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Trump Wasn’t Wrong With “Grab Them in the Pussy”

He said “they will let you do it” because he’s rich and famous. Which is true. All the talk about “sexual assault” is missing the key factor – the women want a rich, famous alpha to “grab them in the pussy.” It’s called “taking charge” or “taking the initiative.” Generally women want men to make the first move.

So, Trump was talking about CONSENT – “they will let you do it.”

It’s the “traditional conservatives” who are freaking out about it because “traditional conservatives” like to pretend to believe that women don’t have agency and mistake passive consent with timidity. Women go out of their way to be in the presence of rich, powerful, alpha men so these men will “grab them in the pussy.” They are *active* participants, they were active by putting themselves in position with the alpha male. Of course, women are not usually going to grab men in the crotch – although don’t underestimate how often that happens – but they move their pussy into position so the man will grab it.

If you have ever actually had any sort of experience with a woman – if you hesitate even slightly – they will usually demand you escalate – “are you going to kiss me yet?”

In any case, the real story of this is how the GOP establishment was just waiting for yet another opportunity to throw Trump under the bus and to posture their phony “social conservatism” and “conservative feminism.”

Trump isn’t a Republican – he’s a liberal Democrat. Which is why the Republican establishment hates him. But Trump is the only one even suggesting that immigration should be restricted, that America should be “first” (he really means second, second to Israel, but that is slightly better than second to Israel and all non-white people around the entire earth.)

The real taboo that Trump has broken I have yet to see anyone mention.

Trump has actually NAMED THE CORPORATIONS. Trump actually spoke the names of specific corporations and their outsourcing. This is almost unheard of – I can’t remember a single candidate that has ever used a specific corporate brand name in a speech. Sure, the lefty progressives types may say the word “corporations” or even “banks” by they rarely, if ever, mention them by name.

What’s the saying, to know who rules over you find out who you aren’t allowed to mention?

You can talk about the “right wingers” and you can talk about “liberals” and you can talk about “Black Lives Matter” and you can talk about “Russia.”

But you are never supposed to mention Caterpillar, Ford, or JP Morgan Chase – by NAME. You can talk about “the automotive industry” or “jobs” or even “outsourcing” – but once you start mentioning the LEGAL NAMES of corporations and maybe even their CEOs and directors, you are getting awfully close to mentioning the actual rulers of America.

America is a capitalist country, so it’s not particularly surprising America is ruled by capitalists and their capitalist corporations.

Why I Am Not A Republican

Don’t get me wrong, the Democrats suck ass too. But Republicans will always hold a special place of hate in my heart.

Whatever you think, there is no denying that it was under a Republican government that the worst attack on America happened, and not only did they fail to stop it – assuming they weren’t behind it themselves – they acted as if they were heroes BECAUSE the country was attacked on their watch.

In a just world, Bush and Cheney would have resigned in disgrace and apologized to the American people for being such utter failures.


If The Facts Are Against You, Just Make Shit Up

Especially if your audience is made up of partisan Republican conservative types – let’s face it, those morons will believe anything.


Syria facilitated IS to ensure that any opposition to the Kremlin/Tehran propped Assad regime would not be armed by the US and EU. I have articles from witnesses showing Assad made road-blocks assisting IS’s killing and sniping and ethnically cleansing moderates and those who want a moderate peaceful country, in Syria, with multiple ethnicities. As Israel does. Because Russia wants any opposition to Iran to not be US backed.

At this point the Sunnis surprised Obama the Kremlin and Tehran with their independent will and potential, and IS is mostly a big boy now. However, still perfectly achieving Syrian/Kremlin goals to keep the US from arming anyone against Assad. The evidence for my case is very strong.

There are other reasons Iran created ISIS, besides the actual evidence that they did in fact create ISIS. Hezbolleh signed an agreement with the UN that it was not allowed to re-arm after the war with Israel. Hezbolleh needed (and the Kremlin needed to provide it) a real good reason to expose the open lie that the UN was facilitating Hezbolleh’s re-arming because of the UN’s irrational superstitious antisemitism. ISIS gave the Kremlin and Hezbolleh/Iran just such an excuse. There is a ton of real evidence I can bring not just motivation.

Also, did you know Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a secret Muslim that was born in Kenya! It’s true. Plus he hates Jews. Obama is basically Hitler.

Poor Jews, they are the true conservatives you know. Jesus was a Jew!

Gotta go, Glenn Beck is on!

Power Play & Secretaries

It all seems related to me. SSM’s observes that dominance and power triggers sexual arousal in a woman. If you want to spin that in a negative way, you mention that serial killers have tons of female groupies. If you want to spin that in a positive way, you say that women love warriors, and a girl loves a man in uniform.

The power to kill is sort of the ultimate power. Mao said all political power flows from the barrel of a gun. What happens in a war? One group of men kills a bunch of people and keep some women alive to rape. While women can kill, it’s really a guy thing, and it usually doesn’t turn a man on, either. What triggers sexual arousal in a man? Sexual access to a fertile woman. A woman bearing a child is the opposite of killing. Creating life sort of balances out the taking of life. I’m sure there’s some really deep philosophical and spiritual point to this, but to avoid so much naval gazing, let’s move on to politics.

To save white people from going extinct, the white nationalists want their own nations, by and for our people exclusively. To achieve that, they need power. The people with the monopoly on force in America are the police and military. The police and military submit to elected officials, and elected officials submit to their donors. Who are the donors? Big business.

Who are big business? Well, they publish their names every year, the Fortune 500; the CEOs and executives and owners of the Fortune 500. They seem to be pretty much “top dog” in America. Everyone says that the politicians are whores and the rich are the johns. How do the rich have so much power? Well, it’s their money of course. Where does the money come from? The rich make it, they either earn it by creating goods and services everyone pays money for, or steal it by crooked means. Or in the case of bankers, just push some buttons on the computer.

So if the white nationalists want power, there seems to be a simple, straightforward way to get it. Either convert, or become, the wealthy who have power.

Unfortunately, the online “WN” movement is full of trolls – probably you know who – talking about guerrilla war against the police and military and other such Rambo fantasizing. It makes for great fiction, but doesn’t accomplish anything in real life.

Others talk about “waking up the masses,” but the masses submit to the media, and the media is in the hands of the enemies of WNs. To implement that solution, they’d have to have their own media and gather an audience. Well, thank Whitey for giving us the internet, now we have our own media platform for essentially free. Is the audience growing? Looks like it. Slowly but surely the “dark enlightenment” is spreading across the internet, influencing more and more people ever day. So, good on that front.

But everyone always complains that just writing online isn’t enough, we have to “really do something.” This is usually followed by some suggestion about street protests or passing out flyers and the like. Seems pointless, really, almost as likely to turn off the audience rather than convert people. I think it was a guy named Glenn Frazier that had a brilliant idea to hack the media; he ran for office, so the radio stations were required to broadcast his ads, which was an appeal to support white nationalism. Then there is BUGS, a grassroots marketing effort to confront anti-white attacks online, essentially hacking the professional internet media.

But you’ll never really be able to influence the mass media until you own the media. So, that means money, back to the Fortune 500.

Interestingly enough, if you ask any lefty she’ll tell you the Fortune 500 is white people. You ask WNs and they’ll tell you it’s the tribe, not really white people. But the rich white people don’t seem to care too much about a white nation, in fact, seems quite opposed to the idea. WNs speculate why that is, common suggestions are they love cheap labor, they are in competition with the white middle class so use non-whites as a club against whites, or that they just don’t care. Kevin MacDonald has commonly complained that wealthy whites are more interested in their eccentric hobbies than helping the cause.

There exists in the country a class of smart, healthy, attractive white people raising white children in good schools and living healthy, happy lives. They live in segregated neighborhoods, socialize with other white people, and get involved in local politics. The husbands run the local businesses and the wives run the school boards. They are everything the WNs say they want in a white community. Why not emulate what they do, enter the upper middle class, and start being active in local politics?

What you’ll find is that it’s war between whites. A class war, as it were. Identify the powerful whites in your local community, and find out if they are pro-white or anti-white. Observe what they do and the policies they promote. Discover ways to influence them. The Lodge is a traditional American and European institution; white men should be members of The Lodge – the specifics don’t matter – which is how you cooperate economically and politically. Thus leveraging the power of a group and the benefits of privacy.

If immigration is the number one threat to white nationalism at the moment, that seems to be the correct place to put one’s political efforts. There are plenty of mainstream immigration restrictionist organizations. White nationalists seem to be mostly conservative to libertarian, holding your nose and voting for the GOP seems popular, just in the interests of lowering taxes.

Nationalism, in the sense of geographically defined homelands, seems almost passe in the era of the world wide internet, jet travel, and free trade. The PLEs are just a working class equivalent of an exclusive gated community the wealthy use to segregate themselves from the diversity, and white nationalists evidently. A nation is really the people themselves, the idea of a “proposition nation” and universalist ideologies were always anti-white in practice, if not always intent.

Consider a secretary. She shows up on time everyday, does what she’s told, gets things done, and is a great help to you and your business. You may have one who is sweet, you may have one who is a shrew, but if she wants the job, she treats you with the respect a boss deserves. It’s at-will employment, she can leave at any time, and you can have security escort her from the office at any time.

There are likely side benefits; secretaries are always trying to seduce their bosses, for instance. If she’s pretty she’ll make a great companion for business trips, and you’ll get the social prestige that comes with having a beautiful woman at your side. Very successful men tend to keep a good secretary over the course of their entire careers, because while she might not be the energetic and attractive college graduate she once was, twenty years of learning the ins and outs of your business tend to make her an essential part of the company and you could scarcely imagine functioning without her. Of course, very successful men tend to have an entire staff working for them as well, often competing with each other hoping to get a promotion.

I’ve been told wives are just the opposite.