of the Alt Right come out and say the obvious? Either you get people dancing around the issue, or you have the (((Hollywood Nazis))) adding some cartoonish mystification – it’s “the Jew” or it has something to do with the “Talmud” or the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” or “Hitler” or something.

Nope – nothing to do with any of that at all. It has to do with AIPAC and the powerful Jews that run America – Schumer, Kushner, the Google execs, the Facebook guy, Wolf Blitzer, the ADL, the $PLC, WINEP, the Jew run media networks.

At least RamZPaul says it clearly, without any mystification or exaggeration.

Which may explain why RamZPaul is ALWAYS attacked by the more, er, “colorful” of the supposedly pro-white internet properties…

Taylor Swift’s New Hipster Racist Video Earns Her A Good Hard Spanking

Taylor Swift has been a very, very naughty girl, what with her new hipster racist video for “Wildest Dreams.”

It’s not that I want to turn her over my knee and give her a good hard spanking but someone has to do it so I’ll take one for the team and volunteer.

Everytime I go to youtube Taylor Swift dominates the front page. Face it, she’s just about genetic perfection. I would impregnate her all night long and some the next morning too. That gal could birth some beautiful White babies. She can have my 14 babies and 88 grandbabies any day (h/t Rudeforthought and Ghost of Virtve Past @ TheRightStuff.biz.)

She’s about as classy as a pop singer can be and she’s only dated hot White hunks – no Miley Virus is she. She started out singing country – The White Music – and now she holds up the Implicitly White end of the pop spectrum. I wouldn’t mind my 12 year old daughter – or my 28 year old trophy wife – being a fan of Taylor Swift.

Apparently, she’s pissed off the Usual Suspects for her new video suggesting the total Racial Cleansing of Africa – that’s our gal! (h/t CantSpellAshkenaziWithoutNAZI @ TheRightStuff.biz.)

“Taylor Swift’s new Wildest Dreams video is criticized for being ‘racist’ and based on a ‘glamorous white colonial fantasy’ of Africa”


Of course, the video is directed by Joseph Kahn (*cough*) but no one is going to mention that … but he says it’s ok, he didn’t murder any Palestinian babies while filming the video and he included a couple of Token Negroes in a few shots.


I nominate Taylor Swift as the new Official Hipster Racist Goddess.

Sieg Swift! Heil Taylor!

Sieg Heil
Sieg Heil

All of Taylor’s proceeds from this video will be donated to wild animal conservation efforts through the African Parks Foundation of America.


The Legend of 9/11

I take back anything bad I ever said about DailyStormer.

This is some funny shit.


But this is serious shit. “This Is An Orange” was a ground-breaking video that put 9/11 Truth in perspective. Here’s another of his videos putting the Zionazi lies in perspective. Israel, the shitty little country, is a terrorist state engaged in war crimes.

Free Palestine!


I sympathize with the Palestinians because I live under Zionist occupation too.

The Legend of 9/11

America, land of the dim and home of the cowardly.

Diamonds In The Crack Of Her Ass

Back in the 1980s, the nation of South Africa was under international pressure for their apartheid policies. While South Africa was a close ally to another nation that practices apartheid – the Jewish country, Israel – that didn’t stop Jews outside of Israel agreeing virtually unanimously that the White South Africans were evil racists.

But not the Israeli Jews – their apartheid was ok. Because, you know, they are Jews. God’s Special People, therefore, their “racism” is perfectly justified.

So Jews around the world organized a massive demonization campaign against South Africa. It got so silly that MTV musicians would all take “heroic” stands to boycott South Africa, peaking with the shitty 1980s song, “I Ain’t Gonna Play Sun City.”

Well, one enterprising Jew decided to break ranks and put out a whole album with South African musicians – black South Africans that is, not white ones. Since Paul Simon is a Jew, normal rules don’t apply to him. If a Jew supports the Apartheid Regime of Jew Bigotry in Zionist Occupied Palestine, that’s ok. Because Jews. But if a White man were to support a majority white country – any country, anywhere in the world, from tiny Netherlands to the massive Canada – doesn’t matter.

Jews have Rights. Whites have “unearned privilege.”

So anyway, some lying Jewess who plays a “Holocaust Survivor” on TV actually told this ridiculous tale about how she stuffed diamonds up her ass to save herself from the Nazis. She actually said Dr. Death Himself, Himmler or Gerbbels or whichever, actually personally tortured her and gave her an injection to turn her eyes blue.


You see, blue eyed people are bad and evil and Nazis. Unless they are Jewish and they have blue eyes, then it’s ok. So you see, the Hitler Nazis were so evil they decided they were going to kidnap helpless Jewish girls, inject them with needles in their eyes, in order to turn their brown eyes blue. Is that a believable story?

Of course not. It’s complete 100% bullshit, and everyone knows it. But it’s literally illegal to doubt this story is many countries all around the world, thanks to various anti-speech laws passed under pressure from Zionist Jews.

She’s a jewess
She don’t try to hide it
Diamonds in the crack of her ass

He’s a nazi
Evil as the Devil
Evil as the Devil turning brown eyes to blue

Sing Ta na na
Ta na na na
She got diamonds in the crack of her ass
She got diamonds in the crack of her ass
Diamonds in the crack of her ass
Diamonds in the crack of her ass

People say she’s lying
There’s no diamonds in the crack of her ass
Well that’s one way to hide that stolen stash
Diamonds in the crack of her ass

It was physically impossible
To stuff all those diamonds up her rear
Did it hurt worse going in or coming out?
She said you must believe me
Or else you’re a nazi
Wearing these diamonds
These diamonds in the crack of my ass

Bernie Sanders, the Jew Zionist Senator from Vermont, poses with Terrorist Mass Murderer Nelson Mandela at an anti-White rally. Bernie Sanders is a supporter of Jewish Supremacy, Zionism, and apartheid - as long as Jews do it. When whites do it, Bernie says it's "racist."
Bernie Sanders, the Jew Zionist Senator from Vermont, poses with Terrorist Mass Murderer Nelson Mandela at an anti-White rally. Bernie Sanders is a supporter of Jewish Supremacy, Zionism, and apartheid – as long as Jews do it. When whites do it, Bernie says it’s “racist.”

White Skinhead Dorian Lynskey Declares ‘War’ on Hipsters over Headdresses

We must defend where they attack. Now, they threaten our headdresses, tomorrow, they take our Asian Fusion bistros and then what, our Solidarity with Palestine keffiyehs? You may not think the fight for Hipster’s Rights to appropriate clothing and food styles from other cultures is important, but consider: whites are being held to a dress code based on the “sensitivities” of white leftys who have appointed themselves as defenders of foreign tribes.

It sounds like a joke, doesn’t it? But they are serious. New York media companies like Gawker, Jezebel, and the like have started a campaign to ruin the future careers of white teenagers on twitter who are “racist” – and now they have expanded that word “racist” to include “hipster racism.”

George Orwell himself could have never predicted newspeak like “hipster racism.”

Only people from one ethnic group are ever accused of being a “hipster” and it just happens to be the same certain ethnic group that includes the only people ever being accused of being “racist.”

You know. YT. That’s us.


I suspect the real problem is that our women look so much better in them than theirs do.
I suspect the real problem is that our women look so much better in them than theirs do.

This means war: why the fashion headdress must be stopped: The Native American headdress is a common sight at festivals. It has also been appropriated by fashion brands and stars such as Pharrell Williams. But many are now fighting back against what they see as a crude act of racial stereotyping

The only “crude act of racial stereotyping” happening here is the crude racial stereotype that says whites are guilty of “racism” for things like wearing a costume. But no one else, only whites. Double standard much?

“When it first started happening, my reaction was like, really?” says Ehren Thomas, also known as Bear Witness, of the Ottawa-based dance music trio A Tribe Called Red. “I thought we were over this. I thought the politically correct age of the 90s had taught people we weren’t allowed to make fun of other cultures but apparently I was wrong.”

“A Tribe Called Red?” Really? As if that’s not appropriating from the seminal Golden Age of Hip Hop duo A Tribe Called Quest? See? It’s ok when the Red Man, the Yellow Man, the Brown Man, and the Black Man do it. But if the White Man does it, White Skinheads like Dorian Lynskey will sure as hell find some non-white who will complain, at the least, quote the ones that are paid to complain.

The Ginger Pride Walk In Edinburgh

Shock Jock Joins White Right After Black Attack

No content I just wanted to post that headline. Frankly I’m more NPR (All Jews Considered) than Opie & Anthony, but James Edwards of Political Cesspool is a good guy and does not pull any punches.