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I’m Really Uncomfortable With The Charges Against Nxivm

So this is some sort of self-improvement scam. “Take our class on business success!” and the like. All of these things are wastes of money and many may sometimes tip over into actionable fraud.


But the man who started it, Keith Raniere, along with actress Allison Mack and Seagram hieress Clare Bronfman, are being charged with “sex trafficking” and running a kind of sex cult where hot women would be recruited, then branded (hot!) and have sex with the founder. I mean, isn’t that the entire POINT of doing anything? Men build houses so women will come inside the house and have sex with them. Teenage boys learn how to play guitar so teenage girls will like their songs and have sex with them. It’s why men do anything.

This guy, Raniere, is on another level. He got his hot sex slaves to recruit other sex slaves for him, in a sort of recursive pick-up artistry. Come on, that’s pretty great. Anyone who has ever had a women recruit the other gal for a threesome, or even had an ex-lover introduce you to a new lover, understands the thrill of that.

Mack, under Raniere’s direction, would allegedly recruit women into the group, force them to to have sex with Raniere, have his initials branded into their skin, have them operate under “master-slave” conditions, and would abuse them if they disobeyed.

I don’t get the “force” part. I mean, if she was holding them down while Raniere raped them, fine, prosecute and send them to jail. But I have a feeling “force” means “hey, if you want into the club you have to put out.” While is the entire point of the club. Remember those old bumper stickers from the 1970s for hitchhiker, “Cash, Grass or Ass?” Is that sex trafficking now?

The FBI became involved as five women spoke out against the group in a New York Times exposé. After Raniere’s arrest, FBI official William Sweeney said in a statement: “As alleged, Keith Raniere displayed a disgusting abuse of power in his efforts to denigrate and manipulate women he considered his sex slaves.”

What “power” did this man have over these women, really? These were attractive, intelligent and in most cases very well off upper-middle class career women. He wasn’t even paying them, it’s not like it was an employer-employee relationship. His “power” was social proof as far as I can tell.

“He allegedly participated in horrifying acts of branding and burning them, with the co-operation of other women operating within this unorthodox pyramid scheme. These serious crimes against humanity are not only shocking, but disconcerting to say the least, and we are putting an end to this torture today.”

I’m against branding and tattoos in general, but these were adults weren’t they? They wanted into a club and this was the hazing ritual. Are we going to arrest the entire military of the United States for getting tattoos as part of their male bonding?

Think about this: I could move to Los Angeles, rent a hotel room and pay a desperate 18 year old girl $600 to get anally gang raped by ten old men, film it, and distribute it on line and that’s “free speech.”

But I can’t pal around with a couple of beautiful career women to give me social proof to recruit other beautiful career women for hot threesomes and sexy initiation rites like bikini tatooing?

It’s ok to “humiliate” women as long as you film it and show it online, but it’s terrible “manipulation” to do it privately and consensually?

As far as I can tell, this Nxivm/DOS group is far more moral – far more feminist, even – than the entire Los Angeles pornography industry.

All I can say is I’m glad I’m old and settled down now, because if half of what I did in my teens and 20s, in the USA, back in the 1990s, were known, I’d be in jail, along with just about every girl I’ve ever dated and half of my guy friends too.

Which Way, White Man?


The Kallikak Family: A Study in the Heredity of Feeble-Mindedness was a 1912 book by the American psychologist and eugenicist Henry H. Goddard. The work was an extended case study of Goddard’s for the inheritance of “feeble-mindedness,” a general category referring to a variety of mental disabilities including mental retardation, learning disabilities, and mental illness. Goddard concluded that a variety of mental traits were hereditary and society should limit reproduction by people possessing these traits.

Beta Of The Year: Roy Moore

James Edwards of Political Cesspool is a good and solid pro-White advocate who is also a conservative Christian. Heartiste is the hilariously funny “game” blogger who has human sexual nature down to a science. Both of them have suggested that Roy Moore is an “alpha” – and both of them are comically wrong.

First, let’s get the feminist stuff out of the way. Roy Moore, at 30, courting for marriage women ten or twelve years younger than him is no big deal. In the secular world, if Roy More were say, Leonardo DiCaprio “dating” a succession of young starlets just this side of the legal limit, he’d be the envy of every red blooded man alive. Despite what over the hill cat ladies may say about power imbalances, those are the types of power imbalances that women LOVE. Those are the types of power imbalances that girls and women seek out.

Heartiste himself points out that a White father’s goals for his daughter, from acceptable to soul-thrilling, are either:


3. Date a well-heeled man 10+ years her senior
2. Marry a well-heeled man 10+ years her senior
1. Briefly court then marry an Epic Chad with a square jawline and family money

Moore was described as “handsome” – ok, that’s an alpha trait. But of all the teenage girls he “dated,” the only one that had anything positive to say about him said that he was “sweet” and “played guitar” for her and that her mom approved. That’s not exactly a swooning endorsement for a “handsome” and up-and coming power alpha, the home town boy made good.

That’s the way women describe “beta bucks.”

It hardly matters if the press coverage is slanted against Moore, the basic facts scream “insecure beta.” At 30 years old, he’s prowling the malls and diners flirting with teenage girls who are a captive audience. They have to be nice to him, especially in a culture like Alabama in the 1970s, they can’t say “leave me alone, creep.” At least some of these girls say they complained to their boss to try to get him kicked out of the mall.

Again, handsome 30 year old, more money than average, a powerful political position, and he can’t ATTRACT women, even young women, but instead is forced to prowl around and harass teenage girls who mostly want nothing to do with him. The most he’s getting is polite rejection, “I have a boyfriend.” He even called up one of them at school, talking to her teacher, pulling her out of class, and asking her for a date. She says “no.”

From a Christian standpoint, Moore would have been ready for marriage by, say, 25 at the latest. But Moore didn’t actually “court” these young girls for marriage, apparently. In fact, it apparently took Moore something like 15 years to even find a wife.

And what sort of woman did Moore eventually marry? Surely, a beautiful, blushing Christian virgin a decade younger than him?



Moore eventually, at 38, married a divorced single mom of 24 and adopted her kid. He “manned up and married the slut.” OK, in traditional Baptist churches, divorce and remarriage is called “adultery” and would have both Mr. and Mrs. Moore ex-communicated. From a secular, game perspective?

Roy Moore is a literal cuck.

Who married a mid 20s divorced single mom after spending 15 years hitting on jailbait that did nothing but blow him off for being a “creep.”

It doesn’t get any more “beta” than that.
Roy Moore fails on both counts. From a secular perspective, as far as “game” goes, he’s an insecure and creepy beta with no game who couldn’t get either the hot women his age nor the “younger hotter tighter” gals a decade younger than him.

From a Christian perspective, instead of doing the Christian thing, courting a marriageable woman, he (supposedly) goes without female companionship … until THIRTY-EIGHT … then marries a divorced single mom, thus cucking himself and engaging in decades long adultery.

A loser on both sides of the social fence.

All that aside, if the allegations of sexual assault of minors are true, this does of course make Roy Moore even MORE qualified to serve in the US Congress, as a conservative Republican, in the grand tradition of Dennis Hastert, et al.

(The interview with Becky Gray, a conservative Christian Alabama native saying she got Moore kicked out of the mall, and that he was “creepy” “not Christian” and “not what he claims to be” puts it all in perspective. Not that it matters, of course. Moore’s defenders are like Scientologists, creepy brainwashed fanatics of low IQ and even lower EQ. It is what it is.)

Another Reason To Hate the (((Daily Stormer))) and the Clown Brigade: Misogyny

I think the Church and the family is the place to teach sexual morality.

I also think that various socially conservative blogs like SocialMatter.net do a good job of explaining the importance of sexual morality without necessarily resorting to religion.

I keep on being told that sites like the (((Daily Stormer))) are bringing in the “young people.” Which a quick perusal seems true, because they certain read like immature young boys.

And if you’re honest, you may remember that younger men tend to have some issues with being prematurely judgemental; being judgemental about things that they don’t really understand. It’s that old saying, when you were 16 you knew way more than you Dad, but once you hit 30 you realize that your Dad may have actually known a bit more than you ever gave him credit for.


So here’s a funny post. The set-up is some Jewess dating a “Christian” boy is having some domination and humiliation fantasies. It doesn’t read particularly authentic, phrases such as “I’m a dirty girl who needs your Christian dick in my Jewish pussy” seems a bit off, frankly. Oh, no doubt, there are Jewesses that really do get on off a forbidden goy boy toy. And domination and humiliation fantasies are not at all uncommon. Just recall in 50 Shades when Christian tells Anastasia, “I could expect high ideals, or I could debase you completely.”

Anastasia says, “well, I’ll take debasement.”


Boys don’t understand it because they don’t understand girls. Most men don’t understand it either because most men don’t understand women. Most women don’t understand it either because women don’t understand their own sexuality.

The only actually decent manosphere writer, Rollo Thomassi of Rational Male, explains two dynamics:

First, the war brides dynamic. Women have been the prizes in war for so long it’s impacted their evolutionary psychology. They expect the men to fight each other and whichever man wins gets them as the prize. It’s a powerful fantasy for them. A friend explained one of her earliest and most powerful sexual fantasies: two men were haggling over her. She was being auctioned off – a sex slave, a prostitute, kidnapping, whatever. Each man is upping the price, and when one finally says, “ten thousand dollars” – that’s when she comes. (A lot of money for a gal from her class background.)

Second, men are romantics pretending to be cynical realists.

Women are cynical realists pretending to be romantics.

Want to kill a romance with a woman? Buy her flowers.

Want to get a woman in the mood? Spank her.


The reason women freak the hell out about the concept of “game” and instead tell men to “just be yourself” is simply because they want to game men. They want men to “be themselves” so they can figure out the true alphas from the disgusting betas. If men learn to “game” women, it reverses the sexual roles and that is the least sexy thing ever.

Watch a Taylor Swift video some time. The hunky men in her videos never smile. They have dour, sometimes mean looks on their faces – when they aren’t arrogantly smirking.

Women aren’t men.

So it’s amusing to see Stormerfags – likely virgins – explaining why these sorts of BDSM fantasies that women tend to have are either some sort of Jew degeneracy, or the product of bad fathering.

Now read the idiot “Leon29” – not coincidentally, he’s using Crusader imagery and his tagline is “Kebab Removalist.”

This kind of spiritual sickness is what happens when your father doesn’t care one bit about you as a child.

This can also affect boys, and turn them into sub fags.

Remember this all of you who would be fathers.

And let’s make sure that 100 years form now sick white girls aren’t having European Caliphate fantasies.

Um – bad news, son. They already are.

He recognizes the pattern but can’t help but pathologize it:

A few days ago someone linked a post on an imageboard on /pol/ where black girls were fantasizing about being colonized by white men and having to offer themselves to save their tribe.

I’m dead serious.

At this point I’m not surprised. Woman are starved for true strength. Strong cultures naturally impose themselves. Cruelty doesn’t have to come into it (although it often does).

However, some good news. Some of the youngsters seem to get it:


For more fun and hilarity, find a pic of an attractive White guy on Google. Needs to be obscure, though. Just in case the slut is smart enough to run a Google image search. After that, you make a dating profile that makes it clear that you’re kind of a racist who only wants White women for 14/88 purposes. However, don’t be overtly 14/88, be very subtle.

Then marvel at the amount of nonwhite women who hit on you. Nothing women, especially jewish women, love more than that forbidden fruit.


If only she was a none-joo pure white, the things me and her would accomplish in the bedroom…….so creative some would call it art lol

The ones that are giggling over the idea of humiliating the Jewess are the ones in the most danger, of course. They don’t get it. You cannot humiliate a woman sexually There is no “gross” or “humiliating” act that you can do that will break her – it’s you that will be broken. Her submitting to you sexually is her way of catching you.

YOU are the romantic that will have feelings – maybe guilty ones, maybe not so guilty ones – about what you are doing to her. For her? It’s just a hot fantasy come to life.

You are the romantic, she’s the realist.

No – even the girls with the most loving fathers still have rape fantasies, humiliation fantasies, fantasies of being kidnapped and held down.

It is true, however, that the feminist types that are the most against “rape culture” and the like also “just happen” to be the most hardcore into it. Just like the men that see gayness everywhere are the ones that, well, see gayness everywhere (for obvious reasons.)

The woman who can’t stop talking about “rape culture” and how “humiliating” and “objectifying” culture is to women is the analogue of the men that are hyper-sensitive to anything that might be “gay.”

I was 17 the first time my girlfriend asked me to read her favorite erotica story. It was pretty basic “tied up and ravished” types fantasy. That was no big deal, I could see it.

But the girl that asked me to hold her neck so she couldn’t breathe – yeah, that was a bit disconcerting.

A little bit of spanking? Oh come up, that’s as funny as it is sexy. Although it’s crazy how turned on some women are by it.

It’s the ones that like to look at their bruises in the mirror, those are the crazy ones. Proceed with caution.

And never underestimate how vicious and manipulative a sub can be. Just because a woman is sexually submissive does NOT mean she’s a good person. Just because she wants to be held down and raped doesn’t mean she loves you. Never forget how conflicted a woman – especially, a feminist – can be about their own “politically incorrect” sexuality. That’s why the BDSM “scene” has all those complicated rules and why its so politically correct.

Really, telling young men lies about women’s nature is what really causes misogyny – the real kind. Actual hatred of women, not benevolent sexism or objectifying women’s bodies. When you are told all your life that girls are “sugar and spice and everything nice” – then realize women can actually be vindictive, jealous, petty, and quite often rather ditzy – it doesn’t lead to a healthy attitude towards women.

After all, a cynic is just a disappointed idealist.

In any case, I’ve always been consistent about this. The best way to keep a healthy relationship going is regular maintenance spankings. That’s the only way they know you truly love them – when you are willing to spank them even if they haven’t done anything specifically to deserve it.

It shows them that you care, no matter what.


Life Of The Party

I haven’t written any “manosphere” or “game” type stuff lately. So for all my young men readers looking for advice on women, here’s a story. The first time it really “clicked” for me how women are, what turns them on, what their “sexual strategy” is.

So, I was about 19 or 20. I invited a few of my old friends over. These were guys I had grown up with but hadn’t seen since we were young teens. Two brothers, and they brought another friend over, a few other guys, and one girl we will call “Christine.”

So, I was not the tallest guy in this group. I was not the most handsome guy in the group. I wasn’t the most masculine guy in the group, certainly not the richest, and certainly not the most socially sophisticated.

But I was sort of the “leader” of this group. My old friends were a few years younger than me, and when we were growing up, I was basically the “leader” – the cooler older boy they hung out with. Because of that (and the fact it was my house) we basically slipped into our younger dynamic.

So, I held court. I was telling all the jokes, all the other guys were laughing along with me and hanging on my every word. They asked me about my life, my opinions, what I thought about things. Even the new guys that didn’t know me just sort of fell into line.

To be blunt, I didn’t pay any attention to “Christine” at all. I assumed she was with one of the other guys. She was cute and shapely in all the right ways, but I was too busy having fun catching up with my old friends and just didn’t find it worth bothering.

So, the next day I get a call from a friend. “Christine thought you were really cute. Want her number?” So, a few days later I had another notch on my bedpost.

It was as simple as that. Since I was the “leader” of the group – the “situational alpha” – that was all it took. Her “beta orbiter” who had been showering her with attention for months, didn’t matter. She saw him laughing at my jokes, paying attention to me, submitting to me, being my audience. That was all the reason she needed.

Hypergamy. Women want the top guy. So put yourself in the position where you are the top guy, and you just pick and choose what women you want. It’s easy.

Now, I’m not saying that it’s a basis to create a functioning society on. In fact, “Christine” was the first girls I ever “pumped and dumped.” All the other girls I had had sex with I had “fallen in love” with – even the ones that had thrown themselves at my like “Christine.” But after our second roll in the hay, she actually started talking about being my “girlfriend” and stuff, and I was pretty damn heartless about it.

So, moral of the story is, eh, there is no moral.

“Now I Am Safe From Those Women”

When counter-espionage agents finally caught up with sexy spy Karl Helfmann, he said “Thank God, now I am safe from those women.”

For Helfmann, nicknamed the Red Cassanova, was the most extraordinary Russian raven so far captured. He was nearly 60, and running a struggling wine business. when he was recruited at a trade fair in Leipzig in 1953. Iron Curtain countries agreed to buy his wine if he also provided secrets. So began a five-year love-in for the charming, sophisticated travelling salesman. He wooed secretaries in every town he visited, often bedding at least eight women a week as he went from Hanover to Frankfurt, from Dusseldorf to Bonn in his battered Volkswagon. His Communist controllers installed a hidden two-way radio in the car so they could contact him on his long drives. He seduced sources in West German government departments, scientific research laboratories, aircraft factories, steel plants and embassies, and received more than 15,000 pounds for his efforts from his delighted – and amazed – spymasters.

But in 1958 he was betrayed, possibly by a lover who saw him with one of her rivals. He was sentenced to five years hard labor. Compared to the previous five years, that was like a rest cure for Helfmann.

The Concubine Class

Chicks dig power; power, specifically, a power differential, is at the core of women’s sexuality.

The Christian manosphere types came up with the acronym LAMPS, later changed to the more Biblical PSALMS, to describe what women find attractive in men. I always think it’s funny, because what women find attractive in men is obvious to all women, and perhaps even most men. But clueless guys are always saying, “damn it she keeps on fucking all those assholes that don’t really care about her!”

So LAMPS, Looks, Athleticism, Money, Power and Status.

Think of yoga. Yoga chicks are hot, right? It’s sexy to see them doing all their poses, right? In high culture, perhaps the ultimate woman is the ballerina, and in the modern Olympics, it’s the figure skater. That is the sort of athleticism we expect in our women.

What about men? Also easy. What is the most popular sport in the world? Soccer. You think that when girls look at European soccer players, they aren’t getting randy and having sexy thoughts? So, looks and athleticism, athleticism simply being the beauty of the body. Beauty. Women like beauty in men, same as men like in women.

I know, these manosphere guys are like autistic, but hey, I’m just trying to help.

Now this is what the “betas” hate. Women love *power* – that’s the other part. Money, Power, and Status.

Ok, so status. Think about college. Which men have status in the college? Well, the hockey players, the White athletes. The rich guys. You know, like the frat boys. Is it any surprise that it’s frat boys that college girls have sexual fantasies about? They are not fantasizing about servicing the Audio Visual club or the Sociology department. They are fantasizing about servicing the frat boys on the Lacrosse team.

So, chicks form sororities.

See, this is the most sexist thing I’m ever going to say. Women mimic men in this hilarious way. Remember when you were kids, and some girl was a “tomboy” and liked to roughhouse with the boys? So, these college girls see men forming the Male Hierarchy: the sports team, the fraternity, etc. So women, engaging in what is, essentially, cargo-cult masculinity, say, “well the boys formed a hierarchy, we can too!” So they make a “sorority” which is just a group of girls mimicking what they see boys doing.

Then, the sororities hold parties and invite fraternity boys so the boys will fuck them. Which they do.

So, then you graduate. Imagine you are a typical White man, 25 years old. Let’s say you have a job, and you work long hours, working on getting a promotion, and a raise, and saving up your money until you establish yourself.

Well, you’re 25 right? You are going to get horny. But you don’t have time for a wife, or even a girlfriend really. You aren’t ready to marry and have a family – at 25? That’s crazy too young, right?

So what are you going to do? Well, you are going to avail yourself of the Concubine Class.

So, women see men getting jobs at these corporations, and they engage in cargo-cult masculinity and mimic what they see the men doing. So the men go work for these corporations. So the girls want to as well. So they get a job as a secretary, or in the Human Resources Department. These girls may or may not be smart, but they don’t have any clue what they are doing, generally. They would almost certainly be happier as a wife and mother, but unfortunately, the boys that are in their league, looks wise, status wise … CLASS WISE … are actually making less than them, or have jobs seen as lower status than them. Their potential boyfriends might be plumbers or something, while they wear sharp looking blouses and skirts to work.


Since women get aroused by power differentials, they want a man who is:

Better looking than them (Looks)

Has a beautiful, masculine body (Athleticism)

and has more Money, Power, and Status than her.

How many men can actually fulfill those requirements?

Not many.

So, the handful of men that DO fulfill those requirements, what do you think they are going to do?

Well, the are going to see these girls as the Concubine Class.

Which they are.

It gets even more interesting when you add race into the mix. So once I had this hot little 21 year old Indian chick. Believe me, I have no fetish for Indian chicks and really do not find most of them attractive. This girl was. Come on, I’m probably 28, and some young little thing right out of college starts throwing herself at me. I actually used to go out the side entrance to avoid her. Young girls, being dumb, don’t even realize how transparent they are when it comes to flirting.

So, all of the Indian guys see her chatting me up, so what do you think they think?

They are thinking, “goddamn Americanized whore!”

What are the Indian chicks thinking? They are thinking, “By the many arms of Vishnu, I’d love nothing more than to bag one of these White American men, think of how light skinned my kids would be!”

Of course, the typical White guy isn’t really interested in having little brown babies. But some slightly off-color poon? An exotic concubine for a weekend?

Yeah, maybe, you know.

But even in an all white context, the end of monogamy has singnaled a new sexual regime, and funnily enough, it looks a lot like the traditional sexual regime. Men at he top of the hierarchy of Money Power Status have themselves, essentially, a harem. Usually it’s one at a time, but you’d be surprised.

Now, of course, women think that they are just playing the game too. Girls just wanna have fun, and plenty of these boys are not marriage material anyway. They are not Mr. Right, they are Mr. Right Now.

But girls can only play this game for 15 years. From the age of 15, to the age of 30, that is pretty much all they got. Then, they are regulated to second stringers as the new crop of hotties comes of age.

Guys have about, er I dunno, from 15 to 40? 50? At age 50, you know, you just give the 20 something keys so she and her girlfriends can use the pool when you’re away. Either her, or one of her girlfriends, will do what is necessary to keep access to that money, power, and status. Even if it’s some old dude. And I guess once a man really ages out, like Bill Clinton, he’ll just move to call girls.

This is, after all, the actual Traditional Arrangment. The men at the top have always been polygamous. In the Muslim world, men can have up to four wives. Does anyone doubt some Chinese businessman living in Hong Kong has a few Chinese hotties adorning his yacht?

So you see, when you look at those girls at Spring Break, dancing around in their bikinis, you can tell where you stand by your reaction to it.

If your reaction is, “damn it women these days are such sluts. Are there any decent girls left? How am I going to find a wife if all these girls are slutting around in their bikinis at Spring Break?” that means you see these women as the Wife Class.

If your reaction is, “the one of the left. Let’s hire her as an intern after classes” that puts a whole new spin on it, doesn’t it? You see these women as the Concubine Class. You do, or will, have enough power and status and money to be attractive to these women. If you have looks and athleticism too, you get the cream of the crop – not just young concubines, but particularly hot young concubines.

All the career gals saying “well women like sex too. Women don’t have to be married. Women can have a rewarding career.” Ok sure, but you know what? Most people, men nor women, don’t have great careers. Most people kind of hate their jobs. Most women do not, in fact, have fabulous careers where they “lean in” and finally break that glass ceiling and get the corner office.

Come on. And even the tiny few women that do, they get so angry and write so many articles on the internet saying, “well, the men my age at my salary level, they are too busy fucking girls right out of college! And they aren’t even settling down anyway! It’s so sexist! Sure that girl may be 22, have a perfect body, and will fuck his brains out every day, but I have a freaking Master’s Degree and even make as much money as him!”


Traditionally, what women did was to support a system of monogamy. They could never and will never enforce monogamy on the top men, but they can get most men to settle down and become husbands and fathers. But the more concubines there are, the fewer men are going to settle for monogamy.

Of course, there is an easy, simple solution. Girls need to get married right after high school. A girl needs to be married by 21. She needs to pop out two kids immediately thereafter. This “catches” the man for life. There is no reason girls have to go to college before they have a family. You can go to college at 28 instead of 18. Do family first, then get the degree.

But let’s be honest – it’s actually rather exciting to be a concubine isn’t it?

Ask a typical guy, would you rather have one average looking wife, or have three good looking college girls waiting for you when you came home?

Everyone understands the deal.

But as a typical woman, would you rather have one average Joe husband, or would you like to have a torrid affair with a wealthy, mysterious man of means before you settle down with average Joe?

Guys get real butthurt when they find out her answer is about like his.

Those good looking, wealthy men of means, something like Spring Break is just a menu to them. “I’ll take that one, that one, and that one.” The manosphere guys are young, you can tell, because they see these things through a young man’s eyes. They are looking for girls in their class, that class being socio-economic as well as looks. But for upper class men, the prole women are concubines, and they always have been.

When the middle and working classes had a system of monogamy, there were few concubines available. Oh, believe me, they were still there it just hadn’t become institutionalized. Spring Break is institutionalizing the Concubine Class.

Because women love power, the men who have power are the men that the women want.

People who see this through the lens of morality are missing the greater point. The Concubine Class is emerging out of the former middle class. The male peers of these girls are simply not going to be economically able to be fathers, so the girls that otherwise would have married these men are going to go to college and start “careers.”

As was said recently, these are Pink Collar jobs. But they pay as much, if not more, than the jobs that the male peers of these women would get.

Who is creating these Pink Collar jobs?

Well, surprise surprise. It’s men with money, and they want to hire your daughter to come work for them.

What happens when one nation occupies another? What happened when Germany invaded France, and France lost? Well, all of a sudden French women took quite a shine to those handsome Germans in their spiffy uniforms, eh?

I remember when the stories emerged out of Iraq. One of the military contractors had set up a system. Blowjobs from local Iraqi girls: one dollar. Girls from teenager to 20 somethings. It was a scandal because it even involved some officers.

I just read that after their defeat, the Japanese immediately set up brothels for the occupying Americans. They “got out in front” of the problem. Anytime you have a bunch of high testosterone men from one group lording it over another group, the women from the defeated group become the Concubine Class for the victorious group. They didn’t want American soldiers seducing and raping Japanese women randomly, so they recruited a Concubine Class to contain the problem. You gotta give the Japanese credit, they know how to solve problems.

The fact that we have “loose morals” these days and the fact we have reliable birth control certainly has an impact, and makes the situation a bit more extreme, but this is not a new pattern. It has always been this way.

So if you are the father of a daughter, it really would make sense to decide if you want your daughter to become a Wife, or a Concubine.

Don’t “let her make her own decisions about her own body” – LOL what a fucking joke. She is not going to make good decisions based on long term goals. She is going to get horny around all that power and won’t even understand what comes over her.

Blogger Heartiste recently had an article about seducing “prole girls.” He mentioned how you could go to some small town, and signal that you have an exciting, fancy job in the city. It’s just a blatant power display, it’s no different than flexing your muscles or her bending over and showing her ass.

Can upper class, white collar guys go to some small town and seduce prole girls? Of course, it’s the easiest thing in the world. In fact, you can see how, in some ways, the manosphere is creating it’s own Concubine Class from the ruins of the former White American middle class.

It’s becoming institutionalized.

Neat huh?

I’m not a progressives, progressives believe that history is linear, it goes from bad and primitive and progresses to good and sophisticted. As a traditionalist, I realize that history goes in cycles; groups vie for power, some groups defeat other groups. History doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme.

The Penis Police

Over at radixjournal, the poster named “wattylersrevolt” derailed the conversation to talk about his favorite subject: homos. He spent a lot of time in the comment box telling us how he was totally against homos, how he thought they were “filthy” and went into lurid details about buttsex and the like.

TMI, dude.

Of all the legitimate problems whites have with our sexual culture, how crass things have become, our declining fertility rate, hostility between men and women, divorce, etc. All that being true – how do rants about “sluts” help anything? Probably a quarter of my subscribers are “manosphere” types and (for whatever reason) I’m listed on people’s blogs as being part of the “manosphere” – but at the end of the day, I’m sure as hell not in the category of “betas” bitching that I can’t get laid. Quite the opposite, frankly.

Women – hell, even actual feminists – have some legitimate concerns with things like the pornography culture. Men – even the obnoxious “men’s rights advocates” – have some legitimate issues with things like family court and divorce.

But the proof is in the pudding, folks. Which women out there have blogs helping young women to find husbands? Which women out there are encouraging white women to have children? Which women out there are encouraging women to not divorce their husbands at the drop of the hat? Basically, none. Instead, it’s constant whining and bitching about men, porn, etc.

Where are the manosphere types helping men not just learn “game” to get laid, but actually helping young men gain the necessary talents, money, education, and the like to marry and raise a family? Where are the manosphere types mentoring young men on what it takes to keep a family together? Mostly, none. Lots of whining and bitching about “sluts” that would rather fuck sleazy hipsters – like me – rather than pathetic whining “beta” “m’ladies” – like you.

Then – really – what kind of man is obsessed with homosexuals? What kind of man seeks out pictures of gay pride parades and queers parading around in their underwear? What kind of man thinks that homos are even an issue that rates somewhere above, say, 89th of the 100 things wrong with the way things are today?

Richard Spencer’s recent interview where he was asked about this, he said essentially, “let’s stop pretending that homosexuality was invented in the 1960s.” Go throughout history, there have always been homos. These things go in cycles, you’ll have gays being open, then they will be suppressed, then they “come out” again. This particular cycle is just another in this long line of things.

I admit, I read the Daily Stormer every once in a while because it can be funny. But – the Daily Stormer is pretty much everything we don’t need. The Daily Stormer – because it’s a troll site related to the old 4chan forum /pol/ – appeals to a particular group of people – namely, young white nerdy boys that like to use the internet a lot. It can be funny, maybe even cathartic, but it’s just trolling – it’s just humor. If you were to take it too seriously, I would question your judgement.

So what does the Daily Stormer do on a regular basis? “Hey, look at this fag! Look at this slut! Perverted sex! Porno! Jews!”

What kind of people would be attracted to that sort of thing? It doesn’t take much to guess, now does it?

So their latest is – of course, you knew it would come to this eventually – something about pedophilia. There is, of course, some Grand Jew Conspiracy to legalize pedophilia. Again, it’s as if these people think that pedophilia was invented in the 1960s. Don’t people remember that Mohammad married a 9 year old? Pedophilia has always existed. It’s not new. It goes in cycles – at some point angry women get together and suppress the worst kind of men, then they go too far and things get relaxed, and the cycle repeats itself.

If people were actually interested in stopping child molestation, they would promote an open sexual culture for children, so they understand “stranger danger” and they understand that no adults should touch them “in the bathing suit area.” Frank sex education should be taught to children from day one. That, more than anything, would keep children from being victims.

But, of course, these people don’t actually give two shits about children – that’s an excuse. The reality is, they LOVE to think about pedophiles and child molestation. They *love* to look at advertisements with children in them and say, “look pedophile! They are making that child look sexy! Pervert! Jews!”

They get off on it. They love it. They love to look for aberrant sexuality and point to it, because they get off on it. They love to find perverts, homos, and other sexual aberrations and spend a lot of time thinking about them.

They don’t actually care about a healthy sexual culture – they care about projecting how totally “not gay” they are, or “not perverted” they are.

It’s idiotic, is what it is. It’s Penis Policing. I wrote a handful of spanking stories, and some people were like “it’s the Jews! You must be a Jew because you got a blowjob and wrote about it! You must be a Jew because you write sexy stories!”

Come on, you know what this is – this is church ladies getting all hot and bothered. I’ll be honest – I love love love trolling feminists on reddit. I write “rapey” stories and they buzz around like flies on shit. I hope you people realize that feminists are always talking about “rape culture” and “domestic abuse” because they *are really really turned on by rape fantasies and violent men.* Just look at some “anti-domestic violence” media sometime. It looks like 50 Shades of Grey style porn doesn’t it? Remember the recent UVA “rape story?” It was nothing but an elaborate gang-bang fantasy some young lady made up to get the attention of some boy she liked.

I think dalrock is one of the best Christian manosphere sites. From a Christian perspective, he shows how utterly hypocritical feminists are, how utterly against traditional Christian morality “modern women” have become. The sexual revolution was a women’s movement – women didn’t like the fact they were only allowed to have sex with their husbands. They wanted to take a turn gang banging the Hot But Sleazy Hipsters before they had to settle down with their boring but nice husbands. That’s why women freak the hell out about virginity – they don’t want to settle down before they get to “ride the carousel” and they will come up with all sorts of reasons why any man would avoid marrying a promiscuous women is really bad, in some way.

The difference is, no one has any problem pointing to bad behavior in men. A man cheats on his wife? We call him a cheating bastard. A woman cheats on her husband? Well, her husband must have done something bad. She wasn’t happy. He probably abused her.

White Knights are afraid to call out women on their bad behavior because they think if they never say anything bad to a woman it will get them laid. The big secret of “game” is that women actually love it when they are dragged off that pedestal and treated like the horny little things they are. The man that sees through a woman’s “shit tests” – that’s the kind of guy who gets laid like tile.

People who are obsessed with sluts, homos, and pedophiles are just that – people who are obsessed with aberrant sexuality. They are not more moral than others – quite the opposite. Remember when Pete Townshend was busted for child porn? What did he say? He was just doing it “for research.” You know, like guys read Playboy “for the articles.” Just like Ted Haggard was hanging around gay meth dealers to “tell them about Jesus.” Uh-huh. Sure thing.

Here’s my new rule. I read the Daily Stormer – if anything I write sounds anything like the Daily Stormer – I know I’m doing it wrong.