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I’m Really Uncomfortable With The Charges Against Nxivm

So this is some sort of self-improvement scam. “Take our class on business success!” and the like. All of these things are wastes of money and many may sometimes tip over into actionable fraud.


But the man who started it, Keith Raniere, along with actress Allison Mack and Seagram hieress Clare Bronfman, are being charged with “sex trafficking” and running a kind of sex cult where hot women would be recruited, then branded (hot!) and have sex with the founder. I mean, isn’t that the entire POINT of doing anything? Men build houses so women will come inside the house and have sex with them. Teenage boys learn how to play guitar so teenage girls will like their songs and have sex with them. It’s why men do anything.

This guy, Raniere, is on another level. He got his hot sex slaves to recruit other sex slaves for him, in a sort of recursive pick-up artistry. Come on, that’s pretty great. Anyone who has ever had a women recruit the other gal for a threesome, or even had an ex-lover introduce you to a new lover, understands the thrill of that.

Mack, under Raniere’s direction, would allegedly recruit women into the group, force them to to have sex with Raniere, have his initials branded into their skin, have them operate under “master-slave” conditions, and would abuse them if they disobeyed.

I don’t get the “force” part. I mean, if she was holding them down while Raniere raped them, fine, prosecute and send them to jail. But I have a feeling “force” means “hey, if you want into the club you have to put out.” While is the entire point of the club. Remember those old bumper stickers from the 1970s for hitchhiker, “Cash, Grass or Ass?” Is that sex trafficking now?

The FBI became involved as five women spoke out against the group in a New York Times exposé. After Raniere’s arrest, FBI official William Sweeney said in a statement: “As alleged, Keith Raniere displayed a disgusting abuse of power in his efforts to denigrate and manipulate women he considered his sex slaves.”

What “power” did this man have over these women, really? These were attractive, intelligent and in most cases very well off upper-middle class career women. He wasn’t even paying them, it’s not like it was an employer-employee relationship. His “power” was social proof as far as I can tell.

“He allegedly participated in horrifying acts of branding and burning them, with the co-operation of other women operating within this unorthodox pyramid scheme. These serious crimes against humanity are not only shocking, but disconcerting to say the least, and we are putting an end to this torture today.”

I’m against branding and tattoos in general, but these were adults weren’t they? They wanted into a club and this was the hazing ritual. Are we going to arrest the entire military of the United States for getting tattoos as part of their male bonding?

Think about this: I could move to Los Angeles, rent a hotel room and pay a desperate 18 year old girl $600 to get anally gang raped by ten old men, film it, and distribute it on line and that’s “free speech.”

But I can’t pal around with a couple of beautiful career women to give me social proof to recruit other beautiful career women for hot threesomes and sexy initiation rites like bikini tatooing?

It’s ok to “humiliate” women as long as you film it and show it online, but it’s terrible “manipulation” to do it privately and consensually?

As far as I can tell, this Nxivm/DOS group is far more moral – far more feminist, even – than the entire Los Angeles pornography industry.

All I can say is I’m glad I’m old and settled down now, because if half of what I did in my teens and 20s, in the USA, back in the 1990s, were known, I’d be in jail, along with just about every girl I’ve ever dated and half of my guy friends too.

Radical Feminists Are The Only Interesting Feminists

Reddit.com is going through another bout of censorship and it’s typical – “Nazi” subreddits are being banned, the minority of “right wing” and some principled types are complaining that Communist and other radical left subs and comments – often openly encouraging violence – are still being allowed.

But one new development is rather interesting, some transgender activists are demanding a radical feminist sub, https://reddit.com/r/gendercritical, be banned for “transphobia.” GenderCritical is a “radical feminist” sub that does not accept that “transwomen” are real women, rejects the entire “trans” movement, and posits that “transwomen” are really just men, dressing up or otherwise mimicking women, in order to invade women’s spaces.

The intersection of radical feminism and traditional (Western, Christian) morality has always fascinated me. In the 1970s, feminists and Christians both fought against pornography and the sex/prostitution industry.

Another interesting development: in England, a feminist conference was violently “protested” by transsexual activists that have weaponized the term “TERF” – Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist. The trans activists made the simple comparison: TERFs are “Nazis” and since it’s ok to punch a “Nazi” it’s ok to punch a “TERF.” One proceeded to do just that – a man wearing a dress punched an elderly woman feminist in the face, and the trans activists justified it because TERF=Nazi and it’s ok to “punch a Nazi.”

Reading the GenderCritical subreddit is fascinating, you have the same bizarre mix you typically see with feminism. On the one hand, there are silly girls being bitchy and obvious man-hating shrews moaning about the patriarchy, and the ever present leftists trying to pair Black men and “women-as-a-class” as being “oppressed” by the White Male Patriarchy.

But you also have some quite sensible women making quite sensible points – why is it that “liberal feminists” are siding with radical Islamics, perhaps the most openly “misogynist” culture there is? You have quite sensible women decrying prostitution and the sex industry, the recently deceased (bisexual CIA lackey) Hugh Hefner, and very legitimate normal seeming women decrying boorish behavior on the part of men. All perfectly understandable and even a “right wing” liberal racist sexist like this author finds myself nodding in agreement with half of what these women are saying.

I came across a fascinating site, https://trustyourperceptions.wordpress.com/ which is a radical lesbian separatist feminist site that has some very interesting biological analyses about sex – literally, on the cellular level. In this analysis, maleness itself, the Y-chromosome, is a sort of parasite. I don’t know enough biology to properly judge how much of this is true or false, but some things that stuck out for me:

– Semen: Men’s Chemical War Against Women. Past Evolutionary Context for Seminal Engineering: how females not signaling estrus trumped males.

It’s been discussed that semen has “calming” – or in this analysis, paralyzing, effects on women. Semen is a way for the y-chromosome to inject itself into women, turn off one of the x-chromosomes, and actually inhibits parthenogenesis – the creation of a baby without a male “sperm donor.”

– The invention of the birth control pill coincided with the mainstreaming of oral sex

This seems to be somewhat of E. Michael Jones style coincidence-shopping, but it’s still rather interesting. Spermicides and birth control and other ways of killing sperm/preventing impregnation of women were followed quickly by men figuring out other ways of getting semen into women. The vagina can be a very sperm hostile place and “sperm competition” is an evolutionary explanation for a lot of seemingly unintuitive aspects of human sexuality. The author notes that injecting sperm into a woman’s throat is a way of getting semen into a woman’s body which, while not making her pregnant, does in fact have some of the “calming”/”paralyzing” effect on women. It makes women “docile” – it’s like a species that has a toxin that paralyzes its prey, but in this case, it perpetuates the y-chromosome.

The author also notes that anal sex is now being mainstreamed, another way of getting semen into a woman’s body that, while obviously not getting a woman pregnant or perpetuating the y-chromosome, does allow semen into a woman’s body to work its paralyzing effect. We’ve seen studies showing that genetic material from sperm shows up in women’s brains.

She also notes that the porno mainstreaming of “facials” and otherwise ejaculating on women is yet another way to get the chemicals and hormones found in semen into women through their pores! For these lesbian separatists, semen itself is a sort of toxin – talk about “toxic masculinity!” There’s also some interesting discussing of female/males of other animal species. To her, semen itself is toxic (it certainly is a carrier of disease) and the “male hormone” testosterone is the obvious “cause” of violence. Feminists are completely correct that women are – “as a class” – at the mercy of male violence (as are other men, of course.) Testosterone makes men fight other men and then they inject that “toxic masculinity” into women, perpetuating the y chromosome.

This is sort of a futurist “evolutionary end of men” type thing, but it would be pointless – and rather girlish – of “manosphere” types to get angry or outraged by this stuff; I find it really quite interesting and as a “race and sex realist” and someone who thinks evolutionary biology can likely explain the human condition more than anything else (religion, metaphysics, etc.) I’m looking forward to reading her new posts:

* The Chicken IS the Egg. Parthenogenesis and the Mysterious Evolution of Males.

* Testosterone: What it Does.

* X-Inactivation: How Dudes’ Dying-Y-Asses Get Saved as One of Women’s Two X-Chromosomes is Turned Off for Life.

* Female Bonding/Female Trashing: Chimps, Bonobos and Homo Sapiens

I also found out that the first “manosphere” post that I ever made – the one that had me libeled by the male feminist manboobz.com and made me a two year long hit on the reddit.com manosphere subs – actually has scientific proof for what I posited: it’s called the “Cheerleader Effect.”

I suggested that men in groups – the “mannerbund” – made men more attractive to women, and what do you know – it does. And women in groups – like a cheerleading squad – also makes women more attractive to men.


To finish off, here’s a kind of interesting “male feminist” media analysis of the “Born Sexy Yesterday” trope. It’s Beta Male Geek Fantasy – some alien/robot with a woman’s body but the naive mind of a girl falls in love with geek boy who gets to introduce her to the wonders of sex – and he’s the Alpha Male for her because she knows nothing of the world. It’s really just the male version of 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight. In 50SOG and Twilight, Alpha Male CEO Businessman – or Sexy Supernatural Vampire with Magical Powers – falls head over heels in love with Average Everygirl.

But of course the purpose of the “deconstruction” of the Born Sexy Yesterday trope is simply to sell cuckoldry to men, the male feminist ends with demanding that sci-fi media creators stop selling youth and virginity and chastity as sexy, and instead tell men that “experience is sexy” – i.e., Man Up And Marry Those Sluts – and that any man who wants the youth, chastity, virginity (and by extension, fertility) of a woman is just “fearful” and “scared” and “insecure” – he’s just afraid that her former lovers may have had a bigger dick and be better in bed.

Both sides – the radical feminists and the liberal male feminists – as well as the “dudebros” and pornographers and Hugh Hefner Playboy PUAs – want to continue to destroy monogamy, thus the nuclear family, thus humanity itself – but they always “just happen” to only target Whites, of course. Monogamy – patriarchy – is a delicate balance of women’s and men’s evolutionary interests that preserves the recessive traits of Northwestern Europeans and gives men an incentive to invest in their children (and the mothers of their children) – thus creating White civilization. So of course it is constantly attacked. Kevin MacDonald’s analysis of the European Catholic Church comes into play here (and it’s not at all a completely pro-Catholic analysis either) – but for 1000 years it was Christianity that spread the monogamy of the Roman Empire to Europeans generally, thus had a significant impact of the genetics of the White race.

Born Sexy Yesterday

Life Of The Party

I haven’t written any “manosphere” or “game” type stuff lately. So for all my young men readers looking for advice on women, here’s a story. The first time it really “clicked” for me how women are, what turns them on, what their “sexual strategy” is.

So, I was about 19 or 20. I invited a few of my old friends over. These were guys I had grown up with but hadn’t seen since we were young teens. Two brothers, and they brought another friend over, a few other guys, and one girl we will call “Christine.”

So, I was not the tallest guy in this group. I was not the most handsome guy in the group. I wasn’t the most masculine guy in the group, certainly not the richest, and certainly not the most socially sophisticated.

But I was sort of the “leader” of this group. My old friends were a few years younger than me, and when we were growing up, I was basically the “leader” – the cooler older boy they hung out with. Because of that (and the fact it was my house) we basically slipped into our younger dynamic.

So, I held court. I was telling all the jokes, all the other guys were laughing along with me and hanging on my every word. They asked me about my life, my opinions, what I thought about things. Even the new guys that didn’t know me just sort of fell into line.

To be blunt, I didn’t pay any attention to “Christine” at all. I assumed she was with one of the other guys. She was cute and shapely in all the right ways, but I was too busy having fun catching up with my old friends and just didn’t find it worth bothering.

So, the next day I get a call from a friend. “Christine thought you were really cute. Want her number?” So, a few days later I had another notch on my bedpost.

It was as simple as that. Since I was the “leader” of the group – the “situational alpha” – that was all it took. Her “beta orbiter” who had been showering her with attention for months, didn’t matter. She saw him laughing at my jokes, paying attention to me, submitting to me, being my audience. That was all the reason she needed.

Hypergamy. Women want the top guy. So put yourself in the position where you are the top guy, and you just pick and choose what women you want. It’s easy.

Now, I’m not saying that it’s a basis to create a functioning society on. In fact, “Christine” was the first girls I ever “pumped and dumped.” All the other girls I had had sex with I had “fallen in love” with – even the ones that had thrown themselves at my like “Christine.” But after our second roll in the hay, she actually started talking about being my “girlfriend” and stuff, and I was pretty damn heartless about it.

So, moral of the story is, eh, there is no moral.

A Baby Daddy’s Letter to His Little Boy (About His Future Hookups)

Hey Little Tyke,

Recently, I was scoping chicks on Facebook when my old Friend With Benefits posted one of those silly articles that chicks like. Some goober is telling his daughter what a princess she is and how she don’t need no man and how it isn’t her job to keep a man interested.

It’s true. But it made me realize that I should pass some of my knowledge about women on to you.

Little Tyke, it is not, has never been, and never will be your job to “keep her interested.”

Pump and dump, little guy. Find her, fuck her, forget her.

First, find girls with dads like this – they are usually down to fuck. The trick is, they are so sick of simpering “betas” like her dad she’s going to be looking for a real man, you know, a guy that doesn’t fawn all over her and treats her a little rough. Chicks dig that, they will usually be down for all sorts of kinky shit – handcuffs, spanking, that sort of things. Chicks love that shit.

Little Tyke, I want to tell you about chicks who don’t need to be kept interested, because they know if they don’t put out, you’ll just go somewhere else.

There’s always more fish in the sea, Little Guy. If one is giving you trouble, “next” her. It’s all about spinning plates. Sure, it’s tricky, it can be a challenge, but I know you have it in you. You see, they say that a slut is a woman with the morals of a man. This is true. It’s also true that a player is a man with the morals of a woman. So it all washes out in the end.

Look, it ain’t like it was back in your grand-pappy’s day. Chicks these days are like, liberated and shit. They don’t do monogamy anymore, at least not until they hit the wall, so to speak. That’s what betas are for. Not for guys like us. Besides, marriage is for fags now.

I know, at some point you’re going to get “oneitis” and think that one particular chick is “the one” or special or whatever. Stay strong, little guy – the feelings pass. If you ever find yourself pining away for “the one” – promise me you’ll head straight down to the local strip club and get a lap dance from some big-titted floozy, just to clear your head. There is never a reason to settle for just one. In fact, the more women you have, the more women you get. Chicks love a man with options.

Never change for a woman. If she catches you cheating, just say you were drunk. If she doesn’t love you at your worst, she doesn’t deserve you at your best.

I don’t care if she can suck a golf ball through a garden hose – as long as she knows you’ve got a back up plan in case she starts acting like a bitch.

I don’t care if her rent is due – she can find her ass some work. It’s not your job to take care of her.

I don’t care if she has a body like a brick shithouse – just as long as you know that you are the prize, not her.

I don’t care if she’s the finest piece of ass in several states – just as long as you remember there is always someone younger, hotter, and tighter.

I don’t care if she’s barely legal – if there’s grass on the field, play ball! If she bleeds, she can breed.

Now if you decide to bring one home, just remember, all’s fair in love and war – I might take a shot at her myself.

Oh, yeah, by the way, I really don’t know how to tell you this, but that man you have been calling “Daddy?” Yeah, he’s not your real father.

I am.

I gotta say, your mom was the best piece of ass I ever had.

The Penis Police

Over at radixjournal, the poster named “wattylersrevolt” derailed the conversation to talk about his favorite subject: homos. He spent a lot of time in the comment box telling us how he was totally against homos, how he thought they were “filthy” and went into lurid details about buttsex and the like.

TMI, dude.

Of all the legitimate problems whites have with our sexual culture, how crass things have become, our declining fertility rate, hostility between men and women, divorce, etc. All that being true – how do rants about “sluts” help anything? Probably a quarter of my subscribers are “manosphere” types and (for whatever reason) I’m listed on people’s blogs as being part of the “manosphere” – but at the end of the day, I’m sure as hell not in the category of “betas” bitching that I can’t get laid. Quite the opposite, frankly.

Women – hell, even actual feminists – have some legitimate concerns with things like the pornography culture. Men – even the obnoxious “men’s rights advocates” – have some legitimate issues with things like family court and divorce.

But the proof is in the pudding, folks. Which women out there have blogs helping young women to find husbands? Which women out there are encouraging white women to have children? Which women out there are encouraging women to not divorce their husbands at the drop of the hat? Basically, none. Instead, it’s constant whining and bitching about men, porn, etc.

Where are the manosphere types helping men not just learn “game” to get laid, but actually helping young men gain the necessary talents, money, education, and the like to marry and raise a family? Where are the manosphere types mentoring young men on what it takes to keep a family together? Mostly, none. Lots of whining and bitching about “sluts” that would rather fuck sleazy hipsters – like me – rather than pathetic whining “beta” “m’ladies” – like you.

Then – really – what kind of man is obsessed with homosexuals? What kind of man seeks out pictures of gay pride parades and queers parading around in their underwear? What kind of man thinks that homos are even an issue that rates somewhere above, say, 89th of the 100 things wrong with the way things are today?

Richard Spencer’s recent interview where he was asked about this, he said essentially, “let’s stop pretending that homosexuality was invented in the 1960s.” Go throughout history, there have always been homos. These things go in cycles, you’ll have gays being open, then they will be suppressed, then they “come out” again. This particular cycle is just another in this long line of things.

I admit, I read the Daily Stormer every once in a while because it can be funny. But – the Daily Stormer is pretty much everything we don’t need. The Daily Stormer – because it’s a troll site related to the old 4chan forum /pol/ – appeals to a particular group of people – namely, young white nerdy boys that like to use the internet a lot. It can be funny, maybe even cathartic, but it’s just trolling – it’s just humor. If you were to take it too seriously, I would question your judgement.

So what does the Daily Stormer do on a regular basis? “Hey, look at this fag! Look at this slut! Perverted sex! Porno! Jews!”

What kind of people would be attracted to that sort of thing? It doesn’t take much to guess, now does it?

So their latest is – of course, you knew it would come to this eventually – something about pedophilia. There is, of course, some Grand Jew Conspiracy to legalize pedophilia. Again, it’s as if these people think that pedophilia was invented in the 1960s. Don’t people remember that Mohammad married a 9 year old? Pedophilia has always existed. It’s not new. It goes in cycles – at some point angry women get together and suppress the worst kind of men, then they go too far and things get relaxed, and the cycle repeats itself.

If people were actually interested in stopping child molestation, they would promote an open sexual culture for children, so they understand “stranger danger” and they understand that no adults should touch them “in the bathing suit area.” Frank sex education should be taught to children from day one. That, more than anything, would keep children from being victims.

But, of course, these people don’t actually give two shits about children – that’s an excuse. The reality is, they LOVE to think about pedophiles and child molestation. They *love* to look at advertisements with children in them and say, “look pedophile! They are making that child look sexy! Pervert! Jews!”

They get off on it. They love it. They love to look for aberrant sexuality and point to it, because they get off on it. They love to find perverts, homos, and other sexual aberrations and spend a lot of time thinking about them.

They don’t actually care about a healthy sexual culture – they care about projecting how totally “not gay” they are, or “not perverted” they are.

It’s idiotic, is what it is. It’s Penis Policing. I wrote a handful of spanking stories, and some people were like “it’s the Jews! You must be a Jew because you got a blowjob and wrote about it! You must be a Jew because you write sexy stories!”

Come on, you know what this is – this is church ladies getting all hot and bothered. I’ll be honest – I love love love trolling feminists on reddit. I write “rapey” stories and they buzz around like flies on shit. I hope you people realize that feminists are always talking about “rape culture” and “domestic abuse” because they *are really really turned on by rape fantasies and violent men.* Just look at some “anti-domestic violence” media sometime. It looks like 50 Shades of Grey style porn doesn’t it? Remember the recent UVA “rape story?” It was nothing but an elaborate gang-bang fantasy some young lady made up to get the attention of some boy she liked.

I think dalrock is one of the best Christian manosphere sites. From a Christian perspective, he shows how utterly hypocritical feminists are, how utterly against traditional Christian morality “modern women” have become. The sexual revolution was a women’s movement – women didn’t like the fact they were only allowed to have sex with their husbands. They wanted to take a turn gang banging the Hot But Sleazy Hipsters before they had to settle down with their boring but nice husbands. That’s why women freak the hell out about virginity – they don’t want to settle down before they get to “ride the carousel” and they will come up with all sorts of reasons why any man would avoid marrying a promiscuous women is really bad, in some way.

The difference is, no one has any problem pointing to bad behavior in men. A man cheats on his wife? We call him a cheating bastard. A woman cheats on her husband? Well, her husband must have done something bad. She wasn’t happy. He probably abused her.

White Knights are afraid to call out women on their bad behavior because they think if they never say anything bad to a woman it will get them laid. The big secret of “game” is that women actually love it when they are dragged off that pedestal and treated like the horny little things they are. The man that sees through a woman’s “shit tests” – that’s the kind of guy who gets laid like tile.

People who are obsessed with sluts, homos, and pedophiles are just that – people who are obsessed with aberrant sexuality. They are not more moral than others – quite the opposite. Remember when Pete Townshend was busted for child porn? What did he say? He was just doing it “for research.” You know, like guys read Playboy “for the articles.” Just like Ted Haggard was hanging around gay meth dealers to “tell them about Jesus.” Uh-huh. Sure thing.

Here’s my new rule. I read the Daily Stormer – if anything I write sounds anything like the Daily Stormer – I know I’m doing it wrong.

Marry Fuck Kill

Henry Kissinger was asked what his job really was, what did it mean to be a “consultant” to the ruling class. Kissinger said his job was simple, he took the needs and interests of his clients, and articulated those needs and interests into an agenda that could be enacted.

Read it twice, it is a bit more subtle than it might appear on the surface.

I’ve always thought of myself as a natural negotiator. I was always the guy stopping fights and arguments, always the referee making sure people played fair. I like to think I have a fairly high level of emotional intelligence and I have an overabundance of empathy. Some of the women commenters are probably rolling their eyes, but if I sound like some mean misogynist online, trust me, in real life I’m considered quite charming.

So once, Ryu claimed that I was “the best White Nationalist Pick-Up Artist in history.” It’s always hard to tell exactly how to take Ryu, but I’m just going to take it mostly at face value, and as an obvious backhanded compliment.

Now, being that I am a guy, I implicitly understand “the men’s side” when it comes to the battle of the sexes, but the fact I have an overabundance of empathy and have been so “successful” with women shows I must have a sort of intuitive understanding of the other side as well. So, in a sense, it makes me a kind of objective observer, or at the least, a judge or a referee that may not be completely impartial, but at least can look at both sides. And like Kissinger, I am going to attempt to take the needs and interests of both sides and articulate that into an actionable agenda for my clients – white men and women of childbearing years.

If you are a woman that is not having kids, or any more kids, and are not interested in what your kids are doing reproductive wise, this isn’t directed towards you. Don’t read any further. If you are a man that has no interest in ever having kids, a “Man Going Their Own Way” or a player that got a vasectomy or something, or if you’re already a father and aren’t interested in more kids – go away. This isn’t for you.

On the other hand, if you’re a young white man or a young white woman, I can honest to God help with this problem, because it is sort of my specialty, in a sense.

So, in the last installment, I told the story of two girls, one that I just wanted to bang, and one that I just wanted to marry. So what is the difference? The other part of the previous installment discussed the technological advance of birth control, and how that sparked the Sexual Revolution, collapsed white fertility, and changed the previous cultural institutions that regulated the relations between men and women.

So, first, let’s look at sex. Why the hell would Amy, the 15 year old girl, want to have sex with a 16 year old hipster? Why would Amy be so easy, at such a young age, for a guy that was clearly only using her for sex?

The obvious answer is that Amy thought I was a “bad boy.” You see, I was the kind of guy you bang, but not the guy you marry. The manosphere types call this being the “alpha fucks” not the “beta bucks” and it’s clear by that terminology alone that they are more interested in being the “alpha fucks” rather than the “beta bucks.”

However – what made me the “bad boy” was not that she just wanted to fuck me, but would marry a “better” guy, it’s that she knew full well that I would never take her seriously, that I was, in a real sense, “out of her league.” When I did start to “take her seriously” and when I did start to develop some romantic feelings about her – she dried up, quick like, and moved on. When I was just using her for sex, I was a hot sexy bad boy. When I started to take her somewhat seriously, I lost a lot of the sexual appeal, because there was a possibility that I would settle for a girl like her. For no other reason that I was getting laid on a regular basis, I started to have feelings for Amy.

Amy knew perfectly well that I was “out of her league” when it came to something that, at the time, I didn’t have a clue about. And it’s also why I had that urge to “save Shannon for marriage.”

It was a combination of sexual maturity and social class.


You see, Amy was kind of trashy. Her parents were divorced, her father was an alcoholic, her older brother had been arrested several times, and her mother didn’t have any college education. I came from a solidly middle class family, intact, church goers, both parents college educated.

And Shannon was even one class above me; her parents were also married, college educated, church goers, but lived in a nicer neighborhood and her dad made more money than my dad. Her mother was more “sophisticated” socially than my mother.

And, while Amy was likely at her very sexiest, and her best looking, at 15-19, Shannon – although by anyone’s standard a very attractive 16 year old girl – really hit her strike in her mid 20s. When I saw her the very last time, when she was about 24 – wearing this little black dress – yeah, my eyes popped out of my head. I immediately thought to myself – how the hell did I let that one get away?

The last time I saw Amy, when she was about 25, she had horrific tattoos, a nose ring, a fucked up haircut, and worked as a stripper.

So at the time, even though I really didn’t have any conscious understanding of this, I was at least subconsciously aware of the “status” game and did what all men have done, throughout history. I used the girls beneath me in class as concubines, and the girls equal or above me in class as potential wives, or “official girlfriends” the kind you might introduce to your family.

But, you see, there’s another sort of paradox here.

The hottest sex is often the kind where there is more social distance between the two people. That’s why women will turn into instant sluts for a Hollywood celebrity. Sort of like how electricity works, the more potential difference there is, the greater the current. And sex with Amy was super hot because she was fucking me because of my status, as a slightly better looking, smarter, more popular, more educated guy than she could “keep” as a boyfriend. She knew that if she was just a super-slut, she could land me temporarily at least, and have bragging rights. It’s really no overstatement to say that Amy “serviced” me sexually.

And the second I turned even slightly “beta” – the second I showed the slightest bit of feelings for a lower class slut like her, the second the heat went away. A year or so after we stopped fucking, she went and fucked – only one time – a friend of ours that looked kind of like me, but he was slightly better looking, slightly taller, slightly more popular, slightly more masculine.

Amy admitted to me, she always wanted to fuck that guy, and she got to fuck him just one weekend, and all she did was pleasure him, but she got what she wanted and was quite happy that she did.

I, of course, took rigorous precautions with Amy, and I always used a condom when I ejaculated in her vagina. But it was usually more fun – for both of us – for me to ejaculate in her mouth. Because that’s where the power exchange came into play. That’s the kind of birth control you used before the era of BC pills and condoms, right?

Before BC pills, before condoms, and before Roe vs. Wade, neither Amy nor I would have risked some affair, because she might have wound up a single mother and I might have wound up with a bastard kid. But now that sex was decoupled from reproduction – and now that the Sexual Revolution had loosened the standards of acceptable sexual conduct, we were able to slut in up all through high school, with nary a worry about an unplanned pregnancy. In the case it ever happened, we had a highly visible group of upper class, educated women that ran Planned Parenthood and existed precisely to make sure that girls like Amy didn’t actually reproduce.

Now, while Shannon did have sex, she just wasn’t as slutty as Amy. She was a lot more selective and didn’t want to just “service” some guy. She wanted to be an official girlfriend to someone. She wanted some romance. She wanted some status. And – in the era before birth control – I would have lined up to marry Shannon because I could only get sex from one girl – my wife – and it would result in children.

But, of course, Shannon – being a smart, ambitious woman who did not want to be a teenager mother, didn’t really want to settle down or have children until at least the age of 22, maybe even 25.

Well, in the meantime – in the first DECADE of Shannon’s sexual maturity, at the height of Shannon’s beauty and fertility – from 15-25 – Shannon was hoping to get romance and sex from a few different boys until she picked the best one and got married.

But, you know, what really happened was while sex with Shannon was reward enough for the guys she wanted, the guys she wanted – being naturally polygamous – already had access to a whole, lower strata of girls quite willing to be sex toys. It didn’t matter for the boys, because neither Amy nor Shannon were interested in settling down and having children. Girls just wanna have fun, and now thanks to birth control, the boys and girls could.

So, when choosing between different girls – since family formation was off the table – it became, you know, which girl sucked dick better.

I actually don’t think that’s what Planned Parenthood and the Birth Control movement had in mind.

But consider this saying from the Necronomicon:

“Each Thing Evokes Its Opposite.”

Fuck, Marry, Kill is a party game in which the participant is presented with the names of three individuals, each of whom he or she must choose to kill, ask to marry or have sex with.

Feminists and White Knights

Feminists and White Knights both share a certain assumption; that is that women are morally superior to men. I would posit it is exactly the opposite, by anyone’s usual understanding of morality, men are morally superior to women. The most obvious case is in the example of truth – men tend to want the truth and want to tell the truth. Women lie automatically, women are deceptive by nature. Because men tend to be physically stronger than women, women have evolved to do things indirectly; they manipulate men indirectly because they generally can’t bash men over the head with a club and make them do what they want.

Why is it women get so furious at the idea of an older man with a younger woman? Isn’t it obvious? They are jealous of younger women. They used to be young, fertile, and sexy. Then, they age, and are no longer young, fertile, and attractive, so they lash out.

You will notice, however, it’s only OLD women that have a problem with younger women and older men. Younger women LOVE the attention of older men.

Since women – through feminism – liberated themselves from patriarchy, they have come up with a new system of morality that they expect men to follow. According to this logic: it’s ok when women are promiscuous, no slut shaming. It’s ok when older women go with younger men – cougars are liberated. But it’s bad when older men go with younger women. Why? It’s simply because that’s when men have more power.

When women come up with a system of morality, it’s hilariously self-serving. In whatever situation women have the upper hand, that’s good, and in whatever way men have the upper hand, that’s bad.

Mrs. Duggar - a Christian, not a White Nationalist - that fulfilled the 14 Words better than any WN woman.
Mrs. Duggar – a Christian, not a White Nationalist – that fulfilled the 14 Words better than any WN woman.

Did you know that in the beginning of feminism, in the earliest days, feminists did NOT pose as victims? In the book that started it, The Feminine Mystique, the Jewish Communist author shamed women for wanting domestic life. There was no assumption that women were victims of men. But that sort of feminism didn’t last, becuase by pretending men were “oppressing” women with patriarchy, anything a woman did was ok, anything a woman did was justified, because it was a “strike against patriarchy.” Sort of like how a shoplifter justifies his theft because “the big companies rip off people anyway” women justified any selfish and immoral thing they did because “well, men are oppressing us.”

Since women revolted against monogamy, they had to come up with a new system of morality to serve their interests. Hence, the absolute rage at older men dating younger women. That’s their new rule. “It’s ok for women to be promiscuous, it’s ok for women to use birth control, have abortions, but when we are ready, at 30, men must then marry us, settle down, and not go with younger women.”

It’s just that – self-serving, and nothing else. Women, generally speaking, aren’t even smart enough to hide their self-interest in this case. I mean, just get a load of this article – this is “alpha fucks, beta bucks” spelled out openly and in detail. And the bimbo who wrote it just can’t understand why men are disgusted with her attitude.


Monogamy was good for women, and it was especially good for OLDER women. Monogamy meant that a man wasn’t allowed to toss aside an aging wife for a hot young thing. But women rebelled against monogamy – they just wanted to get rid of the part that reigned in THEIR behavior, while keeping the parts that reigned in MEN’S behavior.

Monogamy was good for FAMILIES. When women had children YOUNG – as in late teens and early 20s – they lived long enough to see their grandchildren, and sometimes their great grandchildren. When women had many children, not just one or two, you had tight knit clans. A woman would AGE GRACEFULLY – she would become a well respected Matriarch of a family, adored by her children, grand children, and great grandchildren.

Mostly, what women accuse men of doing is what they themselves are doing. Women say that men aren’t “aging gracefully” – that’s just a projection. It’s women that have stopped aging gracefully. I mean, Botox? Hair dye? It’s laughable.

Now, young men, look around you. Read the women’s blogs. Is there a SINGLE example of a White Nationalist woman mentoring younger women? Is there a SINGLE example of old WN women warning younger women to avoid the mistakes that they themselves made?

Not on your life. It’s the exact opposite. The WN movement is FULL of old divorcees whining about men. That is why I said to younger men, on MWIR a while back – go for Christian women. Christian women are the ONLY ones that still at least pay lip service to traditional morality. There are lots and lots of Christian women blogs (like SunshineMary’s old blog) mentoring younger women to avoid the Slut Club.

White Nationalist women? Not a one. The type of women that are attracted to controversial social movements like White Nationalism are outliers – they tend to be more masculine, less feminine, and more “feisty” – meaning, bitchy.

These WN women are doing no one any favors. Most of them – with a few notable exceptions – do nothing but chant “nigger kike spic” – which makes US look bad and makes our enemies look good by comparison. They are an embarrassment to the movement. They are the female equivalent of the Costume Clowns, fat dudes with swastikas on their arms chanting about how much they hate people. There’s a reason people often get suspicious that these people are being paid by the enemy, because they do the enemy’s work for them.

Here’s a fun experiment – go to some moron Nazi site like DailyStormer – read the WN women that post there. Long, obscene screeds, weird homoerotic rants about anal sex, and superstitions about Jews. Compare and contrast a fact-based deconstruction of Jewish anti-Whiteness from someone like Kevin MacDonald to the faux-Catholic White Nationalist women. There’s just no comparison.

It’s so ironic that, as far as I can tell, most of the women that troll the WN sites are DIVORCED, OLD, and in many cases, CHILDLESS. These are the women that many WN men “white knight” for. These are the women that screech the loudest about the “manosphere” too.

Here’s another eye-opening thing to see: go to the DailyStormer thread about 50 Shades of Grey. Read an article there posted by some woman saying that 50 Shades of Grey is “pedophilia hiding in plain sight.” How is 50 Shades of Grey really about pedophilia?

*Because the character was a virgin.*

You hear that men? If you want to marry a virgin bride, you’re actually a pedophile, according to old feminist faux-traditionalists. You can see the Feminine Imperative in action. If you don’t want to marry an old whore, you’re a pedophile.

Mrs. Romney - a Mormon, not a White Nationalist - that fulfilled the 14 Words better than any WN woman.
Mrs. Romney – a Mormon, not a White Nationalist – that fulfilled the 14 Words better than any WN woman.

At the end of the day, however, women are just women looking out for their own interests. They evolved to be the way they are, and there is nothing wrong with the way they are. The real question is – why do men “white knight” for these feminists?

I can guess. These “white knight” men are submissive men. They are looking for a Mommy Figure and probably get off on a Dominatrix type. Hey, different strokes for different folks, but I, like most men, tend to want to wear the pants in a relationship.

Here’s the deal, religion aside: sexual morality is a JOKE when young, fertile women are having promiscuous sex on birth control. Complaining about “PUAs” is idiotic when young fertile women – the people who create the race – are “pick up artists” themselves. Complaining about men is a JOKE when white women are aborting nearly as many white babies as they are bearing. Bitching about men fucking younger women is laughable when women divorce their husbands and split up their families nearly half the time. Talking about the 14 Words is one big pile of steaming nonsense when not a one White Nationalist woman is even promoting the idea of women marrying and having children young.

As is usual, this battle will be fought and won by white men, and white women will be dragged along, kicking and screaming. For the most part, it’s best to just ignore them – ESPECIALLY the old ones.

Now, a quick parting shot AGAINST the “Christian manosphere.” There are thousands of “Christian manosphere” blogs complaining about Christian women, saying that Christian women are just as slutty as their secular counterparts and that Christian women aren’t interested in Christian men.

YET – however – one of the most prominent Christian manosphere bloggers has a young, virgin Christian woman – who is quite pretty – that is perfectly willing to marry him – but he won’t marry her. He continues to blog about how there are no good Christian women, yet he has one who all but offered herself to him, and he still wouldn’t marry her.

He really has no right to complain. I know both of them read this blog at least occasionally.

Uh – MAN UP, dude. You know who you are.

My Kind Of Guy!

In this story you’ll read about the sordid doings of one Thomas “Woody” Price, a man with a taste for drugs and young females.


I have to laugh at the “outrage” of the White Knights, that men like to have sex with young, hot women. For whatever reason, we’re supposed to be “shamed” by this. For some reason, we’re supposed to feel bad that we actually physically get off on sex, and sex with young, FERTILE, women. As opposed to, say, “challenging” middle aged women lawyers, or some such.

Your Jealousy Gets Me Off, Beta Boys
Your Jealousy Gets Me Off, Beta Boys

Well, count me in the “fan of drug fueled orgies with hot young women” club.

The fact of the matter is, the only reason these people post these stories – and pretend to be “outraged” – is because they themselves are titillated by the idea.

But since these “betas” can never have that – drug fueled orgies with hot young women – they pretend they are looking down on us – “morally.”

What it is is slave morality – they want to believe they are morally superior for not doing these things, when in reality, they just CAN’T do these things.

Sacramento County police said they tracked the pair to the hotel after Hall’s boyfriend dimed them out.

So, let’s see – jealous boyfriend upset that his girlfriend would rather be fucking an older man than him, so in a jealous rage he rats them out.

Hey, it happened to me. Some loser 24 year old tried to start a fight with me – even took a swing at me – because his 21 year old girlfriend was ignoring him to fuck my much older brains out. He was kicked out of the bar, and I took his girlfriend home for the next several weeks and taught her a few things. Later, he tried to be friends with me lol.

Life’s a bitch for a beta. Too bad, so sad!

— Sincerely,

A Horny Old Goat

(Although I will say, meth sucks – never do it. But cocaine? Eh … “just remember this fact, you can’t get it back – cocaine!”)

Free, white and 21!
Free, white and 21!

How To Fulfill the 14 Words By Impregnating Women Ten Years Younger Than You

In an ideal world, young white women would marry young white men, have many white children, stay together, and spend their golden years enjoying their children and grandchildren.

That world no longer exists, and mostly it’s because of scientific birth control and feminism. The new reality is, young women postpone marrige and child birth as long as possible, so they can get “alpha fucks” from good looking guys that won’t commit to them. Then, when they start to lose their youth, beauty, and fertility, and can no longer get the attention of these hot guys, they start looking around for “beta bucks” to settle with.

This is great for younger women – who get lots of sex from sexy guys – and it’s great for good looking men.

Who are the losers? Regular looking guys and women as they get older. It would be nice if older – and presumably wiser women – would counsel the younger women to be realistic, and find a guy who maybe isn’t Brad Pitt, but otherwise great, and settle early. But in a feminist culture, it’s “Tingles Uber Alles” – and the older women would never deny their younger selves the opportunity to slut it up with the hot guys – they’d rather just bitch as they get older.

This not-ideal state of affairs nevertheless opens some opportunities for young white men to grab the bull by the horns, so to speak, and think outside the box.

If a young man is good looking, he’ll have no problem getting sex, or whatever else he wants, from women his age. But young men that aren’t particularly good looking – and compared to most women, most men aren’t particularly good looking – can still have children, sex, a wife/partner by just waiting a few years and then getting a woman a decade younger.

I did it. I found a very hot 21 year old that I based the character “Dancer” on, had awesome hot sex with her for a few months, and now she has my son, a cute little two year old tyke we’ll call Hipster Jr.

Now, it is not an ideal arrangement. I’m not with her anymore, she went back to her boyfriend, and she is likely passing the kid off as his. But nevertheless, I did successfully pass on my genetics and created a white child. I now have as many children as a certain former prominent blogger we all know and love.

Unfortunately, completely against my will, my college girlfriend murdered my first child because she wasn’t “ready” to be a mother. The most common murder is that of a mother murdering her own child, thanks to feminism, a offshoot of the bloodthirsty, anti-white Marxist ideology. There was nothing I could do about it, thanks to feminism and the anti-white male government we live under.

So anyway, when my girlfriend decided she was bored and walked out on me after seven years, I was pretty bummed about it. I sort of moped for almost a year, then decided to get back in the game. And boy, had it gotten easier.

I didn’t waste a single minute with any woman over 30, and in fact, spent all of my time trying to pick up women as close to 21 as possible. Over the course of two years, I had two 21 year olds, one 22 year old, and then had the 22 year old again when she turned 24. It was easy. Listen, young white men, here’s how you do it.

First, never fall in love with a woman, at least, not right away. It’s a bitch move. Never call yourself her “boyfriend” or in any way commit to anything. Women with options – the only kind that matter – are turned off if they know you are interested in them for anything more than sex. The game is, she has to use her sexuality to capture you, to take you off the market. And she doesn’t want it to be easy, she wants to work for it.

So, the main thing is, don’t take them seriously. This is not particularly hard as most young women (the only ones that matter) are pretty silly. If you strike out – move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Young women LOVE the idea of snagging an older, more experienced man. What you do is, you flatter her intelligence. Tell her how mature she is, how you can talk to her unlike most women. Find some interest she has an compliment her on it (but never pretend to like something she does, they see right through that and it’s really beta.)

How to deal with the age issue – it’s just a shit test. The best answer, when she asks you how old you are, just say “old enough to be your father now what are you doing out so late, young lady?” and smile. Don’t use that line verbatim, just use a variation on it.

Now, make sure you have a lot of female friends your age. This is actually pretty easy, because of feminism, there are more and more spinsters, divorcees, and cougars than ever just dying for attention. Socialize with them, but only bring your young lady friend around sparingly. You want your young lady friend to feel she has to compete with older women for your attention. Don’t push for sex – wait for her to push for sex. Trust me, she will, because she thinks that’s the only thing she has to offer you (and it is, really.) It might even be good to turn her down. Act all conflicted, but then give in one night.

Fuck the hell out of her – gals like it rough and raunchy. Push her limits, just assume she wants whatever it is that you want. Always lead, and she will follow. We think of women’s sexuality as some complicated and mysterious thing, but it’s not.

So, in the throws of passion, just don’t put on a condom. If she’s on the pill – don’t bother. If a woman is on the pill and is attracted to you, it’s because you are Beta to her, and as soon as she gets off the pill, she’ll realize it and go find an Alpha. But if she says something about it, just say you assumed she was on the pill.

Now, you have to figure out how to keep her from murdering the baby, but if you all of a sudden get too beta, too ready to commit, she’ll think you are subpar and will abort. But if you just drop her cold, she might as well. As with most things with women, it’s sort of a push-pull game. Maybe offer to pay, but say you’ll do the right thing and support her while she has it and help her find adoptive parents. You’ll have nine months to play push/pull with her.

Remember, white women are the prize, and really all they have to offer a man is sex and babies. Other than that, women are pretty much redundant. Men can do anything women can do – and better – with that exception: sex and babies.

Now, whatever you do – NEVER offer to marry her. Weddings are for virgins, that’s why they wear the white dress. It’s acceptable to marry her IF – and ONLY IF – she gave her virginity to you. It’s spitting in the face of the few decent women left to go along with the charade of putting a white dress on a slut. No rings for sluts. But we still need sex and babies, so you have to compromise. If she wasn’t a virgin – and chances are, if she is over 16, she isn’t – then she is damaged goods and does not deserve a wedding. Legal marriage just makes you her slave and the Government her Alpha. Women are people, they respond to incentives, and the government wants nothing more than to drag you through court for child support, alimony, or trumped up domestic violence charges – and remember, raising your voice, or making her “feel scared” is enough to have you dragged away in handcuffs. If she sees you dragged away in handcuffs by a big tall cop, she’ll be tingling for the cop, and feel nothing but contempt for you. Very similar to how women fuck their divorce lawyers, since her divorce lawyer had all that power of you, and in fact, beat you in court, he’s the new alpha and she wants him, not you.

Now, you will have to pay child support, but what you want to do is get her to agree to skip the court system. Make sure you support her, give her an allowance, pay for everything for the baby. It’s quite possible to do this – more than one man in my family has done it.

Then, repeat. There are new women turning 21 every day, and if you get good at this, you can have two, three, even four children, by different women even. Mix it up. Impregnate a blonde, a brunette, a redhead. Always trade in for younger women. Once she turns 30, retire her. She can find a beta to take care of her. It’s really quite easy for a 40 year old man to date women in their 20s, happens all the time. Young women LOVE an older man.

If all this sounds rather cynical – blame feminism. Blame women for wanting no fault divorce. Blame women for being sluts on birth control. Blame older women especially for ruining a once great culture because they couldn’t keep it in their panties. Blame the Garbage Generation – the women who came of age between 1970 and 2000. Most of them are trash.

That’s what feminism has brought to us, and this is how you adapt. It’s actually easier than it looks!

Then, if you have a daughter, the day she gets her period, YOU go out and find appropriate husbands for her. Never trust her judgement. And if you have a son, teach him the “red pill” and how to do this.

White people will survive feminism, just like we survived everything else.

As for me, I will continue fucking younger women until I can’t – OR – until the day young women abandon feminism and go back to marrying young. And I will get off on the tears of aging feminists crying about reaping what they themselves sowed.