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Women Wear Makeup And Sexy Clothes Because Men Play Hard To Get


I know it may be an unpopular opinion here, but if women have been dressing to attract men in one way or another for the last couple hundred years in western civilization, it’s because they find the men hard to attract. If it was easy, they wouldn’t go through all the bother. If all women took off their makeup and dressed in average clothes, only a small percentage would be considered good-looking by men. Women did not dress in a fashion to sexually attract men back in the day of the arranged marriage. They used to dress more modestly back in the Middle Ages and in previous times. They only started really dressing up once they were expected to find their mates themselves because they felt it wouldn’t work otherwise.

The goal isn’t just to attract a man’s eyes, it’s to get him to make a commitment to marriage. The latter has always been hard for woman. Before the modern era, young people went through a long engagement to find out whether they were compatible or not, and engagements were still broken right and left in those days. In this era, plenty of men refuse to marry or have kids if they can get sex for free without a commitment. The financial investment women make in trying to get a commitment out of a man has always been huge in proportion to her income, when you add in the amount of money spent on clothes, jewelry, hair, and makeup, much of it purchased on a young girl’s working salary, which is never that high at any sort of starter job. In the days of the arranged marriage, many men would refuse to commit if it wasn’t for a financial sum given to him provided by her family, which was called a dowry. Marriage has always been harder for women to achieve than a lot of men understand.

— “Anon”


Don’t make me sing this part of the song,
The lyrics are so bad, so we’re going to skip ahead
To the single ladies part instead…

— Nataly Dawn, Pomplamoose, “Single Ladies”

Which Way, White Man?


The Kallikak Family: A Study in the Heredity of Feeble-Mindedness was a 1912 book by the American psychologist and eugenicist Henry H. Goddard. The work was an extended case study of Goddard’s for the inheritance of “feeble-mindedness,” a general category referring to a variety of mental disabilities including mental retardation, learning disabilities, and mental illness. Goddard concluded that a variety of mental traits were hereditary and society should limit reproduction by people possessing these traits.

Why The Accusations Against Roy Moore Are Probably True

Of course they are politically timed, and of course his political enemies are the ones promoting the story, but that doesn’t change the fact they are almost certainly true.

According to the story, at around 30 years of age Roy Moore courted a number of young women from 16-18. He eventually married a woman 12 years his junior. This is normal male behavior and it’s clearly a pattern for him.

One of the women, 16, wanted to date him but her mother forbade it because he was too old for her. Another of the women, 17, did date him, described him as “romantic” and her mother said she was “lucky” to have his interest. Moore was an up and coming politician, a home town boy made good, and was described as handsome. There’s another incident of him chatting up a girl at 14 then asking her out later at 16.

The real scandal is the 14 year old girl at the center of the scandal. He meets her when her mother is waiting for a child custody hearing at the courthouse: in other words, the alleged 14 year old victim came from a broken home. Exactly the sort of girl that would be a target for predation.

She claims he picked her up “around the corner” from her parent’s house. Unlike the girls he was actually courting and considering for marriage, he allegedly drives the 14 year old girl straight to his house, gives her alcohol, strips her down to her bra and panties, feels her up and tries to get her to feel him up. He does not rape her, he doesn’t go “below her underwear” and drives her home when she asks.

This makes the story much more believable because “heavy petting” would be exactly the “line” that someone in that culture wouldn’t necessarily cross. Two other women, friends of the alleged victim, went on the record saying that she told them she was “seeing” an “older man” and at least one said she named him: Roy Moore.

We have no problem believing all the stories about the Hollywood moguls like Weinstein, the “male feminists” and their bizarre and passive aggressive behavior towards women, and no one is at all surprised that Kevin Spacey likes “chicken” and is aggressive and engages in assault – and years ago an internet commenter on reddit claims to have witnessed him engaging in sexual behavior with very young “pubescent” boys in Thailand. Spacey was also on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express” plane.

Few have expressed doubt that Bill Clinton may have been having sex with Epstein’s teenage prostitutes/”sex slaves” – we’ve seen the picture of Prince Edwards with the then 16 year old Virginia at the center of the Epstein case. Few expressed doubts about this because it fits exactly the profile of these people. This is exactly how we expect “male feminists” to behave and it’s how we expect wealthy sociopaths like Bill Clinton to behave.

Well, this behavior fits the Christian conservative subculture that Moore is a part of. The choice of targets, the fact that it didn’t escalate beyond “heavy petting.” The fact is that Moore’s entire political shtick has been using a particular version of “Christian” sexual “repression” – that is virtually a mirror image of the “male feminists” the “Jewish moguls” and the “liberal’s” version of “sexual liberation.

Watch this famous video of an Evangelical preacher in Alabama named Paul Washer. Notice that sexual shaming used against teenagers just on the cusp on adolescence when they are first starting to develop a serious sex drive.

There is no healthy sexuality here. There is no promotion of marriage. There is no acknowledgement of the sex drive as “God’s plan for marriage.” Instead, it’s literally making horny teenagers feel bad for being horny teenagers. In fact, after watching a number of Paul Washer videos, my impression is that he is a typical sociopath, a high functioning emotional “abuser” (for lack of a better word.) He’s highly emotive but in way that seems clearly feigned – and highly practiced. Remember, sociopaths are often far more charismatic – and far more “sexy” – than emotionally normal people. They do not have normal emotions and no empathy for others, but highly functioning sociopaths are often quite good at feigning normal emotions.

Roy Moore’s pattern of behavior – and the behavior he is being accused of – matches PRECISELY with the negative sexual patterns of conservative Christian subcultures. It is not the same as the negative sexual patterns of feminists, homosexuals, the “sexual liberated” nor Jews with hostility to “shiksas.” No, this is the negative sexual patterns that are common to conservative subcultures.

Growing up, I have not only witnessed this exact same pattern of behavior of conservative religious men towards teenage girls, I’ve heard numerous stories from teenage girls and older women from that subculture describing this pattern of behavior from older conservative Christian men.

If she had claimed he took it out and jerked off into a potted plant – that would totally be unbelievable. If she said he held her down and raped her, that wouldn’t have been believable. If she was, say, a black prostitute that claimed Moore had paid her to pee on him, that would sound like a political hit.

But an up and coming powerful man with a pattern of courting teenage girls and women, who engages in “heavy petting” with a particularly vulnerable girl – but doesn’t actually rape her and won’t even take it to the level of sex (only “above the underwear”) – that fits the pattern.

Monogamy was always a balance of the sexual and reproductive interests of men and women. Young marriage is a good and healthy social practice – and a man like Moore marrying a woman a decade younger than him is not particularly scandalous to my mind.

But the problem with Christians (and considering the previous post, I’ll include Mormons here) is that they often can only rely on shame to repress young sexuality. They have no way of discussing sexuality and thus revert to a very simplistic mechanisms to keep teenagers from doing what comes naturally. It typically worked – when you have segregation of the sexes and young, companionate marriages.

But add in a power imbalance and an inability to deal forthrightly with biological reality, and you have just the situations that Moore is accused of engaging in. It’s understandable too that Moore is being attacked by the people most opposed to his conservative sexual morals, but that doesn’t change the fact that what he is being accused of is precisely the type of behavior one would expect of just such a man.

Catholic priests were able to get away with buggering the altar boys for close to ONE THOUSAND YEARS, and despite dozens of reformers, dissidents, and actually chaste Catholics complaining about it, it was only AFTER the “gay liberation movement” forced the uncomfortable issue into the public discussion that the victims could, in fact, complain about it, be heard, and believed.

Strom Thurmond had a black daughter. Of COURSE plenty of Southern plantation masters had sex with the prettiest of their black slaves. The power imbalance makes the sex ULTRA-HOT.

Of course Weinstein liked to humiliate “shiksas” that needed him to help their careers. Of COURSE some goofball like Louis CK likes to jerk off in front of women. Of COURSE “male feminists” are some of the biggest creeps – and rapiest rapers – of all.

And of course powerful men in sexually closed religious subcultures are going to be attracted like moths to a flame to vulnerable young girls – the power difference makes it all so ultra-hot.

The solution is NOT “sexual liberation” nor is it “sexual repression.” The solution is a frank recognition of biological reality, and a civil society that recognizes that biological reality, and can steer these natural biological forces into socially productive – and biologically reproductive – ways.

If the Christian sexual repression was a workable system, it wouldn’t have been overturned so easily by the sexual revolutionaries and the pornographers. And if sexual liberation was a workable system, we wouldn’t see the barely 50 years old sexual liberation movement collapsing on itself over and over again.

The Concubine Class

Chicks dig power; power, specifically, a power differential, is at the core of women’s sexuality.

The Christian manosphere types came up with the acronym LAMPS, later changed to the more Biblical PSALMS, to describe what women find attractive in men. I always think it’s funny, because what women find attractive in men is obvious to all women, and perhaps even most men. But clueless guys are always saying, “damn it she keeps on fucking all those assholes that don’t really care about her!”

So LAMPS, Looks, Athleticism, Money, Power and Status.

Think of yoga. Yoga chicks are hot, right? It’s sexy to see them doing all their poses, right? In high culture, perhaps the ultimate woman is the ballerina, and in the modern Olympics, it’s the figure skater. That is the sort of athleticism we expect in our women.

What about men? Also easy. What is the most popular sport in the world? Soccer. You think that when girls look at European soccer players, they aren’t getting randy and having sexy thoughts? So, looks and athleticism, athleticism simply being the beauty of the body. Beauty. Women like beauty in men, same as men like in women.

I know, these manosphere guys are like autistic, but hey, I’m just trying to help.

Now this is what the “betas” hate. Women love *power* – that’s the other part. Money, Power, and Status.

Ok, so status. Think about college. Which men have status in the college? Well, the hockey players, the White athletes. The rich guys. You know, like the frat boys. Is it any surprise that it’s frat boys that college girls have sexual fantasies about? They are not fantasizing about servicing the Audio Visual club or the Sociology department. They are fantasizing about servicing the frat boys on the Lacrosse team.

So, chicks form sororities.

See, this is the most sexist thing I’m ever going to say. Women mimic men in this hilarious way. Remember when you were kids, and some girl was a “tomboy” and liked to roughhouse with the boys? So, these college girls see men forming the Male Hierarchy: the sports team, the fraternity, etc. So women, engaging in what is, essentially, cargo-cult masculinity, say, “well the boys formed a hierarchy, we can too!” So they make a “sorority” which is just a group of girls mimicking what they see boys doing.

Then, the sororities hold parties and invite fraternity boys so the boys will fuck them. Which they do.

So, then you graduate. Imagine you are a typical White man, 25 years old. Let’s say you have a job, and you work long hours, working on getting a promotion, and a raise, and saving up your money until you establish yourself.

Well, you’re 25 right? You are going to get horny. But you don’t have time for a wife, or even a girlfriend really. You aren’t ready to marry and have a family – at 25? That’s crazy too young, right?

So what are you going to do? Well, you are going to avail yourself of the Concubine Class.

So, women see men getting jobs at these corporations, and they engage in cargo-cult masculinity and mimic what they see the men doing. So the men go work for these corporations. So the girls want to as well. So they get a job as a secretary, or in the Human Resources Department. These girls may or may not be smart, but they don’t have any clue what they are doing, generally. They would almost certainly be happier as a wife and mother, but unfortunately, the boys that are in their league, looks wise, status wise … CLASS WISE … are actually making less than them, or have jobs seen as lower status than them. Their potential boyfriends might be plumbers or something, while they wear sharp looking blouses and skirts to work.


Since women get aroused by power differentials, they want a man who is:

Better looking than them (Looks)

Has a beautiful, masculine body (Athleticism)

and has more Money, Power, and Status than her.

How many men can actually fulfill those requirements?

Not many.

So, the handful of men that DO fulfill those requirements, what do you think they are going to do?

Well, the are going to see these girls as the Concubine Class.

Which they are.

It gets even more interesting when you add race into the mix. So once I had this hot little 21 year old Indian chick. Believe me, I have no fetish for Indian chicks and really do not find most of them attractive. This girl was. Come on, I’m probably 28, and some young little thing right out of college starts throwing herself at me. I actually used to go out the side entrance to avoid her. Young girls, being dumb, don’t even realize how transparent they are when it comes to flirting.

So, all of the Indian guys see her chatting me up, so what do you think they think?

They are thinking, “goddamn Americanized whore!”

What are the Indian chicks thinking? They are thinking, “By the many arms of Vishnu, I’d love nothing more than to bag one of these White American men, think of how light skinned my kids would be!”

Of course, the typical White guy isn’t really interested in having little brown babies. But some slightly off-color poon? An exotic concubine for a weekend?

Yeah, maybe, you know.

But even in an all white context, the end of monogamy has singnaled a new sexual regime, and funnily enough, it looks a lot like the traditional sexual regime. Men at he top of the hierarchy of Money Power Status have themselves, essentially, a harem. Usually it’s one at a time, but you’d be surprised.

Now, of course, women think that they are just playing the game too. Girls just wanna have fun, and plenty of these boys are not marriage material anyway. They are not Mr. Right, they are Mr. Right Now.

But girls can only play this game for 15 years. From the age of 15, to the age of 30, that is pretty much all they got. Then, they are regulated to second stringers as the new crop of hotties comes of age.

Guys have about, er I dunno, from 15 to 40? 50? At age 50, you know, you just give the 20 something keys so she and her girlfriends can use the pool when you’re away. Either her, or one of her girlfriends, will do what is necessary to keep access to that money, power, and status. Even if it’s some old dude. And I guess once a man really ages out, like Bill Clinton, he’ll just move to call girls.

This is, after all, the actual Traditional Arrangment. The men at the top have always been polygamous. In the Muslim world, men can have up to four wives. Does anyone doubt some Chinese businessman living in Hong Kong has a few Chinese hotties adorning his yacht?

So you see, when you look at those girls at Spring Break, dancing around in their bikinis, you can tell where you stand by your reaction to it.

If your reaction is, “damn it women these days are such sluts. Are there any decent girls left? How am I going to find a wife if all these girls are slutting around in their bikinis at Spring Break?” that means you see these women as the Wife Class.

If your reaction is, “the one of the left. Let’s hire her as an intern after classes” that puts a whole new spin on it, doesn’t it? You see these women as the Concubine Class. You do, or will, have enough power and status and money to be attractive to these women. If you have looks and athleticism too, you get the cream of the crop – not just young concubines, but particularly hot young concubines.

All the career gals saying “well women like sex too. Women don’t have to be married. Women can have a rewarding career.” Ok sure, but you know what? Most people, men nor women, don’t have great careers. Most people kind of hate their jobs. Most women do not, in fact, have fabulous careers where they “lean in” and finally break that glass ceiling and get the corner office.

Come on. And even the tiny few women that do, they get so angry and write so many articles on the internet saying, “well, the men my age at my salary level, they are too busy fucking girls right out of college! And they aren’t even settling down anyway! It’s so sexist! Sure that girl may be 22, have a perfect body, and will fuck his brains out every day, but I have a freaking Master’s Degree and even make as much money as him!”


Traditionally, what women did was to support a system of monogamy. They could never and will never enforce monogamy on the top men, but they can get most men to settle down and become husbands and fathers. But the more concubines there are, the fewer men are going to settle for monogamy.

Of course, there is an easy, simple solution. Girls need to get married right after high school. A girl needs to be married by 21. She needs to pop out two kids immediately thereafter. This “catches” the man for life. There is no reason girls have to go to college before they have a family. You can go to college at 28 instead of 18. Do family first, then get the degree.

But let’s be honest – it’s actually rather exciting to be a concubine isn’t it?

Ask a typical guy, would you rather have one average looking wife, or have three good looking college girls waiting for you when you came home?

Everyone understands the deal.

But as a typical woman, would you rather have one average Joe husband, or would you like to have a torrid affair with a wealthy, mysterious man of means before you settle down with average Joe?

Guys get real butthurt when they find out her answer is about like his.

Those good looking, wealthy men of means, something like Spring Break is just a menu to them. “I’ll take that one, that one, and that one.” The manosphere guys are young, you can tell, because they see these things through a young man’s eyes. They are looking for girls in their class, that class being socio-economic as well as looks. But for upper class men, the prole women are concubines, and they always have been.

When the middle and working classes had a system of monogamy, there were few concubines available. Oh, believe me, they were still there it just hadn’t become institutionalized. Spring Break is institutionalizing the Concubine Class.

Because women love power, the men who have power are the men that the women want.

People who see this through the lens of morality are missing the greater point. The Concubine Class is emerging out of the former middle class. The male peers of these girls are simply not going to be economically able to be fathers, so the girls that otherwise would have married these men are going to go to college and start “careers.”

As was said recently, these are Pink Collar jobs. But they pay as much, if not more, than the jobs that the male peers of these women would get.

Who is creating these Pink Collar jobs?

Well, surprise surprise. It’s men with money, and they want to hire your daughter to come work for them.

What happens when one nation occupies another? What happened when Germany invaded France, and France lost? Well, all of a sudden French women took quite a shine to those handsome Germans in their spiffy uniforms, eh?

I remember when the stories emerged out of Iraq. One of the military contractors had set up a system. Blowjobs from local Iraqi girls: one dollar. Girls from teenager to 20 somethings. It was a scandal because it even involved some officers.

I just read that after their defeat, the Japanese immediately set up brothels for the occupying Americans. They “got out in front” of the problem. Anytime you have a bunch of high testosterone men from one group lording it over another group, the women from the defeated group become the Concubine Class for the victorious group. They didn’t want American soldiers seducing and raping Japanese women randomly, so they recruited a Concubine Class to contain the problem. You gotta give the Japanese credit, they know how to solve problems.

The fact that we have “loose morals” these days and the fact we have reliable birth control certainly has an impact, and makes the situation a bit more extreme, but this is not a new pattern. It has always been this way.

So if you are the father of a daughter, it really would make sense to decide if you want your daughter to become a Wife, or a Concubine.

Don’t “let her make her own decisions about her own body” – LOL what a fucking joke. She is not going to make good decisions based on long term goals. She is going to get horny around all that power and won’t even understand what comes over her.

Blogger Heartiste recently had an article about seducing “prole girls.” He mentioned how you could go to some small town, and signal that you have an exciting, fancy job in the city. It’s just a blatant power display, it’s no different than flexing your muscles or her bending over and showing her ass.

Can upper class, white collar guys go to some small town and seduce prole girls? Of course, it’s the easiest thing in the world. In fact, you can see how, in some ways, the manosphere is creating it’s own Concubine Class from the ruins of the former White American middle class.

It’s becoming institutionalized.

Neat huh?

I’m not a progressives, progressives believe that history is linear, it goes from bad and primitive and progresses to good and sophisticted. As a traditionalist, I realize that history goes in cycles; groups vie for power, some groups defeat other groups. History doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme.

Why I Don’t Do Outrage Porn


Some guys go to Spring Break and have sex with these girls. This makes the guys who don’t get to have sex very jealous. But of course, if they were good looking enough and had enough “game” they would have sex with these girls too. So they really can’t blame the men that do this.

So, they blame the women for having sex with other men.

It must have been my first experience of “Slut Shaming.” So, anyway, I was fucking this guy’s girlfriend. We had spent half a week at my place humping away. This girl was a really sexy little thing too. Blonde hair, blue eyes, teenie tiny with a cute little round bottom and perky tits. Goodness, I loved fucking this girl.

So anyway one day her boyfriend realizes what’s going on so he comes over to my place. He says, “oh so you’re the one fucking her now, huh? Well congratulations.” I mean, I felt bad for the guy, but I didn’t go out of my way to seduce his girlfriend. She saw me once, phoned around all her friends to find out my phone number, calls me up say she wants to “hang out” and she comes over. We go to my bedroom, she pulls out some weed and rolls a joint. We smoke it.

So, she lies back on the bed and just looks at me. I figure, hey, she called me, she smoked me out, now she’s laying in my bed. I guess she wants to make out. So, I kiss her, we start making out then start ripping each other’s clothes off and start fucking. I mean, I knew she had a boyfriend, but you know, she was really super-duper cute and I was a horny teenager.

So anyway, her boyfriend doesn’t really seem mad at me, honestly. But he starts screaming at her, calling her a slut, etc. etc. I mean, he did have a point. She was his “girlfriend” and she didn’t even bother to tell him they were “breaking up” so she could have sex with hotter men. So he gets his yell on, and at some point I’m like, “ok dude enough. Sorry it didn’t work out.” So he drives away, then his girlfriend and I fuck again. I couldn’t help myself, I just sort of fell over and my dick went in her pussy by accident. It wasn’t slutty because it didn’t count, we barely knew each other.

So that thread on the Daily Stormer, it follows the same pattern most of this “outrage porn” does. You can smell the beta butthurt as all of these guys are getting boners looking at all these hot drunk girls in bikinis. They want nothing more than to fuck these girls, but they can’t. So they start calling these girls sluts.

Which they are – don’t get me wrong. They showed up to Spring Break and got drunk so they could get fucked silly by guys they don’t know. It doesn’t count if you’re in another state. Girls just wanna have fun.

Then, of course, inevitably the women show up. They start whining at the men. The typical woman says something like, “well you men go after these sluts, so what do you expect? If you wanted smart intelligent women with a brain in their head you would go to the library or something.” But of course that’s just silly. The real purveyors of the Madonna/Whore axis are women. They are always saying that it is those other girls that are sluts. And as one of the commenters said, these girls are above average in attractiveness, they are the daughters of the upper middle class, and while obvious in their drunken state they aren’t going to be discussing the finer points of Edith Wharton, but they are probably above average in IQ too.

Chances are, the typical Daily Stormer commenter is not as smart, not as rich, and not as good looking as the men and women at Spring Break.

All women are sluts, really, at least all women like sex and now that they have reliable birth control they are going to fuck at least a few different men before they hopefully find one who will stick around. If this was a problem, and people wanted this problem solved, they would.

They would be doing what Scott over at the courtshippledge website is doing. Finding families with marriageable boys and girls and hooking them up together. Really, it’s not very complicated. When it comes to teenagers and young adults, you pretty much just stick them in a room and nature will work it out naturally. If you want them to be married first, get a dress and say the vows first, but it all ends the same.

But White fathers, at least of the middle classes, really don’t seem to want their daughters to get married and have their grandchildren. No men are good enough for them, so they just sort of look the other way as their daughters slut it up with boys. Once she actually marries, she’s not daddy little girl anymore so these fathers postpone that as long as possible. Delayed marriage = unmarried sex. Duh. This isn’t rocket science.

But White Nationalists – at least the comedy/Daily Stormer version – don’t really care about marriage, they just like pointing and gawking at “degeneracy.” They go and find videos of slutty girls. They go and look for mudsharks (it’s that cuck fetish, white guys fantasizing about Negroes fucking their girlfriends.) Sometimes they look for pictures of Gay Pride parades and point and gawk and dudes in buttless chaps wearing makeup. They also love Negro crime and videos like at HipHopStar.com showing blacks acting ghetto.

This is the kind of thing that DS types enjoy – it is their hobby. It is not in any way done because they care about White people and feel that sexual liberation is hurting White families.

No, they do it because they love to stroke their outrage boners.

Think about this. Men only need *ONE* wife. That means each of these men only needs to find *ONE* single White girl who isn’t a slut. But I’m guessing that they are not actually looking for a White woman to wife up. They are looking for degeneracy. They are looking for sluts. They are looking for mudsharks. They are looking for queers. They are looking for ghetto Negroes.

It’s their hobby.

I’m not trying to stop them or anything. They can have at it. But I don’t see how it helps anything. It doesn’t solve a problem. It does not convince the undecided. It doesn’t make White people care about themselves as a group and recognize their own group interest.

Because it’s not supposed to. It is merely there to generate an outrage boner so they can stroke away.

Downton Abbey

So I’m through Season 3 of Downton Abbey. The typical critics are up in arms about it and the fact it is an international sensation. The leftists of the Labor party are steaming mad that the international audience prefers the stately, classist, “reactionary” Britain of old to the multi-cultural, globalist Commissar state of Political Correctness that they have transformed Great Britain into.

Of course, the entire show is about old fashioned men having to get with the times of Women’s Libbers and their “liberated sexuality” and they even throw in gay rights for good measure. Thankfully, so far, they haven’t forced any Magic Negroes on the audience, yet, although the matriarch is said to be a half-jewess.

All the best characters are uber-reactionaries and elitist snobs, of course. The old lady Dowager Countess basically steals every scene and even the IRA rebel and middle class heir evolve into responsibility-accepting oligarchs.

The best part about it though was the absolute business-like way marriage is done. The women approach marriage as an economic proposition – the duty of family is what is important, if the marriage happens to develop into a loving relationship with good sex, it’s all gravy. On the other hand, there is a nod to actual women’s sexuality, the eldest daughter hops right into bed with the first handsome (white) Turk that sneaks into her bedroom, but instead of crying “rape” she readily admits it was consensual.

Yes, I know, I always very late with these reviews but at my age I’m far behind the times when it comes to popular entertainment.

Why They Hate 50 Shades Of Grey

Mr. Grey: “I could hold you to some impossibly high ideal, like Angel Clare, or I could debase you completely, like Alec d’Urberville.”

Anastasia: “Well, if there’s only two options, I take debasement.”

The film version of 50 Shades of Grey came out this weekend, and the media, online and off, is in full hate mode. Full disclosure: I’ve never read it. But my lady friend did, and her opinion was the typical one: poorly written and kind of goofy. I think she was upset it wasn’t really racy enough. For all of the brouhaha about the BDSM, apparently Mr. Grey didn’t even spank Ana all that much.


On reddit’s conspiracy section, someone asked: why all this hate toward some silly romance novel? The hate and “controversy” over what amounts to “Wuthering Heights with spanking” is somewhat astounding. I realize some in the White Nationalist crowd get their klan robes in a bunch over anything sexual that isn’t married missionary position. Forget the queers and the sluts – even a husband tying up his wife is “degenerate” and caused by “jew porn” and yet another sign of the Total Collapse Of Western Society And Christendom. So, our friends over at the Daily Stormer have added BDSM to their long list of “degeneracy” along with the homos and sluts and miscegenators.

The manosphere types, especially the Christians, often mention that feminism has infected even the right wing conservatives and the Church. White men are “White Knights” – especially the older generation – and automatically cater to whatever women want, acting like “manginas.”

I would posit it’s all of a piece. Sure, traditional conservatives and Christians are not “feminist” in the cultural Marxist sense of the word; believing that women and men are separate “social classes” engaged in the “class struggle” of oppressors vs. the oppressed. But there is a wide and deep habit of “White Knighting” in traditionalist circles – and it is absolutely related to the bizarre hatred toward 50 Shades of Grey – a silly piece of erotica with some spanking and bondage, after all.

Not only does feminism “shame” male sexuality – we’re all rapists, wife beaters and we “objectify” women’s bodies, after all – but so does conservatism and modern Christianity. For the right-wingers, feminists are correct that men are deeply afraid of women’s sexuality. But it’s for a good reason.

If men really knew what turns women on, civilization would come to a halt, because so much of civilization is based on chivalry and wanting to believe that women tend toward monogamy and are attracted to “good men.”

They are not. Quite the opposite, in fact.

When men discuss their own sexuality, they quite often focus on how shallow it is – a nice pair of tits and a round ass. Men will go on and on about how they will “fuck anything that moves” and how men are all “sluts.” But these same men project this quite Victorian notion onto women. You see this in the worst parts of the manosphere, who really do believe – and the feminists have them correctly pegged here – that women want to “trade sex for resources.” The man provides the “resources” and the women pay for it with sex – which the man wants, and the women don’t, really.

Then, when these manosphere men look at how women actually behave – quite the opposite of their Victorian fantasy – they get angry and resentful. They drag the women down from that pedestal they placed her on and disparage her as a “hypergamous slut.”

I feel for women, I really do, because they are only allowed to be a Madonna, or a Whore. There’s never anything in between.


Of course, the feminists hate 50 Shades of Grey because Ana is submissive and Mr. Grey is dominant. It’s essentially a Patriarchal Rape Fantasy, and feminists hate women’s sexuality even more than Conservative men do. The same feminists that hate the idea of 50 Shades would be praising a similar novel up and down if the roles were reversed. If it was a high powered woman CEO Dominatrix that loves to spank young studly pool boys, the feminists would love it (even though it would leave them drier than the Sahara Desert.) But the fact the novel essentially portrays traditional roles – the man is powerful, the woman is submissive – they hate it.

You will find the worst hate coming from the uber-feminist “BDSM Community.” The “BDSM Community” has done nothing but shriek about 50 Shades of Grey, saying it’s not “real BDSM” – they didn’t even use s safe word!!! – and that it’s really just abuse. The BDSM community keeps hating on the “50 Shaders” – young women interested in BDSM because of reading the novel, and how they “totally have the wrong idea.” Just like hipsters upset that the mainstream has finally caught on to some underground band, the “BDSM Community” feels like it’s losing it’s monopoly on what “real BDSM is” and love nothing more than to morally posture about how everyone else is doing it “wrong.”

Believe me, the “BDSM Community” is more obnoxious than the worst sorts of “Social Justice Warriors” blathering on about “transphobia” and “tolerance for Otherkin.”

Of course, the humorless conservatives, including Christians, are not only afraid of their own penises, but doubly afraid of vaginas, apparently. Bondage? That’s “degenerate!” “Spanking? Only an evil, sick man would be rough with a woman! Sex is supposed to be about tender caresses and the missionary position. My wife in an innocent angel, why, she doesn’t get turned on ever, except when I rub her feet on date night! My daughter is totally chaste and she tells all those nasty boys “no” – she would never purposefully and with malice aforethought seduce a man – especially not an older man! That’s just sick!”

To any man who actually has experience with women, these guys are jokes. I remember these fathers well, from high school and college. They “trusted” their daughters, so no problem her taking the car and meeting up with Sleazy Hipster Boyfriend for some good, clean teenage fun.

Like bowling or watching a movie, you know. Certainly not blowjobs in the car, threesomes and all sorts of raunchy sex. Only “those kinds of girls” do that – “not my wife and daughter.”

You have to laugh.

Women are sexually aroused by power. It doesn’t make any difference whether the man with the power is “good” or “evil” – in fact, I suspect women have an instinct toward “evil men” frankly. Women are sexually aroused by being overwhelmed by that power, to submitting to that power – willingly, or even hotter, unwillingly.

The key part of the Rape Fantasy is that the woman is so desirable that the man, powerful though he is, is in fact, overpowered by her – by his desire for her.

Feminism makes women deeply ashamed of their own sexuality, and that is why the “BDSM Community” was invented. Gals want what they want sexually, so the “BDSM Community” does its best to contain their submissive natures. That is why there is all the obsession with “safe words” and “consent” and “role play.” It has to be “just playing,” “just role play,” and “verbally consented to without duress.”

To feminists, a woman consenting to be tied up and flogged at a sex club is fine – but a wife obeying her husband; that’s sexist misogyny. A woman who is a “slave” in the “BDSM Community” can be collared and made to eat dogfood – that’s just a “kink.” But a girl putting out for her boyfriend to keep him happy – that’s “date rape.”

Conservatives are right, in a sense. Because of women’s hypergamous nature, unleashed female sexuality will destroy a civilization. Monogamy exists for a reason, patriarchy exists for a reason. Patriarchy makes men invest in children, and monogamy is how men are assured that the children are his. Without monogamy and without patriarchy, men have no incentive to invest in the future, in the society, in the tribe. Without Patriarchy and Monogamy, there is no civilization.


Women are hypergamous, and polygamy is the nature state of humans. Women have little problem sharing a high status man with other women. The wives of wealthy and desirable men have been looking the other way at their husband’s affairs since forever – it’s the natural state of things. Most women would rather put up with cheating from a handsome, wealthy man than be married to a faithful but poor schlub.

The reason we have monogamy is because, left to their own devices, women would share the top 50% of men, and the bottom 50% of men would have no women at all.

Yet, for a society to actually work, you need the bottom half of men. It’s those “betas” that make the trains run on time, not to mention kill the ragheads that are living on top of our oil.

Since reliable, scientific birth control was invented, women have been able to pursue a “double strategy” – the so called “alpha fucks and beta bucks.” By postponing marriage, children, and family formation, women have been able to get sex from men “out of their league” while young, but still be able to find a caring man “in her league” for marriage. Men who object to their wives previous promiscuity are simply shamed as “insecure” and the whole point of giving out free condoms in high school is to make sure that there are no virgins left by the time boys and girls are of marriageable age.

That’s by design, because men might choose the virgins for marriage, thus incentivize women to remain chaste.

This worked for 50 years, until the internet destroyed the consensus, like it has the consensus on so many things. The “manosphere” has sort of let the cat out of the bag. The numbers don’t lie – marriage is a dead institution. If present trends continue – and they almost certainly will – most people will never marry. Fertility will continue to drop like a rock, and more and more men will simply “opt out” of society.

It’s laughable to read the complaints of pseudo-feminist women wondering where all the chivalry has gone. Chances are, women aren’t even going to be taken out on proper dates anymore. For the average men, women have virtually nothing to offer him – but sex. As the days of a wife, a mother to your children, and an exclusive lover are gone, what do women have that men need? Just the sex, that’s it.

You can see the results of this with the increasingly crass attitudes of men toward women, and vice-versa. Many advanced cultures are going through this phenomenon, Japan being a noticeable example, with their “herbivore men” who don’t bother chasing women, never get married, and simply drop out of the culture. They do not contribute to the culture except in the most minimal way, as consumers.

The same thing is happening in the USA, although mass non-white immigration and multi-culturalism obscures the effects somewhat. The bottom is dropping out of the White middle class, and it dropped out of the White working class 30 years ago – exactly at the time when the Sexual Revolution was finally mainstreamed.

This is not a coincidence.

Feminists and Conservative both hate 50 Shades for the same basic reason: it’s an accurate account of women’s sexuality. Feminists hate it because it reminds them that women want “the wrong thing.” Women are supposed to want an “equal relationship with a peer who respects her as a person.” But women tend to actually go for men who are higher status than her, and if he’s “emotionally unavailable” she just wants him more. Conservatives are also upset that women want “the wrong thing.” Women are supposed to want a Good Conservative Christian – you know, like them. Instead, women go for the Bad Men, even men who are “abusive” and they generally don’t get wet for the husband that reads the Bible to her before he gently fucks her in the missionary position. Worse for the conservatives, women are not particularly interested in monogamy. They want one man – at a time – but are always looking for the opportunity to “trade up” and while young, they are in no hurry to marry the Beta Boy Next Door that’s “in her league” – not when she still has access to Studly Hockey Players to gang-bang after practice.

That is where all this hate for a silly romance novel with some bondage and spanking comes from. It’s not about the bondage and spanking.

It’s about power.

That’s why they call it “Power Exchange.”

How To Do Heteronormativity And Natalism The Right Way

Queer-bashing just makes you look mean and obsessed with gays. Just as there is a difference between pro-white and anti-black, there is a difference between promoting marriage and attacking gays.

I’m on the fence when it comes to “Commander” Rockwell, perhaps the first costume clown. I listened to his famous speech at GWU and it made a lot of sense, but associating segregation with Nazis just handed the forced-integrationists an image they would use for the next 50 years to bash white people with, not to mention disgusted Southerners who had just defeated Germany in the World Wars. Even if he was completely sincere, he did harm to the cause of white people.

A “hate bus?” Really?

“Gay” “marriage” is legal in 30 states and public support for “gay” “marriage” is at an all-time high. Thanks to, in no small part, the Westboro Baptist Church. You remember them, the folks that went to funerals with signs that said “God hates fags?” They even admitted that they knew they were helping the cause of “gay” “marriage” and said they hoped it would pass, because then God would destroy America with hurricanes and earthquakes.

Well, they certainly helped the cause of the LGBT movement. In fact, in the famous planning document from the 1980s, LGBT activists proposed an ad campaign showing “homophobic fundamentalist preachers” screaming and yelling. As if by magic, a few years later the Westboro Baptist Church appears and is given wall to wall media coverage for nearly a decade. Then, as anyone could have predicted, the LGBT movement gained massive sympathy. The fact the WBC attacked soldiers as well as gays likely even greased the wheels for gays in the military – another development the WBC said they encouraged.

In France, the opposition to “gay” “marriage” did not run lurid pictures of gay pride parades and fat guys in leather. Instead, they promoted images of healthy, normal French families, and said that children needed both a father and a mother.

White Nationalists and cultural conservatives could learn something from The Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys. Apparently, the Irish have also figured this out.

Both the French and the Irish have made this about *children* not love, or sex. But I don’t think conservatives in America are able to do that, because promoting natalism requires acknowledging a woman’s duty to bear children. But that will be met with loud complaints from the shriekosphere, and conservatives are too cowardly to stand up to their women. Thus, conservatives are in abject denial of the anti-natalism present in society, so they try to make what is really about family into something about sex.

As I mentioned in an exchange with tteclod, these days, a father would rather his 16 year old daughter have sex on birth control than to actually marry and bear a child. Let that reality sink in, consider the anti-natalist assumptions that underline that attitude. It’s coming from the men as much as the women. Daddy doesn’t want his little girl growing up and becoming a wife and mother, but he’ll look the other way when she becomes an amateur prostitute.

What a queer attitude.

Feminists and White Knights

Feminists and White Knights both share a certain assumption; that is that women are morally superior to men. I would posit it is exactly the opposite, by anyone’s usual understanding of morality, men are morally superior to women. The most obvious case is in the example of truth – men tend to want the truth and want to tell the truth. Women lie automatically, women are deceptive by nature. Because men tend to be physically stronger than women, women have evolved to do things indirectly; they manipulate men indirectly because they generally can’t bash men over the head with a club and make them do what they want.

Why is it women get so furious at the idea of an older man with a younger woman? Isn’t it obvious? They are jealous of younger women. They used to be young, fertile, and sexy. Then, they age, and are no longer young, fertile, and attractive, so they lash out.

You will notice, however, it’s only OLD women that have a problem with younger women and older men. Younger women LOVE the attention of older men.

Since women – through feminism – liberated themselves from patriarchy, they have come up with a new system of morality that they expect men to follow. According to this logic: it’s ok when women are promiscuous, no slut shaming. It’s ok when older women go with younger men – cougars are liberated. But it’s bad when older men go with younger women. Why? It’s simply because that’s when men have more power.

When women come up with a system of morality, it’s hilariously self-serving. In whatever situation women have the upper hand, that’s good, and in whatever way men have the upper hand, that’s bad.

Mrs. Duggar - a Christian, not a White Nationalist - that fulfilled the 14 Words better than any WN woman.
Mrs. Duggar – a Christian, not a White Nationalist – that fulfilled the 14 Words better than any WN woman.

Did you know that in the beginning of feminism, in the earliest days, feminists did NOT pose as victims? In the book that started it, The Feminine Mystique, the Jewish Communist author shamed women for wanting domestic life. There was no assumption that women were victims of men. But that sort of feminism didn’t last, becuase by pretending men were “oppressing” women with patriarchy, anything a woman did was ok, anything a woman did was justified, because it was a “strike against patriarchy.” Sort of like how a shoplifter justifies his theft because “the big companies rip off people anyway” women justified any selfish and immoral thing they did because “well, men are oppressing us.”

Since women revolted against monogamy, they had to come up with a new system of morality to serve their interests. Hence, the absolute rage at older men dating younger women. That’s their new rule. “It’s ok for women to be promiscuous, it’s ok for women to use birth control, have abortions, but when we are ready, at 30, men must then marry us, settle down, and not go with younger women.”

It’s just that – self-serving, and nothing else. Women, generally speaking, aren’t even smart enough to hide their self-interest in this case. I mean, just get a load of this article – this is “alpha fucks, beta bucks” spelled out openly and in detail. And the bimbo who wrote it just can’t understand why men are disgusted with her attitude.


Monogamy was good for women, and it was especially good for OLDER women. Monogamy meant that a man wasn’t allowed to toss aside an aging wife for a hot young thing. But women rebelled against monogamy – they just wanted to get rid of the part that reigned in THEIR behavior, while keeping the parts that reigned in MEN’S behavior.

Monogamy was good for FAMILIES. When women had children YOUNG – as in late teens and early 20s – they lived long enough to see their grandchildren, and sometimes their great grandchildren. When women had many children, not just one or two, you had tight knit clans. A woman would AGE GRACEFULLY – she would become a well respected Matriarch of a family, adored by her children, grand children, and great grandchildren.

Mostly, what women accuse men of doing is what they themselves are doing. Women say that men aren’t “aging gracefully” – that’s just a projection. It’s women that have stopped aging gracefully. I mean, Botox? Hair dye? It’s laughable.

Now, young men, look around you. Read the women’s blogs. Is there a SINGLE example of a White Nationalist woman mentoring younger women? Is there a SINGLE example of old WN women warning younger women to avoid the mistakes that they themselves made?

Not on your life. It’s the exact opposite. The WN movement is FULL of old divorcees whining about men. That is why I said to younger men, on MWIR a while back – go for Christian women. Christian women are the ONLY ones that still at least pay lip service to traditional morality. There are lots and lots of Christian women blogs (like SunshineMary’s old blog) mentoring younger women to avoid the Slut Club.

White Nationalist women? Not a one. The type of women that are attracted to controversial social movements like White Nationalism are outliers – they tend to be more masculine, less feminine, and more “feisty” – meaning, bitchy.

These WN women are doing no one any favors. Most of them – with a few notable exceptions – do nothing but chant “nigger kike spic” – which makes US look bad and makes our enemies look good by comparison. They are an embarrassment to the movement. They are the female equivalent of the Costume Clowns, fat dudes with swastikas on their arms chanting about how much they hate people. There’s a reason people often get suspicious that these people are being paid by the enemy, because they do the enemy’s work for them.

Here’s a fun experiment – go to some moron Nazi site like DailyStormer – read the WN women that post there. Long, obscene screeds, weird homoerotic rants about anal sex, and superstitions about Jews. Compare and contrast a fact-based deconstruction of Jewish anti-Whiteness from someone like Kevin MacDonald to the faux-Catholic White Nationalist women. There’s just no comparison.

It’s so ironic that, as far as I can tell, most of the women that troll the WN sites are DIVORCED, OLD, and in many cases, CHILDLESS. These are the women that many WN men “white knight” for. These are the women that screech the loudest about the “manosphere” too.

Here’s another eye-opening thing to see: go to the DailyStormer thread about 50 Shades of Grey. Read an article there posted by some woman saying that 50 Shades of Grey is “pedophilia hiding in plain sight.” How is 50 Shades of Grey really about pedophilia?

*Because the character was a virgin.*

You hear that men? If you want to marry a virgin bride, you’re actually a pedophile, according to old feminist faux-traditionalists. You can see the Feminine Imperative in action. If you don’t want to marry an old whore, you’re a pedophile.

Mrs. Romney - a Mormon, not a White Nationalist - that fulfilled the 14 Words better than any WN woman.
Mrs. Romney – a Mormon, not a White Nationalist – that fulfilled the 14 Words better than any WN woman.

At the end of the day, however, women are just women looking out for their own interests. They evolved to be the way they are, and there is nothing wrong with the way they are. The real question is – why do men “white knight” for these feminists?

I can guess. These “white knight” men are submissive men. They are looking for a Mommy Figure and probably get off on a Dominatrix type. Hey, different strokes for different folks, but I, like most men, tend to want to wear the pants in a relationship.

Here’s the deal, religion aside: sexual morality is a JOKE when young, fertile women are having promiscuous sex on birth control. Complaining about “PUAs” is idiotic when young fertile women – the people who create the race – are “pick up artists” themselves. Complaining about men is a JOKE when white women are aborting nearly as many white babies as they are bearing. Bitching about men fucking younger women is laughable when women divorce their husbands and split up their families nearly half the time. Talking about the 14 Words is one big pile of steaming nonsense when not a one White Nationalist woman is even promoting the idea of women marrying and having children young.

As is usual, this battle will be fought and won by white men, and white women will be dragged along, kicking and screaming. For the most part, it’s best to just ignore them – ESPECIALLY the old ones.

Now, a quick parting shot AGAINST the “Christian manosphere.” There are thousands of “Christian manosphere” blogs complaining about Christian women, saying that Christian women are just as slutty as their secular counterparts and that Christian women aren’t interested in Christian men.

YET – however – one of the most prominent Christian manosphere bloggers has a young, virgin Christian woman – who is quite pretty – that is perfectly willing to marry him – but he won’t marry her. He continues to blog about how there are no good Christian women, yet he has one who all but offered herself to him, and he still wouldn’t marry her.

He really has no right to complain. I know both of them read this blog at least occasionally.

Uh – MAN UP, dude. You know who you are.