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The Explicit Whiteness of Goth

There is some anti-white troll on AltRight.com that calls himself “Gothic Joe” and is supposedly into the “goth scene.” Me, personally, I’m not into the “goth scene” and never have been, although I do like some of the music and music that is closely related, like industrial.

But I do have to admit I’ve had a long kind of fascination with and obsession with “goth chicks.”

I just like the style – the “Suicide Girl” thing. I totally have the hots for women who dress up in “Dominatrix” types outfits. No, I’m not at all a “sub” and don’t get off to being “topped” by a Dominatrix – my sexuality tends to go the opposite direction, to be blunt. Watching the dominatrix slowly yield and turn into a submissive puppy is really, really hot.

I just like the boots, the leather, the little, subtle “restraints” that they wear. And the more these goth chicks dress up like Dommes, the more you know they are total submissives in private.

There is of course a HUGE element of BDSM in the “goth scene” – they are practically synonymous in many people’s minds. Goth tends to be a place where suburban girls can sort of “experiment” with BDSM fashion – and sex – while just making it a sort of “style” and “play.”

Probably the two biggest “goth” acts that went mainstream in the last 20 years were Nine Inch Nails (great) and Marilyn Manson (lame.) Both acts filled their videos and stage shows with hints of BDSM. Marilyn Manson’s video for his cover of “Tainted Love” (ironically, a Motown song by a Black woman that was also covered by the White “New Wave” band Soft Cell in the 1980s, an exception that proves the rule) was a pretty good short film full of that sort of style with plenty of suburban degeneracy – and it was full out “racist” too, Manson’s “goth thugs” were the “alphas” over the Blacks and Wiggers and White preppies – and turned the Cheerleader into a Suicide Girl at the end. It’s cute, not to be taken seriously, but still kind of cute.

Anyway I got into it with “Gothic Joe” by pointing out just how WHITE the goth scene is. Like all “alternative” subculture scenes, it’s a way for White people to SEGREGATE themselves from mainstream integrated society. Consider the original “alternative” scene of the 1990s. The mainstream pop music at the time was heavily dominated by Black artists – Prince, Michael Jackson, and a host of black and brown women “divas.” Even the metal scene, long a bastion of uber-whiteness, had started incorporating hip hop and featuring Black lead singers.

Then along comes “grunge” – the Whitest of the White – based on bands in uber-White Seattle. What distinguished “grunge” music like Nirvana and Pearl Jam from the mainstream pop music of the time?

The complete, 100% absence of ANY black musical influence. Grunge even took it farther by cutting out the guitar solos lest there be any hint of even a light skinned, white presetning Black guitar hero like Jimi Hendrix!

I was at the very first Lollapolloza in the 1990s – I think the only Black person at the entire festival was the lead singer of Living Color.

Goth is much the same way. One of the earliest and most influential “goth” bands was England’s Bauhaus. Look at the band, watch their videos, listen to their music. It’s whiter than white. Over the top theatrical even, lots of references to theater culture – another bastion of whiteness.

If you go to any major city in America and want to go out dancing, and you want to be sure the scene will be 99.99% White people? Go to the goth nightclub. Because the scene is so White, the women feel much safer to go all out, dress really sexy, get drunk and be exhibitionist. They do NOT feel as safe in a mixed race environment. Of course no one will admit it – they will all point to the single token Black goth – likely gay, thus not a threat to the women. But everyone knows the deal.

Also, the goth scene tends to be very Catholic I’ve noticed, and had goth friends say the same thing to me. Goth’s “dark” and even “satanic” image is really just based on the darker side of Catholicism itself. Of course even the name is based on the architectural style of old Catholic cathedrals. Yes, there’s a certain kind of pagan element to it, but it’s the same pagan element embedded in Catholicism itself. So that means the goth scene is also relatively kosher-free (hint, hint.)

I’m pro-White and of course support White people having our own cultural spaces where we are free to be us, express our own inner selves and our own culture. Goth is rather silly and often pretty goofy – but it is sincerely white.

Creeping up the backstairs
Slinking into dark stalls
Shapeless and slumped in bath chairs
Furtive eyes peep out of holes

She has many guises
She’ll do what you want her to
Playing dead and sweet submission
Cracks the whip deadpan on cue

Reeking like a pigsty
Peeling back and gagging free
Flaccid ego in your hand
Chokes on dry tears, can you understand?

She’s jeering at the shadows
Sneering behind a smile
Lunge and thrust to pout and pucker
Into the face of the beguiled

Peek-a-boo (Golly jeepers)
Peek-a-boo (Where’d you get those peepers?)
Peek-a-boo (Peepshow, creepshow)
Peek-a-boo (Where did you get those eyes?)
Strobe lights pump and flicker
Dry lips crack out for more
Come bite …

Satanic Drug Orgies

OK, so anyway, the Satanists.

So this dude that I went to high school with, let’s call him Dan. He was one of those guys that seemed smart – he looked like he should be smart. But I don’t think he really was. Kind of soft-spoken. I don’t think his family was particularly religious, but for some reason he got into drugs and the occult. He was the type that was always reading Crowley and the Kabbalah and that sort of thing. Also, way into LSD and “magic mushrooms” and the like.


Well, he wasn’t a bad looking guy, but sort of “beta” I guess, but he did wind up with this girlfriend, let’s call her Alisha. Alisha was just a bit too plump to be hot, and her face was just a bit too … something to be hot. But she did have a great rack and a round ass, and being about 21 I guess, she did ok for herself.

So Dan’s two friends that were also into this occult stuff. One was this loser. Short, ugly, geeky, and a really bad personality, let’s call him Mike. The other was also ugly, a bit fat, but really tall, let’s call him Bill. Very beta. He was pretty smart though and had all sorts of money, both family money as well as a really good paying job. I guess he was about 30.

So one day Margie and I are over at their huge – I mean freaking *huge* – house. It must have had, like, ten bedrooms, five stories. It was a sort of townhouse right in the middle of a major East Coast city. We’re sitting around on this guy’s huge bed, smoking weed, drinking wine, and listening to weird industrial goth music. So Alisha is laying next to Margie, and all of a sudden Margie is grabbing my hand, then when Alisha gets up to get more wine, Margie says, “come on, come on, let’s go. I want to go home.” I ask her what’s wrong, she says, “this chick is blowing in my ear. Gross. Come on let’s go.”

I had my first three way with Margie, so it’s not that she was completely opposed to the idea, but, frankly, Margie was like, way, way hotter than Alisha. I supposed I was a hell of a lot better looking than Dan, and I know that Margie didn’t have the slightest interest in fucking him. So this particular party gets cut short and Margie and I go home.

So anyway, one night they are doing drugs and various occult rituals, and decide to have an orgy. Apparently, Alisha liked fucking Dan, and she was fine with fucking Bill. But she balked at fucking Mike. So, apparently, Dan is fucking Alisha, then Alisha pairs off with Bill for a turn, and Mike just winds up sitting around playing with himself. I did not hear this first hand, but I have a suspicion that there was a forth guy there, and Mike and this forth guy were “bisexual” so probably wound up sucking each other’s dicks.

So later after the acid has mostly worn off, and Alisha, Dan, and Bill had fucked themselves out, they start to fall asleep. And what do you know. The entire time Mike is watching Alisha fuck Dan and Bill, his jealousy and rage are just growing. He’s getting angrier and angrier, feeling humiliated because he’s the only one that Alisha wouldn’t fuck. I’m sure he enjoyed the bisexual stuff, but fucking Alisha was the actual goal.

So what does he do?

He get a hammer and smashes her in the head with it.

She screams, Dan wakes up, and sees a naked Mike, dick in hand, still tripping his balls off, standing over the bed about to hit her with the hammer again. Dan and Bill subdue the guy, talk him down a bit, but now they have a dilemma.


They can’t go to the cops. This is attempted murder, but they can’t go to the cops because they themselves would likely be busted for all the acid – and remember, a pot charge is one thing. LSD is super-illegal. You will do heavy time for LSD. And once you’re on the cop’s list for something like that, you are always going to be watched.

So what do they do? Apparently Bill ties up Mike – of course, these are people involved in Satanic drug orgies, of course they had bondage shit, and basically make him sit there until he finally comes down off his LSD trip. They throw all his clothes and belongings into a bag, give him fifty dollars, and at dawn drop him off on some street corner somewhere and tell him to stay the fuck away from them, their house, and never, ever come back.

“Polyamory” doesn’t work. Very, very few men are able to watch the woman he’s in love with – or even just infatuated by – being penetrated vaginally, orally, and anally by another man. It just goes against the instincts of most men. Sure, maybe some gal you picked up for a one night stand, sharing her with your buddy? Sure that kind of thing might work.

It doesn’t work in reverse, as much. I’m guessing there are far, far more women that would even be turned on by the idea of their man fucking another woman (they call it cuck-queaning – don’t ask me how I know this.) But the cuckold fetish is just not that common among men. It just goes against the natural impulses.

Moral of the story – don’t hold Satanic drug orgies. It almost never turns out well.