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Are You Kidding Me?

No wonder the White Nationalist movement has gotten nowhere, and if the Costume Clown faction isn’t getting paid by the $PLC, they should be. The typical White Nationalist expect us to believe that Islamic State is some real, organic outgrowth of radical Islam and they are so much more “real” and macho than us Westerners.

The typical White Nationalists – remember, these are the people that haven’t won a single victory since “Commander” George Lincoln Rockwell in the 1960s – expect us to believe in the 9/11 19 Hijackers silliness, and now they will cry “conspiracy theorist!” when we are skeptical of these latest Islamic State beheadings and cruci-fiction videos.

It’s amazing, really, the White Nationalist movement – remember, the folks that are 0-100 victory wise – just happens to believe everything in the Jew media is totally true. One wonders if the White Nationalist movement plays the same role as Amy Goodman and Democracy Now does for the left – a slender pretense at being an “alternative” while providing a counter-narrative that just reinforces the official narrative.

As much as I like Gregory Hood, he can’t really expect us to take the ISIS narrative at face value, can he? When Hood watches ISIS videos, he doesn’t think “that looks fake as hell to me,” he thinks, “wow those guys really have the passion us White Nationalists don’t!”


Here’s a great video from White guy James Corbett and Turkish FBI whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds on the latest ISIS nonsense. Their analysis is just head and shoulders above anything that has been put out by the Radix Journal/Counter Currents crowd.

Now why is that? It’s certainly not a lack of brainpower, it’s not a lack of education. So why is the White Nationalist analysis of these current events so ridiculous and facile?

Et Tu, Gregory Hood?

So, not only has Richard Spencer himself posted on this blog and admitted I popularized “hipster racism” among the alt-right, and not only was James O’Meara obviously inspired by my “Flogging Miley” series to write about David McGowan “Laurel Canyon” book, now Gregory Hood restates my post My Mom Thinks I’m Cool about Jonathan Stewart Liebowitz, Stephen Colbert, and their Viacom Rally in his latest Radix article The Court’s Jester.

Of course, I remember Greg Johnson and Gregory Hood when they were nobodies posting on OccidentalDissent – they took a lot of my ideas back then too – not to mention I was posting on O’Meara’s blog long before Counter Currents was even a thing.

Do I get any thanks? No. Do I get any acknowledgement? Of course not. They may steal my ideas, but to maintain “credibility” they have to distance themselves from my heroic and courageous advocacy of 9/11 Truth and, of course, they don’t want to touch that whole nasty spanking business – they might get too many women readers.

I soldier on, thanklessly, simply for the love of my people.

You’re welcome.

So folks, you want to know what Radix, Counter-Currents, and Alternative Right are going to be writing about next week? Read Hipster Racist today.

It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it.