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“A Vickstrom” on Hipster Racist

Don’t you see that he’s playing mind games with you? You are attempting to have a historical debate with a man who writes BDSM porn and publishes it on his blog. Men with Hipster’s kink have very unique, and easily recognizable, personalities. Men do not normally write / read about sex since we are visual creatures (a picture is worth a thousand words, as they say). His interest in that specific kink and his desire to write about it indicates an exceptional imagination combined with a high IQ and a high sex drive: aka he’s more aggressive than average and thinks in a different way than 95% of straight men.

Have you ever noticed that he uses a Jew (Don Adams of the series Get Smart) as his avatar? That in itself is quite a giveaway into how his mind works. HR is playing mind games on a level that most straight men don’t comprehend. That’s why he calls himself a ‘hipster racist’ – he is a race conscious liberal man and as such is using a different set of tactics.

It’s also likely that he has ties to – or intimate knowledge – of intelligence agencies. Men like him are drawn to those things like moths to a flame so at the very least he has studied counter intelligence & espionage tactics. His knowledge of neocon tactics also hints at this.

You are not going to get him to make concrete statements on historical subjects (or to even show interest in them). That’s not how people like him operate.

— “A Vickstrom” Holocausting the Holocaust the Andrew Joyce Way

“No one has ever had a fantasy about being tied to a bed and sexually ravished by someone dressed as a liberal” — P. J. O’Rourke

The difference between getting what you want, and what they want, is nuance,
So listen baby girl, put your boots on, here’s something to chew on …

KFlay, Doctor Don’t Know

White Supremacists Plot To Infiltrate The Rotary Club


Almost all of these groups are 99% White, all of them have suffered a massive drop in membership starting with the advent of Television, which makes them ripe for takeover. Most of them have significant infrastructure, everything from real estate to insurance companies to credit unions to financial capital. Most have recognized brand names that are extremely well integrated into existing communities and are impervious to smears by the likes of $PLC and ADL.

Spencer attempted to bootstrap such a group with his Phalanx project – I applaud him, it was a great idea and one I’ve been suggesting for nearly a decade. However it may be easier to simply infiltrate the existing groups and not start from scratch, that way you have the benefit of existing infrastructure.

Golden Dawn and Hezbollah have a lot of support from their respective communities because they are not simply political groups, they also serve social and welfare functions. It’s easy to get support from a community when you provide tangible benefits to that community; American service organizations are already set up to do this. All you have to is show up and start working.

Patrick Le Brun of Counter Currents, Kievsky of MindWeaponsInRagnarok and myself at AryanSkynet have covered this strategy extensively.


Private clubs who do not offer public accommodations are generally not bound by the Civil Rights Act.


Title II: Outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion or national origin in hotels, motels, restaurants, theaters, and all other public accommodations engaged in interstate commerce; exempted private clubs without defining the term “private”.

There are grey areas to this particular aspect of law and there have been some conflicting rulings but as of right now it’s perfectly legal to start a private club in most states and only allow who you want to allow. You are probably setting yourself up for trouble if you start the “No Negroes and Jews Allowed Social Club” and advertise it in the local paper, but you can certainly start a Germanic Club, a Sons of Confederate Veterans Club, and even the Heritage America Club and get along just fine.

In fact I’d love to declare myself a Descendant of the Lost Tribes of Israel and start the “True Jews Club” and force the ADL to sue me over it, I bet that would make for some very interesting legal precedents. You have even more legal room if you start a religious group, there is a very wide latitude in the case of churches.

There are Mason lodges all around the country that are 100% white and explicitly Christian (i.e., no Jews) despite the fact that it’s “officially” supposed to be open to all races and all religions. In the link I gave above there is an example of a white California Mason being excluded from another Masonic lodge because his lodge was integrated, therefore classified as “Prince Hall” (i.e., black) therefore “not regular.”

I would suggest however to at least start these things outside of the glare of the public. But I doubt seriously that under a GOP DOJ there will be Civil Rights lawsuits against non-high-profile community groups for being “too white.”

Clearly, if you were to start a powerful pro-white national organization you are going to get some pushback. Nevertheless, white private clubs are legal, they exist now, they have some legal protection, and there is no reason for people who are interested in building white institutions to NOT go and do just that.

Jewish Women Are Having S&M Sexual Fantasies About Trump as Hitler

You people all thought I was kidding:



But Jewish women are now publishing their own Trump Nazi S&M fantasies themselves:


How Do I Explain My Trump Nazi Nightmare to My Mexican American Daughter?

Anna Keller

October 21, 2016

I have a terrible recurring dream. I’m hiding in the attic with Anne Frank and she’s calling me “Kitty.” I tell her that I have to go, I don’t know where my daughter is, and she turns to me and tells me that we can’t go anywhere. We are in hiding and we must stay this way until the war is over. All of a sudden, I hear boots on the stairs and the door swings open and it’s Donald J. Trump — only he’s naked, wearing a swastika sweatband on his head, and he says, “I think Islam hates us.”

As usual, I’m ahead of the trends.



The Switch: Taking Up The Whip Part One

So I just chanced onto a blog by some MSNBC-tard “progressive,” reasonablyliberal, and made a throw away post about his support for “immigration reform.” I said essentially it shows that he’s not “progressive” at all, merely anti-white. The “immigrants” he wants to import to America are the opposite of “progressive” – they are peoples that have created cultures based around the opposite of “progressive” values – no freedom of speech, a low status for women, fanatically “homophobic.” Yet these progressive *cheer* the idea of America becoming less white, even though it will make America less “progressive.”

How to explain this is very simple and something most White Nationalists know – they are not “progressive” – they are simply anti-white.

Of course, the MSNBC-tard assumed that I must be a Republican, that I must be a conservative, and oddly accused me of voting for Bush because I opposed Obama’s war-mongering. To the MSNBC-tards of the world, anyone who isn’t on their side just *MUST* be a FOX-tard, they must be some Bible-thumping, homo-hating “racist” “sexist” conservative. Of course, the MSNBC-tards are never quite sure if their opponents are toothless hillybilly Ku-Klux-Klansman or wealthy CEOs lighting their cigars with hundred dollar bill appropriated from the working class.

So the MSNBC-tard took a look at my blog trying to sniff out some “racism” “sexism” and “homophobia” – never quite sure what the settle on, but what he did finally settle on is very, very revealing. I’m guessing he read some of the many entries about the CIA and then proceeded to describe how evil the Republicans are due to the Abu Ghraib torture scandal, and then assumed I must approve of this.

In fact, he seemed to have noticed a lot of the BDSM-themed stories, so assumed that I am a “pervert” – into that kinky sex shit – so I probably get off on Abu Ghraib. In that sense, he’s just like LibertyLamp, the “anti-fascist” who basically called me a “faggot” and compared me to a transsexual – in other words, the “anti-hate activist” LibertyLamp used homophobia, transphobia … and MISOGYNY – to attack me.

The reason these types find “hate” everywhere is simply because *they are motivated by hate* – pure, raw hatred.

ReasonablyLiberal’s references to Abu Ghraib were odd, of course, because anyone who has read this blog for any length of time has noticed that I have talked about Abu Ghraib quite a bit, along with many many articles detailing the CIA’s long history of horrific human rights abuses. But it is no surprise – not a surprise at all – that he tried to label me as a supporter of torture because of the 50 Shades of Grey style sex stories. Just like LibertyLamp’s homophobic, transphobic, and misogynists slurs against me reveal something about herself, so ReasonablyLiberal’s desperate attempts to paint me as a hater reveals something about himself.

What this all boils down to – all these issues – is that of *power* – who has it and what they do with it. I’ve written many, many times about feminism and how intimately related feminism is to BDSM, how women who are attracted to feminism are very often into some very hard-core BDSM. White Nationalists also need to realize that their “progressive” opponents pose as morally superior because they believe – or pretend to believe – that they are powerless, that the people in America who have power are Whites. White have “privilege” because they are powerful. Blacks and Mestizos are “righteous” because they are powerless.

This is simply slave-morality as described by Nietzsche, of course. As Mindweapon once said, Liberalism is just Christianity with AIDS, once Christianity is stripped of the spiritual, once the Beatitudes – blessed are the meek, blessed are the poor – are taken out of their religious context and secularized, they become just assertions of moral superiority based on weakness.

This leads to the hilarious pretension that Ashkenazi Jews – a white skinned, ethno-centrist ethnic group that happens to be the wealthiest and most powerful white skinned group in America – are actually “oppressed.” Who is oppressing Jews – the Jews that dominate the media, are well entrenched in Wall Street, have well funded political lobbies like the SPLC and the ADL – who could possibly oppress these people, the most powerful – not to mention perceived to be white – group in America?

Why, neo-Nazis of course. But where are these “neo-Nazis?”

They don’t actually exist. Other than some internet trolls on websites like 4Chan or the Daily Stormer – neo-Nazis DO NOT EXIST.

Just as Steve Sailer said, the only thing that holds the “progressive” coalition together is “KKK-razy glue” – they have to pretend that the Evil White Oppressors – KKK-Nazis – exist so they can all band together and fight against them. When it becomes clear that the KKK and neo-Nazis DO NOT EXIST, all of a sudden the anti-white coalition falls apart.

Progressives support gay marriage – yet Blacks, the Democrat party’s strongest voting block – is hilariously “homophobic.” “Gay” “marriage” was defeated in California because of the black vote. Progressives support “women’s rights” – yet the culture of Mestizos is hilariously patriarchal and sexist – the exact opposite of feminism. It’s a source of pure comedy now to read feminists on twitter, as the uber-White lesbian folk singers of the Lilith Fair set are attacked as “racist” by Black Feminists (#solidarityisforwhitewomen.) “Progressives” believe Jews to be a Holy Victim class, yet the Catholic Mestizos they want to replace white people with are actually, superstitiously, anti-semitic, and American Jews, far from being victims, are racist oppressors who fund and provide political cover as the Israelis ethnically cleanse the Palestinians.

Without the ghost of not-actually-existing KKK-Nazis, the whole “progressive” coalition falls apart, because they don’t have any enemies, they are not, in fact, victims at all, they *are the ruling class they oppose.* One only has to remember the cries of “anti-semitism” over Occupy Wall Street – Occupy Wall Street, a movement *started by progressive Jews* against the “1%” accidentally revealed a truth you’re never supposed to notice, the “1%” that owns Wall Street – they are Jewish progressives.


Now, what does this have to do with BDSM and spanking? Quite a bit, actually. BDSM is all about “power” and they even call it “power exchange.”

And politics is about power.

A while back the DailyStormer did a very interesting article about Holocaust films, and how Holocaust mythology has often – almost always – included an element of BDSM. The earliest Holocaust novels were barely this side of porn – one remembers the hilarious “masturbation machines” that a Jew claimed the Nazis used on him. In Israel, BDSM-themed Holocaust porn is a huge industry, imagery of Jewish men tied up and flogged by Nazi Dominatrixes – the She-Wolf of the SS.


The film “Salo” – essentially a homosexual porn film – was sold as “art” because it was a “deconstruction” of “fascist sexuality.” The “need to dominate” was integral to the “Nazi character” and Germans, Europeans in general, and Catholics – in other words, anyone who opposed Communism – were a bunch of “degenerate perverts” that were driven by their “perverted sexual kink.” The modern film Pan’s Labyrinth is a non-pornographic version of the same thing, the Nazis in that case being replaced by Franco’s Fascists, the victims Spanish Republicans – and Jews, of course. Of course, the film shows the Fascist character sexually aroused by torturing his victims.

Now, in case you think I’m stretching the analogy, not too long ago professional anti-White Jew Tim Wise said that it was time for the “former slaves” to take power, and he even used a very telling illustration. He said it was time for the traditionally “oppressed” to “take up the whip” against their former “oppressors.”

In BDSM, that’s called “The Switch” and if you will permit me just a bit of leeway, you will find that understanding this dynamic reveals quite a bit about the nature of anti-whites. In this case, the Blacks, Mestizoes, and Asians are incidental, their anti-whiteness is simply ethnocentrism and racist hate. Blacks, Mestizoes, and Asians are simply normal, ethnocentric people.

The anti-Whites in question are the Ashkenazi Jews and White “ethno-masoscists” and it is those anti-Whites that this analysis is about.

I’m a mod on a section of Reddit called “Break Feminazis,” which is described as a “fantasy BDSM themed subreddit about Sexist Misogynists fighting a Gender War against Feminists, defeating them and turning them into sex slaves.” It’s pretty hokey and the porn imagery is kind of disgusting to me personally, but the narratives are often half-sexy and half-funny, and I participate because every once in a while we get a “live one.”

The “live one” is usually some young “feminist” woman who goes off about the horrible evil misogynists who make a fetish out of humiliating feminists. It doesn’t take too long for them to admit that, while yes, they do find these BDSM stories erotic as hell – they quite often masturbate to them – they like to add an ending. At the end of the hot sex fantasy where they are forced into humiliating sexual submission, they “turn the tables” on the Sexist Misogynists and “take up the whip,” as it were, against their former oppressors.



A disclaimer: there are a number of people – men and women – in the White Nationalist movement obsessed with “sexual degeneracy,” pornography, and have a real hang up about BDSM. The women who claim they are disgusted by BDSM are pretty much the same as men who go on long tirades about “fags” – someone is protesting too much. The regular men, married husbands, who rant about 50 Shades of Grey being degenerate are almost certainly in denial about their own wives’ sexuality. I know this, because I’m quite familiar with the kind of women who don’t “get it” at home – so they go to professional Doms who will, in fact, give it to them.

It’s probably best if you don’t ask how I know, just take my word for it.


Diamonds In The Crack Of Her Ass

Back in the 1980s, the nation of South Africa was under international pressure for their apartheid policies. While South Africa was a close ally to another nation that practices apartheid – the Jewish country, Israel – that didn’t stop Jews outside of Israel agreeing virtually unanimously that the White South Africans were evil racists.

But not the Israeli Jews – their apartheid was ok. Because, you know, they are Jews. God’s Special People, therefore, their “racism” is perfectly justified.

So Jews around the world organized a massive demonization campaign against South Africa. It got so silly that MTV musicians would all take “heroic” stands to boycott South Africa, peaking with the shitty 1980s song, “I Ain’t Gonna Play Sun City.”

Well, one enterprising Jew decided to break ranks and put out a whole album with South African musicians – black South Africans that is, not white ones. Since Paul Simon is a Jew, normal rules don’t apply to him. If a Jew supports the Apartheid Regime of Jew Bigotry in Zionist Occupied Palestine, that’s ok. Because Jews. But if a White man were to support a majority white country – any country, anywhere in the world, from tiny Netherlands to the massive Canada – doesn’t matter.

Jews have Rights. Whites have “unearned privilege.”

So anyway, some lying Jewess who plays a “Holocaust Survivor” on TV actually told this ridiculous tale about how she stuffed diamonds up her ass to save herself from the Nazis. She actually said Dr. Death Himself, Himmler or Gerbbels or whichever, actually personally tortured her and gave her an injection to turn her eyes blue.


You see, blue eyed people are bad and evil and Nazis. Unless they are Jewish and they have blue eyes, then it’s ok. So you see, the Hitler Nazis were so evil they decided they were going to kidnap helpless Jewish girls, inject them with needles in their eyes, in order to turn their brown eyes blue. Is that a believable story?

Of course not. It’s complete 100% bullshit, and everyone knows it. But it’s literally illegal to doubt this story is many countries all around the world, thanks to various anti-speech laws passed under pressure from Zionist Jews.

She’s a jewess
She don’t try to hide it
Diamonds in the crack of her ass

He’s a nazi
Evil as the Devil
Evil as the Devil turning brown eyes to blue

Sing Ta na na
Ta na na na
She got diamonds in the crack of her ass
She got diamonds in the crack of her ass
Diamonds in the crack of her ass
Diamonds in the crack of her ass

People say she’s lying
There’s no diamonds in the crack of her ass
Well that’s one way to hide that stolen stash
Diamonds in the crack of her ass

It was physically impossible
To stuff all those diamonds up her rear
Did it hurt worse going in or coming out?
She said you must believe me
Or else you’re a nazi
Wearing these diamonds
These diamonds in the crack of my ass

Bernie Sanders, the Jew Zionist Senator from Vermont, poses with Terrorist Mass Murderer Nelson Mandela at an anti-White rally. Bernie Sanders is a supporter of Jewish Supremacy, Zionism, and apartheid - as long as Jews do it. When whites do it, Bernie says it's "racist."
Bernie Sanders, the Jew Zionist Senator from Vermont, poses with Terrorist Mass Murderer Nelson Mandela at an anti-White rally. Bernie Sanders is a supporter of Jewish Supremacy, Zionism, and apartheid – as long as Jews do it. When whites do it, Bernie says it’s “racist.”

Helpless Holly

There she was, squirming like a squirly dog, all tied up, nowhere to go. So she’s laying on her side, hands taped behind her back, ankles tightly restrained with black electrical tape (I had to improvise) and her loud mouth full of her panties all secured with loops of that black electrical tape circling her head.

Fit to be tied or something.

“Ok, Holly. Are you comfortable?”

Holly replies, “Mmmmffggff!”

“Ok, Holly,” I say.


So it was my first semester on campus. I had only been allowed in this college due to my Heritage Foundation Scholarship for Students for Life, otherwise my grades were so poor otherwise I would have had to coast on the hockey thing. My years of pro-life activism and saving babies had prepared me for the liberal, leftist campus that I would be attending. I knew I would keep my Christian principles intact even with the temptations of the world.

Then I met Holly. This liberal, feminist, pro-choice activist. Oh I admit it, she was very attractive. Red haired, green eyed, umm … ample bosom. An amazing ass. Short, short tempered, the kind of gal that always needs a spanking, the harder the better. Oh yes, back in Bible College we learned how to deal with these devlish women. A strict regimen of Christian Domestic Discipline will strip these bitches of their feminist delusions. “Wives, submit to your husbands” is in the Bible, and if we have to spank them while making them read Bible verses, well, they were almost certainly asking for it.

Mandatory BDSM Reference

So I go up to Holly’s campus activist table, where she’s passing out some sort of babykiller pamplets, with a website “independentwomenforchoice.org” with a pagan symbol of some sort. I say, “Hi Holly, something something something” and gague her reaction. I pretend I’m a babykiller too, see if I can suss out some information before I report back to my radical pro-life cell at my Christian church.

Holly smiles, “oh yes, feminism is very welcoming to men and their issues! Here I have a handout about boys needing education!” Her eyes almost twinkle, and I fake a smile back. I swear, for one moment, she’s buying it. Little does she know what I am setting her up for.

So I say, “hey, Holly, it was really nice to meet you. Maybe you and I can go get a Proud Whopper at Burger King sometime?”