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Walter Oleg On The Right & The Left

The globalist elites have a “home game” and an “away game.” The home game (in the West) is political correctness, White genocide, and degeneracy of all sorts. The away game (in the non-West) is war, neo-liberal privatization, and coup d’etats. The main job of the left in America is to carry out the home game while the right pretends to oppose them. The main job of the right is to carry out the away game while the left pretends to oppose them.

Now the overall game is getting screwed up for them. And we’re seeing tantrums by the globalist rightwing (at the behest for their big globalist bosses).

— Walter Oleg


Why They Hate 50 Shades Of Grey

Mr. Grey: “I could hold you to some impossibly high ideal, like Angel Clare, or I could debase you completely, like Alec d’Urberville.”

Anastasia: “Well, if there’s only two options, I take debasement.”

The film version of 50 Shades of Grey came out this weekend, and the media, online and off, is in full hate mode. Full disclosure: I’ve never read it. But my lady friend did, and her opinion was the typical one: poorly written and kind of goofy. I think she was upset it wasn’t really racy enough. For all of the brouhaha about the BDSM, apparently Mr. Grey didn’t even spank Ana all that much.


On reddit’s conspiracy section, someone asked: why all this hate toward some silly romance novel? The hate and “controversy” over what amounts to “Wuthering Heights with spanking” is somewhat astounding. I realize some in the White Nationalist crowd get their klan robes in a bunch over anything sexual that isn’t married missionary position. Forget the queers and the sluts – even a husband tying up his wife is “degenerate” and caused by “jew porn” and yet another sign of the Total Collapse Of Western Society And Christendom. So, our friends over at the Daily Stormer have added BDSM to their long list of “degeneracy” along with the homos and sluts and miscegenators.

The manosphere types, especially the Christians, often mention that feminism has infected even the right wing conservatives and the Church. White men are “White Knights” – especially the older generation – and automatically cater to whatever women want, acting like “manginas.”

I would posit it’s all of a piece. Sure, traditional conservatives and Christians are not “feminist” in the cultural Marxist sense of the word; believing that women and men are separate “social classes” engaged in the “class struggle” of oppressors vs. the oppressed. But there is a wide and deep habit of “White Knighting” in traditionalist circles – and it is absolutely related to the bizarre hatred toward 50 Shades of Grey – a silly piece of erotica with some spanking and bondage, after all.

Not only does feminism “shame” male sexuality – we’re all rapists, wife beaters and we “objectify” women’s bodies, after all – but so does conservatism and modern Christianity. For the right-wingers, feminists are correct that men are deeply afraid of women’s sexuality. But it’s for a good reason.

If men really knew what turns women on, civilization would come to a halt, because so much of civilization is based on chivalry and wanting to believe that women tend toward monogamy and are attracted to “good men.”

They are not. Quite the opposite, in fact.

When men discuss their own sexuality, they quite often focus on how shallow it is – a nice pair of tits and a round ass. Men will go on and on about how they will “fuck anything that moves” and how men are all “sluts.” But these same men project this quite Victorian notion onto women. You see this in the worst parts of the manosphere, who really do believe – and the feminists have them correctly pegged here – that women want to “trade sex for resources.” The man provides the “resources” and the women pay for it with sex – which the man wants, and the women don’t, really.

Then, when these manosphere men look at how women actually behave – quite the opposite of their Victorian fantasy – they get angry and resentful. They drag the women down from that pedestal they placed her on and disparage her as a “hypergamous slut.”

I feel for women, I really do, because they are only allowed to be a Madonna, or a Whore. There’s never anything in between.


Of course, the feminists hate 50 Shades of Grey because Ana is submissive and Mr. Grey is dominant. It’s essentially a Patriarchal Rape Fantasy, and feminists hate women’s sexuality even more than Conservative men do. The same feminists that hate the idea of 50 Shades would be praising a similar novel up and down if the roles were reversed. If it was a high powered woman CEO Dominatrix that loves to spank young studly pool boys, the feminists would love it (even though it would leave them drier than the Sahara Desert.) But the fact the novel essentially portrays traditional roles – the man is powerful, the woman is submissive – they hate it.

You will find the worst hate coming from the uber-feminist “BDSM Community.” The “BDSM Community” has done nothing but shriek about 50 Shades of Grey, saying it’s not “real BDSM” – they didn’t even use s safe word!!! – and that it’s really just abuse. The BDSM community keeps hating on the “50 Shaders” – young women interested in BDSM because of reading the novel, and how they “totally have the wrong idea.” Just like hipsters upset that the mainstream has finally caught on to some underground band, the “BDSM Community” feels like it’s losing it’s monopoly on what “real BDSM is” and love nothing more than to morally posture about how everyone else is doing it “wrong.”

Believe me, the “BDSM Community” is more obnoxious than the worst sorts of “Social Justice Warriors” blathering on about “transphobia” and “tolerance for Otherkin.”

Of course, the humorless conservatives, including Christians, are not only afraid of their own penises, but doubly afraid of vaginas, apparently. Bondage? That’s “degenerate!” “Spanking? Only an evil, sick man would be rough with a woman! Sex is supposed to be about tender caresses and the missionary position. My wife in an innocent angel, why, she doesn’t get turned on ever, except when I rub her feet on date night! My daughter is totally chaste and she tells all those nasty boys “no” – she would never purposefully and with malice aforethought seduce a man – especially not an older man! That’s just sick!”

To any man who actually has experience with women, these guys are jokes. I remember these fathers well, from high school and college. They “trusted” their daughters, so no problem her taking the car and meeting up with Sleazy Hipster Boyfriend for some good, clean teenage fun.

Like bowling or watching a movie, you know. Certainly not blowjobs in the car, threesomes and all sorts of raunchy sex. Only “those kinds of girls” do that – “not my wife and daughter.”

You have to laugh.

Women are sexually aroused by power. It doesn’t make any difference whether the man with the power is “good” or “evil” – in fact, I suspect women have an instinct toward “evil men” frankly. Women are sexually aroused by being overwhelmed by that power, to submitting to that power – willingly, or even hotter, unwillingly.

The key part of the Rape Fantasy is that the woman is so desirable that the man, powerful though he is, is in fact, overpowered by her – by his desire for her.

Feminism makes women deeply ashamed of their own sexuality, and that is why the “BDSM Community” was invented. Gals want what they want sexually, so the “BDSM Community” does its best to contain their submissive natures. That is why there is all the obsession with “safe words” and “consent” and “role play.” It has to be “just playing,” “just role play,” and “verbally consented to without duress.”

To feminists, a woman consenting to be tied up and flogged at a sex club is fine – but a wife obeying her husband; that’s sexist misogyny. A woman who is a “slave” in the “BDSM Community” can be collared and made to eat dogfood – that’s just a “kink.” But a girl putting out for her boyfriend to keep him happy – that’s “date rape.”

Conservatives are right, in a sense. Because of women’s hypergamous nature, unleashed female sexuality will destroy a civilization. Monogamy exists for a reason, patriarchy exists for a reason. Patriarchy makes men invest in children, and monogamy is how men are assured that the children are his. Without monogamy and without patriarchy, men have no incentive to invest in the future, in the society, in the tribe. Without Patriarchy and Monogamy, there is no civilization.


Women are hypergamous, and polygamy is the nature state of humans. Women have little problem sharing a high status man with other women. The wives of wealthy and desirable men have been looking the other way at their husband’s affairs since forever – it’s the natural state of things. Most women would rather put up with cheating from a handsome, wealthy man than be married to a faithful but poor schlub.

The reason we have monogamy is because, left to their own devices, women would share the top 50% of men, and the bottom 50% of men would have no women at all.

Yet, for a society to actually work, you need the bottom half of men. It’s those “betas” that make the trains run on time, not to mention kill the ragheads that are living on top of our oil.

Since reliable, scientific birth control was invented, women have been able to pursue a “double strategy” – the so called “alpha fucks and beta bucks.” By postponing marriage, children, and family formation, women have been able to get sex from men “out of their league” while young, but still be able to find a caring man “in her league” for marriage. Men who object to their wives previous promiscuity are simply shamed as “insecure” and the whole point of giving out free condoms in high school is to make sure that there are no virgins left by the time boys and girls are of marriageable age.

That’s by design, because men might choose the virgins for marriage, thus incentivize women to remain chaste.

This worked for 50 years, until the internet destroyed the consensus, like it has the consensus on so many things. The “manosphere” has sort of let the cat out of the bag. The numbers don’t lie – marriage is a dead institution. If present trends continue – and they almost certainly will – most people will never marry. Fertility will continue to drop like a rock, and more and more men will simply “opt out” of society.

It’s laughable to read the complaints of pseudo-feminist women wondering where all the chivalry has gone. Chances are, women aren’t even going to be taken out on proper dates anymore. For the average men, women have virtually nothing to offer him – but sex. As the days of a wife, a mother to your children, and an exclusive lover are gone, what do women have that men need? Just the sex, that’s it.

You can see the results of this with the increasingly crass attitudes of men toward women, and vice-versa. Many advanced cultures are going through this phenomenon, Japan being a noticeable example, with their “herbivore men” who don’t bother chasing women, never get married, and simply drop out of the culture. They do not contribute to the culture except in the most minimal way, as consumers.

The same thing is happening in the USA, although mass non-white immigration and multi-culturalism obscures the effects somewhat. The bottom is dropping out of the White middle class, and it dropped out of the White working class 30 years ago – exactly at the time when the Sexual Revolution was finally mainstreamed.

This is not a coincidence.

Feminists and Conservative both hate 50 Shades for the same basic reason: it’s an accurate account of women’s sexuality. Feminists hate it because it reminds them that women want “the wrong thing.” Women are supposed to want an “equal relationship with a peer who respects her as a person.” But women tend to actually go for men who are higher status than her, and if he’s “emotionally unavailable” she just wants him more. Conservatives are also upset that women want “the wrong thing.” Women are supposed to want a Good Conservative Christian – you know, like them. Instead, women go for the Bad Men, even men who are “abusive” and they generally don’t get wet for the husband that reads the Bible to her before he gently fucks her in the missionary position. Worse for the conservatives, women are not particularly interested in monogamy. They want one man – at a time – but are always looking for the opportunity to “trade up” and while young, they are in no hurry to marry the Beta Boy Next Door that’s “in her league” – not when she still has access to Studly Hockey Players to gang-bang after practice.

That is where all this hate for a silly romance novel with some bondage and spanking comes from. It’s not about the bondage and spanking.

It’s about power.

That’s why they call it “Power Exchange.”

Wag The Dog 2

Well congrats to whoever has Burger King’s online “viral” ad account, because “Proud Whopper” and “Feminist Attacks Pro-Lifer” are pretty much the future of online video ads. Hey, thoughtcatalog.com managed to turn online trolling into a revenue stream, it was only a matter of time before some big companies followed suit.

Just in case we didn’t get it, they do a close-up on the Burger King logo on her shirt for half the video.

It’s probably good for Burger King to be associated with various fringe demographic groups anyway. They can have Burger King. We’re all hipster foodies and crunchy conservatives, with our Victory Gardens and heirloom vegetables, right?

Hipster, you’re a moron. Is this another one of your “conspiracy theories?” What you think they are just a bunch of actors? Look, those police are wearing uniforms. So the cops are in on it too? And the Department of Public Transportation? Or do you think that big bus in the video is just some sort of video trickery? So how many people are supposed to be involved in the giant plot anyway? Let me guess, the Freemasons, right?

Occam’s Razor. It’s a real feminist, a real pro-lifer, a real cop, and a real video.

She’ll probably get fired from Burger King now. If she doesn’t, we’ll know Burger King is the enemy and we should all switch to Chic-fil-a. Let’s make it a campaign, we can start a petition on change.org.

Now can we please ban Hipster and his nutty crazy conspiracy theories?

1. The camera follows the cop into the bus. Do police allow random cameramen to follow them when apprehending a suspect?

2. Burger King product placement.

3. BornEqual.org the ostensible pro-life organization set up last year has exactly the kind of media you would expect from an “edgy” film company getting into online marketing. A picture perfect replica of Fundies, Feminists and Cops engaged in the political version of professional wrestling.

4. Deniability on the part of BK Holdings, Inc. The online marketing department hangs out with the filmmakers and makes sure whatever money needs to flow their way does, whether it’s on the books or off the books, doesn’t matter. If there is enough trust built up, an executive would just write a tax deductible check to the film festival.

5. If Burger King won’t hire them, Carl’s Jr. will.

Why Women Shouldn’t Vote

Well, the first thing to ask yourself is, what is voting, and why should anyone vote? Of course, voting is the way the state is controlled. Men vote for other men to “represent” them in the government or vote on actual policies in a direct democracy.

Why were men given the vote? Mostly, it’s a peace keeping measure. The idea is that if men can vote for who controls the state, they are less likely to form gangs and armies and destroy, fight, or take over the state.

Well – what is the state? At the core, the state is an institution of men with a monopoly on violence. From the local police that enforce traffic laws, to the Special Ops teams that shoot rebels that won’t pay their taxes, the state is basically a bunch of armed men, following the orders of the people that men voted for.

So at some point, some totally “beta” men listened to these outlier women – “feminists” we call them now – who whined how unfair it was that women didn’t vote. Many women – perhaps the majority of women – were extremely skeptical of this idea. They thought it would demean women to get involved in the nasty business of politics. Politics is something that men do and the state is itself an organization of men. Most women really didn’t want to have any part of it and were very suspicious that women voting would upset the balance of power between the sexes and lower women’s status.

Wise women, they were. Along with democracy came an idea of “limited government.” Since the state is a monopoly on violence, violence is its major tool. So, in order to *minimize violence* the state is only supposed to get involved in very specific things.

Women, being different than men, have no understanding of this. Since they don’t staff the state where it counts – the guys with the guns, handcuffs, and expectations they will shoot other men, run into burning buildings, and give up their seat on the lifeboats – they have no intuition why limited government is necessary. So the vote left – liberal – and to expand the power of the state, oblivious that what they are doing is expanding the realm where the monopoly of violence is acceptable to use.

So, we now have a Leviathan State that numbers and catalogs us when we’re born, forces us to use certain drugs on ourselves and our kids, and is intimately involved in every aspect of our lives. Women just vote in their own self interest – the way men do – but since they aren’t really a part of that group of violent men, they just don’t have the intuition that men have, that this monopoly of violence has to be very, very limited, otherwise, you live in a police state, a tyranny.

Well, surprise surprise, we gave women the vote and they voted to expand the power of the state and now we live in a imperialist tyrannical police state – one that is now involved in intimate aspects of our lives and so intrusive that some Christian florists aren’t allowed to *NOT* participate in “gay weddings” or whatever trend the women have come up with.

It is a self-correcting problem, usually. The state will grow large and cumbersome, and then start to disintegrate as other factions vie for power. That is, unless technology has made it possible for one small group to enslave the earth through technological means, which is a real possibility for the first time.

All this happened because we thought it would stop women from bitching if they got to cast a vote for President. One thing is obvious, the Presidents started getting better looking as time went on. A while back someone posted pictures of the last five presidents when they were young. While George H. W. Bush may look like a creepy old man with an unsettling smile to us now, go back to his college days, and the guy was pretty much a stud. With think of President Ford as some bumbling fool, but he played college football and was quite the looker. The ladies went nuts for him.

So, let women vote and we’ll be ruled by particularly good looking and cruel tyrants. Which, if you think about it, is actually an arrangement that quite a few women feel perfectly comfortable with. We didn’t give them the security of the iron fist in their personal lives, so we all have to suffer in our public lives.

Makes sense, that’s why they call it “women’s suffrage.”

Power Play & Secretaries 2

There exists in the country a class of smart, healthy, attractive white people raising white children in good schools and living healthy, happy lives. They live in segregated neighborhoods, socialize with other white people, and get involved in local politics. The husbands run the local businesses and the wives run the school boards. They are everything the WNs say they want in a white community. Why not emulate what they do, enter the upper middle class, and start being active in local politics?

Power Play & Secretaries (Part I)

If White Nationalists want power in America, they have to co-opt, or neutralize, the currently powerful. The first step would obviously be identifiing the currently powerful. I suspect most will make the same mistake conservatives and liberals make – aiming far too high. Everytime someone has some social issue they are concerned about, they follow a typical Howdy Doody American script: Mr. Smith Goes To Washington. Write a letter to your Congressman or the President. Vote in the election. Vote third party! What’s the obvious mistake, how are they aiming too high? They always think federal. Why do they do that? Because they TV News mostly concentrates on federal politics.

Instead, a good conspirator will focus on local politics. The county level is the optimal level for WNs. But the second mistake is focusing too much on politics itself. If you ever do get involved in local politics, you’ll find it’s like a football game. It can be interesting watching the election contest itself. It is entertaining discussing various get-out-the-vote strategies, and “issues” but you miss the really interesting parts that way. Because it’s not the politicians and the elected officials that matter, it’s who they work for.

Of course, they work for the voters, since they need a majority of votes to win. But always remember the best argument against democracy: a five minute conversation with the average voter. Voters tend to be Americans, and watch a lot of TV or read a lot of YKWspapers, so they can be brainwashed with a few million in advertisements.

Instead, it’s the people who own the politicians – the donors – that matter. Whether they pay the politicians directly through campaign contributions/bribes, whether they influence the politicians by being influential public figures, businesses that employ many voters, professional lobbyists, or shadowy behind the scenes players, they either influence the politicians, or they run their own politicians who will do what they are told.

So, thinking at the county level, who are those people? Or, at least, how do you identify them?

It’s surprisingly easy. First, find out the major employers in your county. The CEO, directors, and local management of those corporations are some of the most influential people in your county. Second, go to zillow.com and find the most expensive real estate in your county. Those are likely to be the top level power players generally, however they got their money. These are the people that likely pay the top legal contributions to the county politicians. Perhaps $5,000 each to every county commissioner, to every elected sheriff, and to every mayor – every election cycle.

You’ll find the powerful and wealthy classes, at least at the local level, are not monolithic. There is especially a sharp contrast between the local wealthy – often in real estate or local business and especially reliant on some natural resource the locality has a comparative advantage in – and a sort of globalized wealthy not particularly dependent on the local population – or even the local geography itself.

The old aristocracy knew the importance of using marriage – sex – children – to bring dynasties together. A young man and a young woman – regardless of their particular personal ideals and whims – were regarded as official members of a Family – a Clan – that was expected to “do their duty” and even – gasp! – put some personal things aside for the greater good. Even, controversially, devote their entire lives – even their reproductive capacities! – to the greater aims of their family and tribe.

It’s almost heresey to even mention it these days in the era of individualism.

Any young man out to lobby for the business of an older, powerful established man knows he’ll have to get through his secretary. As said in the previous installment, very successful men tend to keep the same secretary over the course of their careers. Good secretaries have their asses kissed all the time. She’s on everyone’s Christmas card list, she’s called “ma’am” and given every courtesy. No one ever makes the mistake of condesending to her in lieu of giving her her proper due; at the most, they make that mistake once.

Officially, a secretary has no power. She is merely an assistant. Yet it’s common for a corporation’s org chart to represent a highly ranked executive’s secretary at the same vertical level as the executive, her box right next to his, connected by a horizontal line. Officially, her name only appears on the chart for convenience sake. Officially, she has no power in the organization. She does not get paid a salary as high as all the men trying to get through her to her boss. Yet it’s almost as if the less official power she has, the more unofficial power she is assumed to have – rightly or wrongly.

A stereotypical wealthy white couple in modern America has the husband as CEO of some business, and his wife as the Director of the local charity. They are, in the main, “equal” in the class sense. Yet they never compete with each other, as each has a sphere of influence proper to their sex; the man, business, politics, or war (same difference) – the woman, civil society.

An interesting variation on this appears in European peoples in the case of scientists; there are many examples of husband and wife scientists where it’s difficult to isolate the man’s contribution from that woman’s. Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace perhaps being one of the most celebrated examples.

Traditionally, there is a male hierarchy, and women stand completely outside of it. Regardless of her intelligence, beauty, or general disposition, she is never directly “in the line of fire” among men. Instead, her place – among men – is wholly dependent on the rank of her man.

Her place among women seems entirely up to her. Hence, feminism. In theory, feminists wish they were making up the hierarchy, or at least half – that’s why they want women in the military, shooting guns at enemy men (and women.) In reality, no one – man, woman, or feminist – actually want that of course.

Power Play & Secretaries

It all seems related to me. SSM’s observes that dominance and power triggers sexual arousal in a woman. If you want to spin that in a negative way, you mention that serial killers have tons of female groupies. If you want to spin that in a positive way, you say that women love warriors, and a girl loves a man in uniform.

The power to kill is sort of the ultimate power. Mao said all political power flows from the barrel of a gun. What happens in a war? One group of men kills a bunch of people and keep some women alive to rape. While women can kill, it’s really a guy thing, and it usually doesn’t turn a man on, either. What triggers sexual arousal in a man? Sexual access to a fertile woman. A woman bearing a child is the opposite of killing. Creating life sort of balances out the taking of life. I’m sure there’s some really deep philosophical and spiritual point to this, but to avoid so much naval gazing, let’s move on to politics.

To save white people from going extinct, the white nationalists want their own nations, by and for our people exclusively. To achieve that, they need power. The people with the monopoly on force in America are the police and military. The police and military submit to elected officials, and elected officials submit to their donors. Who are the donors? Big business.

Who are big business? Well, they publish their names every year, the Fortune 500; the CEOs and executives and owners of the Fortune 500. They seem to be pretty much “top dog” in America. Everyone says that the politicians are whores and the rich are the johns. How do the rich have so much power? Well, it’s their money of course. Where does the money come from? The rich make it, they either earn it by creating goods and services everyone pays money for, or steal it by crooked means. Or in the case of bankers, just push some buttons on the computer.

So if the white nationalists want power, there seems to be a simple, straightforward way to get it. Either convert, or become, the wealthy who have power.

Unfortunately, the online “WN” movement is full of trolls – probably you know who – talking about guerrilla war against the police and military and other such Rambo fantasizing. It makes for great fiction, but doesn’t accomplish anything in real life.

Others talk about “waking up the masses,” but the masses submit to the media, and the media is in the hands of the enemies of WNs. To implement that solution, they’d have to have their own media and gather an audience. Well, thank Whitey for giving us the internet, now we have our own media platform for essentially free. Is the audience growing? Looks like it. Slowly but surely the “dark enlightenment” is spreading across the internet, influencing more and more people ever day. So, good on that front.

But everyone always complains that just writing online isn’t enough, we have to “really do something.” This is usually followed by some suggestion about street protests or passing out flyers and the like. Seems pointless, really, almost as likely to turn off the audience rather than convert people. I think it was a guy named Glenn Frazier that had a brilliant idea to hack the media; he ran for office, so the radio stations were required to broadcast his ads, which was an appeal to support white nationalism. Then there is BUGS, a grassroots marketing effort to confront anti-white attacks online, essentially hacking the professional internet media.

But you’ll never really be able to influence the mass media until you own the media. So, that means money, back to the Fortune 500.

Interestingly enough, if you ask any lefty she’ll tell you the Fortune 500 is white people. You ask WNs and they’ll tell you it’s the tribe, not really white people. But the rich white people don’t seem to care too much about a white nation, in fact, seems quite opposed to the idea. WNs speculate why that is, common suggestions are they love cheap labor, they are in competition with the white middle class so use non-whites as a club against whites, or that they just don’t care. Kevin MacDonald has commonly complained that wealthy whites are more interested in their eccentric hobbies than helping the cause.

There exists in the country a class of smart, healthy, attractive white people raising white children in good schools and living healthy, happy lives. They live in segregated neighborhoods, socialize with other white people, and get involved in local politics. The husbands run the local businesses and the wives run the school boards. They are everything the WNs say they want in a white community. Why not emulate what they do, enter the upper middle class, and start being active in local politics?

What you’ll find is that it’s war between whites. A class war, as it were. Identify the powerful whites in your local community, and find out if they are pro-white or anti-white. Observe what they do and the policies they promote. Discover ways to influence them. The Lodge is a traditional American and European institution; white men should be members of The Lodge – the specifics don’t matter – which is how you cooperate economically and politically. Thus leveraging the power of a group and the benefits of privacy.

If immigration is the number one threat to white nationalism at the moment, that seems to be the correct place to put one’s political efforts. There are plenty of mainstream immigration restrictionist organizations. White nationalists seem to be mostly conservative to libertarian, holding your nose and voting for the GOP seems popular, just in the interests of lowering taxes.

Nationalism, in the sense of geographically defined homelands, seems almost passe in the era of the world wide internet, jet travel, and free trade. The PLEs are just a working class equivalent of an exclusive gated community the wealthy use to segregate themselves from the diversity, and white nationalists evidently. A nation is really the people themselves, the idea of a “proposition nation” and universalist ideologies were always anti-white in practice, if not always intent.

Consider a secretary. She shows up on time everyday, does what she’s told, gets things done, and is a great help to you and your business. You may have one who is sweet, you may have one who is a shrew, but if she wants the job, she treats you with the respect a boss deserves. It’s at-will employment, she can leave at any time, and you can have security escort her from the office at any time.

There are likely side benefits; secretaries are always trying to seduce their bosses, for instance. If she’s pretty she’ll make a great companion for business trips, and you’ll get the social prestige that comes with having a beautiful woman at your side. Very successful men tend to keep a good secretary over the course of their entire careers, because while she might not be the energetic and attractive college graduate she once was, twenty years of learning the ins and outs of your business tend to make her an essential part of the company and you could scarcely imagine functioning without her. Of course, very successful men tend to have an entire staff working for them as well, often competing with each other hoping to get a promotion.

I’ve been told wives are just the opposite.

The Life and Times of Hipster Racist

Comments, criticism, and hush money welcome.


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