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Women don’t want their grievances fixed, you silly boys. They want them heard.

Women don’t want their grievances fixed, you silly boys. They want them heard.


I swear I’m not making this up.

My girlfriend at the time, a Hillary loving, NPR listening, hardcore “outside of the bedroom” feminist, stereotypical liberal – no, not one of those idealistic Bernie Sanders people, but a practical minded type that went with the mainstream of the Democratic party – she actually explained to me, way, way back in 2007, that tampons should be “free” – meaning, paid for collectively by the taxpayer, not individual women.

The logic apparently went something like this: women have periods but men don’t, and that’s not fair, so the government should pay for tampons.

I thought this was crazy, and like the clueless man that I am, I mansplained about how taxes work which just made her angrier that I didn’t get it.

She voted for Hillary in 2008 and hated the fact Obama won so much she actually did vote Green, but only because in New York it didn’t matter anyway.

Frankly I think she was kind of racist. She didn’t have any black friends and her great-grandfather was an actual SS officer back in the day.

As with many things, she was far ahead of her time. She was into the IRL “50 Shades of Gray” thing long before the book or the movie came out. And it wasn’t until recently that single payer period care became a serious political issue.

“Free [sic] Tampons Should Be a Human Right”


One thing I’ll give her though: as a bona fide fashionista, always dressed to kill in dominatrix boots and crypto-fetish gear (the kind that you have to be “in the know” to get the subtle references – she could attend a Democratic party fundraiser in a little black dress and still find a way to accessorize with something faintly bondagey) …

… she wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a “pussy hat.” Like, ever.


A Baby Daddy’s Letter to His Little Boy (About His Future Hookups)

Hey Little Tyke,

Recently, I was scoping chicks on Facebook when my old Friend With Benefits posted one of those silly articles that chicks like. Some goober is telling his daughter what a princess she is and how she don’t need no man and how it isn’t her job to keep a man interested.

It’s true. But it made me realize that I should pass some of my knowledge about women on to you.

Little Tyke, it is not, has never been, and never will be your job to “keep her interested.”

Pump and dump, little guy. Find her, fuck her, forget her.

First, find girls with dads like this – they are usually down to fuck. The trick is, they are so sick of simpering “betas” like her dad she’s going to be looking for a real man, you know, a guy that doesn’t fawn all over her and treats her a little rough. Chicks dig that, they will usually be down for all sorts of kinky shit – handcuffs, spanking, that sort of things. Chicks love that shit.

Little Tyke, I want to tell you about chicks who don’t need to be kept interested, because they know if they don’t put out, you’ll just go somewhere else.

There’s always more fish in the sea, Little Guy. If one is giving you trouble, “next” her. It’s all about spinning plates. Sure, it’s tricky, it can be a challenge, but I know you have it in you. You see, they say that a slut is a woman with the morals of a man. This is true. It’s also true that a player is a man with the morals of a woman. So it all washes out in the end.

Look, it ain’t like it was back in your grand-pappy’s day. Chicks these days are like, liberated and shit. They don’t do monogamy anymore, at least not until they hit the wall, so to speak. That’s what betas are for. Not for guys like us. Besides, marriage is for fags now.

I know, at some point you’re going to get “oneitis” and think that one particular chick is “the one” or special or whatever. Stay strong, little guy – the feelings pass. If you ever find yourself pining away for “the one” – promise me you’ll head straight down to the local strip club and get a lap dance from some big-titted floozy, just to clear your head. There is never a reason to settle for just one. In fact, the more women you have, the more women you get. Chicks love a man with options.

Never change for a woman. If she catches you cheating, just say you were drunk. If she doesn’t love you at your worst, she doesn’t deserve you at your best.

I don’t care if she can suck a golf ball through a garden hose – as long as she knows you’ve got a back up plan in case she starts acting like a bitch.

I don’t care if her rent is due – she can find her ass some work. It’s not your job to take care of her.

I don’t care if she has a body like a brick shithouse – just as long as you know that you are the prize, not her.

I don’t care if she’s the finest piece of ass in several states – just as long as you remember there is always someone younger, hotter, and tighter.

I don’t care if she’s barely legal – if there’s grass on the field, play ball! If she bleeds, she can breed.

Now if you decide to bring one home, just remember, all’s fair in love and war – I might take a shot at her myself.

Oh, yeah, by the way, I really don’t know how to tell you this, but that man you have been calling “Daddy?” Yeah, he’s not your real father.

I am.

I gotta say, your mom was the best piece of ass I ever had.

My Kind Of Guy!

In this story you’ll read about the sordid doings of one Thomas “Woody” Price, a man with a taste for drugs and young females.


I have to laugh at the “outrage” of the White Knights, that men like to have sex with young, hot women. For whatever reason, we’re supposed to be “shamed” by this. For some reason, we’re supposed to feel bad that we actually physically get off on sex, and sex with young, FERTILE, women. As opposed to, say, “challenging” middle aged women lawyers, or some such.

Your Jealousy Gets Me Off, Beta Boys
Your Jealousy Gets Me Off, Beta Boys

Well, count me in the “fan of drug fueled orgies with hot young women” club.

The fact of the matter is, the only reason these people post these stories – and pretend to be “outraged” – is because they themselves are titillated by the idea.

But since these “betas” can never have that – drug fueled orgies with hot young women – they pretend they are looking down on us – “morally.”

What it is is slave morality – they want to believe they are morally superior for not doing these things, when in reality, they just CAN’T do these things.

Sacramento County police said they tracked the pair to the hotel after Hall’s boyfriend dimed them out.

So, let’s see – jealous boyfriend upset that his girlfriend would rather be fucking an older man than him, so in a jealous rage he rats them out.

Hey, it happened to me. Some loser 24 year old tried to start a fight with me – even took a swing at me – because his 21 year old girlfriend was ignoring him to fuck my much older brains out. He was kicked out of the bar, and I took his girlfriend home for the next several weeks and taught her a few things. Later, he tried to be friends with me lol.

Life’s a bitch for a beta. Too bad, so sad!

— Sincerely,

A Horny Old Goat

(Although I will say, meth sucks – never do it. But cocaine? Eh … “just remember this fact, you can’t get it back – cocaine!”)

Free, white and 21!
Free, white and 21!

How To Program A Beta Sex Kitten

Ever watch all those Hollywood stars that always have the hot girlfriends who probably do anything they want? Well, you don’t need to be a Hollywood Celebrity, MK-Ultra staffer, or an Illuminati Puppet Master to program your own Beta Sex Kitten. Using the principles of operant conditioning and the street knowledge of pimps everywhere, you can turn a hot young woman into your own personal sex slave with a simple formula.

1. Control her environment.

The easiest way to do this, is just to have a great place. She will be spending time at your place, in your environment, so she’s going to automatically submit to your rules. And if she wants to be there, she will do things to make you happy, thus keeping her there. Now, if you’re a poor college student, you can actually use that to your advantage. You’re probably naturally a pig, so it’s quite likely she will start cleaning up your place just because she wants to spend time there. When she does this, make sure you reward her (a spanking usually does the trick.)

2. Control her emotions.

Just think of it as “push-pull.” As soon as you’ve made her happy, change the emotions. You want her to be constantly guessing, so you have to make sure that she cannot predict your emotions. So, if she does something nice, like say, cook you dinner, sometimes react positively, and sometimes react negatively. On a regular basis, blow up into a fit of rage – not only does this keep the psychological pressure on her, the display of masculine anger will get her sexually aroused.

3. Pleasure and Pain

Think of it like being a DJ, and you are mixing two records, one called Pleasure, and the other called Pain. As long as you keep the two records close in volume, you can turn both records up surprisingly loud, due to a trick in human psychology. A woman can handle a lot more pain if she is simultaneously experiencing a lot of pleasure. Your goal is to put her in “sub space” which is a sort of dissassociative psychological state. A typical and easy way to do this is to ramp the pleasure and pain up high enough that she gets a rush of endorphins. This is very similar to what happens when someone gets hurt very badly, there will be a rush of endorphins that will temporarily overcome the pain with pleasure.

4. Drugs

I can’t stress this one enough. Cocaine, MDMA, and various pharmaceuticals are best. You don’t necessarily want to get her addicted, you just want her to psychologically associate you – her drug dispenser – with all the various pleasure she will get from the drugs.

5. Alternate Personalities

This is key. During various sexual episodes, introduce role-playing. You want her to create an “alternate persona” that isn’t “really her.” This is useful in many ways, but one particular way is that it lowers her sexual inhibitions; it’s not “really her” doing anal, getting facials and threesomes, it’s just “role playing” – it’s just “acting.” Then, try to get her to do this role-playing even outside of sex. Make at least one, perhaps two, various characters she can play. Just like an actress, at times she will be so into playing her role she won’t subconsciously make the distinction between “really her” and the role she’s playing. It’s also useful to be degrading – not only is humiliation a huge turn on for a lot of women, it also helps create the distinction between her “real self” and her alter.

6. Enjoy Porn Star Quality Sex

Sure, for some guys, she may demand dinner, dates, and presents for 5 minutes of missionary position. But for her Handler, she will be servicing your vigorously and willingly. In a sense, she will feel she has to, that you are “controlling” her in subconscious ways that she “can’t help.” But in another sense, she will want to – in fact, she will want nothing more than to service you in any way you like, to make you happy.

7. Make Money

Once she’s good to go, rent her to others. This can provide a great second income and make you rich and powerful friends.

8. Rinse and Repeat

When you get good at this, you can have more than one. The conditioning usually doesn’t last forever, so you’re likely going to have to keep introducing more women anyway. Just think of it as growing a garden.

The Nature Of Our Elites

Yes, they do have Eyes Wide Shut style sex parties, but you don’t even have to be particularly elite to get invited to those – all you got to be is either a) good looking or b) rich. I know, I’ve attended more than one lol. Yes, hot women are paid to be there. Yes – oh yes – women are very “practical” and you have no idea how common a sort of “soft prostitution” really is – just read up on all of those “sugar daddy” dating services.

I remember one, I got a blowjob from this super hot light skinned Latina, probably 19 or so. She was sitting in front of me, but wouldn’t let me touch her pussy, so I was just sort of rubbing her amazingly, stunningly perfect tits, and stealing a little grope between her legs now and again, and she would sort of slap my hand away. Good god I cannot tell you how hot that was. There were probably 100 or so people there, all in one room. And wow, she sucked my dick like a pro too. Amazing. Sigh. I have to admit, I really, really, really enjoyed my previous life as a relatively good-looking, overpaid Little Eichmann in NYC. Another, in California, I had a threesome with two very nice looking white girls, neither could have been a day over 20 years old, one blonde, one black haired. I actually had a thing for getting a bj from two girls at once for a while.

The problem with that sort of sex is that it becomes very, very addicting, just like a drug. It’s a “super-normal stimulus.” There’s a Lincoln quote that goes something like, most men can handle adversity, but give a man power and he will reveal his true character. Think of it – 29 years old, good looking, more money than you know what to do with, and thousands of extremely attractive women from 18-30 moving in and out of Manhattan every day. Add on a serious case of PTSD and a common attitude among everyone that you’re living essentially the day before the End of the World, and there’s nothing to do but party.

And wow – did I ever party. I started this blog just so I could tell these stories psuedo-anonymously, and I pretend they are fiction because I figured no one would believe them anyway.

LOL – so there is this certain Jew politician – you would likely recognize his name. I met his daughter at a fundraiser and totally picked her up. She was pretty good looking and had a great rack. Jewish girls give the best head, I don’t know why that is, but they all seem to love it.

Basically, the rich guys have all sort of girlfriends that are pseudo-paid, and they will share these various girls with their friends. That’s how the parties seem to work. If you “own” a girl, you bring her and that’s sort of your ticket in.

Two sayings: “you can lose a lot of money chasing pussy but you’ll never lose pussy chasing money” and “power is an aphrodisiac.” I honestly did not realize how different my life has been from the average white man, mostly due to just random chance. I was born in Washington DC, the son of a military intelligence bureaucrat, a scientist. My buddy in school was the son of a very highly ranked CIA official. And our family socialized with a vast number of very high-IQ white men that all knew math and computers … and worked at the NSA!

I started “infiltrating” various leftist groups in college. I’ve hung out with the “official” anti-fa types (it’s populated by hard core Zionazis running everything, and usually mentally ill, one-step-away-from-homeless white druggies) EarthFirst! and various Marxist cults. I just had a system – I’d show up, spout some typical lefty rhetoric, and flirt with the girls. The left wing activist movement has provided me with free pussy since I was 22 – and don’t get me wrong, some of those girls are uber-hotties. My buddies and I gang banged a Greenpeace chick from Oregon once – she fucking loved it, trust me. I was fucking her mouth while my buddy was fucking her pussy while my other buddy was feeling her up. She came many, many times that night and was quite appreciative the next day.

*Sigh* – when I said I had sex with 50 women, I was just counting the “regular” girls – my girlfriends, dates, girls at bars, etc. If you count the “party girls” – um, it’s probably three times that. What can I say? I’m not suggesting the lifestyle to anyone else, I’m not saying it’s good for humanity or anything. I’m just saying, I’m a sex fanatic. I can’t help it, I’ve always been that way.

Women are freaking easy and they love sex – and women are way, way, way kinkier than men are. It’s not even close.

So, if you’ve never been a relatively good looking white man with a lot of money – you should try it some time. I highly recommend it.

I’m not even a particularly good racist, because I have had sex with women of every race. Yes, even a Negress, plenty of white/whiteish Mestizas, more than a few Asians (although I really never got the appeal, I’ve never really been into the “yellow fever” thing. There is simply no comparison to white women; white women are, by far, hands down, not even close, the hottest and most beautiful women.) And yes – oh yes – part of the enjoyment – part of the hotness – was that I was a White Man “conquering” all those other race’s women.

There was this one Mexican girl … I fucked her maybe fifty times over the course of six months. She was really tiny, totally shaved her pussy bald, and our routine was she would sit in my lap, I’d stick my face in her boobs, and she would just ride me like that. Eh, maybe 22 years old, I would guess.

I was pretty slutty in high school and college, but it seemed perfectly normal. But once I started making money, girls would just throw themselves at me. Some of them were just regular, normal looking girls, not models or anything. But I am fairly confident that many of them would be considered “9s” or “10s” by most of the white men (and women) that read this blog.

I guess the point is, men who have *power* – whatever that power entails, be it money, fame, or status – get pretty much whatever they want. From women, certainly, because women are turned on by power more than anything else. I actually suspect women would rather fuck an average looking but powerful man than a poor male model type. (But I’m not sure about that, any women who still read this blog can chime in if they want.)

Well, the point is, I have almost certainly bedded more women than anyone reading, so I really do consider myself an expert on this. And the funny thing is, while I am not bad looking, I’m really just an average white guy. I was making over $100,000 a year from the time I was 24 or so. I moved from city to city, chasing money, and I had skills that were very portable; essentially I was a “consultant” because I had learned some relatively obscure and esoteric computer stuff that companies would pay for. Also, I cleaned up in the computer business because I’m not at all “nerdy” or “geeky” or fit that stereotype, I’m actually quite sociable.

It didn’t help, though. 9/11 happened, and I knew that I wasn’t allowed to talk about it, so I didn’t. In many ways, it was because I was cowardly. I figured, it wouldn’t do me any good to become a 9/11 Truth activist and it would cost me my cushy job. But also, to a very serious and real degree, I was also in fear for my life. It was obvious that they blew up the buildings, so if these people would kill thousands of their own co-workers, doing something horrible to some random young white guy would be an afterthought.

So, you know, I kept my mouth shut and just enjoyed the free pussy. I figured it was all bullshit anyway. Certainly, I was – to say the least – very unimpressed with the average “conservative” white man – who during the Bush administration was essentially nothing but a whore for Israel anyway – including most of the White Christians. Jews *hate* White Christians and hold them in contempt, but White Christians just *LURVE* them some Jews, they line up to join the military to fight the Jew’s enemies.

And while you were fighting wars for Israel, and while you were paying your taxes and living next to ghetto blacks, I – and plenty of my Jewish equivalents – were fucking your daughters in hilariously degrading ways and making money from your taxes. You, eventually, bailed out our companies after we spent a decade exploiting you – and I cannot stress this enough – your daughters.

Don’t worry though, I’m paying for my sins. I had to flee the country because at the end of the day, I didn’t want to play ball with these people. I am essentially a political asylum seeker.

But if I were to die tomorrow, the story of one year of my life would be far, far more interesting that the story of your entire life. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

And yes – I do have a kid, apparently. If I do live long enough, I’m going to actually meet him someday. I’ll tell him the truth – he comes from a long line of, er, “adventurers.” My great-great-great-* grandfather was one of the original settlers of America, our family has been in America since the 1600s. We are not “immigrants” – we are conquerors, warriors, slavers, and settlers. We did not immigrate to America – we created America.

And I had to leave because another tribe conquered us, apparently.

Women Vs. Wimminz

A great article by the great F. Roger Devlin, author of the masterpiece “Sexual Utopia In Power.” Women’s masochism is a subject I know a bit about and have written on a lot.


Notice the commenter “flavia” and her refreshing attitude and sense of humor. She’s commented positively on my articles before.

Now notice a few of the other presumably female commenters. One says the author must have bad experiences with women. She may as well have said that he has a small dick. Another goes for the typical Marxist-Feminist line that the 1950s were terrible because women and men were “duped” into traditional gender roles – but don’t accuse her of being a feminist just because she channels Betty Friedman! She actually uses the term “alpha female” – indicating that she considers herself in competition with men. There is no such thing as an “alpha female” and even if there was, they would not be attracting the “alpha males.” James O’Meara, the gay WN, made a similar mistake when he suggested that a “proper White Man” wants a Warrior Princess – in full fetish chain mail, no less – fighting battles alongside of him.

Um, not really.

Another female commenter goes all out for Female Supremacy, since she bore children no one dare say anything about their “betters” – Goddesses, no doubt.

I made the statement before. Blacks call themselves royal names, like “Prince,” the “King of Pop,” “Duke Ellington,” “Count Basie.” And so do a lot of Wimminz, they call themselves “Goddesses,” “Princess,” etc.

White men, of course, name our DOGS royal names, like “Duke” and “Rex” and the like.

When I first started in the WN movement, there were a bunch of guys whining that we needed more women commenting on the blogs. So, a handful of women showed up, and demanded we police ourselves so as not to scare “the women away.”

But, of course, the kind of women generally attracted to controversial social movements are *not* normal women, they are outliers. First, they don’t get along with other women, likely because of how bitchy “feisty” they are. Everyone knows these types, the tomboys, the kind of gal that wants to be “one of the guys.” Generally speaking, we call them “attention whores” because they want nothing more than to invade male spaces and get that sweet, sweet White Knighting.

White Nationalism attracts Bitches and Cunts, frankly. It’s best to ignore them. Of all the few dozen WN women I’ve read on the blogs, there are two, maybe three, that have anything interesting to say. The rest are cheerleaders that turn to hecklers when you stop catering to them. Obnoxious shrews that want to play rough with the boys, but turn on the tears when you stop kissing their asses.

Compare and contrast to men, who are fine with having their ideas tested, challenged and opposed – and still won’t declare they will take their ball and bat and go home because the mean nasty men didn’t think their ideas were Wonderful.

I mean, just imagine if men talked like this. “What, you disagree with me? What, you are saying bad things about men? Well, I’m going to quit WN altogether and hang out with the Prepper crowd, they are nice to us!”

We have a crisis of femininity in this country, the loud mouthed obnoxious shrews have been allowed to “represent” women – when in fact, they are the outliers, the ones that are the *least* representative of women.

So, cater to these kinds of women that show up, and you’re catering to a tiny, unrepresentative sample of women.

Wimminz, not women, in other words.

Alpha Fucks and Beta Bucks 4

So I’m in a hipster bookstore/cafe last week, and I’m browsing through the stacks and see the “Romance” section. I figure, hey, I should read one of these things if I’m ever going to write romance novels myself. I read one third of a “young adult” romance novel at the library when I was about 13, but other than that I’ve never actually read one of the most popular genres of fiction.

So I’m browsing and one book catches my attention. It’s not some frontier woman getting her bodice ripped by a Fabio-type in Ren Fair get-up, it’s sort of “tech-y” looking and intended for the “modern gal” or a sassy college co-ed or up-and-coming career woman. Well, the tag line said it all. No need to actually read the whole book. The tag line sums up “game” and all the “mano-sphere” bitching in one simple sentence fragment:

“Two hard-to-get guys that are worth pulling out all the tricks for!”

See? That’s it. A couple of the Christians on Dalrock were upset over the concept of teaching young Christian men “game” and they made a really great comparison. Teaching “game” to young men is the equivalent of teaching this to young women: “stick out your boobs, then bend over really far and show him your ass, then ‘accidentally’ brush up against his chest while pouting your lips.”

Yeah, being a cocky, arrogant asshole turns women on in the same mechanical way that jiggling boobies and asses turn men on. There’s no great secret, and women’s sexuality is not particularly subtle. In fact, you can literally smell them getting aroused.

But once you get that out of the way, the real complaint from the “manosphere” is not about women getting turned on by cocky arrogant assholes, per se. It’s the fact that white women don’t make good wives post-feminism and birth control. Our system, that we men set up – monogamy – doesn’t particularly appeal to women, and since we let them vote and drive cars, they did what any normal women would do, and became amateur prostitutes. I mean, if you had the opportunity to be some James Bond type womanizer, wouldn’t you? Absent some sort of religious or moral scruples, most men would. It’s our nature.

It’s sort of a step towards eusociality, like a beehive or an ant hill. I personally welcome a future where women do all the work and men are pampered for one job: fucking the queen, and getting waited on by an army of female workers. Sounds good to me.

The only problem, of course, is that women actually can’t do that much. As what’s her name the feminist said, if society was left in women’s hands we’d all be living in grass huts. Women can’t build bridges or do fantastic feats of engineering. They are more into talking about their feelings and stuff. And while lots of women can cook very well, the serious chefs are all men.

Women, generally speaking, are inferior to men.

So the problem, as usual, is men. We actually put up with women because they look pretty and their boobies jiggle. We actually trusted them to be our “equals” and gave them jobs far over their heads, then still bail them out when they screw up and bat their eyelashes for help.

Steve Sailer once said it about the finance industry. Lots of smart women go into finance, but as soon as they snag themselves an investment banker, they generally quit to have his children. If you ever hang around the artsy types, you’ll find that most women artists don’t care about art, per se, they get turned on by artists, so hang around pretending to paint or whatever until they can find themselves an artist to fuck them. It’s the same in any industry.

You’ll notice that women cannot form groups by themselves. I mean, just about every single tribe of people in history has an army. Men naturally form complex hierarchies which can accomplish amazing things, from building bridges to genocide.

Women can feed babies and gather berries and the like, but they can’t get along with each other enough to actually do anything complex, like start a large corporation or start a social movement. Even feminism was started by men. That’s why the Amazons and the Amazon Warrior archetypes are mythology; a sexual fantasy about women actually being equal, much less superior, to men. I mean, women are so inferior to men that lots of men have a sexual fantasy about a woman dominating them, because in real life women can barely dominate their pet puppies.

Women, collectively and individually, have contributed virtually nothing to science, the arts, and culture in general. They can’t, just like it’s the male peacocks that have the bright tail feathers.

You’ll notice there is zero hostility from me about younger women. They are just girls, being girls, I can’t see any reason to be disappointed in them. My hostility is reserved for older women, the ones who were given every opportunity to contribute, and have given us nothing – virtually nothing – useful. We have three generations of women in the workforce and still, most women CEOs (Yahoo, HP) slept their way to the top. What women in the workforce mostly contribute is whining about a “hostile workplace” and a “glass ceiling” (a conspiracy theory in which mean nasty men won’t recognize her girl genius and promote her.) It’s the older women that – instead of doing their job and mentoring the younger women – just double down on their moronic bra-burning and whining that men won’t bring them flowers anymore.

We put up with women because they had children – they created human life. They don’t do that much anymore. White women, certainly, just have the one or two kids at best, and half the time they won’t even raise them themselves, but shuttle them off to public skool. So why do we still direct so many resources to women, when they are failing so miserably at the one job they are supposed to be doing?

I can get away with saying these things because, since high school, I’ve never had to “wait” for a second date. They can’t write me off as a bitter loser who can’t get laid. I’m not sure if I’ve ever “waited” for the second date. More than once I’ve made them wait for a second date. But I’m one of those “hard to get guys that are worth pulling out all the tricks for.”

Sorry about you betas. My girlfriend woke up yesterday, smiling, told me I gave her “the best orgasm of my life” and made me breakfast after I slapped her on her ass. The funny thing is, that’s literally true but no one would believe me anyway.

The way to stop being a beta is to ignore women – especially, the aging bitter shrews – and form your mannerbund, whether it’s a garage band, a start up, or a street gang. You build you own kitchen, then watch as the women line up, taking their shoes off waiting for an opportunity to come inside.

But once you are in that position – why settle for one? Polygamy is better than serial monogamy, for men. Take two or three. And if any give you any lip, kick them to the curb and trade in for a younger model.

Some girls give me money
Some girls buy me clothes
Some girls give me jewelry
That I never thought I’d own
Some girls give me diamonds
Some girls, heart attacks
Some girls I give all my bread to
I don’t ever want it back
Some girls give me jewelry
Others buy me clothes
Some girls give me children
I never asked them for

88 Lines About 44 Women

Once on MWIR I said I’ve had sex with “a hundred” women but that wasn’t really an accurate number. So a while back I’m hanging out with my friend and bitching about my ex-girlfriend and this girl I used to hook up with and my friend asks me how many women I’ve had sex with. I started counting and quickly realized I’d have to take off my shoes just to get through the college years. So over the course of a week or so my friend and I start actually writing it down and it’s around 50. That’s a fairly accurate count.

Yep, I’m a huge, huge slut. Or at least I used to be.

Now, if you believe the manosphere types, this is some sort of great feat, some sort of “accomplishment,” something that only 20% of men have the ability to do. Frankly, I don’t believe it. I’m a handsome fellow, but I’m no Brad Pitt. I have “game” – meaning, I know how to flirt – but most of my sluttiness was long before the “manosphere” and “PUA” and the like.

So what’s the secret? I’d say living in the big city helps, as well as moving around a lot. You are always meeting new people and being introduced to new social scenes so you meet a lot of women. If you meet a lot of women, you have more opportunity to have sex with them. There really is no trick or anything.

I’m no slut shamer and I don’t have any sort of bad feelings about the girls I hooked up with, on the contrary, I have quite fond memories of most of them and think they had excellent taste in men. While I have most certainly had my heart broken more than once – and broken a few hearts myself – the flings and hookups just felt good. I do not think of the women I’ve had sex with as “sluts” or in some way bad. They were just girls that wanted to have sex with me. Sometimes we were “boyfriend and girlfriend” and other times just some random woman I met at a bar.

Well, after thinking about it and doing some research, I found out that 50 is a lot. Most men and women do not have anything close to that number of sexual partners. In fact, it’s like less than 10%. That level of promiscuity is often associated with borderline personality disorder and men who have trouble keeping long term relationships going. My longest relationship was nearly 7 years, three others were 2-3 years. The 7 year one may as well have been an “open relationship” – I was fucking all sorts of girls and I know she fucked at least a few guys during that time too. Sex was never our problem, we both very much liked having sex with each other, but we were both hotheads and it was pretty much an emotional roller coaster. One day she just walked out on me, she just got bored. I was ready to settle down and she wasn’t.

Sex isn’t necessarily some great emotional thing for me. I’m perfectly comfortable with having “no strings attached” sex with a women I met that night. I know there are some women that are the same way. But I have a feeling that for most women, sex is a lot bigger of a deal than it is for many men. You only have to think of the reproductive systems themselves to understand the difference. A man makes a billion sperm a day, he could impregnate a new woman every day. A woman makes one ovum a month for 30 years and that’s it. Women get pregnant for 9 months. In the era of reliable scientific birth control, women have been “liberated” but I still guess that sex is more “intimate” for a woman than it is for a man.

So the manosphere says that women have an “alpha fucks and beta bucks” strategy. What this means is that gals have sex with the best looking men – the “alphas” – when they are young and hot, then when they approach “the wall,” they settle down with some beta schlub they aren’t really that into because the hot alphas are not longer answering their texts. They rationalize this by saying they are now “ready” for a “nice guy.”

Of course, it’s a horribly insulting thing to say to a man. I don’t think women realize how insulting it really is. I don’t think the women mean to be insulting, but they just don’t get it. The point of my parody article “slutty flings and virginal rings” was just reversing the sexes – and how awful it sounds. Men like me get accused of “pumping and dumping” women, while women like me are just “finding themselves” or “weren’t ready for a relationship” and the like. It’s sort of ridiculous.

So as long as women have this strategy, men really have no choice but to be the “alpha fucks” and not the “beta bucks.” It’s sort of a prisoner’s dilemma.

I don’t really have any regrets, per se, at least not about the casual sex. When I was in high school they basically handed out free condoms and said “have fun kids!” So, we did. Thankfully, I was always pretty rigorous about using condoms so I never got any STDs – and I’ve been tested numerous times. But if I had to do it all over again, I’d be a lot less slutty.

I would have stayed with my college girlfriend, but the problem was I wasn’t established enough to be a husband and a father. I was still in college, I was making virtually no money, and I simply couldn’t afford to have a wife. If there was community support for young married couples, we could have worked things out and we would probably still be together. But I never had the authority that a husband has, and birth control meant no kids, so difficulties in the relationship were harder to work out. Either one of us could just walk away at any time and that had a psychological impact on the commitment.

I’m a big fan of courtshippledge.com because if there was a culture of courting, as opposed to “dating” I’d almost certainly be married to my college sweetheart and have two kids by now. Instead, I’m trying to figure out if an ex-girlfriend had my baby. It’s impossible to really know, she’s blocked me on all social media and basically won’t talk to me. It’s sort of driving me nuts but I really don’t know if I should push the issue or not. She was this super hot 22 year old yoga chick and I just went nuts over her. Then she wound up dumping me to get back together with her high school boyfriend. What can you do? These are the new rules.

Women want to postpone childbearing as long as possible. I really do not understand this weird anti-natalist attitude among a lot of white women, I had always assumed that women had this drive to get pregnant, but clearly there are many that do not. You’re never going to stop teenagers and young adults from having sex, so you either have early marriage and early childbearing – or you have this, the hook up culture, “dating” and serial monogamy. This is what women want, it’s Sexual Utopia in Power. It’s women, not men, that drive this.

As for all the spanking stuff, honestly that’s mostly me hopping on the 50 Shades bandwagon to get people to read the 9/11 story. So far it’s working great. Although I can assure you, there are lots – *lots* – of women that like being tied up and spanked. It never fails to surprise me the kind of stuff women are into.