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The Nerds/Geeks Brought It On Themselves

Linus Torvalds has stepped down as the leader of his own project, Linux, after many years of complaints about his rudeness. Linux has now adopted a “Code of Conduct” which many correctly fear is an entry point for Social Justice Warriors (SJWs.) As soon as the Code of Conduct was adopted, a professional SJW, Sage Sharp, the same SJW behind the adoption of the Code of Conduct, tried to get a Linux developer, Ted Tso, fired for being a “rape apologist.” (Tso should have immediately pulled the race card, as Sharp is White and Tso is Asian…)

Now, computer nerds are in a state of panic, rightly worried that they are next and that these Codes of Conducts are going to be used against them and that their culture is under attack by outsiders.



But Computer Nerds brought this on themselves, because “Nerd” it itself a type of Social Justice Warrior identity.

There’s a fascinating article from a trade publication back in the 1970s where they are describing the typical “computer programmer.” They describe a stereotypical “autistic” type that likes “computers more than people.” This article was directed towards CEOs and Human Resource professionals who may have to hire computer programmers at a time when computers were just starting to appear outside of the military and businesses like IBM. This article may actually have been influential in the creation of the “nerd” stereotype.

What was fascinating about the article is its assertion that, unlike regular workers, “computer programmers were not motivated by money.” This was, of course, welcome news to business owners that didn’t understand computers and were worried about the cost of hiring computer programmers. The article went on to describe ways to recruit and motivate programmers without having to pay them too much money.

As computer technology began to become more important in all phases of business/capitalism, there appeared this new social identity, that of a “nerd.” These “nerds” would often wear their low social status as a badge of honor and quite often identified themselves as an “oppressed” minority that the majority didn’t understand. They often, in fact, engaged in a sort of “supremacy” where they declared they were “smarter” than “normal” people thus their “oppressors” were, in fact, inferior.

In the 1990s computer programmers – “nerds” or “geeks” – began to be seen by many women as desirable because these “nerds” and “geeks” were making money. Indeed, technology since the 1990s has been an excellent way for middle class white men to rise in the class hierarchy of America. But some of the original “nerds” and “geeks” complained about this, especially the rise of the “brogrammer.”

He Probably Deserved It

“Brogrammers” were not attacked because they were less intelligent or less skilled than the “nerds.” They were attacked for supposedly “only being in it for the money” and not really liking technology like the “nerds” do and thinking of their job as just a job, instead of an “identity.”

These “nerds” also claim that technologists are into “comic books” and “sci fi” and were bullied in high school because of how smart they were. “Nerd” culture is full of fantasies of “getting back” at the “jocks” who supposedly attacked them in high school and how technology will make the “nerds” the “alpha males.”

This “nerd” identity coincided with the understanding of autism and Aspberger’s syndrome. Notice that “aspies” – or those “on the spectrum” – are also an SJW identity – just as obnoxious as “transgendered” people are. Autistics come up with “rules” on how other people are supposed to treat them – differently than “neurotypical” people are treated. Autistics don’t yet have their own pronouns, but it’s only a matter of time.

So these nerds in their nerd culture spent the last 30 years whining about the “normals” and how “oppressed” they were, and how they were, in fact, morally superior to other because of their nerdiness (we only care about the tech! We’re more objective than others!)

Autistics and nerds all think they are Mr. Spock, when in reality they tend to be Sheldon Coopers – immature, emotionally vacuous, petty, cruel, self-important, blind to their own faults. They are the opposite of objective.

An aside: no one has ever explained to me why reading Spiderman comics – as a child or an adult – somehow magically maps to a high IQ or some sort of talent for computer programming. Certainly that hasn’t been my experience, the “comic book nerds” I’ve known in my life with intellectual (and artistic) mediocrities. The original Star Trek was a good show – a bit hokey, but decent for its time. But considering that all it did was take the best science fiction plots from actual science fiction literature and simplified them for a one hour show, was pretty derivative and not particularly original.

The Next Generation was an awful show, horribly acted, lame plots, wooden dialogue. While the original Star Trek was all about Cold War liberalism, Next Generation WAS Social Justice Warriorism – a white collar office – IN SPACE – racially diverse, and even added in homosexuality and transgenderism.

So now these nerds – especially the straight white males – are being hoisted on their own petards. They spent 30 years whining how “oppressed” they were, they complained about “jocks” and “brogrammers” that “bullied” them, they complained about how “normal” people just didn’t understand them because they were just smarter and more morally “pure” than everyone else.

So along comes the SJWs with even MORE moral superiority, even MORE fringe interests, even MORE “oppressed” status, and the straight white male nerds are getting kicked down the Hierarchy of Oppression.

Here’s a thought: maybe you were bullied in school because you were an asshole. Maybe YOU need to learn how to adapt to “normal” people, not the other way around. Maybe your skills in a very narrow field do not make you “morally superior.”

And maybe the fact you are into low-brow crap like comic books does not, in fact, have anything to do with skill as a computer programmer.

You whined like a victim for 30 years, now even BIGGER VICTIMS are coming to take away your status.

Take it from a “brogrammer” (who got laid like tile in high school and college, thank you very much) who made a bit of “fuck you” money back in the day by leveraging actual skills, NOT by “identifying as a geek” …


Women Find Sexist Men Sexier

In the very clever and very good “meta-sitcom” “Little Mosque on the Prairie” the White wife says it’s “exciting” that the imam is asking her husband for her daughter’s hand in marriage. Her friend asks, “but isn’t that sexist?” The wife replies, “well, yes it’s sexist. But it’s exciting too. Kind of like Mel Gibson, it’s exciting AND sexist!”

In my continuing series restating the obvious about women and men, here’s another obviously obvious point: women prefer sexist men.


Women are more attracted to men who are sexist because they think they are more willing to protect them, provide for them and commit to a relationship, scientists say.

Men who are considered to be sexist in a well-meaning way – for example if they are chivalrous or think women need a man to protect them – may be more attractive.

Even though women find these men patronising and can feel undermined by them, they are more likely to want to couple up with them than with men who don’t give them special treatment.

Researchers say women may be hard-wired to think the benefits of being with a kind but sexist man outweigh the downsides. …

And even women who consider themselves strong feminists showed the same preferences in the study by British and US researchers.

Gender Critical

I have a morbid fascination with the Gender Critical reddit forum. It’s a “radical feminist” forum, and many on reddit consider it a “hate sub.”

It really is just the female version of the “Red Pill” or the “Men’s Rights Activists” or even the “Incels.” They pretty openly hate men, and admit it in a way that the “misogynist” subs would never admit they hate women.

Many on reddit do label Gender Critical a “hate” sub, but not because they hate men – because they don’t consider “transgendered” men women. They refuse to accept the propaganda phrase “Trans women are women.”

Of course, it’s obvious that “trans women are women” is false. If it were true it wouldn’t need the “thought terminating cliche.” “Trans women” are just men wearing dresses. Those that undergo “sex reassignment surgery” are still men, just mutilated men, men with enhanced circumcision that have been poisoned with artificial estrogen – just like Alex Jones’ Gay Frogs, in fact. (OMG – ALEX JONES WAS RIGHT!)

I just can’t help but feel some sympathy for these women. They are right about “transgendered.” They are right about men’s “objectification” of women. AFAIK, homosexual men “objectify” men. It’s just testosterone.

So these women hating men for male biology really are the equivalent of men hating women for female biology.

The Gender Critics are also mostly correct about “gender” too. “Sex” is a biological reality, “gender” is a social construct. There is nothing “natural” about women wearing skirts – see Scottish kilts. There is nothing “natural” about women shaving their armpits or men having short hair. As someone once posted here, sex roles are not entirely socially “constructed” – instead they are socially reinforced.

Only women can nurse babies, so child care is basically a woman’s job – due to biology. Of course, men can take care of children – historically, men took charge or raising boys at about the age of 7. But child care is a woman’s job precisely because of the biology involved – and only ideological fanatics would object to that.

Ironically, it’s precisely at this point that the Gender Critical Feminists become the biology-deniers they rightly criticize the “transgenders” for.

What draws these women to radical feminism? Some perfectly legitimate objections to prostitution/pornography. But also some illegitimate reasons – such as their shallow hatred of men and their obvious agenda to recruit straight women to lesbianism. Lots of them utterly whine about being “invisible” to men as they age – apparently, they DEMAND male sexual attention, until they get it, then they complain about “objectification” – then when they don’t get it anymore, they complain about “invisibility.”

As they say, women want “fried ice.”

Occasionally, they will step right to the edge of racial reality – they hate men of color too – but they quickly correct themselves.


Radical Feminists Are The Only Interesting Feminists

Reddit.com is going through another bout of censorship and it’s typical – “Nazi” subreddits are being banned, the minority of “right wing” and some principled types are complaining that Communist and other radical left subs and comments – often openly encouraging violence – are still being allowed.

But one new development is rather interesting, some transgender activists are demanding a radical feminist sub, https://reddit.com/r/gendercritical, be banned for “transphobia.” GenderCritical is a “radical feminist” sub that does not accept that “transwomen” are real women, rejects the entire “trans” movement, and posits that “transwomen” are really just men, dressing up or otherwise mimicking women, in order to invade women’s spaces.

The intersection of radical feminism and traditional (Western, Christian) morality has always fascinated me. In the 1970s, feminists and Christians both fought against pornography and the sex/prostitution industry.

Another interesting development: in England, a feminist conference was violently “protested” by transsexual activists that have weaponized the term “TERF” – Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist. The trans activists made the simple comparison: TERFs are “Nazis” and since it’s ok to punch a “Nazi” it’s ok to punch a “TERF.” One proceeded to do just that – a man wearing a dress punched an elderly woman feminist in the face, and the trans activists justified it because TERF=Nazi and it’s ok to “punch a Nazi.”

Reading the GenderCritical subreddit is fascinating, you have the same bizarre mix you typically see with feminism. On the one hand, there are silly girls being bitchy and obvious man-hating shrews moaning about the patriarchy, and the ever present leftists trying to pair Black men and “women-as-a-class” as being “oppressed” by the White Male Patriarchy.

But you also have some quite sensible women making quite sensible points – why is it that “liberal feminists” are siding with radical Islamics, perhaps the most openly “misogynist” culture there is? You have quite sensible women decrying prostitution and the sex industry, the recently deceased (bisexual CIA lackey) Hugh Hefner, and very legitimate normal seeming women decrying boorish behavior on the part of men. All perfectly understandable and even a “right wing” liberal racist sexist like this author finds myself nodding in agreement with half of what these women are saying.

I came across a fascinating site, https://trustyourperceptions.wordpress.com/ which is a radical lesbian separatist feminist site that has some very interesting biological analyses about sex – literally, on the cellular level. In this analysis, maleness itself, the Y-chromosome, is a sort of parasite. I don’t know enough biology to properly judge how much of this is true or false, but some things that stuck out for me:

– Semen: Men’s Chemical War Against Women. Past Evolutionary Context for Seminal Engineering: how females not signaling estrus trumped males.

It’s been discussed that semen has “calming” – or in this analysis, paralyzing, effects on women. Semen is a way for the y-chromosome to inject itself into women, turn off one of the x-chromosomes, and actually inhibits parthenogenesis – the creation of a baby without a male “sperm donor.”

– The invention of the birth control pill coincided with the mainstreaming of oral sex

This seems to be somewhat of E. Michael Jones style coincidence-shopping, but it’s still rather interesting. Spermicides and birth control and other ways of killing sperm/preventing impregnation of women were followed quickly by men figuring out other ways of getting semen into women. The vagina can be a very sperm hostile place and “sperm competition” is an evolutionary explanation for a lot of seemingly unintuitive aspects of human sexuality. The author notes that injecting sperm into a woman’s throat is a way of getting semen into a woman’s body which, while not making her pregnant, does in fact have some of the “calming”/”paralyzing” effect on women. It makes women “docile” – it’s like a species that has a toxin that paralyzes its prey, but in this case, it perpetuates the y-chromosome.

The author also notes that anal sex is now being mainstreamed, another way of getting semen into a woman’s body that, while obviously not getting a woman pregnant or perpetuating the y-chromosome, does allow semen into a woman’s body to work its paralyzing effect. We’ve seen studies showing that genetic material from sperm shows up in women’s brains.

She also notes that the porno mainstreaming of “facials” and otherwise ejaculating on women is yet another way to get the chemicals and hormones found in semen into women through their pores! For these lesbian separatists, semen itself is a sort of toxin – talk about “toxic masculinity!” There’s also some interesting discussing of female/males of other animal species. To her, semen itself is toxic (it certainly is a carrier of disease) and the “male hormone” testosterone is the obvious “cause” of violence. Feminists are completely correct that women are – “as a class” – at the mercy of male violence (as are other men, of course.) Testosterone makes men fight other men and then they inject that “toxic masculinity” into women, perpetuating the y chromosome.

This is sort of a futurist “evolutionary end of men” type thing, but it would be pointless – and rather girlish – of “manosphere” types to get angry or outraged by this stuff; I find it really quite interesting and as a “race and sex realist” and someone who thinks evolutionary biology can likely explain the human condition more than anything else (religion, metaphysics, etc.) I’m looking forward to reading her new posts:

* The Chicken IS the Egg. Parthenogenesis and the Mysterious Evolution of Males.

* Testosterone: What it Does.

* X-Inactivation: How Dudes’ Dying-Y-Asses Get Saved as One of Women’s Two X-Chromosomes is Turned Off for Life.

* Female Bonding/Female Trashing: Chimps, Bonobos and Homo Sapiens

I also found out that the first “manosphere” post that I ever made – the one that had me libeled by the male feminist manboobz.com and made me a two year long hit on the reddit.com manosphere subs – actually has scientific proof for what I posited: it’s called the “Cheerleader Effect.”

I suggested that men in groups – the “mannerbund” – made men more attractive to women, and what do you know – it does. And women in groups – like a cheerleading squad – also makes women more attractive to men.


To finish off, here’s a kind of interesting “male feminist” media analysis of the “Born Sexy Yesterday” trope. It’s Beta Male Geek Fantasy – some alien/robot with a woman’s body but the naive mind of a girl falls in love with geek boy who gets to introduce her to the wonders of sex – and he’s the Alpha Male for her because she knows nothing of the world. It’s really just the male version of 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight. In 50SOG and Twilight, Alpha Male CEO Businessman – or Sexy Supernatural Vampire with Magical Powers – falls head over heels in love with Average Everygirl.

But of course the purpose of the “deconstruction” of the Born Sexy Yesterday trope is simply to sell cuckoldry to men, the male feminist ends with demanding that sci-fi media creators stop selling youth and virginity and chastity as sexy, and instead tell men that “experience is sexy” – i.e., Man Up And Marry Those Sluts – and that any man who wants the youth, chastity, virginity (and by extension, fertility) of a woman is just “fearful” and “scared” and “insecure” – he’s just afraid that her former lovers may have had a bigger dick and be better in bed.

Both sides – the radical feminists and the liberal male feminists – as well as the “dudebros” and pornographers and Hugh Hefner Playboy PUAs – want to continue to destroy monogamy, thus the nuclear family, thus humanity itself – but they always “just happen” to only target Whites, of course. Monogamy – patriarchy – is a delicate balance of women’s and men’s evolutionary interests that preserves the recessive traits of Northwestern Europeans and gives men an incentive to invest in their children (and the mothers of their children) – thus creating White civilization. So of course it is constantly attacked. Kevin MacDonald’s analysis of the European Catholic Church comes into play here (and it’s not at all a completely pro-Catholic analysis either) – but for 1000 years it was Christianity that spread the monogamy of the Roman Empire to Europeans generally, thus had a significant impact of the genetics of the White race.

Born Sexy Yesterday

Owning, Spanking, and Tickling Women

Jim at http://blog.jim.com recently wrote an ignorant, deceitful, and completely bullshit article about 9/11. The commenters suggested that someone put him up to it. It’s likely a fair assumption he’s lying because he has to – he’s clearly not stupid enough to believe any of it.

But Jim has some things very right, especially on women. He writes constantly about spanking women, even beating women, and the nature of women and “Pauline marriage” – i.e., the Christian ideal of marriage that was commonplace until maybe 75 years ago.

I can’t help but be partial to a man who understands wife spanking as well as he does – and nothing is funnier to me than reading the comments of men shocked – SHOCKED I tell you – that a man would ever spank his wife, or otherwise dominate her in any way.



We brand cattle and otherwise mark our property, and if you won’t brand your woman, say, tattoo your name on her ass, she’s like to do something awful like cutting herself. Don’t people realize that regular maintenance spankings take care of this? If they don’t get it in real life, they will read 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight and fantasize about it, or make up pornographic Fraternity Rape fantasies like that woman that Rolling Stone wrote about.

I remember the first time a girl told me she was going to kill herself because I never fucked her. We made out a lot, but never went all the way, for various reasons. So after I stopped paying much attention to her, she called me up one night and told me she had swallowed a bunch of pills because she couldn’t live anymore. I had to call her mom, who of course rushed her to the hospital. Trust me – it was a downer.

Then there was the virgin who after a few months of rogering in the back of her daddy’s SUV, told me what she really wanted was for me to tie her up, blindfolded, and rape her. Look folks – she came from a loving family with a doting step-dad (hmm… well she had never met her biological father. Um, never mind.) She was well-adjusted. My parents loved her and wanted us to get married. She was 16 – and at 16 she was already fantasizing about handcuffs and blindfolds. Sure, I did it, but my heart wasn’t in it – I just didn’t get it.

Another girlfriend – who was literally a sex machine that wanted to do it multiple times a day – she would push and push and push until I grabbed her and held her down and raped her – which usually ended with her smiling and humming to herself as she made us dinner afterwards. I may have had all sorts of second-thoughts and complicated emotional reactions about how I treated her, but she sure as hell didn’t. That relationship ended when I stopped – I just didn’t have the energy into dominating her all the time, and so she basicall wandered off. I was pissed, but instead of dragging her by the hair back to my place, I just sort of started ignoring her and we just sort of drifted apart. The after-break-up sex lasted a few more months but the spell had been broken.

Then there was the waitress who matter of factly told me to put my hands around her throat and stop her from breathing when I was fucking her. Not a lot, just a little. She didn’t want me to kill her or anything. She just needed to be immobilized to the point where she couldn’t even breathe, and that was enough to make her orgasm.

And spanking? Good lord. That even barely counts as kinky. That’s just run of the mill routine. Hair pulling? Holding her wrists down? They show stuff like that on prime-time television, it’s so commonplace.

I – of course – was writing about this stuff since before this blog, and it was a regular feature on this blog since the beginning, and I used to get hassled by the “BDSM community” for pointing out how politically incorrect – not to mention anti-feminist – this stuff really is. It points to an impulse, one that comes from millions of years of evolution, that both hard core feminists – and fake “Christian” Male Church Ladies want to pretend doesn’t exist.

50 Shades, of course, but back ten years ago it was “Secretary” – oh, man, you should have seen the ink spilled about that movie. It was hugely popular among the Fashionable Liberal Women set who watches indie films, but it was just so “problematic” they had to write about it over, and over, and over again.

Go back even more and it’s the Story of O. The literary types were adamant it was written by a man, but of course it was written by a woman – ONLY a woman could have written the story of O.

Hitting your woman with a stick

Jim may sometimes exaggerate to make a point, but the point remains. Women aren’t men. They don’t think like men, they don’t fuck like men, they don’t react the way men do. And most men don’t understand them.

The only time I ever lost a woman was because I *didn’t* rough her up, I *didn’t* take ownership, I *didn’t* claim her as my property. Women don’t want a boyfriend or a fuck buddy, they want an owner. Sure – lots of women would rather be owned by her boss rather than her husband, but Boss and Secretary is basically their second most common sexual fantasy, just after “kidnapped by a rival gang/warrior, and enslaved in the harem of a slightly but not too exotic foreign chief, where she fucks/births her way to the top of the harem.

Jim’s also right about race, which makes his cucking over 9/11 so much more disappointing, but I guess you can’t win them all.


From Male Ally To Full Fledged Feminist

You know what’s the opposite of a Social Justice Warrior? An Anti-Social Unfair Coward, that’s what! Think about it.

Jails, Churches, and Bars

All of society is jails, churches, and bars. People go to bars to forget the other two.

— earl @ Dalrock

The apprentices of the Dark Enlightenment are all around you, marching through your institutions. We recognize one another, form conspiratorial groups, and wait for the Cathedral to make the mistakes we know all too well how to exploit.

We are young, male, and aggressive. We are the product of a generation that has been consistently betrayed by the schools, the media, and by fake conservatives. Your “morality” is the knife you’ll thrust between our ribs if we don’t strike first.

We have identified our enemies and pass our knowledge on to the next generation. Within a few decades, a new crop of radical political actors will step onto the scene, and all the denunciations in the world won’t be able to stop their advance.

— Ryan Bell


White alpha-males aren’t what they used to be. White alpha males make too much money legally to get carried away with this nonsense. This is a movement of white guys who are angry because they did not get into Berkeley and because so many Orientals and East Indians did.

— John Engelemen


Yeah. No fucking Star Trek, white man. You have millennia of better references. The Matrix fetish is bad enough in these parts.

The Jedis, Darth Vader of the Sith, Yoda, sweet suffering fuck. Don’t you know there’s a war on, child?

— Matthew King http://heartiste.wordpress.com/2014/01/21/goodbye-america-juxtaposition-edition/#comment-520854

Postcapitalist Cultural Theory and Discourse

“Class is fundamentally used in the service of colonialist perceptions of truth,” says Bataille; however, according to Prinn[1] , it is not so much class that is fundamentally used in the service of colonialist perceptions of truth, but rather the fatal flaw, and subsequent stasis, of class. In Models, Inc., Spelling analyses postcapitalist cultural theory; in Beverly Hills 90210, however, he denies postcultural deconstructivism. In a sense, Sontag suggests the use of postcapitalist cultural theory to read reality.

The main theme of de Selby’s[2] essay on cultural discourse is not, in fact, narrative, but neonarrative. The subject is interpolated into a textual paradigm of consensus that includes culture as a reality. It could be said that the premise of postcapitalist cultural theory holds that reality is capable of truth.

Several discourses concerning substructural narrative exist. Therefore, Baudrillard promotes the use of postcapitalist cultural theory to attack the status quo.

The example of cultural discourse intrinsic to Burroughs’s Naked Lunch is also evident in Junky. Thus, the subject is contextualised into a textual narrative that includes narrativity as a totality.

Derrida uses the term ‘textual postdialectic theory’ to denote the role of the observer as participant. In a sense, the characteristic theme of the works of Burroughs is the common ground between class and sexual identity.

Many constructions concerning the paradigm, and hence the stasis, of semioticist class may be revealed. Thus, Lyotard uses the term ‘cultural discourse’ to denote a pretextual reality.

“Sexual identity is unattainable,” says Foucault. Capitalist deappropriation states that society has significance. It could be said that an abundance of narratives concerning postcapitalist cultural theory exist.

The primary theme of Wilson’s[3] analysis of Sontagist camp is not discourse as such, but subdiscourse. The characteristic theme of the works of Burroughs is the absurdity of postcultural class. However, any number of theories concerning the difference between society and sexual identity may be found.

If one examines cultural discourse, one is faced with a choice: either accept semantic neosemioticist theory or conclude that the collective is capable of deconstruction. The subject is interpolated into a Sontagist camp that includes narrativity as a totality. In a sense, Derrida suggests the use of capitalist sublimation to modify and analyse reality.

The main theme of Dietrich’s[4] essay on Sontagist camp is a self-justifying paradox. The subject is contextualised into a dialectic narrative that includes sexuality as a totality. It could be said that the premise of Sontagist camp suggests that class, ironically, has objective value, given that reality is interchangeable with culture.

In The Last Words of Dutch Schultz, Burroughs examines postcapitalist cultural theory; in Naked Lunch, although, he denies cultural discourse. Therefore, if postcapitalist cultural theory holds, we have to choose between Sontagist camp and the neocultural paradigm of reality.

The subject is interpolated into a postcapitalist cultural theory that includes art as a paradox. But Baudrillard uses the term ‘cultural discourse’ to denote the common ground between reality and sexual identity.

The fatal flaw, and eventually the absurdity, of Sontagist camp which is a central theme of Burroughs’s The Last Words of Dutch Schultz emerges again in Naked Lunch, although in a more textual sense. Therefore, the subject is contextualised into a cultural discourse that includes art as a totality.

The primary theme of the works of Burroughs is not discourse, but postdiscourse. Thus, Sontag’s critique of Sontagist camp states that the significance of the writer is significant form.

Many dematerialisms concerning cultural discourse exist. But Debord promotes the use of presemioticist dialectic theory to deconstruct outdated perceptions of sexuality.