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Read Between The Lines: ‘Isis supporters fight imaginary battle over Iraqi town that never existed after Twitter hoax’

Here’s a fun trick – go to your favorite Alt-Right, New Right, White Nationalist, Race Realist, White Right whatever site. Go through their articles for the last few years. Read what some of them were saying about ISIS – ISIL – “Islamic State” whichever.

Now read this article, and read between the lines. What are the elements of the headline?

ISIS – imaginary battle – never existed – Twitter hoax.


Now, this is not a “conspiracy theory” because it’s published in a “legitimate” media organ. Instead, it’s a “hoax” and that fooled “ISIS supporters” from “around the world” on “Twitter.”

On the other hand, if Hipster Racist were to suggest that media coverage of “ISIS” included “faking pictures” and “Photoshopp[ing] an image” we’d call it a “crazy conspiracy theory.” That is, until The Independent publishes a story about a “hoax.”

As Mr Mahmoud’s “breaking news” gained traction with re-tweets, other Iraqis joined in the fun by faking pictures that both Isis and militia supporters believed were real.

Now, if some random Iraqi that is “critical of the Iraqi government” but “hates ISIS” can fool a worldwide contingent of … “ISIS supporters” … on Twitter … which are regularly reported on in the “real news” as representative of the pro-ISIS faction of Muslims worldwide …

… then the actual participants in whatever real wars on going on can – and DO – their own “photoshopping” and “faking pictures.”

In fact, it would be job number ONE for any competent psy-ops staffer.

Yet the “best and brightest” of the White Right, Alt-Right, New Right, and White Nationalists pretend to take war propaganda at face value. Not a single photograph is questioned as legitimate, not a single video timestamp can ever be discounted, not a single “Tweet” from an official “Twitter account” can ever be taken as anything other than sincere, with varying shades of truthiness.

Because to even suggest otherwise would be to “get involved in conspiracy theories.”

Lots of lefties in the Bush administration thought that “dissidents” like Amy Goodman and Noam Chomsky were really speaking “truth to power” and were actually so “controversial” they were “censored” from the mainstream. Over time, it was obvious that, far from being “dissidents” Goodman and Chomsky were, in fact, an important part of the propaganda of the power structure, and would censor stories and issues that were really important and really controversial.

I’ve only been reading the WN sites for about five years, but you can already tell which “alt right” sites are not, in fact, “dissidents” at all and far from “speaking truth to power” they merely enforce one end of the acceptable spectrum.

Wag The Dog 12

Shooters were radicalized in Europe, sent to Syria, returned, have been previously arrested by Western security agencies for terrorism and long on the watch-list of French and other Western intelligence agencies. Yet “somehow” they still managed to execute a highly organized attack in the heart of Europe.

In an all too familiar pattern and as predicted, the shooters involved in the attack in Paris Wednesday, January 7, 2015, were French citizens, radicalized in Europe and exported to Syria to fight in NATO’s proxy war against the government in Damascus, then brought back where they have now carried out a domestic attack. Additionally, as have been many other domestic attacks, the suspects were long under the watch of Western intelligence services, with at least one suspect having already been arrested on terrorism charges.

The implications of yet another case of Western-radicalized terrorists, first exported to fight NATO’s proxy war in Syria, then imported and well-known to Western intelligence agencies, being able to carry out a highly organized, well-executed attack, is that the attack itself was sanctioned and engineered by Western intelligence agencies themselves,. This mirrors almost verbatim the type of operations NATO intelligence carried out during the Cold War with similar networks of radicalized militants used both as foreign mercenaries and domestic provocateurs. Toward the end of the Cold War, one of these militant groups was literally Al Qaeda – a proxy mercenary front armed, funded, and employed by the West to this very day.


Classic Gladio style operation. In the 1970s it would have been “communists,” in the 1980s it would have been “ultra-nationalists” these days it’s “radical Muslims.”

NATO – the US, the EU, etc., – they are the ones that recruited, armed, trained, and funded “Al Qaeda” which at the time were called “Mujahadeen.” This is not a “conspiracy theory” this is pretty well acknowledged in the mainstream media.

The French parliament – French democracy – has been getting uppity lately, voting to recognize Palestine, voting to end sanctions on Russia, etc.

This is how you manage democracy.

Who benefits? NATO, America, Israel, the neo-cons of France. Who loses? Palestinians, Muslims, Russia, French democracy.

As for Identitarians, the French right, far too many White Nationalists – they couldn’t care less what actually happened. They are simply glad that the target was the left and the attacks are being blame on “radical Islam” because they hope this will turn sentiment against mass immigration.

But that is because most writers considered Identitarian, the new right, White Nationalists, completely misunderstand the nature of “Al Qaeda” and “radical Islam” in general. This is a cognitive failure on their part. When NATO decides to clamp down on the Identitarians, we’ll just have more Brievik style attacks, false flags under the rubric of “the far right” or “racist Nazis” and “ultra-nationalism.”

Remember, these are people who claim to believe two airplanes can cause three massive skyscrapers to demolish themselves. For many of them, truth is a pragmatic thing.

What they fail to understand – what they are actually too fearful to believe – is that the “powers that be” – NATO, the military, the state – use foreign Muslims and foreign populations *against their own citizens* as a way to manage them.

This is Imperialism 101.

Wag The Dog 11 – Charlie Hebdo

So men “shouting Muslim phrases” shot a bunch of people at the satire magazine, Charlie Hebdo. So obviously, Muslim terrorists are doing it as revenge for cartoons of Mohammed from *two years ago.*

In this fabulous tale, our terrorists leave their IDs in the getaway car – what a lucky break for the police – then the young one turns himself into the police. Two other suspects – straight out of Central Casting mind you – are wanted, maybe they caught them yet, who knows.

France recently recognized a Palestinian state, Netanyahu warns of “dire consequences” and then they get Muslim terrorism. Watch as the Palestinian state get recognized by various nations – then count the days until some terrorist attack happens.

Sure, if you want to believe the narrative, go ahead. But ask yourself, who benefits? Do Muslims benefit? Are they scaring whites into not mocking their religion? Not at all, they are uniting opinion against them and making everyone double down in mocking Mohammed.

So Charlie Hebdo actually fired a writer for making a comment that might be interpreted as suggesting Jewish people tend to be well off and powerful. That is the real blasphemy. He was told to apologize to Jews, but he said he “rather cut his own balls off” – gotta respect a guy like that – so he wound up getting fired.

Suggesting that Jewish people may be a little be wealthier than average – that is a firing offense.

But blaspheming the Muslim religion, that’s just great comedy. That makes you a hero.

So, ok, what this boils down to:

1. Suggesting that Jews have power is a firing offense.

2. The most vile blasphemy against the Islamic religion -and Christianity – is great comedy and the people who engage in it are heroes.

3. The French left is the driving force behind the recognition of the human rights of Palestinians, and the French left just got a lesson.

This doesn’t come across as a bunch of pissed off religious fanatics waiting two years to exact revenge over some cartoons. This comes across to me like a professional hit. Terrorism is a tactic of war. The big players – the USA, Russia, EU – they all use terrorism as a tactic in war.

Al Qaeda, ISIS – these groups were recruited by Western powers and Western allies like Saudi Arabia. Why can’t you people get that through your head? Unless you come to terms with these basic facts, your analysis of the current wars is simply shit.

Wag The Dog 10: The Putin Problem

The Putin Problem is the fact that during the entire Western media campaign against Russia in the last few years, the White Nationalist, alternative right, and other ostensibly dissident publications spent quite a bit of time hero-worshipping Putin, casting him as some great White savior, and even publicized Alexander Dugin, the Russian equivalent of a neo-conservative imperalist media campaigner. Something like a Russian, pro-Putin David Frum.

There’s no “conspiracy” of course, anymore than there is a “conspiracy” if someone punches you and you punch back – it’s a reaction. The alternative right, the White Nationalists, and ostensibly dissident – especially the right-leaning – are, after all, reactionaries. Putin is in the news, and the coverage is anti-Putin. So that means the dissidents are going to also put Putin in their news, but be pro-Putin, or at the least, react against the anti-Putin propaganda.

Of course that means that the media sets the agenda. You are not writing about world events – you likely don’t actually know don’t anything about the vast majority of things going on in the world – you’re writing about media events.

The Onion is everyone’s favorite satire, and there are but a few satirical templates they use for their stories. The best is taking one straight-forward news story and plugging in the elements of another.

CIA Admits Role In 1985 Coup To Oust David Lee Roth

Got it? Take a story like, “CIA Admits Staging Coup in Banana Republic” and then plug in elements of the CIA running a middle-brow yuppie clothing store. It’s a great gimmick.

The Onion also does “reverse the tone” articles. So, “Man’s Family Rises to Record-High Fourth Priority” takes what would be the subject for a human interest story and gives it the dry, factual tone of a finance article. The “political code words” thing undergoes a sort of “euphemism cycle.” “Teens” vs. “Thugs” and then you “agree and amplify” so use “teen” ostentatiously, drawing attention to the fact that it is a euphemism.

The Daily Stormer has a pretty stock set of templates as well. They do the “reverse the tone” shtick, and it is sort of an old part of troll culture (long before 4Chan existed.) So, the typical media piece that would go like this:

Prominent Human Rights Leader Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Mourns the Death of Beloved Yet Controversial Mayor Marion Barry

gets satirized as:

Jewess Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Mourns the Death of Degenerate Negro Crack Smoking Mayor Marion Barry

If there is a euphemism used, the euphemism must be rejected and the most offensive, most “trollish” term used in its place. Pointing out the obvious – like how very kosher many of these characters are – is itself “trollish” and the use of the archaic term “Jewess” is even more so.

However, like the “serious” White Nationalists, the Daily Stormer isn’t making up its own narrative. They are reporting on news, and doing a satire of it by breaking a few taboos. So it has two sections, “Jewish Problem” about Jews, and “Race War” about Blacks, with various a few various white “degenerates” and illegal beaners thrown in for good measure. It’s outrage porn, but it’s too self-referential to be truly outraged. It’s just sort of a Racist Onion.

The Nazi schitck is simply that Nazis are the ultimate bad guys, the ultimate political taboo, so you be a Nazi. It’s really fun, just like reading The Onion is really fun. Sometimes it even “makes you think,” perhaps seeing media coverage in a new light.

Of course, the highest form of trolling, one that may be lost on the younger crowd, is concern trolling. You sort of cross dress as a leftist and become the most leftist very concerned that other leftists aren’t leftist enough. There is just this great sort of feeling you get when you are online, pretending to have the exact opposite view that you “really” do, and having someone fall for the bait and agree with you.

Unless they are agreeing and amplifying, that is. Then you’re just getting trolled.

The Occidental Observer has an article about the “feminist protest group” Femen, how it’s funded by three rich men and acts as a sort of marketing firm as opposed to an actual political movement. Women take their tops off, scrawl offensive messages on themselves, and hold PR stunts at Christian churches, meant to offend Christians, and various places meant to offend the target-du-jour, Putin, or a modeling contest. The women are told what to wear and how to dress and what the protests are going to be. The women are paid well, and are often former and current prostitutes.


To protect himself from accusations of being a “conspiracy theorist” the author mentions Gloria Steinem’s CIA funding and even mentions the CIA’s role in the “LSD experiments of Timothy Leary” which seems to be the “official euphemism” traditionally used for MK-Ultra. I wonder if someone at TOO has been reading “Flogging Miley?”

This blog has the Putin problem as well, simply reacting to the “news cycle” but we are trying to be ahead of the curve. The report about CIA torture during the post-9/11 Bush administration is set to come out soon.


In an eerily parallel to the CIA’s Operation Dormouse, waterboarding and stress positions were fed to the press in order to cover up more serious (and seriously illegal) forms of torture. There’s always the question of why they detained people’s wives and children and what exactly was going on in Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, and the various “black sites” the CIA ran overseas. But one has to wonder, if these stories were fed to the press – like MK Ultra was – in order to hide a worse program.

We don’t know what the name of that program was, but I’m guessing the program itself looked a lot like Opeartion Artichoke.

Wag The Dog 9: Hey, Christians, Buy Your Tickets Now!

This one is made just for you – and just in the nick of time, too. France just recognized the state of Palestine, so dig deep, because there are still some alive and the Jews need your contributions to kill the last muzzie baby.

It’s important to take your children to see this movie, too, so they grow up with this sort of Zionist propaganda always in the background. It’s even written by the same guy that wrote … no, I’m not making this up … Schindler’s List. He’s Armenian. No really.

Don’t worry, there won’t be too much sex and no swearing. So, it’s family friendly! Plus, I’m sure it will be pretty accurate, they aren’t going to mess with an official plot line in the Bible too much.

Meanwhile, did you hear about the anti-Russian Chechnyan rebels that the US has supported for 20 years? Yeah, they just declared their allegiance to the Islamic State. Well, golly gee willikers, no one saw that one coming. Don’t get started with any conspiracy theories now.

As for me, well, I am so inspired by these brave Muslim warriors! So much more “real” than the emptiness of the modern post-Enlightenment West, with our video games and slutty women. Why I have half a mind to convert to Muslim myself! Just like all those other Western White guys who converted to Islamic State because Allah told them too.

No, wait, think I’ll convert to Avalonian, that’s the thing now.

I think it’s better than 300, personally. I think of it as post-modern film. Just like the old “snuff” films like Cannibal Holocaust, or the Blair Witch Project, part of the selling point is pretending it’s real. Think of it as Live Action Role Playing. You make fun of those cos-players but you know they may be ahead of the curve in this case.


Wag The Dog 8

So if you’re an imperialist military that needs soldiers and votes from a democratic population, wouldn’t your first order of business be:

a) denying the enemy the ability to propagandize your population

b) propagandizing your own population about the enemy

Would you want the opposing force to get on TV and have a fair opportunity at making their case to your population? Of course not. Whoever the enemy is, you would appoint people to represent the opposition leaders for public consumption. You want your population to perceive the enemy the way you want them to, not the way the enemy wants them too.

Hence, the “War on Terror,” Osama Bin-Laden, Al Qaeda. USA invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, and intervened in a dozen other countries in the last 13 years. If you are a conservative, patriotic white Republican and actually believed there was a world wide radical Muslim terrorist group called “Al Qaeda” that we were fighting, I have two pieces of news for you.

1) Professional wrestling is “worked.”

2) US military propagandists are far, far smarter than you are.

Wag The Dog 6

WNs seem to believe that this newest “War on the Beheaders” is either because Putin beat Obama’s ass so bad, Obama had to prove he was still tough by fighting some terrorists, or that Obama received secret orders from Tel Aviv. Both of these ideas are plausible if you ignore the evidence and context.


U.S. Sen. John McCain is one of the most vocal proponents of attacking the terrorist Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, and has increased the urgency since last week’s beheading murder of kidnapped journalist James Foley.

But McCain, R-Ariz., has come under fire from the left-leaning organization VoteVets.org for allegedly posing for a photo in 2013 with “ISIS fighters,” a charge the group has been unable to back up and that McCain calls a fabrication.

The photo was taken during a surprise May 2013 trip McCain took to Syria to meet with rebel leaders in the civil war against President Bashar Assad’s regime. Then and now, McCain is a passionate advocate for helping the moderate Free Syrian Army, which has been battling both Assad’s forces and the extremists. In June, President Barack Obama’s administration proposed a $500 million plan to arm and train the moderate Syrian opposition.


Last year, the current administration had an absolute hard-on for direct military strikes against Syria. The public and even Congress was against it. In the meantime, ISIS pops up out of nowhere and provides exactly the kind of outrage needed to get John Q Public to support action.

Then there’s another headline that says ISIS is “within a mile” of Baghdad. So where are all the airstrikes happening? In Syria.

My own theory goes like this. It’s all about Russia. Now you might be wondering wtf ISIS has to do with Russia. Well, unlike the USA/NATO, Russia has only a few naval ports. One of their really important ones is in Crimea (sound familiar?) and they have another one in Tartus, Syria.



If you want to keep on reducing Russia’s strategic options, cutting off access to these naval bases is a big deal. So first there’s a Western-backed overthrow of the Ukrainian government. I think the plan was to oust Yanukovich (done) then get a pro-western regime installed (done) and then have Ukraine join NATO.

If this had happened, the naval base in Crimea (one of Russia’s most important) might have actually come under NATO control. Of course letting this happen would be unthinkable to the Russians, hence the annexation of Crimea. This allowed them to keep their naval base while simultaneously created a territorial dispute that pre-empts Ukraine from being accepted as a member of NATO.

ISIS is the key to the other naval base. Position a fabricated boogeyman inside the country you’re just dying to attack. Done. Stimulate public outrage, Done. Now attack the target….. currently underway. The goal is to put the Assad regime out of business and then install a new government that will kick the Russians out of their naval base at Tartus.

It’s not rocket science, which is why you need a really Big Brain to obscure the obvious.

Wag The Dog 5

Evidence of Revision: a must see, 9 hour documentary. It includes a whole lot of suppressed TV footage. While the assassination of JFK has been told and retold a million times, the assassination of RFK is a lot more interesting. Post-9/11, the neo-conservatives resurrected the memory of Sirhan Sirhan in order to justify Zionism and the wars against Islam, Sirhan was said the be “the first jihadi terrorist.”

But they quickly dropped it, because no one really wanted America to remember that story.

The story of Sirhan Sirhan is so hilariously bizarre. He actually had a newspaper article in his pocket about Israel, and the story was supposed to be that he was a Palestinian that hated JFK for supporting Israel. They actually *hypnotized* Sirhan Sirhan at his trial and told him what to say. For his part, Sirhan was so obviously drugged and brainwashed he couldn’t remember a thing. Perhaps America’s first brush with the CIA’s brainwashing and mind control program. The fact that the CIA spent years drugging and torturing people in order to create “Manchurian Candidates” is now part of the public record, there are pallets of declassified documents on the program.

But bring it up – these publicly acknowledged historical facts, and you’re likely to be called a “conspiracy theorist.”

Remember when the Republicans went on CSPAN and brought out carts of food that were supposedly being fed to detainees in Gitmo? Yeah, everyone knew those people were being tortured, but the conservative Republicans went on TV and tried to pretend they were being coddled or something. Just a few weeks ago, the CIA admitted they did far more than “waterboard” the detainees – the outright tortured them, which the CIA has been doing since it’s creation.

Of course, the moronic conservative Republicans actually bought the idea that there was a “ticking time bomb” and the Muslims were going to do “another 9/11” so we had to torture them first. Then, when the torture program – detailed in the General Taguba Report – came out during the Abu Ghraib scandal, the top brass on the military blamed it on the lowest ranking soldiers, saying they were “white trash” from “West Virginia” who just got off on doing kinky stuff because they were “sexual perverts.”.

Republicans, conservatives, of course, bought the whole thing, hook line and sinker, and spent the next few years masturbating to that Jack Ryan torture porn TV show, 24. Made by a Jew, to justify what Israel and the USA were doing – torturing children.

They even forced a son to suck his own father’s dick – that’s the nature of our elites, my friends.

Americans are, in general, a very cowardly people, and their main fear – the one that they dismiss as a “conspiracy theory” – is that most of what passes for “news” is, in fact, fiction. Americans wet themselves at the thought that CNN, ABC, and the Washington Post are just as fictional as Mad Men or Breaking Bad. Like children who refuse to believe their favorite professional wrestlers are play acting – “kayfabe.”

And lots and lot of supposedly intelligent people are “our side” as just as cowardly and childish about the issue. Such is life.

Wag The Dog 2

Well congrats to whoever has Burger King’s online “viral” ad account, because “Proud Whopper” and “Feminist Attacks Pro-Lifer” are pretty much the future of online video ads. Hey, thoughtcatalog.com managed to turn online trolling into a revenue stream, it was only a matter of time before some big companies followed suit.

Just in case we didn’t get it, they do a close-up on the Burger King logo on her shirt for half the video.

It’s probably good for Burger King to be associated with various fringe demographic groups anyway. They can have Burger King. We’re all hipster foodies and crunchy conservatives, with our Victory Gardens and heirloom vegetables, right?

Hipster, you’re a moron. Is this another one of your “conspiracy theories?” What you think they are just a bunch of actors? Look, those police are wearing uniforms. So the cops are in on it too? And the Department of Public Transportation? Or do you think that big bus in the video is just some sort of video trickery? So how many people are supposed to be involved in the giant plot anyway? Let me guess, the Freemasons, right?

Occam’s Razor. It’s a real feminist, a real pro-lifer, a real cop, and a real video.

She’ll probably get fired from Burger King now. If she doesn’t, we’ll know Burger King is the enemy and we should all switch to Chic-fil-a. Let’s make it a campaign, we can start a petition on change.org.

Now can we please ban Hipster and his nutty crazy conspiracy theories?

1. The camera follows the cop into the bus. Do police allow random cameramen to follow them when apprehending a suspect?

2. Burger King product placement.

3. BornEqual.org the ostensible pro-life organization set up last year has exactly the kind of media you would expect from an “edgy” film company getting into online marketing. A picture perfect replica of Fundies, Feminists and Cops engaged in the political version of professional wrestling.

4. Deniability on the part of BK Holdings, Inc. The online marketing department hangs out with the filmmakers and makes sure whatever money needs to flow their way does, whether it’s on the books or off the books, doesn’t matter. If there is enough trust built up, an executive would just write a tax deductible check to the film festival.

5. If Burger King won’t hire them, Carl’s Jr. will.

Wag The Dog 1

Why does the dog wag its tail?
Because the dog is smarter than the tail.
If the tail were smarter, it would wag the dog.

Who controls your narrative? It’s usually pretty easy to tell. Let’s take this rant from a comment on American Thinker. You can read the whole thing here; what follows is an excerpt that reveals who controls the narrative of this author:

rise of authoritarian statism … accelerating … president and first lady jet around the world like royalty … private business transaction to bake a gay wedding cake … forced to violate their faith … old Nevada rancher … treated … al qaeda training … cows … killed by armed government thugs while his kids were tazed … snipers having them in their sights the whole time.

… a man … banned … because of words he uttered in the privacy of his home … our private health care system being dismantled and gradually absorbed by a government who can’t build a working website, … government monitoring of “hate speech” “shut off” switches … in cell phones … regulate the internet, install “mileage tracking” devices in cars to calculate driving taxes. We have advocates for “smart grid” power monitors on our homes … ridiculous idea that we can control the climate.

“truth squads:” … urging citizens to report their neighbors … government that lies about scandals in which they are caught red handed, and continues to lie, dismissing evidence … Attorney General who refuses to enforce laws … criticism for failing to do so “racism.” …

It is only going to get worse, because we haven’t stood up and said “ENOUGH!” yet.

80% of this could have come from a far left liberal talking about the Bush administration in 2004. All of the details – the specifics he points out – are either partisan talking points or various media circuses. The rancher, the basketball team owner, the political issues with the AG – these are not evidence of any other trend than a media trend. All of these outrages, and often times much worse, were done in the previous administration and administrations prior to that one.

The media creates the narrative. If the particular media stunt seems bad for Republicans/conservatives, then you will be assured that partisan liberals/Democrats will think it’s a big deal and it proves their partisan opponents are bad. If it seems bad for Democrats/liberals, the partisan conservatives/Republicans will say it’s a big deal and proof of a negative trend ever since the other guys got into power.

It’s rather astonishing to see the same cons that were enthusiastic about the Patriot Act and spying on Al Qaeda during the last administration are now outraged by federal abuse of power and the NSA. Libs that were outraged by drone warfare and Gitmo now defend drone warfare and have forgotten about Gitmo.

There’s a lot of criticism of various WN blogs that are characterized as “The Daily Outrage” and “News and Jews.” This consists of a usually, but not always, right leaning media narrative of, well, the daily outrage, news, and various speculations about powerful Jewish figures and what they are up to. This keeps the conversation in a rut, in a few ways.

First, it’s paranoia mongering and leads to outrage fatigue. In the weeks after 9/11, Americans, from big cities to small towns, holed up indoors, avoided public places, all in fear of some massive terrorist attack from COBRA Commander Usama Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda. This presented a problem with the establishment; people weren’t going out and spending money. The malls and shops were empty and it was having an effect on the economy, already under a lot of strain due to uncertainty. People were supposed to be afraid, but just enough that they would look to the government for protection, not enough that it would interfere with the daily life of creating value for investors. So, you had the hilarious spectacle of the President telling everyone to Fight Terrorism by Shopping (no, that’s not a joke.)

So, in our times, we have the spectacle of routine law enforcement – that would have been cheered in the last administration – being demonized and the victim turned into a hero, precisely because the media mentioned it. There are similar raids and resistance events every day, but unless one is made into a media circus, you’ll never know about it. Sometimes the internet can force an issue into the public consciousness enough the media has to respond, but that is still rare. Susan Lindaur famously had her boyfriends blog keep her case from falling down the memory hole, but even so her story was virtually ignored by TV and only quickly acknowledged and dismissed by the NYT/WP.

So the rancher was a hero to the right, until he made an anti-racist point using old fashioned language, thus was quickly discarded by the conservatives, and taken up as a great issue by the liberals. You had the basketball team guy all of a sudden become the media circus, and everyone has an opinion on him. Tag the posts, get the readership, get the ad revenue. But it’s always them setting the agenda, everyone else is forced to react to that agenda, or interpret the events in that agenda.

But what they say is important – what is “news” – is what they say it is.

The Westboro Baptist Church used to get major media play for years and years, becoming celebrities and assured of publicity wherever they went. Except for once. One of their stunts received no media play whatsoever and was simply ignored by the national and local media. The went from front page news – to silence – right back to front page news the minute their stunt was over. What happened?

It was revealed that US soldiers had burned a Koran in some sort of provacitive act, thus causing outrage around the Muslim world, already inflamed due to the US attack. The Westboro Baptist Church held a “protest” in front of the Iraqi embassy and burned a Koran. The media gave it zero coverage.

A few years later, something very similar happened. Another fringe cult in Florida held a Koran burning, but this time, the media covered it far and wide. High ranking military officials went on to international TV to denounce the cult and proclaim their respect for the Muslim faith. What was a stunt by some fringe group of 40 something people in a rural town in Florida became a weeks long international news story – precisely because it was covered – not covered up – and high ranking officials decided to publicize it.

Why the two different treatments of what was essentially the same media stunt by similar cult groups? Well, one fit into the narrative, and one didn’t.

If you follow The Daily Outrage, and if you look for trends based on what is in the media, you miss actual macro trends and instead are following a narrative, one that is constructed for you. Some of the events may be “real” but many are “staged.” When you watch TV, whether or not it’s “news” or “fiction” – that is what you are doing. Watching a video. You rarely know much about the context except what you are told.

The only way for opponents to seize the attention of “the masses” or whoever your target audience is, it to create your own narrative and your own accounting of events.

If you rely on the media to create – or cover – your heroes, you are dependent on the media picking your heroes for you. Is that wise, no matter your particular philosophies or opinions?