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President Donald J Hector Elizando Mountain Dew Camacho Trump


Trump has two handicaps.

1) He is a bozo.
2) He started off with a default 7th grade civics class understanding of how the government works. Meaning, “Mr. Bill goes to Washington,” three branches, the President rules the Executive.

He is not a wild eyed radical, and does not intend to have a coup, abolish the constitution or anything of the sort. He got elected on the premise that the government is an organization which is dysfunctional but basically looks like what it’s supposed to. He got in on the theory that he would be a CEO in charge of revamping a broken corporation, or the captain of a ship which was off course and in bad repair.

Then he got in and all three branches told him to get bent, including the executive which he was supposed to be in charge of. Leaks and betrayal everywhere. It turned out that instead of being the captain of the ship, the president is actually just some dude who prances around on the prow, and if he gets ornery and actually tries to steer the ship and order the sailors around, they chuck him down in the hold. Which is where Trump now finds himself, fighting 1000 tons of pissed off squid.

None of this should have come as a surprise, but see point 1: the guy is a bozo, President Hector Elizando Mountain Dew Camacho.

He might still pull something out, if a group of reactionaries from the alphabet soup agencies and DoD present him with a plan and execute it for him. The odds of this are very small, for the same reason that the Soviet intelligence services and military never did anything against the USSR. This group of people has very little to gain and very much to lose by rocking the boat. They have comfortable and prestigious lives and interesting professions. DC incomes have not suffered at all from progressive policies. Anyone who is anyone in those organizations has been through many rounds of positive selection for conformism and many years of negative selection for nonconformism.

In short, those pics of the “God-emperor Trump” prancing around like a doofus with a submachine gun/sword and hookers at his knees should have been embarrassing to begin with.

But, hey, he might still pull something off-fundamentally, Trump is a decent and smart kind of bozo. Look at all those Jews he surrounds himself with! Just like President Camacho had his Not Sure and empowered him to fix the Brawndo Issue, maybe President Trump will delegate Kushner to figure out all this bad stuff with the french fry and burrito cover shortages. And maybe Kushner will take on Moldbug as an adviser.

One thing is for sure-these guys are not complete idiots. No NRx Nazis, NEETs or other weirdos will be allowed anywhere near power. Might as well leave all those Inquisition fantasies in the trash where they belong.


Bozos do not acquire a hot wife, a flying palace with a gold plated bathroom, and the presidency in the face of massive opposition.

Trump knows exactly how the government really works, for he has been buying politicians for a very long time.

Trump is fairly open that he is planning a coup against the judiciary, after the fashion of Andrew Jackson, and has been planning it for many years. Of course what his supporters are hoping for is a coup against the permanent government, but a coup against the judiciary will nonetheless be a pleasant consolation prize.

Whether he can pull off a coup against the permanent government is far from clear, and I am less optimistic than I was a week ago, but he knows full well it is something he needs to do.

He has the military in his pocket, he has the praetorians in his pocket. The spies, however, are giving him a lot of grief, and if he cannot bring them into line, he is going to be a lame duck.


A hot wife and a gold plated bathroom are EXACTLY the sort of things bozos value deeply and show off proudly. [Ed: President Camacho was a porn star with a big gold necklace let’s not forget!]

Would I really be surprised? The trouble with people of some intelligence is that they overestimate their intelligence while underestimating that of others. If I speak with you, it’s a pretty safe bet that I speak with others and have a pretty decent grasp of what’s going on.


so “winning is for losers”. Are you impressed with GWB clearing brush and Jeb Bush’s wife?


Your definition of winning is for losers. Idiocracy. I’ve been in Saddam Hussein’s palaces, was not impressed by them either.

I’m not impressed with GWB clearing brush.

I am impressed by George Senior, Prescott Bush and the rest of the classic Skull and Bones gang. Though evil, they had class, were formidable and not bozos.

I’m impressed by Andrew Jackson, who was formidable, though he fought a doomed battle. And I can’t picture Andrew Jackson doing bozo things like showing off a gold plated bathroom or trophy wives.

Furthermore, I know many people whom I look up to, who are my personal heroes in one respect or another, and none of them would do bozo things like that.


Antifa is like ISIS – They Just Never Seem to Get Around to Attacking Zionism


“Lord of Wombats”

If Trump makes war with Iran and China, Petras will be right.

But I’m not sure we should confuse rhetoric with reality with Trump.

Trump like to talk big and act tough. It’s part of his act.

It’s been his style since the beginning of his campaign. The bluster.

But in the end, he will be judged by what he does, not what he says.

I don’t think he personally wants trouble with Iran, but some powerful Jews behind him supported him for that reason, and he owes them.

I think he is using China as scapegoat for all the US’s problems, and yellow peril talk will be useful for the time being. Everyone bashed China as safe outlet.

As for the protests, I think the elites are not exactly happy with them… but they find them useful because they fear the rise of Alt Right. So, if Antifa types wanna go around punching Trump supporters, the elites see that keeping things under control, at least in power centers like cities and college towns.

As for stuff like pussy hat movement, how is that a threat to the elites? It’s so silly and hollywood-like? 500,000 women getting together with cutesy hats holding signs about pussy? That is no threat to the power elites.

Anyway, the fact that the moron ‘protesters’ think ‘nazis’ are the real threat to America should be reassuring to the Wall Street elites.
Antifa is like ISIS. Notice ISIS never attacked Israel.
Likewise, Antifa may attack a starbucks here and there, but they do nothing about banks or Wall Street. They are bottomfeeders in search of ‘nazis’. So dumb.

Jewish Women Are Having S&M Sexual Fantasies About Trump as Hitler

You people all thought I was kidding:



But Jewish women are now publishing their own Trump Nazi S&M fantasies themselves:


How Do I Explain My Trump Nazi Nightmare to My Mexican American Daughter?

Anna Keller

October 21, 2016

I have a terrible recurring dream. I’m hiding in the attic with Anne Frank and she’s calling me “Kitty.” I tell her that I have to go, I don’t know where my daughter is, and she turns to me and tells me that we can’t go anywhere. We are in hiding and we must stay this way until the war is over. All of a sudden, I hear boots on the stairs and the door swings open and it’s Donald J. Trump — only he’s naked, wearing a swastika sweatband on his head, and he says, “I think Islam hates us.”

As usual, I’m ahead of the trends.



Trump Thugs sexually humiliate proud Latina Feminist Activist



The humiliation these Trump thugs put Latina Feminist Leftist activists through is barbaric. To them Latina aren’t human. They chain her by the neck like she is an animal.

>law enforcement approaches curvy latina protestor
>officers glance at each other with a grin once they notice her supple breasts peeking out from under her soft shirt
>she glares straight ahead, committed to her cause.
>”you want to cooperate with us or do you want to do this the hard way?”
>so be it
>they handcuff her hands and legs to the van door
>They step back, grinning at her helpless situation
>an officer reaches out and squeezes a breast, saying “you asked for it”
>the other officer begins to rub her ass
>she remains silent, sweating. She can feel her pussy tingle.
>the officers step back and allow the crowd to jeer and laugh at her
>a gruff biker-looking dude steps over and lifts her shirt up, exposing her perfect round breasts.
>her nipples are fully erect but she stares straight ahead and whispers under her breath, “for Bernie…”
>another man pulls down her pants, revealing her sweaty, glistening pussy. It’s already wet from excitement.
>The officers step back from the scene as the large crowd descends on her and begins to molest her every curve, and every tender quivering hole
>she moans as fingers penetrate deep
>more and more people have arrived to watch, and some join in
>the officers walk away as hordes of men, cocks erect, descend upon this helpless handcuffed latina and ravage her mouth, pussy, and asshole
>they continue for hours until she is covered in pussy juice, sweat, and semen, gallons leaking out from every orifice
>her body is quivering from the countless orgasms she’s had
>“for Bernie……” she thinks, as a single tear slides down her face and another steaming load of semen from another total stranger is deposited into the back of her throat.

Why White Nationalism Always Fails

I started reading the WN blogs almost a decade ago. I was impressed with people like Kevin MacDonald and Gregory Hood. I was less impressed with the “LARPers” like Harold Covington or Alex Linder. I was really annoyed by the idiots that would post comments about “taking over the government” or “guerrilla war” and other such fantasy tripe.

I’m too old for the Chan culture. I’ve never watched an anime in my life and posting Hitler memes just doesn’t do anything for me. I do think that the Chan culture has done an ok job of making Holocaust Hitler Hysteria a joke, but AFAICT that’s about the end of their usefullness.

Whenever I read a website like the Daily Stormer, I admit that sometimes it can be funny, but only sometimes, and it’s funny like “Ow My Balls” is funny. But then I read the comments. One particularly odious individual, Fr. John+, pretends to be an orthodox priest and knows all sorts of esoteric religious things, but his insincerity comes through loud and clear. He’s so religious he has declared Donald Trump to be the next Constantine – if I have to explain why that is cringe-inducing LARPing, I don’t know what else to tell you.

The Donald Trump campaign has really put these people in the WN movement in perspective. Mostly, they are sort-of dim people who live their lives vicariously, through media. Sure, there’s all sorts of reason to vote for Trump, but most WNs can’t actually make a decent argument. Instead, it’s pure wish-fulfillment and fantansy. They come up with these complex conspiracy theories about what Trump “really” thinks, and how he’s got some complicated “master plan” to do this or that. It’s so mind-numbingly idiotic, especially considering that Trump is one of the most famous people in America, and he’s been a celebrity for my entire life. It’s perfectly obvious what Trump is, and the only nationalism he’s clearly committed to is Zionism – Israel nationalism. That’s what Trump has spent his life doing.

Reading interviews from Trump insiders show exactly what you would expect – Trump chooses his “issues” based on what he thinks will be popular, not based on any sort of conviction. Trump couldn’t care less about illegal immigration, but his assistant that listened to talk radio told him that was popular. Trump couldn’t care less about Obamacare or Common Core, but those were the hot topics on talk radio at the time, so he took up those causes.

But now the entire White Nationalist movement has become little more than a cheerleading section for the Trump campaign, and truth and evidence has gone out the window as WNs try to police each other. No criticism of Trump, any one not on board with the Trump campaign must be purged or attacked, and anyone not sufficiently enthusiastic is suspected of being a Jew or a fag (or a Ted Cruz supporter.)

The White Nationalism movement was basically started by George Lincoln Rockwell. Rockwell himself may have meant well, but his idiotic “hate” shtick turned was was a popular issue – segregation – and paired it with a very unpopular issue – “Nazism.” Rockwell was the first Costume Clown and he basically single-handedly discredited any pro-White movement due to his stupid clown act.

We now know that a significant part of the so-called “neo-Nazi” movement has been literally ADL employees playing dress-up, and the ones that aren’t being paid by the ADL and instead being paid by the FBI. We have 50 years of this, all documented and on the record.

We know that much of the “WN” chan culture is, in fact, Jews playing dress up. Joshua Goldberg, for instance. Is it a surprise that the same chan culture is so in the bag for Trump now?

Humor has its place, certainly, but sometimes you have to face reality.

The latest idiotic conspiracy theory is that Trump’s six national security analysts are not Jewish. This is supposed to be significant, and the WNs have come up with all sorts of idiotic theories that this is a “signal” or that is shows Trump is “against the Jews” or anything. I understand there are a lot of WNs that are simply young and don’t have a clue about politics and less of a clue about the National Security establishment. But there’s no excuse for a simple lack of rigor when it comes to getting basic facts right.

The Trump cult has gotten so bad that Mormons are being attacked because Utah didn’t vote for Trump. Now, Mormons have become the “enemy” of whites, and WNs are having a contest to see who can insult Mormons the most. These same assholes were all in the bag for Mitt Romney last time and used to praise Mormons to high heavens. Now? Because they are perceived as being anti-Trump, they are attacked in the most childish of ways.

WN isn’t serious, it’s a clown show. You have really great guys like RamZPaul doing more for nationalism than anyone has in a decade, and he’s routinely attacked by the channers for insufficient ideological purity. Then, these same idiots will turn around and accuse anyone of not being for Trump of having TOO MUCH ideological purity.

It really, really sucks that the loudest voices in White Nationalism are Costume Clowns and single, childless men who masturabte to anime porn.

Bob Whitaker – perhaps the most valuable pro-White voice of the last decade, has stepped down from the American Freedom Party, because the rest of the board has lost interest in actually promoting the interests of White people, instead, they want to act as unpaid propaganda for Donald Trump. Mind you, these people are not actually using the Trump campaign to get more people on board with being pro-White – on the contrary – they are throwing white people overboard and ignoring pro-White issues in order to help Trump.

Of course, the Trump campaign neither needs nor wants their help, so not only are they being ineffective, they are being counter-productive.

Whatever happens with Trump, win or lose, he has done nothing to advance the cause of White people and even as President, there’s no reason to believe he will lift a finger to advance the cause of white people. Sure, The Wall is a great talking point, and Trump’s adoption of Jeff Sessions immigration plan has substance to it.

But the demographic problem of America has literally nothing to do with Mexicans sneaking across the border. The Wall idea is good optics for a campaign, but it’s not a serious proposal.

Pro-White people have a great opportunity to use the Trump campaign in our interests. Jared Taylor has done just that, or least, he did. He did robo-calls for Trump and actually used the word “white.” That’s awesome. But most of the WN movement has been doing the opposite – stopping talking about White interests because it may hurt the Trump campaign.

Frankly, the better sorts of Whites don’t need the White Nationalist movement. Smart, intelligent, and educated Whites are doing just fine – they control the world. Biggest military, nice all-white neighborhoods, plenty of money, good schools. It the regular White that are getting screwed.

I’m starting to think that the NRx people are right. The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter. I can send a link to Radix Journal to my upper class white liberal friends, no problem – but I’d have to tell them to not read the comments. And of course I wouldn’t want to be associated with the idiotic clown show that is the Daily Stormer. Sure, I get it, trolling is funny, but these people take it seriously.

Anime sucks, by the way. It is literally the gayest thing in the world for white men to post anime pictures on line.

Kinky Sex Fetish: A Manhattan Murder Mystery 13

Before Tinder, it was Craigslist.

Look – young people from all over the country move to New York to work at prestigious companies for a lot of money. Everyone is working all the time. The gals are not interested in settling down and having babies. The men are focused, lazer like, on making money.

So what do you think horny young 20 somethings do?

They “hook up.”

And back in 2001, it was Craigslist. Craigslist was still virtually unknown outside of a few cities like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. The only people that used Craigslist were 20 something hipsters from the city. So back then, women would still put up personal ads and sometimes even post a picture. It wasn’t “private” exactly but the audience was small and exclusive.

Her ad said “No Time To Date” and it was a litany of “small town gal in the big city.” Works all the time, never gets to meet guys. Looking for this and that, something. Loves this. Whatever.

Reading between the lines it means “busy career gal, haven’t been laid in months, looking for a man to fuck me silly all weekend then leave me alone.”

For me, this was my bread and butter pretty much, because, hey, I was in the same situation. I did have a girlfriend, but she lived all the way across the country in California and it’s not cheating if you’re in a different state.

Whatever, I never claimed to be a “good person.”

So this was like textbook. We had met for drinks on Wednesday at the dive bar near the towers. Aisha would flirt with me when I had some girl there, to help me out. She was a sweetheart. Aisha wasn’t interested in me at all but she liked me hanging around so she’d help out when she could. So this girl – I don’t remember her name – she’s about 27, a few years older than me. Cute, slender, long hair, dressed real nice. I forgot what she did. We have three drinks, I tell her I’ll walk her to the subway around the corner. She turns to say goodbye so I kiss her, we make plans to meet on Monday, after she gets back from whatever she’s doing on the weekend.

On Monday, god, I could barely concentrate at work. I had half a hard on all day thinking about fucking this girl tonight. At lunch, my bosses, Jimmy and Richie, took me and a few of the guys out to some fancy Thai place at the World Financial Center a few blocks away. Jimmy is bitching and bitching about the power downs. It didn’t make any damn sense. Why would both buildings have all of their power – including emergency power – shut off over the weekend? Everyone had been working late backing up all of the systems, making sure we could bring them back up without any problems. This did not make Jimmy happy at all.

Jimmy was probably 40 something, blonde hair, blue eyes, looked like a grown up boy scout but cursed like a sailor. He actually came across as rather relaxed and informal but the man was responsible for billions of dollars flowing through the company on a daily basis, yet he never broke a sweat. And the power down thing did not please him at all. He had been working on some roll out for months then, all a sudden, without any warning, the building management told everyone they had to prepare for two weekends of power downs, in both towers. “Upgrading the internet” or “fixing the electricity” or something, and that was why Jimmy was bitching about it so much.

Anyway he was a cool guy and it was nice of him to take us peons out for lunch with the big bosses. You know, older guys, they love to show off to the younger men. As I was like 24, just out of college working my first job, I never paid for lunch, or drinks after work. Guys like Jimmy and Richie, they loved to pull out hundred dollar bills and give outrageous tips to the bartenders and waitresses. I suspect both of them were loaded far beyond the kind of money I could imagine.

Of course, for me, 24 year old kid from the suburbs, I was making fucking bank. I’d pull out twenty dollar bills to tip the girls at the bar but it came from the same place honestly.

So we’re all chomping away on $40 entrees while Jimmy and Richie are having a cussing contest talking about the power downs. I’m pretending to pay attention but all I can think about is this chick I’m meeting later that night.


You know, thinking back on it, I figured it was just a regular job. I had pulled my one string to get this job, some kid I knew in college worked for one of the banks and knew Richie and had gotten me an interview. I wasn’t an employee, I was a consultant, working on a small team with a contract. Now I figured, sure, some of these guys had probably worked at NSA and the like, and I knew some of the guys from the DC office worked down in Maryland and had security clearances, but how was I to know, some kid, how connected finance is to the spook industry?

So I’m guessing, and it’s just a guess, that one of the guys on our team was assigned to this company for reasons a bit more complex than just a salary. LOL, I was surrounded by these people but I didn’t have a fucking clue.

But whatever – all I can think about is meeting Hot Chick uptown later than night, around nine. Meeting for drinks at nine basically means you’ve already scored, as long as you don’t fuck it up.

So that’s why I was uptown. We meet over at a bar close to her place, lubricate ourselves with a shot of whiskey each and two glasses of wine, then hop in a cab back to her place. I was basically raping her in the back of the cab. The driver says, “no please don’t touch her. Not here, no please.”

I swear, if I was the conspiracy theory type, I’d say the cab driver was Osama Bin Laden himself. Full bushy beard, some kind of tablecloth on his head, the whole nine yards. Of course Osama Bin Laden was on the news every once in a while but you know, we had no idea of what was coming.

So all night long I’m fucking this girl. We just walk into her apartment, she starts to get a bottle of wine by I’m just kissing all over her and just drag her into the bedroom. Two horny strangers just needing some attention and to get off. Well she wakes me up around seven and I’m hustling to get to work. No time to go back to my place but I have a change of clothes at the office for just this sort of thing. So I shower and put on last night’s clothes, which smell like smoke and whiskey. Frankly I look like shit, unshaven, but hell it was worth it.

So I walk blocks to the subway and get onto the train. This train is always fucking crowded. Miraculously, I get a seat and start reading my Wall Street Journal (best newspaper in America, at least back in those days.) Hey, I work in finance so it’s what you’re supposed to read.

I’m almost at my stop, but then, the train stops and all the lights go out. “Shit,” I’m thinking, “I’m going to be late. Jimmy is going to chew my ass out.” We sit there for five minutes – it seems like forever. The light comes on for like two seconds, then go back off. You could hear everyone on the train groaning, cursing under their breath and sighing. The announcer comes on and says, “there’s a delay.” Well, no shit, I thought. Five more minutes.

Finally, the train starts moving, but it’s going backwards. Now people are whining real loud, but it keeps going backwards. We go all the way back to the previous stop, and the announcer says, “there’s been an accident at the World Trade Center. Everyone must exit the train here. Everyone must exit.” People are mumbling, but the lights come on at the station, the doors open, and we all get off the train. The announcer says everyone must exit the station too. This sucks, but we all line up and start walking up the stairs.

I look at my watch, it’s already nine o’clock. I’m thinking, “shit I’m going to be so late.” Well I finally make it up the stairs to ground level and there’s a huge crowd standing in front of one of the buildings. Everyone is pointing and staring, some people even have video cameras out. I’m thinking what the hell is going on? So I look over to where everyone is looking and – let me tell you – I couldn’t fucking believe what I saw.


I can’t stand it I know you planned it
I’m gonna set it straight, this watergate
I can’t stand rocking when I’m in here
Because your crystal ball ain’t so crystal clear
So while you sit back and wonder why
I got this fucking thorn in my side
Oh my God, it’s a mirage
I’m tellin’ y’all it’s sabotage