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Sun Tzu, The Myth of the 20th Century, and NRx

I just never get tired of it.

In West Point the first book a cadet reads is Sun Tzu’s Art of War. What’s the most famous quote from AoW?

“All warfare is based on deception”

Here’s the longer quote:

“All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.”

So I’m listening to Myth of the 20th Century, the edition about African colonialization. The resident Yockeyite, Alex, is whining about “pig Americans” and literally his voice breaks – he’s almost going to cry – when he says “Death to America.” (Not at all coincidentally, the only other time I can recall he nearly cried during the podcast is during the epiosde about the 1980s pedophile ring at the Catholic boy’s home in Kansas, “The Franklin Cover-up.” – although he actually blames this pedophile ring on … who else? WASPs.)

It’s so ridiculous the main guy, the serious and intelligent guy – Hank, I think – who just identifies as “Republican” auditorily rolls his eyes and mentions this is when he and Alex get into it.

So what has Alex so upset? The United States LIED. African decolonization was really about the US Empire taking over former African colonies from the old French, Spanish, English and German empires.


Occasionally he makes some point that America allowed non-Europeans – non-whites – to “have a say in European affairs.” But he’s only outraged when America (thus – Protestants, and especially those who beat NSDAP Germany) does this. He rightfully mentions that Fascist Spain brought in African troops to rape and mutilate White Spanish Republicans, and that the French used colonial African troops against Europeans. But he saves his outrage for America. “Death the the pig Americans.”

Remember, this is an American Catholic Nazi-fetishist Neo-Reactionary.

So, what really is NRx, at its core? Well, the Jew that invented it, their “prophet” is of course Curtis Yarvin, whose OBVIOUS goal was to squid squid ink to cover up Jewish power and Jewish anti-whiteness, and to blame all the things the right hates on “liberals” and “the international Protestant conspiracy” etc.

But the ones that took it up were Catholics, the Alex types, although most of them aren’t *really* religious. Instead, they are “Catholics” in the organizational sense.

Forget the religious and cultic aspects. That is to miss the point. How is Catholicism organized?

It’s an imperial, hierarchal, oligarchic system.

You have bishops; the bishops ordain priests, then elevate some priests to bishops. Then the bishops vote one of their own as pope. It’s a self-selecting oligarchy. There is one Pope at the top, his advisors the bishops underneath, the priests are the officers, and the regular people are the congregants.

The smarter wing of NRx, that were called the “techno-commercial” wing, have mostly dropped out as far as I can tell. Which is too bad, because they were the ones that really had something interesting to say. They understood network effects, economics, corporate governance – really interesting group to read.

I don’t know what happened to them. All that is left is the actual religious Catholics, who are boring and irrelevant, and the Jim Donald types, which are really just a club of right-wing purity spiralers, mostly populated by Zionists and some young White guys into the idea of patriarchy and submissive wives (precisely because they are young, economically disenfranchied, and unmarried without children.)

Old perverts like Donald know how to cater to that crowd – I know how to cater to that crowd, and did it very successfully for a year, until it got boring and embarassing, so I dropped it.

So what’s left at NRx? Aside from policing the right wing for “anti-semitism” and anti-Zionism, what really is the core of NRx?

Let’s look at the summary:


Modern history is an epic tale of social decay under chronically bad government, masked by increasing technological wealth. The dominant liberal-progressive ideology is badly out of touch with reality, and actively destructive to civilization.

Two lies are obvious right out of the gate: modern history is NOT an epic tale of social decay. This is just LARPing that the 1400s were better. The second, most destructive lie is that the dominant ideology as of 2019 is “liberal-progressive.”

Liberals and Progressives are very much NOT in charge. We live in a neo-liberal – which really means POST-liberal society, and Progressivism proper died with LBJ, who was its most cynical proponent, and Richard Nixon, the last true progressive. The Reagan-Bush regime buried the very last of progressivism.

(Communists often called themselves “progressive” in English but that was nothing but propaganda, they were NOT in any way, shape, nor form a product of the Progressive movement of Teddy Roosevelt and Margaret Sanger.)

So, more NRx:

The core of our problem is that there is no one with the secure authority to fix things. The core of our solution is to find a man, and put him in charge, with a real chain of command, and a clear ownership structure.

Real leadership would undertake a proper corporate restructuring of USG: Pardon and retire all employees of the old regime; regularize international relations as explicitly either imperial or non-interventionist; nationalize and restructure the banks, media, and universities; and begin the long slow process of organic cultural recovery from centuries of dysfunction.

So, as the techno-commercial wing would say, there “secret sauce” is … centralize executive authority. In corporate terms, they want strong CEO and a weak board of directors. They hate activist shareholders.

OK, but let’s see some data? I know there is a huge corporate management literature about this, and one can read such debates every single day in the Wall Street Journal. NRx doesn’t even address any of that, they instead peddle right-wing historical narrative barely a step above the old John Birch Society, Catholic superstitions and Crusader LARPing, and of course pretentious rehashing of Greco-Roman history – classical studies.

But note the bold section. First, they just want to replace the entire ruling structure of American with … who, exactly? Literally the bloggers think THEY will become valued advisors to the new ruling class, because they promise to offer unquestioning sycophancy – that’s where “God-Emperor Trump” came from.

The second part, just as long as imperialists start telling the truth and stop lying we’ll finally have a good society!

Forget Sun Tzu, we should be open and forthright about our intentions, because only naughty people lie and trick people!

This is childishness. These are not adults with a realistic and “hard headed” view of the world, unlike those naive “liberals” and “progressives.”

What NRx really is: a bunch of lying Jews and Zionists manipulating some old doddering superstitious Catholic nutjobs and some young White boys who aren’t sophisticated and cynical enough to know they are being fed a line of crap.

Sun Tzu would be proud.

The Right Wing Holiness Spiralers

Spandrell at Bloody Shovel is one of the better NRx bloggers, and he makes some good points about The Andrew Yang #YangGang phenomenon.

His Bioleninism idea is just a reworking of cultural Marxism, but this time adding in the queerest of the LGBTQ+ stuff that’s popped up in the last decade.

As usual, though, reactionaries just react and most of them are spiritually, if not physically, old men yelling at clouds. They are always black pilled and expect a collapse at every turn, because they can’t cope with their own mortality. In that sense they are eerily similar to the Global Warming Cult, which is eerily similar to the old American Rapture cults, in turn eerily similar to the (((Austrian))) Goldbug Economic Hyperinflationary Collapse cults. For these reactionaries, everything is always getting worse and the End of the World is at Hand.

The reality is they are getting worse because they are getting older and their own death is at hand. But since misery loves company, they like to pretend the World Is Ending so everyone ages and dies with them.

I wonder if you looked at these neo-reactionaries, if few of them have children and even fewer have grandchildren, which if as true as I half-suspect, makes them a very selected group indeed.

So Spandrell sprinkles in Tranny-Hysteria at least a half a dozen times in his article. It’s understandable because modern Tranny-ism is a horror-show mix of the pedophile hysteria of the 1980s with modern medical horror of Dr. Frankenstein hormone therapy.

But no one would really care if it didn’t have the sex angle, the “degeneracy” angle, because the purpose of neo-reaction (aside from obscuring the Ashkenazi role in the 20th century electronic mass media anti-white propaganda) is to allow conservatives to engage in right-wing holiness spiraling.

The absolute best of the best right-wing holiness spiraler is Jim Donald. Take a “reactionary” idea, say, something like Pauline marriage. The man is the head of the household.

Jim Donald can holiness spiral so long and so fast within a week he’s gone from “wives should honor and obey their husbands” and “women aren’t particularly monogamous either” … to … “men should be ready to beat their wives and all women are biastophiles” and “nine year old girls crawl into my bed while I’m drunk and try to have sex with me.”

Seriously, read it: Blog.Jim.com – it’s astonishing. Don’t forget the comments which are ten or so guys trying to out-do each other in their reactionary anti-liberalism. It’s the Gen X/Gen Z version of what the boomers used to do, “I’m to the right of Attila the Hun – end direct election of Senators!”

Anyway I just wanted to note that there’s nothing new under the sun. Transing kids is a crime and should be punished as such, but tranny-ism – including biological transitioning and hormonal disruption – isn’t new at all.

The Catholic Church did it for years. It isn’t unique to the West either as eunuchs were an important class in imperial China.


If these reactionaries actually cared, they would be going all Ted Kaczynski and forcing an end to artificial estrogen pollution due to plastic grocery bags.

But that sort of environmentalism sounds too “liberal” – even “progressive” – and it wouldn’t allow them to holiness spiral to the right and signal to each other about who’s the most retrograde.

P.S. One of the funniest ones I can remember is one guy seriously going on about how much he loved the petty tyranny of county traffic courts. He loved it that the defendants had to call the judge “your honor” because it teaches these arrogant citizens to respect their betters, or something. It didn’t matter that the tyranny was small, it just mattered that he got to enjoy seeing people scrape and bow to power. He liked the humiliation. It’s sort of a civics version of getting whipped by a dominatrix.

These guys will LOVE Islam.

John Calvin Broke the Jewish Monopoloy on Finance

John Calvin broke the Jewish monopoly on finance, a monopoly which was enforced by the Catholic church.

For this, a Jew like Curtin Yarvin instinctually reacts with hatred, describing Calvin as “this hateful little phony, this pissant, heretic-roasting tyrant on the lake, Jehan Cauvin.”

More than even Luther, Calvin deposed Jews of their “chosen” status. In theory, Christianity itself did; all good Catholics will say that the Church is the “new Israel,” the “Israel of God.” But in practice, Jews followed Catholicism. To Scandinavia, Judaism came embedded with Christianity. No son of Vikings had ever heard of a “Jew” much less of their status as “chosen by God” if they had not been conquered by the Catholic Church.

Historically, wherever Catholics went, Jews went. Wherever Jews were, they were granted a monopoly on the economic life of a community by the Catholic Church which forbade any non-Jew from engaging in finance and banking.

Then Calvin came along and declared that European man could in fact be “the Elect” and that the Catholic church, that unusual bureacracy on the southern tip of Europe with their origin story based in the ancient Hebrew writings of “Israel,” had no power over the souls of men; the pope’s “excommunication” had no effect on your soul, but if it did it may have in fact been salutary!

In E. Michael Jones’ magnum opus, “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” he attempts – successfully – to defend the Catholic church from charges of “anti-semitism.”

He points out that wherever Jews went in Europe, the Europeans would revolt against Jewish power, specifically, the Jewish monopoly on finance, called “usury.”

And each and every time that Europeans rose up against Jewish usury, the Jews – physically, literally – ran into the Catholic cathedrals, where the priests and bishops would shut the door before the rag tag band of peasants could capture the Jews who had financially enslaved them and string them up in the public square.

Jews, being what they are, accuse Catholics of “anti-semitism” because no good deed goes unpunished. But Jones is correct, indeed, it was the Catholic church itself which protected Jews from the Europeans.

Depending on how you count, Catholics and Jews tag-teamed Europe for nearly 1500 years, until a bunch of Northern European firebrands, called “Reformers,” broke the Catholic monopoly on social power and, consequently, the Jewish monopoly on the economy.

From that point, North Western Europe rose from a backwater, primitive bunch of tribes to the first truly planet wide civilization, invented the modern world and all its technology, and to the Current Year, sits astride Terra with no competitors in sight …

However … in the first half of the 20th century, the White man invented a technology – electronic broadcast media (radio, cinema, television) – that for still rather mysterious reasons was immediately given over to a cabal of Jews, who completely dominated this new technology through their corporations, ABC, CBS, and NBC.

These Jews, from day one, literally starting with the Superman radio show in the 1930s, immediately attacked the ethnic and social cohesion of Whites and introduced “multiculturalism” and mass immigration.

It took other White men just 50 years until they invented an even superior – and more decentralized – form of electronic mass media called “the internet” or the “World Wide Web” which, in the last 20 years, has all but broken the Jewish monopoly on the media and has engendered a furious backlash against Jewish promotion of “multiculturalism” and mass immigration.

So, a Jew, Curtis Yarvin, invents an ideology and the Jew’s collaborators, the Catholic church, starts to promulgate this new ideology – “neo-reaction” – to once against place the Jews and Catholics as a ruling class over the White man.

Fortunately, they seemed to have peaked a decade ago and White populist liberalism is again on the rise.

If NRx Wants To Revoke The Enlightenment, Do Jews Go Back To The Shtetl?

Of all NRx complaints about the Enlightenment, has the emancipation of the Jews ever been mentioned as a downside?


Watson, in Jews, Puritans and Whites OH MY!, catches Kevin McDonald pretty much agreeing with the neoreactionary dictum: “It’s not just the Jews.”

Is it really “it’s not just the Jews?” Or is it “it’s never the Jews?”


Notice the tone, MacDonald is “caught,” “oh my!” As if MacDonald has never mentioned anything other than Jews. One of MacDonald’s most important pieces was “The Indigenous Culture of Critique.”

This sort of tone might be appropriate in a situation in which Jews are blamed for everything. But in modern America, and the West in general, Jews are blamed for nothing. In fact, it’s a signal of low social status to even notice that Jews have any power at all.

Jews run Hollywood? That’s a “conspiracy theory.” Jews overrepresented in politics? “So what, they work hard and are smarter than you, you’re just blaming your personal failure on Jews!” When Whites were overrepresented in the Ivy League, that was an example of structural racism. Now that Jews dominate the Ivy League, they got in all on merit?

NRx seems quite unwilling to critique Jews for anything at all, don’t they? If Jews caused problems in the 20th Century, we must go back further until we can blame it on some European group. “Sure Jews did this bad thing, but this other person did something bad too, so why blame Jews?”

Here nickbsteves engages in some extremely common philo-semitism:

Not only is it “Not just the Jews,” but, if it were they would truly be the master race psychologically speaking and would pretty much deserve, from an evolutionary perspective, all of the spoils they have obtained.

If we were talking about *any other group* – anyone at all *but* Jews, do you think nickbsteves would say the same thing?

One suspects that everything about the Enlightenment can be criticized *except* that it liberated the Jews.

It’s all very kosher isn’t it?

It would be a mistake to start “counting Jewish noses” in NRx, or pointing to Moldbug’s purported Jewish grandfather. There’s another dynamic at work here. I suspect it is similar to the allergy to ethno-nationalism and explicit advocacy for White interests and instead the focus on IQ. The idea is to create a coalition that includes just enough “diversity” – you know, Jews, White guys with half-Asian children, a smattering of Japanese and Sub-continentals – something that looks like Amren.

Instead of a biological continuum, it’s an artificial group – whoever gets X on the IQ tests.

You know, something that looks like Silicon Valley.

Because anything ELSE would actually draw the wrath of the Synagogue Cathedral.

They are just run of the mill conservatives giving themselves a fancy name and posing as great intellectuals.