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The Mistake Of Identifying As “Right” Instead Of “Pro-White”

Whether “right wing” or “alt right” or “conservative” or even such right-associated terms as “libertarian,” all the label does is create a ready made excuse to:

a) Exclude Whites from the ingroup.

b) Include non-Whites in the ingroup.

c) Argue over whether an otherwise pro-White person or policy is truly “right wing” or “alt-right” or “conservative” or “libertarian.”

Fortunately, this dynamic helps to clarify things quickly. A Jew like Ben Shapiro can be “conservative” and “anti-left” and “anti-progressive” – he can even be a nationalist (which he is, he’s an Israeli nationalist, a Zionist.)

But Ben Shapiro will never be “White” and he’ll never be a “White Nationalist.” A figure like Ben Shapiro will always, 100% of the time, support Jewish nationalism while attacking White nationalism – any nationalism for Whites. Shapiro will attack immigration restriction in Ireland, Poland, Canada, Italy, and Hungary, but will always support immigration restriction in Israel.

This double standard makes it easy to see exactly what Ben Shapiro is. In theory, there could be an Ashkenazi White Nationalist, there could even be a Zionist Jew that supports White Nationalism, but what’s the point of chasing unicorns?

There are many Blacks and Asians and Arabs that are conservative, right wing, and even nationalist, but they will never be citizens – one of the in-group – in a White nation.

So all being a “conservative” or “right winger” does is to offer up ready made excuses for not being pro-White. To put “conservative principles” or “right wing ideology” above the survival of your race, your people, your family is autism in the extreme, an anti-adaptive trait.

You can’t hug a child with nuclear arms, and you can’t hug a White child with conservative ideology. Ideologies are merely words, a construct of language. People are living beings, flesh and blood. Why should words and ideals take precedence over your own flesh and blood, your own family, your own children?

Commenter Curmudgeon at TOO makes a related point:


On another note, I have long thought the term Alt-Right was a recipe for disaster. The old Left/Right paradigm is long dead, and the sooner nationalists own that label, the better. The majority of people know someone who has a family member or friend that is struggling with economic issues. It is much easier to answer the nonsensical globalist gibberish directly, by answering every statement in terms of ‘why do you care more about the well-being of someone living in a foreign country, whom you have never met, than the well-being of family, friends and neighbours’, and ‘How does immigration make your unemployed neighbour’s life better?’ The truth is, the globalists have no logical answers to these hard questions. Exposing them to folly of their own shallow answers will not turn all of them, I personally have made several unsure of the globalist rant, and turned a few.

“Alt Right” simply became a way to add “right wing” baggage into a promising pro-White movement and led to its destruction. “Neo-reaction” seems to have been created precisely to keep Whites arguing over an ideology and never make racial distinctions – especially, to prevent any mention of the anti-Whiteness of Ashkenazi Jews. In fact, NRx goes to hysterical extremes to include anti-White Ashkenazi Jews as “neo-reactionaries” while anathematizing pro-Whites who object to anti-White Jews or won’t subscribe to various hypothetical intellectual obsessions.

It’s putting the cart before the horse. Without Whites, there aren’t going to be any conservative Whites, nor libertarian Whites. So like a tree falling in the forest with no one around to hear it, no Whites are going to hear you signalling how principled you are about private property rights and the non-aggression principle.

Do you think any non-Whites will care what some conservative, “right wing” libertarian ideologue White thinks about anything?

I’m not White supremacist enough to think they would, or should.

Which Way, White Man?


The Kallikak Family: A Study in the Heredity of Feeble-Mindedness was a 1912 book by the American psychologist and eugenicist Henry H. Goddard. The work was an extended case study of Goddard’s for the inheritance of “feeble-mindedness,” a general category referring to a variety of mental disabilities including mental retardation, learning disabilities, and mental illness. Goddard concluded that a variety of mental traits were hereditary and society should limit reproduction by people possessing these traits.

RamZPaul is Braver Than 90% of the #AltRight Apparently #NoWarForIsrael

I keep on reading that Ramzpaul is a “cuck” or is somehow secretly “controlled by the Jews” or something.

Yet at least half if not more of RamZPaul’s videos deal with Jewish power, Jewish double standards, and Israeli control of US foreign policy. He is FAR more consistent on this issue than virtually anyone else in the “Alt Right.”

Here RamZPaul yet again points out who is really in control, who is behind the attacks on Syria, who both the Republicans and Democrats are afraid to call out. Lots of people on the Alt Right are saying that Trump is giving in to the “neo-cons” or “John McCain” or “the globalists” or “the Deep State” but for some reason most are avoiding that word: ISRAEL.

You know, Israel, the shitty little country half way around the world? Jared Kushner is an Israeli, son of an Israeli, who works in the interests of Israel. The PM of Israel, Netanyahu, demanded that Trump attack Assad in Syria – and Trump followed orders.

So why won’t the rest of the Alt Right come out and say the obvious? Either you get people dancing around the issue, or you have the (((Hollywood Nazis))) adding some cartoonish mystification – it’s “the Jew” or it has something to do with the “Talmud” or the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” or “Hitler” or something.

Nope – nothing to do with any of that at all. It has to do with AIPAC and the powerful Jews that run America – Schumer, Kushner, the Google execs, the Facebook guy, Wolf Blitzer, the ADL, the $PLC, WINEP, the Jew run media networks.

At least RamZPaul says it clearly, without any mystification or exaggeration.

Which may explain why RamZPaul is ALWAYS attacked by the more, er, “colorful” of the supposedly pro-white internet properties…

Hunter Wallace on the Alt Lite

In Hunter Wallace’s latest interview with Red Ice posted on AltRight.com, he expressed surprise at how the “Alt Lite” is full of homosexuals, degenerates, race mixers, and single people without children. He points out that while these people were welcomed at the “Deplora-Ball” celebrating Trump’s win, regular old-fashioned White Nationalists like he and his wife were excluded. He marvels at how this “Alt Lite” finds Milo – a Jewish homosexual who poses for “art” bathing in pig’s blood and endorses “Twinks for Trump” – completely acceptable but “racists” – i.e., racially conscious White people – are not.

The reason why Wallace is confused is because he misunderstands the nature of the Alt Lite, Donald Trump and his campaign, and the “New Right” phenomenon generally. The main reason he doesn’t understand what is going on is because he’s never taken seriously the events of 15 years ago and everything that has happened since.

The “Alt Lite” – Milo, Gavin McInnis, Lauren Southern, the “Gorilla Mindset” guy – are all only “Alt” because they are Donald Trump boosters.

Well, who is Donald Trump?

The left, the liberals, and the Democrats are of course peddling nonsense when they say that Trump is a “racist” or a “sexist” or an “anti-semite” or “Hitler.” The Democrats say that about all Republicans. The reality should be obvious to everyone:

Donald Trump is a New York liberal Democrat.

So it should not at all be surprising that the people supporting Donald Trump would also be, essentially, urban liberals. These are not social conservatives – neither is Trump. These are not people who are pro-white – neither is Trump. What do they all have in common, aside from the fact that they support Trump?

They hate Muslims and see “radical Islam” as a threat to the West.

In the case of people like Milo and Trump’s other gay fans, one only needs to look to one of the first anti-Muslim European leaders: Pym Fortyn. Back in the early 2000s, Fortyn was the Donald Trump of the Netherlands. He was “socially liberal, economically conservative.” He was a flamboyant homosexual. He opposed mass Muslim immigration precisely because Muslims tended to be socially conservative. Muslim were against homosexuality, liberated women, abortion, pornography and sexual liberation in general.

What Hunter Wallace may be too young to realize is that before the George W. Bush administration, most Muslims in America were Republicans. Many conservative Christians in America saw Muslims as natural allies against social liberalism. Muslims were represented in the pro-life movement. The Bush family was traditionally seen as “Arabist” and had strong ties to the Muslim world through the oil industry.

Well, what happened that turned Republicans and socially conservative Christians against Muslims?

You get two guesses and the first one doesn’t count.

Hunter Wallace may recall his own run-ins a few years ago with the neo-conservative David Frum and his protege, the self-described “Satanic libertarian” Alex K. Alex K was a gay “libertarian” that was strongly anti-Islam, a supporter of the war against Iraq and the Muslim world generaly. Just like Milo, Alex K. was eventually fired because of disturbing sexual comments he made about underage boys, infamously describing the then teenage Justin Bieber as a “Child I’d Life To Fuck.” Milo’s implosion is virtually identical to the implosion of the young neo-con five years ago.

As Donald Trump’s entire career has been promoting anti-racism (i.e., anti-whiteness) gay acceptance, socially liberal values, and sexual liberation, it’s not particularly surprising that those people are his staffers. Also considering that Donald Trump is a long time extremely strong supporter of the Zionist regime in Palestine – actually spending the last decade acting as a proxy for the Likud party – it also shouldn’t be a surprise that Trump is the most anti-Muslim President in US history.

Trump is a neo-con. Obviously.

Neo-conservative Jews have always been strongly anti-White America, strong supporters of mass immigration, strong supporters of social liberalism via issues like “gay marriage” – yet support the exact opposite for Israel, for which they support ethno-nationalism and Jewish supremacy.

Contrary to popular belief, Trump was never an opponent of illegal immigration. Trump spent the Obama years becoming popular among the Republican party base by publicizing the idea that Barak Obama was a Secret Muslim that hated Israel and wasn’t even born in America, and had a fake birth certificate forged perhaps by a conspiracy of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Iranian mullahs. The idea that Trump is a “civic nationalist” is a post-hoc label given to Trump by hopeful fans that really should have known better.

As A. Nolen explained from day one, Trump was allowed to touch a third rail of US politics – mass non-white immigration – because it was a popular issue among the GOP base that was always marginalized by the GOP establishment. Neither the GOP establishment nor the neo-conservatives wanted to make immigration an issue, but it was the one popular issue that immediately turned Trump into the front runner. If illegal immigration hadn’t have caught on, Trump had the trade deals, Common Core, and Obamacare as backups, but that wasn’t needed.

It was after the event that Wallace – and the rest of the Alt Right – have chosen to ignore that Muslim were taken up by the left, at a time when the left, true to their principles of anti-racism and anti-nationalism, became increasingly critical of the apartheid policies of the Zionist entity in Palestine. The European left, and even the European mainstream, were also increasingly taking up the cause of the Palestinians.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that over the last 15-20 years we have seen the emergence of a “New Right” that is exactly in line with the socially liberal interests of Zionist Jews but makes a completely unprincipled exception for Zionism and Islam.

There’s a direct line between that event, Pym Fortyn, David Frum’s Alex K., Milo and Cernivich and Donald Trump.

The “Alt Right” and the White Nationalists turned against the neo-conservatives of the Bush and Obama years so had to be brought back into the fold. The person who was tasked to do that was Donald Trump, who has so far done an amazingly masterful job.

At the ten anniversary even in New York City, there were two major protest rallies.

One was a rally of conservative Christians and Zionist Jews attacking Muslims and denouncing the so-called “9/11 Victory Mosque” that was supposedly being built at Ground Zero (the entire scandal was fake.)

The other rally was staged by “Act Now To Stop War and End Racism” where a brown Muslim led a crowd of mostly white progressive in a chant of “Allah Akhbar” and spoke in favor of Palestine.

In fact, one may just want to review Donald Trump’s own public statement about that particular event and especially his statements during his campaign against Jeb Bush when Trump … in a room full of conservative Christian Republicans in South Carolina, Bush Country … actually said “vote for me and you’ll find out what really brought down those towers.”

Does anyone doubt that the Bush family got the message loud and clear? George W. Bush himself just came out this weekend to defend Muslims and call Trump a “racist” and an “Islamophobe.”

I guess Trump can say it but when a simple blogger like Hipster Racist says it it’s a “conspiracy theory.”



Not a joke: the #3 leader of Al Qaeda was a California Jew named Adam Pearlman. Look it up even the US military admits it.
Not a joke: the #3 leader of Al Qaeda was a California Jew named Adam Pearlman. Look it up even the US military admits it.

Is Trump Teaming Up With Russia To Isolate China?

Of course. Nixon famously made peace with China to break up the Soviet-Sino Axis. During the Clinton era, USA economically merged with China at a time when Russia was down and out.

Under Bush and Putin, Russia and China began repairing their breached relationship and famously instituted the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, cutting out the US and even to some degree the EU.

Now, Trump is drawing in Russia in order to isolate China.

This is the sort of thing that we learned in Current Studies classes in high school – and not just honor classes, this was stuff that your average white suburban high school senior was expected to be able to write intelligently about.

What about now?

Now, the liberals on Reddit.com speculate that Trump is controlled by Russia because Putin has a video of him peeing on Russian hookers.

It’s no better on the right – the failed White Nationalists and recently self-defeating “Alt-Right” couldn’t even begin to write a coherent thought about foreign policy. The best they can do is “nuh-huh, Trump is not a Russian spy” and “Putin is against the fags yeah!”

It’s true that general interest foreign policy may be out of band for the WN movement proper – but it certainly isn’t for the “Alt Right.” But the “Alt Right” has frankly done little more than act as an unpaid and unwanted cheer-leading section for Trump. Having virtually zero influence on the elections (it was the hated Alt Lite at Breitbart.com that actually helped Trump win – on economic issues mostly) all the “Alt Right” has been able to accomplish is to squash any criticism of Trump’s intimate ties to the Israel lobby and his decades long toadying for them.

The elite of the Aryan Race are simply not well represented in the WN movement, nor the Alt Right. True, they do have some leading lights – Drs. Andrew Joyce and Kevin MacDonald, for instance, and some really good essay writers like Gregory Hood – but aside from the big brains, the footsolders are dregs. From the IRL activists that show up and do media stunts that accomplish absolutely nothing except making the movement look like it’s full of ugly nutjobs, to the online commenters which give the impression it’s populated by stupid nutjobs who may or may not be ugly – online, aside from the essay writers – the Alt Right is all about Trump memes and Japanese cartoon porn.

The typical Alt Right denizen would not be able to watch this short clip on foreign policy and write an essay that would receive a “B” in a typical middle class suburban high school in 1996.

Now that Trump won, hopefully the hasbara shills will lose interest and we can begin the hard work of building a pro-white movement that represents the BEST – not the WORST – of our race.

Anne Coulter Reads Hipster Racist: The Original Alt-Left

If you read Ann Coulter’s latest, Ann Coulter: Tips for Hate Crime Hoaxers you can’t help but see the influence of yours truly.

Liberal girls always seem to be imagining strong, rough, Heathcliff-type white men demanding that they disrobe or become “sex slaves.” (Oddly, Heathcliff keeps doing this in well-trafficked areas in the middle of the day with no witnesses.)

The hijab hoaxer at the University of Michigan described her imaginary Trump-supporting pursuer as white, in his 20s or 30s, with an athletic build, unkempt and intoxicated. He demanded that she remove her hijab. (After a police investigation, she admitted she made it up.)

The alleged hijab victim at University of New Mexico, Leena Aggad, said her hijab was ripped off by “a really buff guy wearing a Trump shirt.” (The attack was serious enough for her to tell the media about it, but not serious enough to report it to campus security, much less the police.)

A 28-year-old black woman, Kara Stevens, claimed three Trump-supporting white men in their 30s approached her in a Safeway parking lot in Hillsboro, Oregon, mentioned Donald Trump — then threatened to turn her into their “sex slave”! (Investigation suspended with no video, no witnesses and no evidence.)

With a little more imagination, these stories could become the new “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

I was, of course, writing “Liberal Girls Ravished By Right Wingers” Rape Porn before it was cool.

In fact, it seems that yours truly may in fact be the original “Alt-Left” – usually defined as the “left wing of the Alt-Right.” Not only does the Official Alt-Left site, AltLeft.com, link this blog, but anyone reading the description of what the “Alt Left” is can recognize this writer’s influence:

The AltLeft “Tea Party”

[The Alt Left] was always meant to augment the AltRight, not outright oppose it. It was a way to view and examine the affects of multiculturalism and political correctness from a cultural and economically left lens as well as from a secular and futurist perspective rather than the radical traditionalist, socially conservative one that dominates right wing circles. In other words, recognizing the implicit whiteness that underpins the identities of progressive cities like Seattle or Portland, and asserting that it must become explicit to some degree in order for those places to maintain their culture, aesthetic and quality of life. It was to put forth the idea that someone can be pro-white without the albatross of traditionally conservative culture, pre-modern aesthetics, capitalist economics, or widely accepted republican historical dogma.

Going back to nearly the beginning of the old MindWeaponsInRagnarok site, and the original post using the handle “Hipster Racist,” shows that this writer was doing it before anyone else was. We were celebrating the implicit racism of Portlandia since the beginning.

In fact, the entire concept of “hipster racist” was in fact an anti-white talking point gaining serious cultural currency until this writer co-opted it as pro-white, and few anti-white Social Justice Warriors have attempted to wield it seriously since.

Not only that, the original Alt Righter, Richard Spencer, has personally thanked Hipster Racist for inspiring his use of the term “hipster racism” nearly five years ago.

Like the Velvet Underground, I never sold a lot of records – but the people who did buy my records all went on to be rock stars themselves. I didn’t influence the masses, I influenced the elites who then went on to influence the masses.

I’m the Lou Reed of Racists.

You’re welcome.


Why White Nationalism Always Fails

I started reading the WN blogs almost a decade ago. I was impressed with people like Kevin MacDonald and Gregory Hood. I was less impressed with the “LARPers” like Harold Covington or Alex Linder. I was really annoyed by the idiots that would post comments about “taking over the government” or “guerrilla war” and other such fantasy tripe.

I’m too old for the Chan culture. I’ve never watched an anime in my life and posting Hitler memes just doesn’t do anything for me. I do think that the Chan culture has done an ok job of making Holocaust Hitler Hysteria a joke, but AFAICT that’s about the end of their usefullness.

Whenever I read a website like the Daily Stormer, I admit that sometimes it can be funny, but only sometimes, and it’s funny like “Ow My Balls” is funny. But then I read the comments. One particularly odious individual, Fr. John+, pretends to be an orthodox priest and knows all sorts of esoteric religious things, but his insincerity comes through loud and clear. He’s so religious he has declared Donald Trump to be the next Constantine – if I have to explain why that is cringe-inducing LARPing, I don’t know what else to tell you.

The Donald Trump campaign has really put these people in the WN movement in perspective. Mostly, they are sort-of dim people who live their lives vicariously, through media. Sure, there’s all sorts of reason to vote for Trump, but most WNs can’t actually make a decent argument. Instead, it’s pure wish-fulfillment and fantansy. They come up with these complex conspiracy theories about what Trump “really” thinks, and how he’s got some complicated “master plan” to do this or that. It’s so mind-numbingly idiotic, especially considering that Trump is one of the most famous people in America, and he’s been a celebrity for my entire life. It’s perfectly obvious what Trump is, and the only nationalism he’s clearly committed to is Zionism – Israel nationalism. That’s what Trump has spent his life doing.

Reading interviews from Trump insiders show exactly what you would expect – Trump chooses his “issues” based on what he thinks will be popular, not based on any sort of conviction. Trump couldn’t care less about illegal immigration, but his assistant that listened to talk radio told him that was popular. Trump couldn’t care less about Obamacare or Common Core, but those were the hot topics on talk radio at the time, so he took up those causes.

But now the entire White Nationalist movement has become little more than a cheerleading section for the Trump campaign, and truth and evidence has gone out the window as WNs try to police each other. No criticism of Trump, any one not on board with the Trump campaign must be purged or attacked, and anyone not sufficiently enthusiastic is suspected of being a Jew or a fag (or a Ted Cruz supporter.)

The White Nationalism movement was basically started by George Lincoln Rockwell. Rockwell himself may have meant well, but his idiotic “hate” shtick turned was was a popular issue – segregation – and paired it with a very unpopular issue – “Nazism.” Rockwell was the first Costume Clown and he basically single-handedly discredited any pro-White movement due to his stupid clown act.

We now know that a significant part of the so-called “neo-Nazi” movement has been literally ADL employees playing dress-up, and the ones that aren’t being paid by the ADL and instead being paid by the FBI. We have 50 years of this, all documented and on the record.

We know that much of the “WN” chan culture is, in fact, Jews playing dress up. Joshua Goldberg, for instance. Is it a surprise that the same chan culture is so in the bag for Trump now?

Humor has its place, certainly, but sometimes you have to face reality.

The latest idiotic conspiracy theory is that Trump’s six national security analysts are not Jewish. This is supposed to be significant, and the WNs have come up with all sorts of idiotic theories that this is a “signal” or that is shows Trump is “against the Jews” or anything. I understand there are a lot of WNs that are simply young and don’t have a clue about politics and less of a clue about the National Security establishment. But there’s no excuse for a simple lack of rigor when it comes to getting basic facts right.

The Trump cult has gotten so bad that Mormons are being attacked because Utah didn’t vote for Trump. Now, Mormons have become the “enemy” of whites, and WNs are having a contest to see who can insult Mormons the most. These same assholes were all in the bag for Mitt Romney last time and used to praise Mormons to high heavens. Now? Because they are perceived as being anti-Trump, they are attacked in the most childish of ways.

WN isn’t serious, it’s a clown show. You have really great guys like RamZPaul doing more for nationalism than anyone has in a decade, and he’s routinely attacked by the channers for insufficient ideological purity. Then, these same idiots will turn around and accuse anyone of not being for Trump of having TOO MUCH ideological purity.

It really, really sucks that the loudest voices in White Nationalism are Costume Clowns and single, childless men who masturabte to anime porn.

Bob Whitaker – perhaps the most valuable pro-White voice of the last decade, has stepped down from the American Freedom Party, because the rest of the board has lost interest in actually promoting the interests of White people, instead, they want to act as unpaid propaganda for Donald Trump. Mind you, these people are not actually using the Trump campaign to get more people on board with being pro-White – on the contrary – they are throwing white people overboard and ignoring pro-White issues in order to help Trump.

Of course, the Trump campaign neither needs nor wants their help, so not only are they being ineffective, they are being counter-productive.

Whatever happens with Trump, win or lose, he has done nothing to advance the cause of White people and even as President, there’s no reason to believe he will lift a finger to advance the cause of white people. Sure, The Wall is a great talking point, and Trump’s adoption of Jeff Sessions immigration plan has substance to it.

But the demographic problem of America has literally nothing to do with Mexicans sneaking across the border. The Wall idea is good optics for a campaign, but it’s not a serious proposal.

Pro-White people have a great opportunity to use the Trump campaign in our interests. Jared Taylor has done just that, or least, he did. He did robo-calls for Trump and actually used the word “white.” That’s awesome. But most of the WN movement has been doing the opposite – stopping talking about White interests because it may hurt the Trump campaign.

Frankly, the better sorts of Whites don’t need the White Nationalist movement. Smart, intelligent, and educated Whites are doing just fine – they control the world. Biggest military, nice all-white neighborhoods, plenty of money, good schools. It the regular White that are getting screwed.

I’m starting to think that the NRx people are right. The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter. I can send a link to Radix Journal to my upper class white liberal friends, no problem – but I’d have to tell them to not read the comments. And of course I wouldn’t want to be associated with the idiotic clown show that is the Daily Stormer. Sure, I get it, trolling is funny, but these people take it seriously.

Anime sucks, by the way. It is literally the gayest thing in the world for white men to post anime pictures on line.

Read Between The Lines: ‘Isis supporters fight imaginary battle over Iraqi town that never existed after Twitter hoax’

Here’s a fun trick – go to your favorite Alt-Right, New Right, White Nationalist, Race Realist, White Right whatever site. Go through their articles for the last few years. Read what some of them were saying about ISIS – ISIL – “Islamic State” whichever.

Now read this article, and read between the lines. What are the elements of the headline?

ISIS – imaginary battle – never existed – Twitter hoax.


Now, this is not a “conspiracy theory” because it’s published in a “legitimate” media organ. Instead, it’s a “hoax” and that fooled “ISIS supporters” from “around the world” on “Twitter.”

On the other hand, if Hipster Racist were to suggest that media coverage of “ISIS” included “faking pictures” and “Photoshopp[ing] an image” we’d call it a “crazy conspiracy theory.” That is, until The Independent publishes a story about a “hoax.”

As Mr Mahmoud’s “breaking news” gained traction with re-tweets, other Iraqis joined in the fun by faking pictures that both Isis and militia supporters believed were real.

Now, if some random Iraqi that is “critical of the Iraqi government” but “hates ISIS” can fool a worldwide contingent of … “ISIS supporters” … on Twitter … which are regularly reported on in the “real news” as representative of the pro-ISIS faction of Muslims worldwide …

… then the actual participants in whatever real wars on going on can – and DO – their own “photoshopping” and “faking pictures.”

In fact, it would be job number ONE for any competent psy-ops staffer.

Yet the “best and brightest” of the White Right, Alt-Right, New Right, and White Nationalists pretend to take war propaganda at face value. Not a single photograph is questioned as legitimate, not a single video timestamp can ever be discounted, not a single “Tweet” from an official “Twitter account” can ever be taken as anything other than sincere, with varying shades of truthiness.

Because to even suggest otherwise would be to “get involved in conspiracy theories.”

Lots of lefties in the Bush administration thought that “dissidents” like Amy Goodman and Noam Chomsky were really speaking “truth to power” and were actually so “controversial” they were “censored” from the mainstream. Over time, it was obvious that, far from being “dissidents” Goodman and Chomsky were, in fact, an important part of the propaganda of the power structure, and would censor stories and issues that were really important and really controversial.

I’ve only been reading the WN sites for about five years, but you can already tell which “alt right” sites are not, in fact, “dissidents” at all and far from “speaking truth to power” they merely enforce one end of the acceptable spectrum.

Thank God For The Reformation And the Enlightenment

I’ve been reading and reading these neo-reactionary Dark Enlightenment people the last few weeks. Now, I realize that they are all super-duper smart – a self-described intellectual elite – and use big fancy words that some peon like me has a hard time understanding, but I promise I’m doing my best.

So, the Catholics are always bitching about the Reformation. Well, I’m Presbyterian. Frankly, Catholics are weird and gross and low class. Most of their institutions are bizarre. They worship a goddess – let’s be honest, that’s what Mariology is – their priests are crypto-homos, and the entire structure of the Catholic church is imperial.

The Protestant Reformation was in the North-Western part of Europe – you know, that part of Europe where the people are smarter, Whiter, and better looking. They were sick of being ruled by a bunch of dark skinned queers in Italy. So, they revolted and set up National Churches instead of a Imperial Church in Rome.

You know, nationalism.

And thank God they did. Catholicism is weird and gross, it’s an ignorant religion for dark skinned half-whites.

Presbyterianism is for White people.

I’ll write about the Enlightenment later.

Remember, these are people whose icons are those Magic the Gathering cards. The Dark Enlightenment is Dungeons and Dragons for adults.

So these Dork Enlightenners (they call White nationalists “racist” and don’t have the courage to actually promote White interests) – these people say they want to go back to before the Enlightenment.

Here’s how to start – get off the damn internet, which is a product of our post-Enlightenment world.

Watch Out, White Nationalists, Here Come The Republicans

Watch out, White Nationalists, election time is here again, which means you will see the Republican party trying to co-opt you. There are four things to watch out for:

1. Transparent Negro-baiting. Counter-currents had a great article about this. The author that wrote about “The Talk” you have to have with your kids about avoiding “youth” and “teens” got the author fired from the conservative magazine precisely because it was simple and honest about race – it wasn’t race-baiting. Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck will engage in all sorts of race-baiting – complaining about ghetto Negroes – while at the same time telling us all they really need is tax cuts and government de-regulation, then the Negroes will don tri-corner hats and wave “Don’t Tread on Me” flags next to their White Conservative Brothers while discussing the Black Founding Father. Race-realism will be a firing offense, but lots of talk about the Democrat Liberal Plantation will be rife. The goal is to rile up enough whites to vote for Jeb Bush, not to actually come to a consensus and deal with racial reality.

Republicans are anti-White Nationalist. They are imperialists, and Empires are, by nature, multi-racial and multi-cultural . Sure, Republicans aren’t going to cater to Negroes, they prefer their imperial subjects a bit lighter and more Spanish-speaking. But make no mistake, to vote for a Republican is to vote AGAINST White Nationalism and AGAINST a White nation.

2. Jew ass-kissing Philo-semitism. Count the days until Jeb Bush shows up at the Wailing Wall with a Jew-Beanie on his head. Remember, while they pay lip service to Christianity, their real religion is Mammon, and Jews have the gelt. The Republicans will be praising the apartheid regime of Jew bigotry in Zionist-occupied Palestine to get all that Jew money. When Southerners want to send their kids to white schools – that’s bad “segregation” and “racism.” But if a Holy Jew deports Africans from Israel, sets up separate schools – hell, even separate roads for Jews and goyim – that is ok. For Republicans, White Nationalism is forbidden, while Jewish Nationalism – Zionism – is priority number one. Expect RINO neo-conservatives like Sheldon Adelson – and his neo-liberal counterpart Haim Saban, to give us the illusion of choice between supporting the shitty little country and its Jewish welfare state with our blood and money, or our money and blood.

Jews matter, Jews have rights. Whites have no rights – that would be “racist” – but instead have responsibilities to serve Jews. That’s the official Republican party platform.

3. Noise about “illegal immigration.” Republicans will go on and on about illegal immigration, but their solution is to replace the White population legally, not illegally. The easiest way to do that? Amnesty all the illegals right after the election, and increase legal immigration. If you complain about White people being replaced by foreigners, well, that makes you a racist. Remember, the GOP is the “color-blind party.”

Expect Jeb Bush to parade around his little Spanish-speaking children and his Latina wife. He’ll be promising amnesty and open borders to them in Spanish, while telling Whites something completely different in English.

4. We are already seeing this on the WN forums – the 9/11 Liars are back. The CIA Torture report is nothing but a fight over 9/11, by proxy. The torture program was instituted to get false confessions for 9/11, and to give credence to the myth of “Al Qaeda” – a super-secret conspiracy of Ragheads from around the world. They never did find a boogey-man on the level of Usama Bin Laden, the “former” CIA asset, so watch out if they start peddling some ISIS raghead as the “New Bin Laden,” etc.

TheOccidentalObserver have alread shown that the GOP are trying to pick an establishment, anti-white candidate now, before the primary even starts. So far, it’s Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, and Tony Soprano Chris Christie. Jeb Bush operatives, especially, are going to be going after 9/11 truth most viciously, especially now that it’s so wide spread and they simply can’t afford an honest discussion about it.

Don’t be a fucking sucker, White Nationalists.

As one would expect, once the United States of America became the world’s top superpower, threatened only by the Soviet Union, there was a major internal struggle for power.

George Herbert Walker Bush was recruited by the CIA straight out of Skull & Bones at Yale. Bush seems to have been a point man for the various anti-Castro activities and part of the Bay of Pigs. So when JFK tries to break up the CIA afterward, it’s decided to do something about him. As LBJ had to get rid of JFK to avoid being sent to prison for his many crimes – including murder – he was likely enthusiastic about the plot. The various organized crime rings that had Havana for a base before Castro, which JFK had no interest in going to war over, were also a perfect ally and an organization with practical, hands-on experience murdering people.

So JFK goes, then five years later his brother, who was now a Senator and a favorite for the next Democratic President, also goes. Another five years and George H. W. Bush is the head of the CIA, at a time when the CIA is getting its worst legal and public exposure. The main things they were being investigated about were assassinations. Slipping exploding cigars to Castro made the headlines, but everyone knew which assassinations were really the issue here – it’s just that officially that’s taboo to talk about on TV.

So, Democrat Carter appoints William Colby and he basically spills the beans to Congress. So the Godfather runs for President, loses to Hollywood actor Ronald Reagan, then runs as his VP. Reagan wins in a landslide, then John Hinckley, a family friend of the Bushes, tries to assassinate him. John Hinckley doesn’t go to jail, he’s declared insane, and sent to private mental hospital that he’s allowed to leave to “visit his family.”

Reagan survives and continues to make TV appearances but most seem to acknowledge that Bush is in charge of things. He serves a term of President himself, but in a highly unusual three-way race, Clinton – who seemed to know quite a bit about George Bush’s Iran-Contra criminality via the Mena airport – beats him.

So a few years later, JFK’s son, JFK Jr. decides to get into magazine publishing. There is definite speculation that JFK Jr. wanted to prove something about his father’s assassination, and he puts out a political magazine and names it “George.”

No, not after George H. W. Bush, the man who many think killed his father and uncle, but after George Washington.

JFK Jr. makes a major speech before the Democratic Convention in 1996 and is widely seen as a contender for becoming their next nominee, and likely President. It’s pretty much conventional wisdom that he would win the primary and was seen as an extremely likely winner – nostalgia over his father and uncle would prove catnip for the media.

Then, JFK JR., his wife, his unborn baby, and his wife’s sister, all die in a plane crash. The Navy takes control over the search and rescue and takes days to find the crash site. Then they bury them all at sea.

George H. W. Bush’s son, George W. Bush, runs for President against Vice President Al Gore, and the race it so close it all depends on Florida, where Bush’s other son, Jeb Bush, happens to be governor. It’s basically a tie, the Supreme Court of Florida declares a recount, but the US Supreme Court overrules them and declares George W. Bush the President.

The Washington Post, the New York Times, the Miami Herald and the Wall Street Journal subpoena all the ballots from Florida and do their own recount. The results are supposed to be released on Thusday, September 13th, but the greatest terrorist attack in US history happens, with US ally Saudi Arabia sending 19 hijacker to America, to train on CIA-affiliated airbases, and hijack four civilian airplanes, where one hits the Pentagon, two hit the towers of the WTC in New York, and one disintegrates over Pennsylvania. Then both towers at the WTC disintegreate themselves. Then, later that day, another skyscraper, World Trade Center 7, demolishes itself.

A few months later, anthrax from a military base in Maryland is sent to the two Democratic senators who were blocking passage of the PATRIOT Act, thus changing their minds.

A year later, a crazy sniper called “John Muhammed” – whose real name is actually “John Washington,” a former US Army soldier declares his belief in Allah, changes his name, then goes around DC shooting random people, including some FBI agents investigating the terrorism.

Then, George W. Bush reclassifies all the records from his father’s administration.

Did I leave anything out?

You see, none of the facts themselves are even all that controversial. That all happened, and everyone acknowledged that they happened. But putting it together in the obvious way – writing the narrative in the obvious and simple way, well, it just doesn’t seem like America.

Sure, if it was the USSR or Russia , if someone said, yeah Putin, former KGB, killed that politician that was going to run against him, or if, say, Stalin had someone liquidated, no one would bat an eye. If Manuel Noriega’s henchmen murdered some opposition party leader, we’d just snicker and say, sure, it’s a banana republic.

But to even tell the story – even though most of these facts are pretty much openly acknowledged – is by definition, heresy, unpatriotic, and a conspiracy theory.

So we have the CIA coming up with all sorts of subtle and not-so-subtle ways to assassinate people, sometimes looking like an accident and sometimes looking like a message. We also know the CIA has worked with organized crime – gangsters that murder people for hire.

So, there’s no surprise there, really. The surprise isn’t even so much that it’s taboo to discuss these things in the paper. What’s surprising in how the public has accepted this taboo internally. In the old Soviet Union, no one believed what Pravda said and everyone know the KGB would kill their opposition.

Here in America, we think “someone would have talked” and “some newspaper man would make a name for himself by telling the story.”

Lesson for Democrats: unless you’re willing to assassinate your opponents, you’re probably not going to really wield power.