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Yes, Taylor Swift is a Racist

Yeah, I get a racist vibe from her. Being from Pennsylvania and knowing how those white people look at you and treat you when you go to their little townships is CRAZY! Pennsylvania as a whole outside of Philadelphia, is a notoriously racist state. Philadelphia has its racists but they are outnumbered here so they keep it under the wraps. Ask any black Penn State student, the further you go out in Pennsylvania the more racists you’ll encounter.

Sometimes she will pretend to be a feminist, but it’s always White Feminism, thus exploits the struggles of Women of Color in the service of White Supremacy. The fact that she is constantly signaling to her racist fan base has been noted elsewhere and she is constantly engaged in “hipster racism.”

Has she ever dated a Person of Color? No. Has she come out strongly against Donald Hitler Trump? No. Even after her many videos have been called out for hipster racism, and worse, she’s never apologized, changed her ways, or done anything to reject her White privilege.

In short, Taylor Swift is both benefiting from her White Privilege and simply using “anti-racism” as a shield. Taylor Swift is the real racist.


She actually is racist does anyone remember when cannoli from fifth harmony racist texts about normani were revealed Taylor swift put herself into the situation to protect cannoli She called up her on call token Seryah and did some forced awkward Instagram photo shoot with Seryah in the middle of her and cannoli. It was so obvious and staged to try and make cannoli look like she likes black people lol I think it may have been bc Taylor is like a big sister to cannoli and she saw that cannoli was a dumb young reckless racist who was getting caught/exposed and as a mentor and aryan leader she had to show her the ropes on how it’s really done.


All The Best Anti-Semites Are Jewish

“Jews are so smart they are better than non-Jews at leading movements that hate them. It’s like they are so annoyed at non-Jews for being incompetent at anti-Semitism so they just do it themselves and then proceed to make the best anti-Jew memes.” — RooshV

“Damn, and I was gambling on the Daily Stormer being the first alt-right outlet to be revealed to be controlled opposition.

I still predict that pipe bomb will drop sometime in the future.” — Larsen Halleck

“It’s like “rape culture”. To prove it, you need a steady supply of rapists. If you can’t find rapists, just accuse random men of rape. To prove “anti-Semitism”, you need anti-Semites. If there are none around, become the anti-Semites yourself.” — RooshV

“While listening to Enoch’s podcast once a while back, I heard him defend Andrew Anglin vehemently enough (against those exact allegations, I believe) that I have no doubt that you are right.” — D. Loomis

“HA! This is fantastic. What’s next? Anti-Semetic Podcaster and inventor of the (((meme))) is married to a jew and might be a jew himself. What’s next? Are we going to find out that billionaire playboy real estate moguls from new York city couldn’t fucking care less about middle class or making anything great again?” — lolknee



Anglin Is Defending Enoch because Anglin Is Running The Same Scam

No, I doubt Anglin is married to a Jewess – Anglin doesn’t seem the type that has sex with women.

But Anglin’s (((Daily Stormer))) is of course run by Jews – it’s run by “Weev” who is Jewish.

And Anglin’s major financier “Colonel Grub” something or other – the one that raped a white woman…

Well, his white rape victim described him as “not really white.”

If he was black, she would have said “black.”

So “not really white” likely means he’s Middle Eastern.

Putting that in context – that means Israeli.

So the guy who runs the technical side of (((Daily Stormer))) – weev – is a Jew.

And the guy who pays for the entire operation, “Colonel Grub” or whatever, is an Israeli.

It’s a nice scam they are running there.

I’m going to start running the same scam myself. I’m going to start a blog, something like “The Real Fash.”

I’m going to post the most over-the-top hilarious (((Hollywood Nazi))) gimmickry, you know, REAL HARD CORE shit. Plenty of faggoty anime shit (I’ll need to find someone to help me learn about that anime shit as I’m not a faggot who actually watches that garbage.)

I’ll get an NYC Jewess social media expert – like Enoch’s wife – to help me publicize it. I’ve dated a few NYC Jewesses in my time (way better looking than Enoch’s wife – woof!) Maybe just call up an ex-girlfriend, tell her I’m really an “anti-racist” trying to undermine the Evil Trump Alt-Right.

Then, start raking in the shekels from the NEETs that love to circle-jerk to Anime Hitler Cats and Japanese Cartoon Kiddie Porn.

Watch out (((Daily Stormer))) – I already have a few handles on your site. I already troll you as the most “hard core fash” on your own forums, because – hey – it’s easy.

The (((Daily Stormer))) audience are literally the biggest suckers on the internet. I mean, these are the people that fall for Amway scams and pyramid schemes.

Let’s face it – these are NOT the cream of the crop of the Aryan race.

I’ve long wanted to pull such a scam, but I never thought it would be worthwhile.

But considering how EASY it is to pull scams like Anglin and Enoch do – there’s no reason to NOT do it.

Anyone want to help – email me at hipsterracist@yahoo.com – I’ll cut you in on some shekels.

But mostly for Lulz.

It’s so easy to scam the (((Daily Stormer))) kids – like stealing candy from babies.

Dude I'm Like Totally A Real Aryan Nazi - Trust Me. Hail Anglin!
Dude I’m Like Totally A Real Aryan Nazi – Trust Me. Hail Anglin!

Anne Coulter Reads Hipster Racist: The Original Alt-Left

If you read Ann Coulter’s latest, Ann Coulter: Tips for Hate Crime Hoaxers you can’t help but see the influence of yours truly.

Liberal girls always seem to be imagining strong, rough, Heathcliff-type white men demanding that they disrobe or become “sex slaves.” (Oddly, Heathcliff keeps doing this in well-trafficked areas in the middle of the day with no witnesses.)

The hijab hoaxer at the University of Michigan described her imaginary Trump-supporting pursuer as white, in his 20s or 30s, with an athletic build, unkempt and intoxicated. He demanded that she remove her hijab. (After a police investigation, she admitted she made it up.)

The alleged hijab victim at University of New Mexico, Leena Aggad, said her hijab was ripped off by “a really buff guy wearing a Trump shirt.” (The attack was serious enough for her to tell the media about it, but not serious enough to report it to campus security, much less the police.)

A 28-year-old black woman, Kara Stevens, claimed three Trump-supporting white men in their 30s approached her in a Safeway parking lot in Hillsboro, Oregon, mentioned Donald Trump — then threatened to turn her into their “sex slave”! (Investigation suspended with no video, no witnesses and no evidence.)

With a little more imagination, these stories could become the new “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

I was, of course, writing “Liberal Girls Ravished By Right Wingers” Rape Porn before it was cool.

In fact, it seems that yours truly may in fact be the original “Alt-Left” – usually defined as the “left wing of the Alt-Right.” Not only does the Official Alt-Left site, AltLeft.com, link this blog, but anyone reading the description of what the “Alt Left” is can recognize this writer’s influence:

The AltLeft “Tea Party”

[The Alt Left] was always meant to augment the AltRight, not outright oppose it. It was a way to view and examine the affects of multiculturalism and political correctness from a cultural and economically left lens as well as from a secular and futurist perspective rather than the radical traditionalist, socially conservative one that dominates right wing circles. In other words, recognizing the implicit whiteness that underpins the identities of progressive cities like Seattle or Portland, and asserting that it must become explicit to some degree in order for those places to maintain their culture, aesthetic and quality of life. It was to put forth the idea that someone can be pro-white without the albatross of traditionally conservative culture, pre-modern aesthetics, capitalist economics, or widely accepted republican historical dogma.

Going back to nearly the beginning of the old MindWeaponsInRagnarok site, and the original post using the handle “Hipster Racist,” shows that this writer was doing it before anyone else was. We were celebrating the implicit racism of Portlandia since the beginning.

In fact, the entire concept of “hipster racist” was in fact an anti-white talking point gaining serious cultural currency until this writer co-opted it as pro-white, and few anti-white Social Justice Warriors have attempted to wield it seriously since.

Not only that, the original Alt Righter, Richard Spencer, has personally thanked Hipster Racist for inspiring his use of the term “hipster racism” nearly five years ago.

Like the Velvet Underground, I never sold a lot of records – but the people who did buy my records all went on to be rock stars themselves. I didn’t influence the masses, I influenced the elites who then went on to influence the masses.

I’m the Lou Reed of Racists.

You’re welcome.


)))Anti-Semitism((( Is Not An Organizing Principle

The (((echo))) meme was brilliant. It worked because one of the main vectors of Jewish power is that they “look like us.” That “white” journalist that writes articles about how evil white people are is likely Jewish. He doesn’t consider himself “white” – he’s Jewish. But he’ll be “white” just long enough to attack white people.

So putting the (((echo))) around the names of people like that was a slick reference to what was really going on.

Then, of course, the Nazi-tards ruined it. They started putting a “reverse echo” around their names )))(((. What does the reverse echo signify? “Not a Jew?” “Anti-Semite?”

… GOY? …

Why the hell would any White person refer to themselves as a “goy?” Or a “Gentile?” That presupposes there are two groups of people in the world – Jews, and everyone else.

White identity is being erased by the federal government by the new designation “non-Hispanic white.” Hispanics – even if they are white – get their own name, but we’re just “non-Hispanic” (lowercase) white.

You know the reason why “Straight Pride” t-shirts are so stupid? The same reason “No Homo” is stupid. You don’t need a “Straight Pride” t-shirt because normal people are “straight.” It’s just as dumb as referring to yourself as “Cisgendered” because you aren’t “Transgendered.”

Why adopt their language?

The idiocy of Neo-Nazism – really, (((Hollywood Nazism))) is that it means nothing but “not Jew.” How ridiculous is it to say the Holocaust never happened, but you wish it had? The “Holocaust” is their narrative – it’s their story. It’s not our story. To be “pro-Holocaust” or “anti-Holocaust” is to DEFINE YOUR OWN IDENTITY BY THE HOLOCAUST.

To be Philo-semitic or Anti-semitic is to define your identity by Semitism.

This tends to lead to:

“All races, the good whites and the good blacks, must unite against the Zionist Jew.”

“We conservatives are the true heirs of Martin Luther King Jr., we are color-blind. The liberals are the real racists.”

“Jews say Hitler was bad, therefore we will do the exact opposite and say that Hitler was right!” (This is like “reverse physchology” you could fool your 10 year old brother with – it’s Tom Sawyer and whitewashing the fence.)

OUR identity is what we define ourselves with. WE are US. WE are not “not Jews.” WE are not “cisgendered non-trans.” WE are not “straight” (because heterosexuality is normal, not ‘one of many sexualities’.) WE are not “goyim” or “gentiles.”

And WE are not “neo-Nazis” either. Unless you are a German who feels an affinity for the NSDAP, you cannot be a “Nazi” – if you pose as one, you are nothing but a Jewish Hollywood stereotype – an actor, a LARPER.

If Hitler was alive today, he would despise Anglo Americans dressing up or even posting memes.

For all the nazitards saying “don’t punch to the right” – no. 4Chan is not “to the right.” Nazi-LARPing is not “too the right.” At best, it’s funny – but it usually isn’t particularly funny either.

No, the left does not refrain from “punching left.” Go to a mainstream lefty site, say, Huffington Post, or DemocraticUnderground.com, and you will NOT see hammer and sickles, icons of Lenin and Trotsky, or people posting Commie memes. A few, maybe, in an ironic way. And entire subculture based around that, actually pretending to represent the “real liberals” or otherwise trying to hog the spotlight from the “serious progressives?” Nope.

That’s why the left wins, and the right loses.

And one more thing. PLEASE – listening to (((Daily Stormer))) lecture other people about sexual degeneracy – when they take a ten minute break from posting pornographic pictures of gay pride parades and and “blacks on blondes” miscegenation pictures – it’s like listening to Jimmy Swaggart lecturing on fornication or a celibate Catholic priest talking about sodomites. Really – some one is protesting too much.

I can’t believe how much shit I get from posers for writing some spanking stories. Is that really the hill you want to die on? Is that really how you want to project your sexual morality? That it’s just so “degenerate” to spank your wife? That a little S&M role play is really some elaborate plot by the Jews? (FFS, they call it “English” for a reason.)

If the anime-Nazis would just stick to circle-jerking keks, it wouldn’t be a problem. But they demand to be taken seriously.

You know – the Protestant church figured this out a long time ago. No one is allowed to be a leader/pastor in a Protestant church unless they are married with children.

It should be the same with the pro-White movement. If you are an unmarried teenage boy posting anime Hitler memes on (((DailyStormer))) – you are simply not allowed to speak to your betters/elders unless spoken to.

If we want your opinion, we’ll ask for it.

(((Hipster Racist))) has officially converted to Judaism

Therefore, anyone associating me with Hitler, the Nazis, or otherwise criticising me in any way is obviously a neo-nazi anti-semite Hitler lover themselves.

It is anti-semitic to ever make a comparison between a Jew or Israel and Nazi Germany or Hitler.

From now on, my preferred pronoun is “histein” and I should be referred to as Hipster Racowitz. Thank you in advance.



Mark Yuray: Doing Social Conservatism Right #nRX #SocialMatter


The problem with social conservatism is that is generally devolves into psuedo-Christian fundamentalism and/or some sort of “white knighting” ideal that men just aren’t being selfless enough. Social conservatism has typically been better at pointing to degeneracy and shrieking, “gross evil” (outrage porn) and much worse at actually setting a good example.

Yuray has done a great job explaining the importance of sexual morality, a great job of explaining the “Mannerbund” concept (I refer readers to my article three or so years ago that discussed many of the same concepts – even getting me coverage as an “Evil Misogynist” by the once-popular “male feminist” Manboobz.com.)

SocialMatter.net is the only “NRx” blog I’ve found that isn’t cringingly philo-semitic nor terrified of being more than implicitly pro-white. And Yuray is by far the best at SocialMatter.net.

Usually, when I hear someone discussing “culture” – I reach for my revolver. But I’ll make an exception for Yuray at SocialMatter.net.

Just Contacted By MTV To Do A Special On … Polygamy …

I’m a producer working with Barcroft Productions on a new, documentary series for MTV that will explore the unique lives of families across America. We approach it as a news piece and really document lives and worlds that are thought-provoking and may be fraught with misconceptions. You can view an example of our unbiased, factual reporting on Polygamy here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSoypXYB6Nw You can also view our website here: http://www.barcroftproductions.com

We are extremely interested in finding an opinionated and passionate families that would be willing to share their distinctive viewpoints for this documentary series. Please know that we are approaching this with sensitivity and a respect for the community, as we do with all of our acclaimed programming. I look forward to discussing this further so please feel free to email me at: Christy.Coffey@barcroftproductions.com

RIP #Prince

So I’m in the South, hiding from the New York 9/11 conspirators who have now targeted me for … something. I had met this little thing, 21 years old – I wasn’t old enough to be her father or anything, but old enough to know better – and I wanted nothing more than to get into her pants. She’s a college student at the local state university, we had met at a bar, and, you know, she’s looking for a “hook up” and I had played it off pretty well – what can I say? I still looked pretty good for my age – the grey was barely showing.

So anyway I take her out to this bar and she’s telling me how “progressive” she is. So she says, yeah, you know, down here in the South, this guy told me “I don’t like niggers and I don’t like faggots, but I have to say Prince is basically my favorite nigger faggot.”

God this girl was hot in bed too. I’ll never forget her. It made me feel young again. I used her as the inspiration for the “Little Miss Fuck and Run” character, and she sort of did look like (Stanford graduate and laptop hip-hop sensation) K-Flay.

She was actually pretty smart and I introduced her to my sister (who usually has perfect instinct when it comes to women “dating” her brother,) but even she was taken in by her naturally disarming personality.

But damn, this girl was a bitch – hard core bitch. She knew she was hot and loved nothing more than breaking men’s hearts. In fact, I got a lot of mileage with the “Heartbreaker” meme, back when I wrote “manosphere” type stuff, before I was banned from all the big manosphere sites for being, you know, too “white.”

Anyway, Prince was basically my generation. He was barely black. Personally, I’ve never discounted black people and their music – black people have made some great music and while I may be a racist, I’m not churlish about it. So Prince always reminded me of high school summers at the beach, “making out” with girls who never let us go “all the way.” It was dirty, but also kind of innocent in a way. Whatever, I don’t care, I’ve never been a purist or a fanatic. So RIP The Artist Formerly Known As The Artist Formerly Known As Prince.