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Search Terms 6 & New Anti-Racist Initiative

What kind of people read HipsterRacist? The kind of people searching for:

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If my mom could only see me now…

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The Worst Of Hipster Racist

If you don’t love me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best!

Now that I’m living in rural paradise with my model girlfriend far outside the reaches of Merka, I just don’t have the paranoia and angst needed to write anymore. I’ve really been slacking. So, here’s the worst of the worst from my blog over the last few years.

How to Subtly Drive Negroes Away From Your Restaurant

The White Nationalist Sperm Donation Project

Whites Dominate Pitchfork’s Best New Music List Again

50 Pounds of Heidi

No Syrian Ever Called Me Hipster

Abbie Does Alabama

Hipster Racism Field Report

We Are Not Trayon Martin: Hipsters Embrace Their Privilege

Hipsters Fighting Racism With Hipster Racism, Ironically

How To Snort Cocaine Off Of A 21 Year Old Girl’s Tits

How To Program A Beta Sex Kitten

Ms. Davidson’s Attitude Adjustment

Portland To Hold Whites-Only Music Festival Sponsored By Racist Beer Brewery

Hey #NiceGentrifier – Hipsters Get Off On Your Tears

Urban Outfitters Accused Of Hipster Racism

Oy Vey! – LGBT Activist Rapper Macklemore In Trouble For Hipster Anti-Semitism!

Chipster Racism

Michelle Malkin Explains How Liberal Democrats Are The ‘Real Racists.’

New iPhone App Helps You Prove You Aren’t Racist!

Hipster Homophobia: Privileged White Male Triggers Oppressed Victims

Featured Image -- 1816

White Skinhead Dorian Lynskey Declares ‘War’ on Hipsters over Headdresses

We must defend where they attack. Now, they threaten our headdresses, tomorrow, they take our Asian Fusion bistros and then what, our Solidarity with Palestine keffiyehs? You may not think the fight for Hipster’s Rights to appropriate clothing and food styles from other cultures is important, but consider: whites are being held to a dress code based on the “sensitivities” of white leftys who have appointed themselves as defenders of foreign tribes.

It sounds like a joke, doesn’t it? But they are serious. New York media companies like Gawker, Jezebel, and the like have started a campaign to ruin the future careers of white teenagers on twitter who are “racist” – and now they have expanded that word “racist” to include “hipster racism.”

George Orwell himself could have never predicted newspeak like “hipster racism.”

Only people from one ethnic group are ever accused of being a “hipster” and it just happens to be the same certain ethnic group that includes the only people ever being accused of being “racist.”

You know. YT. That’s us.


I suspect the real problem is that our women look so much better in them than theirs do.
I suspect the real problem is that our women look so much better in them than theirs do.

This means war: why the fashion headdress must be stopped: The Native American headdress is a common sight at festivals. It has also been appropriated by fashion brands and stars such as Pharrell Williams. But many are now fighting back against what they see as a crude act of racial stereotyping

The only “crude act of racial stereotyping” happening here is the crude racial stereotype that says whites are guilty of “racism” for things like wearing a costume. But no one else, only whites. Double standard much?

“When it first started happening, my reaction was like, really?” says Ehren Thomas, also known as Bear Witness, of the Ottawa-based dance music trio A Tribe Called Red. “I thought we were over this. I thought the politically correct age of the 90s had taught people we weren’t allowed to make fun of other cultures but apparently I was wrong.”

“A Tribe Called Red?” Really? As if that’s not appropriating from the seminal Golden Age of Hip Hop duo A Tribe Called Quest? See? It’s ok when the Red Man, the Yellow Man, the Brown Man, and the Black Man do it. But if the White Man does it, White Skinheads like Dorian Lynskey will sure as hell find some non-white who will complain, at the least, quote the ones that are paid to complain.

The Ginger Pride Walk In Edinburgh

Boy Band ‘5 Seconds of Summer’ Accused of Hipster Racism for holding ‘Epic Mexican Party’

Today we are giving out Mexican hats, moustaches, we have taco trucks outside and a mariachi band playing our songs – Five Seconds of Summer


“instead of apologizing for turning mexican/xicano culture into a joke to amuse their fans, or pleading ignorance on the situation, ashton passively fav’d” — Some Humorless ‘Anti-Racist’ Cunt

So, there is this boy band called ‘5 Seconds of Summer.’ They held a Sombrero and Mustache party and hired a Mexican band to play Mariachi-styled covers of their songs. (You know, like Weird Al Yankovic does Polka-covers of various pop songs.) 5 Seconds of Summer put on sombreros and fake moustaches and held a party.


Then some leftist wingnut with no sense of humor or irony or anything except for Outrage!!1 decide this is some Horrific Racist Hatred. In fact, these little boys who probably don’t even play their own instruments actually have the Power – the White Boy power – to turn the Vibrant© “Mexicao/Xicano culture into a joke.”

Wait, Xicano? WTF is that? Chicano? Oh wait, I see, “Chicano” is the White Man’s Spelling. Any Real Aztec would spell it with an “X” – you know, culturally appropriating the Latin Alphabet from Da White Manz is a strike against Oppression.

In any case, evidently these little teenage boys have the White Boy Power to turn the Vibrant© Xicano culture into a joke. That’s how much power teenage White Boys have. All the little brown refugees in that camp on the Southwest Borders are in tears, holding a hunger strike until 5 Seconds of Summer plays a benefits concert and supports amnesty.



Full disclosure: your truly was in a band as a teenager and had stupid looking hair like that kid second from the left, however we played our own instruments and fucked our own groupies. Yes, being in a shitty little teenager band does get you hot little scenster chicks, so it’s totally worth it.

Reached on the phone, a spokesjew with the Anti-Defamation League of Bnai-Beef was quoted as saying, “we’re sure this was anti-semitic in some way, oy vey, we must stop this virulent anti-semitism. Sounds more like Five Seconds of Hitler, am I right? Wait, who is this again?”

Weird Al Yankovic – Now That’s What I Call Polka (Mandatory Fun)

Six Million Brave Aztec Warriors Died in the Moustache-o-caust of 2014
Six Million Brave Aztec Warriors Died in the Moustache-o-caust of 2014

Leftist Nutjob Calls for Violence Against Hipsters

You know, for the Indian headdress thing. Then, an actual American Indian calls bullshit on the Disingenuous White Liberal for playing “toleranter than thou” and explains why it’s perfectly acceptable for hipsters to wear feathers in their hair:


“Why hipsters in headdresses need a scalping” – by Gillian Orr for the Belfast Telegraph.


Read how this hysterical white woman decides she will be the Heroine of the Brown Masses and save them from the insensitivity of her fellow People of No Color:

Presumably in response to this madness, Belgian designer Walter van Beirendonck had two men model headdresses that read ‘STOP RACISM’ in his show during men’s fashion week in January.

“Natives are not costumes one can take on and off,” says Ruth Hopkins of the website Last Real Indians.

“When people dress up in stereotypical ‘Indian’ garb, they’re not only denying the existence of 566 distinct Tribal Nations, they’re mocking an entire group of human beings based solely on their race and heritage.”

What is especially shocking is the recurring narrative at play; the here-we-go-again of it all. How many people must fauxpologise before the message finally gets through?

This is so moronic a child could figure it out. No, dressing up in ‘Indian’ garb does not “deny the existence” of anyone nor is it “mocking and entire group of human beings based soley on their race and heritage.” That’s White Girl Drama, pretending she is so much more “sensitive” and more Down With the Brown than her fellow Whiteys.

You aren’t fooling anyone, sweetheart.

Then, you know, someone with actual Indian heritage decides to call out White Girl on her being a poser:


At first, I thought the objection was a little overboard and my initial reaction was:

1. American Indians also appropriated from other cultures.
2. Not all American Indians are offended by it.
3. American Indians make and sell them with no disclaimer that they should not be worn.
4. It is okay if someone wears it at a concert.
5. Many people get ridiculous when using the term cultural appropriation.

I would totally culturally appropriate her all night long and some the next morning too.
I would totally culturally appropriate her all night long and some the next morning too.

Some hysterical Disingenuous White Liberal wants to compare it to blackface, and of course my only response is, yeah? So what? If y’all are really against cultural appropriation, take that SUV back to the dealer and giddy up on that horse. Turn in the keys to your condo and move into a straw hut.

Either way, you sure as hell don’t belong on the internet, because that was made by 100% Genuine White Men, and our only mistake was teaching the rest of you how to use it (yes, that includes you, Disingenuous White Chick.)


Hey #NiceGentrifier – Hipsters Get Off On Your Tears


More “mockery” of hipsters gentrifying urban neighborhoods, but their butthurt cannot be disguised by their snark. More proof of my oft-used adage: “anti-hipster is a code word for anti-white.” “Hipster” is simply a label given to young urban whites; no one calls themselves a “hipster.”

Now these young urban whites are usually pretty socially liberal and if you ask them they will swear up and down that they aren’t racist. They don’t feel racist. They don’t have negative attitudes towards other races. But they don’t realize that they are, in fact, “racist” – because the word “racist” is really just a code word for “white person” as well.

As blacks “reclaimed” the nigger word, and feminists reclaim “bitch,” “slut,” and “whore” so yours truly is reclaiming both words – “hipster” and “racist.”


#NiceGentrifier sparks debate about changing neighborhoods

Host a racist themed hipster party-why not right? #NiceGentrifier

Sounds like a plan! I’m dressing up like an Indian – feather not dot – in complete headdress and buckskin. Or perhaps a thug life rapper or a sombrero bandito.

I’m in yer neighborhood, appropriating your culture!

The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather


Urban Outfitters Accused of Hipster Racism


Indians – dot, not feather – get their turbans as twisted as the many arms of Vishnu. Because their false elephant god is used as a footstool by Hipster Supremacists. Hey Indians, right now I am wiping my feet on the face of your idol! Where is your god now?

“You can put him in a frame and on the wall. That is fine,” Zed said. “But not to be put on the bed, on which you lie and your feet will go on. That is very inappropriate.”

“They really don’t get it,” Balaji said, and he predicted that what he called the company’s “hipster racism” will continue.



A Negra quotes a Jewess:

Bustle’s Erin Myer summed up folks’ worst fears nicely by writing, “I shudder to think of all the 20-somethings dying to get their hipster racism on by flaunting this duvet in the middle of their Bushwick loft decorated with votive candles.”

Indian Nazi Thinks You're Racist
Indian Nazi Thinks You’re Racist

Of course, Hindus are neo-Nazis and worship Hitler and the Swastika, so who are the real racists here? Yeah that’s what I thought.


Offensive To Chinaman
Offensive To Chinaman

But wait – there’s more! Hipsters buy “yellow face” offensive to Chinaman necklace!


Now Topshop have come under fire online for a head charm necklace featuring “vintage style” Chinese faces as part of its “Freedom Found” collection.

Spotted by a UK shopper last week who posted a photo of the necklace to Twitter, the necklace has been slammed as “offensive” on the internet, with the blogger Angry Asian Man calling it “bold, blatant racist bullshit trying to get passed off as hipster cool” because of its “plain outdated Orientalist imagery of Asians.”

The monkeys have won.


South African Hipster Racism

Die Antwoord are South African hipsters appropriating the African cultures surrounding them. To “keep it real” they include a whole lot of “primitive” or “jungle” imagery that is likely shocking to white bread America. With the black and white video and face paint obscure skin color, it merely enhances other racial markers; skull shape, facial structure, musculature, maybe even styles of dance?

Sexual, body, and hygiene taboos – or lack of taboos – are played with throughout the video. Many actors and dancers are dressed in only enough clothes to avoid censors in Western countries. Overtly sexual drawings and suggestive art suggesting African tribal culture appear throughout. Bugs in the food, rats crawling around, the hygienic conditions of an African favela.

Just to make sure dim white Western liberals get the joke, they have parody of local tabloid Die Sun with a headline reading: “Sex met honde keur Aids” – sex with dogs cures AIDs. The actual common African superstition, that sex with a baby will cure AIDs, would probably be too obvious. Abortion clinics and references appear in their videos.

There are two images of Africa allowed by the Global Community: one is that of happy African Aunt Jemimahs singing their real folks songs engaging in their traditional cultural practices of microfinance and women led entrepreneurship. The other is that of Al Qaeda in Africa, Communist Islamist warlords doing awful things like killing the gays, enslaving girls, and interfering with resource extraction.

Die Antwoord and whoever directed their videos did an end run around all of that and created some art illustrating what the cultural reality would be like for whites under African domination: poor hygiene, relatively low status for women, styles of dress and body modification taboo in the white west, religious iconography far more dark to the average westerner than stylized images of Christ crucified, and sexual mores that would be criminal in the West.

So Lady Gaga asked Die Antwoord to open for her on her tour, they said no and make a video mocking her. In the twitter spat, Lady Gaga’s friend accused them of being “racist” for wearing “blackface” in some of their videos, hilariously ironic if you think about it.