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Hipster Racist Is A Native American

Because of the inspiring Senator Elizabeth Warren, I have now found the courage to publically identify as an Indian (feather, not dot.)

I have always identified as a Native American, not only because I was born in America, but also because in fact my ancestors created America. But somewhere in there about 400 years back, one on my ancestors married an Amerindian. So I am a Native American no matter how you define it. I have more Indian blood than Senator Fauxchonatas.

So first, I want a casino. Second, I demand you all get the hell out of my country which you stole from me. You’ll all illegal immigrants as far as I’m concerned.

I am also a third generation Holocaust survivor, as my grandfather survived the Holocaust as the Nazis never caught him. So I also expect Holocaust reparations. Get on that you nazi Germans.

Thirdly, my ancestors actually evolved in Africa and emigrated out of the Dark Continent millions of years ago, which makes me an African-American. Hell I’m at least as much of an African-American as former President Barack Obama. So that means I want my 40 acres and a mule (but I’ll accept a goat instead as they do a fantastic jobs of clearing brush.)

I’d prefer the 40 acres be located in West Palm Beach county, Florida, on the ocean.

Get to it, you racists.

White Skinhead Dorian Lynskey Declares ‘War’ on Hipsters over Headdresses

We must defend where they attack. Now, they threaten our headdresses, tomorrow, they take our Asian Fusion bistros and then what, our Solidarity with Palestine keffiyehs? You may not think the fight for Hipster’s Rights to appropriate clothing and food styles from other cultures is important, but consider: whites are being held to a dress code based on the “sensitivities” of white leftys who have appointed themselves as defenders of foreign tribes.

It sounds like a joke, doesn’t it? But they are serious. New York media companies like Gawker, Jezebel, and the like have started a campaign to ruin the future careers of white teenagers on twitter who are “racist” – and now they have expanded that word “racist” to include “hipster racism.”

George Orwell himself could have never predicted newspeak like “hipster racism.”

Only people from one ethnic group are ever accused of being a “hipster” and it just happens to be the same certain ethnic group that includes the only people ever being accused of being “racist.”

You know. YT. That’s us.


I suspect the real problem is that our women look so much better in them than theirs do.
I suspect the real problem is that our women look so much better in them than theirs do.

This means war: why the fashion headdress must be stopped: The Native American headdress is a common sight at festivals. It has also been appropriated by fashion brands and stars such as Pharrell Williams. But many are now fighting back against what they see as a crude act of racial stereotyping

The only “crude act of racial stereotyping” happening here is the crude racial stereotype that says whites are guilty of “racism” for things like wearing a costume. But no one else, only whites. Double standard much?

“When it first started happening, my reaction was like, really?” says Ehren Thomas, also known as Bear Witness, of the Ottawa-based dance music trio A Tribe Called Red. “I thought we were over this. I thought the politically correct age of the 90s had taught people we weren’t allowed to make fun of other cultures but apparently I was wrong.”

“A Tribe Called Red?” Really? As if that’s not appropriating from the seminal Golden Age of Hip Hop duo A Tribe Called Quest? See? It’s ok when the Red Man, the Yellow Man, the Brown Man, and the Black Man do it. But if the White Man does it, White Skinheads like Dorian Lynskey will sure as hell find some non-white who will complain, at the least, quote the ones that are paid to complain.

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