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Peace Sells

What do you mean, “I don’t believe in God”?
I talk to him everyday.

What do you mean, “I don’t support your system”?
I go to court when I have to

What do you mean, “I can’t get to work on time”?
I got nothing better to do.

And, what do you mean, “I don’t pay my bills”?
Why do you think I’m broke? Huh?

What do you mean, “I hurt your feelings”?
I didn’t know you had any feelings.

What do you mean, “I ain’t kind”?
Just not your kind.

What do you mean, “I couldn’t be the President Of the United States of America”?
Tell me something, it’s still “We the people, ” right?

If there’s a new way
I’ll be the first in line
But it better work this time
Can you put a price on peace?

Peace sells, but who’s buying?

Curt Doolittle Is What #NRx Could Be Without YKW & LARP


Curt Doolittle: I am a philosopher of Natural Law, in the Western Aristocratic tradition, and I work for the Propertarian Institute.

In the early 20th century, the WASP Protestant Modernists were well on their way to something like Curt Doolittle. They were undermined by a Fundamentalist movement that was financed by industry and robber barons to destroy organized labor.


Lyman Stewart (1840–1923), Presbyterian layman and co-founder [along with his brother] of Union Oil, who funded the publication of The Fundamentals: A Testimony to the Truth (1910–15).

This is of course history that will NEVER be taught in modern America. The entire labor history of America is taught from the perspective of Communism, and the specific religious history of the Fundamentalist-Modernist controversy is taught through the lens of the hostile urban classes who promoted NOT the science of Darwinism, but social Darwinism. Social Darwinism is not science, it’s religion, it’s a moral system.

The Protestant Modernists that ran the traditional WASP institutions – like Princeton and Harvard – were not anti-religion nor were they anti-Christian. They wanted to harmonize Christianity with observed reality: science. They were the actual hiers of the Protestant reformation – NOT the fundamentalists, who were in fact ignorants manipulated by cynical business elites.

The first Protestant martyrs in the Americans were executed by Catholics for denying the superstition of “transubstantiation.” They believed that Communion was “in remembrance of me.” In fact, not even Eastern Orthodox taught “transubstantiation” in the way Catholics did. For the Orthodox, it was merely a “mystery.” Catholics, in order to preserve their monopoly, taught a false physics – basically, magic – and executed those who stuck to observable reality. Rome forced you to lie.

An enlightened WASP elite that practiced noblesse oblige towards the workers were attacked on both sides: by Communism from the left – a Marxist movement financed by Wall Street – and by a Fundamentalist-Industrial elite from the right. The Salvation Army was used to break strikes, in fact. Why would a Christian group like the Salvation Army be used to deny working class Christians the right to a dignified life, economic organization, and a living wage? Because the Salvation Army was a fundamentalist group being paid by robber barons and led by cynics. The robber barons did not want an educated workforce, they wanted superstitious wage slaves who wouldn’t worry about this life, but pin their hopes on an imaginary afterlife.

Not at all coincidentally, the modern GOP from the end of WWII to the election of Donald Trump has always used the exact same tactic – the GOP is a party run by industrial elites (not necessarily Wall Street – this is an important distinction) – that uses fundamentalist superstition to oppress working class people.

When the American working class rejected this, the Democrats were waiting – the Democrats now controlled by cultural Marxists that had replaced economic class – your relation to the means of production – with identity politics. Democrats paid lip service to the American working class but, in cahoots with Wall Street, instead imported mass numbers of non-white scabs.

Curtis Yarvin’s Neo-Reaction is an ideology started by a Jew and promoted by Catholics that seeks to bring back feudalism.

Curt Doolittle’s “Propertarianism” is an alternative to both Yarvin’s neo-reactionary anti-human LARPing and autistic Jewish-Libertarian “Austrian Economics.”


Protestantism wasn’t a reaction to the bible, it was a reaction to the corruption of the church, the taxation by the church, and the church as a vehicle for foreign rule, just like washington DC and Brussels today.

The church conflated rule, government, and education into a monopoly and used it to entrench costly corrupt bureaucrats, extractive rents, and impose ignorance, in a time of literacy, economic growth, and the expansion of trade in the north, and decline of trade in the south, due to venetian decline as the navy of the byzantines.

The church was a very corrupt parasitic government and the people rebelled against it and restored local government.

This broke the church’s taxation. Broke the church’s corruption. Let loose the dead capital held by the corrupt church (50% of the capital in europe), and broke the church monopoly on literacy, thereby combining literacy, available capital, expanding trade routes, into a great leap forward in european life and standards of living.

Christianity consist of four(or five) rules. That’s it. Four rules you can teach a child. Protestantism ended church tyranny, corruption, impoverishment, and enforced ignorance. Faith was the MORAL language that they described it in, just as we describe today’s economic language in today’s moral prose.

Washington is an unnecessary corrupt parasitic power. Brussels is the same. The church was the same. And people have chosen to localize rule, governance, and choice. Why? Because they can.

Ask why the orthodox church HASN’T failed instead. Ask why the protestant evangelical churches (church of jesus not god) continues to grow. Ask why the catholic church and the protestant churches of GOD fail.

There is no god. There never was a god. There was just a lot of ignorant undomesticated humans who could be exploited by those who possessed literacy.

With literacy, the restoration of Aristotelian reason, and the empirical demands of trade, all ‘god’ religions are dying EXCEPT Islam and Orthodoxy.

Taylor Swift is a Lesbian

OK, so sue me, I don’t keep up with the pop singers any more. I first heard about Taylor Swift, I don’t know, maybe a decade ago when one of her country songs was on the radio. She was like 20 and cute as a button and honestly for girl-country she was pretty good – not Dixie Chicks level of talent, but good.

Then when she turned pop and got really big she was accused of “hipster racism” so of course I wrote a few posts about that. I do think she looks delicious. Then people were posting all those hilarious memes of Taylor Swift with Hitler quotes, then Hitler memes with Taylor Swift quotes, and it was honestly pretty funny. Then the 4chan crowd turned her into a White Avatar so of course I was into it.

Then she kept on being attacked for not talking about politics, and it was honestly refreshing to see a celebrity NOT boring us with their uneducated and irrelevant opinions on topics they knew nothing about.

So a few years ago I was dating a Taylor Swift look-a-like, who not at all coincidentally, really liked Taylor Swift. I told her, oh sure I like Taylor Swift too, her country stuff was real nice. This poor gal felt the need to defend Taylor Swift saying, hey everyone criticizes her for writing lyrics all about her love life and all but she says that’s her life and people like it.

I thought it was odd – why would anyone criticize a chick pop singer for writing songs about romance, especially a young one like Taylor Swift? What else is she supposed to write about? I mean, girls are into romance and teen girls are into their feelings about boys. I never felt the need to criticize Taylor Swift for writing love songs, I’d praise Taylor Swift for writing love songs and not boring us to tears about political bullshit.

Then out of the blue Taylor Swift turns hard core Democrat “woke” progressive and especially pointed out how “who you love” doesn’t matter, or whatever. Then Vox Day says, hey Taylor just come out of the closet already, and I was like, what? So I looked up “is Taylor Swift a lesbian” and, oh my god, she is a total carpet muncher.

Out secret moments
In your crowded room
They’ve got no idea
About me and you
I don’t want you like a best friend

All those songs weren’t about boys, they were about girls! Which, I don’t know, is just even more amusing to me. All her boyfriends were basically just PR stunts set up by her managers and apparently they’ve been keeping her away from her actual scissor sisters because they didn’t want the gravy train to end. But now she’s peaked, she’s turning 30 soon, and the teenyboppers have moved on to other pop stars that I’ll never listen to so Taylor Swift is now transitioning into her Indigo Girls stage. Expect her to soon be headlining whatever this generation’s version of the Lillith Fair is.

It doesn’t matter of course, her girlfriends have all been ultra-blonde hair blue eyes sorority girls like her, so while she may be a lipstick lesbian, she’s still a RACIST.



Tell all the friends who think they’re so together
That these are ghosts and mirages, these thoughts of fairer weather
Though it’s storming out I feel safe within the arms of love’s discovery

Hipster Racist Is A Native American

Because of the inspiring Senator Elizabeth Warren, I have now found the courage to publically identify as an Indian (feather, not dot.)

I have always identified as a Native American, not only because I was born in America, but also because in fact my ancestors created America. But somewhere in there about 400 years back, one on my ancestors married an Amerindian. So I am a Native American no matter how you define it. I have more Indian blood than Senator Fauxchonatas.

So first, I want a casino. Second, I demand you all get the hell out of my country which you stole from me. You’ll all illegal immigrants as far as I’m concerned.

I am also a third generation Holocaust survivor, as my grandfather survived the Holocaust as the Nazis never caught him. So I also expect Holocaust reparations. Get on that you nazi Germans.

Thirdly, my ancestors actually evolved in Africa and emigrated out of the Dark Continent millions of years ago, which makes me an African-American. Hell I’m at least as much of an African-American as former President Barack Obama. So that means I want my 40 acres and a mule (but I’ll accept a goat instead as they do a fantastic jobs of clearing brush.)

I’d prefer the 40 acres be located in West Palm Beach county, Florida, on the ocean.

Get to it, you racists.

Hipster Racist Music: Mates Of State

Not only do Mates of State sing uber-white “indie” rock/pop, they – a White woman and a White man – got married, had sex at least twice, and made two little tow-headed White girls.

Now they bring their little Aryan children on tour with them. The momma even breast feeds on the road – how White is that?

Loose Lucy

“A Vickstrom” on Hipster Racist

Don’t you see that he’s playing mind games with you? You are attempting to have a historical debate with a man who writes BDSM porn and publishes it on his blog. Men with Hipster’s kink have very unique, and easily recognizable, personalities. Men do not normally write / read about sex since we are visual creatures (a picture is worth a thousand words, as they say). His interest in that specific kink and his desire to write about it indicates an exceptional imagination combined with a high IQ and a high sex drive: aka he’s more aggressive than average and thinks in a different way than 95% of straight men.

Have you ever noticed that he uses a Jew (Don Adams of the series Get Smart) as his avatar? That in itself is quite a giveaway into how his mind works. HR is playing mind games on a level that most straight men don’t comprehend. That’s why he calls himself a ‘hipster racist’ – he is a race conscious liberal man and as such is using a different set of tactics.

It’s also likely that he has ties to – or intimate knowledge – of intelligence agencies. Men like him are drawn to those things like moths to a flame so at the very least he has studied counter intelligence & espionage tactics. His knowledge of neocon tactics also hints at this.

You are not going to get him to make concrete statements on historical subjects (or to even show interest in them). That’s not how people like him operate.

— “A Vickstrom” Holocausting the Holocaust the Andrew Joyce Way

“No one has ever had a fantasy about being tied to a bed and sexually ravished by someone dressed as a liberal” — P. J. O’Rourke

The difference between getting what you want, and what they want, is nuance,
So listen baby girl, put your boots on, here’s something to chew on …

KFlay, Doctor Don’t Know