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Jew Literally Buys His Way Into nRX/AltRight (#SocialMatter)


Anthony, Nick, and E. Antony are joined by Ryan Landry and welcome special guest The Rebbe to talk about the second half of the Puritan-Judaism theory of Progressivism. In part 1, they cover Jewish perspectives on Christ, the ethnic divisions within modern Jewry, how nationalism saved Israel, and much more.

This episode is brought to you in part by generous donations from our listeners Anonymous in VA, The Bermudan Reactionary, Gladio, Edmund Burkenstock, and a special gift from our guest, The Rebbe.

The neo-reaction motto: Jews are to blame for nothing, Protestants are the blame for everything, White Nationalism is bad, and the solution to our problems is to LARP about restoring a monarchy. Just no racial solidarity or anti-semitism.


McGeorge, Iraq, United Nations, WMD, Bush, Israeli Neo-Cons, ANolen

Harvey ‘Jack’ McGeorge.


In context, McGeorge was one of the UN Weapons Inspectors attacked by the
neo-cons of the Bush administration in their effort to drive UN Weapons
inspectors out of Iraq because they knew that Saddam Hussein had no “Weapons of
Mass Destruction.” The UN Weapons inspectors were a thorn in the side of the
neo-cons of the Bush administration because they provided some resistance to the
WMD fraud. Presumably, McGeorge’s sex life was made an issue to discredit the UN
weapons inspectors.

It may be more complex than that, but, in context, the Washington Post article
about McGeorge was part of a series of articles attacking the UN in order to justify the neo-conservative/Bush war against Iraq using the fake “WMD” pretext.

The New York Times had a series of articles at the same time also pushing the
fake “WMD” narrative, exemplified by Judith Miller, who funneled false stories from a never-named “contact” among the neo-cons/Israeli 5th Column in the Bush administration.

Presumably, what you call the “lifer” faction of CIA opposed the “outsourced”
faction – which at the time were Israeli assets/partisans – and McGeorge’s
(McGeorge, as part of the UN faction, presumably able and willing to admit the
truth about the non-existent WMDs) sex life was exposed in a slapdash effort to
derail the UN Weapons inspectors, which would have found no “WMDs” and the fact that the Saddam Hussein government was cooperating fully with the USA and the UN.

(The “lack of qualification” arguments were similar; McGeorge did not lack qualifications and was endorsed by the highest levels of the UN; the fact his PhD was not in the three specializations mentioned in the hit piece was frankly irrelevant. The scientific evidence of the non-existent “WMDs in Iraq” was never seriously in doubt by anyone – this was an exercise in propaganda.)

If NRx Wants To Revoke The Enlightenment, Do Jews Go Back To The Shtetl?

Of all NRx complaints about the Enlightenment, has the emancipation of the Jews ever been mentioned as a downside?


Watson, in Jews, Puritans and Whites OH MY!, catches Kevin McDonald pretty much agreeing with the neoreactionary dictum: “It’s not just the Jews.”

Is it really “it’s not just the Jews?” Or is it “it’s never the Jews?”


Notice the tone, MacDonald is “caught,” “oh my!” As if MacDonald has never mentioned anything other than Jews. One of MacDonald’s most important pieces was “The Indigenous Culture of Critique.”

This sort of tone might be appropriate in a situation in which Jews are blamed for everything. But in modern America, and the West in general, Jews are blamed for nothing. In fact, it’s a signal of low social status to even notice that Jews have any power at all.

Jews run Hollywood? That’s a “conspiracy theory.” Jews overrepresented in politics? “So what, they work hard and are smarter than you, you’re just blaming your personal failure on Jews!” When Whites were overrepresented in the Ivy League, that was an example of structural racism. Now that Jews dominate the Ivy League, they got in all on merit?

NRx seems quite unwilling to critique Jews for anything at all, don’t they? If Jews caused problems in the 20th Century, we must go back further until we can blame it on some European group. “Sure Jews did this bad thing, but this other person did something bad too, so why blame Jews?”

Here nickbsteves engages in some extremely common philo-semitism:

Not only is it “Not just the Jews,” but, if it were they would truly be the master race psychologically speaking and would pretty much deserve, from an evolutionary perspective, all of the spoils they have obtained.

If we were talking about *any other group* – anyone at all *but* Jews, do you think nickbsteves would say the same thing?

One suspects that everything about the Enlightenment can be criticized *except* that it liberated the Jews.

It’s all very kosher isn’t it?

It would be a mistake to start “counting Jewish noses” in NRx, or pointing to Moldbug’s purported Jewish grandfather. There’s another dynamic at work here. I suspect it is similar to the allergy to ethno-nationalism and explicit advocacy for White interests and instead the focus on IQ. The idea is to create a coalition that includes just enough “diversity” – you know, Jews, White guys with half-Asian children, a smattering of Japanese and Sub-continentals – something that looks like Amren.

Instead of a biological continuum, it’s an artificial group – whoever gets X on the IQ tests.

You know, something that looks like Silicon Valley.

Because anything ELSE would actually draw the wrath of the Synagogue Cathedral.

They are just run of the mill conservatives giving themselves a fancy name and posing as great intellectuals.

If The Facts Are Against You, Just Make Shit Up

Especially if your audience is made up of partisan Republican conservative types – let’s face it, those morons will believe anything.


Syria facilitated IS to ensure that any opposition to the Kremlin/Tehran propped Assad regime would not be armed by the US and EU. I have articles from witnesses showing Assad made road-blocks assisting IS’s killing and sniping and ethnically cleansing moderates and those who want a moderate peaceful country, in Syria, with multiple ethnicities. As Israel does. Because Russia wants any opposition to Iran to not be US backed.

At this point the Sunnis surprised Obama the Kremlin and Tehran with their independent will and potential, and IS is mostly a big boy now. However, still perfectly achieving Syrian/Kremlin goals to keep the US from arming anyone against Assad. The evidence for my case is very strong.

There are other reasons Iran created ISIS, besides the actual evidence that they did in fact create ISIS. Hezbolleh signed an agreement with the UN that it was not allowed to re-arm after the war with Israel. Hezbolleh needed (and the Kremlin needed to provide it) a real good reason to expose the open lie that the UN was facilitating Hezbolleh’s re-arming because of the UN’s irrational superstitious antisemitism. ISIS gave the Kremlin and Hezbolleh/Iran just such an excuse. There is a ton of real evidence I can bring not just motivation.

Also, did you know Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a secret Muslim that was born in Kenya! It’s true. Plus he hates Jews. Obama is basically Hitler.

Poor Jews, they are the true conservatives you know. Jesus was a Jew!

Gotta go, Glenn Beck is on!

Is Alfreda Frances Bikowsky a Jewess?

I looked up the name “Bikosky” in the list of Jewish surnames, and it appeared.

TheRealNews had a recent interview with Greenwald, the journalist that has been publishing Edward Snowden’s stuff. He mentioned that the intelligence services of the US and the UK consider Israel to be one of the major threats to both countries, yet, politically, America and England can’t kiss jew ass enough. They acknowledged it was about Jew moeny in politics – saying that Jews were the “ATM of American politics” – but Greenwald – being a jew himself, automatically tried to take the spotlight of of Jews so went on about Christian Zionists.

So Bikosky is one of the torturers in the CIA, she purposefully mislead Congress, and apparently still has her position. The entire “CIA Torture” scandal seems to be a proxy for 9/11. The torture was done *to get false confessions for 9/11*

That means Alfreda Fraces Bikosky was instrumental in covering up 9/11 and torturing people to get false confessions about it. If she is, in fact, a Jew, it gives us a pretty clear understanding of her motivations – to help her favorite country, Israel, and to cover up Israel and Jewish complicity in the 9/11 attacks. If she is a Jewess, it would go a long way to explaining why she tortured various Arabs and Muslims.

Jews are a security risk. Stereotypes exist for a reason – the stereotype that Jews have “dual loyalty” is accurate. Most Jews are loyal to Israel, the state and the tribe, and are hostile to the host countries. Since WWII, probably a majority of major spy scandals have been Jews selling out America, first to the USSR, then to the apartheid regime of Jew bigotry in Zionist-occupied Palestine.

The CIA has a long-standing suspicion of Jewish traitors, for damn good reason.

Jews should not be given security clearances. The best way to fight terrorism is to never trust a Jew with sensitive information, as they are culturally predisposed towards treason.



The Switch: Taking Up The Whip Part One

So I just chanced onto a blog by some MSNBC-tard “progressive,” reasonablyliberal, and made a throw away post about his support for “immigration reform.” I said essentially it shows that he’s not “progressive” at all, merely anti-white. The “immigrants” he wants to import to America are the opposite of “progressive” – they are peoples that have created cultures based around the opposite of “progressive” values – no freedom of speech, a low status for women, fanatically “homophobic.” Yet these progressive *cheer* the idea of America becoming less white, even though it will make America less “progressive.”

How to explain this is very simple and something most White Nationalists know – they are not “progressive” – they are simply anti-white.

Of course, the MSNBC-tard assumed that I must be a Republican, that I must be a conservative, and oddly accused me of voting for Bush because I opposed Obama’s war-mongering. To the MSNBC-tards of the world, anyone who isn’t on their side just *MUST* be a FOX-tard, they must be some Bible-thumping, homo-hating “racist” “sexist” conservative. Of course, the MSNBC-tards are never quite sure if their opponents are toothless hillybilly Ku-Klux-Klansman or wealthy CEOs lighting their cigars with hundred dollar bill appropriated from the working class.

So the MSNBC-tard took a look at my blog trying to sniff out some “racism” “sexism” and “homophobia” – never quite sure what the settle on, but what he did finally settle on is very, very revealing. I’m guessing he read some of the many entries about the CIA and then proceeded to describe how evil the Republicans are due to the Abu Ghraib torture scandal, and then assumed I must approve of this.

In fact, he seemed to have noticed a lot of the BDSM-themed stories, so assumed that I am a “pervert” – into that kinky sex shit – so I probably get off on Abu Ghraib. In that sense, he’s just like LibertyLamp, the “anti-fascist” who basically called me a “faggot” and compared me to a transsexual – in other words, the “anti-hate activist” LibertyLamp used homophobia, transphobia … and MISOGYNY – to attack me.

The reason these types find “hate” everywhere is simply because *they are motivated by hate* – pure, raw hatred.

ReasonablyLiberal’s references to Abu Ghraib were odd, of course, because anyone who has read this blog for any length of time has noticed that I have talked about Abu Ghraib quite a bit, along with many many articles detailing the CIA’s long history of horrific human rights abuses. But it is no surprise – not a surprise at all – that he tried to label me as a supporter of torture because of the 50 Shades of Grey style sex stories. Just like LibertyLamp’s homophobic, transphobic, and misogynists slurs against me reveal something about herself, so ReasonablyLiberal’s desperate attempts to paint me as a hater reveals something about himself.

What this all boils down to – all these issues – is that of *power* – who has it and what they do with it. I’ve written many, many times about feminism and how intimately related feminism is to BDSM, how women who are attracted to feminism are very often into some very hard-core BDSM. White Nationalists also need to realize that their “progressive” opponents pose as morally superior because they believe – or pretend to believe – that they are powerless, that the people in America who have power are Whites. White have “privilege” because they are powerful. Blacks and Mestizos are “righteous” because they are powerless.

This is simply slave-morality as described by Nietzsche, of course. As Mindweapon once said, Liberalism is just Christianity with AIDS, once Christianity is stripped of the spiritual, once the Beatitudes – blessed are the meek, blessed are the poor – are taken out of their religious context and secularized, they become just assertions of moral superiority based on weakness.

This leads to the hilarious pretension that Ashkenazi Jews – a white skinned, ethno-centrist ethnic group that happens to be the wealthiest and most powerful white skinned group in America – are actually “oppressed.” Who is oppressing Jews – the Jews that dominate the media, are well entrenched in Wall Street, have well funded political lobbies like the SPLC and the ADL – who could possibly oppress these people, the most powerful – not to mention perceived to be white – group in America?

Why, neo-Nazis of course. But where are these “neo-Nazis?”

They don’t actually exist. Other than some internet trolls on websites like 4Chan or the Daily Stormer – neo-Nazis DO NOT EXIST.

Just as Steve Sailer said, the only thing that holds the “progressive” coalition together is “KKK-razy glue” – they have to pretend that the Evil White Oppressors – KKK-Nazis – exist so they can all band together and fight against them. When it becomes clear that the KKK and neo-Nazis DO NOT EXIST, all of a sudden the anti-white coalition falls apart.

Progressives support gay marriage – yet Blacks, the Democrat party’s strongest voting block – is hilariously “homophobic.” “Gay” “marriage” was defeated in California because of the black vote. Progressives support “women’s rights” – yet the culture of Mestizos is hilariously patriarchal and sexist – the exact opposite of feminism. It’s a source of pure comedy now to read feminists on twitter, as the uber-White lesbian folk singers of the Lilith Fair set are attacked as “racist” by Black Feminists (#solidarityisforwhitewomen.) “Progressives” believe Jews to be a Holy Victim class, yet the Catholic Mestizos they want to replace white people with are actually, superstitiously, anti-semitic, and American Jews, far from being victims, are racist oppressors who fund and provide political cover as the Israelis ethnically cleanse the Palestinians.

Without the ghost of not-actually-existing KKK-Nazis, the whole “progressive” coalition falls apart, because they don’t have any enemies, they are not, in fact, victims at all, they *are the ruling class they oppose.* One only has to remember the cries of “anti-semitism” over Occupy Wall Street – Occupy Wall Street, a movement *started by progressive Jews* against the “1%” accidentally revealed a truth you’re never supposed to notice, the “1%” that owns Wall Street – they are Jewish progressives.


Now, what does this have to do with BDSM and spanking? Quite a bit, actually. BDSM is all about “power” and they even call it “power exchange.”

And politics is about power.

A while back the DailyStormer did a very interesting article about Holocaust films, and how Holocaust mythology has often – almost always – included an element of BDSM. The earliest Holocaust novels were barely this side of porn – one remembers the hilarious “masturbation machines” that a Jew claimed the Nazis used on him. In Israel, BDSM-themed Holocaust porn is a huge industry, imagery of Jewish men tied up and flogged by Nazi Dominatrixes – the She-Wolf of the SS.


The film “Salo” – essentially a homosexual porn film – was sold as “art” because it was a “deconstruction” of “fascist sexuality.” The “need to dominate” was integral to the “Nazi character” and Germans, Europeans in general, and Catholics – in other words, anyone who opposed Communism – were a bunch of “degenerate perverts” that were driven by their “perverted sexual kink.” The modern film Pan’s Labyrinth is a non-pornographic version of the same thing, the Nazis in that case being replaced by Franco’s Fascists, the victims Spanish Republicans – and Jews, of course. Of course, the film shows the Fascist character sexually aroused by torturing his victims.

Now, in case you think I’m stretching the analogy, not too long ago professional anti-White Jew Tim Wise said that it was time for the “former slaves” to take power, and he even used a very telling illustration. He said it was time for the traditionally “oppressed” to “take up the whip” against their former “oppressors.”

In BDSM, that’s called “The Switch” and if you will permit me just a bit of leeway, you will find that understanding this dynamic reveals quite a bit about the nature of anti-whites. In this case, the Blacks, Mestizoes, and Asians are incidental, their anti-whiteness is simply ethnocentrism and racist hate. Blacks, Mestizoes, and Asians are simply normal, ethnocentric people.

The anti-Whites in question are the Ashkenazi Jews and White “ethno-masoscists” and it is those anti-Whites that this analysis is about.

I’m a mod on a section of Reddit called “Break Feminazis,” which is described as a “fantasy BDSM themed subreddit about Sexist Misogynists fighting a Gender War against Feminists, defeating them and turning them into sex slaves.” It’s pretty hokey and the porn imagery is kind of disgusting to me personally, but the narratives are often half-sexy and half-funny, and I participate because every once in a while we get a “live one.”

The “live one” is usually some young “feminist” woman who goes off about the horrible evil misogynists who make a fetish out of humiliating feminists. It doesn’t take too long for them to admit that, while yes, they do find these BDSM stories erotic as hell – they quite often masturbate to them – they like to add an ending. At the end of the hot sex fantasy where they are forced into humiliating sexual submission, they “turn the tables” on the Sexist Misogynists and “take up the whip,” as it were, against their former oppressors.



A disclaimer: there are a number of people – men and women – in the White Nationalist movement obsessed with “sexual degeneracy,” pornography, and have a real hang up about BDSM. The women who claim they are disgusted by BDSM are pretty much the same as men who go on long tirades about “fags” – someone is protesting too much. The regular men, married husbands, who rant about 50 Shades of Grey being degenerate are almost certainly in denial about their own wives’ sexuality. I know this, because I’m quite familiar with the kind of women who don’t “get it” at home – so they go to professional Doms who will, in fact, give it to them.

It’s probably best if you don’t ask how I know, just take my word for it.


My Favorite Zionist

No doubt, my favorite Zionist Jew writer is Barry Chamish. He is the Jew Israeli equivalent of an American Christian Identity Militia Truther.

Of course he’s a “conspiracy theorist” and his conspiracy theories are just like ours, but reversed because it’s Jew centric. Chamish’s enemies are Israel’s Labor party – the secular establishment which are always selling out the good religious Jews and the regular old fashioned patriotic Zionists. In fact, Rabin was likely assassinated by Shin Bet because he made a secret deal with the Vatican to turn over the Holy Sites of Jerusalem to a neutral third party. Chamish even mentions the Israeli Supreme Court building, with Freemasonic influences everywhere, created by none other than the Rothschilds Family themselves. “Labor Zionism” isn’t Judaism at all, they are a bunch of Freemason devil worshipers in league with the Vatican and the Muslims, all out to get the Jews.

Chamish agrees that, of course, Larry Silverstein and the Mossad blew up the WTC, but he figures Labor Zionist Jews and their Freemason New Vatican Order bosses do the same things to Israel. Chamish’s claim to fame is writing about the conspiracy behind Rabin’s death, but you get the feeling he might think it was necessary to stop the “peace” process – “peace” always in quotes, of course.

He is pro-Brievik and said he wasn’t shedding any tears for the Norway teenagers because they were pro-Palestinian. In fact, it’s pretty amazing that the teenagers that got killed on Utoya were the forefront of Palestinian statehood, the Norway Labor party was just about to introduce Palestinian statehood at the UN, and some weird guy in a Freemason outfit murders nearly 100 of them, point blank range, while the cops stand by and do nothing. Then he puts out a manifesto about invading the Middle East to save Israel.

Now, here, this: A Jew in Sweden gives a great speech attacking multiculturalism and immigration, then a Christian jew-baits him, telling him as a member of the Swedish Christian Church he doesn’t see any Christian love for immigrants. The Christian is also seemingly the only member of the Communist party in the legislature.

No, totally a coincidence folks. Now the video is being promoted by the “counter-jihad” types. In America, they are called “neo-cons” and it’s pretty much the same old globalist anti-white pro-everyone else campaign – including, and I kid you not, if David Frum has anything to say about it, Gay Satanic Pedophiles for Israel – except for the Muslims. The Muslims, in fact, are even worse than the KKK and Hitler. In fact, David Frum back in 2005 or so actually compared the KKK, Hitler, and “traditional conservatives” like Pat Buchanan and complained that they were all anti-war, and critical of Israel. In fact, they took the side of the Muslims and didn’t even want to bomb Mecca or wrap American bullets in pig fat so the Muslims would go to hell.

So, it’s the Evil Racists, the KKK and Hitler, plus the Secret Racists, like traditional conservatives or anti-war libertarians, plus the Axis of Evil Muslims. Those are all the bad guys.

The good guys? Jews. Israel. Evangelical Christians that support Israel. Gay Satanic Pedophiles that support Israel. The military, apple pie, Jewish grandmothers, and all good people fighting for the good and true against the anti-semites, anti-Zionists, racists and homophobes.

I don’t know about you, but I’m buying it.

More Proof That “Feminism” Is Just Anti-White

I lived in Manhattan for nearly a decade with six different white women. All of them were “liberals” and all of them were “feminists” to some degree, and ALL of them – all six of them – at some point admitted, sometimes grudgingly, sometimes not, that this sort of thing is a black and brown thing.

The guy that attacked my girlfriend and stole her purse? Black. When she went to the police, the black police officer said “it was a black guy, right?”

The guy that followed another girlfriend home and tried to get into the apartment building? A brown Muslim.

One of them, a white hipster girl, told me, “yeah I’m a total liberal but I know if it wasn’t for Giuliani, I wouldn’t be able to live in this neighborhood.”

So the writer Hanna Rosin (cough, cough) complains, quoting another author:

“The racial politics of the video are fucked up. Like, she didn’t walk through any white neighborhoods?”

Um, no, sweetheart, the blacks and mestizos purposefully walk through white neighborhoods so they can harass white women.

Oh, and let’s be honest here, Hanna Rosin, you Jewesses are the main people that *gentrified* Manhattan to avoid black and brown crime, like rape, murder, robbery, and non-crimes like aggressive flirting.

More proof – as if any more was needed – that the “feminism” of the likes of Hanna Rosin is strictly, and only, directed against White men – because Jewesses like Hanna Rosin are anti-white.




This democratic uprising brought to you by FireChat.


See, when I told you in the Flogging Miley series that Illuminati Overlord Jay-Z’s new “album” was actually a cell phone app that might as well have been some sort of NSA trojan, you thought it was a “conspiracy theory” huh? You paid too much attention to Miley’s ass – not to mention Corporate Media Superstar Edward Snowden’s girlfriend’s even hotter ass – and totally missed the context. Just like the novel, you perverts just read the sex and don’t even notice the background.

Hey, I know that sex gets the blog hits, baby. But there is more to life than a hot ass.


If one was asked to name a global-spanning military and intelligence operation opposed to Syria, Iran, Russia, and China, they might say the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the US Government – and they would be right. But they could also easily answer by saying the “Islamic State” or ISIS/ISIL as it is also known.

So ISIS – the Islamic State. “IS” for short. They have tried a few different names, but I think “Islamic State of Arabia” works. ISA. USA vs. ISA. Except from the looks of things, ISA and USA just happen to share the same list of enemies: Syria, Iran, Russia, and China. In fact, hasn’t the US generally supported Muslim Chechnyan rebels fighting Russia too?

Just like its opening act “Al Qaeda,” IS appears to be largely a CIA creation. Interesting too, so far the backgrounds of all the “journalists” supposedly beheaded by ISIS read pretty much like standard issue intel cover. What do you know, all these jihadi videos are being “discovered” by Rita Katz and her “SITE Intelligence Group” – the same outfit that has been “discovering” radical Muslim videos on secret jihadi websites for, oh, about 13 years now. Katz works out of suburban Maryland – i.e., Washington DC. Her father was Israeli intelligence executed by Saddam Hussein.

It’s a great show, isn’t it? It’s believable, for a Hollywood movie.

Chinese militants from the western region of Xinjiang have fled from the country to get “terrorist training” from Islamic State group fighters for attacks at home, state media reported on Monday.

The same Chinese militants officially supported by the US.


You see, it’s actually not that complicated. You are simply suffering from a “failure of imagination.”

So, again, you bought the perfectly idiotic notion that fundamentalist radical Muslims hijacked four planes and blew up three – count ’em – THREE – skyscrapers in Manhattan and hit the Pentagon – the headquarters of the military of the World’s Only Superpower. So it’s not implausible that you’re buying this latest round. For some reason, dim witted Americans actually believe that we’re in some sort of war with “radical Islam” even though the capital of Islam – Saudi Arabia – is the US’s best ally in the Middle East, next to the shitty little country of course. Conservative, Republican Murkin dimwits – but I repeat myself – scratch their heads wondering why we are letting the terrorists immigrate to America and Europe, so they busy themselves banning burkas and sharia law – but not actual Muslims. Because that would be racist.

Still following this?

Oh yes, and Obama is a Secret Muslim and the Muslim Brotherhood is infiltrating the CIA. Did you know that the new CIA director is a Muslim himself? He converted around 2004, at the height of the 9/11 Wars.

Still buying it? Good, now let me interest you in investment properties in inland Florida.

Interesting too, that this analysis of Islamic State matches up precisely with what FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds says, as well as Susan Lindauer’s testimony.

To all the White Nationalists confused about why are eltes are replacing us with foreigners, you simply misunderstand the nature of Empire. Whites (and Jews) run the Empire, and us regular Whites are merely one population that is ruled by that Empire. The Empire bombs Iraqis in Fallujah and Basra, and sometimes they bomb Americans in Manhattan and Oklahoma City. Empires are, by nature, multi-racial and multi-cultural because they rule over different populations.

Sibel Edmonds points to NATO as the “top dog” in this affair, and that makes perfect sense. She mentioned that the FBI could not wiretap four nations: the UK (understandable) Turkey (?) Belgium (??) and … Azerbaijan (???)

Turkey is NATO’s front flank, and Belgium is the headquarters of NATO. As for Azerbaijan, well, it was revealed way back in 2005 that the Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce was staffed with a bunch of Americans whose names you know. I mean, just look at a map.

So far, General Wes Clark’s warnings of the neo-con’s plans in 2004 have all turned out correct.

Anyway, let me tell you a joke. A CIA agent walks into a bar. No, wait.

At some point this loud mouthed hipster starts a blog about 9/11. What do you know, one day this new guy shows up at his favorite bar. No one knows this guy. He sits down next to this hipster, starts up a conversation. Oh yes, he grew up in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam war. Now this guy, as white as can be. So the hipster ask him, what did your dad work for US Aid or something? You see, this hipster knows that US Aid is a CIA front, and that white men traveling throughout Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma and that whole area at the time screams “spook!”

And what do you know, the guy sort of laughs and says, yeah, my dad was in the CIA.

Well no shit. And you just happened to show up within weeks of me publishing encrypted parts of the novel.

And you people wonder why I left?