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The Nerds/Geeks Brought It On Themselves

Linus Torvalds has stepped down as the leader of his own project, Linux, after many years of complaints about his rudeness. Linux has now adopted a “Code of Conduct” which many correctly fear is an entry point for Social Justice Warriors (SJWs.) As soon as the Code of Conduct was adopted, a professional SJW, Sage Sharp, the same SJW behind the adoption of the Code of Conduct, tried to get a Linux developer, Ted Tso, fired for being a “rape apologist.” (Tso should have immediately pulled the race card, as Sharp is White and Tso is Asian…)

Now, computer nerds are in a state of panic, rightly worried that they are next and that these Codes of Conducts are going to be used against them and that their culture is under attack by outsiders.



But Computer Nerds brought this on themselves, because “Nerd” it itself a type of Social Justice Warrior identity.

There’s a fascinating article from a trade publication back in the 1970s where they are describing the typical “computer programmer.” They describe a stereotypical “autistic” type that likes “computers more than people.” This article was directed towards CEOs and Human Resource professionals who may have to hire computer programmers at a time when computers were just starting to appear outside of the military and businesses like IBM. This article may actually have been influential in the creation of the “nerd” stereotype.

What was fascinating about the article is its assertion that, unlike regular workers, “computer programmers were not motivated by money.” This was, of course, welcome news to business owners that didn’t understand computers and were worried about the cost of hiring computer programmers. The article went on to describe ways to recruit and motivate programmers without having to pay them too much money.

As computer technology began to become more important in all phases of business/capitalism, there appeared this new social identity, that of a “nerd.” These “nerds” would often wear their low social status as a badge of honor and quite often identified themselves as an “oppressed” minority that the majority didn’t understand. They often, in fact, engaged in a sort of “supremacy” where they declared they were “smarter” than “normal” people thus their “oppressors” were, in fact, inferior.

In the 1990s computer programmers – “nerds” or “geeks” – began to be seen by many women as desirable because these “nerds” and “geeks” were making money. Indeed, technology since the 1990s has been an excellent way for middle class white men to rise in the class hierarchy of America. But some of the original “nerds” and “geeks” complained about this, especially the rise of the “brogrammer.”

He Probably Deserved It

“Brogrammers” were not attacked because they were less intelligent or less skilled than the “nerds.” They were attacked for supposedly “only being in it for the money” and not really liking technology like the “nerds” do and thinking of their job as just a job, instead of an “identity.”

These “nerds” also claim that technologists are into “comic books” and “sci fi” and were bullied in high school because of how smart they were. “Nerd” culture is full of fantasies of “getting back” at the “jocks” who supposedly attacked them in high school and how technology will make the “nerds” the “alpha males.”

This “nerd” identity coincided with the understanding of autism and Aspberger’s syndrome. Notice that “aspies” – or those “on the spectrum” – are also an SJW identity – just as obnoxious as “transgendered” people are. Autistics come up with “rules” on how other people are supposed to treat them – differently than “neurotypical” people are treated. Autistics don’t yet have their own pronouns, but it’s only a matter of time.

So these nerds in their nerd culture spent the last 30 years whining about the “normals” and how “oppressed” they were, and how they were, in fact, morally superior to other because of their nerdiness (we only care about the tech! We’re more objective than others!)

Autistics and nerds all think they are Mr. Spock, when in reality they tend to be Sheldon Coopers – immature, emotionally vacuous, petty, cruel, self-important, blind to their own faults. They are the opposite of objective.

An aside: no one has ever explained to me why reading Spiderman comics – as a child or an adult – somehow magically maps to a high IQ or some sort of talent for computer programming. Certainly that hasn’t been my experience, the “comic book nerds” I’ve known in my life with intellectual (and artistic) mediocrities. The original Star Trek was a good show – a bit hokey, but decent for its time. But considering that all it did was take the best science fiction plots from actual science fiction literature and simplified them for a one hour show, was pretty derivative and not particularly original.

The Next Generation was an awful show, horribly acted, lame plots, wooden dialogue. While the original Star Trek was all about Cold War liberalism, Next Generation WAS Social Justice Warriorism – a white collar office – IN SPACE – racially diverse, and even added in homosexuality and transgenderism.

So now these nerds – especially the straight white males – are being hoisted on their own petards. They spent 30 years whining how “oppressed” they were, they complained about “jocks” and “brogrammers” that “bullied” them, they complained about how “normal” people just didn’t understand them because they were just smarter and more morally “pure” than everyone else.

So along comes the SJWs with even MORE moral superiority, even MORE fringe interests, even MORE “oppressed” status, and the straight white male nerds are getting kicked down the Hierarchy of Oppression.

Here’s a thought: maybe you were bullied in school because you were an asshole. Maybe YOU need to learn how to adapt to “normal” people, not the other way around. Maybe your skills in a very narrow field do not make you “morally superior.”

And maybe the fact you are into low-brow crap like comic books does not, in fact, have anything to do with skill as a computer programmer.

You whined like a victim for 30 years, now even BIGGER VICTIMS are coming to take away your status.

Take it from a “brogrammer” (who got laid like tile in high school and college, thank you very much) who made a bit of “fuck you” money back in the day by leveraging actual skills, NOT by “identifying as a geek” …


Yes, Taylor Swift is a Racist

Yeah, I get a racist vibe from her. Being from Pennsylvania and knowing how those white people look at you and treat you when you go to their little townships is CRAZY! Pennsylvania as a whole outside of Philadelphia, is a notoriously racist state. Philadelphia has its racists but they are outnumbered here so they keep it under the wraps. Ask any black Penn State student, the further you go out in Pennsylvania the more racists you’ll encounter.

Sometimes she will pretend to be a feminist, but it’s always White Feminism, thus exploits the struggles of Women of Color in the service of White Supremacy. The fact that she is constantly signaling to her racist fan base has been noted elsewhere and she is constantly engaged in “hipster racism.”

Has she ever dated a Person of Color? No. Has she come out strongly against Donald Hitler Trump? No. Even after her many videos have been called out for hipster racism, and worse, she’s never apologized, changed her ways, or done anything to reject her White privilege.

In short, Taylor Swift is both benefiting from her White Privilege and simply using “anti-racism” as a shield. Taylor Swift is the real racist.


She actually is racist does anyone remember when cannoli from fifth harmony racist texts about normani were revealed Taylor swift put herself into the situation to protect cannoli She called up her on call token Seryah and did some forced awkward Instagram photo shoot with Seryah in the middle of her and cannoli. It was so obvious and staged to try and make cannoli look like she likes black people lol I think it may have been bc Taylor is like a big sister to cannoli and she saw that cannoli was a dumb young reckless racist who was getting caught/exposed and as a mentor and aryan leader she had to show her the ropes on how it’s really done.


Anne Coulter Reads Hipster Racist: The Original Alt-Left

If you read Ann Coulter’s latest, Ann Coulter: Tips for Hate Crime Hoaxers you can’t help but see the influence of yours truly.

Liberal girls always seem to be imagining strong, rough, Heathcliff-type white men demanding that they disrobe or become “sex slaves.” (Oddly, Heathcliff keeps doing this in well-trafficked areas in the middle of the day with no witnesses.)

The hijab hoaxer at the University of Michigan described her imaginary Trump-supporting pursuer as white, in his 20s or 30s, with an athletic build, unkempt and intoxicated. He demanded that she remove her hijab. (After a police investigation, she admitted she made it up.)

The alleged hijab victim at University of New Mexico, Leena Aggad, said her hijab was ripped off by “a really buff guy wearing a Trump shirt.” (The attack was serious enough for her to tell the media about it, but not serious enough to report it to campus security, much less the police.)

A 28-year-old black woman, Kara Stevens, claimed three Trump-supporting white men in their 30s approached her in a Safeway parking lot in Hillsboro, Oregon, mentioned Donald Trump — then threatened to turn her into their “sex slave”! (Investigation suspended with no video, no witnesses and no evidence.)

With a little more imagination, these stories could become the new “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

I was, of course, writing “Liberal Girls Ravished By Right Wingers” Rape Porn before it was cool.

In fact, it seems that yours truly may in fact be the original “Alt-Left” – usually defined as the “left wing of the Alt-Right.” Not only does the Official Alt-Left site, AltLeft.com, link this blog, but anyone reading the description of what the “Alt Left” is can recognize this writer’s influence:

The AltLeft “Tea Party”

[The Alt Left] was always meant to augment the AltRight, not outright oppose it. It was a way to view and examine the affects of multiculturalism and political correctness from a cultural and economically left lens as well as from a secular and futurist perspective rather than the radical traditionalist, socially conservative one that dominates right wing circles. In other words, recognizing the implicit whiteness that underpins the identities of progressive cities like Seattle or Portland, and asserting that it must become explicit to some degree in order for those places to maintain their culture, aesthetic and quality of life. It was to put forth the idea that someone can be pro-white without the albatross of traditionally conservative culture, pre-modern aesthetics, capitalist economics, or widely accepted republican historical dogma.

Going back to nearly the beginning of the old MindWeaponsInRagnarok site, and the original post using the handle “Hipster Racist,” shows that this writer was doing it before anyone else was. We were celebrating the implicit racism of Portlandia since the beginning.

In fact, the entire concept of “hipster racist” was in fact an anti-white talking point gaining serious cultural currency until this writer co-opted it as pro-white, and few anti-white Social Justice Warriors have attempted to wield it seriously since.

Not only that, the original Alt Righter, Richard Spencer, has personally thanked Hipster Racist for inspiring his use of the term “hipster racism” nearly five years ago.

Like the Velvet Underground, I never sold a lot of records – but the people who did buy my records all went on to be rock stars themselves. I didn’t influence the masses, I influenced the elites who then went on to influence the masses.

I’m the Lou Reed of Racists.

You’re welcome.


Hipster Racism, In Rhyme

How far can you read through this article without laughing out loud? I made it to “vagina.”


Then, for fun, the next time you accuse white people of “racism” read this article first:


Nationalism For Me Not Thee

If I say I support “White Nationalism” the “Anti-Defamation League” will call me
an “anti-semite neo-nazi Hilter who hates Jews.”

But if I say I support “Jewish Nationalism,” like Vice President Joe “I’m a
Zionist” Biden, the “Anti-Defamation League” will say I’m “righteous” for
supporting Jewish nationalism but not White Nationalism.

If I support La Raza and Latino Nationalism, the “Anti-Defamation League” won’t
have a problem with it. If I support Black Nationalism, independenece for Haiti,
reparations for South African apartheid and Kony 2012 – the “Anti-Defamation
League” won’t have a problem with it.

But if I say “Israel should stop displacing the Palestinians” – the
“Anti-Defamation League” will go back to screaming “anti-semite neo-nazi hitler
who hates jews!”

But only because I’m White. If I was a Brown Muslim who said “Israel should stop
displacing the Palestinians” – the “Anti-Defamation League” would call me a
“anti-semite terrorist sympathizer” and my favorite, “Islamo-fascist.”
“Islamo-Fascist” essentially means “Brown Muslim Hitler.”

So, here’s the list of people who are not allowed to have their own nation:

1. White people, anywhere on the planet.
2. Palestinians, in Palestine.

Here’s the list of people who ARE allowed to have their own nations:

1. Jews.
2. everyone else except for Whites and Palestinians.

Now, can someone please explain to me why the “Anti-Defamation League” is
credited as a source in most major news media as if they are anything more than
an extremist Zionist hate organization that exists to defame people – and
justify the genocide of Palestinians and Whites?

Saint George and The “White Whore”

Red Ice Radio – let’s see. Pro-White, no problems “naming the Jew,” has a nice attractive blonde lady as their spokesperson – not some tatooed skinhead with armbands.

Then, just when you think it couldn’t get any better – they have interviewed Scott Forbes, WTC survivor and 9/11 truther, about the power outages in the towers the weekends before 9/11


h/t http://majorityrights.com/weblog/comments/are_there_explict_liberals_with_implicity_sympathy_up_that_path#c144889

The Switch: Taking Up The Whip Part One

So I just chanced onto a blog by some MSNBC-tard “progressive,” reasonablyliberal, and made a throw away post about his support for “immigration reform.” I said essentially it shows that he’s not “progressive” at all, merely anti-white. The “immigrants” he wants to import to America are the opposite of “progressive” – they are peoples that have created cultures based around the opposite of “progressive” values – no freedom of speech, a low status for women, fanatically “homophobic.” Yet these progressive *cheer* the idea of America becoming less white, even though it will make America less “progressive.”

How to explain this is very simple and something most White Nationalists know – they are not “progressive” – they are simply anti-white.

Of course, the MSNBC-tard assumed that I must be a Republican, that I must be a conservative, and oddly accused me of voting for Bush because I opposed Obama’s war-mongering. To the MSNBC-tards of the world, anyone who isn’t on their side just *MUST* be a FOX-tard, they must be some Bible-thumping, homo-hating “racist” “sexist” conservative. Of course, the MSNBC-tards are never quite sure if their opponents are toothless hillybilly Ku-Klux-Klansman or wealthy CEOs lighting their cigars with hundred dollar bill appropriated from the working class.

So the MSNBC-tard took a look at my blog trying to sniff out some “racism” “sexism” and “homophobia” – never quite sure what the settle on, but what he did finally settle on is very, very revealing. I’m guessing he read some of the many entries about the CIA and then proceeded to describe how evil the Republicans are due to the Abu Ghraib torture scandal, and then assumed I must approve of this.

In fact, he seemed to have noticed a lot of the BDSM-themed stories, so assumed that I am a “pervert” – into that kinky sex shit – so I probably get off on Abu Ghraib. In that sense, he’s just like LibertyLamp, the “anti-fascist” who basically called me a “faggot” and compared me to a transsexual – in other words, the “anti-hate activist” LibertyLamp used homophobia, transphobia … and MISOGYNY – to attack me.

The reason these types find “hate” everywhere is simply because *they are motivated by hate* – pure, raw hatred.

ReasonablyLiberal’s references to Abu Ghraib were odd, of course, because anyone who has read this blog for any length of time has noticed that I have talked about Abu Ghraib quite a bit, along with many many articles detailing the CIA’s long history of horrific human rights abuses. But it is no surprise – not a surprise at all – that he tried to label me as a supporter of torture because of the 50 Shades of Grey style sex stories. Just like LibertyLamp’s homophobic, transphobic, and misogynists slurs against me reveal something about herself, so ReasonablyLiberal’s desperate attempts to paint me as a hater reveals something about himself.

What this all boils down to – all these issues – is that of *power* – who has it and what they do with it. I’ve written many, many times about feminism and how intimately related feminism is to BDSM, how women who are attracted to feminism are very often into some very hard-core BDSM. White Nationalists also need to realize that their “progressive” opponents pose as morally superior because they believe – or pretend to believe – that they are powerless, that the people in America who have power are Whites. White have “privilege” because they are powerful. Blacks and Mestizos are “righteous” because they are powerless.

This is simply slave-morality as described by Nietzsche, of course. As Mindweapon once said, Liberalism is just Christianity with AIDS, once Christianity is stripped of the spiritual, once the Beatitudes – blessed are the meek, blessed are the poor – are taken out of their religious context and secularized, they become just assertions of moral superiority based on weakness.

This leads to the hilarious pretension that Ashkenazi Jews – a white skinned, ethno-centrist ethnic group that happens to be the wealthiest and most powerful white skinned group in America – are actually “oppressed.” Who is oppressing Jews – the Jews that dominate the media, are well entrenched in Wall Street, have well funded political lobbies like the SPLC and the ADL – who could possibly oppress these people, the most powerful – not to mention perceived to be white – group in America?

Why, neo-Nazis of course. But where are these “neo-Nazis?”

They don’t actually exist. Other than some internet trolls on websites like 4Chan or the Daily Stormer – neo-Nazis DO NOT EXIST.

Just as Steve Sailer said, the only thing that holds the “progressive” coalition together is “KKK-razy glue” – they have to pretend that the Evil White Oppressors – KKK-Nazis – exist so they can all band together and fight against them. When it becomes clear that the KKK and neo-Nazis DO NOT EXIST, all of a sudden the anti-white coalition falls apart.

Progressives support gay marriage – yet Blacks, the Democrat party’s strongest voting block – is hilariously “homophobic.” “Gay” “marriage” was defeated in California because of the black vote. Progressives support “women’s rights” – yet the culture of Mestizos is hilariously patriarchal and sexist – the exact opposite of feminism. It’s a source of pure comedy now to read feminists on twitter, as the uber-White lesbian folk singers of the Lilith Fair set are attacked as “racist” by Black Feminists (#solidarityisforwhitewomen.) “Progressives” believe Jews to be a Holy Victim class, yet the Catholic Mestizos they want to replace white people with are actually, superstitiously, anti-semitic, and American Jews, far from being victims, are racist oppressors who fund and provide political cover as the Israelis ethnically cleanse the Palestinians.

Without the ghost of not-actually-existing KKK-Nazis, the whole “progressive” coalition falls apart, because they don’t have any enemies, they are not, in fact, victims at all, they *are the ruling class they oppose.* One only has to remember the cries of “anti-semitism” over Occupy Wall Street – Occupy Wall Street, a movement *started by progressive Jews* against the “1%” accidentally revealed a truth you’re never supposed to notice, the “1%” that owns Wall Street – they are Jewish progressives.


Now, what does this have to do with BDSM and spanking? Quite a bit, actually. BDSM is all about “power” and they even call it “power exchange.”

And politics is about power.

A while back the DailyStormer did a very interesting article about Holocaust films, and how Holocaust mythology has often – almost always – included an element of BDSM. The earliest Holocaust novels were barely this side of porn – one remembers the hilarious “masturbation machines” that a Jew claimed the Nazis used on him. In Israel, BDSM-themed Holocaust porn is a huge industry, imagery of Jewish men tied up and flogged by Nazi Dominatrixes – the She-Wolf of the SS.


The film “Salo” – essentially a homosexual porn film – was sold as “art” because it was a “deconstruction” of “fascist sexuality.” The “need to dominate” was integral to the “Nazi character” and Germans, Europeans in general, and Catholics – in other words, anyone who opposed Communism – were a bunch of “degenerate perverts” that were driven by their “perverted sexual kink.” The modern film Pan’s Labyrinth is a non-pornographic version of the same thing, the Nazis in that case being replaced by Franco’s Fascists, the victims Spanish Republicans – and Jews, of course. Of course, the film shows the Fascist character sexually aroused by torturing his victims.

Now, in case you think I’m stretching the analogy, not too long ago professional anti-White Jew Tim Wise said that it was time for the “former slaves” to take power, and he even used a very telling illustration. He said it was time for the traditionally “oppressed” to “take up the whip” against their former “oppressors.”

In BDSM, that’s called “The Switch” and if you will permit me just a bit of leeway, you will find that understanding this dynamic reveals quite a bit about the nature of anti-whites. In this case, the Blacks, Mestizoes, and Asians are incidental, their anti-whiteness is simply ethnocentrism and racist hate. Blacks, Mestizoes, and Asians are simply normal, ethnocentric people.

The anti-Whites in question are the Ashkenazi Jews and White “ethno-masoscists” and it is those anti-Whites that this analysis is about.

I’m a mod on a section of Reddit called “Break Feminazis,” which is described as a “fantasy BDSM themed subreddit about Sexist Misogynists fighting a Gender War against Feminists, defeating them and turning them into sex slaves.” It’s pretty hokey and the porn imagery is kind of disgusting to me personally, but the narratives are often half-sexy and half-funny, and I participate because every once in a while we get a “live one.”

The “live one” is usually some young “feminist” woman who goes off about the horrible evil misogynists who make a fetish out of humiliating feminists. It doesn’t take too long for them to admit that, while yes, they do find these BDSM stories erotic as hell – they quite often masturbate to them – they like to add an ending. At the end of the hot sex fantasy where they are forced into humiliating sexual submission, they “turn the tables” on the Sexist Misogynists and “take up the whip,” as it were, against their former oppressors.



A disclaimer: there are a number of people – men and women – in the White Nationalist movement obsessed with “sexual degeneracy,” pornography, and have a real hang up about BDSM. The women who claim they are disgusted by BDSM are pretty much the same as men who go on long tirades about “fags” – someone is protesting too much. The regular men, married husbands, who rant about 50 Shades of Grey being degenerate are almost certainly in denial about their own wives’ sexuality. I know this, because I’m quite familiar with the kind of women who don’t “get it” at home – so they go to professional Doms who will, in fact, give it to them.

It’s probably best if you don’t ask how I know, just take my word for it.