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A Radical Feminist, Not The Fun Kind

Andrea Dworkin was almost right:

I think we need to ask ourselves the question why men love prostitution so much? The fact of the matter is despite the rhetoric of men on the right and men on the left, they love prostitution a lot. The global proportion of the trafficking of women indicates that men like to buy and sell women. And that there’s a special kick in sex when you can pay somebody and use money as a symbol of their servitude, not as an agent of their independence but a symbol of their servitude. [1]

I think that what we’re dealing with with prostitution in all of its forms is the most basic kind of power there is; it’s a core definition of power, and that is, “I want it, you do it. I want it now, you do it now. Bend over.” [2] And when someone has that kind of power, that’s the same kind of power that kings had in feudal societies. And now it’s the power of every man, over every woman, because of these systems of trafficking in women, that exist all over the world. There’s clearly a sexual pleasure in destroying human dignity. [3] There is a sexual pleasure in repeated personal invasions of a person’s body and you don’t know the name of the person and you don’t care. She’s there because she has to be. [4]

Marriage – monogamy – was a part of civilization that feminists wanted destroyed, they destroyed it, now are upset that they have lost the privileges that civilized institution afforded them.

[1] Dworkin’s describing the thrill of market exchange and it’s the same thrill that a woman gets when she pays for the labor of a man to drive her, to fix her car, to massage her feet, or to build her a house.

[2] Dworkin, a lesbian, hated men’s sexuality, or more precisely, she hated heterosexuality – she, in fact, married a homosexual man and called him her “love” and her “life partner.” I don’t know about Dworkin specifically but it’s the stuff of common lesbian fantasy to “mentor” – i.e., seduce – a younger, less “powerful” woman. The notorious Vagina Monologues, in fact, had a woman thanking the adult lesbian who “seduced” her when she was 14. So, to lesbians, what they object to is the heterosexuality, not the power difference – in fact, power exchange is a key component of lesbian sexuality (as it is all women’s sexuality in general.) It’s one of the reason that “not the fun kind” of feminism never hit the mainstream, while the “fun kind of feminism” – “sex positive feminism” – *is* mainstream.

[3] Dworkin, and all radical feminists, are very similar to religious vegans and animal rights activists who decry the exploitation of animals by mankind. Humans eat animals, wear their skins, and they don’t even bother to name the animals.

What Dworkin’s feminism really is, is the same great emotional cry that all humans give when confronted with the reality that there is no “human dignity.” Humans are just animals, and the state of nature is the law of the jungle.

The irony is that there’s nothing in men’s pornography that is any worse than The Story of O – pornography for women, written by a woman. Dworkin would probably consider Ann Rice as a “handmaiden of patriarchy” but her Sleeping Beauty Chronicles was as humiliating for her male characters as it was for her female characters. It was a woman who wrote “Belinda” the touching story of a 16 year old girl in a “voluntary” relationship with an older, 30 something man. The book held no interest to men, it was written for women, from their perspective, to justify their own fantasies and sexual desires.

[4] Dworkin would almost certainly acknowledge that this applies to capitalism generally – and as a woman-centric feminist, she of course “centers” women as the central “good” in capitalism (not at all without good reason.)

Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle: when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.

The real irony is that Dworkin, the Jewess who said she would have been a Talmud scholar if they had let her, is literally longing for Christ. She bemoans the lack of “human dignity” and the lack of “brotherly love” (thus) that is idealized in Christianity. But the fact is, humans are incapable of “loving” each other, outside of close friends and family (and, especially, husbands and wives, which must have angered Dworkin, even though the only man she loved, she actually married, just presumably didn’t have sex with, because she was a lesbian.)

Humans, apes with bigger brains, only have 200 “empathy slots” for other human beings. You can empathize with, love, respect, and “dignify” – and remember the names of – just about 200 people. Evolutionarily, speaking, the number is a small village and extended clan (which makes perfect sense.)

There isn’t, and has never been, any inherent “dignity” for “humanity” as a whole – and Dworkin and the feminists are, of course, massive hypocrites, because women have never, throughout history, spent a single second agonizing over stepping over the bodies of “their own” dead men to find greener pastures, better food, and sexier men, on the other side of the river. Women have never afforded men any dignity, ever, but merely respected male power – and have evolved to be sexually aroused by male power. At the end of the day, what really disgusts women like Dworkin is the banality of male sexual desire. Like food, all it takes is a scent, a sight, and men start salivating. Women require a lot more indirection and need a lot more emotional play-acting, but that’s all it is – emotional play-acting. Women’s sexuality isn’t at all more “dignified” than men’s, and women are indifferent to male suffering – in fact, male suffering disgusts women.

But Dworkin – and the “not fun kind of feminists” – are completely correct about sexual power and the commodification of women. What they are objecting to is civilization and capitalism, two things they have no interest in ever giving up.

If Dworkin and the “not fun” kind of feminists ever got their wish, and civilization and capitalism were destroyed, we’d all be living in small, 200 person primitive villages, with no running water, matriarchal clan structures, parasite load, rampant STDs, and constant tribal warfare with the villages next door.

And the FIRST man who came up with something better, the FIRST man who invented a new technology that gave him a significant power advantage over his rival men – he wouldn’t NEED to “buy” any women, the women would be stepping over each other – and their own children, in fact – to get to that man, the one with the most beautiful peacock feathers.

What Dworkin is most sad about is that Jesus doesn’t love her, because there is no Jesus, and human beings – including women – have no inherent dignity. It’s all just jungle.

A Culture Free of Patriarchy

Run, Jeb, Run!

I really hope Jeb Bush runs – it puts George Jr. and Sr. back in play. Politics is all about making you forget the past, Bush vs. Clinton means the past is the campaign. Every single time Jeb Bush says something about terrorists, the blogs will and can hijack those talking points to talk about his brother’s failure to stop 9/11 – or the Anthrax attacks – or the DC sniper – and losing Iraq – no WMDs – it will be 2005 all over again!

Rand Paul is already doing this with the “classified 28 pages” of the Congressional 9/11 coverup. The 28 pages embarrass the Bush family by detailing their close working ties with the perpetrator/patsies of 9/11.

With Hillary running, it puts Bill back in play. Monica’s sucking skills provide the hook and the gimmick, and the actual content will be about how Gary Condit, whose Jewish girlfriend mysteriously disappeared just in time to knock him off on the Intelligence Committee during the run-up to 9/11. Hillary means “Benghazi” which means Petraeus – head of the CIA at the time. The Democrats are great because sex sells, tales of Bill fucking teenage girls on Epstein’s private island, how Zionist asset Haim Saban used to brag about helping Clinton out with his conquests. Billionaire Zionists throwing sex parties with Bill Clinton and Prince Edward – it’s got the sex hook and then you can provide context about the blackmail and espionage and Israeli assets.

Your Sister Gives Me Diamonds And I Give Them To Your Wife

It all makes sense now.

Remember when you people thought “Femen” was a real thing?

Femen was the “feminist activist” group that would go around showing their tittes in protest of something or other. The TV news pretended that this was a real political organization, and various spokeswimminz came on the TV to discuss how whatever something women’s rights and boobies. Conservatives would chant about crazy sluts and blogs made money from the clickbait pictures we’d click through hoping to see some titties.

Then Putin laughed, and there was a funny picture, and then the truth came out. Some wealthy businessman had hired a couple of call girls to pretend to be a political movement and stage various stunts. He’d pay their bail and lawyer fees if they got into any sort of trouble. When interviewed, the girls were pretty much exactly as you would have expected.

Now, admit it – you people – you totally bought it. You thought that these were “real radical feminists” and an actual “leftist” “movement.” You actually thought it was more than just an act, a TV show for your amusement.

Admit it. And if anyone were to have told you at the time that the whole thing was an act, a play, a publicity stunt – and that the girls were actually call girls – you wouldn’t believe it. You’d call it a “conspiracy theory.”

So, well, well, well, what do you know. I just randomly stumble across some woman posing as a “truther” who is actually being used to attack the main, most credible truth group, AE911Truth. She is brandishing apparent academic credentials in order to boost a case that is, on the face of it, absurd. Even if her credentials were fake, she’s smart enough to know she’s peddling bullshit. She seems to be somewhat associated with Dr. Judith Woods, and is doing Judith Wood’s schtick. They found thermite, so Woods went around attacking them and talking about … “energy beams” and “nukes.”

What do you know – no shit – this new woman I just discovered …

she used to turn tricks back in the day, just like Femen. I know her well. Maybe I used to drive her, or helped her with her postings. Sure, that works.

Now, I’m sure there are more than a few women that escorted their way through med school. But, do you get it? They hired these former call girls to do various “political” things, to take on various roles, to play act. In some cases, they become the face of whatever movement they are assigned too. Elizabeth Head was *THE* media star, she was *THE* go to celebrity 9/11 Family Survivor Victim. Of course, her story was completely made up, and she ran off the second her actual background was uncovered.

But you people keep falling for it, over and over again, so of course they are going to keep doing it.

So, you know, a gal took money to pretend to enjoy sex with various men, now she takes money pretending to research 9/11 and “debunk” the real truthers. She has “led” more than one “movement” as well – they recycle these actors. She has been all over the media now, for two “political movements,” and now is just getting popular in the truth community. Just like Elizabeth Head who latched onto the Jersey Girls. The characters change, and no one will remember the actors anyway.

It’s all so simple. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

Well the sun rose on the courtyard and they all did hear him say
You always was a judas but I got you anyway
You may have got your silver but I swear upon my life
Your sister gave me diamonds and I gave them to your wife

Oh father please help me for I have done wrong
The man’s too big, the man’s too strong

The Slut Power 5


So when I see the pictures in the newspaper, I recognize The Jew. I had seen him around the club and I knew he was involved in some way, but it seems like he was the guy actually running everything. Or at least, the highest ranking guy they got. It looked like he was going to be the fall guy one way or another. The guys that I worked with were amateurs, no doubt, and things had gotten way, way out of hand. You’re supposed to be discreet about these things. Sure, everybody knew these girls were doing more than lapdances, but it was all supposed to be hush hush, in a back room, behind a curtain, that sort of thing. But at one of the clubs – oh yeah, there were a few – the one in the Village, it had just gotten ridiculous. Just full out orgies, everybody fucking in front of everybody else. Snorting lines off of the girls tits, that sort of thing. It should have never gotten to that level.

So it was only a matter of time. Fucking Bitch was a cop. She didn’t come from me. She said she would only do massages, she ever brought one of those fucking fold out massage tables. I have no idea which idiot let her in, that should have been a tell right there. She floats from our club, to the one in the Village, where she witnesses the whole thing. Next day, the cops show up. I’m hearing all this second hand. The cops separate the men from the women, get everyone’s IDs, and made a bunch of arrests. Including Miss Baltimore. Word got to my cousin who called me. I nearly flipped my shit. I took down the site immediately, I wiped all records off of all my computers and took the backups down to the Shore and hid them, burying the hard drive in a coffee can in the back yard.


By the paper’s account, The Jew had started the whole thing. The guy I worked with was evidently just some street pimp that got hooked up into this and promoted to run one of the clubs, the safe one. I told my cousin to get rid of whatever he was holding, to dump it in the river if he had to. To expect a visit from the po-po and likely arrest. At least a questioning. I could tell he wasn’t going to do it. He’s always been just too fucking greedy for his own good, losing a few thousand in product is not going to set us back enough to justify the risk. I seriously, seriously considering calling up a guy and kicking my cousin’s ass, just to scare him.

Fortunately for us, the story was quickly buried by an even bigger bust, of big time guys. They were running some elite escort ring and the madame was trying to pull a DC Madame thing, claiming she had high ranking politicians and CEOs in her customer list, etc. It didn’t work for the DC Madame – she would up dead – don’t know what happened to this woman.

So piecing it together, it went something like this. Guiliani had stamped down on the strip clubs as part of his clean up the city effort. Then, after 9/11, all NYPD resources were directed towards counter-terrorism, which basically everybody knew was just free money from the feds to pretend to look for non-existent terrorists. A lot of that money was just plain and simple pay-offs for looking the other way and not asking too many questions about 9/11. Someone actually did a study of payments made to FDNY, it was spread out system wide, instead of concentrated to the firehouses that had actually lost their people in the towers. The payments were heavily tilted towards officers, top guys, instead of rank and file firemen. Even some of the victims weren’t real. Totally phoney names, made up stories.

Guilty as sin, free as a bird
Guilty as sin, free as a bird

So with the strip clubs getting pushed out of business, and the internet becoming mainstream, The Jew had the bright idea of starting a private club. The first thing he had done was rent a bar in midtown and hold a huge party, announce it online, and collect emails and the like. $20 lapdances from Russian girls. That was sort of the announcement. Then, guys would sign up with their email address, go through some sort of vetting process. At first, it really was just lapdances, just hanging out with pretty girls. It quickly became a full on deal until the blow up at the club in the Village.

My cousin left town shortly thereafter. I was never questioned, the website never came up in the newspapers. At least I was smart enough to keep a distance between the website and the club. They talked to Geek Girl, then we gave their numbers to the guys at the club. Technically speaking, we were doing nothing illegal with the website.

Uh, that’s it I guess. End of story. I never got involved in anything like that since. The statute of limitations had run its course.

Looks like I got away with it. 🙂


The Slut Power 4

Miss Baltimore
Miss Baltimore

I guess I really only have two regrets. First, I regret what happened to Miss Baltimore. It was inevitable really. I promised myself I wouldn’t touch any of these girls, but I made an exception for Miss Baltimore. Any red blooded man would have. You just don’t turn down an opportunity like that. I got in – and out – before her inevitable decline. She was barely 21 and it didn’t take long.

My second regret is letting my cousin stay with me. Oh, I knew he was trouble, he always had been. Of all my family, he was the most like me, in personality. A hard core introvert that nevertheless could turn on the charm – and turn it off just as quickly. He’d been a petty drug dealer since he was a teenager, and while I might have some, ah, moral flexibility, my cousin simply had no morals at all. Likely the very day he got his driver’s license and a car, he would be going up to East Baltimore and buying coke from the blacks, bringing it back to the suburbs and throwing parties. The stories he told me, I wouldn’t have believed him, except that I knew him.

If you are the father of a daughter, stop reading now. You’re not going to like this. If you’re the mother of a daughter, go ahead and keep reading, because you know how y’all are. My cousin and I, guys like us, we figured out you ladies a long time ago. My cousin – if these fathers only knew what he was doing to their daughters, he would have been shot and dumped in some ditch a long time ago. These fathers don’t know, but the mothers do. Because the mothers remember what it was like when they were their daughter’s age, and they are essentially in a conspiracy with other women to keep men in the dark about the way women really are. Some of us men, though, we escaped the reservation as it were.

Now I am not the type of guy that would trade cocaine for blowjobs from neighborhood girls. But my cousin? Yeah, he would. And worse. And he kept getting away with this sort of thing. He never got caught. Well, he did get caught once, selling dimebags in Central Park like a moron. He got back one night visibly shaking, told me the story of how NYPD had caught him, but when they found out he was just peddling dime bags of weed, not coke, they let him go. But not before he thought long and hard about what it would be like to spend the night in a NYC jail as a skinny white boy. No, of course it wasn’t enough to scare him straight, but at least he tried to avoid such stupid bonehead moves in the future.

My Cousin
My Cousin

Well just before he came to stay with me, I had met Geek Girl at some tech party. She was just 17. She fancied herself a hacker and loved hanging around geek boys. I had gone to this event with Crazy Bitch, who was at that point acting as my “wing man” trying to peddle me off to some other girl, I guess. But then every time I would replace her, as it were, she would get jealous. It was Geek Girl, though, that got her really jealous. Anyway, 17 is too young for me, so I pawned Geek Girl off on my cousin, they got along great and were happily humping the day they met. That did not stop Geek Girl propositioning me every time my cousin wasn’t around, though. I was older and girls want nothing more than the attention of an older man. At some point, just after her 18th birthday, I gave in one night. It was pretty damn hot, but I felt really bad since in theory, she was my cousin’s. Whatever. When Crazy Bitch found out that I had been fucking Geek Girl, she went ballistic. My cousin and Geek Girl had been staying with us, and my cousin was out of town for a week, so I guess it just happened. Crazy Bitch actually started a fight over who’s bed I would sleep in that night, hers, with her, or mine, with Geek Girl. I sarcastically, sadistically said, hey, let’s all sleep in my bed, but that just got her even more pissed.

When Geek Girl finally started college, she just assumed Computer Science would be a natural fit, and since she was an accomplished script kiddie, she wouldn’t have any problems. Ah, the boldness of youth. She failed all of her classes, dropped out after one semester, took a look at her life, and decided to join the Army. I saw her when she got out of boot camp, the most self-confident I had ever seen her, and the happiest. I saw her once more, after her tour of Iraq was cut short for reasons she didn’t want to talk about and was honorably discharged after less than a year. She wasn’t the same person at all. All the joy was gone. The bright, happy, bubbly Geek Girl that I had met was replaced by a haggard, sad, paranoid woman that couldn’t even look you in the eye.

Ah, the Bush years. America, where we send out 19 year old girls half way around the world to fight foreigners. At least she didn’t turn out to be a teenage mother! That would have been terrible, ruining her life like that. I doubt she’ll ever have kids now.

Geek Girl
Geek Girl

So, anyway, I hook up my cousin with these guys, and he starts working the door at the club. I also have Geek Girl calling the models. I figured they would be more at ease talking to a woman. Geek Girl was only slightly aware of what all this meant. She said she wanted to be a model too. I laughed at her. I told her, sure, she was pretty enough, but you don’t want to be doing this. Thinking back on it now, she probably would have been better off doing whatever these girls were doing at these parties.

So, my cousin and I, we’ve got a whole little thing going on now. We’re recruiting models online, hooking them up with these guys, and we have a little distribution business going on between Manhattan and our place down the Shore. We are rolling in money and pussy.

But these things never last.

K FlayParty


The Slut Power 3

I’m home, I grab a beer out of the fridge and sort of pace back and forth in the kitchen, thinking about this whole thing. Am I committing any felonies or misdemeanors? Probably not. Am I putting myself in any sort of civil legal jeapordy? Likely no. Am I in any physical danger? I wouldn’t think so. These guys seemed like amateurs from the beginning. Then again, amateurs might be more dangerous than professionals. I had a feeling this guy was a hot head. And he liked to talk. Surely that’s not a good thing.


It started innocently enough. I saw an ad online: “Computer Genius Needed.” Some guy wanted a website made, and considering the ad got all the jargon wrong, it was obvious they didn’t know the first thing about these new fangled internets. These types were sometimes good for a couple of thousand or so. I’d kick some down to my friend that was an actual computer genius if I needed help. So I email the guy, he sends me a number and I call him. He runs a modeling agency, wants a website. Lots of pictures of models, and a way for the girls to apply. “Models Wanted. 18-28. Good pay, please include one picture of face and one full length picture of body.” “I am this tall. My hair color is this. I weight this. This is my phone number.” Pretty straight forward, should be easy. Easy money, never turn it down.

So after I meet the guy, it’s clear what I’m dealing with. I don’t know why the first time we met he tells me he got out of prison not long ago, but whatever. He had money, and he bought me a nice cigar and a glass of wine, so I listen to him ramble. I tell him, sure I can do the job, it will cost something up front, and something on a regular basis. He finds this reasonable. We throw around some numbers, and I can barely contain myself at finding this particular inefficiency in the market. So we shake hands, plan to meet again in a week and finalize the deal. I made some noise about signing a contract, a non-disclosure, but he didn’t seem to understand or care. He said he’d pay in cash. I’m thinking, “jackpot!”

So I put up the website and the girls start applying. It was an enlightening experience. It got to the point where I couldn’t wait to check the applications the next day. Were there really this many girls desperate to be models? Every day, I’m sorting through these applications, and looking through the pictures these girls submitted. Girls from all over the place, all over America. Plenty of diversity, plenty of women with foreign names, too. Girls as young as 18, with pictures that may as well have been their yearbook pictures, to rough looking 40 year olds dressed like prostitutes. Even though we had a disclaimer, “do not sent nude pictures” we still got plenty. The girls were supposed to write something about themselves, and it ranged from an obvious “byline” from professional, attractive models, to unintentional comedy from various silly girls.


The guys who were paying me had no clue about any of this, except for what I told them and showed them. This sort of online thing was still pretty new. It was fast becoming popular but there were no rules. And, it illustrated clearly the old PT Barnum saying, “there’s a sucker born every minute.” Most average, normal, everyday people – especially the young – were just like, “ok, put this in the computer and push the button. Upload a picture. Look, this modeling agency has a professional looking website and they pay really well! I’ll apply. Here’s my number.”

So, I’m sort of the middle man. These guys are creating an illusion for these girls, that they can be New York models, go to fancy parties, and be admired for their looks. And I’m creating an illusion for these guys, that this internet stuff is really hard, and really expensive, and if they want these model applications to keep coming in, they are going to have to keep paying me. I took to writing the copy myself. I just wrote out a fantasy about models, actresses, MTV extras, glitzy New York nightlife, and fancy parties.

Hell, it’s basically a dating site.

The applications just kept rolling in.