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A Bunch of Bowie Bullshit


He was a great musician and performer.

There is NOTHING more than that.

I consider myself a fan of David Bowie.

I love RadixJournal, NPI, and think Richard Spencer is the best spokesman we have.

But there is NOTHING anything more interesting or complex to David Bowie other than being an interesting artist/musician.

Let the dead RIP. For fuck’s sake.

TradYouthTrolls Excluded From NPI Conference

Some good news and good judgement out of the pro-White movement!


The costume clowns at Trad Youth Network are pretending that Matt Heimbach was uninvited to the NPI conference because he was “anti-gay.”

However, putting things in context, it wasn’t that at all. Let the organizer of the NPI conference, Richard Spencer, explain:

NPI will, however, exclude those who show reckless disregard with the media, or those who’ve made morally indefensible public statements. Such people make our movement look bad. We choose not to grant them a platform. It’s as simple as that.

I’ve written before about how Matt Heimbach is a “media clown” – he purposefully puts on a clown act for the media – in fact, that is the entire substance of what Heimbach and his associates do. They are “edgelords” – they try to be “radical.” Heimbach even changes his outfits depending on what character he is playing.

When he wants to be “tough” he puts on skinheads boots and leather jackets.

When he’s pretending to be an “orthodox Christian” he puts on Russian hats and carries around a big wooden cross as a prop to wave around at liberal women.

Heimbach and his associate, Robert Ransdell (who ran a fake political campiagn and distributed signs saying “With Jews You Lose”) stand around at rallies and scream and yell faux-“tough guy” slogans.

It’s all a completely phoney act, anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see that these people are not sincere, and they are not in substance different than the long line of fake “neo-Nazis” and actors that the $PLC has traditionally given publicity too. Matt Heimbach is just another in a long line of “radical neo-nazis” like the Jew Frances Cohen and his “Nazi” party, and also fake “jihadis” like Joseph Cohen of “Revolution Muslim.”

In fact, Heimbach is basically a creation of the $PLC. He was a nobody until the $PLC made him a star. Contrast that to Spencer, or someone like RamZPaul, who got an audience FIRST before the $PLC started smearing them.

I am sure – I have no doubt – that the fake group “TradYouth” – neither traditional, nor youth, let’s not forget – the group that waves around lynching signs and wears nazi-like armbands while Heimbach seig-heils for the cameras – I have no doubt that they are going to suggest they were excluded because of their strong stand against “sodomites.”

But don’t be fooled. Heimbach was excluded because he is a costume clown. He was excluded because he likes to get his ugly face on TV and give catch-phrases that can easily be used to slander the pro-White movement. That is all Heimbach does; that is his job.

It’s not that we can PROVE he is working for the $PLC in order to discredit anything pro-White.

It’s that it wouldn’t change anything if he was, so he may as well be.

Good on Richard Spencer and NPI. Just remember, “With Clowns We Go Down.”

Kinky Sex Fetish: A Manhattan Murder Mystery 13

Before Tinder, it was Craigslist.

Look – young people from all over the country move to New York to work at prestigious companies for a lot of money. Everyone is working all the time. The gals are not interested in settling down and having babies. The men are focused, lazer like, on making money.

So what do you think horny young 20 somethings do?

They “hook up.”

And back in 2001, it was Craigslist. Craigslist was still virtually unknown outside of a few cities like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. The only people that used Craigslist were 20 something hipsters from the city. So back then, women would still put up personal ads and sometimes even post a picture. It wasn’t “private” exactly but the audience was small and exclusive.

Her ad said “No Time To Date” and it was a litany of “small town gal in the big city.” Works all the time, never gets to meet guys. Looking for this and that, something. Loves this. Whatever.

Reading between the lines it means “busy career gal, haven’t been laid in months, looking for a man to fuck me silly all weekend then leave me alone.”

For me, this was my bread and butter pretty much, because, hey, I was in the same situation. I did have a girlfriend, but she lived all the way across the country in California and it’s not cheating if you’re in a different state.

Whatever, I never claimed to be a “good person.”

So this was like textbook. We had met for drinks on Wednesday at the dive bar near the towers. Aisha would flirt with me when I had some girl there, to help me out. She was a sweetheart. Aisha wasn’t interested in me at all but she liked me hanging around so she’d help out when she could. So this girl – I don’t remember her name – she’s about 27, a few years older than me. Cute, slender, long hair, dressed real nice. I forgot what she did. We have three drinks, I tell her I’ll walk her to the subway around the corner. She turns to say goodbye so I kiss her, we make plans to meet on Monday, after she gets back from whatever she’s doing on the weekend.

On Monday, god, I could barely concentrate at work. I had half a hard on all day thinking about fucking this girl tonight. At lunch, my bosses, Jimmy and Richie, took me and a few of the guys out to some fancy Thai place at the World Financial Center a few blocks away. Jimmy is bitching and bitching about the power downs. It didn’t make any damn sense. Why would both buildings have all of their power – including emergency power – shut off over the weekend? Everyone had been working late backing up all of the systems, making sure we could bring them back up without any problems. This did not make Jimmy happy at all.

Jimmy was probably 40 something, blonde hair, blue eyes, looked like a grown up boy scout but cursed like a sailor. He actually came across as rather relaxed and informal but the man was responsible for billions of dollars flowing through the company on a daily basis, yet he never broke a sweat. And the power down thing did not please him at all. He had been working on some roll out for months then, all a sudden, without any warning, the building management told everyone they had to prepare for two weekends of power downs, in both towers. “Upgrading the internet” or “fixing the electricity” or something, and that was why Jimmy was bitching about it so much.

Anyway he was a cool guy and it was nice of him to take us peons out for lunch with the big bosses. You know, older guys, they love to show off to the younger men. As I was like 24, just out of college working my first job, I never paid for lunch, or drinks after work. Guys like Jimmy and Richie, they loved to pull out hundred dollar bills and give outrageous tips to the bartenders and waitresses. I suspect both of them were loaded far beyond the kind of money I could imagine.

Of course, for me, 24 year old kid from the suburbs, I was making fucking bank. I’d pull out twenty dollar bills to tip the girls at the bar but it came from the same place honestly.

So we’re all chomping away on $40 entrees while Jimmy and Richie are having a cussing contest talking about the power downs. I’m pretending to pay attention but all I can think about is this chick I’m meeting later that night.


You know, thinking back on it, I figured it was just a regular job. I had pulled my one string to get this job, some kid I knew in college worked for one of the banks and knew Richie and had gotten me an interview. I wasn’t an employee, I was a consultant, working on a small team with a contract. Now I figured, sure, some of these guys had probably worked at NSA and the like, and I knew some of the guys from the DC office worked down in Maryland and had security clearances, but how was I to know, some kid, how connected finance is to the spook industry?

So I’m guessing, and it’s just a guess, that one of the guys on our team was assigned to this company for reasons a bit more complex than just a salary. LOL, I was surrounded by these people but I didn’t have a fucking clue.

But whatever – all I can think about is meeting Hot Chick uptown later than night, around nine. Meeting for drinks at nine basically means you’ve already scored, as long as you don’t fuck it up.

So that’s why I was uptown. We meet over at a bar close to her place, lubricate ourselves with a shot of whiskey each and two glasses of wine, then hop in a cab back to her place. I was basically raping her in the back of the cab. The driver says, “no please don’t touch her. Not here, no please.”

I swear, if I was the conspiracy theory type, I’d say the cab driver was Osama Bin Laden himself. Full bushy beard, some kind of tablecloth on his head, the whole nine yards. Of course Osama Bin Laden was on the news every once in a while but you know, we had no idea of what was coming.

So all night long I’m fucking this girl. We just walk into her apartment, she starts to get a bottle of wine by I’m just kissing all over her and just drag her into the bedroom. Two horny strangers just needing some attention and to get off. Well she wakes me up around seven and I’m hustling to get to work. No time to go back to my place but I have a change of clothes at the office for just this sort of thing. So I shower and put on last night’s clothes, which smell like smoke and whiskey. Frankly I look like shit, unshaven, but hell it was worth it.

So I walk blocks to the subway and get onto the train. This train is always fucking crowded. Miraculously, I get a seat and start reading my Wall Street Journal (best newspaper in America, at least back in those days.) Hey, I work in finance so it’s what you’re supposed to read.

I’m almost at my stop, but then, the train stops and all the lights go out. “Shit,” I’m thinking, “I’m going to be late. Jimmy is going to chew my ass out.” We sit there for five minutes – it seems like forever. The light comes on for like two seconds, then go back off. You could hear everyone on the train groaning, cursing under their breath and sighing. The announcer comes on and says, “there’s a delay.” Well, no shit, I thought. Five more minutes.

Finally, the train starts moving, but it’s going backwards. Now people are whining real loud, but it keeps going backwards. We go all the way back to the previous stop, and the announcer says, “there’s been an accident at the World Trade Center. Everyone must exit the train here. Everyone must exit.” People are mumbling, but the lights come on at the station, the doors open, and we all get off the train. The announcer says everyone must exit the station too. This sucks, but we all line up and start walking up the stairs.

I look at my watch, it’s already nine o’clock. I’m thinking, “shit I’m going to be so late.” Well I finally make it up the stairs to ground level and there’s a huge crowd standing in front of one of the buildings. Everyone is pointing and staring, some people even have video cameras out. I’m thinking what the hell is going on? So I look over to where everyone is looking and – let me tell you – I couldn’t fucking believe what I saw.


I can’t stand it I know you planned it
I’m gonna set it straight, this watergate
I can’t stand rocking when I’m in here
Because your crystal ball ain’t so crystal clear
So while you sit back and wonder why
I got this fucking thorn in my side
Oh my God, it’s a mirage
I’m tellin’ y’all it’s sabotage

Clerics Are Cheaper Than Call Girls

Former Air Force Gets Leaked FBI Docs Showing CIA Complicity in 2002 Anthrax Attacks. He’s Arrested, Tortured, Drugged, Accused Of Spying For Russia And Child Porn


Nothing to see here, folks!

Forced injection of drugs – just like they tried to do to Susan Lindauer. Even if he is a homosexual pedophile, the child porn charges are obviously not the main point here

According to the FBI’s own report, Matt was detained because he was “wanted for questioning in an espionage matter.”

But 9/11 was 14 years ago! It clearly has no more relevance – until you have copies of classified documents that were part of the cover-up.

We’ve known for years – it is acknowledged by everyone now, that the Anthrax Attacks – right after the 9/11 attacks, were an “inside job” and came from a strain of anthrax from a US military lab in Ft. Meade, Maryland. An “insider” was arrested – and later committed suicide – for doing this acknowledged “inside job.”

It was not particularly subtle either – “DEATH TO AMERICA DEATH TO ISRAEL PRAISE ALLAH!” – and the letters were sent to the opposition party politicians that were blocking the PATRIOT Act.

Think back, Dear Reader. Did you actually think that it came from some dusky A-Rabs in Al Qaeda?

The FBI has acknowledged that there was further questioning of Matt during his time in jail, but it will not reveal specifics, saying the reports are “classified.” On one occasion, Matt says, he was restrained naked, with a black pillowcase over his head, and tased. He says that agents interrogated him over and over about WikiLeaks, Anonymous, the Shell, and the Air National Guard. According to Matt, one agent said that he knew the charges of child pornography were bogus, and that he could help get them dropped if Matt chose to cooperate.

Matt also claims that the FBI tried to use his allegiance to his father against him. He says agents produced surveillance photos that showed him sitting in the car with his father outside the Russian Embassy. The agents somehow even had audio recordings of their conversation and knew what he and his father had been discussing.

Leann was another story: She wanted to hear whatever Matt wanted to tell her. If Paul didn’t want to know, so be it — she’d assume the risk. “If anything ever happens to me,” she recalls Matt telling her, “I want you to know what I know.”

But she believes that what she saw was true: the agrochemical company’s culpability in 13,000 deaths, the CIA’s role in the anthrax attacks. She tells more than Matt had recalled, stories that sound too incredible to be true: a report that says the CIA explored plans to put anthrax in a New Jersey bay in order to drum up support for the war. “That’s what they were going to do,” she recalls, “And I remember reading that and saying [to Matt], ‘OK, all right, I know you’re not crazy.’”

But, invariably, many hearing this story now will not be so understanding. “This is real,” she tells me one afternoon as we talk in a Chinese restaurant near her and Paul’s apartment in Ontario. “I saw it,” she goes on, as her voice falters and eyes redden, “and that’s when the lights start going on, and I’m thinking to myself, Now that’s something you’d torture somebody for.”

Now what I’d like to know is what exactly makes a “conspiracy theory.” Thanks to a new clickbait “conspiracy theory” website, http://www.conspiracyclub.co/2015/01/30/cia-admitted-staging-fake-isisbeheading-video/ – one very interesting article was saved from the memory hole.

Washington Post – 2010

(As far as I know, the Washington Post is not considered to be a “conspiracy theory website.”)


Notice how the CIA is desribed as “wacky” – like “wacky” spy Maxwell Smart! These guys are just bumbling fools, comedians – and hilarious!

The agency actually did make a video purporting to show Osama bin Laden and his cronies sitting around a campfire swigging bottles of liquor and savoring their conquests with boys, one of the former CIA officers recalled, chuckling at the memory. The actors were drawn from “some of us darker-skinned employees,” he said.

Now – nobody tell Greg Johnson of Counter Currents or Gregory Hood and Richard Spencer of National Policy Institute, but the Washington Post just reported that all the way back in 2003 the CIA was making fake videos of Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.

When we said “the videos are fake” – back in 2003, as well as currently with all the ISIS atrocity videos – we got labeled as “conspiracy theorists” and the serious, responsible dissidents – like Greg Johnson and Richard Spencer and Gregory Hood – along with other “alternative dissident” writers like Noam Chomsky and Amy Goodman – all distanced themselves.

In fact, many on the “alt right” denounced the “conspiracy theorists” and instead said, “hey, it’s just Muslims being Muslim!”

I guess they didn’t read the Washington Post.

You know, back in the 50s and 60s – when the current “liberal” regime came into power – the conservatives, the right-wing, the reactionaries….

They were obsessed with foreign Communists. These Communists were “Russians” not the original Bolsheviks of the early days of the USSR. To the conservatives, the right-wingers, the reactionaries – these Russian “Communists” – “Ruskies” – were engaged in a massive world wide conspiracy and responsible for floridation in drinking water. (Hilariously, no one pretends that floride in drinking water has a noticeable impact on dental health these days.)

These conservatives, right-wingers, and reactionaries never seemed to notice that the actual “Communist Conspiracy” attacking their culture and even biological integrity was headquartered in New York, not Moscow.

These days, we have “right wingers,” “conservatives” “alt-righters” and “White Nationalists” thinking that the Muslim Conspiracy – “DEATH TO AMERICA! DEATH TO ISRAEL! PRAISE ALLAH!” – is headquartered in Basra as opposed to at the office of Rita Katz’ SITE Intelligence Group in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

The thing is, White people that have actually heard of SITE Intelligence Group are probably “conspiracy theorists” and are almost certainly critical of Zionism and certain aspects of globalism – whether they are “right wing Whites” or “left wing Whites.”

Yet the “White Nationalist” movement – the most professional blogs, the most educated and best-written of them – want to write off this actual, grassroots “conspiracy theorist,” implicitly – sometimes explicitly – white group.

Because the National Policy Institute and Counter Currents don’t want to “get involved in any conspiracy theories.”

Oh, but that doesn’t mean they actually get to be “respectable” though – Counter Currents was just relieved of their clickbait money at Amazon.com.

So pretending to believe in ISIS … “DEATH TO AMERICA! DEATH TO ISRAEL! PRAISE ALLAH!” …

it’s not buying them anything – is it?

Let’s say one day the Empire decided to invade the rural South. Then, all of a sudden, some Westboro Baptist Church-cum-Kevin Smith’s Red State “Christian” group shows up. Now, it does a perfect job “interpreting the Bible” just like a true Primitive Baptist Church does. Think that Florida church that used to burn the Koran every once in a while. They get massive media exposure, and they are “terrorists” – they even make “terrorist” videos of their crimes.

It all happens far away from your Madison, Wisconsin townhouse, mind you. But you can certainly believe those Crazy Right Wing Religious Racist Nutjob Christians in Dixie would totally be Lynching Negroes and holding secret, Satanic, KKK rallies. Plus, they are probably gay and fuck boys.

Come on, admit it. You’d totally believe it. And there would be plenty of Nice White Liberal bloggers who would get click-bait from these stories.

It’s like outrage porn, right? Arrogant political speeches from Radical Anti-Choice Clinic Bombers.

Now, how easy would it be to find some “real” Christian-Zionist from Texas and have him deliver youtube sermons about nuking Iran for Israel. Or, how about some “real” Muslim from Iran talking about nuking Israel for Islam?

Here’s a handy Hipster Racist fact:

Clerics are cheaper than call girls.

(P.S. – just in case I’m not clear, “Clerics Are Cheaper Than Call Girls” is not some profound statement on religion or sex. It’s more like a statement of basic economic fact. Call girls are like hundreds of dollars an hour. Clerics – rabbis, imams, priests, preachers, and the like – can often be had for something close to minimum wage.)

NPI Gets A Clue

The National Policy Institute is “real” – it has a budget. Richard Spencer is a professional. In theory, it’s a pro-White think tank. It could be lobbying officials to restrict immigration or just put out policy papers in the interests of White people.

RadixJournal.com usually has some interesting articles. Gregory Hood, who I’ve been reading for years since he used to post on OccidentalDissent, blogs there.

But I was shocked when I read Louis Jahn’s Major National Security Threats article. In it, he:

1. Refers to Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 as a “false flag.”

2. Acknowledges that NATO has been arming our “enemy” ISIS/ISIL.

For a White Nationalist blog, this shows a huge amount of courage. Gregory Johnson of Counter Currents, for example, attacks “conspiracy theorists.” But of course, if you read the comments on the Radix thread, the usual suspects are trying to shove everything back into the militia/counter-jihad box.

But it is like watching a light bulb go off over someone’s head. For once. Maybe there is some hope for this “White Nationalist” movement after all.


The story of Dr. Steven Jones of Brigham Young University is quite telling. He’s just some work-a-day chemist and studies the dust from the World Trade Center demolition on 9/11.

Immediately, someone in the “nuclear industry” contacts him, demanding his retract his paper. Jones is offered money for co-operation, or losing his job if he does not.

Why would anyone bother to attack some work-a-day chemist for publishing a “conspiracy theory?”

In Hypothesis, they interview the guy that threatened and attempted to bribe Dr. Jones (he lost his job anyway. 9/11 Truth is not quite illegal, but it’s pretty close. You can be fired. It’s just like “racism” or “anti-semitism” in that way.)

Anyway, watch the shill as he explains why he threatened/bribed Dr. Jones. Listen to him explain that Dr. Jones might be “helping terrorists” if he publishes about the thermetic material found in the dust.

He obviously doesn’t do a convincing job, but it doesn’t matter.

This is how the system works. Dissident are threatened or bought off.

Et Tu, Gregory Hood?

So, not only has Richard Spencer himself posted on this blog and admitted I popularized “hipster racism” among the alt-right, and not only was James O’Meara obviously inspired by my “Flogging Miley” series to write about David McGowan “Laurel Canyon” book, now Gregory Hood restates my post My Mom Thinks I’m Cool about Jonathan Stewart Liebowitz, Stephen Colbert, and their Viacom Rally in his latest Radix article The Court’s Jester.

Of course, I remember Greg Johnson and Gregory Hood when they were nobodies posting on OccidentalDissent – they took a lot of my ideas back then too – not to mention I was posting on O’Meara’s blog long before Counter Currents was even a thing.

Do I get any thanks? No. Do I get any acknowledgement? Of course not. They may steal my ideas, but to maintain “credibility” they have to distance themselves from my heroic and courageous advocacy of 9/11 Truth and, of course, they don’t want to touch that whole nasty spanking business – they might get too many women readers.

I soldier on, thanklessly, simply for the love of my people.

You’re welcome.

So folks, you want to know what Radix, Counter-Currents, and Alternative Right are going to be writing about next week? Read Hipster Racist today.

It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it.

Sex Code


1. “Blacks on blondes” porn is bought by white men. It’s a form of cuckold fetish, which has its root in sperm competition; it’s also why the “money shot” is found in porn. I hate to say it, but the cuckold fetish seems awfully strong with quite a few racist anti-black whites. Make of that what you will, the long screeds about how white women just love them some big black cock. Oh really?

2. The idea that porn inevitably leads to BDSM – that BDSM is the “final perversion” – is so silly as to be laughable. You’re scared to spank your wife, we get it, but trust me many of us aren’t. It’s the same people that see a picture of a fully clothed woman in handcuffs and think it’s “porn” – scared of their own reaction, one suspects. “Damsel in Distress” is universal human trope, and reached its height in Western art and literature.

3. All this bloviating about sex but they didn’t mention that main, number one, actual physical driver of our new Sexual Age – reliable, scientific birth control. The alt-right cannot mention this because it’s interferes with the White Knighting. Since sex no longer leads to pregnancy, you have to come up with more and more creative (and perverted) ways to “leave an impact” on a woman (and women need to feel more of an “impact” from their man, since they aren’t actually having his child anymore.) This is what leads to “perversion.”

4. You morons – white guys are not skipping going out and getting laid with real women to watch porn because porn is better – they are watching porn because women are gang-banging the same 20% of guys. When I started telling all my sex stories, I was shocked to find out that most guys say they couldn’t even get 10% of the number of women I’ve had – without even trying that hard. That means I’m in the 20%. No, not that you as a “real man” would put me in the top 20% of “real men” but as a teenager and in my 20s, the gals lined up. I thought they did that for most men. Apparently not. So again, your problem isn’t men, and it isn’t porn, it’s women. But you all are just too scared to drag those gals of the pedestals you put them on.

Trust me, women are horny little things, you would be surprised at the stuff they are into.

5. It’s all true about Jews, Jews run porn, they invented the modern porn industry. But it is not particularly different than Hollywood itself; Jews run the movie business and their attack on WASP public morality uses both porn and non-porn.

6. Yourbrainonporn.com – that’s reality. Porn is a vice, like drinking, or smoking pot. It can be addictive. Internet porn, the constant variety, is very addictive and very damaging. But that is a quantitative, not qualitative, problem.

7. By all accounts, the most popular form of porn is exactly what you would expect – YOUNG – as in teens and 20s – sexually mature, fertile white women enthusiastically having sex. This is a surprise to no one.

8. Why is it that the supposed “traditionalists” – even the Christians – never breathe a word to young women about marrying young and having children? Even the most “conservative” supposed “family values” types go out of their way to discourage women from starting a family young, at a biologically appropriate age. Now why is that? I have a few suspicions why that is, but I have not figured it out yet.

9. What is the line between Facebook selfies in revealing outfits and cam girls? It really bothers you to realize that women LOVE being sexually objectified and being a porn star is a very common fantasy – along with being a prostitute doesn’t it?

10. Jews were able to undermine Catholic morality because of the hypocrisy baked into Catholic morality. Um, I hate to break this to you Catholics, but your “celibate priests?” Um, yeah, they’re gay. That’s why they don’t get married. And you made them your spiritual leaders, and now you wonder why a) they rape the altar boys and b) you all have a real hang up about gayness.

NPI Should Just Start Writing Me Checks

NPI should just start writing me checks. I know you people read this blog.


He even name drops TheRedPill, the reddit subforum that yours truly pioneered this bit of anti-feminist entryism on. The Dark Enlightenment may have started with human bio-diversity but that was so much eggheaded theorizing among liberals and patting their Asian and Jewish friends on the back for how smart they were compared to the “non-Asian minorities.”

You see, once you start the segregation, it all falls into place. The typical White Knight Nationalists just misunderstood everything. You get a bunch of conservative white pseudo-Catholics together and it’s “joos are the debil” complete with rhetoric that would not be out of place at a Nation of Islam rally.

But you get a bunch of horny young men together – leave the ladies at home, please – commiserating and asking the age-old question, “what do women want?” and it’s only a matter of time before they give the age-old answer: “who cares?” Then they look around and see Tyrone, Juan, and Chaim all have their eyes on Cathy Whitebred, just like they do. All of a sudden it’s not just sex segregation that is obvious, it’s all those other kinds of segregation too.

Hence, the development of Heartiste in the last few years. One kind of “realism” leads to another. Pretty soon all that sexismracismantisemitismophobia starts to seem, well, cool. Ahead of the curve. The next big thing. You know, hipster.

Let’s not forget that those losers at Counter Currents actually published some woman trolling about “gamers” and how white men need to “man up” and marry her, because she was through with the bogan with the “missing tooth” she had spent her pre-wall days riding. You know, the CC crowd needs to take women allies wherever they can get them, because it’s not like they have any clue about romantic relationships with women (cough.)

Yours truly, Hipster Racist, once again ahead of the curve, calling the trends, making the bold predictions, and going where no white man has ever dared to go. When I said, “sex precedes race” a while back at MWIR, TabulaRaza missed the point. I’m not saying that men of all races should be loyal to each other vs. the women of all races. Not at all. It’s just that the sex differences precede the race differences, and in fact, sex creates race.

If it’s a war, if we’re really fighting genocide, well, you don’t send women to war, do you? Well, communists do (USSA *cough*) but we neo-reactionary right wing nutjobs clinging to our guns, Bibles, and pirated copies of Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out don’t.

So, shamelessly stealing the idea from the Counter Currents types, the mannerbund is the proper tool for fighting this war. They are the guys who will fight it. It’s the non-married, non-family men – especially the young and hungry boys – that will lead the charge, as it were. If they win, they get the spoils – booty, white wimminz, Cathy Whitebred. If not, well, we’re all in for a world of hurt.

Now, this is sub-political, this is cultural. As far as mainstream politics go, WN has nothing of interest to say. You vote against anti-white policies and you vote against race replacing immigration. If you can’t do that, you may as well find something else to occupy your time. Be the last man as opposed to the new man. Or whatever.

Yeah I was red pill before it was popular, Richard Spencer
Yeah I was red pill before it was popular, Richard Spencer