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Opus Dei & Gearoid O’Colmain

ICAReviews introduced me to Gearoid O’Colmain, who seems to be a French Irishman, or perhaps an Irish Frenchman, who is at least quasi-Marxist, economically leftist, but critical of much of the “left” and especially anti-natalist ideologies like feminism and homophilia, what he calls “bourgeois sexuality.” (This isn’t unique, of course, it’s standard orthodox Communism.) He’s also not afraid to openly criticize Judaism-qua-Judaism and Jews-qua-Jews, almost unheard of on the left, who essentially believe that Jews are demi-gods.

Too good to be true? Of course. Even though O’Colmain is sympathetic toward even right wing nationalism, and doesn’t seem to be anti-white, and is pro-working class, he’s a typical Opus Dei E. Michael Jones type. He does want a New World Order, just one run from the Vatican. In other words, one of these quasi-Catholic LARPers.


We’ll get a global government, whether we like it or not:

Nonetheless, I believe we will have a global super-state in time whether we like it or not. Multipolarity has not brought global peace, nor did the multipolar order of 1913 prevent the first world war.

So, the only solution is to kiss the Pope’s ring:

Only a return to traditional Roman Catholicism could offer the prospect of overcoming the challenges of multicultural Europe. For the basis of European civilisation is constituted, as Alain Soral has wisely noted, by the Greek logos and the Roman caritas which are united in Christianity. Today logos has been buried in liberal and atheistic irrationalism and pseudoscience, while we have lost all sense of the beauty and necessity of Christian compassion or charity.

And “return” (/eyeroll) to the romantic days of medieval Europe:

The Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church was intended by God to be the guide of humanity, a link between heaven and earth guiding all men to their salvation. It was meant to be a one-world government under God. Since the Enlightenment ( a revolt against reason rather than for it) godless elites have striven for the creation of a universal republic, a Promethean dream of humanist supremacy, a universal Anti-Church- a world government under Satan.

Because “humanism” … “humanist supremacy” … is … “Satanic.”

These dorky pseudo-Catholics always want to “return” to the pre-Reformation days, precisely because the history before the printing press is rather spotty so they can project all their romantic notions on it. There’s a hilarious comment on, of all places, that cesspool of Google-Zionist-Globalism, YCombinator’s Hacker News, suggesting that medieval knights weren’t profit-seeking warlords, even though they could have been, but held to some gentlemanly code of chivalry. This is absurd, hasn’t anyone read the actual source materials of the Crusades? Yes, of course, the Crusades were a defensive measure against Muslim imperialism against Europe, and yes, the Catholic chuch did a credible job of federating Europeans to fight off the threat. But just read the source materials. The first-hand account of the Crusades I read, likely the very first primary source, in fact, written by an actual participant, spent the first half detailing the multiple-dozens of European cities the Crusaders would attack, then demand a “market” (I’ll always remember that is the word the translation used.) The entire first half was, “then we camped around this city, and the people surrendered, then came out with the best ‘market’ we had had in weeks. Then we attacked another city, they put up a fight, but we won, and they gave us an even better ‘market’.”

“Market” of course meant the people in the city had to open their gates, then give their food, tools, and weapons (and likely daughters as well) to the invading army – those knights who “weren’t warlords” – otherwise they would get murdered. The Crusaders spent the first half of their journey attacking Europeans until they sacked the recently Greek city of … Constantinople … which was almost certainly the actual goal, before (supposedly, likely mythologically) finishing up in “Jerusalem” – really, a little village called Al-Quds.

Yes, they stopped the Muslim advance – thank Jew-sus – but the only reason these quasi-Catholics have such a hard on for that time period is precisely because the history we have is so vague, and so distorted, they can project their romantic fantasies on that time. That’s why we called it “the Dark Ages” after all. (The only thing comparable is the romanticism we project onto the Greco-Roman culture, which is similarly shrouded in primitive, essentially pre-historiography. Or, for that matter, ignorant Protestant Bible-thumpers romanticizing mythological Old Testament tales about “Israel.”)

But then the Printing Press happened, literacy appeared, and the ugly – and not nearly as romantic – history came into focus. Sorry, Catholic Europe was not at all some sort of utopia. These people reject Voltaire precisely because he had their number. The Catholic Empire was a step in the right direction, but what came after was superior in every way.

I hate to be forced to channel the “New Atheists” of the 1990s (I’m not an atheist) but they are making me: grow up. The Church is a human institution, an outgrowth of the Roman Empire’s war against the Middle East and its imperial assimilation of Oriental cultures. “God” had nothing to do with it. The Pope was never anything more than a bureaucrat – interesting, because he was an example of “soft power” over “hard power.” Interesting, because the Church had an effect on our genetics (monogamy, outbreeding, etc., pace Kevin MacDonald.)

Again, the reason these neo-reactionary quasi-Catholics romanticize this time period is precisely because they know so little about it – we know so little about it. And the reason the post-Reformation period seems so ugly to them is because, for the first time, we have a continuous, written record about the reality – and it’s just not nearly as romantic – reality never is.

I’d have so much more respect for these quasi-Catholics if they at least gave us a reasonable interpretation of the social organization that the Church promoted. You get a little bit of this from Jones, etc., not much, but a little. For instance, the economic aspects of the monastaries, the distributionism economic system, the attempts to federate the monarchies (which you can be assured the Vatican hated, as they wanted Empire, not federation, but soft power can only do so much.)

But come on, it’s 2018. “A link between heaven and earth guiding all men to their salvation. It was meant to be a one-world government under God?” These are supposed to be the alternative to Protestant Bible-thumping? It’s all mystical woo-woo, meaningless verbiage.

I posit that it’s completely empty precisely because they can’t actually make it relevant. They have all the pieces, the instincts are certainly there (natalism, compassion for the poor, federalism, etc.) But they can’t actually bridge the gap from superstition to reality, in fact, it’s precisely the superstition (and their romance of the history) that they are defending – they are NOT actually defending the decent instincts the superstitions were created to explain. Nor are they even really defending the institution (that would be a good angle, IMO.) It’s the “mystery” and the “romance” that they are defending.

Why? Because they can’t accept reality – specifically, the reality of death, I guess. I heard these religion fanatics say this all the time, if there is no “God” then human life is meaningless. Says who? You literally can find no meaning in life without resort to a “god” based on ancient superstitions – and it’s always your particular version of “god” that is the only one?

You see the smart, educated types like E. Michael Jones trying to bridge this gap with his talk of “logos” – that’s how Jones avoids sounding like a superstitious peasant. The superstitious can talk about “God” … the Sky-Father … while the more philosophical types can discuss “logos,” “natural law,” “rationality” and the “order of the universe.” But really, for E. Michael Jones, the only “natural law” that he cares about is how anal sex is gross (I agree, but it’s hardly something to create an entire metaphysics around now is it? That is what animates Jones.) The critique of usury is great, very important, very much needed, but when will they get on with it? Jones actually punts on the economic specifics, he even says, “hey the Pope just said ‘ask your priest’ because we can’t figure out all these fancy financial instruments!”

Gotta give it to the Muslims – they take anti-usury seriously and have actually created serious economic systems without usury – even the Jew bankers have had to create “halal finance” to launder all their oil money.

But also – race? Jones – and I assume O’Colmain – really believe that race doesn’t matter, that genetics don’t matter, that evolution is one of those “godless humanist” plots, and every retarded fetus with a genetic mis-development has a “soul” that must be saved. Africa would be just as technologically advanced as Europe if they just adopted Augustinian Catholic “logos” or whatever.

This is why I can’t be a “right winger” – they are liars, mystifiers, and con artists. Jones is too smart to actually believe any of this stuff – and so is O’Colmain. But they need the, er, “less cognitively evolved” on their side so they can keep up the Universalism and not be “racist.”

They want an Empire.

Isn’t anyone else ready to MOVE ON?

Curt Doolittle Is What #NRx Could Be Without YKW & LARP


Curt Doolittle: I am a philosopher of Natural Law, in the Western Aristocratic tradition, and I work for the Propertarian Institute.

In the early 20th century, the WASP Protestant Modernists were well on their way to something like Curt Doolittle. They were undermined by a Fundamentalist movement that was financed by industry and robber barons to destroy organized labor.


Lyman Stewart (1840–1923), Presbyterian layman and co-founder [along with his brother] of Union Oil, who funded the publication of The Fundamentals: A Testimony to the Truth (1910–15).

This is of course history that will NEVER be taught in modern America. The entire labor history of America is taught from the perspective of Communism, and the specific religious history of the Fundamentalist-Modernist controversy is taught through the lens of the hostile urban classes who promoted NOT the science of Darwinism, but social Darwinism. Social Darwinism is not science, it’s religion, it’s a moral system.

The Protestant Modernists that ran the traditional WASP institutions – like Princeton and Harvard – were not anti-religion nor were they anti-Christian. They wanted to harmonize Christianity with observed reality: science. They were the actual hiers of the Protestant reformation – NOT the fundamentalists, who were in fact ignorants manipulated by cynical business elites.

The first Protestant martyrs in the Americans were executed by Catholics for denying the superstition of “transubstantiation.” They believed that Communion was “in remembrance of me.” In fact, not even Eastern Orthodox taught “transubstantiation” in the way Catholics did. For the Orthodox, it was merely a “mystery.” Catholics, in order to preserve their monopoly, taught a false physics – basically, magic – and executed those who stuck to observable reality. Rome forced you to lie.

An enlightened WASP elite that practiced noblesse oblige towards the workers were attacked on both sides: by Communism from the left – a Marxist movement financed by Wall Street – and by a Fundamentalist-Industrial elite from the right. The Salvation Army was used to break strikes, in fact. Why would a Christian group like the Salvation Army be used to deny working class Christians the right to a dignified life, economic organization, and a living wage? Because the Salvation Army was a fundamentalist group being paid by robber barons and led by cynics. The robber barons did not want an educated workforce, they wanted superstitious wage slaves who wouldn’t worry about this life, but pin their hopes on an imaginary afterlife.

Not at all coincidentally, the modern GOP from the end of WWII to the election of Donald Trump has always used the exact same tactic – the GOP is a party run by industrial elites (not necessarily Wall Street – this is an important distinction) – that uses fundamentalist superstition to oppress working class people.

When the American working class rejected this, the Democrats were waiting – the Democrats now controlled by cultural Marxists that had replaced economic class – your relation to the means of production – with identity politics. Democrats paid lip service to the American working class but, in cahoots with Wall Street, instead imported mass numbers of non-white scabs.

Curtis Yarvin’s Neo-Reaction is an ideology started by a Jew and promoted by Catholics that seeks to bring back feudalism.

Curt Doolittle’s “Propertarianism” is an alternative to both Yarvin’s neo-reactionary anti-human LARPing and autistic Jewish-Libertarian “Austrian Economics.”


Protestantism wasn’t a reaction to the bible, it was a reaction to the corruption of the church, the taxation by the church, and the church as a vehicle for foreign rule, just like washington DC and Brussels today.

The church conflated rule, government, and education into a monopoly and used it to entrench costly corrupt bureaucrats, extractive rents, and impose ignorance, in a time of literacy, economic growth, and the expansion of trade in the north, and decline of trade in the south, due to venetian decline as the navy of the byzantines.

The church was a very corrupt parasitic government and the people rebelled against it and restored local government.

This broke the church’s taxation. Broke the church’s corruption. Let loose the dead capital held by the corrupt church (50% of the capital in europe), and broke the church monopoly on literacy, thereby combining literacy, available capital, expanding trade routes, into a great leap forward in european life and standards of living.

Christianity consist of four(or five) rules. That’s it. Four rules you can teach a child. Protestantism ended church tyranny, corruption, impoverishment, and enforced ignorance. Faith was the MORAL language that they described it in, just as we describe today’s economic language in today’s moral prose.

Washington is an unnecessary corrupt parasitic power. Brussels is the same. The church was the same. And people have chosen to localize rule, governance, and choice. Why? Because they can.

Ask why the orthodox church HASN’T failed instead. Ask why the protestant evangelical churches (church of jesus not god) continues to grow. Ask why the catholic church and the protestant churches of GOD fail.

There is no god. There never was a god. There was just a lot of ignorant undomesticated humans who could be exploited by those who possessed literacy.

With literacy, the restoration of Aristotelian reason, and the empirical demands of trade, all ‘god’ religions are dying EXCEPT Islam and Orthodoxy.

We Are Building A Religion

If I were designing a church from scratch, here’s how I’d do it.

I would reject any and all forms of iconoclasm. The church building should be a beautiful piece of architecture, reflecting the natural and human infrastructure of the area. The interior should be beautiful and should be adorned with paintings and sculptures. If you could arrange a glass ceiling that would be ideal.

The services should be held on Sunday mornings, perhaps multiple services all day Sunday; at least one morning and one night service. The service should include congregational singing and perhaps even dance of some kind; dance being simply music of the body. Ideally there would be a form of mass, in the sense, a group ritual that is substantially the same.

There should be a liturgical calendar that represents the natural world. So, you would have Easter, which is the celebration of the rebirth of the sun, the end of winter and the beginning of spring. You would celebrate Christmas, the dead of winter when the sun stops falling and begins to rise. These celebrations should be timed to the actual physical rhythms of the earth, the stars, and the planets.

Birth, puberty, marriage, and death need to be celebrated. So this means when a baby is born, you have a celebration of this; a confirmation or an infant baptism of some type. When a boy reaches puberty, either by age or perhaps even some physical indication, you have a confirmation of sorts; this is the community recognition of a boy becoming a man, or at the least a boy starting the journey to manhood.

For girls, this is a bit more complicated. In the agricultural age, this might even be timed with the onset of menses, however in industrial societies, for whatever reason, the onset of menses happens far too early to be a good indicator. Girls get their periods at ten years old and start having breasts at eleven. Plus human females evolved to hide their ovulation and this fact of evolution should be respected. So maybe just set an age – 16 – and leave it at that. You would celebrate a girl becoming a woman, and for both young boys/men and young girls/women, you need to celebrate their transition into sexual maturity and adulthood. This has a community function as well, because it indicates that the girl and boy are now “open for marriage prospects.”

You would celebrate marriage in the traditional way. We do this pretty well as it is so you don’t really need to do much different.

Then of course you celebrate – and mourn – death. I’d suggest full fledged Mafia-style Catholic funerals. The more goth, the more tragic, the better. It’s a kind of purging. I’d stay away from the modern trend of “happy funerals” where you “celebrate life instead of mourning death.” It’s too cutesy and happy-clappy. Obviously, when an elderly person dies it’s sad, but not that sad, it’s expected and let’s be frank – for many elderly people the end of life means the end of suffering the health problems of old age – and the same with their families. Sad, but not tragic. Of course the death of the young is not just sad but also tragic and the family and community have to have a way to purge that pain.

Church governance is the secret sauce that no one has any clue about any more, which is a huge reason why modern America has so many political issues. The “sweet spot” is a mix of Presbyterian and Baptist polities. If you need the details of this, look it up. It’s sad to me that America has completely forgotten how our entire system of (especially local) government is based on these two styles of polity; our entire political culture, from town meetings to county councils, are based on hundreds of years of fights, wars, compromises, and common law typically cycling back and forth between these two styles.

It is explicitly *not* Catholic polity because we are a Republic, not an Empire. The Catholic Church is an imperial church and Northern Europeans threw off that Empire hundreds of years ago, after only being really subjected to it for a half-century. We’re not going back and let’s be frank, too, the Vatican won’t survive the technological age’s exposure of their actual function as a world-wide pederasty ring. I’ll have to give the Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin this: he was completely correct when he said that Israel is to Jews what the Vatican is to pederasts, the headquarters for a organized crime ring recognized as a sovereign state. The entire purpose is so they are not subject to extradition.

I’m still sort of up in the air about the content of the music and the writings. I love the King James’ English, it always sounds profound to me. But there’s a certain queasiness I feel following the traditions of ancient semite barbarians and worshipping psychopathic Roman Emperor God-Kings as “Messiahs” and “Saviors.” It seems downright evil.

I see a picture of a Vatican ceremony with a Pope and his Cardinals and to me it looks like a literal Church of Satan, I have a visceral, knee-jerk reaction and a feeling of dread and evil; there’s nothing good, holy or healthy about them. I see a meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention and I feel nothing but contempt – a group of suckers at a multi-level marketing convention, a group of Amway dupes. Whatever White and Anglo spirit that may have once had has now been completely replaced by the worst of capitalism and Zionism. Sure – they don’t have homosexual priests and women pastors – instead their worship IDF soldiers and wear Jewish regalia and celebrate the marriage of White women to Black men and the resulting mulatto children. Plus, even the most “socially conservative” SBC types are now literal feminists with that awfully cucky, middle class “wife worship” thing going on. That was something fun to do when men were the head of the household, now it does nothing but disgust women who hold these cucky middle class husbands in contempt for not being men.

Literally “worship” in the traditional Anglo marriage vows meant sexual foreplay, it meant to caress your wife’ body and whisper sweet things in her ears. It did NOT mean to put her on a pedestal and pretend she was morally superior. Women are not morally superior to men, but men are naturally inclined to idealize women – to “put them on pedestals” – because they are beautiful on the outside.

Notice I haven’t said anything about “beliefs” or “ideology.” Instead I’ve focused on physicality and ritual.

We’re at an impasse. For instance, as a Presbyterian, I have a choice between the PCUSA, which is appropriately White and anti-Zionist, but has literally “gay marriage” and is pro-abortion – meaning, it’s anti-natal, thus anti-life. The other option is PCA, which is appropriately pro-natal – pro-marriage, pro-baby, pro-family, but is completely semitized – it’s been completely cleansed of its Scottish/Viking character and now does fundraisers – in money and White blood – for Jew Supremacism in Palestine. Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right.

So, being practical, we’ll just have to start over.

Also notice I’m not at all being a “neo-pagan” or an “Odinist” or any of that nonsense. That is LARPing to the nth degree, it’s utterly inauthentic. I’m sure there are ways to connect with our pre-Christian, pagan European roots that does not entail “converting to Odinism” – which is again just low church Protestantism with the name Jesus replaced by Odin – it has the trappings of pre-Christian paganism with the substance of Christianity. Neo-pagan Odinists can’t even get paganism right.

Also, we have to avoid this sort of nonsense like the plague:

This takes ALL of the worst aspects of low-church Protestantism and kills whatever value they had left by “celebrating atheism.” I hope I don’t have to explain why this is stupid, in fact, it’s actually nothing more than an extension of liberal Protestantism, in the same way that the Anton Levey “Church of Satan” was just a Jewish anti-Christian “church.”

You don’t need a community to “celebrate the non-existence of god or gods.” You need a community to *celebrate life* – and you most certainly do not need superstition and supernaturalism to celebrate life – even “eternal life” or “life after death.” That is what children are, after all.

Celebrate life, celebrate community.

Footnote: We also need a private welfare state similar to what the Mormons built and a “mannerbund” – a hierarchical civil society institution of men, while avoiding all the (anti-natal, anti-life, misogynist) sexual weirdness that goes with a “celibate priesthood.”

Conservatives Are Losing The “Transgender War” Because They Are Sexually Obsessed, Stupid And Easily Fooled

When the “transgender” thing started a few years ago, presumably with the Bruce Jenner “transition” it caused a huge dust-up among the “right wing” from “Conservative Inc.” to the “Alt Right.” Everyone jumped right on it and many said it would be a winning issue for the “right” because who wants bearded men in dresses stalking little girls in the ladies’ restroom?

I demurred. I didn’t really know much about the issue and I figured that the right was being suckered, as it always is. Conservatives tend to be stupid and have a near-perfect record of LOSING, especially on sexual issues.

I blame religion, in a sense. The thing is, Christian (i.e., classical Stoic) sexuality morality is great, and is pretty much obviously the most healthy sexual lifestyle. Monogamy, fertility, family. If women and men married as virgins, and didn’t cheat, there would be no STDs. If motherhood was promoted in our culture, we’d have lots of White babies, fulfilled mothers, and responsible fathers.

Pornography, masturbation, female – and male – genital mutilation (“circumcision”) promiscuity, homosexuality – all these are vices that have traditionally been proscribed to one degree or another.

But religion can’t explain WHY this kind of sexual morality is healthy, because Western religion/Christianity doesn’t believe in biology or nature. So they have to come up with “spiritual” reasons which are false and mostly imaginary.

Even worse, Western religion – Christianity – can’t accept vice as vice – vice has to be “sin.” So instead of a socially effective form of “vice control” – suppressing vice, punishing vice when it harms society, Christianity has to eradicate it, which doesn’t work. You always have the return of the suppressed.

For the religious, there has to be a “zero tolerance” approach to vice, because vice is a “sin” meriting eternal punishment in hell. Instead of the natural truth – vice is bodily unhealthy, religion has to make it a “sin” that is deadly to the soul.

And of course those people who want to “fight sin” can find “sin” anywhere. Since Christiainty always follows the culture, NEVER leads it, all it can do is rear guard actions. So that means right wing religious types want to “eradicate homosexuality” while left wing religious types want to corral homosexuality into “gay marriage.”

Neither really works.

In any case, when it came to the “transgender” thing, of course the religious people went straight to the “won’t somebody thing of the CHILDREN!” angle and assumed that the “transgender” thing was about sexual perverts perving on little girls in the restroom.

But of course it wasn’t about that at all. What is the “trans” movement – a VERY well funded movement, promoted by the richest and most powerful corporations in the world – what is “trans” really about?

It’s not about SEX at all – it’s about DRUGS. “Trans” is, essentially, a drug cartel.

View story at Medium.com

Religious people jumped on the sex angle, and made themselves look like the sexually obsessed church ladies they are. And the “trans” movement loved every minute of it, because they know that religious people ALWAYS LOSE on sexual issues – they can’t even keep themselves sexually normal, they can’t even stop divorce and remarriage (or the Catholic equivalent) in their own churches.

So by baiting the religious conservatives into obsessing over SEX – the trans movement has successfully slipped their actual agenda – DRUGS – right under the radar.

CONSERVATIVES ALWAYS LOSE. Don’t be a conservative – it’s unhealthy.

Ur-Pagan Pantheism As An Alt-Right Alt-White Religion

God-Emperor Trump & Lord Kek
Toward an Alt-Right Religion

Like clockwork someone suggests that “we” need a “new religion.” Usually this is a reaction to perceived deficits in Christianity, its universalism, Judaicism, and the cucked state of modern churches.

So my own only half serious proposals:

1. Respect the natural world. Holidays like the Solstices should be celebrated, along with the rhythms of the natural world, the seasons, etc.

2. The sun and the moon and the stars are perfect to hang mythological characters and stories on, just like the Greeks and the Romans did.

3. Celebrate the cycle of life. This is perfectly compatible with Christianity. You celebrate birth with a baptism or christening. You celebrate the coming of age of a boy with a confirmation. (Girls can be confirmed as well, but celebrating the coming of age of a girl would be a celebration of menstruation, which isn’t the stuff of a public ceremony and goes against the human feminine instinct to hide ovulation. Plus, a boy needs to achieve some goal and complete some act to become a man. Women achieve this through childbirth which has its own celebration.) You celebrate the union and man and woman with marriage, you celebrate death with a funeral.

You honor your ancestors specifically and also generically through archetypes. Zeus and Venus. Christianity does this through the veneration of saints who are both specific and archetypal.

4. If you really want to be subversive, some one come up with an alternative to the seven day week. This is almost certainly pre-Biblical but it’s the Hebrew tradition we likely get it from. The French Revolutionaries tried with their bizarre decimal calendar supposedly based on “Reason” and we don’t want to follow the French revolution. But still, seven days doesn’t seem in harmony with the natural world – perhaps it is simply because it’s a prime number. Perhaps because it’s a factor of the 28 day month. I’m open to suggestions here.

Lord Kek and God Emperor Trump are just too silly

Helpless Holly

There she was, squirming like a squirly dog, all tied up, nowhere to go. So she’s laying on her side, hands taped behind her back, ankles tightly restrained with black electrical tape (I had to improvise) and her loud mouth full of her panties all secured with loops of that black electrical tape circling her head.

Fit to be tied or something.

“Ok, Holly. Are you comfortable?”

Holly replies, “Mmmmffggff!”

“Ok, Holly,” I say.


So it was my first semester on campus. I had only been allowed in this college due to my Heritage Foundation Scholarship for Students for Life, otherwise my grades were so poor otherwise I would have had to coast on the hockey thing. My years of pro-life activism and saving babies had prepared me for the liberal, leftist campus that I would be attending. I knew I would keep my Christian principles intact even with the temptations of the world.

Then I met Holly. This liberal, feminist, pro-choice activist. Oh I admit it, she was very attractive. Red haired, green eyed, umm … ample bosom. An amazing ass. Short, short tempered, the kind of gal that always needs a spanking, the harder the better. Oh yes, back in Bible College we learned how to deal with these devlish women. A strict regimen of Christian Domestic Discipline will strip these bitches of their feminist delusions. “Wives, submit to your husbands” is in the Bible, and if we have to spank them while making them read Bible verses, well, they were almost certainly asking for it.

Mandatory BDSM Reference

So I go up to Holly’s campus activist table, where she’s passing out some sort of babykiller pamplets, with a website “independentwomenforchoice.org” with a pagan symbol of some sort. I say, “Hi Holly, something something something” and gague her reaction. I pretend I’m a babykiller too, see if I can suss out some information before I report back to my radical pro-life cell at my Christian church.

Holly smiles, “oh yes, feminism is very welcoming to men and their issues! Here I have a handout about boys needing education!” Her eyes almost twinkle, and I fake a smile back. I swear, for one moment, she’s buying it. Little does she know what I am setting her up for.

So I say, “hey, Holly, it was really nice to meet you. Maybe you and I can go get a Proud Whopper at Burger King sometime?”