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Dworkin, De Sade, the Right & the Left

Not long after the Abu Ghraib scandal, on a flight to Paris, I watched “Quills,” an awful and boring film “inspired by the life and work of the Marquis de Sade.” I had read Justine which I thought of as a horror novel, a perverted Steven King story, and knew some details of de Sade’s life and legend. While Quills itself was too trite to work up any moral outrage over, I began to question why de Sade was hailed as a hero by those on the “left” and the reception the film got from the “liberal” Hollywood establishment.

Wasn’t the Marquis de Sade exhibit number one of the rich preying on the poor, the aristocracy abusing the peasantry, the 1% exploiting the 99%? Wasn’t it “nobles” like de Sade who caused the French Revolution? Wasn’t it the cruely of men like de Sade which led to the bloodthirstiness of the guillotines?

I could understand a bit of taboo-breaking and a little kinky naughtiness, but Justine wasn’t that – it was horror, torture porn, and not at all sexy but instead had the same appeal as a slasher flick or body horror: you don’t “enjoy” it as much as forcing yourself to overcome your gag reflex and facing the worst, biological based fears, seems to make you stronger.

But what offended me about Quills was the complete misrepresentation about de Sade’s actual life. Instead of a wealthy and powerful exploiter of the weak and the poor, he was played as some sort of liberty-lover, a fighter against sexual oppression. The only reason de Sade himself wasn’t beheaded is because he switched sides, along with some other minor aristocrats, and joined the “rebels” long enough to save his head, and those of a few others, before the Terror ended.

Here’s the utterly absurd and completely deceptive byline for Quills:

Quills imagines the final days of history’s most infamous sexual adventurer, the Marquis de Sade. A nobleman with a literary flair, the Marquis lives in a madhouse where a beautiful laundry maid (Winslet) smuggles his erotic stories to a printer, defying orders from the asylum’s resident priest (Phoenix). The titillating passages whip all of France into a sexual frenzy, until a fiercely conservative doctor (Caine) tries to put an end to the fun, inadvertently stoking the excitement to a fever pitch. Featuring a cast that includes Academy Award® winner Geoffrey Rush, Oscar nominee Kate Winslet, rising star Joaquin Phoenix, and Academy Award® winner Michael Caine, Quills playfully turns Sade’s story into a sexy, sinister and shattering tale he himself might have written.

The scene in Quills that most sticks in my memory in that of a servant girl begging de Sade to write more “violence” so she could read it and be aroused. This is literally a reversal of reality, it’s having the rape victim beg to be raped. Whatever literary merits de Sade may have, in reality he was a rapist, a torturer, a poisoner, an abortionist and a murderer. He was John Wayne Gacy plus Jeffrey Dahmer, not Christian Grey.

And here Hollywood was making him out to be some sort of sex-positive feminist just giving the ladies what they want!

Apparently, the left has always had this attitude toward de Sade. Some choice excerpts Andrea Dworkin’s chapter on de Sade from Pornography: Men Possessing Women:


The Marquis de Sade is the world’s foremost pornographer. As such he both embodies and defines male sexual values. In him, one finds rapist and writer twisted into one scurvy knot. His life and writing were of a piece, a whole cloth soaked in the blood of women imagined and real. In his life he tortured and raped women. He was batterer, rapist, kidnapper, and child abuser. In his work he relentlessly celebrated brutality as the essence of eroticism; fucking, torture, and killing were fused; violence and sex, synonymous. His work and legend have survived nearly two centuries because literary, artistic, and intellectual men adore him and political thinkers on the Left claim him as an avatar of freedom. Sainte-Beuve named Sade and Byron as the two most significant sources of inspiration for the original and great male writers who followed them. Baudelaire, Flaubert, Swinburne, Lautreamont, Dostoevski, Cocteau, and Apollinaire among others found in Sade what Paul Tillich, another devotee of pornography, might have called “the courage to be.” Simone de Beauvoir published a long apologia for Sade. Camus, who unlike Sade had an aversion to murder, romanticized Sade as one who had mounted “the great offensive against a hostile heaven ” and was possibly “the first theoretician of absolute rebellion .” Roland Barthes wallowed in the tiniest details of Sade’s crimes, those committed in life as well as on paper.

Sade was born into a noble French family closely related to the reigning monarch. Sade was raised with the prince, four years his senior, during his earliest years. When Sade was four, his mother left the Court and he was sent to live with his grandmother. At the age of five, he was sent to live with his uncle, the Abbe de Sade, a clergyman known for his sensual indulgences. Sade’s father, a diplomat and soldier, was absent during Sade’s formative years. Inevitably, biographers trace Sade’s character to his mother’s personality, behavior, and alleged sexual repression, despite the fact that very little is known about her. What is known, but not sufficiently noted, is that Sade was raised among the male mighty.

At the age of fifteen, Sade entered the military as an officer. At this age, he apparently began gambling and frequenting brothels. Purchasing women was one of the great passions of his life, and most of the women and girls he abused during his lifetime were whores or servants. Sade advanced in the military and was promoted several times, each promotion bringing with it more money.

Those leftists who champion Sade might do well to remember that prerevolutionary France was filled with starving people. The feudal system was both cruel and crude. The rights of the aristocracy to the labor and bodies of the poor were unchallenged and not challengeable. The tyranny of class was absolute. The poor sold what they could, including themselves, to survive. Sade learned and upheld the ethic of his class.

Five months after his marriage, Sade terrified and assaulted a twenty-year-old working-class woman, Jeanne Testard. Testard, a fan maker, had agreed to service a young nobleman. She was taken to Sade’s private house and locked in a room. Sade made clear to her that she was a captive. She was subjected to verbal abuse and humiliation. In particular, Sade raged against her conventional Christian religious beliefs. He told her that he had masturbated into a chalice in a chapel and that he had taken two hosts, placed them inside a woman, and fucked her. Testard told Sade that she was pregnant and could not tolerate maltreatment. Sade took Testard into a room filled with whips, religious symbols, and pornographic pictures. He wanted Testard to whip him, and then he wanted to beat her. She refused. He took two crucifixes, crushed one, and masturbated on the other. He demanded that she destroy the one on which he had masturbated. She refused. He threatened her life with two pistols that were in the room and a sword that he was wearing. She crushed the crucifix. He wanted to give her an enema and have her shit on the crucifix. She refused. He wanted to sodomize her. She refused. Sade threatened, harangued, and lectured her through a very long night during which she did not eat or sleep. Before releasing her, he made her sign a blank piece of paper and promise to tell no one about what had transpired. He wanted her to agree to meet him the following Sunday so that he could fuck her with a host inside of her.

On being freed, Testard went to the police. Sade was arrested, apparently because police interviews with prostitutes revealed that Sade had abused scores of them. Sade was punished because he had become careless in his excesses. He was imprisoned for two months at Vincennes in squalor most distressing to a gentleman. He wrote letters to the authorities in which he begged them to keep the nature of his crime secret from his family.

Sade’s abuse of prostitutes became so alarming that, within a year after his brutal treatment of Testard, the police warned procuresses not to provide Sade with women. Sade’s valet scavenged the streets for victims, some of whom, according to Sade’s neighbors, were male.

In 1768, Easter Sunday early in the morning, Rose Keller, in her mid-thirties, a German immigrant, a widow, a cotton spinner who had been unemployed for approximately a month, approached Sade to beg for alms. He offered her work housecleaning. She accepted. He told her that she would be well fed and treated kindly.

Sade took Keller to his private house. He took her to a dark room in which the windows were boarded and said he was going to get her food. He locked her in the room. Keller had waited for about an hour when Sade came to take her into another room. He told her to undress. She refused. He tore her clothes off, threw her face down onto a couch, tied her arms and legs with ropes. He whipped her brutally. He took a knife and told her that he would kill her. According to Keller, Sade kept cutting her with a knife and rubbing wax into the wounds. Keller believed she would die and begged Sade not to kill her until she could make her Easter confession. When Sade was finished with her, he took her back to the first room and ordered her to wash and rub brandy into her wounds. This she did. He also rubbed into the wounds an ointment that he had invented. He was proud of his invention, which he claimed healed wounds quickly. Later, Sade alleged that he had paid Keller to be whipped so that he could test his ointment. Sade brought Keller food. He took her back to the room where he had beaten her and locked her in. Keller bolted the door from the inside. She unblocked some of the locked shutters with a knife, injuring herself in the process, made a rope of bedding, and climbed out of the window and down the wall. Sade’s valet pursued her and offered her money to return. She pushed him off and ran.

Keller was badly hurt and her clothes were ripped. She ran until she encountered a village woman, to whom she poured out her story. Other women joined. They examined her and then took her to an inappropriate official, since the local magistrate was away. A police official called in from elsewhere took her statement. Keller was examined by a surgeon and was given refuge.

Sade’s mother-in-law, Madame de Montreuil, settled a large sum of money on Rose Keller to persuade her to withdraw criminal charges. Despite the settlement, Sade was imprisoned for nearly eight months …

In June 1772, Sade traveled to Marseilles with his valet, known as Latour. During the course of Sade’s brief stay there, Latour procured five prostitutes for Sade. Sade (in varying combinations) beat, fucked, and forcibly sodomized the women, with his usual threats of worse violence and death. He also had his valet sodomize at least one of the women and himself. In Marseilles, Sade added another dimension to his sexual repertoire: he encouraged the women to eat candies that had been laced with drugs. The women did not know what they were eating. Sade’s defenders claim that the candies were treated with a harmless aphrodisiac and something to encourage flatulence, which Sade found particularly charming. Two of the women became violently ill from the candies, had intense abdominal pain, vomited blood and black mucus. The women believed that they had been poisoned, and there is little doubt that had they consumed the quantities of the candy that Sade had wanted them to eat, they would have become deadly ill. One of the women went to the police. An investigation of Sade’s brutality with the five prostitutes — the forced flagellation, the forced sodomy, the attempted poisoning — led to an order to arrest both Sade and Latour. Sade, with Anne-Prospere as his lover and Latour as his valet, fled to Italy to escape arrest.

Sade and Latour were found guilty of poisoning and sodomy (a capital crime irrespective of force) in absentia. They were sentenced to death. In lieu of the death sentence that could not be carried out, the two men were burned in effigy.

Sade, with an end to his legal troubles in sight, intensified his pursuit of pleasure. He had a procuress known as Nanon find him five fifteen-year-old girls who were taken to Lacoste and forced to submit to Sade’s brutality. Sade’s wife was a participant in these new sexual extravaganzas. She became the prime apologist for Sade’s violence against the girls, even though, as one of them testified, Renee-Pelagie was herself “the first victim of a fury which can be described only as madness.” 3 Parents of three of the girls pressed charges against Sade, who refused to release his captives. One of the girls was horribly injured. She was sent to Sade’s uncle, the Abbe, to keep her from testifying against Sade. Renee-Pelagie did everything possible to keep a doctor from treating the girl, since evidence of bodily injury could be used against Sade and herself as well. Madame de Montreuil, perhaps to protect her daughter, joined with Renee-Pelagie and Sade to try to coerce the parents into dropping their complaints. Meanwhile, Sade forcibly kept the girls at Lacoste. They would be returned to their parents only if no charges of kidnapping were made.

Sade brought more women and girls to Lacoste. Human bones were found in Sade’s garden; he claimed one of his mistresses had planted them as a joke. Nanon, the procures s, became pregnant by Sade. Madame de Montreuil had a lettre de cachet issued for her arrest. Nanon was imprisoned; her infant daughter died at Lacoste shortly after she was born because the wet nurse’s milk went dry.

Sade was again threatened with arrest. He escaped again to Italy. The fifteen-year-old girl who had been most severely injured and had been sent to Sade’s uncle had not, in nine months, recovered from her injuries. She was finally taken to a hospital where the Sade family conspired to keep her from talking with anyone to whom she might reveal what had happened to her. By this time, the Abb6 believed that Sade should be imprisoned.

For a year, Sade traveled in Italy. He complained of being lonely. One of the kidnapped girls, still kept at Lacoste, died. Another escaped and went to the police. Against the advice of Ren6e-Pelagie, Sade returned to Lacoste. More women were procured for him. Sade kept spending money on women while Renee-Pelagie lived in near penury. He hired servants, locked them up, forced them to submit to him. A father of a servant hired by Sade tried to shoot him. The daughter signed a statement defending Sade. The authorities ordered the woman returned to her father. She was not.

Another attempt was made to arrest Sade. He hid. On being informed by Madame de Montreuil that his mother was dying in Paris, he went there. She died before he arrived, but in Paris Sade was arrested under a lettre de cachet. Madame de Montreuil had told the police Sade’s whereabouts. He was sent to Vincennes, where he was imprisoned for nearly six years. In 1784, he was transferred to the Bastille. In 1789, the people of France were near revolution. Sade rigged up an improvised loudspeaker from his cell and exhorted the people to lay siege to the Bastille. He was moved to Charenton, a lunatic asylum. On July 14, 1789, the Bastille was stormed and its warden killed. In 1790, Sade was released from Charenton along with all prisoners who had been imprisoned under lettres de cachet by the old regime.

During the years of his imprisonment in Vincennes and the Bastille, Sade wrote the body of literature for which he is best known (though his literary career did not begin in prison; he had done some writing and even produced and directed theatrical events sporadically). On Sade’s release, Ren6e-Pelagie, whom Sade had subjected to extraordinary scorn and abuse during his imprison- ment, left him and obtained a legal separation. Sade’s bitterness toward her was unrelenting. Apparently he felt that he had given her the best years of his life, which were less than perfect only because he had been maliciously persecuted. He especially blamed Renee-Pelagie for the loss of manuscripts that had been taken or destroyed during the siege of the Bastille. She had failed to rescue them, as he had demanded, and may have burned some herself. In the ensuing years, he set about re-creating the lost work. After his release, Sade also met his daughter as an adult for the first time. He hated her on sight. Early in 1791, Sade began living with Marie- Constance Renelle, to whom Justine is dedicated and with whom he had what his biographers consider a sincere, loving, devoted relationship. Sade was no longer a young rake. In prison he had become very fat, and the French Revolution had deprived him of his power as an aristocrat. Necessity, that fabled parent of invention, gave birth in a few short months to Citizen Sade.

For nearly four years, Sade walked a political tightrope. He played the role of one who had been abused by the old regime, who had no loyalties to the old nobility and was entirely committed to the new society. He made politically correct speeches, renamed streets to reflect the ideology of the revolution, and worked to keep his own property from the legitimate claims of the revolution and of Renee-Pelagie. According to his biographers, Sade’s essential humanism was demonstrated during the Terror when he was on a committee that passed judgment on the Montreuils: he could have denounced them and had them killed, but he did not. It is more likely that Sade, a consummate survivor, had understood that, during the Terror, guilt by past association could endanger his own life. Condemnation of the Montreuils could eventually have led to his own death for his having consorted with them.

Revolutionary leader Jean-Paul Marat discovered the nature of the crimes for which Sade had been imprisoned under the old regime. He denounced Sade but by mistake someone with a similar name was executed. Marat, although he became aware of his mistake, did not live to rectify it: he was assassinated by Charlotte Corday.

Toward the end of 1793, Sade was imprisoned. The charge was that in 1791 he had volunteered to serve the king. Sade insisted that he had thought the regiment in which he had volunteered to serve was Iqyal to the revolution. He remained in prison and in July 1794 was sentenced to death. The administration of the prisons was so inefficient that Sade could not be found. He was not executed. Later that same month, Robespierre was executed, and the Terror ended. Two months later, Sade was released.

It’s interesting too that Catholic apologist E. Michael Jones, in his chapter on de Sade in Sexual Revolution, paints de Sade as a leading light of the French Revolution and especially its disestablishment of the Church and aristocracy. But that’s another revesal, a similar reversal, in fact, to the left’s painting of de Sade as a revolutionary.

De Sade was a member of the Catholic aristocracy and raised by the Catholic aristocracy, and almost certainly sexually abused and tortured as a child by that same class. One can to this very day see a reflection of de Sade’s desecration of Catholic symbols like the Host.

One of the most disturbing stories to come out of the “Catholic abuse crisis” is a ring of three American priests who would befriend altar boys, demand they strip and “pose like Jesus on the cross” while they photographed them nude then “award” them with crosses and rosaries and other pieces of Catholic paraphernalia.

When one reads the brutality against priests during various anti-Catholic movements, from the Hussites to Spain in the 30s, reactionaries are quick to note a Jewish role, but always seem to forget how many of those raised Catholic participated in the worst anti-clerical atrocities.

Considering what we known of the Vatican in the Renaissance era, to the Catholic aristocracy (like de Sade) in pre-Revolutionary France, to the Catholic priests of Boston in the 1970s-2000s, it not difficult to guess where the murderous hostility by former parishoners towards the Church comes from.

De Sade is a product of the French Catholic aristocracy, ret-conned into a “revolutionary” by the new ruling class – and by apologists for the former ruling class. And now, considered some sort of hero of sexual liberty – even a FEMINIST of sorts, by the left and Hollywood.

Maybe Dworkin was right?

“A Vickstrom” on Hipster Racist

Don’t you see that he’s playing mind games with you? You are attempting to have a historical debate with a man who writes BDSM porn and publishes it on his blog. Men with Hipster’s kink have very unique, and easily recognizable, personalities. Men do not normally write / read about sex since we are visual creatures (a picture is worth a thousand words, as they say). His interest in that specific kink and his desire to write about it indicates an exceptional imagination combined with a high IQ and a high sex drive: aka he’s more aggressive than average and thinks in a different way than 95% of straight men.

Have you ever noticed that he uses a Jew (Don Adams of the series Get Smart) as his avatar? That in itself is quite a giveaway into how his mind works. HR is playing mind games on a level that most straight men don’t comprehend. That’s why he calls himself a ‘hipster racist’ – he is a race conscious liberal man and as such is using a different set of tactics.

It’s also likely that he has ties to – or intimate knowledge – of intelligence agencies. Men like him are drawn to those things like moths to a flame so at the very least he has studied counter intelligence & espionage tactics. His knowledge of neocon tactics also hints at this.

You are not going to get him to make concrete statements on historical subjects (or to even show interest in them). That’s not how people like him operate.

— “A Vickstrom” Holocausting the Holocaust the Andrew Joyce Way

“No one has ever had a fantasy about being tied to a bed and sexually ravished by someone dressed as a liberal” — P. J. O’Rourke

The difference between getting what you want, and what they want, is nuance,
So listen baby girl, put your boots on, here’s something to chew on …

KFlay, Doctor Don’t Know

Murder Is A Bitch

You are always haunted by victims “bleeding out.”

You start it with killing animals and learning to suppress any sympathy for your
victims. I had always assumed that the point of showing Catholic imagery of
Christ cruicified was to instill sympathy/guilt for your torture victims.

But in some ways I suspect that deep, explicit sympathy for your torture victims
actually provides a sort of immunity to what you are doing; by “empathizing”
with your victims, you are actually emotionally accimlizing yourself to their
reactions to the torture.

They kick, you empathize without removing the impetus for their kicking.

It’s heady stuff.




The private predilections of Harvey John Jack McGeorge, a United Nations weapons inspector to be sent to Iraq, probably were the tawdry subject of more Thanksgiving Day dinners than he d care to know about. His enthusiastic taste for S/M made the front page of the Washington Post and, as a slow holiday news weekend lurched into gear, spread quickly to the cable news channels.

McGeorge, president of Public Safety Group Inc., which offers bioterrorism research, analysis and training to different governments, is a former Marine and Secret Service specialist. He is also, the Post revealed, the co-founder and past president of Black Rose, a Washington-area pansexual S&M group, and the former chairman of the board of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, and a founding officer of the Leather Leadership Conference Inc., which produces training sessions for current and potential leaders of the sadomasochism/leather/fetish community, according to its Web site. Not only that, but his seminars mysteriously involve various acts conducted with knives and ropes.

There was immediate posturing. The State Department, which passed the resumes of McGeorge and other candidates over to the U.N without a security check grew defensive. McGeorge offered his resignation, but chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix refused it. “We believe that Mr. McGeorge is a highly qualified and competent technical expert,” Ewen Buchanan, Blix’s spokesman, told the Post. And so McGeorge remains in New York, preparing to square off with Saddam.

McGeorge politely declined Salon s request for an interview. But a friend and colleague in various S/M groups, Jonathan Krall, agreed to talk about McGeorge and his role in the D.C. S/M community. Krall is the founder and director of District of Columbia Sexual Minority Advocates, where McGeorge is co-chair of the education program. He says he has known McGeorge for more than 15 years through his very public participation in various S/M clubs.

In the process, Krall believes, he s routinely witnessed the leadership qualities that will make McGeorge a fine arms inspector.

What was your reaction when the Post broke the story about McGeorge s participation in Black Rose, and the S/M?

Well, I was not at all happy about it. The story itself is about background checks of U.N. weapons inspectors, and there s no problem with that. But the S/M aspect of it was completely irrelevant to counterterrorism. One has nothing to do with the other, first. And second, all Jack s work in volunteer organizations or not-for-profit organizations is somehow a bad thing, and I don t get how leadership in a volunteer organization is a bad thing.

Wait. Volunteering for organizations like Black Rose?

Well, and the Leather Leadership Council and National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. Those are all volunteer organizations. NCSF has one paid staffer.

He should be getting credit for having leadership capabilities. But the fact is it s really not relevant. It s his background in counter-terrorism.

Were you surprised that he offered to resign?

No. I mean, this is a difficult thing. This speaks to whether someone s S/M life is relevant to their work life Lots of us have jobs where we work in public with a company s name tag, and the question is: Is that the only public persona you re allowed to have? And lots of people have lives outside of work, where they also appear in public doing volunteer work or some such thing, and that should be perfectly legitimate. And there s no reason to mix the two up.

But I think a lot of people assume that your work identity is your identity, and that your identity everywhere should reflect positively on your work identity.

Right. Though he s a government employee, and I think there are critics on the right, say, the Christian right

They don t like anybody having fun.

Right, but even some on the left who might say: Look, a private life is one thing, but McGeorge has made this a very public part of his life, and that makes it more complicated. Fair?

No. I think people really should be allowed to separate their professional lives and their private lives. And by their private lives, I guess I mean their nonprofessional lives, even if your nonprofessional life is public.

If Jack was really closeted about his S/M work, then he could be the subject of blackmail. The big issue would be if he tried to hide it from anybody whom he applied to a job for, and he didn t, as far as I understand it.

But the reason this is news is not because he was open about just any hobby. To a lot of people, there s something a little menacing about the idea of S/M, there s a

A stigma, yes.

And where do you think that comes from?

Oh, I think there s always a stigma on whatever the sexual cutting edge is. I m old enough to remember when full frontal nudity in the movies was a big issue of public debate.

Except there s violence involved, and the idea that violence is sexy makes people uncomfortable.

Which, of course, if you watch any network television show and watch the advertising for the movies you see violence and sex all the time. Sexy villains are there all the time. It s like Batman nobody wants to play Batman because the villains are sexier.

I think what s happening with S/M, in part because of the Internet, in part because it was taken out of the Diagnostic Statistical Manual [of Mental Disorders of the American Psychiatric Association] it was rewritten [described here] in such a way a typical S/M er is no longer considered mentally ill, that people are freer to do it, freer to find each other, and it s just become more apparent. And I just think it s showing up in more places that are surprising people, you know.

This will change as more S/M ers come out of the closet.

So it s a movement?

Well, I don t think the intent is a movement. That term is probably pushing it, but the effect is getting kind of like that. I mean, there s a huge number of people and huge number of gatherings, which is all great because of the Internet, because people can hook up, and if people can hook up without learning what they re doing they can get into all sorts of dangerous situations.

So you d call it a hobby?

Everybody s different. I mean, you take a spectrum of people, from the hobbyist who is into the equipment, to someone who has had fantasies since they were very young, and for whom it is, for all intents and purposes, a sexual orientation.

That s anecdotally what I ve run into.

When you say it s a sexual orientation, there s an implication that it s like gay rights, and should be treated as such.

Yes. Any personal-freedom issue, this is the equivalent to it.

I think the problem here is that the community has a habit of being closeted, and it s done a very good job of that. But the fact is, the S/M lifestyle isn t news, it s just one more choice.

But when people rely solely on the personal freedom argument, there s always someone who will ask: What s next, bestiality?

The thing about the S/M community is that there s standards. It really is a community, and you have standards for a number of things. They talk about safe, sane and consensual What s safe, which is a very fuzzy boundary. What s sane? Which, if you follow what s in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, sane basically means functional, if you re able to function in life and it s not messing up your life. And consensual is very important. Animals, children can t consent.

And the community has these standards for a number of reasons. [For example,] in the S/M community a standard for an event is to have dungeon monitors in the play area, and to have things closed off so the public can t get in, so people can feel like they can be safe and comfortable there.

Are these codified somewhere? Is there a manual?

Yeah, for the most part it s just sort of understood. It s very local. The S/M community is very local. Individual groups will have these things standardized in a sense to have dungeon monitor manuals explaining what s appropriate and what s not appropriate and they ll have rules.

McGeorge threw these seminars on these sorts of rules, and standards, right?

Yeah, he was a real proponent of these things.

He also has gotten some attention for other seminars, though. Like the one on knife play. Can you explain that?

Well, I mean, picking up a knife and rubbing it across your lover s body to titillate them doesn t sound nearly as dangerous to me as bungee jumping. I mean, seriously.

Hmmm. It sounds more menacing, though.

Well, but the whole part about role playing is that you re trying to create a fantasy environment, and for a lot of people, a fantasy environment is really something that gets their adrenaline going and is kind of edgy, exciting.

So you have lots of buzzwords. And the S/M community is full of buzzwords that have [nothing] to do with reality. I mean, slavery [is one]. Someone can say, Oh, I m a sex slave. But they re not a sex slave. They re somebody who is married and has kids and a mortgage in some suburbia.

But could there be a concern that someone like McGeorge, whose professional duties we could come to depend on to keep us out or throw us in to a war, could be too engaged with his fantasy life, especially when he engages in it so publicly?

Well, I d say that someone who has been as successful, who has worked to become a U.N. inspector, would have a pretty good handle on the difference between fantasy and reality.

But, speaking about the whole slave thing

Oh yeah, yeah. Jack has been very interested in the psychology of people who get into service-oriented submission vs. just fantasy playing vs. a number of other things.

Well, but it looks like he posted his own ad for a slave [referenced here] that was up until fairly recently.

Yeah, right. He s a real person and has a personal life.

OK, but you re saying he wasn t, obviously, really looking for a slave. What was he looking for?

It means you set aside a part of your life to play a fantasy role, and if you re doing that you re doing it in a very service-oriented way, so not only are you doing your fantasy, you re doing something useful for the person who is your master. Or mistress. It s a private role-play.

I mean, the one thing you have to realize with Jack is his public stuff is education, leadership, lobbying, like with the NCSF, and his private stuff is sex. It s not like he s having sex in public he s advocating in public. And advocating for personal freedoms is a very acceptable thing to do.

But some of the things he s advocating for, like how to handle a female slave in public, [see “Out in the Streets: Private Play in Public With Jack McGeorge”] makes a lot of people uncomfortable, especially since we would be sending him over to a country of Muslims, where women are routinely oppressed. That s essentially why some feminist groups, like NOW, have been critical of the S/M movement, right? The power dynamics?

He was teaching sexual freedom. Sexual freedom is not about oppression.

People [in NOW] have the right to their own sexual determination. Women who are members of NOW, and I know plenty of them, like having sex lives. And it s their personal choice how they do that.

So his going over there isn t, at least, awkward to you?


The fact is that people in the S/M community lose jobs and sometimes they lose custody of their children over their private lifestyle. It happens.

And it happened to Jack in the past; he s lost contracts because somebody at some agency couldn t handle his private life. And it s sad to see that happen. These are capable people.

The fact is, someone who is really capable enough to have the range of skills to do the U.N. inspection job is not going to be your average Joe, and that type of person is probably going to have an interesting private life as well as an interesting professional life. Go for it. Take it. Take advantage of it.

It s a bonus?

It s a bonus that you have the type of person who can do leadership things, who can step outside the mainstream, who has done a certain amount of self-exploration.

And if this works out, if he s sent over, is it a victory of sorts for the S/M community?

Oh, definitely. The Post story was absurd but what I would like to see is a lot of people write letters to the Post and say this was not appropriate. I mean, if a former chairman of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force was given similar treatment, I don t think people would put up with it.

So yeah, if he continues, it will be a victory, and it would be one more public person who is known to have an interesting social life.

One last, pedantic question. In one of McGeorge s bios, he s identified as a het switch. Translation?

You can identify yourself as a dominant, a submissive or a switch, which means you play top sometimes and you play bottom sometimes. And het means he s a heterosexual.


A lot of people say heterosexual to distinguish from gay, of course, and personally I don t like the word straight so I use heterosexual, or het.
Kerry Lauerman

Kerry Lauerman is Salon’s Editor in Chief. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.



Is Alfreda Frances Bikowsky a Jewess?

I looked up the name “Bikosky” in the list of Jewish surnames, and it appeared.

TheRealNews had a recent interview with Greenwald, the journalist that has been publishing Edward Snowden’s stuff. He mentioned that the intelligence services of the US and the UK consider Israel to be one of the major threats to both countries, yet, politically, America and England can’t kiss jew ass enough. They acknowledged it was about Jew moeny in politics – saying that Jews were the “ATM of American politics” – but Greenwald – being a jew himself, automatically tried to take the spotlight of of Jews so went on about Christian Zionists.

So Bikosky is one of the torturers in the CIA, she purposefully mislead Congress, and apparently still has her position. The entire “CIA Torture” scandal seems to be a proxy for 9/11. The torture was done *to get false confessions for 9/11*

That means Alfreda Fraces Bikosky was instrumental in covering up 9/11 and torturing people to get false confessions about it. If she is, in fact, a Jew, it gives us a pretty clear understanding of her motivations – to help her favorite country, Israel, and to cover up Israel and Jewish complicity in the 9/11 attacks. If she is a Jewess, it would go a long way to explaining why she tortured various Arabs and Muslims.

Jews are a security risk. Stereotypes exist for a reason – the stereotype that Jews have “dual loyalty” is accurate. Most Jews are loyal to Israel, the state and the tribe, and are hostile to the host countries. Since WWII, probably a majority of major spy scandals have been Jews selling out America, first to the USSR, then to the apartheid regime of Jew bigotry in Zionist-occupied Palestine.

The CIA has a long-standing suspicion of Jewish traitors, for damn good reason.

Jews should not be given security clearances. The best way to fight terrorism is to never trust a Jew with sensitive information, as they are culturally predisposed towards treason.



CIA Torture Was Done To Get False Confessions About 911 #911 #CIA #Torture #RichardBlee

Shit like this is why Republicans are worthless:


ZeroHedge has a great artciel that summarizes this, but it has next to nothing new in it; this has all been known for years and years and years and years. For instance, it was reported that they reverse engineered SERE in order to use the same tactics that the Communist Chinese had used to get false confessions. We know now that virtually the entire 9/11 Commission Report was based on false confessions generated through Communist torture tactics.

Did everyone forget that the CIA brought the hijackers to the US, gave them visas, and trained them on CIA affiliated air fields? Maybe it’s time to anally force feed certain high level CIA officials that were involved in this?

Richard Blee anyone?


Now, why would they need to get false confessions about 9/11? It pretty much answers itself, doesn’t it?

I’ve said it for years, 9/11 makes a really good litmus test. It’s something anyone with half a brain could figure out, so just realize that the majority of people pushing the (completely false) Official 9/11 Conspiracy Theory are not confused, or suffer from a lack of knowledge.

They are knowingly and purposefully lying.

“But Hipster, someone would have talked!”

They did talk, you moron, you just didn’t listen.

Wag The Dog 10: The Putin Problem

The Putin Problem is the fact that during the entire Western media campaign against Russia in the last few years, the White Nationalist, alternative right, and other ostensibly dissident publications spent quite a bit of time hero-worshipping Putin, casting him as some great White savior, and even publicized Alexander Dugin, the Russian equivalent of a neo-conservative imperalist media campaigner. Something like a Russian, pro-Putin David Frum.

There’s no “conspiracy” of course, anymore than there is a “conspiracy” if someone punches you and you punch back – it’s a reaction. The alternative right, the White Nationalists, and ostensibly dissident – especially the right-leaning – are, after all, reactionaries. Putin is in the news, and the coverage is anti-Putin. So that means the dissidents are going to also put Putin in their news, but be pro-Putin, or at the least, react against the anti-Putin propaganda.

Of course that means that the media sets the agenda. You are not writing about world events – you likely don’t actually know don’t anything about the vast majority of things going on in the world – you’re writing about media events.

The Onion is everyone’s favorite satire, and there are but a few satirical templates they use for their stories. The best is taking one straight-forward news story and plugging in the elements of another.

CIA Admits Role In 1985 Coup To Oust David Lee Roth

Got it? Take a story like, “CIA Admits Staging Coup in Banana Republic” and then plug in elements of the CIA running a middle-brow yuppie clothing store. It’s a great gimmick.

The Onion also does “reverse the tone” articles. So, “Man’s Family Rises to Record-High Fourth Priority” takes what would be the subject for a human interest story and gives it the dry, factual tone of a finance article. The “political code words” thing undergoes a sort of “euphemism cycle.” “Teens” vs. “Thugs” and then you “agree and amplify” so use “teen” ostentatiously, drawing attention to the fact that it is a euphemism.

The Daily Stormer has a pretty stock set of templates as well. They do the “reverse the tone” shtick, and it is sort of an old part of troll culture (long before 4Chan existed.) So, the typical media piece that would go like this:

Prominent Human Rights Leader Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Mourns the Death of Beloved Yet Controversial Mayor Marion Barry

gets satirized as:

Jewess Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Mourns the Death of Degenerate Negro Crack Smoking Mayor Marion Barry

If there is a euphemism used, the euphemism must be rejected and the most offensive, most “trollish” term used in its place. Pointing out the obvious – like how very kosher many of these characters are – is itself “trollish” and the use of the archaic term “Jewess” is even more so.

However, like the “serious” White Nationalists, the Daily Stormer isn’t making up its own narrative. They are reporting on news, and doing a satire of it by breaking a few taboos. So it has two sections, “Jewish Problem” about Jews, and “Race War” about Blacks, with various a few various white “degenerates” and illegal beaners thrown in for good measure. It’s outrage porn, but it’s too self-referential to be truly outraged. It’s just sort of a Racist Onion.

The Nazi schitck is simply that Nazis are the ultimate bad guys, the ultimate political taboo, so you be a Nazi. It’s really fun, just like reading The Onion is really fun. Sometimes it even “makes you think,” perhaps seeing media coverage in a new light.

Of course, the highest form of trolling, one that may be lost on the younger crowd, is concern trolling. You sort of cross dress as a leftist and become the most leftist very concerned that other leftists aren’t leftist enough. There is just this great sort of feeling you get when you are online, pretending to have the exact opposite view that you “really” do, and having someone fall for the bait and agree with you.

Unless they are agreeing and amplifying, that is. Then you’re just getting trolled.

The Occidental Observer has an article about the “feminist protest group” Femen, how it’s funded by three rich men and acts as a sort of marketing firm as opposed to an actual political movement. Women take their tops off, scrawl offensive messages on themselves, and hold PR stunts at Christian churches, meant to offend Christians, and various places meant to offend the target-du-jour, Putin, or a modeling contest. The women are told what to wear and how to dress and what the protests are going to be. The women are paid well, and are often former and current prostitutes.


To protect himself from accusations of being a “conspiracy theorist” the author mentions Gloria Steinem’s CIA funding and even mentions the CIA’s role in the “LSD experiments of Timothy Leary” which seems to be the “official euphemism” traditionally used for MK-Ultra. I wonder if someone at TOO has been reading “Flogging Miley?”

This blog has the Putin problem as well, simply reacting to the “news cycle” but we are trying to be ahead of the curve. The report about CIA torture during the post-9/11 Bush administration is set to come out soon.


In an eerily parallel to the CIA’s Operation Dormouse, waterboarding and stress positions were fed to the press in order to cover up more serious (and seriously illegal) forms of torture. There’s always the question of why they detained people’s wives and children and what exactly was going on in Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, and the various “black sites” the CIA ran overseas. But one has to wonder, if these stories were fed to the press – like MK Ultra was – in order to hide a worse program.

We don’t know what the name of that program was, but I’m guessing the program itself looked a lot like Opeartion Artichoke.

Operation Gladio, Sibel Edmonds, Boiling Frogs, and the Turkish Connection

FBI 9/11 whistleblower Sibel Edmonds explains “Gladio B.” Notice who the terrorists recruited by NATO were – the Turkish “Babas” – the “Godfathers” – those in jail for heroin trafficking, blackmail, extortion, etc. Organized crime, in other words. It’s common knowledge now, but the CIA and the US military long associated with organized crime in the US and used their services in keeping the civilian population in line. And it was the government – NOT the mafia – that reached out. The government chose the mafia, not the other way around.

You find this pattern repeated by US imperalists in South America and South East Asia, especially the drug producers (Colombia) – in fact, in South East Asia, the drug trade always moves from country to country depending on which has the most American military presence (Vietnam, to Cambodia, to Burma/Myranmar, now, north west to Afghanistan.)

Since NATO was started to fight the Soviet Union, these paramilitary terrorist organizations were always labelled “right wing” and “nationalist” – but is that particularly true? In what ways can the mafia, drug kingpins, heroin dealers, and extortionist be considered “right wing,” “ultra-nationalist” or even political at all?

According to Communism, Fascism is when captialists (the rich) try to blunt the power of popular movements and elected officials in order to prevent levelling, the poor redistributing wealth and assets to themselves. Certainly, in the US, it seems to work that way. The Republican party is largely funded by the wealthy and works to prevent any sort of social policy that benefits the poor over the rich. But certainly, the Republican party – a hotbed of internationalism, global corporatism, and sympathy for cheap labor and mass, race-replacing immigration – cannot be considered “nationalist” in any significant way; they are internationalists, although they do promote a very different kind of internationalism/globalism than Communists claimed to.

This, then, explains the brutality of the USA “Deep State” and how it can pull off things such as assassinations of US Presidents, and even major terrorist attacks like 9/11. They recruit their terrorists from the criminal class. During the Contra wars of the 1980s in Central America, the US sided with “traditional power” – landowners, and especially, the managers of the local branches of US corporations. While their opponents were often much less white, much less Westernized, and much poorer. One sees the same thing in Venezuela, where Chavez’s party was the party of the poor brown masses, while the US proxy leaders were urban, upper class whites. The left has always been correct, in a sense, that there is a race war component to USA imperialism, and it’s also true that the whiter an ethnic group is, the more powerful, the more advanced technology, the more socially advanced. Unlike “anti-racist” complaints, however, it is not some special brutality on the part of the lighter skinned – the darks at least match the whites when it comes to brutality – it’s that the higher IQ whites, when they do engage in brutality, are much more effective, usually. While Rwandans can merely hack themselves to pieces with imported machetes (they can’t even make machetes themselves) a white population might use, say, drones to bomb villages.

Nevertheless, it should not be obscured that in the USA, it’s the very White (and Jewish) ruling class that is targeting the White majority population for replacement via immigration, and certainly, in cases like 9/11, Whites were the primary victims. From the Whiskey Rebellion, to the War of Northern Aggression, to the mass slaughters of the World Wars, to the imperialist ventures post-WWII, to the 9/11 Wars, the White (and now Jewish) ruling class has never been slow to put “their own people” in harm’s way, directly and indirectly.

While some sort of genetic sociopathy often explains the brutality, simple power differentials often do as well. Modern war and terrorism are planned from afar, far away from the victims and the gore, so this psychological (and physical) distance lessens the ability for the perpetrators to sympathize with the victims – in much the same way that a powerful man might not at all sympathize with the relative powerless position of a mistress, in fact, even fetishize it.

Perhaps that might explain stories like this:


and why CIA programs often look like something out of BDSM porno.

That is, perhaps, a more subtle sentiment than it might appear on the surface. Read it twice.




Now, what is quite interesting here, is that Edmonds says this Turkish Muslim terrorist group recruited by NATO was eventually replaced with “Al Qaeda” – also seemingly recruited by USA and its allies like Saudi Arabia. ISIS, an outgrowth of “Al Qaeda in Iraq,” is similarly positioned to carry out false flag attacks under the banner of Islamism, just like the Turkish/NATO Operation Gladio carried out false flags under the banner of Communism.

And just like the Turks in Operation Gladio, just like Abdullah Catli above, the “Al Qaeda” terrorists that purportedly highjacked the airliners on 9/11, we all given US visas.

Let’s not forget, Mike Springman, former head of the American visa bureau in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, said he tried to keep the hijackers out of the US, as they were known terrorists, but he was overruled by the CIA. This has been open, common knowledge for years, yet it has never seemed to enter into the thick skulls of conservative Republicans, but the CIA brought the hijackers to America.

Wag The Dog 5

Evidence of Revision: a must see, 9 hour documentary. It includes a whole lot of suppressed TV footage. While the assassination of JFK has been told and retold a million times, the assassination of RFK is a lot more interesting. Post-9/11, the neo-conservatives resurrected the memory of Sirhan Sirhan in order to justify Zionism and the wars against Islam, Sirhan was said the be “the first jihadi terrorist.”

But they quickly dropped it, because no one really wanted America to remember that story.

The story of Sirhan Sirhan is so hilariously bizarre. He actually had a newspaper article in his pocket about Israel, and the story was supposed to be that he was a Palestinian that hated JFK for supporting Israel. They actually *hypnotized* Sirhan Sirhan at his trial and told him what to say. For his part, Sirhan was so obviously drugged and brainwashed he couldn’t remember a thing. Perhaps America’s first brush with the CIA’s brainwashing and mind control program. The fact that the CIA spent years drugging and torturing people in order to create “Manchurian Candidates” is now part of the public record, there are pallets of declassified documents on the program.

But bring it up – these publicly acknowledged historical facts, and you’re likely to be called a “conspiracy theorist.”

Remember when the Republicans went on CSPAN and brought out carts of food that were supposedly being fed to detainees in Gitmo? Yeah, everyone knew those people were being tortured, but the conservative Republicans went on TV and tried to pretend they were being coddled or something. Just a few weeks ago, the CIA admitted they did far more than “waterboard” the detainees – the outright tortured them, which the CIA has been doing since it’s creation.

Of course, the moronic conservative Republicans actually bought the idea that there was a “ticking time bomb” and the Muslims were going to do “another 9/11” so we had to torture them first. Then, when the torture program – detailed in the General Taguba Report – came out during the Abu Ghraib scandal, the top brass on the military blamed it on the lowest ranking soldiers, saying they were “white trash” from “West Virginia” who just got off on doing kinky stuff because they were “sexual perverts.”.

Republicans, conservatives, of course, bought the whole thing, hook line and sinker, and spent the next few years masturbating to that Jack Ryan torture porn TV show, 24. Made by a Jew, to justify what Israel and the USA were doing – torturing children.

They even forced a son to suck his own father’s dick – that’s the nature of our elites, my friends.

Americans are, in general, a very cowardly people, and their main fear – the one that they dismiss as a “conspiracy theory” – is that most of what passes for “news” is, in fact, fiction. Americans wet themselves at the thought that CNN, ABC, and the Washington Post are just as fictional as Mad Men or Breaking Bad. Like children who refuse to believe their favorite professional wrestlers are play acting – “kayfabe.”

And lots and lot of supposedly intelligent people are “our side” as just as cowardly and childish about the issue. Such is life.

Flogging Miley 5

If I could get any animal it would be a dolphin. I want one so bad. Me and my mom went swimming with dolphins and I was like, ‘How do we get one of those?’ and she was like, ‘You can’t get a dolphin. What are you gonna do, like, put it in your pool?’ — Miley Cyrus

The bears on the album cover are not really ‘dancing’. I don’t know why people think they are, their positions are quite obviously those of a high-stepping march. — Augustus Owsley Stanley III (“Bear”)

Yes, Miley Cyrus is an Illuminati Mind Control Slave, programmed with the Beta Sex Kitten routine. See, what you do is you tie them up, and … oh, wait, never mind, I’ve said too much.

Miley Cyrus Mind Controlled Illuminati Sex Kitten
Miley Cyrus Mind Controlled Illuminati Sex Kitten

No, I haven’t forgotten about the Flogging Miley series, that started with her unusual video for We Can’t Stop (Flogging Miley Part 1) and went on to tell the story of CIA agent Miles Copeland Jr. (Flogging Miley 2) and his sons, who all ran various interesting and maybe even spooky parts of the music industry back in the 1980s. We covered CIA programs like the infamous MK-ULTRA and the operation to feed MK-Ultra to the press (Operation Dormouse) in order to distract attention away from the real scandal, Operation Artichoke. In the last installment, we covered how the ultimate drug of the 1960s Hippie Generation – LSD – was introduced to the general public by the CIA and those working with them. In context, LSD was essentially a chemical weapon used by the CIA for a long time, and at some point, tested on many willing and unwilling Americans in the 1950s through the 1970s, and perhaps longer, in fact, perhaps continuing to the current day.

Augustus Owsley Stanley III - AKA "Bear" The Hippie
Augustus Owsley Stanley III – AKA “Bear” The Hippie

So all of a sudden, LSD moves out of the CIA secret operations to the universities, which do more or less scientific research with varying levels of controls. Then, it’s make illegal. Timothy Leary famously starts a quasi-religious LSD cult on campus, is fired, then helps head up a counter-culture LSD trend which is given mainstream and positive press coverage by the Luce Family’s media empire, especially Time Magazine. Writer Ken Kesey and a bunch of proto-hippies hold private LSD parties called “acid tests” (a very fitting name, if you think about it) then LSD goes public with a series of music festivals held across the country, most famously Woodstock but starting with the Monterey Pop Festival in California. Massive quantities of LSD are given out for free or cheap to the attendees and the drug becomes an integral part of the new counter-culture.

Well, someone had to make all that acid, and the man that did was called “Bear.” Bear was a sound man for the Grateful Dead, the proto-typical “acid rock” band of the era, and it was Bear that introduced Ken Kesey to LSD and held the first mass LSD experiments Groovy Acid Tests.

Of course, “Bear” was just a cutesy nickname, likely meant to evoke the hip mythology of the time, maybe a trucker, some redneck turned hippie, perhaps even with Genuine American Indian ancestry. Bear’s real name was Augustus Owsley Stanley III and he was no trucker; he was the scion of one of the wealthiest and most important political families in America. His grandfather had been Governor, Representative, and Senator of Kentucky. Mr. Stanley III attended the Charlotte Military Academy, the University of Virginia, and served in the Air Force.

In other words, the stereotypical background of a spook. Established political family? Check. Military, university, and the Air Force? Check. The key manufacturer and distributor of the CIA’s favorite drug for decades? Check.

Yours truly started writing about Mr. Stanley III even before this blog, and as far as I know, the first and so far only writer to ever draw attention to his spooky background. Poor Mr. Augustus Owsley Stanley III then went and died in a car accident.

So from Ken Kesey’s original Acid Tests, to decades touring around America and the world with the Grateful Dead and manufacturing and distributing LSD for their fans, Augustus Owsley Stanley III was there from the beginning, to the putative end, of the LSD adventure, and given surprisingly positive coverage from the establishment media in the beginning. His background and his real name seem to have hardly been known or mentioned by much of anyone during that entire time.

The Establishment Counter-Culture
The Establishment Counter-Culture

So let’s review. We have acknowledged CIA agent Miles Copeland Jr. admitting to the CIA’s use of LSD. We have LSD Guru Timothy Leary known to have worked with the CIA, and now Augustus Owsley Stanley III, almost certainly similarly connected to these programs, as the main LSD manufacturer and distributor over the decades the CIA was known to be experimenting with LSD. We have Operation MK-Ultra, fed to the press by Operation Dormouse in order to distract attention from Project Artichoke, which the CIA had to cover up at all costs.

So what was Operation Artichoke? Interestingly, various pieces of Operation Artichoke have been part of the public record for decades, popping up in the press every few years. Of course, the name was never uttered, and the dots never connected. Sort of like with the Edward Snowden case. Edward Snowden didn’t tell us anything about the NSA that we didn’t know. He just released proof of what we already knew, thus confirming it. But anyone paying attention would have known all about what Edward Snowden is telling us, because the NSA’s various programs also pop up in the press every few years, but again, the names are rarely mentioned, and the dots are never connected.

So let’s connect some dots.

One of the most popular search terms that lead to this site is Miley Cyrus Illuminati MK-Ultra. There’s already a whole mythology based around these various CIA programs. Miley Cyrus – well, whoever makes her videos – puts these references into her songs and music precisely so we’ll talk about her. But maybe Miley Cyrus herself isn’t really as interesting as what is referenced in the videos.

The usual suspects, like the always entertaining Vigilant Citizen might be taking the symbolism a bit too literally. I also have a feeling one of my favorite conspiracy theorists, David McGowan, knows all about Miles Copeland Jr. (see Punk and the New Wave Arrive from his upcoming book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon.)

Who Knew The CIA Could Be So Damn Hip
Who Knew The CIA Could Be So Damn Hip

But when you strip away the quasi-religious mysticism of the “Illuminati” you’re left with something a lot more obvious, but just as sinister. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is all in the past. The story so far is just context. The story of Operation Artichoke is more about the present – and the future – than the past.

Now here’s where the story gets weird, and the bodies start piling up – literally.

This next part is where we learn why you Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid.

Literally – That’s not a figure of speech. Well, Flavor-Aid as the case may be. Talk about losing control of your brand.

devil cared tarot