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Mark Yuray: Doing Social Conservatism Right #nRX #SocialMatter


The problem with social conservatism is that is generally devolves into psuedo-Christian fundamentalism and/or some sort of “white knighting” ideal that men just aren’t being selfless enough. Social conservatism has typically been better at pointing to degeneracy and shrieking, “gross evil” (outrage porn) and much worse at actually setting a good example.

Yuray has done a great job explaining the importance of sexual morality, a great job of explaining the “Mannerbund” concept (I refer readers to my article three or so years ago that discussed many of the same concepts – even getting me coverage as an “Evil Misogynist” by the once-popular “male feminist” Manboobz.com.)

SocialMatter.net is the only “NRx” blog I’ve found that isn’t cringingly philo-semitic nor terrified of being more than implicitly pro-white. And Yuray is by far the best at SocialMatter.net.

Usually, when I hear someone discussing “culture” – I reach for my revolver. But I’ll make an exception for Yuray at SocialMatter.net.

Alpha Fucks and Beta Bucks 4

So I’m in a hipster bookstore/cafe last week, and I’m browsing through the stacks and see the “Romance” section. I figure, hey, I should read one of these things if I’m ever going to write romance novels myself. I read one third of a “young adult” romance novel at the library when I was about 13, but other than that I’ve never actually read one of the most popular genres of fiction.

So I’m browsing and one book catches my attention. It’s not some frontier woman getting her bodice ripped by a Fabio-type in Ren Fair get-up, it’s sort of “tech-y” looking and intended for the “modern gal” or a sassy college co-ed or up-and-coming career woman. Well, the tag line said it all. No need to actually read the whole book. The tag line sums up “game” and all the “mano-sphere” bitching in one simple sentence fragment:

“Two hard-to-get guys that are worth pulling out all the tricks for!”

See? That’s it. A couple of the Christians on Dalrock were upset over the concept of teaching young Christian men “game” and they made a really great comparison. Teaching “game” to young men is the equivalent of teaching this to young women: “stick out your boobs, then bend over really far and show him your ass, then ‘accidentally’ brush up against his chest while pouting your lips.”

Yeah, being a cocky, arrogant asshole turns women on in the same mechanical way that jiggling boobies and asses turn men on. There’s no great secret, and women’s sexuality is not particularly subtle. In fact, you can literally smell them getting aroused.

But once you get that out of the way, the real complaint from the “manosphere” is not about women getting turned on by cocky arrogant assholes, per se. It’s the fact that white women don’t make good wives post-feminism and birth control. Our system, that we men set up – monogamy – doesn’t particularly appeal to women, and since we let them vote and drive cars, they did what any normal women would do, and became amateur prostitutes. I mean, if you had the opportunity to be some James Bond type womanizer, wouldn’t you? Absent some sort of religious or moral scruples, most men would. It’s our nature.

It’s sort of a step towards eusociality, like a beehive or an ant hill. I personally welcome a future where women do all the work and men are pampered for one job: fucking the queen, and getting waited on by an army of female workers. Sounds good to me.

The only problem, of course, is that women actually can’t do that much. As what’s her name the feminist said, if society was left in women’s hands we’d all be living in grass huts. Women can’t build bridges or do fantastic feats of engineering. They are more into talking about their feelings and stuff. And while lots of women can cook very well, the serious chefs are all men.

Women, generally speaking, are inferior to men.

So the problem, as usual, is men. We actually put up with women because they look pretty and their boobies jiggle. We actually trusted them to be our “equals” and gave them jobs far over their heads, then still bail them out when they screw up and bat their eyelashes for help.

Steve Sailer once said it about the finance industry. Lots of smart women go into finance, but as soon as they snag themselves an investment banker, they generally quit to have his children. If you ever hang around the artsy types, you’ll find that most women artists don’t care about art, per se, they get turned on by artists, so hang around pretending to paint or whatever until they can find themselves an artist to fuck them. It’s the same in any industry.

You’ll notice that women cannot form groups by themselves. I mean, just about every single tribe of people in history has an army. Men naturally form complex hierarchies which can accomplish amazing things, from building bridges to genocide.

Women can feed babies and gather berries and the like, but they can’t get along with each other enough to actually do anything complex, like start a large corporation or start a social movement. Even feminism was started by men. That’s why the Amazons and the Amazon Warrior archetypes are mythology; a sexual fantasy about women actually being equal, much less superior, to men. I mean, women are so inferior to men that lots of men have a sexual fantasy about a woman dominating them, because in real life women can barely dominate their pet puppies.

Women, collectively and individually, have contributed virtually nothing to science, the arts, and culture in general. They can’t, just like it’s the male peacocks that have the bright tail feathers.

You’ll notice there is zero hostility from me about younger women. They are just girls, being girls, I can’t see any reason to be disappointed in them. My hostility is reserved for older women, the ones who were given every opportunity to contribute, and have given us nothing – virtually nothing – useful. We have three generations of women in the workforce and still, most women CEOs (Yahoo, HP) slept their way to the top. What women in the workforce mostly contribute is whining about a “hostile workplace” and a “glass ceiling” (a conspiracy theory in which mean nasty men won’t recognize her girl genius and promote her.) It’s the older women that – instead of doing their job and mentoring the younger women – just double down on their moronic bra-burning and whining that men won’t bring them flowers anymore.

We put up with women because they had children – they created human life. They don’t do that much anymore. White women, certainly, just have the one or two kids at best, and half the time they won’t even raise them themselves, but shuttle them off to public skool. So why do we still direct so many resources to women, when they are failing so miserably at the one job they are supposed to be doing?

I can get away with saying these things because, since high school, I’ve never had to “wait” for a second date. They can’t write me off as a bitter loser who can’t get laid. I’m not sure if I’ve ever “waited” for the second date. More than once I’ve made them wait for a second date. But I’m one of those “hard to get guys that are worth pulling out all the tricks for.”

Sorry about you betas. My girlfriend woke up yesterday, smiling, told me I gave her “the best orgasm of my life” and made me breakfast after I slapped her on her ass. The funny thing is, that’s literally true but no one would believe me anyway.

The way to stop being a beta is to ignore women – especially, the aging bitter shrews – and form your mannerbund, whether it’s a garage band, a start up, or a street gang. You build you own kitchen, then watch as the women line up, taking their shoes off waiting for an opportunity to come inside.

But once you are in that position – why settle for one? Polygamy is better than serial monogamy, for men. Take two or three. And if any give you any lip, kick them to the curb and trade in for a younger model.

Some girls give me money
Some girls buy me clothes
Some girls give me jewelry
That I never thought I’d own
Some girls give me diamonds
Some girls, heart attacks
Some girls I give all my bread to
I don’t ever want it back
Some girls give me jewelry
Others buy me clothes
Some girls give me children
I never asked them for

Mini Mrs. Robinsons

I was right, all the wimminz were wrong.

Oh, they whined and moaned. They said if all us white men didn’t kiss their aging, divorced fat asses, they would take their bat and ball and go home. The only way we could ever develop a White Consciousness is if we worshipped at the feet of middle aged white women – totally not feminist, we PROMISE!!1 – so, you know, the beauty of the Aryan Goddess female should not perish from the earth!

They were all going to hang out with the prepper crowd instead (because white guys hanging out in the woods are totally going to win this thing, am i rite guise?) and Viking Bitch was going to lead them all into a Golden Age where mean nasty WN males were no longer going to ignore middle aged white wimminz – making the poor dears feel “invisible” – but instead Worship these Aryan Goddesses like they deserved.

Uh, never mind all those dead white babies we killed in the womb – we just weren’t ready!

Then, this mean nasty hipster came along and spanked their fat asses and essentially laughed at their illusions of grandeur. The traditionalist WN men balked – no, no – we need more old white “reformed” feminists teaching these naughty white boys how to treat us eldersluts like a Gentleman should, not nasty hipsters writing JEW PORN!!1

But, lo and behold, young white guys – completely ignoring old attention whores and their tired and false faux-traditionalism – looked around and realized the problem was not at all a lack of manners around the White Wimminz – it was precisely the opposite. If these Eldersluts really were interested in the future of white people, they wouldn’t have dragged their white husbands through the jew courts for cash and prizes, and instead of attending to their husbands, children, and grandchildren (oops, no grandchildren yet) – they decided they would attention whore on the pro-white blogs of white men a decade – OR TWO – their junior.

No really, it was the fault of the “mini-Hefs” – the National Organization of Women told me so! How dare you look at young women’s boobies, you should be paying attention to us – women your mother’s age!

But well, well, well, the young white guys ignored the wrinkley old eldersluts and figured it out on their own. They realized that:


After a few months of being subscribed to TRP, the thing that I’ve come to appreciate the most here is the ability to never have to worry about being politically correct.

“OMG! My grandma just called her neighbor colored! What a racist! Doesn’t she know that it’s “person of color” now?”

People love ostracizing those in the “out group” and political correctness makes it easy to see who is “in” and who is “out”.

It’s also a social status signifier.

“I don’t know why blacks get arrested so often. It must be those evil mean cops! Blacks are so gentle and pleasant.” Translation: “I’m so well off that I’ve never had to live or work around lower class blacks.”

Political correctness is an iron grip of death for a civilization.

Exactly. I don’t owe anyone respect (or anything for that matter), so I can say what I think. On the flipside, when somebody offends you – nothing fucking happens. It’s just that: you’re “offended”, get over it.

Grow thick skin and stand for your beliefs instead of crying ‘omg he/she misogynist/racist/whateverist’

You better shut your privilege hole you cis white male, we don’t your oppression here, fucking shitlords. /s

I wonder if they will ever get to analytical privilege, or intelligence privilege, or rational privilege….. wait no they won’t b/c they will have to admit they are emotional, dumb, and irrational.

I love political correctness. It is possibly one of the greatest things ever. I’m not always politically correct, but when I am, I am extremely politically correct to the point of exhaustion and annoyance.

Satire is fun. Nothing communicates to stupid people how stupid they are better than some mockery.

Macro-evolution stopped about 150~200K years ago not 600K. Since then we’ve had micro-evolution that’s caused humans settled in different parts of the world to optimally adapt to their environments. Hence black people are black, northern european people are white, russians are white, asians are yellow or brown and the middle easy is olive or brown.

And that’s just skin tone, other features have adapted as well. You can’t follow TRP theory about evolutionary psychology and not acknowledge that evolution exists.

OK, that’s the young men. That’s their attitude. That is the result of white men mentoring white boys.

Ladies – your turn. Show us the fruits of you mentoring young white women. Let’s see their happy broods of many white children.


No, I mean, really, can you show us a single young fertile white woman joining the cause, with a white consciousness, casting aside anti-whiteness due to *your efforts* trolling the blogs of young white men?


Hipster Racist has a message for old white women: sit down and shut up.

No, wait, better – shut up and start serving young white men drinks, since young white men are the ones actually fighting. Or, you know, actually trying doing something useful and stop stalking young white men and instead start mentoring young white women to do the right thing.

Oh no, that’s no fun. Young white women look at these aging bitter divorcees – or those on their second or third husband – and think – I sure as hell don’t want to turn out like them!

Step aside, bitter old hags. You have nothing – ZERO – to offer young white men – or young white women, for that matter. You either refuse – or are unable – to even start a single BLOG and get a SINGLE young white woman reading and commenting – much less having white babies – due to your own efforts.

As I said before, young white men – run far, far away from old “white nationalist” women and instead, go to church. Church girls are easy, want to find a decent white man to submit to, and want babies. You know, to actually fulfill the 14 words. What possible good does it do to listen to some aging party girl chanting “jew nigger spic blah blah blah” – you know, cause she’s “fiesty!”

It’s downright creepy – aging divorcees stalking young white men whining about “misogyny” because the young “red pill” white boys aren’t buying their tired old feminist crap anymore.

Hey – old biddies – how about trying to age gracefully for once, you mini-Dworkins?

Hurts, don’t it? Yet not a single one – NOT A ONE – actually mentors young white women. All they do is stalk young white men. You know, because they are nasty old perverts.

Mini-Mrs. Robinsons.

White Patriarchy Not White Nationalism

WN feminists are the worst. The WN movement seems to attract a certain type of white woman: divorcees, single mothers, independent wimminz that don’t need no man, and childless by choice. Rather ironic for a movement whose slogan is the 14 Words:

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.

The question is: whose white children? Which white man’s white children?

Men need women to actually make the babies. And women need men for basically everything else, especially, protection and provision for herself and those white children. But WN women seem to have this idea that white men should collectively provide for their children, regardless of who the fathers are. This is Hypergamy 101 – alpha fucks and beta bucks. Women want to actually have the children of the top men, but since those top men can get many women, they won’t “settle” for those white women. Women, of course, are just fine with this. Women would rather share an “alpha” man than “settle” for a man who will be faithful and monogamous with them. This is a woman’s choice. They would rather be the sister wife of an alpha then settle for a lowly beta.

Feminists love to complain about the double standard: if a woman is promiscuous, she’s a “slut” but if a man is promiscuous, he’s a “stud.” Feminists should ask themselves: why are they so enamored of promiscuous men? Why don’t women go for virgin men? Why are women so turned on by slutty men? The answer is simple biology, it’s been explained over and over and over again, but women seem to have a hard time accepting this basic reality.

WN women seem to have this notion that they can all share a Brad Pitt, and the regular white guys – the “betas” – the ones who they won’t have sex/babies with – should just deal with it, and act as substitute protectors and providers for them anyway. What are these “beta” white men getting out of this? Nothing but empty words from WN feminists; some flattery, some glittering generalities about white solidarity, empty praise. So much blowing smoke up their asses.

It’s basic biology: men are expendable. If you expect white men to show some loyalty to you, the best way to do that is by having his children and remaining faithful to him – especially, when you are young, pretty and fertile. A white man who has no children has zero incentive to have any solidarity with the larger white community, except in the most superficial way.

White “nationalism” seems to be yet another way for hypergamous women to get the “beta bucks” after they get the “alpha fucks.” But what self-respecting white man would want to be essentially be a slave of another man’s woman? He’s supposed to give his blood, sweat, and tears – and maybe his life – for white women that won’t have sex with him, won’t bear his children, won’t be his faithful wife, and for another man’s children?

Maybe the White Nationalist movement should be honest and rename itself the White Cuckold movement.

No solidarity with white women. White Patriarchy, not White Nationalism (another form of socialism.) White women should be loyal to their white husbands and barring that, their white fathers. White men should show no solidarity with white women in general, only, their white wives and white mothers of their own white children. White men should show solidarity only with other white men (white men that will honor other white men’s relationships and not go after another white man’s wife.)

Of course, there are always exceptions. Some women, through no fault of their own, can’t have children. It’s a tragedy but one that we can make exceptions for. I’m not hung up on the gays either, gays and lesbians can be loyal to the white tribe and contribute in their own way, for instance, helping with their extended family. There are always honest white widows and orphans that should be taken care of by the larger white tribe.

But in general, white women that chose to chase alphas and ignore the beta men in their own league, because they didn’t want to “settle” – too bad, so sad. Try to rope in some other suckers for the beta bucks. 50 years of feminism has allowed white women to get away with the alpha fucks, beta bucks strategy. That era is now over, the beta men are no longer playing ball. It’s going to be a very rough road ahead for white feminists. White women had the best situation of any group of human beings in the history of humanity, and it still wasn’t enough; they showed zero appreciation for it.

Actions have consequences.

The Men’s Shed Movement: A First Step Towards the Lodge

Radical Revolutionaries
Radical Revolutionaries

A friend of mine who had spent time in Australia told me about this movement. Essentially, it’s a group of often older men that get together and do various projects, things like building a neighborhood playground, making furniture, repairing engines, helping a member do home improvements. It’s a bit on the touchy-feely side, with lots of rhetoric about men sharing their emotions and the like, but it’s still essentially masculine. It appears to be mostly older men, who will often mentor younger men and teach them various handy skills.


Their choice quote is “men don’t talk face to face, they talk shoulder to shoulder.” The idea being, men tend to bond over accomplishing practical things together, not sitting in front of each other, talking about their feelings and hugging.

Evidently, some mentally unstable feminists (redundant, I know) objected; men aren’t allowed to have freedom of association under gynocentrism. A typical attack from an unhinged feminist goes like this:

why it was decreed that men needed sheds more than women. Which sex has historically had the power to barricade itself in its study/club/recently conquered country and relax with a glass of port? Conversely, whose lives have traditionally been dominated by serving the needs of others? Whose concentration is most often broken by calls on her (oh, I’m sorry – have I given the game away?) time from children or co-habitees who still don’t know where the clean towels are kept, and miscellaneous idiots at work who believe that it is the nearest woman’s job to clear up the literal and metaphorical messes they leave behind?

Not Even One
Not Even One

Yes, women need sheds far more than men. Where’s our charitable funding? I’m writing this in a freezing loft conversion and can hear husband and baby coming up the stairs to get me, though at least only one of them is crying at the moment. What I wouldn’t give for a dozen metres of muddy turf and a tangle of thorny thicket to deter them. Maybe I’ll just institute a mandatory prostate exam instead. Yes. That ought to do it.


The solipism and self-centeredness comes through loud and clear. But I can understand why unstable feminists would have a problem with such a group; it leads naturally to the lodge: a network of men, more or less formal, which increases men’s social power. That’s why manboobz freaked out over essentially this idea when I called it the Mannerbund. Women naturally see a group of men and want to get their attention, demand to be included, then demand to be catered to, to change the “hostile environment.”

The various leftists and totalitarians hate the idea too, as any organization that is not managed by the state has to potential to curb state power, even in trivial ways. It’s essentially the same reason cultural Marxism attacks the family – nuclear and extended – because it simply means less individuals rely directly on the state.

Secret Headquarters of the Revolution
Secret Headquarters of the Revolution

Some comments on reddit note that Maker Spaces and Hacker Spaces in the US are pretty close to the men’s shed idea, with more an appeal towards high tech and emerging technologies. So far the Men’s Shed movement, started in Australia, has migrated to New Zealand, the UK, and Ireland. Due to legal issues, women are technically allowed to join, but generally speaking women don’t really have an interest in actually participating in such things, aside from the aforementioned attention seeking.


Sounds like a great organization me, and any organization that is sex-segregated is a step in the right direction, and any organization that is private, non-state, and non-business helps rebuild the civil society.

It’s all about entryism. Keep it on the down low, we don’t want to alert them we are planning the glorious revolution from our sheds.


On Their Backs II: Tough Love For The Ladies

“Hipster Racist is a fictional character.”

Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever
Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever

This is advice for young white men. I knew things had changed when I walked into a bar one night and picked up three women. I would know all three of these women over the course of a year, and all three offered to have sex with me. Two were divorced moms in their 40s, both quite attractive for their age, one literally a former model. The third woman was 22. No extra points for guessing which one I actually had sex with. I nicknamed her “Little Miss Fuck and Run” because that’s what she did. She would fuck my brains out for a month, get coy and run off. Then call me up again, repeat the process. To be really honest, she was not a good person. She was selfish, manipulative, dishonest, and untrustworthy. The bitch actually stole money from me. But I didn’t really care, because I was getting exactly what I wanted out of the arrangement. I even got to break a few of her taboos, teach her some things she had never done before. I rolled my eyes, though, when she told me she read 50 Shades of Grey and wanted to try it out. I thought, “oh god, not this shit again.”

I remember when my lady walked out on me, I was stunned. I did not see it coming at all. I had actually thought some of the problems we had had early on in the relationship were behind us. But one day she just pulled the rug out from under me. I moped about it for a year, and in many ways I thought I was washed up, as far as women go. I didn’t think I would actually be able to fall in love again, I figured that a decade and a half of promiscuity – with an “n count” that lots of men who don’t live in major metropolitan areas would find hard to believe (and that lots of women would pretend to find hard to believe) – had made me too jaded. I really thought that even if I could fall in love again, I couldn’t deal with yet another breakup.

Well I brushed myself off, stopped feeling sorry for myself, and got back in the game. And boy, had things changed. While I had always had girlfriends and regular sex, since I was 16, I didn’t usually have that many options. Pretty amazing for a white hipster boy from the DC suburbs that’s not particularly tall, not particularly attractive, and kind of skinny.

Especially the two older women, they were not interested in my “beta provider” qualities. They had their own money and their own careers. They wanted me to fuck them, and the reason they wanted me to fuck them is mostly because nobody else would. It is unbelievably HARSH for an older woman in the dating/sex/romance scene. They are as desperate as a horny 17 year old bookish boy.

This is not a “PUA” blog, nor a “men’s rights” blog, and this article is not going to be about how to pick up women. It’s going to be how to keep them, and keep them in line. Mostly, this is a warning of what NOT to do.

No Girls Allowed
No Girls Allowed

Here’s the trick: all the men’s bloggers know about hypergamy. Girls want a boy that’s taller, stronger, smarter, better looking, and more popular then they are. Get a woman around a man like that, and you can practically see her panties dropping faster than World Trade Center 7 on 9/11. One of the reasons that it’s so easy to “hook up” in Manhattan is because it’s a confusing mis-mash of status symbols. The women literally get dizzy at all these men with white collar jobs and potential access to power, they just can’t help themselves. Girls are horny little things that think about sex every day, all day, and can’t get enough. You realize they can even orgasm multiple times in one setting, right?

My most popular ideas in the WN blogosphere have always been the ones about civil society; how the breakdown of civil society is destroying the culture and putting white people in actual, real danger of possible extinction. It’s been called the “Bowling Alone” syndrome, and the limited fertility of white women in the modern era, barely at or lower than replacement level, has destroyed the extended family. So there’s no “nation” and no loyalty to a nation anymore; everyone is for sale to the highest bidder, and they might even literally blow up your office building if they can make some cash out of it.

There’s no problem for the rich, and even the upper middle class to some degree, they have the money and the resources to keep up appearances, but the rot is starting to creep up to their level as well.

What we need is segregation, and in this particular case, sex segregation. All the “beta boys” that can’t get laid can use a very, very simple trick to regain some of men’s lost social power and start getting the respect – and sex – from women that they want. The real simple trick is – kick the girls out. Just like your treehouse as a kid, put a sign on the door: No Girls Allowed. If I’m trying to be intellectual sounding, I’ll call it the Mannerbund, but since that can come across as too gay sometimes, I’ll call it the Boy’s Club, or the Lodge instead.

One of the reasons I like MindWeapon’s blog is because he is a ruthlessly practical man. Not content with long historical diatribes about some ancient King of Christendom, nor costume clown fantasies of Red Dawn Revolution against ZOG, he focuses on things like: the food supply. Money. Economic cooperation. This is my limited contribution, a practical solution to the problem that all the man-o-sphere bloggers complain about. The woman problem?

For my entire life the socially conservative types have talked a lot about the “nuclear family.” Husband, wife, their 2.5 kids, living in a detached, suburban rancher commuting to an office somewhere. That 1950s ideal was a pretty sweet deal for most people, men and women (and kids!) but for many people today it’s not working anymore. Just read the stories from the “man-o-sphere” – horrific tales of women divorcing them and dragging them through the courts, the aching wails of the omega virgins who have never even kissed a girl, the fed up “beta providers” who are sick of the nasty disrespect coming from these sweet creatures we call women, and family minded men shocked and saddened to see normal, average white women – who should know better – hooking up with sleazy hipsters who make them do awful, kinky, degrading things.

In the era of no fault divorce, the hookup culture, and birth control, young white men need to take a cold, hard look at the situation and plan accordingly. You need to remove your primary loyalty and co-operation from women and keep it to yourselves, among the boys. You need to get a core group of 5 or so and co-operate on everything: buying property, investing money, sharing resources, taking power in the ruins of Murkan society. You need to plan for the long term, the very, very long term, ideally, your entire lives. And, most importantly, you need to never, ever, ever let a woman join your group. Not even your wife if married – especially not your wife.

Men can co-operate in a way that women cannot. It just seems to be a cognitive thing. (The joke from Family Guy: “Men, we know how to be friends!”) As I said previously, you can add a woman to a men’s group and she can function very effectively, and contribute just as much, if not more, than a man could. But women cannot, by themselves, form these types of groups. SunshineMary said there’s Team Woman, and Team My Man. The only women that actually want to stay on Team Woman are lesbians and feminists (an overlapping group) but most would rather be on Team My Man. Believe it or not, women actually love men. But not “betas,” not submissive men (“I don’t know, where do you want to go tonight, honey?”) and not men who will allow themselves to be manipulated by them. That’s their biggest shit test of all, “if I cut off the pussy, will he start submitting to me?” Fail that shit test, and it’s only a matter of time until she’s tied to my bed getting her little ass beaten with my belt (and loving every minute of it.)

You get one of these groups together successfully, open a bar, and you will literally be swimming in pussy. It’s just about manipulating the social environment. This actually will make women happier in the long run anyway. They want to lose to you. They want you to over power them. They want to submit – at least, the type of women you want. I’ve never met a man who actually wants to marry and settle down with a Woman’s Studies Professor, for good reason. I doubt there are any women wanting to settle down with a “Men’s Rights Activist” either.

Marriage is for gays now. The nuclear family is a flawed model. The civil society is dead; the churches are nothing but whorehouses full of lying false prophets who will tell you whatever you want to hear as long as you’ll stay in the seats until the plate gets passed. The workplace, the modern corporation, is nothing but an impersonal machine that will ship your job to Mexico if they can save $0.0000003 cents a year. Nobody gives a fuck about a Brandon; Firepower’s “button mashing faggots” are on their own.

Turn off the XBox and the porn sites, get together with your boys, and you can become men. Then, the women will come to you. You will start having a choice. You can actually make demands of them! They will happily submit because you have something worth submitting to – your own social system, your Lodge. You can even get them pregnant and keep them at home. It all starts by a) kicking girls right the hell out of your club, never allowing one inside, ever, and b) ignoring the manipulative behavior of women that have no value to you (as lovers, mothers of your children, etc.) Men actually have a lot more social power than the average Brandon realizes. You have to make damn sure to never let a woman get between two of your boys, that’s a real tricky one.

Also, never fall in love with one, especially not just because she’s fucking you. They are tricky little minxes, very emotionally manipulative. Remain independent enough, and they will start to *change their behavior* and become more respectful, more submissive, more helpful, and more feminine.

Then, you’ll probably wind up falling in love with one anyway. Can’t be helped I guess. But at least make them work for it.

"They Come Running Just as Fast As They Can."
“They Come Running Just as Fast As They Can.”

On Their Backs: The Place of Women in the White Movement

1. of, relating to, or being the sex that bears young or produces eggs

It’s a regular occurrence. A man starts a pro-white blog, a bunch of men start commenting, throwing around ideas, coming to a consensus. Then, a woman shows up, and the White Knighting starts.

Great Grandmothers: The Type of Women the Movement Actually Needs
Great Grandmothers: The Type of Women the Movement Actually Needs

For every 15 points of IQ in a woman, the desire to birth and nuture children goes down. This fact should be of interest to people. A man once said that women are vital to creating the kind of social network any functioning society needs, and this is true. But “White Nationalist” women do NOT – EVER, as far as I can tell, actually organize white women.

Instead, they come to men’s blogs, invade men’s spaces, mimic the consensus as best they can, and start trying to make changes. First, the language has to be prettified. Disagreements can’t get too hostile. Certain words must be banned, certain concepts forbidden, certain ideas excluded. All to make the woman (and there’s always just one or a few) feel happy and comfortable.

The real place for women in a pro-white movement is: on their backs, as lovers, mothers, and perhaps most importantly, as grandmothers, aunts, great aunts, matrons.

But there are a lot of white women that don’t want that. Many white women, seemingly especially those who have broken up their families, deserted their husbands and stolen his children away from him, use white blogs as their substitute family. Their destructive behavior comes out in their substitute families as well, making unreasonable demands, being bitchy, demeaning and frankly abusive in ways a man wouldn’t get away with.

Mormons: Doing Something Right
Mormons: Doing Something Right

I recently witnessed a woman calling a man a “faggot” on a white blog. In real life, if a man were to call another man a “faggot” he is likely to be punched in the face. I believe this is considered “fighting words” by the Supreme Court, so it wouldn’t be considered a one way battery. But women get away with this bitchy, nasty behavior, because of the White Knighters. It feeds a man’s ego to have women commenting on his blog.

As far as I can tell, there’s not a single serious white woman in the so-called “movement” that does anything useful for the cause AS A WOMAN. There are no white motherhood blogs. There are no white blogs promoting early child bearing. It was common pre-birth control for a woman to have her first child as a teenager: 17, 18, 19. Not only was this completely normal, it’s also just about biologically ideal. Early child bearing is also important for an extended family. A woman who has her first child at 18 might live to see her great-grand children. A woman that has one child at 35 probably won’t. The network of extended families IS the “nation.” Steve Sailer says that “race” is basically a large, partially inbred extended family. The “proposition nation” ideal that is destroying America and displacing her traditional people has it’s equivalent in the “White Nationalist” movement. Since there is no “nation” it’s a hodge podge of people who happen to be of European ancestry. Hunter Wallace turned to Southern Nationalism when he finally figured this out.

"Race" is a Partially Inbred Extended Family
“Race” is a Large Partially Inbred Extended Family

So thanks to birth control, delayed child bearing, and decreased fertility, the extended family has been all but destroyed in the white community, but you’ll notice that not a single white woman ever breathes a word about it. There is a commenter on the various forums that hates me, says she has no respect for me, and her often repeated complaint is that white men have lost their chivalry. I agree with her about this, and the reason is simple: women have lost their femininity. Not only that, but white women, as a whole, are utterly and completely failing to do their duty: bear, raise, and educate white children, and form the network that sustains the extended white family.

Instead, white women peacock for men who are not their husbands, get a thrill out of chatting with men, also not their husbands or families, online, and enjoy starting fights between men. If two men are arguing about something, a woman is likely to take one or their other side, then get a secret thrill when one man “defeats” the other. Just like the stories of the women who would dance naked on the hilltop overlooking a battlefield, waiting to be taken by whichever side won.

There are at least two places online that I do see women embracing their femininity: Christian women’s blogs, and submissive BDSM women’s blogs. These are almost never explicitly racial, but almost always implicitly white. It’s long been said that the most segregated time in America is Sunday morning; churches – up until the last decade perhaps – used to be virtually all white, or all black. BDSM is mainstream; 50 Shades of Grey proved that, and it’s basically white women that read these stories. BDSM has actually provided a space for women to embrace their femininity and their submissive sexuality without the constant harassment of feminists and lesbians sub-shaming them, calling them “doormats” and trying to convince them that they are actually unhaaaaaaaapy and should instead be “strong, independent women,” and perhaps, who knows, even try being a lesbian, at least part time!

A Woman's Place
A Woman’s Place

The white movement often bemoans the sexual morality of the modern age, but always, as usual, misses the point. The sexual acts themselves are meaningless, it’s the creating of life that matters. A woman sleeping with a man on a first date, using birth control, is not doing anything intimate or meaningful; it’s mutual masturbation. Most women don’t want to think of it that way, because it ruins some of the emotional thrill, but it is what it is. Sex can be meaningful, and intimate, in the context of a relationship. It’s often said that women are the guardians of sex, and men are the guardians of commitment. But maybe a better way of putting that in the modern world is: men are the guardians of commitment, and women are the guardians of fertility, because white women tend to be pretty “easy” sexually in this era of reliable, scientific birth control. The “PUAs” are dead wrong, you do not need to be an “alpha” to bed a bunch of women, you generally just need to show up and put in a little bit of effort (often, a very, very little bit of effort.) Women love sex, think about it every day, and can’t get enough. Don’t let the “virgin” act fool you.

There’s no point in “slut shaming,” because if a woman isn’t having children, she may as well be a slut and have fun.

White Nationalist women basically have nothing of interest to say, to men, as far as the “cause” goes. Instead, they should be upholding their end of the bargain, and get busy tending to their families: their children, their grandchildren, their great grandchildren, their nieces and nephews, their cousins. They could be organizing them, they could be teaching them about the cause, they could be focusing their attention on other women. But, as a lot of women will tell you, women can often be very boring to other women, and women generally speaking love the attention of men. If they aren’t satisfied with their husbands, or if they abandoned their husband, they will get that attention elsewhere.

Female: of, relating to, or being the sex that bears young or produces eggs
Female: of, relating to, or being the sex that bears young or produces eggs

But White Nationalist women don’t want to do that, it’s a lot more fun to hang out and flirt with the boys, get their attention, get their approval, and bitch and the ones they don’t like for whatever reason. Maybe this is a failure of men, men aren’t leading, and the biggest failure of men is allowing themselves to be flattered by a woman’s attention, instead of telling them to, metaphorically at least, get back in the kitchen where they belong. (Kitchen: read, Kinder, Kuche, Kirche, Home, Family, Community.)

The choice for movement women is pretty clear: on your backs, or on your knees.

As usual, a man steps up to do the actual heavy lifting. The role of “matchmaker” used to be something women, especially older women, did for the community. Instead of hooking up younger women with younger men, the typical divorced or never married women these days is likely to try to seduce the younger man herself, in the “cougar” fantasy. So this man has started a website and a program called “The Courtship Pledge.” He has a little 5 year old girl, and he’s thinking ahead. His idea is essentially an arranged marriage, and making it economically viable for a young couple to start having children (i.e., HIS grandchildren) early in the marriage (as in, right away, as in, maybe getting her pregnant on the Honeymoon night.) I would hope readers would support his noble and useful effort:


A common complain from young women that are interested in starting – and keeping – a family young is that they can’t find men who are suitable husbands ready for marriage when they are young. This is a legitimate complaint. The problem is not all women’s fault. In the next part I’ll talk about the solution from a man’s perspective, and what men can do to help younger men be prepared for taking responsibility, and what can help all those “betas” that can’t get laid or even kiss a girl. The solution is the Mannerbund. I know this solution will work because the “male feminists” immediately attacked it the second it was mentioned. You can often learn more from your enemies than your friends.

Blur – Girls and Boys


Mannerbund: This Is What a Feminist Looks At

Mannerbund: This Is What a Feminist Looks At


Reddit is an important media channel with a larger audience than many TV stations and newspapers; Obama and many politicians have posted there. While the political content is rigorously policed to promote down the line, partisan Democratic party liberalism, owing to an audience that skews young white male, there are constant outbreaks of hipster racism and hipster sexism.

While there is a lot of lore about the murky origins of Shit Reddit Says, a section of reddit devoted to combating these outbreaks, there’s a constant battle between feminists and white males who think they are just being too sensitive and should learn to take a joke. Outrage, feigned outrage, mockery and overt hostility fly from both sides.

What’s fascinating is to see the same pattern emerge, fractal like, on a smaller scale. Someone created a section of reddit called TheRedPill which is devoted to “game,” seduction and anti-feminism. Essentially, a group of young men comparing notes on their various romantic successes and failures, which for obvious reasons, include a lot of frustration and what some might call misogyny. Women are absolutely objectified, gendered, and depersonalized, but due to the nature of online discussion, no one is really talking about their looks or their bodies, but instead, their behavior. Their behavior and their cognition is objectified in a deeper way than their bodies could ever be. Some of these men talk about “gaming” women in the same sense you might talk about training a dog. Gaming bitches, they might even say.

The men’s romantic advice to each other essentially boils down to: women are selfish and incapable of love, so never fall in love, just improve yourself, lift weights, make money, dress better, and the women will come running.

As if on cue, the women show up and create TheBluePill a section of reddit exclusively focused on mocking, shaming, and attacking TheRedPill with anti-male rhetoric just as critical and harsh and the anti-female rhetoric of TheRedPill.


But what is so fascinating about the dynamic is this: the men exclusively discuss how to improve themselves, while the women exclusively discuss … how the men can improve themselves. Obviously, they have very different views of what “improvement” looks like, the men essentially say “be more macho” while they women essentially say “be less macho.”

The dynamic plays itself out, over and over again, constantly. A group of men get together – the Mannerbund is formed – and do something. The women then show up, watch the men, and either cheer them, or heckle them.

But when the boys get together, the one thing the girls cannot do is ignore them.

Future Doormat
Future Doormat

There’s a famous video of a protest at a Warren Farrell speech at the University of Toronto from last year. At 3:56 of this video, a woman protestor confronts a man attending the speech. This is what she says to him:

You should be ashamed of yourself, you are fucking scum, you are fucking scum, fucking rape apologist, incest supporting, woman hating, fucking scum, just another … why would you pay money to support a rape apologist if you weren’t fucking one? Fucking scum!

Watch her face at 4:08. Listen to her voice inflection at 4:27. Look at the man, look at the woman, and look at how the woman is looking at the man. Look at her eyes.

You could cut that sexual tension with a knife.