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A Bunch of Bowie Bullshit


He was a great musician and performer.

There is NOTHING more than that.

I consider myself a fan of David Bowie.

I love RadixJournal, NPI, and think Richard Spencer is the best spokesman we have.

But there is NOTHING anything more interesting or complex to David Bowie other than being an interesting artist/musician.

Let the dead RIP. For fuck’s sake.

TV Isn’t Real You Fucking Morons

Grow the hell up.

I’m reading the comments over at Radix Journal about the TV shooting. A poster, Ed Edgerton suggests maybe it’s a “false flag” and one commenter in particular, SL Cain, goes fucking nuts.


He starts name-calling, demanding that “conspiracy theorists” be banned, making up all sorts of bizarre strawmen and otherwise makes an ass of himself.

I do think he’s serious – he’s scared. Literally terrified – this man has almost certainly been watching TV for his entire life and even the thought that the TV might be “fake” not “real” would suggest he’s been nothing but an ignorant dupe for his entire life.

It’s terrifying for him – it’s scary.

Interestingly too is when he says that Edgerton should go to the purported victim’s father and tell him it was fake. I remember this tactic from the 9/11 days. Any time we suggested it was a “false flag” or that the government was lying, someone would say, “oh yeah go tell that to the victim’s families, they will kick you ass!”

I was like, hey buddy we ARE THE VICTIM’S FAMILIES. The 9/11 Truth movement was *started* by the survivors and the victim’s families. The only reason there was even an investigation is because the “Jersey Girls” – the four famous widows – spent two years campaigning for it. The Bush administration didn’t even want an investigation.

Now it’s funny, you have people on the comment thread calling for terrorism, murder and violence – posing as tough guys on the internet. But suggesting the TV isn’t real, that it’s fiction, that TV is full of actors – that’s when they start to lose their shit.

They have been sitting on their fat asses staring into a box with blinking lights and believing it’s “real” since they were CHILDREN – and any interruption from the brainwashing drives them into fits of rage.

Can these people even distinguish reality from Reality TV?


It doesn’t matter the event, it doesn’t matter the situation, it doesn’t matter the specifics, it doesn’t matter the evidence. If it’s on TV – IT MUST BE TRUE. They are living in a sort of virtual reality in which their actual cognition is mediated by technology.

Here’s the thing – it’s THEIR story. They don’t know any of the people involved. They didn’t witness the event. Even the video itself doesn’t actually show what people think it shows. We don’t have to prove anything – they have to prove that the TV show is real. Everyone is sitting in front of their computers and TV watching a fucking video with people they don’t know showing events they didn’t witness, yet they believe everything. It’s like a religion – they have “faith” that the TV news would never lie to them.

It’s frankly childish. People say “is everything a conspiracy?” My question is, “do you really believe everything on TV is real?”

This is the battle of the 21st Century, whether human beings will still be able to maintain a sense of reality in the face of the online world. When everyone is going around wearing Google Glass, having internet videos beamed into their retina, will they even be able to tell reality from virtual reality?

As you can see we’ve already lost a few generations to fucking TV shows. These are the idiots that complain because the TV shows aren’t wholesome Andy Griffith Leave it to Beaver shows. To them, the problem is they don’t like what’s on the TV anymore.

They can’t even begin to comprehend the problem is THEM staring at the electronic box all day long and thinking it’s real.

Now I wasn’t around or watching the news when the Sandy Hook thing happened, so I don’t know much about it either way. However, I do remember reading that the survivors of Sandy Hook formed a little children’s chorus and sang for the Superbowl.

Ok folks, please – think rationally. Your child has just survived a mass murder where they watched their classmates get gunned down by a psychopath. So you, as a parent, do what … tour with them around the country doing media stunts? Is that how a normal parent acts? Really?

It is legal for the government to stage events. They passed legislation a few years ago spelling this out explicitly. Why would they actually make legislation to allow the government to stage fake events if the government wasn’t going to do it?

The fact of the matter is people like SL Cain are idiots living in a fantasy world. People like that are so freaking gullible they would probably literally believe Little Green Men from Mars were invading earth if they saw it on the TV news. It’s been nearly a hundred years since the infamous War of the World radio show that had average White Americans driving to the hill to hide out from Martian invaders – and that was an admitted fictional broadcast. Imagine if they played it as if it was news?

Is there any doubt that SL Cain – and people like him – would be packing up the family and running for the hills before the Aliens got him?

I can tell you this, the media people in New York City I used to know – their contempt for the rubes in flyover country knew no bounds – and they were right to have such contempt.


The description from the CNN video above:

Just like the movie Wag the Dog, CNN is caught here faking news coverage of the Persian Gulf War during the early 1990’s. I’m sure they’ve gotten much better at it over the years. Charles Jaco was the CNN reporter in this video. The first part shows the stage set he was on, and he was clowning around with fellow CNN staff. The Saudi Arabian “hotel” in the background were fake palm trees and a blue wall in a studio. This clip was leaked by CNN staff. The second part of this video was a live CNN satellite feed recorded onto VHS showing the final cut. Charles Jaco was wearing a different jacket, but he had the same act. The acting was terrible as Charles Jaco wore a gas mask, and his fellow correspondent Carl Rochelle wore a helmet. The sirens and missile sound effects are part of the stage set. The camera never pans out or shows the sky. These clips are the highest quality of this newscast and behind the scenes.

Now here’s something else interesting. Reddit’s conspiracy forum is a very mixed bag, some very good information and some down right hokey nonsense. But the amount of trolls – angry, sputtering, cursing attacks on anyone questioning the latest TV news show – I mean, why would anyone bother?

There are two whole sections of reddit created specifically to attack the conspiracy section, both of them obviously from a pro-Israel position attacking the conspiracy denizens as “anti-semites.”

But aside from that obvious hasbara – why would anyone care? A few nut jobs posting crazy conspiracy theories on the internet – who cares? What in the world would possess someone to spend time and energy attacking them?

Some of it is what I suspect to be actual black ops, the exact kind detailed in the Snowden documents. But I’m guessing that is but a minority of it.

What is really happening is that people get ANGRY – downright HOSTILE – when anyone suggests that their TV News shows are fake and that they are being systematically deceived.

This triggers something psychological in people.

Clerics Are Cheaper Than Call Girls

Former Air Force Gets Leaked FBI Docs Showing CIA Complicity in 2002 Anthrax Attacks. He’s Arrested, Tortured, Drugged, Accused Of Spying For Russia And Child Porn


Nothing to see here, folks!

Forced injection of drugs – just like they tried to do to Susan Lindauer. Even if he is a homosexual pedophile, the child porn charges are obviously not the main point here

According to the FBI’s own report, Matt was detained because he was “wanted for questioning in an espionage matter.”

But 9/11 was 14 years ago! It clearly has no more relevance – until you have copies of classified documents that were part of the cover-up.

We’ve known for years – it is acknowledged by everyone now, that the Anthrax Attacks – right after the 9/11 attacks, were an “inside job” and came from a strain of anthrax from a US military lab in Ft. Meade, Maryland. An “insider” was arrested – and later committed suicide – for doing this acknowledged “inside job.”

It was not particularly subtle either – “DEATH TO AMERICA DEATH TO ISRAEL PRAISE ALLAH!” – and the letters were sent to the opposition party politicians that were blocking the PATRIOT Act.

Think back, Dear Reader. Did you actually think that it came from some dusky A-Rabs in Al Qaeda?

The FBI has acknowledged that there was further questioning of Matt during his time in jail, but it will not reveal specifics, saying the reports are “classified.” On one occasion, Matt says, he was restrained naked, with a black pillowcase over his head, and tased. He says that agents interrogated him over and over about WikiLeaks, Anonymous, the Shell, and the Air National Guard. According to Matt, one agent said that he knew the charges of child pornography were bogus, and that he could help get them dropped if Matt chose to cooperate.

Matt also claims that the FBI tried to use his allegiance to his father against him. He says agents produced surveillance photos that showed him sitting in the car with his father outside the Russian Embassy. The agents somehow even had audio recordings of their conversation and knew what he and his father had been discussing.

Leann was another story: She wanted to hear whatever Matt wanted to tell her. If Paul didn’t want to know, so be it — she’d assume the risk. “If anything ever happens to me,” she recalls Matt telling her, “I want you to know what I know.”

But she believes that what she saw was true: the agrochemical company’s culpability in 13,000 deaths, the CIA’s role in the anthrax attacks. She tells more than Matt had recalled, stories that sound too incredible to be true: a report that says the CIA explored plans to put anthrax in a New Jersey bay in order to drum up support for the war. “That’s what they were going to do,” she recalls, “And I remember reading that and saying [to Matt], ‘OK, all right, I know you’re not crazy.’”

But, invariably, many hearing this story now will not be so understanding. “This is real,” she tells me one afternoon as we talk in a Chinese restaurant near her and Paul’s apartment in Ontario. “I saw it,” she goes on, as her voice falters and eyes redden, “and that’s when the lights start going on, and I’m thinking to myself, Now that’s something you’d torture somebody for.”

Now what I’d like to know is what exactly makes a “conspiracy theory.” Thanks to a new clickbait “conspiracy theory” website, http://www.conspiracyclub.co/2015/01/30/cia-admitted-staging-fake-isisbeheading-video/ – one very interesting article was saved from the memory hole.

Washington Post – 2010

(As far as I know, the Washington Post is not considered to be a “conspiracy theory website.”)


Notice how the CIA is desribed as “wacky” – like “wacky” spy Maxwell Smart! These guys are just bumbling fools, comedians – and hilarious!

The agency actually did make a video purporting to show Osama bin Laden and his cronies sitting around a campfire swigging bottles of liquor and savoring their conquests with boys, one of the former CIA officers recalled, chuckling at the memory. The actors were drawn from “some of us darker-skinned employees,” he said.

Now – nobody tell Greg Johnson of Counter Currents or Gregory Hood and Richard Spencer of National Policy Institute, but the Washington Post just reported that all the way back in 2003 the CIA was making fake videos of Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.

When we said “the videos are fake” – back in 2003, as well as currently with all the ISIS atrocity videos – we got labeled as “conspiracy theorists” and the serious, responsible dissidents – like Greg Johnson and Richard Spencer and Gregory Hood – along with other “alternative dissident” writers like Noam Chomsky and Amy Goodman – all distanced themselves.

In fact, many on the “alt right” denounced the “conspiracy theorists” and instead said, “hey, it’s just Muslims being Muslim!”

I guess they didn’t read the Washington Post.

You know, back in the 50s and 60s – when the current “liberal” regime came into power – the conservatives, the right-wing, the reactionaries….

They were obsessed with foreign Communists. These Communists were “Russians” not the original Bolsheviks of the early days of the USSR. To the conservatives, the right-wingers, the reactionaries – these Russian “Communists” – “Ruskies” – were engaged in a massive world wide conspiracy and responsible for floridation in drinking water. (Hilariously, no one pretends that floride in drinking water has a noticeable impact on dental health these days.)

These conservatives, right-wingers, and reactionaries never seemed to notice that the actual “Communist Conspiracy” attacking their culture and even biological integrity was headquartered in New York, not Moscow.

These days, we have “right wingers,” “conservatives” “alt-righters” and “White Nationalists” thinking that the Muslim Conspiracy – “DEATH TO AMERICA! DEATH TO ISRAEL! PRAISE ALLAH!” – is headquartered in Basra as opposed to at the office of Rita Katz’ SITE Intelligence Group in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

The thing is, White people that have actually heard of SITE Intelligence Group are probably “conspiracy theorists” and are almost certainly critical of Zionism and certain aspects of globalism – whether they are “right wing Whites” or “left wing Whites.”

Yet the “White Nationalist” movement – the most professional blogs, the most educated and best-written of them – want to write off this actual, grassroots “conspiracy theorist,” implicitly – sometimes explicitly – white group.

Because the National Policy Institute and Counter Currents don’t want to “get involved in any conspiracy theories.”

Oh, but that doesn’t mean they actually get to be “respectable” though – Counter Currents was just relieved of their clickbait money at Amazon.com.

So pretending to believe in ISIS … “DEATH TO AMERICA! DEATH TO ISRAEL! PRAISE ALLAH!” …

it’s not buying them anything – is it?

Let’s say one day the Empire decided to invade the rural South. Then, all of a sudden, some Westboro Baptist Church-cum-Kevin Smith’s Red State “Christian” group shows up. Now, it does a perfect job “interpreting the Bible” just like a true Primitive Baptist Church does. Think that Florida church that used to burn the Koran every once in a while. They get massive media exposure, and they are “terrorists” – they even make “terrorist” videos of their crimes.

It all happens far away from your Madison, Wisconsin townhouse, mind you. But you can certainly believe those Crazy Right Wing Religious Racist Nutjob Christians in Dixie would totally be Lynching Negroes and holding secret, Satanic, KKK rallies. Plus, they are probably gay and fuck boys.

Come on, admit it. You’d totally believe it. And there would be plenty of Nice White Liberal bloggers who would get click-bait from these stories.

It’s like outrage porn, right? Arrogant political speeches from Radical Anti-Choice Clinic Bombers.

Now, how easy would it be to find some “real” Christian-Zionist from Texas and have him deliver youtube sermons about nuking Iran for Israel. Or, how about some “real” Muslim from Iran talking about nuking Israel for Islam?

Here’s a handy Hipster Racist fact:

Clerics are cheaper than call girls.

(P.S. – just in case I’m not clear, “Clerics Are Cheaper Than Call Girls” is not some profound statement on religion or sex. It’s more like a statement of basic economic fact. Call girls are like hundreds of dollars an hour. Clerics – rabbis, imams, priests, preachers, and the like – can often be had for something close to minimum wage.)

Are You Kidding Me?

No wonder the White Nationalist movement has gotten nowhere, and if the Costume Clown faction isn’t getting paid by the $PLC, they should be. The typical White Nationalist expect us to believe that Islamic State is some real, organic outgrowth of radical Islam and they are so much more “real” and macho than us Westerners.

The typical White Nationalists – remember, these are the people that haven’t won a single victory since “Commander” George Lincoln Rockwell in the 1960s – expect us to believe in the 9/11 19 Hijackers silliness, and now they will cry “conspiracy theorist!” when we are skeptical of these latest Islamic State beheadings and cruci-fiction videos.

It’s amazing, really, the White Nationalist movement – remember, the folks that are 0-100 victory wise – just happens to believe everything in the Jew media is totally true. One wonders if the White Nationalist movement plays the same role as Amy Goodman and Democracy Now does for the left – a slender pretense at being an “alternative” while providing a counter-narrative that just reinforces the official narrative.

As much as I like Gregory Hood, he can’t really expect us to take the ISIS narrative at face value, can he? When Hood watches ISIS videos, he doesn’t think “that looks fake as hell to me,” he thinks, “wow those guys really have the passion us White Nationalists don’t!”


Here’s a great video from White guy James Corbett and Turkish FBI whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds on the latest ISIS nonsense. Their analysis is just head and shoulders above anything that has been put out by the Radix Journal/Counter Currents crowd.

Now why is that? It’s certainly not a lack of brainpower, it’s not a lack of education. So why is the White Nationalist analysis of these current events so ridiculous and facile?


It has the be one of the funniest things put to film. The opening scene in Monty Python’s Life of Brian has a group of Hebrews in the very back at Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, having trouble hearing.

Hebrew One: “Blessed are the cheesemakers? What’s so special about them?”

Hebrew Two: “It’s not meant to be taken literally, he means all manufacturers of dairy products.”

The best humor has an element of truth, and that particular gag has it in spades. Fancy interpretations are all so much hand-wavery when you get the details wrong. It is simply an accident of history that a religion didn’t develop around such an absurd mistake. It is hardly a stretch to imagine Christian bookstores full of best selling self-help books titled “Finding Your Inner Milkman.”

We have our own modern version. The ludicrous mistake is the idea that 9/11 was an act of “Islamic terror” and the cult that has developed around it is as absurd and stupefyingly idiotic as a Church of the Cheese. Any interpretation of the conflict with the Muslim world is acceptable, as long as the original lie is maintained as the truth: that 19 Arabs, motivated by radical Islam and a hatred for the Great Satan, hijacked four airplanes, flew one into the Pentagon and defeated the defenses of the World’s Only Superpower, and flew two more into New York City’s World Trade Center, causing them to collapse on themselves an hour later.

Then another building just randomly demolished itself later that day.

Gregory Hood’s latest “A God To Damn Us” is yet another in this long tradition of ridiculous “interpretations” of modern history and the 9/11 Wars bitterly clinging to an absurd falsehood. You mis-hear “peacemakers” as “cheesemakers” and you are helpfully given some truly moronic “interpretations” that make something stupid seem profound, just as you take the planned New Pearl Harbor, completely miss the significance, and continue an absurd fairy tale about a World Wide Muslim Terrorist Conspiracy.

This is likely why Hood almost certainly misunderstands the significance of the “conversions” of Peter Kassig and James Foley and comes up with a fanciful, if obviously false, idea that these two assets “defined their lives by their efforts to help Muslims thousands of miles away from home.” For the same reason, he misunderstands why politicians like Tony Blair sided with the “real Islam” not the “false Islam” of the so-called hijackers.

Rational and informed adults understand that US Aid is a cover for intelligence work. While the evangelical Christian Zionists of WorldNetDaily fret over the CIA director’s conversion to Islam and Obama secretly working for the Muslim Brotherhood, rational and informed adults understand that “when it Rome, do as the Romans do” and that if you are going to infiltrate Muslim societies, it makes sense to convert to Islam.

While Hood simply takes the beheading videos – most of them seemingly from the same source, Ritz Katz at SITE Intelligence – at face value, others can recognize war propaganda.

Believing the absurd fiction about 9/11 and the relatively transparent war propaganda about the Islamic State gives Hood an excuse to engage in some old fashioned cultural masochism. The pointless emptiness of post-Enlightenment Western culture is compared, unfavorably, to the bad yet manly culture of Islam. In fact, Western culture is so debased that otherwise good White men like Foley and Kassig convert, their White Man’s Burden impulses hijacked by a foreign culture.

Hood bemoans “sinking into mysticism” but he’s already there, fully – the quasi-religious narrative of 9/11 serves as the starting point for a rant on the decadence of White men. Here, he presents Muslims as the Noble Savage whose allure outshines the modern liberalism of the West.

He was told “peacemakers,” but he heard “cheesemakers” and since that can’t be right, he must explore the “larger significance” of dairy products in general.

The old saying has it, “great minds talk of ideas, mediocre minds talk of events, small minds talk of people.” I always found that slogan far too complimentary toward those who ignore facts – “events” – and instead pride themselves on “ideas” – however nebulous and unconnected from actual reality those “ideas” are.

The reality is, physicists like Dr. Steve Jones of Brigham Young University and Dr. Neils Harrit of the University of Copenhagen, architects like Richard Gage, and intellectuals like David Ray Griffin have been trying to tell everyone – for years now, under some of the most ruthless state-sponsored oppression in modern America – that it was “peacemakers” all along.

Not “cheesemakers,” so that means all the brilliant “ideas” from the “great minds” post-9/11 were just so much hot air. If you can’t get the basic facts correct, no matter how clever your rhetoric, it’s just sour milk.


Keeping Score

So I’m reading radix journal about how the only sort of white identity that is allowed these days is that self-depreciating “OMG white people can’t dance amiright?” hipster SWPL snark, and they linked over to some clickbait trolling article on HuffPo Buzzfeed about 100 ways to tell you’re just a super uncool white, unlike all the Hep Negroes, Vibrant Mestizos, Math Genius Asians, and Holy Jews. So one of the ways you call tell if you are white is if you’ve ever defended Miley Cyrus over her cover of Dolly Parton’s Jolene.

I thought, what? Miley Cyrus covered Dolly Parton’s Jolene? I have to hear that right now. How did I miss this from two years ago? Anyway she does a really credible job, she actually does have a decent voice. Plus the video is so eco-hipster – talk about “implicitly white.” Anyway I finally got a chance to write about Miley Cyrus again – looking at the search terms that lead here, there are a lot of people very concerned that poor Miley Cyrus has been brainwashed by the Illuminati Overlords of the Music Business. Maybe one day I’ll finish writing Flogging Miley but if you haven’t figured it out yet (hint, the CIA brainwashes people with drugs and torture and has been doing it since the 1950s – plus they are the ones that import all of the cocaine) well, you can lead a horse to water, etc.

When I was a kid, the lyrics really struck me. It was how I pictured adult women, they go around stealing men from each other. The men, of course, are merely props for the drama and competition between women. Essentially, men are just how they keep score.

You could have your choice of men
But I could never love again
He’s the only one for me

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene
I’m begging of you please don’t take my man
Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene
Please don’t take him even though you can

P.S. Don’t worry Miley you know you’re the only gal for me. Never mind that trashy K Flay girl, we were just talking I swear!