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Marginalizing the Alt-Right

Colin’s excellent essay hit the nail on the head. Here’s some more random follow up.

(((Daily Stormer))) has created a fake “History” of the alt-right that follows the script:


Who does he credit as the originator of the “alt right?” 4Chan. Not the people who actually started the political movement that is an alternative to the establishment conservative movement. Anglin is forced to include people like Richard Spencer (the actual founder of the alt-right) but only to dismiss him as being insufficiently anti-homo.

Notice who they leave out completely? Perhaps the most effective and important online pro-white propaganda of the last decade: Bob Whitaker and the BUGsters/Mantra people.

What does Anglin list as the first tenant on the alt right? Preservation of the white race? No, of course not. “Anti-Jew.” Anglin’s “anlt right” isn’t a pro-white movement, it’s a “neo-Nazi” “anti-Jew” movement.

That is of course the point. The point is to keep Jews and Jewish interests front and center.

And for all the pose as anti-homoism, just notice the outright homoeroticism. There’s a Frog meme literally showing Andrew Anglin, in his tight t-shirt and 1970s Village People sunglasses, as a “reason to live.”

Notice also the cult like figure they make out Anglin to be. Kevin MacDonald describes this as the “guru effect” and it’s a very Jewish thing. Jews have tended to forms cults around charismatic rabbis, and secular versions of Judaism do the same around secular rabbis like Freud and Noam Chomsky. Anglin is a secular rabbi, the Troll King.

Of course it’s all tongue in cheek. Of course it’s “humor.” Of course it’s “satire.” But that is the point. They want to hijack the “alternative right” label, stamp a Hitler Moustache on it, and turn it into a joke. That’s why they are so active right now, after the Clinton speech, to intercept the traffic.

This has been at least a year in the making as well. When the “alt right” first started to get mainstream media coverage last year, the media interviewed people like Ram Z Paul and the first thing they did was try to get him to talk about the (((Daily Stormer))).

The GOP wants to put Jewish gay Milo and the neo-conservative Breitbart.com as the “face” of the alt-right, in order to turn the “alt right” into Tea Party II and vote for Republicans.

The Democrats, Clinton, the ADL and the SPLC, want to turn the “alt right” into “anti-seemites” “neo-Nazis,” and Holocaust jokes.

So the normies who hear about the “alt right” have two choices:

Basic bitch “anti-jihad” “anti-BLM” “liberals are the real racists” “we’re not racists we’re just against Muslim because they are anti-semitic and anti-LGBT” Milo and Breitbart.

Or, Hitler moustaches, internet trolling, Holocaust jokes, 4chan humor, and homoerotic gurus like Anglin.

This is nothing new, this sort of thing is Black Propaganda 101. Of course, 99% of the (((Daily Stormer))) fans are just internet trolls, teenage boys with after school time and weekends. Anglin himself is likely not particularly different than Heimbach – an easily manipulated narcissist who likes attention and is willing to do whatever it takes to get some.

But as we see with Joshua Goldberg and the Rita Katz/SITE Intel group, these sorts of things are very useful for (((them.)))

Gregory Hood once suggested that the “4chan” kids were natural allies, maybe just let them grow up a bit. The nRX types though the “Gamergaters” were natural allies, they just needed to be educated.

Both were wrong. There is no “there” there. Both Gamergate and (((Daily Stormer) are internet chimeras, artificial communities – astro-turf.

As Greg Johnson said, whatever the deal is – they aren’t going away. So really the only thing you can do is distance yourself from them and/or ignore them. When the Washington Post calls you up to do a story on the “alt right” and they ask you, “do you think Heimbach/Anglin represents the future of the Alt Right” the only response you can give is, “who? You mean those internet trolls? I don’t know anything about that.”

Don’t believe the hype.

Read Between The Lines: ‘Isis supporters fight imaginary battle over Iraqi town that never existed after Twitter hoax’

Here’s a fun trick – go to your favorite Alt-Right, New Right, White Nationalist, Race Realist, White Right whatever site. Go through their articles for the last few years. Read what some of them were saying about ISIS – ISIL – “Islamic State” whichever.

Now read this article, and read between the lines. What are the elements of the headline?

ISIS – imaginary battle – never existed – Twitter hoax.


Now, this is not a “conspiracy theory” because it’s published in a “legitimate” media organ. Instead, it’s a “hoax” and that fooled “ISIS supporters” from “around the world” on “Twitter.”

On the other hand, if Hipster Racist were to suggest that media coverage of “ISIS” included “faking pictures” and “Photoshopp[ing] an image” we’d call it a “crazy conspiracy theory.” That is, until The Independent publishes a story about a “hoax.”

As Mr Mahmoud’s “breaking news” gained traction with re-tweets, other Iraqis joined in the fun by faking pictures that both Isis and militia supporters believed were real.

Now, if some random Iraqi that is “critical of the Iraqi government” but “hates ISIS” can fool a worldwide contingent of … “ISIS supporters” … on Twitter … which are regularly reported on in the “real news” as representative of the pro-ISIS faction of Muslims worldwide …

… then the actual participants in whatever real wars on going on can – and DO – their own “photoshopping” and “faking pictures.”

In fact, it would be job number ONE for any competent psy-ops staffer.

Yet the “best and brightest” of the White Right, Alt-Right, New Right, and White Nationalists pretend to take war propaganda at face value. Not a single photograph is questioned as legitimate, not a single video timestamp can ever be discounted, not a single “Tweet” from an official “Twitter account” can ever be taken as anything other than sincere, with varying shades of truthiness.

Because to even suggest otherwise would be to “get involved in conspiracy theories.”

Lots of lefties in the Bush administration thought that “dissidents” like Amy Goodman and Noam Chomsky were really speaking “truth to power” and were actually so “controversial” they were “censored” from the mainstream. Over time, it was obvious that, far from being “dissidents” Goodman and Chomsky were, in fact, an important part of the propaganda of the power structure, and would censor stories and issues that were really important and really controversial.

I’ve only been reading the WN sites for about five years, but you can already tell which “alt right” sites are not, in fact, “dissidents” at all and far from “speaking truth to power” they merely enforce one end of the acceptable spectrum.

Islamic State Furious About Conspiracy Theories and 9/11 Truthers!

Especially to my WN readers: look back a few years at the WN leaders who promoted hysteria about Muslim terrorism, who promoted government and Zionist propaganda about “Islamic State” or “Al Qaeda” and ask yourself, why?

Simply go back as far as the Charlie Hebdo attacks, or even the Norway Utoya attacks: which WN were siding with the terrorists, promoting the government line, and attacking dissidents?

James Corbett of the excellent Corbett report quotes the Islamic State’s glossy magazine complaining about “conspiracy theorists” who don’t really believe that Islamic State is what it says it is and dismisses their propaganda – especially the propaganda “discovered” by Israeli outfits like Ritz Katz and her “SITE Intelligence Group” which is where most of the “jihadist” videos are “discovered” online.

Corbett also quotes DIA documents from a few years ago calling for an Islamic State-like entity to attack Syria specifically and the Shia Crescent generally. A year later, Islamic State is born.

Ask yourself this: do you think your favorite writers at, say, some of the more famous high brow WN sites actually ever go into things like declassified DIA documents? Or do you think they just sort of “wing it” when it comes to current events? There are not a few WN leaders – the ones that speak at conferences and go from country to country – that have admitted they have a rather pragmatic view of “truth.”

Just think people – conservatives and anti-feminists get banned from Twitter daily – YET – Twitter can do nothing about “Islamic State” and other terrorist groups using their platform to spread “terrorist propaganda?”

Remember when “ISIS hackers” hacked the Twitter account of the US military? Did you really believe that particular stunt?

Just remember that there are ostensibly “serious” WN outfits that play along with neo-con propaganda all the time.

It’s Your Story

Remember when Donald Rumsfeld got on TV, right after 9/11 and the Anthrax Attacks, but before the DC Sniper?

Rumsfeld – the Secretary of Defense – told us that we had been attacked by a world-wide secret terrorist group called “Al Qaeda.” “Al Qaeda” was headed by Usama Bin Laden, who was acknowledged to have worked for the US in the past – and that this formidable terrorist group “Al Qaeda” was headquartered in secret underground caves in Afghanistan.

Rumsfeld provided us this cartoon of the underground caves. Sure, it looks like something I would have drawn when I was about 10, playing GI Joe and Cobra Commander. This would have been Cobra Commander’s Underground Lair, I would have made it out of legos perhaps.

So Tim Russert of CNN is sitting there and Donald Rumsfeld is showing us this cartoon – remember, most people actually thought there would be another set of buildings blowing up or that they would be getting anthrax letters – and Russert has this sort of critical look on his face. But Rumsfeld is being totally serious, he’s like, yep and there is more than one of these underground caves too!

Can you tell the difference between a cartoon and a photograph?
Can you tell the difference between a cartoon and a photograph?

At one point they even suggested going out and buying duct tape and plastic to cover your windows in case Al Qaeda hijacked crop-dusters, flew over the cities, and sprayed everyone with chemical weapons.

The Republicans – the white men, conservatives, even those seemingly “race realist” or at the least “tired of political correctness” – went on TV and intoned this stuff quite seriously. To question any of this narrative was to be a “conspiracy theorist” and you had to take Donald Rumsfeld’s cartoon underground cave very, very seriously, otherwise you were “fringe.”

Eventually they interviewed some US soldiers in Afghanistan and asked them about Osama Bin Laden’s underground caves and Al Qaeda in general. He said, yeah, they found a cave, about 6 feet high and a few dozen feet deep, that the Al Qaedas had kept some supplies, some clothes and food and a few guns. But no multi-level fortified – with their own electricity! – sophisticated underground bunkers that Donald Rumsfeld had told us about.

So, pardon me if I don’t buy your latest bullshit. Pardon me if I’m not helping with “movement harmony” for criticizing white nationalist, alternative right, or North American New Right bloggers who intone this shit quite seriously and expect us to believe in Osama’s Underground Cave – or ISIL – or the latest crop of bullshit.

The best thing about the internet – you can go back a few years. Go back a few years, say, to the 10th year anniversary of 9/11. Who was a cheesemaker? Who was writing bullshit? Who was peddling the same old shit?

Go back to when ISIS was debuted. Who bought it, or pretended to buy it? Who wrote VERY VERY SERIOUS articles about the new Clash of Civilizations and how ISIL was … whatever, something bad? Who spent time attacking the “conspiracy theorists” – people that didn’t buy whatever latest Reality TV Show they were showing – and maintained they were more “serious” than others, and took the opportunity to distance themselves. Go back a few years, look at who attacked the critics, look at those who attempted to isolate and discredit those who called “bullshit!”

Hindsight is 20/20 they say. I take a look at the leading lights of the WN blogosphere and some people don’t look so credible anymore now do they?

Wag The Dog 9: Hey, Christians, Buy Your Tickets Now!

This one is made just for you – and just in the nick of time, too. France just recognized the state of Palestine, so dig deep, because there are still some alive and the Jews need your contributions to kill the last muzzie baby.

It’s important to take your children to see this movie, too, so they grow up with this sort of Zionist propaganda always in the background. It’s even written by the same guy that wrote … no, I’m not making this up … Schindler’s List. He’s Armenian. No really.

Don’t worry, there won’t be too much sex and no swearing. So, it’s family friendly! Plus, I’m sure it will be pretty accurate, they aren’t going to mess with an official plot line in the Bible too much.

Meanwhile, did you hear about the anti-Russian Chechnyan rebels that the US has supported for 20 years? Yeah, they just declared their allegiance to the Islamic State. Well, golly gee willikers, no one saw that one coming. Don’t get started with any conspiracy theories now.

As for me, well, I am so inspired by these brave Muslim warriors! So much more “real” than the emptiness of the modern post-Enlightenment West, with our video games and slutty women. Why I have half a mind to convert to Muslim myself! Just like all those other Western White guys who converted to Islamic State because Allah told them too.

No, wait, think I’ll convert to Avalonian, that’s the thing now.

I think it’s better than 300, personally. I think of it as post-modern film. Just like the old “snuff” films like Cannibal Holocaust, or the Blair Witch Project, part of the selling point is pretending it’s real. Think of it as Live Action Role Playing. You make fun of those cos-players but you know they may be ahead of the curve in this case.


Ninth Grade Physics: A Thought Experiment

Which falls first, and how fast?

It ain’t rocket science, folks. This is ninth grade physics, you don’t need a PhD, or any fancy sort of education. This only requires high school level physics.

All the rest of the bullshit is just that – bullshit.

So, look around. Ask yourself, who is pulling your leg? Who is trying to get you to believe bullshit?

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” — Voltaire.




Wag The Dog 8

So if you’re an imperialist military that needs soldiers and votes from a democratic population, wouldn’t your first order of business be:

a) denying the enemy the ability to propagandize your population

b) propagandizing your own population about the enemy

Would you want the opposing force to get on TV and have a fair opportunity at making their case to your population? Of course not. Whoever the enemy is, you would appoint people to represent the opposition leaders for public consumption. You want your population to perceive the enemy the way you want them to, not the way the enemy wants them too.

Hence, the “War on Terror,” Osama Bin-Laden, Al Qaeda. USA invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, and intervened in a dozen other countries in the last 13 years. If you are a conservative, patriotic white Republican and actually believed there was a world wide radical Muslim terrorist group called “Al Qaeda” that we were fighting, I have two pieces of news for you.

1) Professional wrestling is “worked.”

2) US military propagandists are far, far smarter than you are.

Wag The Dog 7

For years now, we have been told that the USA is fighting an international terrorist organization called “Al Qaeda” and one of the major terrorists in Al Qaeda was Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Zarqawi was supposedly one of the major players in Al Qaeda in Iraq, the predecessor to today’s ISIS. Zarqawi started his terrorism years before 9/11, yet CIA dissident Michael Scheuer said “the United States deliberately turned down several opportunities to kill terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in the lead-up to the Iraq war, and a plan to destroy Zarqawi’s training camp in Kurdistan was abandoned for diplomatic reasons.”

In 2004, Nick Berg was beheaded by Zarwawi in one of the most famous beheading videos released up to that point. A few years prior – well, just read it for yourself:


On May 14, 2004, it was revealed that Nick Berg had been investigated during the U.S. government’s investigation of Zacarias Moussaoui. Berg’s email address had been used by Moussaoui prior to the September 11, 2001, attacks. According to Berg’s father, Nick Berg had a chance encounter with an acquaintance of Moussaoui on a bus in Norman, Oklahoma. This person had asked to borrow Berg’s laptop computer to send an email. Berg gave the details of his own email account and password, which were later used by Moussaoui.

So, Nick Berg, a Jewish-American later beheaded, randomly meets a 9/11 Al Qaeda terrorist – on a bus in Oklahoma – and the terrorist asks to use his laptop. So, Berg gives the terrorist his laptop, along with his email account and password – to this total stranger – who then uses it to send terrorist emails.

Don’t laugh – at least not yet. Wait for it…

Zarqawi was reported killed, captured, or escaped several times from 2001-2006. Then, in April of 2006, the Washington Post busted the story:

On April 10, 2006, the Washington Post reported that the U.S. military conducted a major propaganda offensive designed to exaggerate Zarqawi’s role in the Iraqi insurgency. General Kimmitt is quoted as stating, “The Zarqawi PSYOP Program is the most successful information campaign to date.”

A month or so after spilling the beans that the story of a major “Al Qaeda” terrorist – a personal associate of Osama Bin Laden himself, who was leading the terrorist forces in Iraq against Coalition forces, was actually a successful “PSYOP program,” Zarqawi was announced killed for the last time.

A few years later, a movement inspired by Zarqawi’s Al Qaeda – The Islamic State – would replace “Al Qaeda” itself as the main force in Iraq fighting the US.

This stuff was reported with absolute seriousness for the last decade. Just reading the public bio of Zarqawi on wikipedia, one might ask if a) such a person even even existed and b) if he did, who was he actually working for?

Considering the Zarqawi Al-Qaeda story is an admitted “PSYOP” how much of the entire story of Al Qaeda was also, in fact, war propaganda?


Now, ask yourself, when people purportedly on “our side” demand we take this story completely seriously, yet they are certainly intelligent enough not to themselves, what are we dealing with?

Wag The Dog 5

Evidence of Revision: a must see, 9 hour documentary. It includes a whole lot of suppressed TV footage. While the assassination of JFK has been told and retold a million times, the assassination of RFK is a lot more interesting. Post-9/11, the neo-conservatives resurrected the memory of Sirhan Sirhan in order to justify Zionism and the wars against Islam, Sirhan was said the be “the first jihadi terrorist.”

But they quickly dropped it, because no one really wanted America to remember that story.

The story of Sirhan Sirhan is so hilariously bizarre. He actually had a newspaper article in his pocket about Israel, and the story was supposed to be that he was a Palestinian that hated JFK for supporting Israel. They actually *hypnotized* Sirhan Sirhan at his trial and told him what to say. For his part, Sirhan was so obviously drugged and brainwashed he couldn’t remember a thing. Perhaps America’s first brush with the CIA’s brainwashing and mind control program. The fact that the CIA spent years drugging and torturing people in order to create “Manchurian Candidates” is now part of the public record, there are pallets of declassified documents on the program.

But bring it up – these publicly acknowledged historical facts, and you’re likely to be called a “conspiracy theorist.”

Remember when the Republicans went on CSPAN and brought out carts of food that were supposedly being fed to detainees in Gitmo? Yeah, everyone knew those people were being tortured, but the conservative Republicans went on TV and tried to pretend they were being coddled or something. Just a few weeks ago, the CIA admitted they did far more than “waterboard” the detainees – the outright tortured them, which the CIA has been doing since it’s creation.

Of course, the moronic conservative Republicans actually bought the idea that there was a “ticking time bomb” and the Muslims were going to do “another 9/11” so we had to torture them first. Then, when the torture program – detailed in the General Taguba Report – came out during the Abu Ghraib scandal, the top brass on the military blamed it on the lowest ranking soldiers, saying they were “white trash” from “West Virginia” who just got off on doing kinky stuff because they were “sexual perverts.”.

Republicans, conservatives, of course, bought the whole thing, hook line and sinker, and spent the next few years masturbating to that Jack Ryan torture porn TV show, 24. Made by a Jew, to justify what Israel and the USA were doing – torturing children.

They even forced a son to suck his own father’s dick – that’s the nature of our elites, my friends.

Americans are, in general, a very cowardly people, and their main fear – the one that they dismiss as a “conspiracy theory” – is that most of what passes for “news” is, in fact, fiction. Americans wet themselves at the thought that CNN, ABC, and the Washington Post are just as fictional as Mad Men or Breaking Bad. Like children who refuse to believe their favorite professional wrestlers are play acting – “kayfabe.”

And lots and lot of supposedly intelligent people are “our side” as just as cowardly and childish about the issue. Such is life.

Truthers And Liars And “Conspiracy Theories”

“They call it the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.” — George Carlin

It’s my new mantra: “I don’t believe it.” I find it works with a lot of things.

Whenever I’m in the mood for some high brow White Nationalism, I head over to Greg Johnson’s “Counter Currents” which publishes a huge number of various authors loosely associated with the “New Right.” I’ve been reading Greg Johnson for years, and I find my own ideas pretty much match with his, but one thing about him annoys me to no end – his pathetic lashing out at “conspiracy theorists” and even using that all-purpose political slur, “tinfoil hatters.” This makes Johnson not only an asshole, and a tool, it also calls his credibility and character into question.

From what I can tell, the term “conspiracy theorist” orginiated after the JFK assassination. People who did not buy the official story were said to believe in a “wider conspiracy.” We now actually have declassified CIA documents suggesting purposeful use of the term to discredit various political dissident.

Well, I’m a “conspiracy theorist” because I don’t believe any of it – nothing of the post WWII American story is true, it’s all lies, all sleight of hand. If you believe it – fine, but I just don’t buy it.

Did a handful of Freemasons really play golf on the moon during the Nixon administration? I don’t believe it. Oh sure, I can’t prove it to you, but you can’t prove it to me either. I’ve seen the video – looks fake as hell to me. Got anything better?

But I tell you what, it doesn’t matter if you believe it, and I don’t believe it, because no one even talks about putting men on the moon anymore. NASA has said they can’t do it. NASA says they can’t make a space suit that will protect an astronaut from micro-meteors and radiation. One supposes they just lost the technology along with the original tapes. So, it’s been over 50 years, no more moon landings. No one has been out of earth’s orbit.

So, if you want me to believe in your Moon Landing theory, show me some evidence. I’m perfectly aware of what is passed off as evidence, but “I don’t believe it.” You can’t prove it, and either way, no more moon landings. Remember – when you are on your deathbed – reading this article, and remember these words as you die without ever seeing another Moon Landing, and think of me when you get that feeling of being an idiot who bought a silly little fairy tale story. Because you and I will be dead before there is ever “another” Moon Landing.

I find it interesting that no less of a person than former President Bill Clinton, in his autobiography, mentions the Moon Landing only once, in an anecdote where he talks to a skeptic and admits that, now that he’s seen how Washington works, the skeptic was onto something. Bill Clinton made sure that history records his doubts about the Nixon-era publicity stunt.

I also don’t buy that JFK was killed by a Magic Bullet from that blatant patsy Lee Harvey Oswald, who acted alone. You can whine and whine about “conspiracy theories” and “tinfoil hats” and the like, but none of that changes the reality, and the evidence that we have – very good circumstantial evidence that it was the CIA, and likely George W. Bush himself, working for the CIA and Johnson. So, if you want me to believe the story about Lee Harvey Oswald, come up with a theory that explains the evidence. You can’t. I don’t believe your theory, your explanation doesn’t make sense.

Of course, 9/11 is exactly the same way. We have a video that clearly shows three buildings being blown up, we have thousands of eye-witness accounts of the buildings being blown up, with have hundreds of people who witnesses bombs going off in the buildings before and after the plane hits. We can, in fact, see the demolition charges exploding and destroying the tower. Thanks to the heroic efforts of scientists like Neils Harrit of the University of Copenhaged and Dr. Steve Jones of Brigham Young Unversity, we actually have the proof – thermitic material in the dust of the World Trade Center – the same themetic material patented by the Army a few years prior for the purposes of “building demolition.”

It’s an open and shut case. The Truth have the evidence, and the liars have name-calling. But, if we come up with a theory that actually accounts for all that evidence, we just get smeared with the same moronic slur: “conspiracy theorist” or “tinfoil hat.”

I don’t know anything about that recent beheading, but quite a number of people think the video is fake. Johnson, being an asshole, talks about how he’s so “tired” of the “tinfoil hat” brigade. Johnson has now, more than once, admitted he simply prefers simple explanations of these things that don’t require him to look at the evidence – it’s a very pragmatic understanding of “truth” – that. In other words, he’s fine with a lie as long as it’s an easy lie.

9/11 Truth is one of the most forbidden subjects of the modern era. It’s impossible to understand Obama’s recent war against ISIS without the context of 9/11 Truth. So the counter currents crowd is in the middle of a fight – is Obama attacking ISIS for Israel, or for generic American imperialist policy? None of it makes sense if you actually believe the official story about 9/11.

But in the context of 9/11 Truth, the actions of American policy makers make perfect sense. The war on ISIS is just a continuation of the 9/11 wars. In fact, General Wes Clark 10 years ago explained to us what was going to happen, and everything he predicted has, in fact, happened. Clark, interestingly, is a “crypto-truther” and has actually called 9/11 a “coup” – although he calls it a “policy coup” to keep away from that most terrible of slurs, “conspiracy theorist.”

(Just for fun, FYI: I have personally met Wes Clark several times, implored him to help with 9/11 Truth, and donated a shit ton of money to his campaign.)

It amazes me that White Nationalists – who are routinely accused of promoting a “conspiracy theory” that white countries are being targeted for mass immigration – are so quick to distance themselves from the truth about something as important as 9/11. If the ruling class is going to replace its population by bringing in masses of often violent and hostile immigrants, why would the idea that that same ruling class would kill a few thousand of its own citizens?

About this time, 13 years ago, we had the Anthrax Attacks. The anthrax was tested, and it was traced to Ft. Deitrick, Maryland. Some patsy, Bruce Ivins I think, was set up to take the fall and wound up “committing suicide” apparently. A new revelation in that case – there was already a plan to fake an anthrax attack and blame it on … Russia! Almost certainly, military plans for a false flag anthrax attack had been around forever, and who would get blamed depended on whatever the political needs were at the time. Once, it was Russia, but when the plan was actually carried out, it was blamed on radical Muslims.

“Death to America, Death to Israel. Praise Allah.”

If you actually believed that was written by a radical Muslim – congrats – you’re a fucking moron. Do we need to spell it out?

The 9/11 Truth movement has actually done quite a bit of research into why people have a hard time accepting the obvious truth. Even smart people can have a cognitive bias against certain truths they feel uncomfortable with. Another quite straight-forward explanation is simple cowardice, and Americans are a cowardly group of people.

It really does reveal the nature of the ruling class – and the nature of the military – that they openly plan for false flag attacks against their own citizens. It was unofficial NSA historian James Bamford that published the declassified Operation Northwoods paper – and he published it just before 9/11.

I remember, because I bought his book when it came out, from a bookstore in the mall on the first floor the World Trade Center.

There’s also good reason to think that virtually all of the terrorist events of the Obama administration – from the Batman shooting to the Boston Bombing to the mass shootings at Sandy Hook were all, in fact, false flags, inside jobs, and set ups. It’s interesting that when comfronted with this information, quite a number of people react with something like, “what do you think *everything* is a conspiracy?”

Pretty much, yeah. The preponderance of the evidence, circumstantial and otherwise, says yes. Why would this surprise you? Government have always ruled by deception, false flags have been known since classical antiquity. What other explanation is there?

We have many, many declassified documents and accounts that CIA used to torture/brainwash people to become assasins. So, why is it a surprise?

I used to be a very close reader of the mainstream press post-9/11. It’s actually surprising how openly 9/11 Truth, and the truth about other such false flags, were printed, if you knew how to read the code, so to speak. The technique is, you lay out the facts, but never draw the obvious conclusion, or dismiss the obvious conclusion with a sleight of hand. That “Al Qaeda” is essentially a fake organization make up of CIA assets was pretty openly discussed by the BBC way the hell back in 2004. Did you miss it? That Iraq didn’t have any “weapons of mass destruction” was openly announced all over the place. That the CIA had been co-opted by the “Office of Special Plans” who was “sexing up the intelligence” was admitted *while it happened.*

Apparently, you people, and assholes like Greg Johnson, just didn’t bother to read.

How dim are you people? Adam Pearlman – a fucking Jew from California – was all over TV as the “media coordinator for Al Qaeda.” Again, are you people dim? They don’t even try that hard to make the story believable – and that’s on purpose. The story is supposed to smell like bullshit, so you can find out exactly who the suckers are, the people who “want to believe.”

The Bali bombings, the London bombings, the Madrid bombings – all almost certainly carried out by the CIA front group “Al Qaeda.”

Now, no one can accuse me of being philo-semitic or in any way, shape, or form sympathetic to the Apartheid Regime of Jew Bigotry in Zionist Occupied Palestine. I’m a huge fan of Kevin MacDonald and think his analysis of Jewish hostility to whites, the West, and Christianity is 100% correct. But the morons who blame everything on the Jews are quite often Jews themselves. It’s part of the schtick. Let me be blunt, when I read an internet handle that uses “1488” – mixing David Lane’s 14 Words with “Heil Hitler” – my very first assumption is that it’s a Jew. I know for a fact, personally, that there are lots of Jews that love nothing more than pretending to be Cartoon Nazis for both the sheer fun of it as well as attempting to discredit any pro-white cause. I mean, remember “Frank Colin” – aka Frances Cohen, the Jew who pretended to be a Nazi and talked about how he wanted to kill all the Jews? Yeah, he was Jewish himself and getting paid by the ADL. A false flag. Same with likely half of the White Nationalist 1.0 movement.

WNs seem to get this wrong quite a bit. While there is no question that Organized Jewry is very powerful, and very anti-white, we have a very white ruling class in America that is just as hostile as the Jews. Clans like the Bushes, titans like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet – these people are as against our interests as Jews are – for different reasons, perhaps. You don’t have to be a philo-semite to notice that Exxon, Halliburton, and much of the military industrial complex is, in fact, very, very White.

You know, in many ways, the non-whites – even the anti-whites – are right about certain things. Frankly, I’ve always been rather sympathetic to the Black Nationalists. Their “conspiracy theories” are very often correct. Yes, white people are racist against blacks, yes, even “nice white liberals” are racist against blacks. Yes, the CIA was the main group importing all that cocaine in the 1980s, and yes, the CIA was supplying the crack dealers that destroyed all those black neighborhoods. Yep. Yep, the Jim Jones cult was a CIA conspiracy to target black people, and yes, all those blacks in Jamestown didn’t commit suicide, they were murdered by the CIA. Yep, the CIA did all sorts of experiments on blacks. Yep – even AIDS likely has it’s origins in various biological weapons programs. Malcom X was right, dude. I’m as racist as they come, and even I admit it.

You tell people, “politicians lie” and they will nod their heads, but when you say, “this politician lied about this particular thing” all of a sudden they turn cowardly, afraid to acknowledge the truth.

Deception is constant; it’s the null case. The way to tell when someone is lying is when they open their mouths. Why is there this assumption that most human communication is true, as opposed to false?

I used to grill my younger relatives about whether or not they believed various “reality shows.” To me, it’s quite obvious all those reality shows are more or less “improvisational acting” – I was in the drama club one semester. It’s not rocket science. It’s interesting, my young relative “know” – “intellectually” – that the reality shows are “fake” – it’s “acting” – but at the same time, they really do “suspend their disbelief” and sort of “believe” that it’s “real.” It’s professional wrestling.

Lying – the creation of false narratives – is the most effective way to control people. And it’s amazing how otherwise very intelligent people will believe bullshit because they either want to believe, or are simply to cowardly not to.