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Take You Home And Make You Like It

So, in the story of Amy and Shannon, the “Sisterhood” sort of has a problem. If you happen to sympathize with Shannon, you’ll blame the narrator character for being into “skanks” or “sluts.” But if you sympathize with Amy, you’ll blame the narrator for being exploitative, a rapist, or even a pedophile.

The Church Ladies might say, “you all should have waited until you were married,” but the Church Ladies are actively against young marriage anyway. So all they are really saying is “no sex!” Wait until you’re “ready” – which is a decade after you hit puberty. “And no foolin’ around, no porn, no nothing!”

What the Sisterhood and the Church Ladies agree on is that girls should not marry early and not have children early, but to keep their options open. In theory, they might tell the girls to avoid sex, but they know full well they can’t enforce that, that it is unnatural, so they will forgive the girls if they do, and just assume the naughty boys pressured them into it anyway.

Please notice that it’s women, not men, who slut shame. And women slut shame their sexual rivals. While Shannon was far too sweet of a girl to be overtly hostile to Amy, she most certainly slut shamed her in subtle ways.


And I’ll never forget the wistful, vaguely sad and disappointed way Shannon mentioned that all three of us – her best guy friends – we all went for a round with “Amy’s type.” I do think on some level, she realized that we were “saving her for marriage” – like I said, later her and I dated for a while and had sex, and she very well may have with one of the other guys, but while we were white hot sexually for Amy, we treated Shannon with kid gloves. We were saving her for marriage.

For Shannon, in some ways it was a compliment, but in other ways it was an insult. I mean, what did Amy have that Shannon didn’t have? Shannon was a bit better looking, certainly smarter, way more “classy.” But again, no one was talking about marriage here – we were “too young.” Neither girl wanted to be a teenage mother – that’s “too young.” So what else was there?

Well, there was “romance” – meaning, doing sweet things for Shannon, paying for dates, maybe writing her love letters.

Or, there was hot sex, blowjobs, kinky things, dirty things – on demand orgasms – from Amy. And since Shannon wanted in on the game too, eventually from her as well – a little less enthusiastically, a little more reserved, a little less dirty – but it all ended with us ejaculating somewhere in, or on, her body – just like it did with Amy.

I mean, what do you think was going to happen?

Marriage and family formation was not an option for at least another five years – and quite possibly ten years.

But it’s important to not miss the subtlety here.

I said Amy was the Bad Girl – the Whore. And she was – for me. Not necessarily for you. You may have had to buy her dinner and give her romance. But I didn’t. I was the guy she wanted to make come, I was the guy she wanted to see writhing in pleasure and I ejaculated down her throat, on her face, on her tits.

And I said Shannon was the Good Girl – the Madonna. And she was – for me. But I remember this one time, some guy friend of hers comes over, not part of our group. And this guy? 5 inches taller than me. Way better looking, way more “alpha.” Obviously from a rich family, drove an expensive car.

And the way Shannon looked at him? Shannon looked at this guy the way Amy looked at me. While Shannon may have been my Madonna, it’s quite likely that she was his Whore. Just like “alpha” and “beta” are situational, so are “Madonna” and “Whore.” I have a feeling that Shannon didn’t mind if this guy treated her like we treated Amy. I have a feeling that Shannon would do things just as dirty – and just as quickly – for this guy as Amy did for us.

So, again, the Sisterhood and the Church Ladies have a problem here. Because it’s been 50 years since birth control, and it’s been 50 years since the Sexual Revolution, and the secret’s out.

“Gotta be looking pure, kiss him goodbye at the door, and leaving him wanting more.”

That probably worked 50 years ago.

And you’ll also notice, no one – certainly not me – is saying anything hateful about either Amy or Shannon. These were both girls that I have fond memories of, along with a little tinge of heartbreak. They were just girls, they liked sex as much as anyone, and we all did just what came naturally.

But the third wave feminists are right, and in a sense, the Liberated Sluts were right. Because Amy and Shannon were using us sexually no less than we were using them. Amy and Shannon got off on the sex just as much as we did.


And while a lot of people paid lip service to the idea of chastity, in reality the “conservative” and Christian types were just being cruel – forbidding the girls to marry and have children when that is precisely what their bodies were ready for. And the liberal types – they said, have at it, have as much sex as you want – as long as you don’t actually marry and have children. And the liberals were waiting right there to “take care” of any pregnancy if it did happen.

You have to wonder if the adults – both sides – were sadists.

It was probably easy to figure out when she was 15 that Amy wasn’t going to go to college and become a lawyer. Boys who likely weren’t going to college were steered into vocational school to learn a trade at 16. With the right social support, Amy could have become a mother at 16, and raised a few white children. But everyone – right wing, left wing, conservative, Christian, liberal, secular – were all agreed.

According to all the adults, the WORST thing that could happen to Amy would be her becoming a teenage mother. That would “ruin her life” and “ruin her future” and she would be branded a failure and a loser.

So, she became a stripper instead.

These things are easier to predict than people are letting on. Looking back on it all, I don’t think either the Church or Planned Parenthood really gave a shit about girls like Amy. And while the church ladies and the feminists read something like this and demonize me, I can almost guarantee that I’m the only one actually taking Amy’s side in this situation.

Because the women, right wing and left wing, slut shamed Amy not because she was all that different than any other girl, they slut shamed her because they were her sexual rivals.

Let that sink in for a moment.

In the guise of preventing her from becoming a “teenage mother” what they were really doing is cock-blocking guys her age – or older than her – from having her. The Christians and the church ladies did so because they didn’t want a man to sexually enjoy a girl like Amy – out of sheer jealousy – and the left wingers didn’t mind Amy being a whore, as long as she didn’t actually reproduce and have children.

Don’t believe me? Just read this article. Let what this woman is saying sink in.


For a man, age brings success, wisdom, and the Hollywood-approved wrinkles of Robert Redford. And, while I too find that my career is on the up, it doesn’t matter, because time, for a woman, is hardly as kind as it is to a man. My career successes, my triumphs as a human being, are trumped by the fact my looks — and my ovaries — have a shelf life. Biology and Sociology 101.

You get that? It goes back to point number one, in the first article.

It’s this logic that has most of my 30-something guy friends dating girls fresh out of college. Girls who, in my experience, are less impressive, less striving, less volatile, less successful, less intimidating, less questioning, less pressing, less complex, less damaged, less opinionated, less powerful, less womanly. They are less, and, to a guy not ready for anything — like most of the guys I have dated in New York — less is more.

You see, men are valuing the wrong thing. While men really value youth and beauty – a proxy for fertility – the old, aging women are upset. They sure as hell weren’t going to settle down with some BOY who hadn’t established himself in his career. So they postponed marriage and family as long as possible. But then, when the men DO finally “make it” – well, the men with options go for a young, fertile girl.

But – what about all those old women? How come men aren’t MORE attracted to them the more “mileage” they have on them?

Next installment, I have a real life story of the Church Ladies – old wenches who pretend they are for marriage and family – doing their best to STOP a marriage and a family from forming, all due to sheer sexual jealousy.


And contra everything both the right and the left were telling us – one thing we all quickly noticed, both the boys and the girls. The more *unequal* the situation, the *hotter* the sex. The higher the status of the man compared to the woman, the stronger the orgasms for both. Some study once showed that you can predict how strong a woman’s orgasm will be by the price of the bed sheets. More expensive = stronger orgasm.

In fact, “equality” in the bedroom is about the least sexy thing ever, for the girl and the boy.

This fact leads to all sorts of interesting places.

But it’s one of those hilarious things, most women feel a strong need to pretend that isn’t the case. Women will usually keep that pretense up until the second their panties hits the floor.

“Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.” — Henry Kissinger

teen mom

Flowers – Liz Phair

Every time I see your face
I get all wet between my legs
Every time you pass me by
I heave a sigh of pain

Every time I see your face
I think of things unpure unchaste
I want to fuck you like a dog
I’ll take you home and make you like it

Everything you ever wanted
Everything you ever thought of is
Everything I’ll do to you
I’ll fuck you and your girlfriend too

Your face reminds me of a flower
Kind of like you’re underwater
Hair’s too long and in your eyes
Your lips a perfect suck me size

You act like you’re fourteen years old
Everything you say is so
Obnoxious, funny, true and mean
I want to be your blowjob queen

You’re probably shy and introspective
That’s not part of my objective
I just want your fresh young jimmy
Cramming slamming ramming in me

Every time I see your face
I think of things unpure unchaste
I want to fuck you like a dog
I’ll take you home and make you like it

Everything you ever wanted
Everything you ever thought of is
Everything I’ll do to you
I’ll fuck you ’til your dick is blue

With This Beer I Do Thee Hookup


I had seen her dancing at the bar earlier. Tall, thin, with long straight blonde hair and pale blue eyes. I caught her eye a few times, and noticed she was sitting with a girlfriend and a guy I had briefly talked to earlier. So I walk over to her, start talking, and her body language just blew up, touching her hair, grabbing my clothes, etc. So, we flirted for a while. I talked to her girlfriend and the guy a little bit, then she wanted to go outside to have a cigarette, so I went with her and bummed a smoke.

Well, it didn’t take long to notice two things. She was drunk, and she was vulnerable. As in, emotionally vulnerable. A strong, independent woman with her own successful career, obviously emotionally directionless. Biologically, she should be a married mother with three kids by now. But since women don’t do that sort of thing anymore, she was lost.

She starts telling me way too many personal details. She tells me she’s 35. I ask her to guess my age, she said 28. I laughed and smiled, and told her I knew she was just flattering me, but to keep it up because it was working. She said she had just come back from LA. She had been married, but never had children. She was evidently hooking up with the guy inside, but was frustrated because he never got jealous. She complained that while she didn’t mind hooking up, and didn’t mind keeping things casual, she just couldn’t handle the fact this guy didn’t care what, or who, she did. She complained that he had never gotten married, and didn’t do “relationships.”

Well, at first I objected. I said, “oh so this is what this is about, you’re just talking to me to make this guy jealous?” She says, “no he doesn’t get jealous, that’s the problem. I don’t mind hooking up, it just seem … I mean, wouldn’t you want to be exclusive with the girl you’re sleeping with?”

Of course I told her that when we hook up, I’ll keep her all to myself.

Little miss, my designated driver, was walking out so if I wanted a ride home, and a sure thing, I’d better cut loose now. She tells me she’s at the bar every week. So I will see her again, with or without the guy.

Women these days are clueless. She had promised before God, her family, and her community to love, honor, and obey the man she married, until death do they part. She decided to break her vows. She likely hired lawyers, went before a court of the law, and dragged whatever personal issues she had with her husband out in public, humiliating him, his family, and her family. But likely not herself, because she likely doesn’t feel any shame. The entire media and the culture tells her, if she wasn’t haaaapy, if the guy did something she didn’t like, or if she just got bored, she should divorce him. Take time to focus on herself, and her own needs.


Now, she’s prowling bars, hooking up with guys who treat her like a low cost escort, and wondering why men won’t commit. She’s good looking enough that she’s obviously had many men interested in her. But she has already proven that she’s not worth committing to. She doesn’t keep her promises, she’s willing to go to the police and courts over personal issues, and willing to walk away from a relationship with a man she supposedly loved enough to marry.

She almost certainly wasn’t a virgin bride, so the sex was never really exclusive anyway. Men don’t burn with romantic passion for 35 year olds. They burn with romantic passion for teenagers and early 20 somethings. When they are young enough there’s still the possibility – however remote – that they are different, not like the others. Not callous, selfish, self-centered, solipsistic, and ruthless. Real romantic passion has to have that element of fantasy to it so you can suspend disbelief long enough to actually risk so much on a woman – an unstable woman who will go through violent mood swings on a monthly basis and most of the time won’t even know her own feelings. There’s an old saying, “there’s no fool like an old fool.” That saying refers to the well known phenomenon of older men falling helplessly in love with a woman 20 year younger. A 40 year old man might have a blast pumping and dumping 30 somethings, but get a 21 year old to pay attention to him, and all the jadedness – and sanity – go right out the window. It’s a biological reaction to the years of fertility that a young woman has left.

When a woman is young, and a virgin, commits to a man for life, and bears him many children, a man is capable of loving her, forever, even when she is old and wrinkly. He will always remember the bride of his youth, and even when the romantic passion is long gone, love remains. Real, adult, human love.

It really shows the immaturity of modern women that thirty something childless divorcees, who have likely pumped and dumped many men, are surprised that men their age won’t “commit.” They have shown, with their actions and attitudes, how much their commitment is worth. Precisely zero.


But hey, if you still look good at 35, and are interesting to talk to, there will be plenty of men interested in hooking up, being friends, and even “dating.” But let’s not pretend that the men are going to be exclusive. Why turn down offers because you happen to be in a temporary arrangement with a particular woman? Serial monogamy may be a woman’s preference, but it’s not a man’s preference. Mate guarding and keeping a woman exclusive to you is the natural instinct of men, due to the aversion to cuckolding, but a modern man knows the deal, with birth control and genetic testing there won’t be any cuckolding, and if she wants to fuck some other guy, she’s going to whether you like it or not.

So, men have adapted. They’re “going our own way” as it were. No commitments to women, just enjoy each other’s company, and bodies, with no pretense of exclusivity. I mean, after all, it’s not like women are the property of men they are fucking, right? That would be awfully misogynist wouldn’t it?

The guy was a good networking candidate, likely having some contacts in the local business scene that would be useful to me. Who knows, maybe he and I will trade notes on the blonde’s performance over beers at some point?


The Slut Power


Well, I thought, this has got to be the sleaziest client I ever had, but his money was as good as anyone else’s. All I did know is that when this Modelling project was done, I didn’t want my name anywhere near it. This was not going on the resume. We’re sitting in this swanky Manhattan cigar bar, one of two places that got grandfathered in after the smoking ban, smoking stogies and drinking wine. It seemed pretty obvious that the girls in this modelling agency were not posing for print ads or runway work. He’s giving me the basics of the business, and rambling on about life and the like. These kind of guys, they all want to share their wisdom with younger men, some sort of paternal bullshit that makes them feel powerful. You learn to play along.

“There are four steps to making a slut. First, you seduce them, get them aroused. Second, you get them to ‘buy in’ – they have to make a conscious decision to escalate and an overt act of their own volition. This is important. They have to give it up for no other reason than that they were aroused. It sets the price.” He smirked, tapped the ash of his cigar and continued. “Third, you keep it a secret. A mutual secret. That shows them they can trust you, and that they are in the club, so to speak.”

He takes a long puff, gazes off in the distance, then looks me in the eye. “Fourth, the final step, you turn them out. Set them up with another slut. Or another victim. Ha.” He was grinning now.

I smile, fake a laugh. “I wonder what these girls would think hearing us talking about them like this. Giving away our strategies. If the girls only knew what the boys were doing to them.”

He lowers his voice, puts a look of mock bafflement on his face. “Boys doing this to girls? Are you mad, man? This is how girls game boys!”

“They turned me out when I was twelve. My babysitter, she was 17. Nice girl, great rack. Family friends. Her family was super strict, never let her out of their sight. At 17, she was getting hotpants so to speak. And since she wasn’t allowed to date, or even see boys, I was the natural substitute.”

He stopped. I just stayed quiet. I’m thinking this guy may have had too much wine already.


“We were having dinner with my family, her and her little sister. We were sitting next to each other, and under the table she starts rubbing my thigh, brushing up against my crotch, all while talking to my mom about something or other. Keeping a blank face. See, this was a game. She does this a few more times – look I’m hard as a rock, little 12 year old with his first hard on, going nuts. I don’t know how I kept it together. So right after dinner, we go downstairs to watch TV and she just starts rubbing me outside my clothes. This goes on. Well, right before she leaves, she whispers in my ear – I’ll invite you and your sister over next week, and I’ll give you something more. She winked at me.”

“Well true to her word, next week she’s babysitting me and my sister at her place, and we start making out. That’s when she gets my buy in. She says, you can do whatever you want over my clothes. So I go at it, little 12 year old me, feeling up an adult woman’s body for the first time. Lord, it was hot.”

“Then, she turns me out. At school, she sets me up with one of the other girls, she’s like 14 I guess. We go off to a closet somewhere and start making out, feeling each other up. We never tell this girl what we’re doing either. Now we have the mutual secret. We’re in Slut Club together. Ha!”

I really don’t know where he’s going with this, so I steer the conversation back to business. “So tell me about these models.”

“Look, girls get into this for two reasons. Some girls just want money, ok? They are easy enough to deal with. Some girls want the attention. They want to feel glamorous. Just as easy, you just have to deal with them a different way.”


“You know it’s funny, I went to my babysitters wedding. Married some guy from church. Nice enough guy. She made sure to invite me. So at the line, I give her a hug, tell her congratulations. I swear, there’s a twinkle in her eye. Our little secret. I shake the grooms hand. All I can think, dude, while you were jerking yourself, your wife was jerking me. Ha ha.” He’s busting a gut now.

“So the first real slut, though, in high school. This girl just loved to give head, you know? Made her feel powerful. I think she wound up blowing half the football team. I’m being my little bad ass self, still a virgin, but I figure, hey maybe she’ll go for it. We’re doing some after school thing together. I just start brushing up against her. Rub my hand across her crotch. She tells me I’m making her wet. She’s totally up for it. So, after this thing, we head to an empty classroom, she pulls it out and goes to town. Thank god they didn’t have security cameras back then! First blowjob, 16 years old. These girls, they can’t get enough.”

I’m just keeping my mouth shut. He stubs out his cigar and says, “I’ll get us more wine. Hold on.”


Reclaim or undermine? A protester on a Slutwalk demonstration in Toronto.

Sex War!

The Feminist Sex Wars, also known as the Lesbian Sex Wars, or simply the Sex Wars or Porn Wars, were acrimonious debates amongst feminists regarding a number of issues broadly relating to sex. The debates, which Lisa Duggan said felt like war, polarised into two sides during the late 1970s and early 1980s and the aftermath of this polarisation of feminist views during the sex wars continues to this day. The sides were characterized by anti-porn feminist and sex-positive feminist groups with disagreements regarding sexuality, pornography and other forms of sexual representation, prostitution, the role of trans women in the lesbian community, lesbian sexual practices, sadomasochism and other sexual issues. The feminist movement was deeply divided as a result of these debates. The Feminist Sex Wars are sometimes viewed as part of the division that led to the end of the second-wave feminist era.

In New York in 1976 Andrea Dworkin was active in organising demonstrations against the film Snuff. However, attempts made to also start an organisation to continue anti-pornography campaigning by feminists in the city failed. In LA organising was more successful and the group Women Against Violence Against Women was founded in 1976 in response to the film and then also proceeded to campaign against the advertising for the Rolling Stones’ album Black and Blue. The anti-pornography movement in the USA gained ground with the creation of Women Against Violence in Pornography and Media in 1977, in San Francisco, following a 1976 conference on violence against women held by local women’s centers. Early members included Susan Griffin, Kathleen Barry and Laura Lederer. WAVPM organised the first national conference on pornography in San Francisco in 1978 which included the first Take Back the Night march. The conference led to anti-pornography feminists organizing in New York in 1979 under the banner of Women Against Pornography, and to similarly-orientated organisations and efforts being created across the United States. In 1983 Page Mellish, a one-time member of WAVPM and of WAP, founded Feminists Fighting Pornography to focus on political activism seeking legal changes to limit the porn industry. Andrea Dworkin and Catherine MacKinnon wanted civil laws restricting pornography[11] and to this end drafted the Antipornography Civil Rights Ordinance. They viewed male sexual dominance as the root of all female oppression, and thus condemned pornography, prostitution, and other manifestations of male sexual power.
Pro-sex feminists

From 1979 feminist journalist Ellen Willis was one of the early voices criticising anti-pornography feminists for what she saw as sexual puritanism, moral authoritarianism and a threat to free speech. Her 1981 essay, Lust Horizons: Is the Women’s Movement Pro-Sex? is the origin of the term, “pro-sex feminism”. The response to the anti-pornography strand of feminism by the sex-positive feminists was one that promoted sex as an avenue of pleasure for women, seeing anti-pornography positions as aligned to the political right-wing’s war on recreational sex and pornography. Early sex positive groups included Samois, founded in San Francisco in 1978, whose early members included Gayle Rubin and Pat Califia and the Lesbian Sex Mafia, founded by Dorothy Allison and others in New York in 1981. The Feminists Anti-Censorship Taskforce (FACT) was set up in 1984 by Ellen Willis in response to the Dworkin-MacKinnon Ordinance, in 1989 Feminists Against Censorship, formed in the UK, its members including Avedon Carol and Feminists for Free Expression formed in the USA in 1992 with founding members including Veronica Vera and Candida Royalle.

In October 1980 the National Organisation for Women identified what became known as the “Big Four” through declaring that “Pederasty, pornography, sadomasochism and public sex” were about “exploitation, violence or invasion of privacy” and not “sexual preference or orientation”. One of the more memorable clashes between the pro-sex and anti-porn feminists occurred at the 1982 Barnard Conference on Sexuality. Anti-pornography feminists were excluded from the events’ planning committee, so they staged rallies outside the conference to show their disdain.






Feminist Views on BDSM vary widely from rejection to acceptance and all points in between. As an example, the two polarizing frameworks are being compared here. Some feminists, such as Andrea Dworkin and Susan Griffin, regard BDSM as a form of woman-hating violence, while other feminists, such as Gayle Rubin and Patrick Califia, see BDSM as a valid form of expression of female sexuality. Some lesbian feminists practice BDSM and regard it as part of their sexual identity.

The history between feminists and BDSM practitioners has been controversial. The two most extreme positions are those who believe that feminism and BDSM are mutually exclusive beliefs, and those who believe that BDSM practices are an expression of sexual freedom. A lot of the controversy is left over from the feminist sex wars and the battle between the anti-pornography feminists and the pro-pornography feminists.


Gender Studies
Gender Studies

Higher Education


h/t SunShineMary

“Undocumented events discussed online in the Reddit community have also sparked heated debates regarding the right to freedom of speech. Pictures posted to the forum showed male students from Radford University hanging sexually suggestive banners from their houses. The banners displayed slogans such as “Thank U fathers 4 ur freshman daughters” and “Your daughters walk of shame starts here.” Similarly controversial, yet more humorous and well received, was an alleged display at an art room at the University of Minnesota. The student’s piece displayed 5 identical Captain America figures masturbating. While most readers took extreme offense toward the vulgarity of the banners hung by the Radford University students, there were comical and creative responses posted in regards to the Captain America exhibit.”



Keep ‘Em Coming, Amanda Marcotte!

Feminists are prone to unintentional comedy. You have to read it to believe it:


I can’t help it, in the same way you can’t look away from a car wreck. I went to reddit’s TheBluePill, the feminist anti-game part of reddit, and found the article.

Per usual, I am perplexed by the entire hobby of freaking out on feminists because your own repulsive personality makes obtaining sexual attention difficult

LOL. I looked up her picture. I turn down women her age that look like her all the time. It’s freaking hysterical how desperate single women over 35 are. Begging for it and no one will give it to them. If the anti-feminist trolls are ugly losers with repulsive personalities that can’t get laid, it’s likely that feminists are over the hill, past their prime women who slutted it up, never married, and now – can’t get laid. “Where have all the good men gone?”

We haven’t gone anywhere, Amanda. We just have no interest in fucking women your age that look like you. Your wikipedia says you have a “partner,” a psuedo-husband presumably. If he’s settling for you, that’s all we need to know about his options. Perhaps he stays with you for your wonderful personality.

In fact, because of the forced economic dependency that was created by the cult of housewifery, a lot of women put more emphasis on men having the money that the haters believe is the sole reason they aren’t elbow deep in 22-year-old pussy right now. Feminism, if anything, made it so that men who don’t necessarily have money but have other attributes – charm, good looks, a sense of humor, intelligence, all sorts of stuff – have more of a chance, because women are more free to follow their hearts if they pay their own bills.

I have some news for you, Amanda. Thanks to feminism – thanks to women like you – 22-year-old pussy is easier to get than ever. It’s also basically false to say that women pay their own bills now. Isn’t that why you are all asking for free birth control, paid for by the beta men that actually do create economic value?

I have to say, Amanda, it’s been a hell of a ride. The beta men pay the taxes so your empowered sluts can play games … with guys like me.

Oh, no, I wouldn’t say that I’m “elbows-deep” in 22 year old pussy. But I lost count a long time ago, and I got my eye on another one. You created girls like her. You told her to be sexually liberated, that she don’t need no man, and that it’s ok to be slutty. Hey – I’m a slut. Bona-fide. I admit it. I know there’s a double standard, guys who are sluts are “studs” but honestly, I don’t feel like a stud. I feel like a slut.

I am neither a sadist, nor a sociopath. But I can do a damn fine impersonation of both. And it gets 22 year old pussy real, real wet.

You say feminism has liberated women to “follow their hearts.” What is that a metaphor for? “Follow your heart” means to follow your emotions. As opposed to your brain. Women, especially young ones, tend to have out of control emotions. They really, really should be following their heads, not their hearts. You taught them to be entitled – that men owe them something. That “society” should take care of them, with government health care and the like.


Here’s how it works: 22 Year Old Pussy is going to slut it up for the next 10 years. She’s going to be frustrated that the guys she likes won’t stay with her, that the guys that do like her turn her off, and she won’t even know why. Right now, I just ignore her. I don’t even know her name, but she knows mine. The other night she was desperate to get my attention, and I just ignored her. Soon, I’ll start paying her a tiny bit of attention and it will be game on. Chances of me getting up in 22 Year Old Pussy in the next, say, month? Likely.

When I’m balls deep, I’ll think of you, Amanda.

Older women, single moms, aging feminists. The poor things, they all left their husbands and can’t get any guys their age to pay attention to them. Why be “friends with benefits” with some aging single mom, when you can easily hook up with hot, tight, 22 Year Old Pussy? OK, maybe I am a bit sadistic. I’m going to parade 22 Year Old Pussy around to the 30-50 year old feminist women that I know. I love the look of jealousy they get. I just play blank, pretend I don’t notice. I pretend like I don’t know why they are so upset.

I’ll flatter 22 Year Old Pussy’s intelligence by telling her I’m a feminist, that I’m pro-slut, and I’ll even send her to read some of your articles. You and I, Amanda, are like “wing men” for each other. I can’t thank you enough.

It’s not me that is exploiting women, Amanda. It’s you.

Game on.

P.S. I’m going to post this on TheRedPill, so I know TheBluePill feminists are going to read it. Hey, gals! Check out my newest completely fictional story. I get off on knowing you probably diddle yourselves while reading. God, god, god I love this game. I feel like a kid in the candy store.