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“Mother’s Baby, Daddy’s Maybe”

The Atlantic was once a respectable White Anglo-Saxon Protestant magazine for the New England liberal elites.

Since it was bought by the Jew Jeffrey Goldberg it has devolved into a laughable tabloid trying to sell hardcore Zionist Jew apartheid and Palestinian genocide – and White Genocide – to the remnants of the White upper middle classes. Goldberg actually hired George W. Bush’s old speechwriter David Frum, who coined the term “Axis of Evil” to get Americans to destroy Israel’s enemies, Iraq and Iran. Why? Because Judaism is a racist hate cult that wants to murder Arabs particularly and Muslims in general.

Taking advice from a racist hate cult that wants your people genocided is generally a bad idea.

So of course now The Atlantic is no longer a magazine for intellectual White liberals, but is reduced to Salon.com style Social Justice Warriorism. A recent article asks: Why Don’t More Men Take Their Wives’ Last Names?

You can read it if you want, here:


But of course the answer is simple. Patriarchy is the bedrock of civilization, and the way you connect fathers to sons – and thereby get men to invest in children and grandchildren – is by offering them immortality through a family name. A legacy.

As my former co-blogger Cly once pointed out, it used to be common for the American (and I suppose European) middle classes to name their small family businesses “Smith and Sons.”

Why this emphasis on the male lineage? Because everyone already knows the matriarchal lineage. “Mother’s Baby, Daddy’s Maybe.” You have to convince the father the children are actually his and women have created an entire culture around doing just that.

Not only do grandmothers assure their sons in law that “your baby has your eyes” – they now even claim that the sonograms look “just like” the supposed father!

He looks just like you! A spitting image of daddy. He even has your eyes! Trust me!

As soon as patriarchy – including young women being married as virgins – went out of style – so did marriage. Otherwise, what is the point? Of all the problems caused by the destruction of traditional marriage, for me the most annoying are all the articles in blogs by post-wall women complaining “where have all the good men gone?” “How come after spending my 20s engaging in promiscuity that would make a Parisian whore blush I can’t find a wealthy, handsome man to pretend I’m a nervous 17 year old virgin bride and pledge the rest of his life to me in return for a single child that is probably his?”

If I were a petty man, I’d guffaw at all the middle aged single women I’ve seen go ballistic when a successful 30 year old man ignores all the single over-credentialed 30 year old women to take up with young, fertile 20-somethinig baristas. Hell, I know of this because I’ve done it myself – and seen the reaction.

But the costs to my people and my society is just too damn high – below replacement fertility, bitter spinsters and “single” mothers, and an epidemic of divorce.

If any older White women actually cared about our people, they would be the FIRST telling those young, fertile, attractive women – “he’s a good catch – marry him now and start making babies! You’ll be happier in the long term.”

Listening to some nutty feminist being published by a bunch of racist, White-and-Palestinian-genociding Zionist Jews telling us that instead men should take their wive’s name in some sort of bizarre cross-dressing fetish that appeals to no one is pretty much the worst thing that anyone could do.

What next? Gender-bending for kids?

You want to take MY last name? What are you gay?

Another Reason To Hate the (((Daily Stormer))) and the Clown Brigade: Misogyny

I think the Church and the family is the place to teach sexual morality.

I also think that various socially conservative blogs like SocialMatter.net do a good job of explaining the importance of sexual morality without necessarily resorting to religion.

I keep on being told that sites like the (((Daily Stormer))) are bringing in the “young people.” Which a quick perusal seems true, because they certain read like immature young boys.

And if you’re honest, you may remember that younger men tend to have some issues with being prematurely judgemental; being judgemental about things that they don’t really understand. It’s that old saying, when you were 16 you knew way more than you Dad, but once you hit 30 you realize that your Dad may have actually known a bit more than you ever gave him credit for.


So here’s a funny post. The set-up is some Jewess dating a “Christian” boy is having some domination and humiliation fantasies. It doesn’t read particularly authentic, phrases such as “I’m a dirty girl who needs your Christian dick in my Jewish pussy” seems a bit off, frankly. Oh, no doubt, there are Jewesses that really do get on off a forbidden goy boy toy. And domination and humiliation fantasies are not at all uncommon. Just recall in 50 Shades when Christian tells Anastasia, “I could expect high ideals, or I could debase you completely.”

Anastasia says, “well, I’ll take debasement.”


Boys don’t understand it because they don’t understand girls. Most men don’t understand it either because most men don’t understand women. Most women don’t understand it either because women don’t understand their own sexuality.

The only actually decent manosphere writer, Rollo Thomassi of Rational Male, explains two dynamics:

First, the war brides dynamic. Women have been the prizes in war for so long it’s impacted their evolutionary psychology. They expect the men to fight each other and whichever man wins gets them as the prize. It’s a powerful fantasy for them. A friend explained one of her earliest and most powerful sexual fantasies: two men were haggling over her. She was being auctioned off – a sex slave, a prostitute, kidnapping, whatever. Each man is upping the price, and when one finally says, “ten thousand dollars” – that’s when she comes. (A lot of money for a gal from her class background.)

Second, men are romantics pretending to be cynical realists.

Women are cynical realists pretending to be romantics.

Want to kill a romance with a woman? Buy her flowers.

Want to get a woman in the mood? Spank her.


The reason women freak the hell out about the concept of “game” and instead tell men to “just be yourself” is simply because they want to game men. They want men to “be themselves” so they can figure out the true alphas from the disgusting betas. If men learn to “game” women, it reverses the sexual roles and that is the least sexy thing ever.

Watch a Taylor Swift video some time. The hunky men in her videos never smile. They have dour, sometimes mean looks on their faces – when they aren’t arrogantly smirking.

Women aren’t men.

So it’s amusing to see Stormerfags – likely virgins – explaining why these sorts of BDSM fantasies that women tend to have are either some sort of Jew degeneracy, or the product of bad fathering.

Now read the idiot “Leon29” – not coincidentally, he’s using Crusader imagery and his tagline is “Kebab Removalist.”

This kind of spiritual sickness is what happens when your father doesn’t care one bit about you as a child.

This can also affect boys, and turn them into sub fags.

Remember this all of you who would be fathers.

And let’s make sure that 100 years form now sick white girls aren’t having European Caliphate fantasies.

Um – bad news, son. They already are.

He recognizes the pattern but can’t help but pathologize it:

A few days ago someone linked a post on an imageboard on /pol/ where black girls were fantasizing about being colonized by white men and having to offer themselves to save their tribe.

I’m dead serious.

At this point I’m not surprised. Woman are starved for true strength. Strong cultures naturally impose themselves. Cruelty doesn’t have to come into it (although it often does).

However, some good news. Some of the youngsters seem to get it:


For more fun and hilarity, find a pic of an attractive White guy on Google. Needs to be obscure, though. Just in case the slut is smart enough to run a Google image search. After that, you make a dating profile that makes it clear that you’re kind of a racist who only wants White women for 14/88 purposes. However, don’t be overtly 14/88, be very subtle.

Then marvel at the amount of nonwhite women who hit on you. Nothing women, especially jewish women, love more than that forbidden fruit.


If only she was a none-joo pure white, the things me and her would accomplish in the bedroom…….so creative some would call it art lol

The ones that are giggling over the idea of humiliating the Jewess are the ones in the most danger, of course. They don’t get it. You cannot humiliate a woman sexually There is no “gross” or “humiliating” act that you can do that will break her – it’s you that will be broken. Her submitting to you sexually is her way of catching you.

YOU are the romantic that will have feelings – maybe guilty ones, maybe not so guilty ones – about what you are doing to her. For her? It’s just a hot fantasy come to life.

You are the romantic, she’s the realist.

No – even the girls with the most loving fathers still have rape fantasies, humiliation fantasies, fantasies of being kidnapped and held down.

It is true, however, that the feminist types that are the most against “rape culture” and the like also “just happen” to be the most hardcore into it. Just like the men that see gayness everywhere are the ones that, well, see gayness everywhere (for obvious reasons.)

The woman who can’t stop talking about “rape culture” and how “humiliating” and “objectifying” culture is to women is the analogue of the men that are hyper-sensitive to anything that might be “gay.”

I was 17 the first time my girlfriend asked me to read her favorite erotica story. It was pretty basic “tied up and ravished” types fantasy. That was no big deal, I could see it.

But the girl that asked me to hold her neck so she couldn’t breathe – yeah, that was a bit disconcerting.

A little bit of spanking? Oh come up, that’s as funny as it is sexy. Although it’s crazy how turned on some women are by it.

It’s the ones that like to look at their bruises in the mirror, those are the crazy ones. Proceed with caution.

And never underestimate how vicious and manipulative a sub can be. Just because a woman is sexually submissive does NOT mean she’s a good person. Just because she wants to be held down and raped doesn’t mean she loves you. Never forget how conflicted a woman – especially, a feminist – can be about their own “politically incorrect” sexuality. That’s why the BDSM “scene” has all those complicated rules and why its so politically correct.

Really, telling young men lies about women’s nature is what really causes misogyny – the real kind. Actual hatred of women, not benevolent sexism or objectifying women’s bodies. When you are told all your life that girls are “sugar and spice and everything nice” – then realize women can actually be vindictive, jealous, petty, and quite often rather ditzy – it doesn’t lead to a healthy attitude towards women.

After all, a cynic is just a disappointed idealist.

In any case, I’ve always been consistent about this. The best way to keep a healthy relationship going is regular maintenance spankings. That’s the only way they know you truly love them – when you are willing to spank them even if they haven’t done anything specifically to deserve it.

It shows them that you care, no matter what.


Life Of The Party

I haven’t written any “manosphere” or “game” type stuff lately. So for all my young men readers looking for advice on women, here’s a story. The first time it really “clicked” for me how women are, what turns them on, what their “sexual strategy” is.

So, I was about 19 or 20. I invited a few of my old friends over. These were guys I had grown up with but hadn’t seen since we were young teens. Two brothers, and they brought another friend over, a few other guys, and one girl we will call “Christine.”

So, I was not the tallest guy in this group. I was not the most handsome guy in the group. I wasn’t the most masculine guy in the group, certainly not the richest, and certainly not the most socially sophisticated.

But I was sort of the “leader” of this group. My old friends were a few years younger than me, and when we were growing up, I was basically the “leader” – the cooler older boy they hung out with. Because of that (and the fact it was my house) we basically slipped into our younger dynamic.

So, I held court. I was telling all the jokes, all the other guys were laughing along with me and hanging on my every word. They asked me about my life, my opinions, what I thought about things. Even the new guys that didn’t know me just sort of fell into line.

To be blunt, I didn’t pay any attention to “Christine” at all. I assumed she was with one of the other guys. She was cute and shapely in all the right ways, but I was too busy having fun catching up with my old friends and just didn’t find it worth bothering.

So, the next day I get a call from a friend. “Christine thought you were really cute. Want her number?” So, a few days later I had another notch on my bedpost.

It was as simple as that. Since I was the “leader” of the group – the “situational alpha” – that was all it took. Her “beta orbiter” who had been showering her with attention for months, didn’t matter. She saw him laughing at my jokes, paying attention to me, submitting to me, being my audience. That was all the reason she needed.

Hypergamy. Women want the top guy. So put yourself in the position where you are the top guy, and you just pick and choose what women you want. It’s easy.

Now, I’m not saying that it’s a basis to create a functioning society on. In fact, “Christine” was the first girls I ever “pumped and dumped.” All the other girls I had had sex with I had “fallen in love” with – even the ones that had thrown themselves at my like “Christine.” But after our second roll in the hay, she actually started talking about being my “girlfriend” and stuff, and I was pretty damn heartless about it.

So, moral of the story is, eh, there is no moral.

Will they follow the path of the genius Hipster Racist? [check him out, the man is a God]

Will they follow the path of the genius Hipster Racist? [check him out, the man is a God]

So says DisenchantedScholar, and who am I to argue? The lady is some sort of super-genius academic.


It’s mostly brown men who refuse to ‘settle’ for their own, ugly women. It’s brown men who feel entitled, racially obsessed with defiling white ‘whores’

I don’t write much “manosphere” stuff anymore, because they banned me from reddit.com’s TheRedPill (and TheBluePill, and PurplePillDebate, and …)

I was banned for some of my more, er, “controversial” statements … one being, it’s pretty lame to spend all your time on line bitching about women … oh, and not being a self-hating white man.

So take it from DisenchantedScholar, folks!

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Why I Don’t Do Outrage Porn


Some guys go to Spring Break and have sex with these girls. This makes the guys who don’t get to have sex very jealous. But of course, if they were good looking enough and had enough “game” they would have sex with these girls too. So they really can’t blame the men that do this.

So, they blame the women for having sex with other men.

It must have been my first experience of “Slut Shaming.” So, anyway, I was fucking this guy’s girlfriend. We had spent half a week at my place humping away. This girl was a really sexy little thing too. Blonde hair, blue eyes, teenie tiny with a cute little round bottom and perky tits. Goodness, I loved fucking this girl.

So anyway one day her boyfriend realizes what’s going on so he comes over to my place. He says, “oh so you’re the one fucking her now, huh? Well congratulations.” I mean, I felt bad for the guy, but I didn’t go out of my way to seduce his girlfriend. She saw me once, phoned around all her friends to find out my phone number, calls me up say she wants to “hang out” and she comes over. We go to my bedroom, she pulls out some weed and rolls a joint. We smoke it.

So, she lies back on the bed and just looks at me. I figure, hey, she called me, she smoked me out, now she’s laying in my bed. I guess she wants to make out. So, I kiss her, we start making out then start ripping each other’s clothes off and start fucking. I mean, I knew she had a boyfriend, but you know, she was really super-duper cute and I was a horny teenager.

So anyway, her boyfriend doesn’t really seem mad at me, honestly. But he starts screaming at her, calling her a slut, etc. etc. I mean, he did have a point. She was his “girlfriend” and she didn’t even bother to tell him they were “breaking up” so she could have sex with hotter men. So he gets his yell on, and at some point I’m like, “ok dude enough. Sorry it didn’t work out.” So he drives away, then his girlfriend and I fuck again. I couldn’t help myself, I just sort of fell over and my dick went in her pussy by accident. It wasn’t slutty because it didn’t count, we barely knew each other.

So that thread on the Daily Stormer, it follows the same pattern most of this “outrage porn” does. You can smell the beta butthurt as all of these guys are getting boners looking at all these hot drunk girls in bikinis. They want nothing more than to fuck these girls, but they can’t. So they start calling these girls sluts.

Which they are – don’t get me wrong. They showed up to Spring Break and got drunk so they could get fucked silly by guys they don’t know. It doesn’t count if you’re in another state. Girls just wanna have fun.

Then, of course, inevitably the women show up. They start whining at the men. The typical woman says something like, “well you men go after these sluts, so what do you expect? If you wanted smart intelligent women with a brain in their head you would go to the library or something.” But of course that’s just silly. The real purveyors of the Madonna/Whore axis are women. They are always saying that it is those other girls that are sluts. And as one of the commenters said, these girls are above average in attractiveness, they are the daughters of the upper middle class, and while obvious in their drunken state they aren’t going to be discussing the finer points of Edith Wharton, but they are probably above average in IQ too.

Chances are, the typical Daily Stormer commenter is not as smart, not as rich, and not as good looking as the men and women at Spring Break.

All women are sluts, really, at least all women like sex and now that they have reliable birth control they are going to fuck at least a few different men before they hopefully find one who will stick around. If this was a problem, and people wanted this problem solved, they would.

They would be doing what Scott over at the courtshippledge website is doing. Finding families with marriageable boys and girls and hooking them up together. Really, it’s not very complicated. When it comes to teenagers and young adults, you pretty much just stick them in a room and nature will work it out naturally. If you want them to be married first, get a dress and say the vows first, but it all ends the same.

But White fathers, at least of the middle classes, really don’t seem to want their daughters to get married and have their grandchildren. No men are good enough for them, so they just sort of look the other way as their daughters slut it up with boys. Once she actually marries, she’s not daddy little girl anymore so these fathers postpone that as long as possible. Delayed marriage = unmarried sex. Duh. This isn’t rocket science.

But White Nationalists – at least the comedy/Daily Stormer version – don’t really care about marriage, they just like pointing and gawking at “degeneracy.” They go and find videos of slutty girls. They go and look for mudsharks (it’s that cuck fetish, white guys fantasizing about Negroes fucking their girlfriends.) Sometimes they look for pictures of Gay Pride parades and point and gawk and dudes in buttless chaps wearing makeup. They also love Negro crime and videos like at HipHopStar.com showing blacks acting ghetto.

This is the kind of thing that DS types enjoy – it is their hobby. It is not in any way done because they care about White people and feel that sexual liberation is hurting White families.

No, they do it because they love to stroke their outrage boners.

Think about this. Men only need *ONE* wife. That means each of these men only needs to find *ONE* single White girl who isn’t a slut. But I’m guessing that they are not actually looking for a White woman to wife up. They are looking for degeneracy. They are looking for sluts. They are looking for mudsharks. They are looking for queers. They are looking for ghetto Negroes.

It’s their hobby.

I’m not trying to stop them or anything. They can have at it. But I don’t see how it helps anything. It doesn’t solve a problem. It does not convince the undecided. It doesn’t make White people care about themselves as a group and recognize their own group interest.

Because it’s not supposed to. It is merely there to generate an outrage boner so they can stroke away.

Why They Hate 50 Shades Of Grey

Mr. Grey: “I could hold you to some impossibly high ideal, like Angel Clare, or I could debase you completely, like Alec d’Urberville.”

Anastasia: “Well, if there’s only two options, I take debasement.”

The film version of 50 Shades of Grey came out this weekend, and the media, online and off, is in full hate mode. Full disclosure: I’ve never read it. But my lady friend did, and her opinion was the typical one: poorly written and kind of goofy. I think she was upset it wasn’t really racy enough. For all of the brouhaha about the BDSM, apparently Mr. Grey didn’t even spank Ana all that much.


On reddit’s conspiracy section, someone asked: why all this hate toward some silly romance novel? The hate and “controversy” over what amounts to “Wuthering Heights with spanking” is somewhat astounding. I realize some in the White Nationalist crowd get their klan robes in a bunch over anything sexual that isn’t married missionary position. Forget the queers and the sluts – even a husband tying up his wife is “degenerate” and caused by “jew porn” and yet another sign of the Total Collapse Of Western Society And Christendom. So, our friends over at the Daily Stormer have added BDSM to their long list of “degeneracy” along with the homos and sluts and miscegenators.

The manosphere types, especially the Christians, often mention that feminism has infected even the right wing conservatives and the Church. White men are “White Knights” – especially the older generation – and automatically cater to whatever women want, acting like “manginas.”

I would posit it’s all of a piece. Sure, traditional conservatives and Christians are not “feminist” in the cultural Marxist sense of the word; believing that women and men are separate “social classes” engaged in the “class struggle” of oppressors vs. the oppressed. But there is a wide and deep habit of “White Knighting” in traditionalist circles – and it is absolutely related to the bizarre hatred toward 50 Shades of Grey – a silly piece of erotica with some spanking and bondage, after all.

Not only does feminism “shame” male sexuality – we’re all rapists, wife beaters and we “objectify” women’s bodies, after all – but so does conservatism and modern Christianity. For the right-wingers, feminists are correct that men are deeply afraid of women’s sexuality. But it’s for a good reason.

If men really knew what turns women on, civilization would come to a halt, because so much of civilization is based on chivalry and wanting to believe that women tend toward monogamy and are attracted to “good men.”

They are not. Quite the opposite, in fact.

When men discuss their own sexuality, they quite often focus on how shallow it is – a nice pair of tits and a round ass. Men will go on and on about how they will “fuck anything that moves” and how men are all “sluts.” But these same men project this quite Victorian notion onto women. You see this in the worst parts of the manosphere, who really do believe – and the feminists have them correctly pegged here – that women want to “trade sex for resources.” The man provides the “resources” and the women pay for it with sex – which the man wants, and the women don’t, really.

Then, when these manosphere men look at how women actually behave – quite the opposite of their Victorian fantasy – they get angry and resentful. They drag the women down from that pedestal they placed her on and disparage her as a “hypergamous slut.”

I feel for women, I really do, because they are only allowed to be a Madonna, or a Whore. There’s never anything in between.


Of course, the feminists hate 50 Shades of Grey because Ana is submissive and Mr. Grey is dominant. It’s essentially a Patriarchal Rape Fantasy, and feminists hate women’s sexuality even more than Conservative men do. The same feminists that hate the idea of 50 Shades would be praising a similar novel up and down if the roles were reversed. If it was a high powered woman CEO Dominatrix that loves to spank young studly pool boys, the feminists would love it (even though it would leave them drier than the Sahara Desert.) But the fact the novel essentially portrays traditional roles – the man is powerful, the woman is submissive – they hate it.

You will find the worst hate coming from the uber-feminist “BDSM Community.” The “BDSM Community” has done nothing but shriek about 50 Shades of Grey, saying it’s not “real BDSM” – they didn’t even use s safe word!!! – and that it’s really just abuse. The BDSM community keeps hating on the “50 Shaders” – young women interested in BDSM because of reading the novel, and how they “totally have the wrong idea.” Just like hipsters upset that the mainstream has finally caught on to some underground band, the “BDSM Community” feels like it’s losing it’s monopoly on what “real BDSM is” and love nothing more than to morally posture about how everyone else is doing it “wrong.”

Believe me, the “BDSM Community” is more obnoxious than the worst sorts of “Social Justice Warriors” blathering on about “transphobia” and “tolerance for Otherkin.”

Of course, the humorless conservatives, including Christians, are not only afraid of their own penises, but doubly afraid of vaginas, apparently. Bondage? That’s “degenerate!” “Spanking? Only an evil, sick man would be rough with a woman! Sex is supposed to be about tender caresses and the missionary position. My wife in an innocent angel, why, she doesn’t get turned on ever, except when I rub her feet on date night! My daughter is totally chaste and she tells all those nasty boys “no” – she would never purposefully and with malice aforethought seduce a man – especially not an older man! That’s just sick!”

To any man who actually has experience with women, these guys are jokes. I remember these fathers well, from high school and college. They “trusted” their daughters, so no problem her taking the car and meeting up with Sleazy Hipster Boyfriend for some good, clean teenage fun.

Like bowling or watching a movie, you know. Certainly not blowjobs in the car, threesomes and all sorts of raunchy sex. Only “those kinds of girls” do that – “not my wife and daughter.”

You have to laugh.

Women are sexually aroused by power. It doesn’t make any difference whether the man with the power is “good” or “evil” – in fact, I suspect women have an instinct toward “evil men” frankly. Women are sexually aroused by being overwhelmed by that power, to submitting to that power – willingly, or even hotter, unwillingly.

The key part of the Rape Fantasy is that the woman is so desirable that the man, powerful though he is, is in fact, overpowered by her – by his desire for her.

Feminism makes women deeply ashamed of their own sexuality, and that is why the “BDSM Community” was invented. Gals want what they want sexually, so the “BDSM Community” does its best to contain their submissive natures. That is why there is all the obsession with “safe words” and “consent” and “role play.” It has to be “just playing,” “just role play,” and “verbally consented to without duress.”

To feminists, a woman consenting to be tied up and flogged at a sex club is fine – but a wife obeying her husband; that’s sexist misogyny. A woman who is a “slave” in the “BDSM Community” can be collared and made to eat dogfood – that’s just a “kink.” But a girl putting out for her boyfriend to keep him happy – that’s “date rape.”

Conservatives are right, in a sense. Because of women’s hypergamous nature, unleashed female sexuality will destroy a civilization. Monogamy exists for a reason, patriarchy exists for a reason. Patriarchy makes men invest in children, and monogamy is how men are assured that the children are his. Without monogamy and without patriarchy, men have no incentive to invest in the future, in the society, in the tribe. Without Patriarchy and Monogamy, there is no civilization.


Women are hypergamous, and polygamy is the nature state of humans. Women have little problem sharing a high status man with other women. The wives of wealthy and desirable men have been looking the other way at their husband’s affairs since forever – it’s the natural state of things. Most women would rather put up with cheating from a handsome, wealthy man than be married to a faithful but poor schlub.

The reason we have monogamy is because, left to their own devices, women would share the top 50% of men, and the bottom 50% of men would have no women at all.

Yet, for a society to actually work, you need the bottom half of men. It’s those “betas” that make the trains run on time, not to mention kill the ragheads that are living on top of our oil.

Since reliable, scientific birth control was invented, women have been able to pursue a “double strategy” – the so called “alpha fucks and beta bucks.” By postponing marriage, children, and family formation, women have been able to get sex from men “out of their league” while young, but still be able to find a caring man “in her league” for marriage. Men who object to their wives previous promiscuity are simply shamed as “insecure” and the whole point of giving out free condoms in high school is to make sure that there are no virgins left by the time boys and girls are of marriageable age.

That’s by design, because men might choose the virgins for marriage, thus incentivize women to remain chaste.

This worked for 50 years, until the internet destroyed the consensus, like it has the consensus on so many things. The “manosphere” has sort of let the cat out of the bag. The numbers don’t lie – marriage is a dead institution. If present trends continue – and they almost certainly will – most people will never marry. Fertility will continue to drop like a rock, and more and more men will simply “opt out” of society.

It’s laughable to read the complaints of pseudo-feminist women wondering where all the chivalry has gone. Chances are, women aren’t even going to be taken out on proper dates anymore. For the average men, women have virtually nothing to offer him – but sex. As the days of a wife, a mother to your children, and an exclusive lover are gone, what do women have that men need? Just the sex, that’s it.

You can see the results of this with the increasingly crass attitudes of men toward women, and vice-versa. Many advanced cultures are going through this phenomenon, Japan being a noticeable example, with their “herbivore men” who don’t bother chasing women, never get married, and simply drop out of the culture. They do not contribute to the culture except in the most minimal way, as consumers.

The same thing is happening in the USA, although mass non-white immigration and multi-culturalism obscures the effects somewhat. The bottom is dropping out of the White middle class, and it dropped out of the White working class 30 years ago – exactly at the time when the Sexual Revolution was finally mainstreamed.

This is not a coincidence.

Feminists and Conservative both hate 50 Shades for the same basic reason: it’s an accurate account of women’s sexuality. Feminists hate it because it reminds them that women want “the wrong thing.” Women are supposed to want an “equal relationship with a peer who respects her as a person.” But women tend to actually go for men who are higher status than her, and if he’s “emotionally unavailable” she just wants him more. Conservatives are also upset that women want “the wrong thing.” Women are supposed to want a Good Conservative Christian – you know, like them. Instead, women go for the Bad Men, even men who are “abusive” and they generally don’t get wet for the husband that reads the Bible to her before he gently fucks her in the missionary position. Worse for the conservatives, women are not particularly interested in monogamy. They want one man – at a time – but are always looking for the opportunity to “trade up” and while young, they are in no hurry to marry the Beta Boy Next Door that’s “in her league” – not when she still has access to Studly Hockey Players to gang-bang after practice.

That is where all this hate for a silly romance novel with some bondage and spanking comes from. It’s not about the bondage and spanking.

It’s about power.

That’s why they call it “Power Exchange.”

The Penis Police

Over at radixjournal, the poster named “wattylersrevolt” derailed the conversation to talk about his favorite subject: homos. He spent a lot of time in the comment box telling us how he was totally against homos, how he thought they were “filthy” and went into lurid details about buttsex and the like.

TMI, dude.

Of all the legitimate problems whites have with our sexual culture, how crass things have become, our declining fertility rate, hostility between men and women, divorce, etc. All that being true – how do rants about “sluts” help anything? Probably a quarter of my subscribers are “manosphere” types and (for whatever reason) I’m listed on people’s blogs as being part of the “manosphere” – but at the end of the day, I’m sure as hell not in the category of “betas” bitching that I can’t get laid. Quite the opposite, frankly.

Women – hell, even actual feminists – have some legitimate concerns with things like the pornography culture. Men – even the obnoxious “men’s rights advocates” – have some legitimate issues with things like family court and divorce.

But the proof is in the pudding, folks. Which women out there have blogs helping young women to find husbands? Which women out there are encouraging white women to have children? Which women out there are encouraging women to not divorce their husbands at the drop of the hat? Basically, none. Instead, it’s constant whining and bitching about men, porn, etc.

Where are the manosphere types helping men not just learn “game” to get laid, but actually helping young men gain the necessary talents, money, education, and the like to marry and raise a family? Where are the manosphere types mentoring young men on what it takes to keep a family together? Mostly, none. Lots of whining and bitching about “sluts” that would rather fuck sleazy hipsters – like me – rather than pathetic whining “beta” “m’ladies” – like you.

Then – really – what kind of man is obsessed with homosexuals? What kind of man seeks out pictures of gay pride parades and queers parading around in their underwear? What kind of man thinks that homos are even an issue that rates somewhere above, say, 89th of the 100 things wrong with the way things are today?

Richard Spencer’s recent interview where he was asked about this, he said essentially, “let’s stop pretending that homosexuality was invented in the 1960s.” Go throughout history, there have always been homos. These things go in cycles, you’ll have gays being open, then they will be suppressed, then they “come out” again. This particular cycle is just another in this long line of things.

I admit, I read the Daily Stormer every once in a while because it can be funny. But – the Daily Stormer is pretty much everything we don’t need. The Daily Stormer – because it’s a troll site related to the old 4chan forum /pol/ – appeals to a particular group of people – namely, young white nerdy boys that like to use the internet a lot. It can be funny, maybe even cathartic, but it’s just trolling – it’s just humor. If you were to take it too seriously, I would question your judgement.

So what does the Daily Stormer do on a regular basis? “Hey, look at this fag! Look at this slut! Perverted sex! Porno! Jews!”

What kind of people would be attracted to that sort of thing? It doesn’t take much to guess, now does it?

So their latest is – of course, you knew it would come to this eventually – something about pedophilia. There is, of course, some Grand Jew Conspiracy to legalize pedophilia. Again, it’s as if these people think that pedophilia was invented in the 1960s. Don’t people remember that Mohammad married a 9 year old? Pedophilia has always existed. It’s not new. It goes in cycles – at some point angry women get together and suppress the worst kind of men, then they go too far and things get relaxed, and the cycle repeats itself.

If people were actually interested in stopping child molestation, they would promote an open sexual culture for children, so they understand “stranger danger” and they understand that no adults should touch them “in the bathing suit area.” Frank sex education should be taught to children from day one. That, more than anything, would keep children from being victims.

But, of course, these people don’t actually give two shits about children – that’s an excuse. The reality is, they LOVE to think about pedophiles and child molestation. They *love* to look at advertisements with children in them and say, “look pedophile! They are making that child look sexy! Pervert! Jews!”

They get off on it. They love it. They love to look for aberrant sexuality and point to it, because they get off on it. They love to find perverts, homos, and other sexual aberrations and spend a lot of time thinking about them.

They don’t actually care about a healthy sexual culture – they care about projecting how totally “not gay” they are, or “not perverted” they are.

It’s idiotic, is what it is. It’s Penis Policing. I wrote a handful of spanking stories, and some people were like “it’s the Jews! You must be a Jew because you got a blowjob and wrote about it! You must be a Jew because you write sexy stories!”

Come on, you know what this is – this is church ladies getting all hot and bothered. I’ll be honest – I love love love trolling feminists on reddit. I write “rapey” stories and they buzz around like flies on shit. I hope you people realize that feminists are always talking about “rape culture” and “domestic abuse” because they *are really really turned on by rape fantasies and violent men.* Just look at some “anti-domestic violence” media sometime. It looks like 50 Shades of Grey style porn doesn’t it? Remember the recent UVA “rape story?” It was nothing but an elaborate gang-bang fantasy some young lady made up to get the attention of some boy she liked.

I think dalrock is one of the best Christian manosphere sites. From a Christian perspective, he shows how utterly hypocritical feminists are, how utterly against traditional Christian morality “modern women” have become. The sexual revolution was a women’s movement – women didn’t like the fact they were only allowed to have sex with their husbands. They wanted to take a turn gang banging the Hot But Sleazy Hipsters before they had to settle down with their boring but nice husbands. That’s why women freak the hell out about virginity – they don’t want to settle down before they get to “ride the carousel” and they will come up with all sorts of reasons why any man would avoid marrying a promiscuous women is really bad, in some way.

The difference is, no one has any problem pointing to bad behavior in men. A man cheats on his wife? We call him a cheating bastard. A woman cheats on her husband? Well, her husband must have done something bad. She wasn’t happy. He probably abused her.

White Knights are afraid to call out women on their bad behavior because they think if they never say anything bad to a woman it will get them laid. The big secret of “game” is that women actually love it when they are dragged off that pedestal and treated like the horny little things they are. The man that sees through a woman’s “shit tests” – that’s the kind of guy who gets laid like tile.

People who are obsessed with sluts, homos, and pedophiles are just that – people who are obsessed with aberrant sexuality. They are not more moral than others – quite the opposite. Remember when Pete Townshend was busted for child porn? What did he say? He was just doing it “for research.” You know, like guys read Playboy “for the articles.” Just like Ted Haggard was hanging around gay meth dealers to “tell them about Jesus.” Uh-huh. Sure thing.

Here’s my new rule. I read the Daily Stormer – if anything I write sounds anything like the Daily Stormer – I know I’m doing it wrong.

The Manosphere, Feminists, And Their Discontents

The internet selects for certain types of people. Introverts, firstly, and also people that like to read and write. Those with somewhat of an analytical bent. In the third generation of the Sexual Revolution, it was really only a matter of time until the “manosphere” happened.

Men bitching about women.

But as usual, yours truly – the White Henry Kissinger – will take the interests of my constituents and turn those interests into an agenda that can be acted upon. If you will notice, the manosphere has a few common complaints, some quite legitimate and others merely bitching.

First, let’s look at the legitimate complaints of the Men’s Rights Activist types: family and divorce court.

Men get shafted in family and divorce court. Collectively, as a culture, in a child custody dispute, we generally side with the mother. For very young children, this makes perfect sense. Certainly, if it’s a baby, still breast feeding, it must be with the mother, excepting some extremely negative situations. We generally leave boys in the custody of women until somewhere between the ages of seven and puberty. Alimony – a leftover from the days when women did not do wage work – just now gives women a financial incentive to divorce for “cash and prizes.” Women – being people – *just* people – respond to incentives like everyone else. The number one predictor of a woman divorcing is whether or not she will gain financially from it. If she will gain financially from a divorce, she might justify it with all sorts of reasons (unhaaaapiness, he looked at porn, “abuse,” etc.) but at the end of the day, she is divorcing because she has a financial incentive to do so.

However, other than that, there really are no “men’s rights” under fire in the modern world, as it relates to women. Domestic “abuse” is mostly bullshit. Here’s a fun experiment. Look at the campaign posters and images for “domestic abuse” and you’ll find it looks a hell of a lot like BDSM porn, doesn’t it? So for men to hop on this bandwagon of “domestic abuse” is honestly a pitiful thing. Sure, of course, women hit men, but if you are really cowering in fear from your woman, the problem is you being a pussy. Also true, if she’s the hitter, you’re still going to be blamed by the cops. So, you simply dump her cold. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

Men bitch about hypergamy. Women’s hypergamy can seem a bit unintuitive at first, but once you understand it it makes perfect sense. In a man, women want the best. The top dog. The “Alpha.” A woman will be perfectly happy if she has the top ranking man, the best looking, the richest, the tallest, the strongest. The man that dominates other men, that’s the man a woman wants.

Now, certainly, men want the best looking, the sexiest woman. But men have a built in need for variety in sex. There’s even an old saying, “look at the hottest woman and realize there is a man tired of putting up with her shit.” It’s called “The Coolidge Effect” and it has been scientifically studied. So, they hooked a bunch of college men to one of those machines that measures their erections. They showed them a porn movie, and the men got erections. While you hardly need an experiment to figure that out, what happened was the more the men watched that same film, the less erect they got. After watching the same film a few dozen times, the men barely got hard.

Yet the first time they were shown a *new* porn film, they all got just as erect as the first time. Men are programmed for variety, it’s nature.

Women are not polygamous like men, instead, they are hypergamous. A woman will be perfectly happy with her husband, but once her husband’s boss – or a hunky handyman – enters the picture, she will find all sorts of reasons to not be satisfied with her husband anymore. But she isn’t going to collect a bunch of boy toys the way men will collect hot yuong things – she just wants the one – the best one. If she has to share the best one with a few other women – so be it, that will just make him even more “alpha.” Hence, women really don’t have a problem being the member of a harem, as long as she is the harem slave of a top man, an “alpha.”

The other main complaint of the manosphere is “alpha fucks, beta bucks.” This is the supposed “strategy” of women, that when they are are young, sexy, and beautiful, they will ride the “cock carousel” – lots of sex with lots of sexy men, but “out of her league” relationship wise. They will fuck her, but won’t settle for a relationship with her. Then, after being rode hard and put away wet by the sexy hipster boys, when she starts to age and lose her looks, she’ll start looking for a “beta” – a “nice guy” – who will provide that stability, at the cost of not being the sexy assholes she used to service.

The manosphere types, especially the younger ones, have this revenge fantasy. When a woman is 30 and hits “the wall” she will come running to these “beta nice guys” and the manosphere types will say, “oh you want me now that I’m 30, making lots of money, and have a convertible? But in high school you gang banged the hockey team? No thanks, I won’t be your beta bucks!”

Again, this is a revenge fantasy, the reality is all those “betas” will, in fact, “wife up” an old whore the first chance they get. The manosphere is lots of big talk but that’s all that it is.

Of course, women go nuts when they see men figuring out their behavior. Women have all sorts of “legitimate” reasons why they engage in this behavior, but it is all so much “hamstering” – just post-hoc justifications for perfectly self-interested behavior.

What the feminists and the manosphere types – and especially the Christians and the church ladies – totally, utterly miss is the central thing that changed an age old mating culture for the Hookup Culture we have now – birth control.

Notice that billions and billions of pages are written about sex and no one ever mentions the technological advance that started it all – reliable, scientific birth control, from latext condoms to the pill to abortion. What did birth control change more than anything?

Again, it’s so simple it surprises me that everyone is so dim they never figured it out. Before birth control, men and women hit puberty, their sex drives ramped up, they would pair off, have sex, and have children. Birth control meant men and women could get sexual satisfaction without “worrying” about pregnancy. Since men don’t want to be cuckolds, generally speaking, once a woman has a child, she’s done. No other men really want her. The father of her children has her, she is his responsibility, along with his kids.

But thanks to birth control, women can gang bang all sorts of sexy guys without having to settle down with just one and have his family. Like the paradox of choice, now she can postpone the family formation for a long time – from 15 – 30 – and then pop out 1.5 kids – then divorce and shack up with a hunky handyman millionaire. Women want to “stay on the market” as long as possible because once she actually has a man’s kids, she is pretty much done and other men generally speaking don’t want her anymore.

Everything the manosphere bitches about is caused first and foremost by the reality of reliable, scientific birth control. Virginity? The age that women mate? The “alpha fucks, beta bucks” strategy? It’s all due to birth control.

Women, of course, will never admit this, and will continue to whine and bitch about porn, older men with younger women, “abuse,” sexism, “misogyny” and all the rest. But men themselves want to take advantage of this as well. Yours truly certainly had my fill of the Bad Girls on birth control – girls that were the type you bang, but most certainly not the type you impregnate.

So for all the fake “traditionalists” – men and women, the betas and the church ladies – if you really wanted to go back to the old ways, what would happen if there was no birth control?

Simple. Your 15 year old daughter would get “hot pants” and you’d marry her off before she got knocked up by the farm hand. She would have a lot of children and hopefully everyone would live happily ever after.

But be honest – neither men nor women really want that, family formation at a young age. Everyone wants to have fun in Slut Club first.

So, we will continue to have to listen to the whining of the “Betas” who never get laid, and the whining old Eldersluts who aged out of Slut Club and can’t find any decent “beta bucks” because these aging bitter “betas” will probably be into porn and sex dolls at that point anyway.

As for the “alphas” – no problem. As for the young hotties – no problem. As said in the film “Dazed and Confused:”

“That’s what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, and they stay the same age!”

Take You Home And Make You Like It

So, in the story of Amy and Shannon, the “Sisterhood” sort of has a problem. If you happen to sympathize with Shannon, you’ll blame the narrator character for being into “skanks” or “sluts.” But if you sympathize with Amy, you’ll blame the narrator for being exploitative, a rapist, or even a pedophile.

The Church Ladies might say, “you all should have waited until you were married,” but the Church Ladies are actively against young marriage anyway. So all they are really saying is “no sex!” Wait until you’re “ready” – which is a decade after you hit puberty. “And no foolin’ around, no porn, no nothing!”

What the Sisterhood and the Church Ladies agree on is that girls should not marry early and not have children early, but to keep their options open. In theory, they might tell the girls to avoid sex, but they know full well they can’t enforce that, that it is unnatural, so they will forgive the girls if they do, and just assume the naughty boys pressured them into it anyway.

Please notice that it’s women, not men, who slut shame. And women slut shame their sexual rivals. While Shannon was far too sweet of a girl to be overtly hostile to Amy, she most certainly slut shamed her in subtle ways.


And I’ll never forget the wistful, vaguely sad and disappointed way Shannon mentioned that all three of us – her best guy friends – we all went for a round with “Amy’s type.” I do think on some level, she realized that we were “saving her for marriage” – like I said, later her and I dated for a while and had sex, and she very well may have with one of the other guys, but while we were white hot sexually for Amy, we treated Shannon with kid gloves. We were saving her for marriage.

For Shannon, in some ways it was a compliment, but in other ways it was an insult. I mean, what did Amy have that Shannon didn’t have? Shannon was a bit better looking, certainly smarter, way more “classy.” But again, no one was talking about marriage here – we were “too young.” Neither girl wanted to be a teenage mother – that’s “too young.” So what else was there?

Well, there was “romance” – meaning, doing sweet things for Shannon, paying for dates, maybe writing her love letters.

Or, there was hot sex, blowjobs, kinky things, dirty things – on demand orgasms – from Amy. And since Shannon wanted in on the game too, eventually from her as well – a little less enthusiastically, a little more reserved, a little less dirty – but it all ended with us ejaculating somewhere in, or on, her body – just like it did with Amy.

I mean, what do you think was going to happen?

Marriage and family formation was not an option for at least another five years – and quite possibly ten years.

But it’s important to not miss the subtlety here.

I said Amy was the Bad Girl – the Whore. And she was – for me. Not necessarily for you. You may have had to buy her dinner and give her romance. But I didn’t. I was the guy she wanted to make come, I was the guy she wanted to see writhing in pleasure and I ejaculated down her throat, on her face, on her tits.

And I said Shannon was the Good Girl – the Madonna. And she was – for me. But I remember this one time, some guy friend of hers comes over, not part of our group. And this guy? 5 inches taller than me. Way better looking, way more “alpha.” Obviously from a rich family, drove an expensive car.

And the way Shannon looked at him? Shannon looked at this guy the way Amy looked at me. While Shannon may have been my Madonna, it’s quite likely that she was his Whore. Just like “alpha” and “beta” are situational, so are “Madonna” and “Whore.” I have a feeling that Shannon didn’t mind if this guy treated her like we treated Amy. I have a feeling that Shannon would do things just as dirty – and just as quickly – for this guy as Amy did for us.

So, again, the Sisterhood and the Church Ladies have a problem here. Because it’s been 50 years since birth control, and it’s been 50 years since the Sexual Revolution, and the secret’s out.

“Gotta be looking pure, kiss him goodbye at the door, and leaving him wanting more.”

That probably worked 50 years ago.

And you’ll also notice, no one – certainly not me – is saying anything hateful about either Amy or Shannon. These were both girls that I have fond memories of, along with a little tinge of heartbreak. They were just girls, they liked sex as much as anyone, and we all did just what came naturally.

But the third wave feminists are right, and in a sense, the Liberated Sluts were right. Because Amy and Shannon were using us sexually no less than we were using them. Amy and Shannon got off on the sex just as much as we did.


And while a lot of people paid lip service to the idea of chastity, in reality the “conservative” and Christian types were just being cruel – forbidding the girls to marry and have children when that is precisely what their bodies were ready for. And the liberal types – they said, have at it, have as much sex as you want – as long as you don’t actually marry and have children. And the liberals were waiting right there to “take care” of any pregnancy if it did happen.

You have to wonder if the adults – both sides – were sadists.

It was probably easy to figure out when she was 15 that Amy wasn’t going to go to college and become a lawyer. Boys who likely weren’t going to college were steered into vocational school to learn a trade at 16. With the right social support, Amy could have become a mother at 16, and raised a few white children. But everyone – right wing, left wing, conservative, Christian, liberal, secular – were all agreed.

According to all the adults, the WORST thing that could happen to Amy would be her becoming a teenage mother. That would “ruin her life” and “ruin her future” and she would be branded a failure and a loser.

So, she became a stripper instead.

These things are easier to predict than people are letting on. Looking back on it all, I don’t think either the Church or Planned Parenthood really gave a shit about girls like Amy. And while the church ladies and the feminists read something like this and demonize me, I can almost guarantee that I’m the only one actually taking Amy’s side in this situation.

Because the women, right wing and left wing, slut shamed Amy not because she was all that different than any other girl, they slut shamed her because they were her sexual rivals.

Let that sink in for a moment.

In the guise of preventing her from becoming a “teenage mother” what they were really doing is cock-blocking guys her age – or older than her – from having her. The Christians and the church ladies did so because they didn’t want a man to sexually enjoy a girl like Amy – out of sheer jealousy – and the left wingers didn’t mind Amy being a whore, as long as she didn’t actually reproduce and have children.

Don’t believe me? Just read this article. Let what this woman is saying sink in.


For a man, age brings success, wisdom, and the Hollywood-approved wrinkles of Robert Redford. And, while I too find that my career is on the up, it doesn’t matter, because time, for a woman, is hardly as kind as it is to a man. My career successes, my triumphs as a human being, are trumped by the fact my looks — and my ovaries — have a shelf life. Biology and Sociology 101.

You get that? It goes back to point number one, in the first article.

It’s this logic that has most of my 30-something guy friends dating girls fresh out of college. Girls who, in my experience, are less impressive, less striving, less volatile, less successful, less intimidating, less questioning, less pressing, less complex, less damaged, less opinionated, less powerful, less womanly. They are less, and, to a guy not ready for anything — like most of the guys I have dated in New York — less is more.

You see, men are valuing the wrong thing. While men really value youth and beauty – a proxy for fertility – the old, aging women are upset. They sure as hell weren’t going to settle down with some BOY who hadn’t established himself in his career. So they postponed marriage and family as long as possible. But then, when the men DO finally “make it” – well, the men with options go for a young, fertile girl.

But – what about all those old women? How come men aren’t MORE attracted to them the more “mileage” they have on them?

Next installment, I have a real life story of the Church Ladies – old wenches who pretend they are for marriage and family – doing their best to STOP a marriage and a family from forming, all due to sheer sexual jealousy.


And contra everything both the right and the left were telling us – one thing we all quickly noticed, both the boys and the girls. The more *unequal* the situation, the *hotter* the sex. The higher the status of the man compared to the woman, the stronger the orgasms for both. Some study once showed that you can predict how strong a woman’s orgasm will be by the price of the bed sheets. More expensive = stronger orgasm.

In fact, “equality” in the bedroom is about the least sexy thing ever, for the girl and the boy.

This fact leads to all sorts of interesting places.

But it’s one of those hilarious things, most women feel a strong need to pretend that isn’t the case. Women will usually keep that pretense up until the second their panties hits the floor.

“Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.” — Henry Kissinger

teen mom

Flowers – Liz Phair

Every time I see your face
I get all wet between my legs
Every time you pass me by
I heave a sigh of pain

Every time I see your face
I think of things unpure unchaste
I want to fuck you like a dog
I’ll take you home and make you like it

Everything you ever wanted
Everything you ever thought of is
Everything I’ll do to you
I’ll fuck you and your girlfriend too

Your face reminds me of a flower
Kind of like you’re underwater
Hair’s too long and in your eyes
Your lips a perfect suck me size

You act like you’re fourteen years old
Everything you say is so
Obnoxious, funny, true and mean
I want to be your blowjob queen

You’re probably shy and introspective
That’s not part of my objective
I just want your fresh young jimmy
Cramming slamming ramming in me

Every time I see your face
I think of things unpure unchaste
I want to fuck you like a dog
I’ll take you home and make you like it

Everything you ever wanted
Everything you ever thought of is
Everything I’ll do to you
I’ll fuck you ’til your dick is blue

Marry Fuck Kill

Henry Kissinger was asked what his job really was, what did it mean to be a “consultant” to the ruling class. Kissinger said his job was simple, he took the needs and interests of his clients, and articulated those needs and interests into an agenda that could be enacted.

Read it twice, it is a bit more subtle than it might appear on the surface.

I’ve always thought of myself as a natural negotiator. I was always the guy stopping fights and arguments, always the referee making sure people played fair. I like to think I have a fairly high level of emotional intelligence and I have an overabundance of empathy. Some of the women commenters are probably rolling their eyes, but if I sound like some mean misogynist online, trust me, in real life I’m considered quite charming.

So once, Ryu claimed that I was “the best White Nationalist Pick-Up Artist in history.” It’s always hard to tell exactly how to take Ryu, but I’m just going to take it mostly at face value, and as an obvious backhanded compliment.

Now, being that I am a guy, I implicitly understand “the men’s side” when it comes to the battle of the sexes, but the fact I have an overabundance of empathy and have been so “successful” with women shows I must have a sort of intuitive understanding of the other side as well. So, in a sense, it makes me a kind of objective observer, or at the least, a judge or a referee that may not be completely impartial, but at least can look at both sides. And like Kissinger, I am going to attempt to take the needs and interests of both sides and articulate that into an actionable agenda for my clients – white men and women of childbearing years.

If you are a woman that is not having kids, or any more kids, and are not interested in what your kids are doing reproductive wise, this isn’t directed towards you. Don’t read any further. If you are a man that has no interest in ever having kids, a “Man Going Their Own Way” or a player that got a vasectomy or something, or if you’re already a father and aren’t interested in more kids – go away. This isn’t for you.

On the other hand, if you’re a young white man or a young white woman, I can honest to God help with this problem, because it is sort of my specialty, in a sense.

So, in the last installment, I told the story of two girls, one that I just wanted to bang, and one that I just wanted to marry. So what is the difference? The other part of the previous installment discussed the technological advance of birth control, and how that sparked the Sexual Revolution, collapsed white fertility, and changed the previous cultural institutions that regulated the relations between men and women.

So, first, let’s look at sex. Why the hell would Amy, the 15 year old girl, want to have sex with a 16 year old hipster? Why would Amy be so easy, at such a young age, for a guy that was clearly only using her for sex?

The obvious answer is that Amy thought I was a “bad boy.” You see, I was the kind of guy you bang, but not the guy you marry. The manosphere types call this being the “alpha fucks” not the “beta bucks” and it’s clear by that terminology alone that they are more interested in being the “alpha fucks” rather than the “beta bucks.”

However – what made me the “bad boy” was not that she just wanted to fuck me, but would marry a “better” guy, it’s that she knew full well that I would never take her seriously, that I was, in a real sense, “out of her league.” When I did start to “take her seriously” and when I did start to develop some romantic feelings about her – she dried up, quick like, and moved on. When I was just using her for sex, I was a hot sexy bad boy. When I started to take her somewhat seriously, I lost a lot of the sexual appeal, because there was a possibility that I would settle for a girl like her. For no other reason that I was getting laid on a regular basis, I started to have feelings for Amy.

Amy knew perfectly well that I was “out of her league” when it came to something that, at the time, I didn’t have a clue about. And it’s also why I had that urge to “save Shannon for marriage.”

It was a combination of sexual maturity and social class.


You see, Amy was kind of trashy. Her parents were divorced, her father was an alcoholic, her older brother had been arrested several times, and her mother didn’t have any college education. I came from a solidly middle class family, intact, church goers, both parents college educated.

And Shannon was even one class above me; her parents were also married, college educated, church goers, but lived in a nicer neighborhood and her dad made more money than my dad. Her mother was more “sophisticated” socially than my mother.

And, while Amy was likely at her very sexiest, and her best looking, at 15-19, Shannon – although by anyone’s standard a very attractive 16 year old girl – really hit her strike in her mid 20s. When I saw her the very last time, when she was about 24 – wearing this little black dress – yeah, my eyes popped out of my head. I immediately thought to myself – how the hell did I let that one get away?

The last time I saw Amy, when she was about 25, she had horrific tattoos, a nose ring, a fucked up haircut, and worked as a stripper.

So at the time, even though I really didn’t have any conscious understanding of this, I was at least subconsciously aware of the “status” game and did what all men have done, throughout history. I used the girls beneath me in class as concubines, and the girls equal or above me in class as potential wives, or “official girlfriends” the kind you might introduce to your family.

But, you see, there’s another sort of paradox here.

The hottest sex is often the kind where there is more social distance between the two people. That’s why women will turn into instant sluts for a Hollywood celebrity. Sort of like how electricity works, the more potential difference there is, the greater the current. And sex with Amy was super hot because she was fucking me because of my status, as a slightly better looking, smarter, more popular, more educated guy than she could “keep” as a boyfriend. She knew that if she was just a super-slut, she could land me temporarily at least, and have bragging rights. It’s really no overstatement to say that Amy “serviced” me sexually.

And the second I turned even slightly “beta” – the second I showed the slightest bit of feelings for a lower class slut like her, the second the heat went away. A year or so after we stopped fucking, she went and fucked – only one time – a friend of ours that looked kind of like me, but he was slightly better looking, slightly taller, slightly more popular, slightly more masculine.

Amy admitted to me, she always wanted to fuck that guy, and she got to fuck him just one weekend, and all she did was pleasure him, but she got what she wanted and was quite happy that she did.

I, of course, took rigorous precautions with Amy, and I always used a condom when I ejaculated in her vagina. But it was usually more fun – for both of us – for me to ejaculate in her mouth. Because that’s where the power exchange came into play. That’s the kind of birth control you used before the era of BC pills and condoms, right?

Before BC pills, before condoms, and before Roe vs. Wade, neither Amy nor I would have risked some affair, because she might have wound up a single mother and I might have wound up with a bastard kid. But now that sex was decoupled from reproduction – and now that the Sexual Revolution had loosened the standards of acceptable sexual conduct, we were able to slut in up all through high school, with nary a worry about an unplanned pregnancy. In the case it ever happened, we had a highly visible group of upper class, educated women that ran Planned Parenthood and existed precisely to make sure that girls like Amy didn’t actually reproduce.

Now, while Shannon did have sex, she just wasn’t as slutty as Amy. She was a lot more selective and didn’t want to just “service” some guy. She wanted to be an official girlfriend to someone. She wanted some romance. She wanted some status. And – in the era before birth control – I would have lined up to marry Shannon because I could only get sex from one girl – my wife – and it would result in children.

But, of course, Shannon – being a smart, ambitious woman who did not want to be a teenager mother, didn’t really want to settle down or have children until at least the age of 22, maybe even 25.

Well, in the meantime – in the first DECADE of Shannon’s sexual maturity, at the height of Shannon’s beauty and fertility – from 15-25 – Shannon was hoping to get romance and sex from a few different boys until she picked the best one and got married.

But, you know, what really happened was while sex with Shannon was reward enough for the guys she wanted, the guys she wanted – being naturally polygamous – already had access to a whole, lower strata of girls quite willing to be sex toys. It didn’t matter for the boys, because neither Amy nor Shannon were interested in settling down and having children. Girls just wanna have fun, and now thanks to birth control, the boys and girls could.

So, when choosing between different girls – since family formation was off the table – it became, you know, which girl sucked dick better.

I actually don’t think that’s what Planned Parenthood and the Birth Control movement had in mind.

But consider this saying from the Necronomicon:

“Each Thing Evokes Its Opposite.”

Fuck, Marry, Kill is a party game in which the participant is presented with the names of three individuals, each of whom he or she must choose to kill, ask to marry or have sex with.