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Wag The Dog 6

WNs seem to believe that this newest “War on the Beheaders” is either because Putin beat Obama’s ass so bad, Obama had to prove he was still tough by fighting some terrorists, or that Obama received secret orders from Tel Aviv. Both of these ideas are plausible if you ignore the evidence and context.


U.S. Sen. John McCain is one of the most vocal proponents of attacking the terrorist Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, and has increased the urgency since last week’s beheading murder of kidnapped journalist James Foley.

But McCain, R-Ariz., has come under fire from the left-leaning organization VoteVets.org for allegedly posing for a photo in 2013 with “ISIS fighters,” a charge the group has been unable to back up and that McCain calls a fabrication.

The photo was taken during a surprise May 2013 trip McCain took to Syria to meet with rebel leaders in the civil war against President Bashar Assad’s regime. Then and now, McCain is a passionate advocate for helping the moderate Free Syrian Army, which has been battling both Assad’s forces and the extremists. In June, President Barack Obama’s administration proposed a $500 million plan to arm and train the moderate Syrian opposition.


Last year, the current administration had an absolute hard-on for direct military strikes against Syria. The public and even Congress was against it. In the meantime, ISIS pops up out of nowhere and provides exactly the kind of outrage needed to get John Q Public to support action.

Then there’s another headline that says ISIS is “within a mile” of Baghdad. So where are all the airstrikes happening? In Syria.

My own theory goes like this. It’s all about Russia. Now you might be wondering wtf ISIS has to do with Russia. Well, unlike the USA/NATO, Russia has only a few naval ports. One of their really important ones is in Crimea (sound familiar?) and they have another one in Tartus, Syria.



If you want to keep on reducing Russia’s strategic options, cutting off access to these naval bases is a big deal. So first there’s a Western-backed overthrow of the Ukrainian government. I think the plan was to oust Yanukovich (done) then get a pro-western regime installed (done) and then have Ukraine join NATO.

If this had happened, the naval base in Crimea (one of Russia’s most important) might have actually come under NATO control. Of course letting this happen would be unthinkable to the Russians, hence the annexation of Crimea. This allowed them to keep their naval base while simultaneously created a territorial dispute that pre-empts Ukraine from being accepted as a member of NATO.

ISIS is the key to the other naval base. Position a fabricated boogeyman inside the country you’re just dying to attack. Done. Stimulate public outrage, Done. Now attack the target….. currently underway. The goal is to put the Assad regime out of business and then install a new government that will kick the Russians out of their naval base at Tartus.

It’s not rocket science, which is why you need a really Big Brain to obscure the obvious.

Operation Gladio, Sibel Edmonds, Boiling Frogs, and the Turkish Connection

FBI 9/11 whistleblower Sibel Edmonds explains “Gladio B.” Notice who the terrorists recruited by NATO were – the Turkish “Babas” – the “Godfathers” – those in jail for heroin trafficking, blackmail, extortion, etc. Organized crime, in other words. It’s common knowledge now, but the CIA and the US military long associated with organized crime in the US and used their services in keeping the civilian population in line. And it was the government – NOT the mafia – that reached out. The government chose the mafia, not the other way around.

You find this pattern repeated by US imperalists in South America and South East Asia, especially the drug producers (Colombia) – in fact, in South East Asia, the drug trade always moves from country to country depending on which has the most American military presence (Vietnam, to Cambodia, to Burma/Myranmar, now, north west to Afghanistan.)

Since NATO was started to fight the Soviet Union, these paramilitary terrorist organizations were always labelled “right wing” and “nationalist” – but is that particularly true? In what ways can the mafia, drug kingpins, heroin dealers, and extortionist be considered “right wing,” “ultra-nationalist” or even political at all?

According to Communism, Fascism is when captialists (the rich) try to blunt the power of popular movements and elected officials in order to prevent levelling, the poor redistributing wealth and assets to themselves. Certainly, in the US, it seems to work that way. The Republican party is largely funded by the wealthy and works to prevent any sort of social policy that benefits the poor over the rich. But certainly, the Republican party – a hotbed of internationalism, global corporatism, and sympathy for cheap labor and mass, race-replacing immigration – cannot be considered “nationalist” in any significant way; they are internationalists, although they do promote a very different kind of internationalism/globalism than Communists claimed to.

This, then, explains the brutality of the USA “Deep State” and how it can pull off things such as assassinations of US Presidents, and even major terrorist attacks like 9/11. They recruit their terrorists from the criminal class. During the Contra wars of the 1980s in Central America, the US sided with “traditional power” – landowners, and especially, the managers of the local branches of US corporations. While their opponents were often much less white, much less Westernized, and much poorer. One sees the same thing in Venezuela, where Chavez’s party was the party of the poor brown masses, while the US proxy leaders were urban, upper class whites. The left has always been correct, in a sense, that there is a race war component to USA imperialism, and it’s also true that the whiter an ethnic group is, the more powerful, the more advanced technology, the more socially advanced. Unlike “anti-racist” complaints, however, it is not some special brutality on the part of the lighter skinned – the darks at least match the whites when it comes to brutality – it’s that the higher IQ whites, when they do engage in brutality, are much more effective, usually. While Rwandans can merely hack themselves to pieces with imported machetes (they can’t even make machetes themselves) a white population might use, say, drones to bomb villages.

Nevertheless, it should not be obscured that in the USA, it’s the very White (and Jewish) ruling class that is targeting the White majority population for replacement via immigration, and certainly, in cases like 9/11, Whites were the primary victims. From the Whiskey Rebellion, to the War of Northern Aggression, to the mass slaughters of the World Wars, to the imperialist ventures post-WWII, to the 9/11 Wars, the White (and now Jewish) ruling class has never been slow to put “their own people” in harm’s way, directly and indirectly.

While some sort of genetic sociopathy often explains the brutality, simple power differentials often do as well. Modern war and terrorism are planned from afar, far away from the victims and the gore, so this psychological (and physical) distance lessens the ability for the perpetrators to sympathize with the victims – in much the same way that a powerful man might not at all sympathize with the relative powerless position of a mistress, in fact, even fetishize it.

Perhaps that might explain stories like this:


and why CIA programs often look like something out of BDSM porno.

That is, perhaps, a more subtle sentiment than it might appear on the surface. Read it twice.




Now, what is quite interesting here, is that Edmonds says this Turkish Muslim terrorist group recruited by NATO was eventually replaced with “Al Qaeda” – also seemingly recruited by USA and its allies like Saudi Arabia. ISIS, an outgrowth of “Al Qaeda in Iraq,” is similarly positioned to carry out false flag attacks under the banner of Islamism, just like the Turkish/NATO Operation Gladio carried out false flags under the banner of Communism.

And just like the Turks in Operation Gladio, just like Abdullah Catli above, the “Al Qaeda” terrorists that purportedly highjacked the airliners on 9/11, we all given US visas.

Let’s not forget, Mike Springman, former head of the American visa bureau in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, said he tried to keep the hijackers out of the US, as they were known terrorists, but he was overruled by the CIA. This has been open, common knowledge for years, yet it has never seemed to enter into the thick skulls of conservative Republicans, but the CIA brought the hijackers to America.

The Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS Caliphate)

They say ISIS is the most capable military force in the Middle East outside of Zionist Occupied Palestine. ISIS supposedly began as the Muslim resistance to the USA invasion and occupation of Iraq. In case anyone forgot, a decade ago, the Bush administration made up a fairy tale about “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and the US, still believing that other fairy tale about the demolition of World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, and 7, mostly went along with it. Contractors like Dick Cheney’s Halliburton and mercenary groups like Blackwater made billions off of the US military and taxpayers.

Years ago, an outraged soldier testified about how Halliburton, since it was paid per truck delivery, would run empty trucks on a dangerous road through insurgent forces. Ripping off the taxpayer wasn’t the outrage, that was expected. That was just money. But US soldiers would have to guard the empty trucks, and they were getting killed in insurgent attacks. Of course, talking about Halliburton back in those days just made you a liberal Democrat, and every conservative white man had decided he was an expert on Islam and how the terrorists blah blah blah and now we have to take our shoes off at the airport.

Well, Bush lost the war, then Obama lost it again, and now a bunch of radical Sunnis are declaring their own radical Sunni state in Iraq and Syria, and entertaining the West with the sort of enrichment diversity will be bring us just as soon as we bring in more hard working immigrant families to cure us of our White Privilege.

You know, beheadings, stonings, stuff like that.

The Hipster Jihadi
The Hipster Jihadi
So at one time ISIS was known as “Al-Qaeda in Iraq” but when it stopped working in US interests, the Official Al-Qaeda Franchise authorization was withdrawn. If all this is confusing for you, you’re not the only one. You see, the Muslims are on top of our oil, so we have to remove them one way or another. So the plan apparently is to bomb their countries, turn them into refugees, and then bring them to Europe and America. You know, like the Weather Underground used to say during Vietnam, we’re “bringing the war home.”

Still, the conservatives and Republicans bought the 9/11 fairy tale hook, line, and sinker, a plot line so moronic it wouldn’t have gotten a green light at a B-movie film festival, that improbable tale of exploding buildings and highjacked airliners. And the only reason that the CIA, the DIA, the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, FAA, FBI and the NRO couldn’t stop 9/11 because of … and this is the official reason given by the 9/11 Commission as well as former Bush administration official Condaleeza Rice … “a failure of imagination.” You see, “no one could have imagined they would use planes as missiles.” Plus, never mind the third building that wasn’t hit by a plane, it just collapsed on itself out of sympathy for its Twin brothers, you see.

But however gullible the public is, our officials are good at starting fires but not nearly as good as controlling them, much less putting them out. Now we have military brass telling us they wouldn’t be surprised if some ISIS radical showed up in DC on the mall with an AK-47. When the Washington Monument then collapses on itself, they can say no one expected they were going to use bullets, or something.

What’s your limit? How ridiculous do their stories have to get before even you won’t buy it?

Cobra Command

Some great comments over at OD about the wars.


Afterthought says:
June 14, 2014 at 6:48 pm

A couple of absolute centering facts before I go into my two cents:

1. Our enemies in Washington, New York, and London worked with the Saudis and their satellite Arab Monarchies to

A: Topple Gaddafi
B: Fund an uprising in Syria
C: Launch a genocidal campaign against Shiites in order to divide the “Shia Crescent” (Western and Northern Afghanistan, Iran, Southern Iraq, Syria, Lebanon)
D: Topple the Muslim Brotherhood and install General Sisi as overlord of Egypt

2. Our enemies directly funded “moderates” and covertly funded Sunni Jihadists. Recall John McCain posing with the ISIL while calling for Assad’s head

3. The Embassy in Benghazi was the African starting point of a “rat line” that was funneling weapons to jihadis in Syria


test2 says:
June 14, 2014 at 8:09 am

neocons being neocons

They still want to attack Syria so they instigated this to get US warplanes in place in Iraq which, once they’re in place and bombing Isis, could be switched from attacking Isis to attacking Assad.

If Obama says no then the current crisis will fizzle out and Iraq will split in two which is what should have happened years ago.

Basically, storm in a teacup unless Obama is pushed into Iraq 2.0.

Standard operating procedure applies: promote the opposite of whatever neocons want.

As much as I dislike Fareed Zacharia and the CFR, in their publication “Foreign Policy”, just prior to the 2003 neocon-led (essentially Jewish) invasion of Iraq, that author posited that the upcoming invasion would indeed be folly and result in disaster. He essentially and quite correctly argued that Arabic-Muslim governments have historically been run by “Strong men” and that if we did invade the result would be replacing Hussein with ourselves, and that we were far less capable of governing Iraq than the then current (and relatively popular) “dictator.”

It is instructive to note that uber-Zionist Theodore Hertzel’s long-term plan (penned in the 1930′s) for the Middle East included the dismemberment of the larger states into small, ineffectual entities rife and ridden with sectarian conflict (Google “The Zionist Plan for the Middle East”). What we are being witness to is the execution of that long-term plan in motion, we being manipulated and deceived into believing that this general insanity is the result of recent history and current politics which it certainly is not. This murderous chaos is being given to us by the same Tribal bastards who penned the Hart-Cuellar Act (1965 Immigration Act), the stated intent of the legislation being (paraphrased) “a permanent demographic change in the U.S. so that white Christianity is never again a threat to Judaism.” If you question the veracity of this statement, I suggest you read Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s book, “The Culture of Critique.”


Afterthought says:
June 14, 2014 at 7:01 pm

What does this all mean for those who want to get out from under the government of their Enemies in D.C., New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Detroit?

1. Because of the sickening waste and mess that our enemies have put us in, there is a chance that a post-WW1 style demoralization will sweep through whites especially those who are too young to remember Nixon and Reagan “taking back America”.

2. An alternative vision is desperately needed, and I believe is spreading in the form of isolationism, anti-redistributionist, and territorialist feeling. We need to continue to promote partition of the country as THE solution to white woes.

3. The GOP is a prime target for take over, as with the election of Eric Cantor, the last Jew in the GOP Congressional Caucus. Catholics, like William F Buckley who purged the John Birchers and their fellow travelers from the party, must become a prime target of propaganda, because the Red-Blue divide is synonymous with the areas that are majority Baptist and majority Catholic. I don’t know how, but white Catholics must be convinced that their interests lie with pan white unity, rather than old dividing lines of religion and class. This becomes easier with a Marxist Pope.

I could go on and on, but something big is happening; call it peak Empire or Peak Jew, or both. The hegemonic position that the US had at the end of the Cold War is over. The bills are coming due, we can either pay them like good little slaves or default in a historic way and move in a brand new discretion. I prefer the latter.

Wayne says:
June 14, 2014 at 7:02 pm

Saddam was the leader Iraq deserved, the overall best given the state of that people.
Assad is is leader the Syrians deserve and need.
Khafaffi was the leaders the Libyans needed, same for Egypt.
Freedom and democracy given to those unready for them are the cause of much bloodshed.
These men are being/were toppled so that their populatuons would be defenceless against western banksters.

Wag The Dog 1

Why does the dog wag its tail?
Because the dog is smarter than the tail.
If the tail were smarter, it would wag the dog.

Who controls your narrative? It’s usually pretty easy to tell. Let’s take this rant from a comment on American Thinker. You can read the whole thing here; what follows is an excerpt that reveals who controls the narrative of this author:

rise of authoritarian statism … accelerating … president and first lady jet around the world like royalty … private business transaction to bake a gay wedding cake … forced to violate their faith … old Nevada rancher … treated … al qaeda training … cows … killed by armed government thugs while his kids were tazed … snipers having them in their sights the whole time.

… a man … banned … because of words he uttered in the privacy of his home … our private health care system being dismantled and gradually absorbed by a government who can’t build a working website, … government monitoring of “hate speech” “shut off” switches … in cell phones … regulate the internet, install “mileage tracking” devices in cars to calculate driving taxes. We have advocates for “smart grid” power monitors on our homes … ridiculous idea that we can control the climate.

“truth squads:” … urging citizens to report their neighbors … government that lies about scandals in which they are caught red handed, and continues to lie, dismissing evidence … Attorney General who refuses to enforce laws … criticism for failing to do so “racism.” …

It is only going to get worse, because we haven’t stood up and said “ENOUGH!” yet.

80% of this could have come from a far left liberal talking about the Bush administration in 2004. All of the details – the specifics he points out – are either partisan talking points or various media circuses. The rancher, the basketball team owner, the political issues with the AG – these are not evidence of any other trend than a media trend. All of these outrages, and often times much worse, were done in the previous administration and administrations prior to that one.

The media creates the narrative. If the particular media stunt seems bad for Republicans/conservatives, then you will be assured that partisan liberals/Democrats will think it’s a big deal and it proves their partisan opponents are bad. If it seems bad for Democrats/liberals, the partisan conservatives/Republicans will say it’s a big deal and proof of a negative trend ever since the other guys got into power.

It’s rather astonishing to see the same cons that were enthusiastic about the Patriot Act and spying on Al Qaeda during the last administration are now outraged by federal abuse of power and the NSA. Libs that were outraged by drone warfare and Gitmo now defend drone warfare and have forgotten about Gitmo.

There’s a lot of criticism of various WN blogs that are characterized as “The Daily Outrage” and “News and Jews.” This consists of a usually, but not always, right leaning media narrative of, well, the daily outrage, news, and various speculations about powerful Jewish figures and what they are up to. This keeps the conversation in a rut, in a few ways.

First, it’s paranoia mongering and leads to outrage fatigue. In the weeks after 9/11, Americans, from big cities to small towns, holed up indoors, avoided public places, all in fear of some massive terrorist attack from COBRA Commander Usama Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda. This presented a problem with the establishment; people weren’t going out and spending money. The malls and shops were empty and it was having an effect on the economy, already under a lot of strain due to uncertainty. People were supposed to be afraid, but just enough that they would look to the government for protection, not enough that it would interfere with the daily life of creating value for investors. So, you had the hilarious spectacle of the President telling everyone to Fight Terrorism by Shopping (no, that’s not a joke.)

So, in our times, we have the spectacle of routine law enforcement – that would have been cheered in the last administration – being demonized and the victim turned into a hero, precisely because the media mentioned it. There are similar raids and resistance events every day, but unless one is made into a media circus, you’ll never know about it. Sometimes the internet can force an issue into the public consciousness enough the media has to respond, but that is still rare. Susan Lindaur famously had her boyfriends blog keep her case from falling down the memory hole, but even so her story was virtually ignored by TV and only quickly acknowledged and dismissed by the NYT/WP.

So the rancher was a hero to the right, until he made an anti-racist point using old fashioned language, thus was quickly discarded by the conservatives, and taken up as a great issue by the liberals. You had the basketball team guy all of a sudden become the media circus, and everyone has an opinion on him. Tag the posts, get the readership, get the ad revenue. But it’s always them setting the agenda, everyone else is forced to react to that agenda, or interpret the events in that agenda.

But what they say is important – what is “news” – is what they say it is.

The Westboro Baptist Church used to get major media play for years and years, becoming celebrities and assured of publicity wherever they went. Except for once. One of their stunts received no media play whatsoever and was simply ignored by the national and local media. The went from front page news – to silence – right back to front page news the minute their stunt was over. What happened?

It was revealed that US soldiers had burned a Koran in some sort of provacitive act, thus causing outrage around the Muslim world, already inflamed due to the US attack. The Westboro Baptist Church held a “protest” in front of the Iraqi embassy and burned a Koran. The media gave it zero coverage.

A few years later, something very similar happened. Another fringe cult in Florida held a Koran burning, but this time, the media covered it far and wide. High ranking military officials went on to international TV to denounce the cult and proclaim their respect for the Muslim faith. What was a stunt by some fringe group of 40 something people in a rural town in Florida became a weeks long international news story – precisely because it was covered – not covered up – and high ranking officials decided to publicize it.

Why the two different treatments of what was essentially the same media stunt by similar cult groups? Well, one fit into the narrative, and one didn’t.

If you follow The Daily Outrage, and if you look for trends based on what is in the media, you miss actual macro trends and instead are following a narrative, one that is constructed for you. Some of the events may be “real” but many are “staged.” When you watch TV, whether or not it’s “news” or “fiction” – that is what you are doing. Watching a video. You rarely know much about the context except what you are told.

The only way for opponents to seize the attention of “the masses” or whoever your target audience is, it to create your own narrative and your own accounting of events.

If you rely on the media to create – or cover – your heroes, you are dependent on the media picking your heroes for you. Is that wise, no matter your particular philosophies or opinions?

The Synagogue of Satan

You Shall Know Them By Their Fruits
You Shall Know Them By Their Fruits

Many years ago I started a correspondence with a mulatta woman whose father was a relatively high ranking official in the Roman Catholic Church in the Caribbean. She was a peace activist and corresponded with the Iraqi resistance. One day she sent me a panicked email saying that women were being raped and tortured in Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. There were a few articles printed about how the Iraqi resistance had attacked the prison, trying to blow it up and kill everyone inside. This was puzzling to a lot of people – why would the Iraqis want to kill their fellow Iraqis – many of them part of the resistance themselves – who had been captured?

What had happened was women in the prison had smuggled out notes asking the resistance to destroy the prison and kill them, because they would rather be dead than endure the rape and torture any longer. Lots of dark rumors floated about, but when the pictures were released and General Anthony Taguba made his report, the reality was far more wicked than any of the worst rumors.

Bizarre sexual torture was being inflicted on Iraqis, both men and women, like something out of De Sade. When the scandal broke a few low level soldiers were scapegoated, and the men responsible for this sexual torture program – Donald Rumsfeld and Douglas Feith – were never even prosecuted. Many Christians who had supported the wars denounced the torture.

Except for one group, that oddly, did their very best to justify the sexual abuse of men and women in Iraq. These were the Dispensationalists. Also known as “Christian” Zionists. So this woman and I started researching this “Christian” Zionist movement, and quickly it led right down the rabbit hole.

It started with a little cult group of cranks in the 1800s, the Millerites. Miller was a scam artist that told people he was a prophet and that the Rapture was happening on such and such a date, so he gathered all his followers and their took off their clothes and climbed up into trees in order to be closer to the sky when the event happened. Of course, it didn’t, and most people left the cult. But Miller just said he made a mistake and set a new date, and his more hardcore followers went through the same routine again, and after the second failure, Miller seems to have just run off with the money.

It's Money That I Love
It’s Money That I Love

This cult still exists; some radio huckster named Harold Camping did the same thing in 1996, and again in 2011. In 2011, his followers were selling everything they owned, giving the money to Family Radio, and camping out outside of his station waiting for D-day. He was asked afterwards if he would return the money – no extra points for guessing what he said.

The Zionist movement was started in the late 1800s by the Rothschild family, which lavishly funded the cause. A few years later, a huckster named Cyrus Scofield published his Scofield Reference Bible, which was a commentary of the Scripture that promoted political Zionism. This was a new religion; a novel and outlandish interpretation of the Bible that went against 2,000 years of Christian teaching and was opposed by the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and all Protestant demoniations, including the Anglicans, the Presbyterians, and the Baptists (real Baptists that follow the London Baptist Confession of Faith, not the “make it up as you go along” Baptists of modern America.) For preachers with little formal education and a lack of Hebrew and Greek, the Scofield Reference Bible – which was lavishly funded and promoted by political Zionists – became a replacement for Christian teaching.

The main heresy it taught was Dispensationalism, which was in direct opposition to the traditional teaching of Protestant Christianity, Covenant Theology. The Zionists started calling the traditional Christian teaching of Covenant theology “replacement theology” and said that the entire Christian church for 2,000 years had everything wrong, but in fact the political Zionists of the 1800s finally got the “right” interpretation of the Bible. Dispensationalism was always associated with the various rapture cults like the Millerites. This novel heresy was basically ignored by the entire Christian church, but found favor among various Pentecostal and non-denominational cults. The only mainstream denomination it ever found favor in was the Southern Baptist Convention, which to this day, has a serious infection of Dispensationalism, although officially the SBC is neutral.

This particular brand of heresy has long been associated with the American Empire. The Rapture narrative itself is an innovation. Virtually all Christians have always subscribed to what is called “partial preterism” which is a belief about Biblical prophesy. Dispensationalism made up an entirely new interpretation of Biblical prophesy tailored to meet the needs of political Zionism and American imperialism.

The Reality Isn't All That Different
The Reality Isn’t All That Different

Interestingly enough, Dispensationalism was popularized with various cartoons. There’s a very interesting history to cartooning. Comic books were essentially a Jewish folk art; famously, Superman started out as a stereotype of a Jewish New Deal superhero. Comic books have also been used to popularize and defend the Federal Reserve System, which has it’s own official series of comic books, and the 9/11 Commission report, which was – I kid you not – also released in comic book form. The attack on the Pentagon was never shown on television, but instead, computer animations of an airliner flying into the Pentagon was shown on TV instead. It’s very odd, but lots of people seemed to remember the computer animation as if it was actual video.

So, whenever something is being sold by means of comic books and animation, it pays to remember this history.

When Zionists delivered a bag full of cash to Harry S. Truman in return for recognizing the Zionist entity in Palestine, there was a major campaign to mainstream Dispensationalism. When Stalin had purged the USSR leadership of many Jews, the Zionist entity in Palestine – which was founded as a quasi-communist state, dedicated to socialism and Marxist through and through – turned against Stalin. The USSR made a strategic decision to support their various Arab allies over the Zionist entity.

Communism and Zionism: Two Sides of the Same Coin
Communism and Zionism: Two Sides of the Same Coin

So the Dispensationalists came up with a new, novel interpretations of Scripture. The atheist communists of the USSR were actually “Gog and Magog” which were going to start a Final Battle against Israel, and American was called by God to battle for the shitty little country against the Communist menace.

Well, it didn’t work out. The USSR fell, and communism and Marxism were utterly discredited. Various leftists that had been proud Marxists and communists started rebranding themselves. The Dispensationalists weren’t sure what to do, as their prophesies had turned out to be completely false.

Well, they got their second wind on September 11, 2001. They immediately changed all of their prophesies. No longer was Gog and Magog the atheist communists of the USSR, now Gog and Magog was Iraq, Iran, and any other enemies of the Zionist entity in Palestine. The entire Dispensationalist movement started raking in money hand over fist with lurid scare stories about “Al Qaeda” and the Final Battle between Muslims and Jews, assisted by their shabbos goyim, American Dispensationalists. The high point was when George W. Bush literally – literally – pranced around on the bodies of victims of the September 11 attacks and yelled through a bullhorn about how he was going to start a war.

Just a few years later, when US forces were raping, sodomizing, beating and torturing women and men in Iraq, the Dispensationalists were the first to excuse and justify it, as they claimed they were fulfilling Biblical prophesy.

Political Zionism itself is nothing but nationalism for Ashkenazi Jews, thus, unobjectionable. But “Christian” Zionism is an actual rejection of the Gospel and the Christian faith. The Church is the “Israel of God” and the promises made to Abraham and the nation of Israel were fullfilled through the Church; Christ was the replacement for the temple in Jerusalem. “Christian” Zionism turns this all on its head, and makes political Zionism a religious ideology.

“Christian” Zionism tends to devolve into what it actually is; Noahchidism – Judaism for Gentiles. It’s a bizarre religion that is 100% incompatible with Christianity. Since it is an absolute rejection of the Gospel, “Christian” Zionists are not just some wayward cult, and not just some heresey – they are not Christians at all.

The Synagogue of Satan, as it were.

Interestingly, there is an older strand of “Christian” Zionism – it’s called Freemasonry, the central figure of which is Lucifer. Zionism was always a terrorist movement, and it was just a few years ago that another “Christian” Zionist – and a Freemason – named Brievik murdered nearly a hundred teenagers in Norway in the name of defending the Zionist entity in Palestine. The Norway Labor Party was just about to nominate Palestine for membership in the UN when the Zionist terrorists murdered their children. The Times Square bombing happened while the UN was meeting and discussing Palestine a few years ago.

The take away is this – “Christian” Zionism is not just some weird cult group, it’s an evil ideology, very similar to communism and in fact created by the same people that created communism. And just like Communism, Zionism is a blood thirsty ideology with a long track record of terrorism, murder, torture, and rape.


If the tail were smarter, it would wag the dog.