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White Supremacists Plot To Infiltrate The Rotary Club


Almost all of these groups are 99% White, all of them have suffered a massive drop in membership starting with the advent of Television, which makes them ripe for takeover. Most of them have significant infrastructure, everything from real estate to insurance companies to credit unions to financial capital. Most have recognized brand names that are extremely well integrated into existing communities and are impervious to smears by the likes of $PLC and ADL.

Spencer attempted to bootstrap such a group with his Phalanx project – I applaud him, it was a great idea and one I’ve been suggesting for nearly a decade. However it may be easier to simply infiltrate the existing groups and not start from scratch, that way you have the benefit of existing infrastructure.

Golden Dawn and Hezbollah have a lot of support from their respective communities because they are not simply political groups, they also serve social and welfare functions. It’s easy to get support from a community when you provide tangible benefits to that community; American service organizations are already set up to do this. All you have to is show up and start working.

Patrick Le Brun of Counter Currents, Kievsky of MindWeaponsInRagnarok and myself at AryanSkynet have covered this strategy extensively.


Private clubs who do not offer public accommodations are generally not bound by the Civil Rights Act.


Title II: Outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion or national origin in hotels, motels, restaurants, theaters, and all other public accommodations engaged in interstate commerce; exempted private clubs without defining the term “private”.

There are grey areas to this particular aspect of law and there have been some conflicting rulings but as of right now it’s perfectly legal to start a private club in most states and only allow who you want to allow. You are probably setting yourself up for trouble if you start the “No Negroes and Jews Allowed Social Club” and advertise it in the local paper, but you can certainly start a Germanic Club, a Sons of Confederate Veterans Club, and even the Heritage America Club and get along just fine.

In fact I’d love to declare myself a Descendant of the Lost Tribes of Israel and start the “True Jews Club” and force the ADL to sue me over it, I bet that would make for some very interesting legal precedents. You have even more legal room if you start a religious group, there is a very wide latitude in the case of churches.

There are Mason lodges all around the country that are 100% white and explicitly Christian (i.e., no Jews) despite the fact that it’s “officially” supposed to be open to all races and all religions. In the link I gave above there is an example of a white California Mason being excluded from another Masonic lodge because his lodge was integrated, therefore classified as “Prince Hall” (i.e., black) therefore “not regular.”

I would suggest however to at least start these things outside of the glare of the public. But I doubt seriously that under a GOP DOJ there will be Civil Rights lawsuits against non-high-profile community groups for being “too white.”

Clearly, if you were to start a powerful pro-white national organization you are going to get some pushback. Nevertheless, white private clubs are legal, they exist now, they have some legal protection, and there is no reason for people who are interested in building white institutions to NOT go and do just that.

They Don’t Make Satanists Like They Used To; Or; Why You Always Kill The Whore At The End Of An Orgy

I loved Gregory Hood’s new article, Fedora Satanism. Gregory Hood pretends he doesn’t read me, but then again you notice Hipster-isms show up in his work. Remember, Gregory Hood and I have been reading each other for well over five years now, on various websites. I just change my handle every few years.


So his latest about the Temple of Satan, the parody group that puts Satanic symbols in public places as a protest against Christian groups always wanting to put up the 10 Commandments or something. Hood compares this group – just a bunch of politically correct progressive leftists – to the old Church of Satan, the carnie act put on by Anton Levey – real name, Harry Levinstein or something. Hood quotes Levey actually making a gesture toward actual taboo-breaking when Levey suggests that a real church of Satan, back in the 1960s, would have mocked “Eastern gurus,” drugs and the drug cults, and praised old fashioned religious fundamentalism. Those were the taboos that the New Left were then abiding by.

You only have to read the comments at Alternative Right, one of the Satanists gets real butthurt that we’re not finding him as brilliant as he thinks he is. This is extremely typical on the progressive left. They are just sure – absolutely certain – that they are smarter, funnier, and more clever than everyone else. The entire progressive left runs on the Dunning-Krueger effect.

The Temple of Satan really gives itself away though – it shows how utterly unsatanic, and utterly politically correct – with their “protest” against … wait for it … the Westboro Baptist Church.

Let me tell you – the real taboo breakers? The real people working for the Dark Lord? The Westboro Baptist Church. Those people – those people broke taboos. When the Temple of Satan holds a ritual to turn Fred Phelp’s mother gay in the afterlife – that’s not breaking any taboos. That’s not anything even remotely clever, or remotely controversial.

That’s the Official Religion today. Saying Abraham Lincoln was really gay – I mean, they named the GOP gay group after that rumor. Turning people gay in the afterlife is basically a sport for the left.

When the Temple of Satan holds an event *honoring* the Westboro Baptist Church, then I’ll take them seriously. In case anyone forgot, the Westboro Baptist Church were sued all the way to the Supreme Court, and the WBC – almost single-handedly – defended freedom of speech and religion during the Bush administration, the “war on terror” and the Evangelical Christian rise post 9/11.

You would think supposed taboo-breaking Temple of Satanists would have figured this one out, eh? The Westboro Baptist Church are the “most hated family in America.” While George W. Bush and his Republican party were using Christian sentiments to promote his war on terror, the Westboro Baptist Church followed the publicity along, profaning and desecrating it. While Bush – and every two-bit pulpit-whore across America – was telling the mothers of soldiers killed in Iraq, “your son is in Heaven. He died for a good cause. God bless America.”

What did the WBC say? They said, “Bush is lying, your son didn’t die for a good cause – he died so Bush could promote fag marriage and fags in the military, and your son is roasting in Hell. God hates America, America is doomed.”

You know, when the WBC talked about the “fag Army” pre-2004, it didn’t make any sense did it. It was crazy; out of left field. Homosexuality was basically illegal in the military, a firing offense, and the US military was stuffed full of conservatives not known for their tolerant views on gay marriage.

You know, then we caught a first glimpse of the USA’s homosexual torture program. Sticking things up men’s asses. Forcing inmates to fellate each other. Dressing prisoners up in women’s underwear. All sorts of bondage – and everything heavily, heavily homo-sexualized.

Various “enhanced interrogation techniques” would slip out in the publics eye. In one case, a female soldier reached her hand down her pants, removed her bloody tampon, and smeared the blood on a detainee’s face while he was restrained. One of the most iconic images of the era was that of a female US soldier holding a leash connected to a dog collar of an Iraqi.

Sounds like something out of a FemDom BDSM porn doesn’t it?

As for religious taboos, pissing on Korans in front of detainees was par for the course. Also remember, all of this was done to “get intelligence” – whatever that means exactly.

Now, you see, while the Evangelical Christians and mega-churches and southern Republicans were singing “God Bless America” patting themselves on the back for the patriotism and support of Israel, and intoning quite seriously how we were in the Last Days in a fight with Islam to bring Jesus back …

… one group was actually taking on the “Official Christianity” of that time in America, and it sure as hell wasn’t a bunch of nerdy progressives pretending to be Satanists. That doesn’t even rise to the level of trolling Christians.

I’ll tell you what is trolling Christians – showing up at a public event where gasbag Republicans are talking about how much they love the troops and want to protect marriage, and holding up a sign that says “God hates America, Fag Troops.”

Let’s be honest – the Temple of Sataners wouldn’t have the fucking guts to do anything like that.

So the Temple of Sataner that showed up in the comments gets real, real butthurt about “racism.” You see, that’s his taboo. He is not in the least bit supportive of free speech for “racists” except for, perhaps, the most limited technical way. The think is, though, notice his reaction. Notice how quick he is to distance himself from “racists.” He uses one well-worn line, a class-based form of shaming. He is, essentially, calling “racists” “rednecks and poor white trash.” He says, only the worst sorts of white people are “racist” and that anyone who would be “proud” of the various accomplishments of the white race aren’t worthy of participating in them.

I’m telling you, once you notice it … white people who jump to show how totally “not racist” they are remind one of nothing so much as those totally-not-gay guys that go out of their way to angrily assert how totally not-gay they really are, often when no one was really even talking about that. Someone protesting too much, etc. It’s astonishing, sometimes, how utterly un-self-aware many on the left really are.

So, anyway, I knew these Satanists once and one of them was, at the time, gaining membership to a world-wide secret society of Satanists, a secret society that went back over 100 years. They would participate in Eyes Wide Shut style sex parties, do Satanic rituals, and read a lot of Crowley.

I think that gives one as much Satanic credibility as one can get, by the way. While I never did get involved, my girlfriend and I were propositioned by this guy’s girlfriend – she wanted to fuck us – and we had spent time partying at their five story, huge freaking house in a major Northeast city.

But these scenes – for some reason, you start worshiping Satan and bad shit starts to happen. So after one particular night of all sorts of crazy shit … one of the Satanists takes a hammer and starts bashing this girl’s head in.

Like I said, it was a bad scene man.

OK, let me put this in context