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Surprise, Surprise: Dyke Nuns Hate Little Boys

(((Curtis Yarvin))) may be a Jew, but his neo-reactionary movement attracted Catholics. In their attempt to demonize Whites, Protestants, Americans, the Enlightenment, and modernity, they have instead introduced a whole new generation to the reason we threw off the yoke of the Catholic church in the first place.

The “Catholic church abuse scandal” is really just the victims of the Catholic church growing up, and now that the Catholic church has lost its institutional power, and now that sexuality is understood biologically and scientifically, the shame conditioning that the Catholic church used for centuries to enslave Europeans doesn’t work anymore.

It’s obvious how homosexuals came to dominate the “celibate” Catholic institution.

Consider: one of the primary complaints about Muslim “refugees” and “immigrants” in the West in how they treat women. One only needs to look at their own culture to understand how different they are than us. For a Muslim boy, when he sees a girl his sexual attraction is coming from her. She is doing something that causes him to feel arousal, and since she is the actor, she is the seducer, it’s ok for him to rape her. He was just standing there, minding his own business, and this girl walked by, acting sexy, therefore she’s a whore. The only way a girl can not be a whore is to cover her entire body because if he can’t see her, she cannot seduce him.

So take a typical scenario in Ireland or America in the 1950s. A boy grows up, begins puberty, but unlike his peers, has no interest in girls at all. The idea of marrying a girl, having sex, and starting a family is off-putting to him. Since the Catholic church tells him that “lust” is a grave sin, and he himself is apparently free of this “lust,” he realizes that he is actually “more spiritual” than his peers. His uncouth, sexually obsessed peers who are obsessed with the girls now reaching puberty, are just not as “spiritual” as he is.

So, he joins the priesthood. He is assigned to work in a boy’s school.

There, all of a sudden these boys start acting sexy, or more specifically, acting gay. It’s not the priest’s own desires coming to the surface, it’s the boys who are acting gay, or acting seductively or acting sinfully. If one of the boys seduces him the priest merely goes to confession, eats a cracker, and all is forgiven.

Lesbians are of course different than gay men. So a girl begins puberty, but unlike her peers, these boys are not interesting at all. In fact, they are quite scary and even disgusting. While her girlsfriends are all crushing on various boys, she’s actually turned off by the whole affair. She can’t understand why her close friendships with her girlfriends are all being interrupted by their growing awareness of boys.

She must just be “more spiritual” than her peers. She is, in a sense, on a “higher spiritual plane.” Unlike the “earthly” desires of her girlfriends, she’s only interested in the “pure” and “spiritual” things.

So, she becomes a nun, and is assigned to a orphanage. There, she has to take care of these disgusting, rowdy, violent, and gross boys, with their little penises popping underneath their pants all the time. It’s up to her, a “truly spiritual” woman without these “desires of the flesh” to whip these boys into line. She, in fact, quite enjoys it when these boys feel shame for their disgusting “lust,” their “sin.” It’s actually quite a power trip, watching these proud boys become ashamed of themselves. For the ones that are defiant, beatings work well. As the “Good Book” says, spare the rod, spoil the child.


It was a late summer afternoon, Sally Dale recalled, when the boy was thrown through the fourth-floor window.

“He kind of hit, and— ” she placed both hands palm-down before her. Her right hand slapped down on the left, rebounded up a little, then landed again.

For just a moment, the room was still. “Bounced?” one of the many lawyers present asked. “Well, I guess you’d call it — it was a bounce,” she replied. “And then he laid still.”

Sally, who was speaking under oath, tried to explain it. She started again. “The first thing I saw was looking up, hearing the crash of the window, and then him going down, but my eyes were still glued—.” She pointed up at where the broken window would have been and then she pointed at her own face and drew circles around it. “That habit thing, whatever it is, that they wear, stuck out like a sore thumb.”

Children are amazing in the sense they will believe pretty much anything you tell them. After all, you’re an adult and children are evolved to mimic older humans. The central image of your religion is a man being tortured and the central story is of a man being murdered for the sins of the world so it’s the “sinful” child’s fault.

Sister took hold of Sally’s ear, turned her around, and walked her back to the other side of the yard. The nun told her she had a vivid imagination. We are going to have to do something about you, child.

Like sociopaths, eventually these predatory homosexuals begin to recognize each other and that’s when they start working together:

A 1998 UK government inquiry, citing “exceptional depravity” at four homes run by the Christian Brothers order in Australia, heard that a boy was the object of a competition between the brothers to see who could rape him 100 times. The inquiries focused primarily on sexual abuse, not physical abuse or murder, but taken together, the reports showed almost limitless harm that was the result not just of individual cruelty but of systemic abuse.

The Roman Empire, eventually Christianized, swept through Europe, enslaving the “heathens” and creating these institutions. At the forefront were these “celibates” that did not have normal sexuality. They were, perhaps, even the first victims of Catholic sexual repression. Unable to accept that they were the perverts, that they were the reprobates, that they were the sinners, they projected that onto others, even children.

Since these children and “heathens” did not feel ashamed of their naked bodies and their natural sexuality, that just proved how the “celibate” Catholics were of a “higher spirituality” and it was their duty to beat – and rape – the devil out of these Europeans.

From the proto-Protestants like the Lollards and the Hussites, to the Reformation itself, eventually Europeans rebelled against these evil, psychopathic Catholics, rejected the “celibate” homosexual priests, the “celibate” lesbian priestesses, and demanded that Church institutions be led by normal, married men and women.

The first mistake that Americans made was to adopt the African custom of slavery, a mistake that harms America to this day. The second mistake Americans made was to import millions of Catholics, mostly in the 1800s, and surprise, surprise, along with them came Jews. It was only a matter of time until they joined up with each other to attempt to re-enslave the real Americans, the posterity of the Protestant Founding Fathers.

Hence, (((Curtis Yarvin’s))) “neo-reactionary” movement and the sick Catholics that follow him.

Curt Doolittle Is What #NRx Could Be Without YKW & LARP


Curt Doolittle: I am a philosopher of Natural Law, in the Western Aristocratic tradition, and I work for the Propertarian Institute.

In the early 20th century, the WASP Protestant Modernists were well on their way to something like Curt Doolittle. They were undermined by a Fundamentalist movement that was financed by industry and robber barons to destroy organized labor.


Lyman Stewart (1840–1923), Presbyterian layman and co-founder [along with his brother] of Union Oil, who funded the publication of The Fundamentals: A Testimony to the Truth (1910–15).

This is of course history that will NEVER be taught in modern America. The entire labor history of America is taught from the perspective of Communism, and the specific religious history of the Fundamentalist-Modernist controversy is taught through the lens of the hostile urban classes who promoted NOT the science of Darwinism, but social Darwinism. Social Darwinism is not science, it’s religion, it’s a moral system.

The Protestant Modernists that ran the traditional WASP institutions – like Princeton and Harvard – were not anti-religion nor were they anti-Christian. They wanted to harmonize Christianity with observed reality: science. They were the actual hiers of the Protestant reformation – NOT the fundamentalists, who were in fact ignorants manipulated by cynical business elites.

The first Protestant martyrs in the Americans were executed by Catholics for denying the superstition of “transubstantiation.” They believed that Communion was “in remembrance of me.” In fact, not even Eastern Orthodox taught “transubstantiation” in the way Catholics did. For the Orthodox, it was merely a “mystery.” Catholics, in order to preserve their monopoly, taught a false physics – basically, magic – and executed those who stuck to observable reality. Rome forced you to lie.

An enlightened WASP elite that practiced noblesse oblige towards the workers were attacked on both sides: by Communism from the left – a Marxist movement financed by Wall Street – and by a Fundamentalist-Industrial elite from the right. The Salvation Army was used to break strikes, in fact. Why would a Christian group like the Salvation Army be used to deny working class Christians the right to a dignified life, economic organization, and a living wage? Because the Salvation Army was a fundamentalist group being paid by robber barons and led by cynics. The robber barons did not want an educated workforce, they wanted superstitious wage slaves who wouldn’t worry about this life, but pin their hopes on an imaginary afterlife.

Not at all coincidentally, the modern GOP from the end of WWII to the election of Donald Trump has always used the exact same tactic – the GOP is a party run by industrial elites (not necessarily Wall Street – this is an important distinction) – that uses fundamentalist superstition to oppress working class people.

When the American working class rejected this, the Democrats were waiting – the Democrats now controlled by cultural Marxists that had replaced economic class – your relation to the means of production – with identity politics. Democrats paid lip service to the American working class but, in cahoots with Wall Street, instead imported mass numbers of non-white scabs.

Curtis Yarvin’s Neo-Reaction is an ideology started by a Jew and promoted by Catholics that seeks to bring back feudalism.

Curt Doolittle’s “Propertarianism” is an alternative to both Yarvin’s neo-reactionary anti-human LARPing and autistic Jewish-Libertarian “Austrian Economics.”


Protestantism wasn’t a reaction to the bible, it was a reaction to the corruption of the church, the taxation by the church, and the church as a vehicle for foreign rule, just like washington DC and Brussels today.

The church conflated rule, government, and education into a monopoly and used it to entrench costly corrupt bureaucrats, extractive rents, and impose ignorance, in a time of literacy, economic growth, and the expansion of trade in the north, and decline of trade in the south, due to venetian decline as the navy of the byzantines.

The church was a very corrupt parasitic government and the people rebelled against it and restored local government.

This broke the church’s taxation. Broke the church’s corruption. Let loose the dead capital held by the corrupt church (50% of the capital in europe), and broke the church monopoly on literacy, thereby combining literacy, available capital, expanding trade routes, into a great leap forward in european life and standards of living.

Christianity consist of four(or five) rules. That’s it. Four rules you can teach a child. Protestantism ended church tyranny, corruption, impoverishment, and enforced ignorance. Faith was the MORAL language that they described it in, just as we describe today’s economic language in today’s moral prose.

Washington is an unnecessary corrupt parasitic power. Brussels is the same. The church was the same. And people have chosen to localize rule, governance, and choice. Why? Because they can.

Ask why the orthodox church HASN’T failed instead. Ask why the protestant evangelical churches (church of jesus not god) continues to grow. Ask why the catholic church and the protestant churches of GOD fail.

There is no god. There never was a god. There was just a lot of ignorant undomesticated humans who could be exploited by those who possessed literacy.

With literacy, the restoration of Aristotelian reason, and the empirical demands of trade, all ‘god’ religions are dying EXCEPT Islam and Orthodoxy.

Da White Man’s Science

So, remember, the US and Turkey are major allies. The Turks had been genociding the Kurds for 20 years, and with the US invading Iraq, they wanted to go ahead and openly take over. But the Israelis wanted to work with the Kurds, against Iraq and Iran. Two months before 9/11 – when the neo-cons were planning the war against Iraq, they told Turkey – no, they couldn’t take over Kurdistan, because the Israelis were working with the Kurds, against Iran. Turkey was pissed, so the would not officially let the US launch planes from NATO bases in Turkey.

Do even of your morons even remember this major international event covered all over the news? Probably not. I bet now you think it’s a “conspiracy theory.”

So, one interesting thing – when the Turks were genociding the Kurds, the most famous “human rights activist” and “dissident American intellectual” – Noam Chomsky – was telling the story of how the Kurds were being massacred by Turkey, and how Turkey was NATO, and isn’t it horrible what all you White Privilege Americans and your allies Turkey are doing to these innocent people.

Of course, Noam Chomsky – a Jew, of course – went around the country telling White Americans how “racist” they were, but for some reason just forgot to mention how Israel – his people, Jews – were involved in the same thing, they just wanted to work with Kurdish terrorists to massacre Persians and Turks.

Noam Chomsky was “the” left wing intellectual during the 1980s and 1990s, he sold millions of books and had a very famous hagiography about him, Manufacture of Consent.

Of course, Noam Chomsky spent the rest of his career, after 9/11, attacking the 9/11 Truth movement. He said “who care who did it, people get killed all the time” and called 9/11 Truthers “conspiracy theorists.”

During that time, Dr. Steven Jones of Brigham Young University – the guy who studied multiple samples of the World Trade Center dust and discovered evidence of the now almost certain method of demolition – thermetic material, a modified form of thermite – that had apparently just been patented by the Army a few years before – was getting his life threatened, his family threaten, and was eventually fired for his job for performing 10th Grade Physics.

I just read Greg Johnson’s Counter Currents 10 Year Anniversary threads – more than half a dozen articles about 9/11 – and what is really funny, there’s not a single actual piece of EVIDENCE – nor any sort of PHYSICS analysis – you know, PHYSICS – that discovery of the White Man that allows us to build skyscrapers in the first place? – nope, the Big Brains over at Counter Currents – including Matt Parrott – for whatever reason don’t like to discuss EVIDENCE, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, nor any of that “White Man’s Magic” – the Counter Currents crowd would rather discuss ancient religions, the Old Testament, Jews, Christians, and Matt Parrot making sure we all knows he doesn’t believe in any of that “weird archaeology” but never the less is still a Mormon and his religion is really important….but he sure as hell doesn’t believe in any “crazy conspiracy theory” like that there were bombs in the WTC and that the buildings were demolished.


That’s why Greg Johnson lets him write on Counter Current apparently, because he doesn’t believe in any of those “conspiracy theories” like the controlled demolition of World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, and 7.

You see, the way Noam Chomsky kept his “credibility” was by never breathing a world about Dr. Steven Jones of Brigham Young University nor Dr. Neils Harrit of the University of Copenhagen nor architect Richard Gage of Architects and Engineer for 9/11 Truth – you know, White men, scientists, physicists, and people that had actually looked at the physical evidence.

The way you know that guys like Noam Chomsky, Greg Johnson, and Matt Parrot have the Big Brains is because they want to talk about Magic, not Science. Science, apparently, is a “conspiracy theory” and people who believe in science and evidence are “crazy.”

You know, the White Man’s Science. It’s probably racist anyway.

Outbreak of Hipster Racism at Purdue University

Institutional Racism at Purdue University
Institutional Racism at Purdue University

White Supremacist science and engineering students at Purdue University made a parody video of the white pop singers Macklemore & Ryan Lewis song “Thrift Shop” they call This is Engineering and were called out for their hipster racism.

Plus, there’s hipster sexism too – the women are in the back, almost certainly going to be told to get back in the lab and make a sandwich compound.

Well, the White Devils are at it again, with a new video that’s so offensive they finally gave in to pressure and took it down, but of course not before it spread, virus-like, onto youtube, where children might see it.

Try to contain your outrage:

Purdue engineering group yanks ‘You Outta Be Proud’ parody video

This time the group of sophomore engineering students — who this past spring made waves when they released the popular if controversial “This is Engineering” fan video — are catching flack on the Internet for their newest release, a Purdue-touting parody of Lonely Island’s YOLO (You Only Live Once) called “You Outta Be Proud.”

The engineering students — assailed earlier this year for the “hipster racism” undertones and lack of racial diversity in “This is Engineering”, the students’ Macklemore parody — decided Tuesday to remove from YouTube their latest creation after receiving more criticism.

The group was a target of criticism earlier this year from academics and feminists who slammed the “This is Engineering video for perpetuating racist and sexist stereotypes. The video has received nearly 380,000 YouTube views.

Critics, who said at the time that the video’s featuring of white males as its stars was a display of “white supremacy,” also disparaged Purdue administrators for promoting the video, in which President Mitch Daniels makes a cameo.

Young said the group has taken the criticisms to heart. The “You Outta Be Proud” video features more women and racially diverse students in prominent roles.

“We wanted to take that seriously,” Young said. “We didn’t want to give people the impression that we’re excluding people. In the end, we ended up taking the video down, but moving forward that’s something we want to work on a lot more.”

Are you as outraged as I am?

Bastion of Science, Engineering, and White Privilege
Bastion of Science, Engineering, and White Privilege