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Gender Critical

I have a morbid fascination with the Gender Critical reddit forum. It’s a “radical feminist” forum, and many on reddit consider it a “hate sub.”

It really is just the female version of the “Red Pill” or the “Men’s Rights Activists” or even the “Incels.” They pretty openly hate men, and admit it in a way that the “misogynist” subs would never admit they hate women.

Many on reddit do label Gender Critical a “hate” sub, but not because they hate men – because they don’t consider “transgendered” men women. They refuse to accept the propaganda phrase “Trans women are women.”

Of course, it’s obvious that “trans women are women” is false. If it were true it wouldn’t need the “thought terminating cliche.” “Trans women” are just men wearing dresses. Those that undergo “sex reassignment surgery” are still men, just mutilated men, men with enhanced circumcision that have been poisoned with artificial estrogen – just like Alex Jones’ Gay Frogs, in fact. (OMG – ALEX JONES WAS RIGHT!)

I just can’t help but feel some sympathy for these women. They are right about “transgendered.” They are right about men’s “objectification” of women. AFAIK, homosexual men “objectify” men. It’s just testosterone.

So these women hating men for male biology really are the equivalent of men hating women for female biology.

The Gender Critics are also mostly correct about “gender” too. “Sex” is a biological reality, “gender” is a social construct. There is nothing “natural” about women wearing skirts – see Scottish kilts. There is nothing “natural” about women shaving their armpits or men having short hair. As someone once posted here, sex roles are not entirely socially “constructed” – instead they are socially reinforced.

Only women can nurse babies, so child care is basically a woman’s job – due to biology. Of course, men can take care of children – historically, men took charge or raising boys at about the age of 7. But child care is a woman’s job precisely because of the biology involved – and only ideological fanatics would object to that.

Ironically, it’s precisely at this point that the Gender Critical Feminists become the biology-deniers they rightly criticize the “transgenders” for.

What draws these women to radical feminism? Some perfectly legitimate objections to prostitution/pornography. But also some illegitimate reasons – such as their shallow hatred of men and their obvious agenda to recruit straight women to lesbianism. Lots of them utterly whine about being “invisible” to men as they age – apparently, they DEMAND male sexual attention, until they get it, then they complain about “objectification” – then when they don’t get it anymore, they complain about “invisibility.”

As they say, women want “fried ice.”

Occasionally, they will step right to the edge of racial reality – they hate men of color too – but they quickly correct themselves.


Jordan Peterson and Camille Paglia on rape

So much great stuff here.

Paglia theorizes that men’s sexuality is intimately connected with the hunter/hunted predator/prey instinct. How anyone can observe human, even pets, or read a book, a bodice ripper, watch a romance film, and not understand this is shocking. As Paglia has often complained, a lot of these academic types are simply ignorant outside of their own extremely narrow field. Paglia tends to take her ideas from the perspective of the entire sweep of human history, from caveman times until today.

Peterson points out that those who accept “PC” political correctness doctrine have specific psychological traits. One, typically women – it’s women that internalize PC doctrine. This isn’t a surprise. Second, men and women with stereotypically “feminine” personality traits tend to internalize PC doctrine. Also, not a surprise.

But third, women with personality disorders tend to internalize PC doctrine. So we are not talking about healthy, psychologically adjusted women, but women with personality defects, women with difficulties in interpersonal relationships with men and women, women who are highly neurotic, paranoid, etc.

Again, this isn’t really a surprise to anyone but it’s nice to see it spelled out.

Owning, Spanking, and Tickling Women

Jim at http://blog.jim.com recently wrote an ignorant, deceitful, and completely bullshit article about 9/11. The commenters suggested that someone put him up to it. It’s likely a fair assumption he’s lying because he has to – he’s clearly not stupid enough to believe any of it.

But Jim has some things very right, especially on women. He writes constantly about spanking women, even beating women, and the nature of women and “Pauline marriage” – i.e., the Christian ideal of marriage that was commonplace until maybe 75 years ago.

I can’t help but be partial to a man who understands wife spanking as well as he does – and nothing is funnier to me than reading the comments of men shocked – SHOCKED I tell you – that a man would ever spank his wife, or otherwise dominate her in any way.



We brand cattle and otherwise mark our property, and if you won’t brand your woman, say, tattoo your name on her ass, she’s like to do something awful like cutting herself. Don’t people realize that regular maintenance spankings take care of this? If they don’t get it in real life, they will read 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight and fantasize about it, or make up pornographic Fraternity Rape fantasies like that woman that Rolling Stone wrote about.

I remember the first time a girl told me she was going to kill herself because I never fucked her. We made out a lot, but never went all the way, for various reasons. So after I stopped paying much attention to her, she called me up one night and told me she had swallowed a bunch of pills because she couldn’t live anymore. I had to call her mom, who of course rushed her to the hospital. Trust me – it was a downer.

Then there was the virgin who after a few months of rogering in the back of her daddy’s SUV, told me what she really wanted was for me to tie her up, blindfolded, and rape her. Look folks – she came from a loving family with a doting step-dad (hmm… well she had never met her biological father. Um, never mind.) She was well-adjusted. My parents loved her and wanted us to get married. She was 16 – and at 16 she was already fantasizing about handcuffs and blindfolds. Sure, I did it, but my heart wasn’t in it – I just didn’t get it.

Another girlfriend – who was literally a sex machine that wanted to do it multiple times a day – she would push and push and push until I grabbed her and held her down and raped her – which usually ended with her smiling and humming to herself as she made us dinner afterwards. I may have had all sorts of second-thoughts and complicated emotional reactions about how I treated her, but she sure as hell didn’t. That relationship ended when I stopped – I just didn’t have the energy into dominating her all the time, and so she basicall wandered off. I was pissed, but instead of dragging her by the hair back to my place, I just sort of started ignoring her and we just sort of drifted apart. The after-break-up sex lasted a few more months but the spell had been broken.

Then there was the waitress who matter of factly told me to put my hands around her throat and stop her from breathing when I was fucking her. Not a lot, just a little. She didn’t want me to kill her or anything. She just needed to be immobilized to the point where she couldn’t even breathe, and that was enough to make her orgasm.

And spanking? Good lord. That even barely counts as kinky. That’s just run of the mill routine. Hair pulling? Holding her wrists down? They show stuff like that on prime-time television, it’s so commonplace.

I – of course – was writing about this stuff since before this blog, and it was a regular feature on this blog since the beginning, and I used to get hassled by the “BDSM community” for pointing out how politically incorrect – not to mention anti-feminist – this stuff really is. It points to an impulse, one that comes from millions of years of evolution, that both hard core feminists – and fake “Christian” Male Church Ladies want to pretend doesn’t exist.

50 Shades, of course, but back ten years ago it was “Secretary” – oh, man, you should have seen the ink spilled about that movie. It was hugely popular among the Fashionable Liberal Women set who watches indie films, but it was just so “problematic” they had to write about it over, and over, and over again.

Go back even more and it’s the Story of O. The literary types were adamant it was written by a man, but of course it was written by a woman – ONLY a woman could have written the story of O.

Hitting your woman with a stick

Jim may sometimes exaggerate to make a point, but the point remains. Women aren’t men. They don’t think like men, they don’t fuck like men, they don’t react the way men do. And most men don’t understand them.

The only time I ever lost a woman was because I *didn’t* rough her up, I *didn’t* take ownership, I *didn’t* claim her as my property. Women don’t want a boyfriend or a fuck buddy, they want an owner. Sure – lots of women would rather be owned by her boss rather than her husband, but Boss and Secretary is basically their second most common sexual fantasy, just after “kidnapped by a rival gang/warrior, and enslaved in the harem of a slightly but not too exotic foreign chief, where she fucks/births her way to the top of the harem.

Jim’s also right about race, which makes his cucking over 9/11 so much more disappointing, but I guess you can’t win them all.


Another Reason To Hate the (((Daily Stormer))) and the Clown Brigade: Misogyny

I think the Church and the family is the place to teach sexual morality.

I also think that various socially conservative blogs like SocialMatter.net do a good job of explaining the importance of sexual morality without necessarily resorting to religion.

I keep on being told that sites like the (((Daily Stormer))) are bringing in the “young people.” Which a quick perusal seems true, because they certain read like immature young boys.

And if you’re honest, you may remember that younger men tend to have some issues with being prematurely judgemental; being judgemental about things that they don’t really understand. It’s that old saying, when you were 16 you knew way more than you Dad, but once you hit 30 you realize that your Dad may have actually known a bit more than you ever gave him credit for.


So here’s a funny post. The set-up is some Jewess dating a “Christian” boy is having some domination and humiliation fantasies. It doesn’t read particularly authentic, phrases such as “I’m a dirty girl who needs your Christian dick in my Jewish pussy” seems a bit off, frankly. Oh, no doubt, there are Jewesses that really do get on off a forbidden goy boy toy. And domination and humiliation fantasies are not at all uncommon. Just recall in 50 Shades when Christian tells Anastasia, “I could expect high ideals, or I could debase you completely.”

Anastasia says, “well, I’ll take debasement.”


Boys don’t understand it because they don’t understand girls. Most men don’t understand it either because most men don’t understand women. Most women don’t understand it either because women don’t understand their own sexuality.

The only actually decent manosphere writer, Rollo Thomassi of Rational Male, explains two dynamics:

First, the war brides dynamic. Women have been the prizes in war for so long it’s impacted their evolutionary psychology. They expect the men to fight each other and whichever man wins gets them as the prize. It’s a powerful fantasy for them. A friend explained one of her earliest and most powerful sexual fantasies: two men were haggling over her. She was being auctioned off – a sex slave, a prostitute, kidnapping, whatever. Each man is upping the price, and when one finally says, “ten thousand dollars” – that’s when she comes. (A lot of money for a gal from her class background.)

Second, men are romantics pretending to be cynical realists.

Women are cynical realists pretending to be romantics.

Want to kill a romance with a woman? Buy her flowers.

Want to get a woman in the mood? Spank her.


The reason women freak the hell out about the concept of “game” and instead tell men to “just be yourself” is simply because they want to game men. They want men to “be themselves” so they can figure out the true alphas from the disgusting betas. If men learn to “game” women, it reverses the sexual roles and that is the least sexy thing ever.

Watch a Taylor Swift video some time. The hunky men in her videos never smile. They have dour, sometimes mean looks on their faces – when they aren’t arrogantly smirking.

Women aren’t men.

So it’s amusing to see Stormerfags – likely virgins – explaining why these sorts of BDSM fantasies that women tend to have are either some sort of Jew degeneracy, or the product of bad fathering.

Now read the idiot “Leon29” – not coincidentally, he’s using Crusader imagery and his tagline is “Kebab Removalist.”

This kind of spiritual sickness is what happens when your father doesn’t care one bit about you as a child.

This can also affect boys, and turn them into sub fags.

Remember this all of you who would be fathers.

And let’s make sure that 100 years form now sick white girls aren’t having European Caliphate fantasies.

Um – bad news, son. They already are.

He recognizes the pattern but can’t help but pathologize it:

A few days ago someone linked a post on an imageboard on /pol/ where black girls were fantasizing about being colonized by white men and having to offer themselves to save their tribe.

I’m dead serious.

At this point I’m not surprised. Woman are starved for true strength. Strong cultures naturally impose themselves. Cruelty doesn’t have to come into it (although it often does).

However, some good news. Some of the youngsters seem to get it:


For more fun and hilarity, find a pic of an attractive White guy on Google. Needs to be obscure, though. Just in case the slut is smart enough to run a Google image search. After that, you make a dating profile that makes it clear that you’re kind of a racist who only wants White women for 14/88 purposes. However, don’t be overtly 14/88, be very subtle.

Then marvel at the amount of nonwhite women who hit on you. Nothing women, especially jewish women, love more than that forbidden fruit.


If only she was a none-joo pure white, the things me and her would accomplish in the bedroom…….so creative some would call it art lol

The ones that are giggling over the idea of humiliating the Jewess are the ones in the most danger, of course. They don’t get it. You cannot humiliate a woman sexually There is no “gross” or “humiliating” act that you can do that will break her – it’s you that will be broken. Her submitting to you sexually is her way of catching you.

YOU are the romantic that will have feelings – maybe guilty ones, maybe not so guilty ones – about what you are doing to her. For her? It’s just a hot fantasy come to life.

You are the romantic, she’s the realist.

No – even the girls with the most loving fathers still have rape fantasies, humiliation fantasies, fantasies of being kidnapped and held down.

It is true, however, that the feminist types that are the most against “rape culture” and the like also “just happen” to be the most hardcore into it. Just like the men that see gayness everywhere are the ones that, well, see gayness everywhere (for obvious reasons.)

The woman who can’t stop talking about “rape culture” and how “humiliating” and “objectifying” culture is to women is the analogue of the men that are hyper-sensitive to anything that might be “gay.”

I was 17 the first time my girlfriend asked me to read her favorite erotica story. It was pretty basic “tied up and ravished” types fantasy. That was no big deal, I could see it.

But the girl that asked me to hold her neck so she couldn’t breathe – yeah, that was a bit disconcerting.

A little bit of spanking? Oh come up, that’s as funny as it is sexy. Although it’s crazy how turned on some women are by it.

It’s the ones that like to look at their bruises in the mirror, those are the crazy ones. Proceed with caution.

And never underestimate how vicious and manipulative a sub can be. Just because a woman is sexually submissive does NOT mean she’s a good person. Just because she wants to be held down and raped doesn’t mean she loves you. Never forget how conflicted a woman – especially, a feminist – can be about their own “politically incorrect” sexuality. That’s why the BDSM “scene” has all those complicated rules and why its so politically correct.

Really, telling young men lies about women’s nature is what really causes misogyny – the real kind. Actual hatred of women, not benevolent sexism or objectifying women’s bodies. When you are told all your life that girls are “sugar and spice and everything nice” – then realize women can actually be vindictive, jealous, petty, and quite often rather ditzy – it doesn’t lead to a healthy attitude towards women.

After all, a cynic is just a disappointed idealist.

In any case, I’ve always been consistent about this. The best way to keep a healthy relationship going is regular maintenance spankings. That’s the only way they know you truly love them – when you are willing to spank them even if they haven’t done anything specifically to deserve it.

It shows them that you care, no matter what.


Trump Thugs sexually humiliate proud Latina Feminist Activist



The humiliation these Trump thugs put Latina Feminist Leftist activists through is barbaric. To them Latina aren’t human. They chain her by the neck like she is an animal.

>law enforcement approaches curvy latina protestor
>officers glance at each other with a grin once they notice her supple breasts peeking out from under her soft shirt
>she glares straight ahead, committed to her cause.
>”you want to cooperate with us or do you want to do this the hard way?”
>so be it
>they handcuff her hands and legs to the van door
>They step back, grinning at her helpless situation
>an officer reaches out and squeezes a breast, saying “you asked for it”
>the other officer begins to rub her ass
>she remains silent, sweating. She can feel her pussy tingle.
>the officers step back and allow the crowd to jeer and laugh at her
>a gruff biker-looking dude steps over and lifts her shirt up, exposing her perfect round breasts.
>her nipples are fully erect but she stares straight ahead and whispers under her breath, “for Bernie…”
>another man pulls down her pants, revealing her sweaty, glistening pussy. It’s already wet from excitement.
>The officers step back from the scene as the large crowd descends on her and begins to molest her every curve, and every tender quivering hole
>she moans as fingers penetrate deep
>more and more people have arrived to watch, and some join in
>the officers walk away as hordes of men, cocks erect, descend upon this helpless handcuffed latina and ravage her mouth, pussy, and asshole
>they continue for hours until she is covered in pussy juice, sweat, and semen, gallons leaking out from every orifice
>her body is quivering from the countless orgasms she’s had
>“for Bernie……” she thinks, as a single tear slides down her face and another steaming load of semen from another total stranger is deposited into the back of her throat.

Never Stick Your Dick In “Mattress Girl” Crazy

Mattress Girl makes a porno.


He slaps her face, she asks her to hit her again, he takes off the condom and, er, penetrates her anally.

Peak Rape Culture


In her words about this piece, she repeats the term “vulnerable.”

This is a fetish – it’s basic masochism mixed with a humiliation and exhibitionism fantasy.



Have you ever actually had sex with a crazy woman? It’s both hot and disturbing. Not for the faint of heart. In the red pill post, someone linked to this porno:


I watched a few seconds but honestly the dirty talk was getting me a little aroused so I turned it off.

Crazy girls … it’s like riding a wild animal. I don’t know perhaps it is an acquired taste. So once I was fucking this Blondie, this hot young disturbed girl from California with a beautiful body and a cute laugh.

I’m fucking her and she’s moaning, “oh I want to feel you inside me without a condom oh god I want it.”

I was drunk, young, and stupid, so I pulled out, took off the condom, and went in raw. You know I was so well “educated” in “safe sex techniques” and birth control I just assumed everyone else was too. I could not imagine for the life of me any woman that would actually have sex with a man she just met that night unless she was on the pill.

So I try to pull out … and she seems to think that, you know, I slipped, so she grabs me and moves over a bit and sticks me back in … literally while I am squirting.

The next day she’s like all embarrassed and tells her friend (who introduced us) she couldn’t believe I fucked her without a condom. I’m like, “you crazy bitch you were literally asking for it in explicit language!” But she didn’t mean it, it was just “dirty talk.” Her friend was like “well she wasn’t very experienced and she’s only 18!” Anyway I never saw her again but I’m not “pump and dumper” – I would have kept fucking her every day if she hadn’t have disappeared.

Ah well, women, can’t live with ’em, can’t turn them over and give them a spanking without enthusiastic verbal consent and a notarized permission slip these days.

Back in my day the girls were hilariously slutty and half the time they would rape you! Our feminists were “sex positive feminists” which meant they were really kinky and into role play and stuff.

Moral of the story, always repeat the line “never stick your dick in crazy” while knowing full well you will if the situation is right.

Thus ends the story of Mattress Girl.

Pretty But Dumb

We had a puppy we described as “pretty but dumb.” She was a cute little bitch but was obviously not one of the smarter breeds of dog.

One of the worst things about leftism, in general, is that it provides really dumb people with an illusion of superiority. I always found it funny that people say that “racism is caused by ignorance.” It’s really the exact reverse; negative opinions about some racial groups are caused by exposure to that racial group.

In America, “the South” is considered “racist” and it just so happens that that is where all the Black people live. Southern Whites are not “ignorant” about Blacks, they have daily and continuous experience with them. If Southern Whites have negative views about Blacks, it is precisely because they know Blacks, they live around Blacks, and they work with Blacks. The actual people who are “ignorant” about Blacks are people in lily-white places like Vermont, where they likely have never even seen a Black person except on TV.

So anyway, some dumb teenage girl spent the last 48 hours jilling off to my spanking stories. She left twenty something comments on my various stories. Apparently, she followed the links from reddit’s hilarious and sometimes sexy “Break Feminazi” section, where I’ve posted a number of my spanking stories.

This girl runs a blog about serial killers and claims to enjoy homosexual rape revenge fantasy porn. In any case, she left this comment:

The world that we have now, where your boss might be a woman and the cop giving you the evil eye for speeding could be black, is not a world your kind can survive in.

You see, she’s accusing me of “racism” and “sexism” – as if I’ve never worked for a woman, or never gotten a speeding ticket from a Black cop. She apparently has a hard time separating fact from fiction, and seems to believe that my stories were about her – that may be more than just women’s solipsism, it might be full blown mental illness. She asked me to apologize – to her – for writing stories she shouldn’t even be reading.

She’s a feminist, quite obviously very conflicted about her sexuality and how rapey her fantasies likely are. But feminism has made her believe that she has something to say to the world. Since she knows about “feminism” she thinks she knows more than other people about women and men. I mean, this girl is likely a virgin, she may have never even kissed a boy. But because of leftism – in her case, feminism – she actually thinks that she could teach me – Hipster Racist, an adult man that has lived on three continents, traveled the world, made love to countless women, survived terrorist attacks, buried loved ones, and even created human life –

she thinks that “my kind” won’t survive the modern world because … sexism and racism.

Now, the young tend to be narcissists, it’s true. But in a sane culture, teenage girls would be taught by their parents and elders that lecturing adults who have more experience than them is gauche. As the old saying has it, better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you’re a fool rathern than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

But leftism – including feminism, which is just another form of leftism – gives young narcissists the idea that they know something more than their elders. Seemingly this was a product of the Baby Boomers, who for some reason believed that they knew better than their parent’s generation, then went and essentially screwed America up and destroyed their children’s generation. I remember when “Generation X” was all the rage, and the word was that they hated their parents and they scoffed at the “Sixties” and the idiotic values that that generation – the TV Generation, let’s not forget – brought with them.

Leftism arms idiots with a faux-knowledge. For example, they change words every few years and if you don’t know the newest phrases for something, that counts as “ignorance.” The term “Oriental” used to be a perfectly fine word to describe people from, well, the Orient, as opposed to the Occident. But that became politically incorrect and the term “Asian” became fashionable. So now if some older person uses the term “Oriental” the young leftists feel like they are smarter because they know “Asian” is now politically correct.

It’s even more ridiculous with Blacks. “Negro” was a perfectly legitimate term with no negative connotations whatsoever. But the euphemistic cycle kicked it, and it became Black, then Afro-American, then African America, now it’s “People of Color” – you know, “colored people.” Well, it’s ok to say “People of Color” but not “colored people.”

This sort of faux-knowledge really gives these young leftists a sense of superiority. It’s pathetic, and laughable, but it works in giving them “self-esteem.”

50 Shades Of Blonde Fraternity Neo-Nazi Cock Raping Your Feminist Va-Jay-Jay

Look folks, I was ahead of the trend, as usual. Jewesses fantasizing about being raped by blonde frato-nazis? Nigras fantasizing about being ravished by KKKlansman?
I did it first.




Need more Hot Rapey Fiction and can’t wait? Read as a sexy undercover FBI agent poses as a hunky hockey player and introduces a young feminist into the Dark Arts of BDSM:









Are you a strong, independent feminist? Read how young feminists are broken and ravished by Sexist Misogynist Pigs in my http://reddit.com/r/breakfeminazis Spanking Stories exclusively at Hipster Racist:





Not quite there yet? Read as a Secret Right-Wing Terrorist Cell Kidnaps Liberal Girls and turns them into domesticated baby factories!




Added bonus: watch as female and “male” feminists tie themselves into knots because they can’t understand *satire*


Good lord almighty … the lack of self-awareness of the leftards is an astonishing thing sometimes.

What It’s Like Having A Penis

So, you make billions of sperm every day. This fact sort of influences you on a macro level as well.

Now, the fact that we have these sort of urges, yet – at least white men, I can’t speak for the others – we have enough self-control we don’t actually do this. Really, we should get some sort of award.

So who is the hottest celebrity? Certainly, Anna Kournakova, the tennis player, must be at the top of the list. Not only does she have that pure Aryan Beauty, she also has this seductive, sultry, sexiness. Similar, but not quite the same.

I always thought Taylor Swift was a hottie, and I’m a sucker for a gal with a nice singing voice. I used to date this 21 year old Christian girl that looked kind of like Taylor Swift, and she loved Taylor Swift, and had a great voice herself. Oh man, that girl was so hot I was totally a “beta” around her. A good Christian girl saving herself for marriage, but nevertheless loved attention from an older man.

Let’s see, Christina Applegate had that white trash slutty hotness, and I used to think that Alicia Silverstone was super-hot, until I saw a picture pre-nose job. Without the nosejob and the hair dye, her kosher looks really show through. Why it is jewesses are always getting nose jobs and dying their hair? Biologically, it’s called “crypsis.”

As a young boy, I, like most white boys, had a huge crush on Drew Barrymore. She was the Manic Pixie Dream Girl of our dreams, and when she turned 18 and did that “Poison Ivy” movie where she turns into this sexy Black Widow type character, um, hot hot hot.

Now in real life, I have a total thing for redheads, but I can’t think of many redheaded celebrities that I like, although the redhead on That 70s Show is just adorable.

The Nature Of Our Elites

Yes, they do have Eyes Wide Shut style sex parties, but you don’t even have to be particularly elite to get invited to those – all you got to be is either a) good looking or b) rich. I know, I’ve attended more than one lol. Yes, hot women are paid to be there. Yes – oh yes – women are very “practical” and you have no idea how common a sort of “soft prostitution” really is – just read up on all of those “sugar daddy” dating services.

I remember one, I got a blowjob from this super hot light skinned Latina, probably 19 or so. She was sitting in front of me, but wouldn’t let me touch her pussy, so I was just sort of rubbing her amazingly, stunningly perfect tits, and stealing a little grope between her legs now and again, and she would sort of slap my hand away. Good god I cannot tell you how hot that was. There were probably 100 or so people there, all in one room. And wow, she sucked my dick like a pro too. Amazing. Sigh. I have to admit, I really, really, really enjoyed my previous life as a relatively good-looking, overpaid Little Eichmann in NYC. Another, in California, I had a threesome with two very nice looking white girls, neither could have been a day over 20 years old, one blonde, one black haired. I actually had a thing for getting a bj from two girls at once for a while.

The problem with that sort of sex is that it becomes very, very addicting, just like a drug. It’s a “super-normal stimulus.” There’s a Lincoln quote that goes something like, most men can handle adversity, but give a man power and he will reveal his true character. Think of it – 29 years old, good looking, more money than you know what to do with, and thousands of extremely attractive women from 18-30 moving in and out of Manhattan every day. Add on a serious case of PTSD and a common attitude among everyone that you’re living essentially the day before the End of the World, and there’s nothing to do but party.

And wow – did I ever party. I started this blog just so I could tell these stories psuedo-anonymously, and I pretend they are fiction because I figured no one would believe them anyway.

LOL – so there is this certain Jew politician – you would likely recognize his name. I met his daughter at a fundraiser and totally picked her up. She was pretty good looking and had a great rack. Jewish girls give the best head, I don’t know why that is, but they all seem to love it.

Basically, the rich guys have all sort of girlfriends that are pseudo-paid, and they will share these various girls with their friends. That’s how the parties seem to work. If you “own” a girl, you bring her and that’s sort of your ticket in.

Two sayings: “you can lose a lot of money chasing pussy but you’ll never lose pussy chasing money” and “power is an aphrodisiac.” I honestly did not realize how different my life has been from the average white man, mostly due to just random chance. I was born in Washington DC, the son of a military intelligence bureaucrat, a scientist. My buddy in school was the son of a very highly ranked CIA official. And our family socialized with a vast number of very high-IQ white men that all knew math and computers … and worked at the NSA!

I started “infiltrating” various leftist groups in college. I’ve hung out with the “official” anti-fa types (it’s populated by hard core Zionazis running everything, and usually mentally ill, one-step-away-from-homeless white druggies) EarthFirst! and various Marxist cults. I just had a system – I’d show up, spout some typical lefty rhetoric, and flirt with the girls. The left wing activist movement has provided me with free pussy since I was 22 – and don’t get me wrong, some of those girls are uber-hotties. My buddies and I gang banged a Greenpeace chick from Oregon once – she fucking loved it, trust me. I was fucking her mouth while my buddy was fucking her pussy while my other buddy was feeling her up. She came many, many times that night and was quite appreciative the next day.

*Sigh* – when I said I had sex with 50 women, I was just counting the “regular” girls – my girlfriends, dates, girls at bars, etc. If you count the “party girls” – um, it’s probably three times that. What can I say? I’m not suggesting the lifestyle to anyone else, I’m not saying it’s good for humanity or anything. I’m just saying, I’m a sex fanatic. I can’t help it, I’ve always been that way.

Women are freaking easy and they love sex – and women are way, way, way kinkier than men are. It’s not even close.

So, if you’ve never been a relatively good looking white man with a lot of money – you should try it some time. I highly recommend it.

I’m not even a particularly good racist, because I have had sex with women of every race. Yes, even a Negress, plenty of white/whiteish Mestizas, more than a few Asians (although I really never got the appeal, I’ve never really been into the “yellow fever” thing. There is simply no comparison to white women; white women are, by far, hands down, not even close, the hottest and most beautiful women.) And yes – oh yes – part of the enjoyment – part of the hotness – was that I was a White Man “conquering” all those other race’s women.

There was this one Mexican girl … I fucked her maybe fifty times over the course of six months. She was really tiny, totally shaved her pussy bald, and our routine was she would sit in my lap, I’d stick my face in her boobs, and she would just ride me like that. Eh, maybe 22 years old, I would guess.

I was pretty slutty in high school and college, but it seemed perfectly normal. But once I started making money, girls would just throw themselves at me. Some of them were just regular, normal looking girls, not models or anything. But I am fairly confident that many of them would be considered “9s” or “10s” by most of the white men (and women) that read this blog.

I guess the point is, men who have *power* – whatever that power entails, be it money, fame, or status – get pretty much whatever they want. From women, certainly, because women are turned on by power more than anything else. I actually suspect women would rather fuck an average looking but powerful man than a poor male model type. (But I’m not sure about that, any women who still read this blog can chime in if they want.)

Well, the point is, I have almost certainly bedded more women than anyone reading, so I really do consider myself an expert on this. And the funny thing is, while I am not bad looking, I’m really just an average white guy. I was making over $100,000 a year from the time I was 24 or so. I moved from city to city, chasing money, and I had skills that were very portable; essentially I was a “consultant” because I had learned some relatively obscure and esoteric computer stuff that companies would pay for. Also, I cleaned up in the computer business because I’m not at all “nerdy” or “geeky” or fit that stereotype, I’m actually quite sociable.

It didn’t help, though. 9/11 happened, and I knew that I wasn’t allowed to talk about it, so I didn’t. In many ways, it was because I was cowardly. I figured, it wouldn’t do me any good to become a 9/11 Truth activist and it would cost me my cushy job. But also, to a very serious and real degree, I was also in fear for my life. It was obvious that they blew up the buildings, so if these people would kill thousands of their own co-workers, doing something horrible to some random young white guy would be an afterthought.

So, you know, I kept my mouth shut and just enjoyed the free pussy. I figured it was all bullshit anyway. Certainly, I was – to say the least – very unimpressed with the average “conservative” white man – who during the Bush administration was essentially nothing but a whore for Israel anyway – including most of the White Christians. Jews *hate* White Christians and hold them in contempt, but White Christians just *LURVE* them some Jews, they line up to join the military to fight the Jew’s enemies.

And while you were fighting wars for Israel, and while you were paying your taxes and living next to ghetto blacks, I – and plenty of my Jewish equivalents – were fucking your daughters in hilariously degrading ways and making money from your taxes. You, eventually, bailed out our companies after we spent a decade exploiting you – and I cannot stress this enough – your daughters.

Don’t worry though, I’m paying for my sins. I had to flee the country because at the end of the day, I didn’t want to play ball with these people. I am essentially a political asylum seeker.

But if I were to die tomorrow, the story of one year of my life would be far, far more interesting that the story of your entire life. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

And yes – I do have a kid, apparently. If I do live long enough, I’m going to actually meet him someday. I’ll tell him the truth – he comes from a long line of, er, “adventurers.” My great-great-great-* grandfather was one of the original settlers of America, our family has been in America since the 1600s. We are not “immigrants” – we are conquerors, warriors, slavers, and settlers. We did not immigrate to America – we created America.

And I had to leave because another tribe conquered us, apparently.