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Da White Man’s Science

So, remember, the US and Turkey are major allies. The Turks had been genociding the Kurds for 20 years, and with the US invading Iraq, they wanted to go ahead and openly take over. But the Israelis wanted to work with the Kurds, against Iraq and Iran. Two months before 9/11 – when the neo-cons were planning the war against Iraq, they told Turkey – no, they couldn’t take over Kurdistan, because the Israelis were working with the Kurds, against Iran. Turkey was pissed, so the would not officially let the US launch planes from NATO bases in Turkey.

Do even of your morons even remember this major international event covered all over the news? Probably not. I bet now you think it’s a “conspiracy theory.”

So, one interesting thing – when the Turks were genociding the Kurds, the most famous “human rights activist” and “dissident American intellectual” – Noam Chomsky – was telling the story of how the Kurds were being massacred by Turkey, and how Turkey was NATO, and isn’t it horrible what all you White Privilege Americans and your allies Turkey are doing to these innocent people.

Of course, Noam Chomsky – a Jew, of course – went around the country telling White Americans how “racist” they were, but for some reason just forgot to mention how Israel – his people, Jews – were involved in the same thing, they just wanted to work with Kurdish terrorists to massacre Persians and Turks.

Noam Chomsky was “the” left wing intellectual during the 1980s and 1990s, he sold millions of books and had a very famous hagiography about him, Manufacture of Consent.

Of course, Noam Chomsky spent the rest of his career, after 9/11, attacking the 9/11 Truth movement. He said “who care who did it, people get killed all the time” and called 9/11 Truthers “conspiracy theorists.”

During that time, Dr. Steven Jones of Brigham Young University – the guy who studied multiple samples of the World Trade Center dust and discovered evidence of the now almost certain method of demolition – thermetic material, a modified form of thermite – that had apparently just been patented by the Army a few years before – was getting his life threatened, his family threaten, and was eventually fired for his job for performing 10th Grade Physics.

I just read Greg Johnson’s Counter Currents 10 Year Anniversary threads – more than half a dozen articles about 9/11 – and what is really funny, there’s not a single actual piece of EVIDENCE – nor any sort of PHYSICS analysis – you know, PHYSICS – that discovery of the White Man that allows us to build skyscrapers in the first place? – nope, the Big Brains over at Counter Currents – including Matt Parrott – for whatever reason don’t like to discuss EVIDENCE, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, nor any of that “White Man’s Magic” – the Counter Currents crowd would rather discuss ancient religions, the Old Testament, Jews, Christians, and Matt Parrot making sure we all knows he doesn’t believe in any of that “weird archaeology” but never the less is still a Mormon and his religion is really important….but he sure as hell doesn’t believe in any “crazy conspiracy theory” like that there were bombs in the WTC and that the buildings were demolished.


That’s why Greg Johnson lets him write on Counter Current apparently, because he doesn’t believe in any of those “conspiracy theories” like the controlled demolition of World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, and 7.

You see, the way Noam Chomsky kept his “credibility” was by never breathing a world about Dr. Steven Jones of Brigham Young University nor Dr. Neils Harrit of the University of Copenhagen nor architect Richard Gage of Architects and Engineer for 9/11 Truth – you know, White men, scientists, physicists, and people that had actually looked at the physical evidence.

The way you know that guys like Noam Chomsky, Greg Johnson, and Matt Parrot have the Big Brains is because they want to talk about Magic, not Science. Science, apparently, is a “conspiracy theory” and people who believe in science and evidence are “crazy.”

You know, the White Man’s Science. It’s probably racist anyway.

Outbreak of Hipster Racism at Purdue University

Institutional Racism at Purdue University
Institutional Racism at Purdue University

White Supremacist science and engineering students at Purdue University made a parody video of the white pop singers Macklemore & Ryan Lewis song “Thrift Shop” they call This is Engineering and were called out for their hipster racism.

Plus, there’s hipster sexism too – the women are in the back, almost certainly going to be told to get back in the lab and make a sandwich compound.

Well, the White Devils are at it again, with a new video that’s so offensive they finally gave in to pressure and took it down, but of course not before it spread, virus-like, onto youtube, where children might see it.

Try to contain your outrage:

Purdue engineering group yanks ‘You Outta Be Proud’ parody video

This time the group of sophomore engineering students — who this past spring made waves when they released the popular if controversial “This is Engineering” fan video — are catching flack on the Internet for their newest release, a Purdue-touting parody of Lonely Island’s YOLO (You Only Live Once) called “You Outta Be Proud.”

The engineering students — assailed earlier this year for the “hipster racism” undertones and lack of racial diversity in “This is Engineering”, the students’ Macklemore parody — decided Tuesday to remove from YouTube their latest creation after receiving more criticism.

The group was a target of criticism earlier this year from academics and feminists who slammed the “This is Engineering video for perpetuating racist and sexist stereotypes. The video has received nearly 380,000 YouTube views.

Critics, who said at the time that the video’s featuring of white males as its stars was a display of “white supremacy,” also disparaged Purdue administrators for promoting the video, in which President Mitch Daniels makes a cameo.

Young said the group has taken the criticisms to heart. The “You Outta Be Proud” video features more women and racially diverse students in prominent roles.

“We wanted to take that seriously,” Young said. “We didn’t want to give people the impression that we’re excluding people. In the end, we ended up taking the video down, but moving forward that’s something we want to work on a lot more.”

Are you as outraged as I am?

Bastion of Science, Engineering, and White Privilege
Bastion of Science, Engineering, and White Privilege