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The Real Reason Yarvin’s Catholic Neo-Reaction Hates Puritans

I’m likely going to retire this handle/blog and I haven’t posted in character in quite a while, so I’m taking the opportunity to ride my hobby-horses and go out in style.

I wish I still believed in the hard core confessional Presbyterianism of my youth. My brain isn’t in it, but my heart is still there. It’s like still being in love with your deceased wife.


SmokingFlax: Puritan Board Sophomore

I can’t help but feel greatly deceived regarding the subject of the Jewish religion since I have come across a website that contains the “traditions of the elders” of the Jewish religion …a.k.a. The Talmud…

Can anyone here disabuse me of the notion that the REAL heart of anti-Christ is surely found in these despicable and blasphemous writings which are the heart of Judaism(?).

Am I supposed to believe that all of these rabbis that are going about lately (like Daniel Lapin) aren’t aware of the dozens of texts (in their “holy book”) that require them to work towards the destruction of Christianity while they flatter the “religious right” with words of common cause and fellowship?

And for a final kicker: Most churches are teaching that “the Jews” are the chosen race and that supporting Israel is practically our first duty as Christians.

No Longer A Libertine: Puritan Board Senior:

[John Hagee] is one of the madmen who the Israeli government shrewdly use to lobby the “evangelical” support and tie America down in unconditional alliance with the pagan state of Israel.

I was enraged when channel surfing to discover Hagee’s banquet/telethon called “A Night to Honor Isreal” from the rafters of his congregation the Stars and Stripes and Star of David hung side by side as national anthems were sung as though they were hymns. Unadulterated idolatry.

I love my country dearly, that is why I hate to see her misused and manipulated by this power hungry scoundrel and the zionist government that has milked a culture of victimization longer and more effectively than any other people used to further the liberal political agenda, zionism is a nasty brand of social secularism combined with state worshipping far far right facism.

But ask me how I really feel.

Only in the middle east could the criminal history of Israel look ambiguous or less corrupt than her neighbors, she is lucky for such geography.

All the same I do not consider Israel an ally of the United States but a blood sucking parasite, an ungrateful bully that uses our money and military to recklessly domineer, in the name of their own preservation they have murdered many an American service men yet OUR politicians sweep it away because of the two most asinine lobbies in this country are the “Jews” and “Dispensational Evangelicals”.

Blueridge Believer: Puritan Board Professor


KMK: Moderator

I’m sorry to say that I don’t see you lasting too long in Hollywood. 🙂

He’s quoting the late great Carol A. Valentine’s expose of Talmudism, alas, the board owner decided to lock the thread before the obvious conclusions could be drawn.

I’m utterly, absolutely convinced that my ideas on a scientifically valid, biologically natal, and thoroughly European “religion” could work – within one generation. I should declare myself a minister, start marrying young White couples and provide them a place to nurture a healthy family life. In a sense I would not be starting from scratch at all, simply continuing in the traditions of the Reformers and the Enlightenment.

In America, Unitarian Universalists are richer and more educated than Jews (because they are liberal) but reject biological natalism and instead practice politically correct “spirituality.” They are the Christian version of Reform Judaism, without the ethno-nationalism that Reform Jews actually practice (all Reform Jews are Zionist and very cleverly run the faux-pro-Palestinian movement in America, to make sure it never actually succeeds.)

Give me 20 young, smart (i.e., liberal) White couples ready to start families and in 50 years I’d have a movement.

John Knox realized that Scots are clearly God’s True Elect. That’s why he made us so smart and beautiful.

Isn’t Christianity Just Stoicism Plus Hebrew Superstitions?

All the smart Christians like E. Michael Jones talk about Logos as opposed to a carpenter named Jesus. Take out the New Testament narrative, and what is left is just old fashioned classical Stoicism. St. Paul is indistinguishable from the Stoics of his time and from what I recall literally name checks them.

Christianity appears at the exact same time as Vespasian, Titus, and Domition are conquering the Jewish rebels in Palestine. The Jewish rebels believe in a proto-Zionism where a Messiah will liberate them from the kittim. Josephus, being a modern man, realizes that Vespasian is going to win, switches sides and declares his loyalty to Rome, and declares Vespasian the Messiah and attributes the Star Prophecy from Numbers to Titus. Vespasian becomes the Messiah prophesied in the Old Testament. The New Testament shows the Romans as the ones who accept “Christ” and the Jews as the ones who reject them. Also the Gospels tell the Jews to submit to Rome and pay their taxes – the very thing the Zionists refused to do.

Take the Cult of Divine Caesar of Julius and Augustus, add in Vespasian becoming the “Messiah of the Jews” per Jospehus and the family of Philo of Alexandria – rich Jews who rejected the rebel Zionists and embraced loyalty to Rome – and after three major Roman-Jewish wars when Rome finally defeats the Zionist Jews and you get the descendant of Vespasian and Titus – Constantine – officially establishing the Church which “just happens” to be a mix of:

1. Stoic philosophy

2. a “Hebrew-ized” version of the Divine Julius cult with themes and history representing the Roman-Jewish war, where the “good Jews” become “Christians” and accept a Hellenized Messiah and pay taxes to Rome.

And what do you know, there’s a bunch of “Christian Flavians” buried under the Vatican.

This might be just interesting history, except we have these “Rightists” like the Social Pathologist telling us we can’t actual take the side of White people until we “restore the West” and “fight modernity” and in order to do that we have to re-embrace Christianity.

But none of these “neo-reactionaries” like Social Patholigist (https://socialpathology.blogspot.com/2018/05/a-religious-dissident-right.html) and Social Matter (https://www.socialmatter.net/2018/06/27/week-reaction-2018-06-24/) are actually interested in Hebrew carpenters, virgin births, and literal nail holes in hands.

They are really only interested in Logos and Stoic philosophy.

So, maybe we can stop privileging Jewish superstitions and 2,000 year old Roman war propaganda and just embrace our actual Western heritage – classical Greco-Roman Stoicism.

Sounds like a win-win to me. We get to keep all that art and architecture while getting rid of pedophile priests and religious whack-jobs obsessed with desert real estate in the Levant.

Athena, Minerva, or Mary: A Rose By Any Other Name …