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The Manosphere, Feminists, And Their Discontents

The internet selects for certain types of people. Introverts, firstly, and also people that like to read and write. Those with somewhat of an analytical bent. In the third generation of the Sexual Revolution, it was really only a matter of time until the “manosphere” happened.

Men bitching about women.

But as usual, yours truly – the White Henry Kissinger – will take the interests of my constituents and turn those interests into an agenda that can be acted upon. If you will notice, the manosphere has a few common complaints, some quite legitimate and others merely bitching.

First, let’s look at the legitimate complaints of the Men’s Rights Activist types: family and divorce court.

Men get shafted in family and divorce court. Collectively, as a culture, in a child custody dispute, we generally side with the mother. For very young children, this makes perfect sense. Certainly, if it’s a baby, still breast feeding, it must be with the mother, excepting some extremely negative situations. We generally leave boys in the custody of women until somewhere between the ages of seven and puberty. Alimony – a leftover from the days when women did not do wage work – just now gives women a financial incentive to divorce for “cash and prizes.” Women – being people – *just* people – respond to incentives like everyone else. The number one predictor of a woman divorcing is whether or not she will gain financially from it. If she will gain financially from a divorce, she might justify it with all sorts of reasons (unhaaaapiness, he looked at porn, “abuse,” etc.) but at the end of the day, she is divorcing because she has a financial incentive to do so.

However, other than that, there really are no “men’s rights” under fire in the modern world, as it relates to women. Domestic “abuse” is mostly bullshit. Here’s a fun experiment. Look at the campaign posters and images for “domestic abuse” and you’ll find it looks a hell of a lot like BDSM porn, doesn’t it? So for men to hop on this bandwagon of “domestic abuse” is honestly a pitiful thing. Sure, of course, women hit men, but if you are really cowering in fear from your woman, the problem is you being a pussy. Also true, if she’s the hitter, you’re still going to be blamed by the cops. So, you simply dump her cold. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

Men bitch about hypergamy. Women’s hypergamy can seem a bit unintuitive at first, but once you understand it it makes perfect sense. In a man, women want the best. The top dog. The “Alpha.” A woman will be perfectly happy if she has the top ranking man, the best looking, the richest, the tallest, the strongest. The man that dominates other men, that’s the man a woman wants.

Now, certainly, men want the best looking, the sexiest woman. But men have a built in need for variety in sex. There’s even an old saying, “look at the hottest woman and realize there is a man tired of putting up with her shit.” It’s called “The Coolidge Effect” and it has been scientifically studied. So, they hooked a bunch of college men to one of those machines that measures their erections. They showed them a porn movie, and the men got erections. While you hardly need an experiment to figure that out, what happened was the more the men watched that same film, the less erect they got. After watching the same film a few dozen times, the men barely got hard.

Yet the first time they were shown a *new* porn film, they all got just as erect as the first time. Men are programmed for variety, it’s nature.

Women are not polygamous like men, instead, they are hypergamous. A woman will be perfectly happy with her husband, but once her husband’s boss – or a hunky handyman – enters the picture, she will find all sorts of reasons to not be satisfied with her husband anymore. But she isn’t going to collect a bunch of boy toys the way men will collect hot yuong things – she just wants the one – the best one. If she has to share the best one with a few other women – so be it, that will just make him even more “alpha.” Hence, women really don’t have a problem being the member of a harem, as long as she is the harem slave of a top man, an “alpha.”

The other main complaint of the manosphere is “alpha fucks, beta bucks.” This is the supposed “strategy” of women, that when they are are young, sexy, and beautiful, they will ride the “cock carousel” – lots of sex with lots of sexy men, but “out of her league” relationship wise. They will fuck her, but won’t settle for a relationship with her. Then, after being rode hard and put away wet by the sexy hipster boys, when she starts to age and lose her looks, she’ll start looking for a “beta” – a “nice guy” – who will provide that stability, at the cost of not being the sexy assholes she used to service.

The manosphere types, especially the younger ones, have this revenge fantasy. When a woman is 30 and hits “the wall” she will come running to these “beta nice guys” and the manosphere types will say, “oh you want me now that I’m 30, making lots of money, and have a convertible? But in high school you gang banged the hockey team? No thanks, I won’t be your beta bucks!”

Again, this is a revenge fantasy, the reality is all those “betas” will, in fact, “wife up” an old whore the first chance they get. The manosphere is lots of big talk but that’s all that it is.

Of course, women go nuts when they see men figuring out their behavior. Women have all sorts of “legitimate” reasons why they engage in this behavior, but it is all so much “hamstering” – just post-hoc justifications for perfectly self-interested behavior.

What the feminists and the manosphere types – and especially the Christians and the church ladies – totally, utterly miss is the central thing that changed an age old mating culture for the Hookup Culture we have now – birth control.

Notice that billions and billions of pages are written about sex and no one ever mentions the technological advance that started it all – reliable, scientific birth control, from latext condoms to the pill to abortion. What did birth control change more than anything?

Again, it’s so simple it surprises me that everyone is so dim they never figured it out. Before birth control, men and women hit puberty, their sex drives ramped up, they would pair off, have sex, and have children. Birth control meant men and women could get sexual satisfaction without “worrying” about pregnancy. Since men don’t want to be cuckolds, generally speaking, once a woman has a child, she’s done. No other men really want her. The father of her children has her, she is his responsibility, along with his kids.

But thanks to birth control, women can gang bang all sorts of sexy guys without having to settle down with just one and have his family. Like the paradox of choice, now she can postpone the family formation for a long time – from 15 – 30 – and then pop out 1.5 kids – then divorce and shack up with a hunky handyman millionaire. Women want to “stay on the market” as long as possible because once she actually has a man’s kids, she is pretty much done and other men generally speaking don’t want her anymore.

Everything the manosphere bitches about is caused first and foremost by the reality of reliable, scientific birth control. Virginity? The age that women mate? The “alpha fucks, beta bucks” strategy? It’s all due to birth control.

Women, of course, will never admit this, and will continue to whine and bitch about porn, older men with younger women, “abuse,” sexism, “misogyny” and all the rest. But men themselves want to take advantage of this as well. Yours truly certainly had my fill of the Bad Girls on birth control – girls that were the type you bang, but most certainly not the type you impregnate.

So for all the fake “traditionalists” – men and women, the betas and the church ladies – if you really wanted to go back to the old ways, what would happen if there was no birth control?

Simple. Your 15 year old daughter would get “hot pants” and you’d marry her off before she got knocked up by the farm hand. She would have a lot of children and hopefully everyone would live happily ever after.

But be honest – neither men nor women really want that, family formation at a young age. Everyone wants to have fun in Slut Club first.

So, we will continue to have to listen to the whining of the “Betas” who never get laid, and the whining old Eldersluts who aged out of Slut Club and can’t find any decent “beta bucks” because these aging bitter “betas” will probably be into porn and sex dolls at that point anyway.

As for the “alphas” – no problem. As for the young hotties – no problem. As said in the film “Dazed and Confused:”

“That’s what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, and they stay the same age!”