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Hipster Racist Is A Native American

Because of the inspiring Senator Elizabeth Warren, I have now found the courage to publically identify as an Indian (feather, not dot.)

I have always identified as a Native American, not only because I was born in America, but also because in fact my ancestors created America. But somewhere in there about 400 years back, one on my ancestors married an Amerindian. So I am a Native American no matter how you define it. I have more Indian blood than Senator Fauxchonatas.

So first, I want a casino. Second, I demand you all get the hell out of my country which you stole from me. You’ll all illegal immigrants as far as I’m concerned.

I am also a third generation Holocaust survivor, as my grandfather survived the Holocaust as the Nazis never caught him. So I also expect Holocaust reparations. Get on that you nazi Germans.

Thirdly, my ancestors actually evolved in Africa and emigrated out of the Dark Continent millions of years ago, which makes me an African-American. Hell I’m at least as much of an African-American as former President Barack Obama. So that means I want my 40 acres and a mule (but I’ll accept a goat instead as they do a fantastic jobs of clearing brush.)

I’d prefer the 40 acres be located in West Palm Beach county, Florida, on the ocean.

Get to it, you racists.

RamZPaul is Braver Than 90% of the #AltRight Apparently #NoWarForIsrael

I keep on reading that Ramzpaul is a “cuck” or is somehow secretly “controlled by the Jews” or something.

Yet at least half if not more of RamZPaul’s videos deal with Jewish power, Jewish double standards, and Israeli control of US foreign policy. He is FAR more consistent on this issue than virtually anyone else in the “Alt Right.”

Here RamZPaul yet again points out who is really in control, who is behind the attacks on Syria, who both the Republicans and Democrats are afraid to call out. Lots of people on the Alt Right are saying that Trump is giving in to the “neo-cons” or “John McCain” or “the globalists” or “the Deep State” but for some reason most are avoiding that word: ISRAEL.

You know, Israel, the shitty little country half way around the world? Jared Kushner is an Israeli, son of an Israeli, who works in the interests of Israel. The PM of Israel, Netanyahu, demanded that Trump attack Assad in Syria – and Trump followed orders.

So why won’t the rest of the Alt Right come out and say the obvious? Either you get people dancing around the issue, or you have the (((Hollywood Nazis))) adding some cartoonish mystification – it’s “the Jew” or it has something to do with the “Talmud” or the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” or “Hitler” or something.

Nope – nothing to do with any of that at all. It has to do with AIPAC and the powerful Jews that run America – Schumer, Kushner, the Google execs, the Facebook guy, Wolf Blitzer, the ADL, the $PLC, WINEP, the Jew run media networks.

At least RamZPaul says it clearly, without any mystification or exaggeration.

Which may explain why RamZPaul is ALWAYS attacked by the more, er, “colorful” of the supposedly pro-white internet properties…

@RamZPaul The Right And Mass Protest #FakeNews #MiloAtBerkeley

I love supporting RamZPaul because he pisses off all the right people. Not only is he hated by the $PLC and the ADL and the anti-whites – RamZPaul is also hated by the fake “Nazis” – the Jews posing as “Nazis” (like the (((Daily Stormer))) and (((Mike Enoch))) and his (((wife))) at TheRightStuff.biz, virtually all of the “14/88” LARPers, the fake “WN Christians” and all the other liars, fakers, and poseurs.

With enemies like that, you know you are doing something right.

Some good perspectives on public protests and the media.

The (((Neo-Nazi))) Clown Act

A while back I was trolling twitter. I list my location as “Tel Aviv” and sometimes use the ((())) to impersonate a Jew online. It’s a long running gimmick that goes back to the old “Rabbi Mindweapon” thing from three or so years ago.

If Jews like Tim Wise can pretend to be “White” and attack Whites, then we can pretend to be Jews and say, “as a Jew, something or other.” It’s all in good fun. It confuses (((them))) because they aren’t sure how to respond.

So, TANSTAAFL got confused and asked me why I had echos around my name. I quipped, “don’t blow my cover” and he responded by insinuating I was a Jew posing as White in order to … something or other. I just rolled my eyes and moved on.

Then, he trolled me again, insinuating the same thing. I tried to make nice, and we ganged up on that odious nRX Israel shill, but then he was triggered by my criticism of the fake “neo-Nazi” bullshit.

TANSTAAFL has such an overinflated opinion of himself he’s even criticized Kevin MacDonald for being “soft on the Jews” because MacDonald has pointed to certain psychological traits in Whites that make us susceptible to universalism and how Jews have taken advantage of this.

But TANSTAAFL is outraged by this suggestion. For him, Jews – and ONLY Jews – aer the Single Source of All White Problems and any discussion of any other factor is just a Jew Trick to defend Jews.

It’s odd.

It’s even more odd when you realize that a few years ago, after he announced he just had a child, he “discovered” that his wife is Jewish, thus making his child Jewish. He felt the need to tell everyone this – then doubled down on his “Jews are the cause of all White problems.”

You can’t even criticize Nazi clowns for making us look bad, because that is taking the focus off of the One True Issue – Jews.

Now this is a guy that has also praised the terrorists Brevik and even the mentally unstable Dylann Roof. This, of course, is exactly what the SPLC/ADL wants us to do. They want anything pro-White to be associated with terrorism, violence, and of course Nazism.

For whatever odd reason, TANSTAAFL seems to want this as well. And he’ll attack quite Jew savvy pro-Whites, like MacDonald and Johnson, for being insufficently “anti-semitic.” (Which is of course stupid.)

But it’s hard to see how he’s just a typical Jew posing as a “Naaazi” – because why would he bother to publically announce his wife and children are Jewish? As far as I can tell, no one would have known. If he was in to just subvert the movement, like most Jews posing as Nazis are, why make a big annoucement?

So either he’s playing some four dimensional chess – or he’s just some sort of weirdo.

Neo-Nazi bullshit is WHY the pro-White movement has been failing for 70 years. George Lincoln Rockwell may have meant well, but he almost single handedly gave the anti-whites one of their most potent weapons. At a time when racial segregation in the south was supported by most people – George Lincoln Rockwell’s idiot “hate” act and his costume clowning associated good old fashioned segregation with Nazis – the enemy the US had just fought a world war with.

It would be like me dressing up like Osama Bin Laden in 2002 and parading around New York City saying “join Al Qaeda and fight the Jews!”

Interestingly too George Lincoln Rockwell gave J. Edgar Hoover regular updates on his campaign. Apparently, Rockwell was so simple minded he actually thought Hoove was on his side. Hoover, of course, thought of Rockwell as an enemy.

What about William Pierce? He also seemed to be sincere and meant well. But his toxic personality and his idiotic notions of some sort of violent conflict also kept the pro-white movement spinning its wheels. The Turner Diaries were awful – a stupid fantasy that played right into (((their))) hands. Pierce took the McVeigh bait hook line and sinker (duh – McVeigh was not pro-White, probably a patsy ala Oswald) and openly supported terrorism – just in time to demonize the growing militian movement. The anti-whites couldn’t have ASKED for a better Official Enemy. Pierce died a complete failure, his organization never amounting to anything other than a cult-of-personality still stuck in the Costumes and Shouting ghetto.

Now the internet has given us the (((Daily Stormer))) who just plays Costume Clowns online. We know exactly what they are good for – Rita Katz’s agent provacateur Joshua Goldberg had no problems joining up with the (((Daily Stormer))) and playing the “neo-Nazi” that so many Jews are fond of doing.

And if you dare to criticize white people who are fucking up, TANSTAAFL will accuse you of being “soft on the Jews” or “blaming whites” or whatever.

These people are why the pro-White movement has always failed.

Even David Lane was a failure. The 14 Words are a nice slogan, but that idiot accomplished nothing but demonizing the pro-White movement and spent the rest of his life writing lesbian spanking porn in Supermax prison.

Why can’t whites get their act together? Jews are like Lucy, and Whites are like Charlie Brown – it doesn’t matter how many times Lucy snatches the ball away, Whites will keep telling themselves “this time our Hitler mustache act will work!”

It almost makes you wonder if the entire “neo-Nazi” movement has been funded by Jews since the beginning …

RamZPaul: Of Course TheDailyStormer is ADL-Funded

There’s a few things I disagree with RamZPaul on, but his instincts are nearly always right-on. In this great video, he says that he does think that TheDailyStormer is “fake” and “ADL-funded” without going into details. He also mentions that even if they weren’t, they purposefully play into the stereotype that the ADL has for pro-Whites.

I hope that one day some serious scholarship is done on the 4Chan culture in general. A few years back there were some mainstream media pieces about 4Chan itself. Apparently, the guy who started it was horrifically abused, sexually and physically, by his family, and his internet trolling and “hardcore” rhetoric was, basically, acting out.

It’s the internet. It’s best to assume everything is “fake.” Certainly, I hope no one takes my fiction all that seriously. From the day I registered this website, I made it clear that all I do is write fiction and parodies.

TLDR; TheDailyStormer is ADL funded, Andrew Anglin is a non-white octaroon with a fetish for third-world Asian prostitutes, and the Chan culture is really, really faggy for being into My Little Pony and cartoon Japanese girls, i.e., “anime.”

P.S., I wrote my last two posts before I saw this RamZPaul video.

TradYouthTrolls Excluded From NPI Conference

Some good news and good judgement out of the pro-White movement!


The costume clowns at Trad Youth Network are pretending that Matt Heimbach was uninvited to the NPI conference because he was “anti-gay.”

However, putting things in context, it wasn’t that at all. Let the organizer of the NPI conference, Richard Spencer, explain:

NPI will, however, exclude those who show reckless disregard with the media, or those who’ve made morally indefensible public statements. Such people make our movement look bad. We choose not to grant them a platform. It’s as simple as that.

I’ve written before about how Matt Heimbach is a “media clown” – he purposefully puts on a clown act for the media – in fact, that is the entire substance of what Heimbach and his associates do. They are “edgelords” – they try to be “radical.” Heimbach even changes his outfits depending on what character he is playing.

When he wants to be “tough” he puts on skinheads boots and leather jackets.

When he’s pretending to be an “orthodox Christian” he puts on Russian hats and carries around a big wooden cross as a prop to wave around at liberal women.

Heimbach and his associate, Robert Ransdell (who ran a fake political campiagn and distributed signs saying “With Jews You Lose”) stand around at rallies and scream and yell faux-“tough guy” slogans.

It’s all a completely phoney act, anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see that these people are not sincere, and they are not in substance different than the long line of fake “neo-Nazis” and actors that the $PLC has traditionally given publicity too. Matt Heimbach is just another in a long line of “radical neo-nazis” like the Jew Frances Cohen and his “Nazi” party, and also fake “jihadis” like Joseph Cohen of “Revolution Muslim.”

In fact, Heimbach is basically a creation of the $PLC. He was a nobody until the $PLC made him a star. Contrast that to Spencer, or someone like RamZPaul, who got an audience FIRST before the $PLC started smearing them.

I am sure – I have no doubt – that the fake group “TradYouth” – neither traditional, nor youth, let’s not forget – the group that waves around lynching signs and wears nazi-like armbands while Heimbach seig-heils for the cameras – I have no doubt that they are going to suggest they were excluded because of their strong stand against “sodomites.”

But don’t be fooled. Heimbach was excluded because he is a costume clown. He was excluded because he likes to get his ugly face on TV and give catch-phrases that can easily be used to slander the pro-White movement. That is all Heimbach does; that is his job.

It’s not that we can PROVE he is working for the $PLC in order to discredit anything pro-White.

It’s that it wouldn’t change anything if he was, so he may as well be.

Good on Richard Spencer and NPI. Just remember, “With Clowns We Go Down.”

50 Shades Of Blonde Fraternity Neo-Nazi Cock Raping Your Feminist Va-Jay-Jay

Look folks, I was ahead of the trend, as usual. Jewesses fantasizing about being raped by blonde frato-nazis? Nigras fantasizing about being ravished by KKKlansman?
I did it first.




Need more Hot Rapey Fiction and can’t wait? Read as a sexy undercover FBI agent poses as a hunky hockey player and introduces a young feminist into the Dark Arts of BDSM:









Are you a strong, independent feminist? Read how young feminists are broken and ravished by Sexist Misogynist Pigs in my http://reddit.com/r/breakfeminazis Spanking Stories exclusively at Hipster Racist:





Not quite there yet? Read as a Secret Right-Wing Terrorist Cell Kidnaps Liberal Girls and turns them into domesticated baby factories!




Added bonus: watch as female and “male” feminists tie themselves into knots because they can’t understand *satire*


Good lord almighty … the lack of self-awareness of the leftards is an astonishing thing sometimes.

Anti-Fa Outs Hipster Racist as a Lesbian Transgender Woman

LibertyLamp said I “write like a girl.” That’s pretty misogynist if you ask me. What is wrong with writing like a girl? Is it somehow bad that a man would write like a woman? Do the anti-fascists think that men are better writers than women? Sounds, pretty, I don’t know, sexist doesn’t it?

So I wrote some nasty article about VikingBitch, and LibertyLamp – supposedly, the “anti-fa” – “anti-fascist” that “fights” “neo-Nazis” and “racists” – started making what any liberal would call homophobica, transphobic, and sexist/misogynist attacks against me.

Remember, these are the people supposedly dedicated to fighting “hate.” By, essentially, calling other people names and calling them “fags.” It seems though, that these “anti-fas” were rather do things like harass harmless bloggers like OccidentalDissent, MindWeaponsInRagnarok, and HipsterRacist, without actually mentioning, and certainly not harassing, actual “neo-Nazi” blogs like DailyStormer.

Now, isn’t that interesting? Real, actal Cartoon Neo-Nazis just go about their merry business entertaining everyone and the “anti-fas” don’t even seem to notice. But just write some normal blog about white people, and white interests, having nothing to do with any “neo” anything, and the anti-fas are going to come after your wife and kids.

So, LibertyLamp goes off on a long screed, saying that I read like a woman and am probably a lesbian. S/he/it went on to post videos like “Dude Looks Like a Lady” as, apparently, some sort of insult.

Now, what if I was a lesbian woman? Would that be a bad thing, to the “anti-fascists?”

I think it reveals the nature of the “anti-fa” – for every wanna-be thug like Darryl Jenkins that physically assaults mild mannered fedora wearers like Matt Parrott holding up some handwritten sign somewhere, we’ve got … whatever it is LibertyLamp is supposed to be.

Interesting, too, is the main commenter on LibertyLamp is “HungLikeJesus.” Its cliche at this point, anything insulting or disrespectful to Christianity is 100% good with “progressives” and the left any general, while at the same time, being respectful to Judaism and Islam give you SWPL Anti-Racist Diversity Points.

“Bash the fash” – it’s the tweedle-dee to DailyStormer’s tweedle-dumb. Red Team vs. Blue Team. They are, at best, historical re-enactment societies, complete with period costumes. DailyStormer in their Hugo Boss fetish attire (fitting into them rather poorly these days) and the Anti-fas in their Woodstock-era slogan t-shirts and Che berets. The costumes are the most historical part of their act, too, because the actual Communists and Fascists were nothing like this Clown Show.

The $PLC and Heidi Bierich and Abe Foxman all intone quite seriously, about the danger of “hate” blah blah, pretending that the DailyStormer are some sort of serious movement, not a couple of (admittedly, sometimes hysterical) trolls. Or that the Anti-fascists actually represent some sort of “grassroots” “movement” “against hate.”

You see, folks, once you swallow the Big Bullshit like 9/11, you will start swallowing all sorts of little bullshit too. It just doesn’t matter if those beheading videos are real or fake. What difference would it make? You have to act as if they are real, otherwise you’re not allowed to play the game.

So, Liberty Lamp’s little “transphobic” moment recently is just she/he/it dropping character. She laughed – like two comedians playing roles, the better one gets the lesser one to laugh first, to crack.

Then we smile at the audience through the fourth wall, and get back to the script.

P.S. Technology marches on, and we can see that we don’t need the anti-fas anymore – there’s a computer program that makes them obsolete.