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Rollins Era Black Flag Is The Only True Punk Rock

Surely there is no one who is more punk than 1980s hardcore band Black Flag and its lyricist and vocalist Henry Rollins.

Just read this profound take on alienation or something from “My War.”

My War:

My war you’re one of them
You say that you’re my friend
But you’re one of them

I might not know what a friend is
All I know is what you’re not
‘Cause you’re one of them
My war you’re one of them

Fucking deep, man. Like alienation and shit.

Or consider the lyrics to “Beat My Head Against the Wall” a take on, like, alienation and shit. The frustrations of a young man living in like the lame suburbs and high school which is like racist and white supremacist and homophobic – issues that Henry Rollins like totally cares about. All that racist white supremacy makes me want to beat my head against the wall. Like who cares about skin color and sexuality?

And being mainstream and stuff? Fucking lame, man. Totally fucking lame.

Beat My Head Against the Wall:

Beat my head against the wall one more time
Will this solve my problems at all?
I don’t care about parties or a good time I won’t stand in your line

Tension builds up so quickly
My judgement becomes affected
And without my even knowing it
I have started to act like a dick

Swimming in the main stream is such a lame dream
No method to the madness
Beat my head against the wall

But of course Black Flag is about way more than just hardcore riffs. Henry Rollins is a poet. Or should I say, “Spoken Word Artist.” Just read this profound take on the alienation of suburban family life like in AmeriKKKa. Family Man? Who like loves their wife and children? Totally hypocrites dude, it’s all fake and shit. Fuckin’ kill em man, like Charlie Mason style (Charlie Don’t Surf!)

Family Man:

Family man, with your life all planned;
Your little sand castle built, smilin through your guilt, family man

I come to infect; I come to rape your women;
I come to take your children into the street;
I come for YOU family man, with your Christmas lights already up,
Your such a MAN when your puttin up your Christmas lights,
First on the block;

I wanna crucify you to your front door with the nails
From your well stocked garage family man;
Family man;
Saint dad! father on fire! I’ve come to incinerate you

Dude that like fucking makes you think, man. Like this family is celebrating Christmas and I’m like, kill em and rape em! Ha ha that will show how shallow all that mainstream shit is!

Fuck yeah Black Flag is the shit dude. They don’t make music like this anymore!

Awkward Pop Culture Memories

PA’s blog is always great and this thread brought back some funny memories:


Like a lot of American boys in the younger Gen X cohort, I went through a cringe-worthy embarassing stage, from about 12-15, that I did my best to forget, but now approaching fogey-hood I can at least look back at it with some self-depreciating humor. It was at this stage I was desperate to be “cool” and my instincts for what was “cool” were astonishingly wrong-headed.

I had a couple of older guys I looked up to and thought were “cool” so did my best to ape their sensibilities, especially in terms of pop culture. I figured that if I dressed a certain way, got a certain haircut, and listened to a particular type of music I would be “cool.”

Of course the opposite happened, I turned myself into a complete dork. I was subjected to a certain amount of peer pressure which I went along with because, well, I was a 14 year old.

The first bad 80s crap I desperately wanted to be involved in was … god, I’m so embarassed to admit this … “punk.” For whatever crazy reason, I saw those bands with weird hair and weird clothes as “cool” and one of the older guys I looked up to had a sort of “New Wave” style and listened to punk rock. So I figured if I did the same thing I would be cool, too.

Hello, dorksville.

It was weird too because punk was already old and no one really liked it anymore but for some reason I’ll never understand, I was just convinced it was the “modern” thing. I was always 10 years behind the times, even then.

The funny part was I actually hated punk rock. The kind of music I listened to because I actually enjoyed it? Hank Williams Jr., AC/DC, Tom Petty and the Talking Heads. But, no, I wanted to be cool, so I actually spent a lot of time listening to the worst band of the 1980s, Black Flag. I actually thought there must be something wrong with me, because all the “cool” kids seemed to love Black Flag, and I thought it was unlistenable garbage – which it was. The Clash had like one good song but it was so overplayed I got sick of it quickly.

I so wanted to look like Sid Vicious, but I suspect it actually came across more like The Village People, Junior League.

How did I ever think this was cool?

Movies were the same way. The “cool” kids thought that A Clockwork Orange was the greatest movie ever. It wasn’t. It was pretty bad, honestly. Not terrible as far as “serious” “thinking” movies go. I’ll go ahead and scandalize hard core film fans, but Eyes Wide Shut and The Shining were Kubrick’s best films and the rest – even 2001 – weren’t particularly great (2001’s ending was just a punt that failed miserably.)

I love Heathers, one of my favorite movies, but my attempts at playing Christian Slater’s JD likely reached nuclear levels of dorkiness.

I was desperate to not be “metal” because those were “rednecks” – “redneck” was a slur I learned from a friend and always associated it with the wrong crowd. My friend’s parents got divorced and he was separated from his upper-middle class yuppie father and had to live with his Christian mom and his step-father, an uneducated blue collar guy from the rural south. So everyone bad was a “redneck” and I somehow associated long haired “heavy metal” types with rednecks.

But, I actually liked heavy metal. Megadeth, Slayer, that stuff was pretty good – far better than the “punk rock” which was utter shit. But, no, I wanted to be cool.

Fortunately, at 16, I kind of “gave up” trying to be cool. I stopped cutting my hair and grew it long, way past my shoulders, like any good Viking. I stopped listening to music I hated and started listening to what I liked. While it likely had more to do with actually reaching puberty (and getting a driver’s license) than it did my fashion sense and musical choices, coincidentally at 16 I actually started getting attention from girls and I didn’t even have to wear those ridiculous Doc Marten’s anymore.

Margie: 90’s Neo-Bohemia

Then, what do you know, “grunge” happened. All of a sudden I was cool and I didn’t even have to try! Flannel shirts were no longer “redneck” they were actually fashionable. Heavy music with actual melodies, played with some amount of talent, all of a sudden made that Black Flag shit fade off into the background. Grunge was the perfect mix of metal and the kind of “New Wave” quirk I actually, honestly liked. Alice and Chains was pure heavy metal but also “alternative” to some degree.

And, yeah, while I still maintained a thing for Winona Ryder and Molly Ringwald “manic pixie dream girl” types, I actually found that it was a lot of fun dating normal, blonde haired, blue eyed lifeguards, regular good girls from church that might let you kiss them by never get past second base, and even those conventionally pretty gals that had a sort of 90s “neo-bohemian” earth mother style, which basically meant they didn’t perm their hair and wore hippie skirts with no panties.

Ah, the 90s were awesome. The last best decade before America went to hell in a handbasket.

Peace Sells

What do you mean, “I don’t believe in God”?
I talk to him everyday.

What do you mean, “I don’t support your system”?
I go to court when I have to

What do you mean, “I can’t get to work on time”?
I got nothing better to do.

And, what do you mean, “I don’t pay my bills”?
Why do you think I’m broke? Huh?

What do you mean, “I hurt your feelings”?
I didn’t know you had any feelings.

What do you mean, “I ain’t kind”?
Just not your kind.

What do you mean, “I couldn’t be the President Of the United States of America”?
Tell me something, it’s still “We the people, ” right?

If there’s a new way
I’ll be the first in line
But it better work this time
Can you put a price on peace?

Peace sells, but who’s buying?

Taylor Swift is a Lesbian

OK, so sue me, I don’t keep up with the pop singers any more. I first heard about Taylor Swift, I don’t know, maybe a decade ago when one of her country songs was on the radio. She was like 20 and cute as a button and honestly for girl-country she was pretty good – not Dixie Chicks level of talent, but good.

Then when she turned pop and got really big she was accused of “hipster racism” so of course I wrote a few posts about that. I do think she looks delicious. Then people were posting all those hilarious memes of Taylor Swift with Hitler quotes, then Hitler memes with Taylor Swift quotes, and it was honestly pretty funny. Then the 4chan crowd turned her into a White Avatar so of course I was into it.

Then she kept on being attacked for not talking about politics, and it was honestly refreshing to see a celebrity NOT boring us with their uneducated and irrelevant opinions on topics they knew nothing about.

So a few years ago I was dating a Taylor Swift look-a-like, who not at all coincidentally, really liked Taylor Swift. I told her, oh sure I like Taylor Swift too, her country stuff was real nice. This poor gal felt the need to defend Taylor Swift saying, hey everyone criticizes her for writing lyrics all about her love life and all but she says that’s her life and people like it.

I thought it was odd – why would anyone criticize a chick pop singer for writing songs about romance, especially a young one like Taylor Swift? What else is she supposed to write about? I mean, girls are into romance and teen girls are into their feelings about boys. I never felt the need to criticize Taylor Swift for writing love songs, I’d praise Taylor Swift for writing love songs and not boring us to tears about political bullshit.

Then out of the blue Taylor Swift turns hard core Democrat “woke” progressive and especially pointed out how “who you love” doesn’t matter, or whatever. Then Vox Day says, hey Taylor just come out of the closet already, and I was like, what? So I looked up “is Taylor Swift a lesbian” and, oh my god, she is a total carpet muncher.

Out secret moments
In your crowded room
They’ve got no idea
About me and you
I don’t want you like a best friend

All those songs weren’t about boys, they were about girls! Which, I don’t know, is just even more amusing to me. All her boyfriends were basically just PR stunts set up by her managers and apparently they’ve been keeping her away from her actual scissor sisters because they didn’t want the gravy train to end. But now she’s peaked, she’s turning 30 soon, and the teenyboppers have moved on to other pop stars that I’ll never listen to so Taylor Swift is now transitioning into her Indigo Girls stage. Expect her to soon be headlining whatever this generation’s version of the Lillith Fair is.

It doesn’t matter of course, her girlfriends have all been ultra-blonde hair blue eyes sorority girls like her, so while she may be a lipstick lesbian, she’s still a RACIST.



Tell all the friends who think they’re so together
That these are ghosts and mirages, these thoughts of fairer weather
Though it’s storming out I feel safe within the arms of love’s discovery

We Are Building A Religion

If I were designing a church from scratch, here’s how I’d do it.

I would reject any and all forms of iconoclasm. The church building should be a beautiful piece of architecture, reflecting the natural and human infrastructure of the area. The interior should be beautiful and should be adorned with paintings and sculptures. If you could arrange a glass ceiling that would be ideal.

The services should be held on Sunday mornings, perhaps multiple services all day Sunday; at least one morning and one night service. The service should include congregational singing and perhaps even dance of some kind; dance being simply music of the body. Ideally there would be a form of mass, in the sense, a group ritual that is substantially the same.

There should be a liturgical calendar that represents the natural world. So, you would have Easter, which is the celebration of the rebirth of the sun, the end of winter and the beginning of spring. You would celebrate Christmas, the dead of winter when the sun stops falling and begins to rise. These celebrations should be timed to the actual physical rhythms of the earth, the stars, and the planets.

Birth, puberty, marriage, and death need to be celebrated. So this means when a baby is born, you have a celebration of this; a confirmation or an infant baptism of some type. When a boy reaches puberty, either by age or perhaps even some physical indication, you have a confirmation of sorts; this is the community recognition of a boy becoming a man, or at the least a boy starting the journey to manhood.

For girls, this is a bit more complicated. In the agricultural age, this might even be timed with the onset of menses, however in industrial societies, for whatever reason, the onset of menses happens far too early to be a good indicator. Girls get their periods at ten years old and start having breasts at eleven. Plus human females evolved to hide their ovulation and this fact of evolution should be respected. So maybe just set an age – 16 – and leave it at that. You would celebrate a girl becoming a woman, and for both young boys/men and young girls/women, you need to celebrate their transition into sexual maturity and adulthood. This has a community function as well, because it indicates that the girl and boy are now “open for marriage prospects.”

You would celebrate marriage in the traditional way. We do this pretty well as it is so you don’t really need to do much different.

Then of course you celebrate – and mourn – death. I’d suggest full fledged Mafia-style Catholic funerals. The more goth, the more tragic, the better. It’s a kind of purging. I’d stay away from the modern trend of “happy funerals” where you “celebrate life instead of mourning death.” It’s too cutesy and happy-clappy. Obviously, when an elderly person dies it’s sad, but not that sad, it’s expected and let’s be frank – for many elderly people the end of life means the end of suffering the health problems of old age – and the same with their families. Sad, but not tragic. Of course the death of the young is not just sad but also tragic and the family and community have to have a way to purge that pain.

Church governance is the secret sauce that no one has any clue about any more, which is a huge reason why modern America has so many political issues. The “sweet spot” is a mix of Presbyterian and Baptist polities. If you need the details of this, look it up. It’s sad to me that America has completely forgotten how our entire system of (especially local) government is based on these two styles of polity; our entire political culture, from town meetings to county councils, are based on hundreds of years of fights, wars, compromises, and common law typically cycling back and forth between these two styles.

It is explicitly *not* Catholic polity because we are a Republic, not an Empire. The Catholic Church is an imperial church and Northern Europeans threw off that Empire hundreds of years ago, after only being really subjected to it for a half-century. We’re not going back and let’s be frank, too, the Vatican won’t survive the technological age’s exposure of their actual function as a world-wide pederasty ring. I’ll have to give the Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin this: he was completely correct when he said that Israel is to Jews what the Vatican is to pederasts, the headquarters for a organized crime ring recognized as a sovereign state. The entire purpose is so they are not subject to extradition.

I’m still sort of up in the air about the content of the music and the writings. I love the King James’ English, it always sounds profound to me. But there’s a certain queasiness I feel following the traditions of ancient semite barbarians and worshipping psychopathic Roman Emperor God-Kings as “Messiahs” and “Saviors.” It seems downright evil.

I see a picture of a Vatican ceremony with a Pope and his Cardinals and to me it looks like a literal Church of Satan, I have a visceral, knee-jerk reaction and a feeling of dread and evil; there’s nothing good, holy or healthy about them. I see a meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention and I feel nothing but contempt – a group of suckers at a multi-level marketing convention, a group of Amway dupes. Whatever White and Anglo spirit that may have once had has now been completely replaced by the worst of capitalism and Zionism. Sure – they don’t have homosexual priests and women pastors – instead their worship IDF soldiers and wear Jewish regalia and celebrate the marriage of White women to Black men and the resulting mulatto children. Plus, even the most “socially conservative” SBC types are now literal feminists with that awfully cucky, middle class “wife worship” thing going on. That was something fun to do when men were the head of the household, now it does nothing but disgust women who hold these cucky middle class husbands in contempt for not being men.

Literally “worship” in the traditional Anglo marriage vows meant sexual foreplay, it meant to caress your wife’ body and whisper sweet things in her ears. It did NOT mean to put her on a pedestal and pretend she was morally superior. Women are not morally superior to men, but men are naturally inclined to idealize women – to “put them on pedestals” – because they are beautiful on the outside.

Notice I haven’t said anything about “beliefs” or “ideology.” Instead I’ve focused on physicality and ritual.

We’re at an impasse. For instance, as a Presbyterian, I have a choice between the PCUSA, which is appropriately White and anti-Zionist, but has literally “gay marriage” and is pro-abortion – meaning, it’s anti-natal, thus anti-life. The other option is PCA, which is appropriately pro-natal – pro-marriage, pro-baby, pro-family, but is completely semitized – it’s been completely cleansed of its Scottish/Viking character and now does fundraisers – in money and White blood – for Jew Supremacism in Palestine. Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right.

So, being practical, we’ll just have to start over.

Also notice I’m not at all being a “neo-pagan” or an “Odinist” or any of that nonsense. That is LARPing to the nth degree, it’s utterly inauthentic. I’m sure there are ways to connect with our pre-Christian, pagan European roots that does not entail “converting to Odinism” – which is again just low church Protestantism with the name Jesus replaced by Odin – it has the trappings of pre-Christian paganism with the substance of Christianity. Neo-pagan Odinists can’t even get paganism right.

Also, we have to avoid this sort of nonsense like the plague:

This takes ALL of the worst aspects of low-church Protestantism and kills whatever value they had left by “celebrating atheism.” I hope I don’t have to explain why this is stupid, in fact, it’s actually nothing more than an extension of liberal Protestantism, in the same way that the Anton Levey “Church of Satan” was just a Jewish anti-Christian “church.”

You don’t need a community to “celebrate the non-existence of god or gods.” You need a community to *celebrate life* – and you most certainly do not need superstition and supernaturalism to celebrate life – even “eternal life” or “life after death.” That is what children are, after all.

Celebrate life, celebrate community.

Footnote: We also need a private welfare state similar to what the Mormons built and a “mannerbund” – a hierarchical civil society institution of men, while avoiding all the (anti-natal, anti-life, misogynist) sexual weirdness that goes with a “celibate priesthood.”

Hipster Racist Music: Mates Of State

Not only do Mates of State sing uber-white “indie” rock/pop, they – a White woman and a White man – got married, had sex at least twice, and made two little tow-headed White girls.

Now they bring their little Aryan children on tour with them. The momma even breast feeds on the road – how White is that?

Loose Lucy

Women’s Most Common Sexual Fantasies: Group Sex & BDSM


Note that BDSM is in the top three most common sexual fantasies:

Dr. Lehmiller identified seven major themes of sexual fantasies. Almost all participants said they fantasize about the three most-common ones at one time or another: multi-partner sex (including threesomes and group sex); power, control or rough sex (this includes bondage and runs the gamut from being tied up to full-on sadomasochism); and novelty, adventure and variety (encompassing new activities and new settings).

especially for women:

Men and women reported fantasizing about different things, although there was more overlap than you might expect, and some surprises. Most of the men said their fantasies included an emotional element—they imagined themselves feeling desired, sexually competent and irresistible. (Women did this, too.) And women were more adventurous than Dr. Lehmiller expected they’d be: They [women] fantasized more about bondage and sadomasochism than men did (in both the submissive and the dominant roles), and they fantasized a lot about group sex (although not as much as men) and new activities.

These findings are not in the least bit surprising to a) women, b) women’s romance authors, writers, filmmakers, and pornographers, and c) men who are “successful with women.”

These findings ARE, however, very disconcerting to a) “traditional conservatives” b) “nice guys” c) “feminist men” – in other words, men who are typically not “successful with women.”

One suspects if one were to drill down, the “group sex” fantasies of women tend to involve things like “gang rape” – more grist for the “war brides” trope – and that women’s fantasies about taking on “the dominant role” is likely the exact opposite of what “politically correct feminists” would hope for – i.e., it’s not Dominatrixes dominating youthful pool boys, but what I’ve described “the switch” – really, a “reversal” that is just a slight variation on the basic “woman submitting to a powerful man” theme.

The typical scenario would be, “you’ve been dominating me all weekend, now let me get on top and show you what I can do while you lay back and relax.”

Let’s see. Sexist BDSM spanking manosphere authors, 1. Feminists and traditional social conservatives, 0.


A high IQ mentally ill feminist in the autism “community” in San Francisco committed suicide and in her note explained how desperate she was for a man to “protect” her from all the other men. She even wondered if it was legal for her to “trade sex for protection” while she longed for a man to take possession of her …

I hope the power dynamics of her fantasies are obvious. There are no feminists in the bedroom.


“A Vickstrom” on Hipster Racist

Don’t you see that he’s playing mind games with you? You are attempting to have a historical debate with a man who writes BDSM porn and publishes it on his blog. Men with Hipster’s kink have very unique, and easily recognizable, personalities. Men do not normally write / read about sex since we are visual creatures (a picture is worth a thousand words, as they say). His interest in that specific kink and his desire to write about it indicates an exceptional imagination combined with a high IQ and a high sex drive: aka he’s more aggressive than average and thinks in a different way than 95% of straight men.

Have you ever noticed that he uses a Jew (Don Adams of the series Get Smart) as his avatar? That in itself is quite a giveaway into how his mind works. HR is playing mind games on a level that most straight men don’t comprehend. That’s why he calls himself a ‘hipster racist’ – he is a race conscious liberal man and as such is using a different set of tactics.

It’s also likely that he has ties to – or intimate knowledge – of intelligence agencies. Men like him are drawn to those things like moths to a flame so at the very least he has studied counter intelligence & espionage tactics. His knowledge of neocon tactics also hints at this.

You are not going to get him to make concrete statements on historical subjects (or to even show interest in them). That’s not how people like him operate.

— “A Vickstrom” Holocausting the Holocaust the Andrew Joyce Way

“No one has ever had a fantasy about being tied to a bed and sexually ravished by someone dressed as a liberal” — P. J. O’Rourke

The difference between getting what you want, and what they want, is nuance,
So listen baby girl, put your boots on, here’s something to chew on …

KFlay, Doctor Don’t Know