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The Real Reason Yarvin’s Catholic Neo-Reaction Hates Puritans

I’m likely going to retire this handle/blog and I haven’t posted in character in quite a while, so I’m taking the opportunity to ride my hobby-horses and go out in style.

I wish I still believed in the hard core confessional Presbyterianism of my youth. My brain isn’t in it, but my heart is still there. It’s like still being in love with your deceased wife.


SmokingFlax: Puritan Board Sophomore

I can’t help but feel greatly deceived regarding the subject of the Jewish religion since I have come across a website that contains the “traditions of the elders” of the Jewish religion …a.k.a. The Talmud…

Can anyone here disabuse me of the notion that the REAL heart of anti-Christ is surely found in these despicable and blasphemous writings which are the heart of Judaism(?).

Am I supposed to believe that all of these rabbis that are going about lately (like Daniel Lapin) aren’t aware of the dozens of texts (in their “holy book”) that require them to work towards the destruction of Christianity while they flatter the “religious right” with words of common cause and fellowship?

And for a final kicker: Most churches are teaching that “the Jews” are the chosen race and that supporting Israel is practically our first duty as Christians.

No Longer A Libertine: Puritan Board Senior:

[John Hagee] is one of the madmen who the Israeli government shrewdly use to lobby the “evangelical” support and tie America down in unconditional alliance with the pagan state of Israel.

I was enraged when channel surfing to discover Hagee’s banquet/telethon called “A Night to Honor Isreal” from the rafters of his congregation the Stars and Stripes and Star of David hung side by side as national anthems were sung as though they were hymns. Unadulterated idolatry.

I love my country dearly, that is why I hate to see her misused and manipulated by this power hungry scoundrel and the zionist government that has milked a culture of victimization longer and more effectively than any other people used to further the liberal political agenda, zionism is a nasty brand of social secularism combined with state worshipping far far right facism.

But ask me how I really feel.

Only in the middle east could the criminal history of Israel look ambiguous or less corrupt than her neighbors, she is lucky for such geography.

All the same I do not consider Israel an ally of the United States but a blood sucking parasite, an ungrateful bully that uses our money and military to recklessly domineer, in the name of their own preservation they have murdered many an American service men yet OUR politicians sweep it away because of the two most asinine lobbies in this country are the “Jews” and “Dispensational Evangelicals”.

Blueridge Believer: Puritan Board Professor


KMK: Moderator

I’m sorry to say that I don’t see you lasting too long in Hollywood. 🙂

He’s quoting the late great Carol A. Valentine’s expose of Talmudism, alas, the board owner decided to lock the thread before the obvious conclusions could be drawn.

I’m utterly, absolutely convinced that my ideas on a scientifically valid, biologically natal, and thoroughly European “religion” could work – within one generation. I should declare myself a minister, start marrying young White couples and provide them a place to nurture a healthy family life. In a sense I would not be starting from scratch at all, simply continuing in the traditions of the Reformers and the Enlightenment.

In America, Unitarian Universalists are richer and more educated than Jews (because they are liberal) but reject biological natalism and instead practice politically correct “spirituality.” They are the Christian version of Reform Judaism, without the ethno-nationalism that Reform Jews actually practice (all Reform Jews are Zionist and very cleverly run the faux-pro-Palestinian movement in America, to make sure it never actually succeeds.)

Give me 20 young, smart (i.e., liberal) White couples ready to start families and in 50 years I’d have a movement.

John Knox realized that Scots are clearly God’s True Elect. That’s why he made us so smart and beautiful.

nRX/SocialMatter’s Economic & Puritan Red Herrings

“Online religious arguments tend to be one secular agnostic pretending to be a traditional Catholic arguing with another secular agnostic pretending to be a fundamentalist Calvinist arguing with a third secular agnostic pretending to be a neo-pagan.” — Greg Johnson, paraphrased.

A famous nRX author recently mused, why are we refraining from teaching Catholicism just because we know it’s not true?

No, nRX is not a Jewish conspiracy to co-opt the “alt right” or reactionary thought.

Neoreaction is a Jewish Conspiracy to Thwart the Incipient National Socialist Revolution

NRX is a Catholic attempt to co-opt Jews into fighting the people the Catholics really hate: WASPs.

One would doubt that Moldbug “just happened” to downplay the Jewish role in the modern leftist/egalitarian movement, but it probably wasn’t because he had a Jewish grandfather. It’s simply that it’s not socially acceptable to blame anything on Jews, or to impute to Jews qua Jews anything other than the highest and loftiest motives.

But it’s open season on WASPs – whether religious or not.

So once the Catholics realized here was a chance to guard themselves from accusations of “anti-semitism” and even rope in a few “right wing” Jews, they coalesced around “neo-reaction.” The joke about Moldbug was right, he wants to reestablish the monarchy so he can fulfill his life-long ambition of being a court Jew.

But the Catholic NRXers are involved because they want to finally, once and for all, discredit the Reformation and the Enlightenment and to blame all modern problems on the movements that broke the power of their institution.

It depends on what problem you want to solve. If you’re a White Nationalist, you just have to reverse the consequence of the 1965 immigration act and curb Jewish media influence and anti-whiteness. But that is actually controversial, because it confronts the race issue head on and confronts Jewish power head on.

Catholic NRXers don’t want to do that, because it’s actually controversial and it won’t win them any libertarian Silicon Valley funding. It will turn off their Jewish friends. Since WASPs barely have any power left anyway, and don’t even identify as “WASPs” anymore, they are an easy target. The Democrats haven’t appointed a WASP to the Supreme Court in our lifetimes, and most WASPs these days are in the mold of Warren Buffett and Bill Gates – imperialist, globalist capitalists that are actually quite fine with IQ realism and hierarchy, as long as they can continue to make money and import cheap labor.

So the Catholic NRXers just want to relive their glory days (of 500 years ago) while avoiding anything actually controversial. That’s where all the “egalitarian” talk comes from. Not even the most hard core “egalitarian” liberal really buys the rhetoric – their neighborhoods are notoriously segregated and the more they “acknowledge their white privilege” the less they actually have to do anything about it.

But NRX wants us to believe that the progressive establishment – Bill Gates and Warren Buffet – really “believe” in equality and really believe that evolution only worked from the neck down. As opposed to the obvious facts: the establishment pays lip service to liberal ideas because it’s useful. Just like no one in nRX actually believes in Catholic dogma about miracles or transubstantiation, they just like the institution.

In order to keep Silicon Valley funding open, nRX is willing to give us howlers like these:

Do we dare imagine a nation where an open-heart surgeon takes home the same pay as a janitor? One job requires nearly a decade of dedicated study, an unwavering hand, a stout set of nerves, and the ability to think quickly lest a patient die; the other job requires a broom. What may be termed equality of outcome would certainly not be equality to the surgeon who spent his youth learning the scalpel when he could have just taken up a broom and gotten paid the same wage. Now multiply the scale of this nightmare by several orders of magnitude: a pharmaceutical chemist taking home the wages of a street sweeper; an electrical engineer receiving the same pay as a prostitute. Nothing could be more unequal. Nothing could be more unfair.

Of course, that is just a big fat red herring. No one who talks about “income equality” is suggesting that a janitor should be paid as much as a doctor. When people talk about “income equality” what they are clearly talking about is the fact that the top 1,000 billionaires on earth own more wealth than the rest of humanity combined. They are talking about the fact that the financial system – a financial system that is increasingly independent of the physical economy of goods and services – can create money out of thin air, and that creates virtually fictional derivatives that can’t and won’t be enforced when the time comes (see China defaulting on oil derivatives back in 2010.)

Why is everyone stuck on either the status quo, or Ron Paul-style goldbuggery? The Federal Reserve – and their counterparts in Europe and Asia – are just political constructs. No one cares that a brilliant doctor is going to make multiples of what a janitor makes. No one cares that an internet entrepreneur can become a billionaire.

What people care about is that “the masses” are taxed (in money and blood) so that oil pipelines overseas profit the right people. That whenever Wall Street can’t keep the fiction up, billions and trillions are simply transferred from the population at large so bankers can still get their bonuses.

It was always the conceit that putting fiat money under the control of democracy would lead to the population just printing themselves money, thus leading to inflation. So fiat money creation was put in the hands of technocratic financiers – and they did something virtually indistinguishable from a tin pot socialist dictator like Hugo Chavez – they just kept printing up money, non-stop, but instead of putting it into the economy they just diverted it into their bank accounts. So they could have their fifth mansion.

After all, you can have an economy of full employment when everyone is a servant of a king. One laborer to file each of the king’s toes – that’s ten jobs right there. Two or three servants to feed each of his dogs. Many biologists have suggested that humans are eusocial, after all.

But nRX is going to scare us that any talk of “equality” automatically leads to uppity janitors thinking they are Bill Gates while smart, hard working computer programmers are working for minimum wage, can’t get wives or have children, and we all turn into Bolivia.

But the nRX types want to avoid race and want to team up with their Jewish friends to blame everything on Puritans from two hundred years ago – because it’s 100% compatible with the ruling class to do that. You get no push back on that. You can still be invited to respectable cocktail parties – in fact, your “scandalous” “right wing” ideas can be tolerated, if not celebrated, because of course they are no threat to the actually powerful.

Gini And The Economic Altar